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Played in the outing yesterday with Matt, Greg and Wendy. Thanks very much to Oak Creek and Johnny for putting this together! Echoing Matt's sentiments, we enjoyed a great round. Personally I am a big fan of Oak Creek, with the exception of their range (prices and conditions). 12$ for a small bucket of beat up balls? And the range balls are old beat up top-flights? Hmm.

Tees: A bit chewed up but mostly nice. I'd rate them 6/10
Fairways: Really great. Perfect cushion, no bare spots. 9/10
Rough: Thick in places, had some bare spots, but overall playable. 7/10
Bunkers: Greensides were great, the fairways were awful. Its my personal preference though, I cannot stand deep sand in fairway bunkers. 7/10
Greens: Were a little slow for my taste, but rolled true and held lines. I wasn't as in love as some people. 8/10

I can't say I'd play Oak Creek for the rack (180$ on weekends) but would highly recommend to those that can. They are definitely putting money back into the course as its as green as I have seen in a long time. Would definitely return at around 100$ tho if I can find it.
Played in 3.5 hrs this early AM with Johnny, Keith and Tom. Awesome guys if you ever get a chance to play with them. Didn't go into the proshop today, but the staff here is usually nice especially at the restaurant. I was excited when I saw a clear delineation between fairway and rough on hole 1 unfortunately it proved to be a red herring.

Tees: Just ok, mostly level with bordering on profuse divot damage on some. 4/10
Rough: After the first hole, the same old here. Cant tell where the fairways end and rough begins. On par with an average city course. 5/10
Bunkers: The one I was in was just fine. Ample sand, worked nice. 6/10
Fairways: The low point, but Johnny gave some detail on why they have trouble maintaining them. Apparently once Troon stopped managing the course 10+ year ago they just never aerated the fairways. Only started aerating them again the last few years. I will give them a pass for now. 4/10
Greens: Odd. Firm yet slow. Not very receptive but that is the expected norm for this place. What was off was how slow they were. We all left putts short all day. Mostly smooth with some bumpy areas. They need a nice cut and roll. 6/10

Overall I would say its a 5/10 right now. That pains me as the bones here are wonderful, especially the back. I can't say I'd recommend right now, but I will definitely return to see if there are improvements.
Played BG yesterday at 6am with a buddy using the GK coupons (Thanks Johnny!). I am a big fan of this course and the staff was excellent all the way around especially Fred at the bar and Sergio in the proshop.

Tees: The low light. Many divots, not super level. Not even pleasant to look at really. 5/10
Rough: Decent mix of some grasses about 2 inches and affecting play in places. 6.5/10
Bunkers: I found the greensides to be thin. Playable, but not enough cushion. Fairway bunkers just fine. 6/10
Fairways: Nice yellowish green with good coverage and only a few thin areas. 7/10
Greens: Beautifully smooth. Medium speed. Fewer divots than usual. 8/10

Overall I'd rate it at 7/10 and definitely recommend. We played on an overcast day but usually you can see all the way to catalina on many holes.
Played 6/15 at 9am with 6 of my buddies (in two groups) for a pre-Father's Day round. Check in easy, staff nice. Course conditions very subpar and coupling that with the fact that I think this design sucks and well...

Tees: Average, many divots. Level however. 5/10
Fairways: Some of the worst I have seen this year. Brown, divot filled, multiple types of grass growing. 3/10
Rough: Basically just slightly longer fairway. Again, several types of grass growing. 4/10
Bunkers: Thin and compacted. Fairway bunkers much better than greenside. 4/10
Greens: Really bumpy and slow, especially the front. Got better on the back. 4/10.

Again this course is just not for me. I only played because of the group decision. The conditions are just unacceptable given the amount of rain this year. Will not return and cannot recommend.
Wow. Played 630 5/22. Best shape this place has ever been. The bunkers are still super thin from the exposure but it is currently in better shape than 90% of country clubs even. Won't bore with the details, just get out there.
Played 3/17 at 3pm. Got through 13 holes in 4 hours before giving up. Course is a bit stuffy, employees were hit or miss with some being nice and others aloof. Conditions were great for the price paid (sub $40).

Tees: A bit chewed up in places but overall nice and flat with good coverage. 6.5.
Fairways: Great. Really the highlight of the course. 8.5.
Rough: Lush and penal. Some of the best at a public course I have seen recently. 8.
Bunkers: Was in 1 greenside and 1 fairway. Both were great with a nice depth underneath. 7.5
Greens: Medium fast and firm. Far firmer than they should be. I had wedges leaving no divot and bounding off the back on a few holes on well struck shots. I understand they were "micro punched" a week or two ago, but they look like they need a full aeration. 6.5

Overall a great public track with some kinks to work out, next time would love the finish the back nine. It would help if everyone here didn't act like they were pros. Kind of ruins the vibe when people are hacking away and then taking 15 mins to putt.
Played Goose on 1/12 with POP of 3.5 hours for 16 holes. Starting pouring so hard on 17, and angled, that our 3 groups called it. Soaked through our clothes. After the rain calmed, 2 of the groups went back and finished but I had to leave. Not much to add to previous reviews. Dormant fairways? Not here. Everything about this place was top notch as always. The greens were a hair slow, running medium vs. the usual medium/fast but given the rains to be expected. Unfortunately I have to comment on the Marshall again. Not only were we allowed to tee off 20 mins early because no one was there, but after our three groups there was a 2 hole gap (I counted). He still hawked us about taking our time and being slow and that the group in front was already in the next fairway. He really needs to calm down. Despite his annoyance, this is still a must play.
Started my New Year with an AM round here. POP 4.5 hours, mostly due to the 25-30 mph wind that was making quick play impossible. It was a 3-4 club wind all day until around 17 when it finally started to die. Played with a nice couple who we're on their 5th day in a row of golf (lucky husband). Staff all around was great as usual here.

Tee Boxes: 7/10. Even and plenty of coverage. Some divot repair needed on par 3s as always
Fairways: 6/10. Good lies all day with ok roll out. Brown and yellow mostly, but not thin.
Rough: 5/10. Hit or miss. In places it was thin with just dirt, and in others it was a club thick.
Bunkers: 5/10. Good sand, just way too much of it. I found it fine but other complained.
Greens: 8/10. They were pretty d%mn pure and the wind blew them out so good luck keeping downhill putts anywhere near the hole.

All and all, definitely worth the $69 I payed. Maybe even around $100. If you've never played it I would recommend. Great practice facility too (although you'll have to sell a kidney for range balls).
Played on 12/24 at 11 with a hot deal for $54 or so. Staff was nice all the way around. POP was a touch over 4 hours. I began to get worried by the state of the putting greens and I was not wrong.

Tee boxes: 5/10. Adequate coverage but plenty of divots on the par threes and really uneven. There were several spots were I found the ball to be above my feet or below by a noticeable margin.
Fairways: 6/10. Probably the redeeming quality of the course atm. Good coverage, not thin really anywhere. Dormant yellow/green. Good run out.
Rough: 6/10. It was patchy but present and helped keep some balls of my playing partners in play. I would think it added about a club or a half club.
Bunkers: 5/10. Really thin on the front. Every shot had the bounce for all players in our group resulting in some thin shot. Back was complete opposite in the one I found, which had too much sand.
Greens: 4/10. Really bad. I would say the worst greens I can remember playing last year. Medium speed but pot marked, and as a previous reviewer said seemed to be infected with some fungus or secondary grass making for bumpy putts all day.

Despite my nostalgic fondness for this course and my love of the design it is in poor shape. I would come back at $50 mainly for the convenience but there is no way anyone should pay the rack rate right now, complete rip off. Save the money and go elsewhere.
Big thanks to Johnny and Terra Lago for setting this up. Made the 2 hour or so trek from Seal Beach to play with Johnny, Gary and Matt for the first time. Having never played here, it made quite the first impression. The clubhouse is nice and all the customer service was anywhere ranging from good to excellent with no complaints.

Tees: 7/10. with some of the par 3's needing divot work but it was still very easy to find a nice level surface.
Fairways: 8/10. Really good, medium green. Nice cushion under the ball. The were a little on the soft side for the desert but I would prefer that to hardpan thin on a course like this to keep the ball in play.
Rough: 6.5/10. Probably the thing that could use the most work. A bit patchy and clearly dormant. That being said I bet in the spring summer months this rates out closer to an 7/8.
Bunkers: 7/10. They had adequate depth from the two fairway bunkers I found allowing for good contact. The greenside bunker I found was a little thin but still playable.
Greens: 9/10. Medium to medium fast coming off the ridges and downhill. Big undulations on a lot of these greens makes for interesting putting dynamics or as Johnny called it "rainbow" breaks. Many of the holes still had the checkerboard marks on the green from mowing and rolled perfect. Very little divots anywhere to be seen.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the course. I would highly recommend it and can't wait to come back. Reminded me at certain times of some of the Paiute courses and at others of Desert Willow. Great playing with those gentlemen as well so if you ever get a chance don't hesitate to join.
Finally got out to play again. Wish someone told me having a wife would put such a damper in your golfing habits. Played 11/18. Golfnow botched my tee time, but the gentleman in the proshop was super nice and got me out no problem. Teed off at ~630 POP was 3.5 hours only because I slowed down dramatically at one point. There was one 4-some that let me through without issue.
Tee boxes - Far and away the worst part. Soggy, far more dirt than grass, and all tees were at the white box. I still played the tips except on the par-3s. Even the tees there need working on.
Fairways - Great. Dormant winter yellowish/green but the depth of grass was awesome. Felt like a cushion under every ball in the fairway.
Rough - Super patchy. Hit and miss about whether it existed or not.
Bunkers - Wet and thin. Too compact to do much. They need some work too.
Greens - Great. Rolling a solid 10, especially as it warmed up throughout the morning.

Overall I really enjoy this course, even with the areas that need work. As the previous reviewer said, when you walk away feeling like you enjoyed yourself, even with some conditions substandard, that is a nice round of golf and a solid place to play.
Played here on 5/11. Fun track in Seal Beach but the conditions were really bad. Not what you would expect from any private club or public course charging 100+ per round (which is what they charge guests). Practice facility is pretty basic with a range and nice putting green. Layout reminds me of Oak Creek but the conditions unfortunately weren't there.

Tees: The most consistent part of the day. Level and well groomed, still greenish/brown though.
Fairways: A bit thin in places but overall pretty good to good. Also still brown/greenish. I get it was a dry year but come on you are a CC. They had spray painted in places which was laughable.
Rough: Similar to places like el do and big rec. Patchy ranging from 1.5-3 inches. Nothing too penal.
Bunkers: Was in one, had perfect coverage and depth.
Greens: Awfully slow. I get that they just aerated a week or two before but they we're some of the slowest I've played recently. Took me 4-5 holes to adjust to the pace. El Do also recently punched and there's are noticeably faster (albeit it bumpier as well). Just a big pet peeve of mine when CC's have bad greens. They were very true however, just went about 1/2 to 1/4 the distance you would normally hit.

Overall I would hesitate to play again for 100 bucks. Would rather just go play Oak Creek. I wanted to like it so bad it just felt like a waste of money. Important note if you do decide to play; it is a cash only facility for guests so stop at the bank first.
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