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Played very early Sunday morning before the crowd. No one in front so we finished in 3 hours. Overall, course was in phenomenal shape. Not a single ball mark on the greens and they putted extremely true. Speed of greens was perfect throughout the entire course. Fairways were lush, rough was short and very playable. Sand was perfect. Best conditions I have seen here in a long time. Only negative is that all 3 nines feel very similar, not a lot of variety to the hole layout and design. Worth playing for the excellent conditions.
Course is in fantastic shape for the winter. Played after frost delay of about 30 minutes, but pace of play was still right under 4 hours on a Sunday. The course was dry, with the fairways lush and rolling like summer. The only complaint was the difficulty holding the greens on approaches. For some reason, the greens were dried out and very difficult, possibly due to getting ready for a storm or a tournament. Either way, it took a while to adjust and play to the front of the green to keep the ball on the putting surface. It appears they have added some sand to the bunkers recently, they played excellent. Overall, course is still the best deal in the valley, with conditions and pace of play well worth the greens fee.
Played here twice in the past six months. Loved it the first time at the end of summer. Hated it today. The conditions have gone downhill over winter, and although we had tons of rain the course is dry and in terrible shape for spring. The fairways were thin, dry, and brown. The greens were very patchy and slow. The combination of very tight, target golf, with tough pin placements made it a challenging round, but the bad conditions and slow greens were the real disappointment. Probably won't be back for a while since there are so many other courses in better condition right now.
Played Saturday 3/25/17- Greens are completely fine, no longer a need for the alert.

The course is in fantastic condition and extremely fun to play. This was my first time here and I will definitely be back to play during this time of year. Although they said it was busy, we didn't see anyone else the entire round. Here's a breakdown:

Greens- have recently been aerated but show absolutely no signs. They didn't do any sanding and punch holes were gone. The greens were extremely fast and smooth. Some of the greens were so firm that approach shots had to be planned accordingly or else they risked bouncing off the back. Overall these were the best greens I have played throughout all of NorCal this winter.

Fairways and tee boxes- Overall in excellent condition. Didn't look like the course gets much play if you just look at the fairways. No bare spots at all, very nice conditions. The tees were also in excellent shape. Maybe this is the best time of year to catch this course before it gets cooked in the summer heat. Because of rain the day before, there was a tiny bit of water on one or two fairways, but overall not an issue. The course seems to drain very well.

Bunkers- Excellent condition. Sand was very predictable.

Overall this course is one of my new favorites. The round was 70 dollars to ride, and well worth it. Top quality greens, fairways, and service. I can't think of another course within 2 hours of the area that is in this good of shape right now for the price.
This course is sneaky challenging, but enjoyable once you know what to expect. One thing bugs me about this course though... I have found the last couple times I have played here on the weekend that they are very very busy with locals. Since it used to be a country club, a lot of residents and previous members are around, often in big groups. If you are unlucky, you may get caught behind these groups, which do not adhere to start times or pace of play. Also the starter is not very good at keeping things on schedule. Book a 9am, expect to tee off around 9:30 on most weekends, and expect 5.5 hours of waiting to hit shots.

Course review-

Tee boxes and fairways are in fantastic shape. Greens are also in excellent condition, and rolling super fast. The greens here are usually the fastest in the Stockton area, and this was still true. Surprisingly, the greens were very hard and approach shots would bounce without leaving divots in some cases. Most of the greens are elevated, which probably helps keep them from getting soggy, but makes for some difficult approach shots. Most balls need to be played to the front of the green so they will bounce/ feed back to the pin. Rough was super thick and wet, making any shots from beside the green extremely hard to land on the green, let alone near a pin. Fast greens, small, elevated greens combined with super tough rough made the course very punishing if you didn't hit the green on approach. Sand was in good, not great condition, with some pretty thin areas. Although thin, it was at least playable and consistent.

Overall the pace of play and lack of organization detract from a great course. Right now the course is in fantastic condition. I would say course conditions are currently better than the Reserve at Spanos, but the pace of play is about an hour worse.
Played on Sunday 3/5 in between storms. The weather was extremely windy, but weather aside, this course is just not very enjoyable.

Clubhouse and staff were wonderful, accommodating, and helpful. The course itself is located along the water so there is not much protection from the wind anywhere on the course. The layout has been reversed, so all the pictures on here with hole references are no longer up to date.

Tee boxes were in fairly good shape, especially after all the rain. No major issues with uneven tees, but there was some divot damage on the par 3s.

Fairways were in decent shape, not a lot of bare spots, but there were a few areas of standing water on the back 9. The course appears to drain fairly well though in the fairways.

Rough was very long and balls were pretty much lost if they went in. There was also a lot of standing water and mud in the rough.

Greens were rolling surprisingly well and were much faster than I expected for the soggy weather. No major ball marks or damage.

Everything sounds great, but here's why once is enough for me:

Course overall appears to be barely hanging on. The carts are old, the cart paths are non existent/ muddy/ potholed. Course layout is short, but the uphill blind approaches to most greens mean you are constantly using an additional club or two. Anything off the fairway is gone. Bunkers do not have much sand, but do have a lot of rocks. I have to agree with most reviews before me, there are just too many other courses around the area which are more enjoyable and in better condition to waste time here.
This course has been on my list for a while now, and I had heard good things. I think it was overhyped, but a good deal for the price. Here's a breakdown:

Tee boxes: Many of them not level. Pretty bad for such a nice course. Played from the combo (tournament) tees, which provided a nice variation.

Fairways: Most annoying part of the round were the over-watered fairways that squished when you walked on them. It wasn't too hot, but it seemed like they were worried the course would dry out. Resulted in many tough lies,and way too squishy approach shots. This pretty much made it seem like playing in the middle of December after a week of rain. Terrible.

Greens: Nice big challenging greens with many undulations. Speed was on the fast side, but pretty consistent. Tons of lip outs though, probably just me, but it seemed we were all having issues with the very subtle breaks right before the hole. Contrary to the fairways, the greens were perfectly watered, not too soft, not baked.

Overall: Don't think I'll go back. Little annoyances from the greens to the fairways kept this course from living up to the hype. I think I was expecting Darkhorse level of quality/ hole variety. I don't think it is quite as good for the same price range. If you have the choice, choose Darkhorse over this one.
Used to live in Irvine, yet never got around to playing this course. Finally I returned and was able to cross this one off the list this week. In general I was very pleasantly surprised. If I hadn't known the area, I would have easily confused this place for a nice resort. The facility was in great condition, and the service was very good. I have known about the reputation of this course being overpriced for what it is, and this was partially what has kept me from playing it for so long. This is no longer the case, here are some updated details:

Greens: Yes it is true, there are still a lot of unfixed ball marks. Other than that, the greens were actually very very good. They all rolled very nicely and had consistent speed. They seem to be much better than in the previous reviews.

Fairways: One thing is for sure, you would never know we are in a drought, these fairways were lush! No complaints at all, fairways were fantastic.

Sand: The one issue I had with the course- no sand in the bunkers. Since this was the case in all of the bunkers, at least you knew what to expect. That being said, $135 a round should get you some sand in the bunkers.

Rough: Fairly lush, just enough to take something off the shot and punish you. Not lush enough to lose balls though. Overall, I thought it was perfect.

Final thoughts: I fully expected this course to be so so. I was pleasantly surprised. The humidity, lush conditions, and pretty lenient funneled fairways on some holes reminded me of a resort course in Maui. I know that might be a stretch, but I really liked the course and would definitely play it again. If you are from the area, the other course I most commonly see mentioned with this course is Strawberry Farms. I like Strawberry, but this course is better right now. Strawberry seems to not care as much for their course conditions, and still tries to charge top dollar. At least here you will be treated well, the course is currently in excellent condition, and the variety of holes is at least equal to Strawberry Farms. This course gets my approval.
Greens were being punched right after my round so not going to give a review for the greens. Everything else is in great shape right now. Fairways were great, rough was brutal, and the bunkers were great. Once the greens recover, I think this will be the best time to play before it starts drying out and they begin rationing water for the summer.
Every time I go back to this place I'm reminded about how much you get for your money. This course is always in top shape, and for under 100 dollars I think it could be one of the best deals for quality and challenge in California. Bayonet can be a brutal challenge with its narrow tree lined fairways, but I think the greens here are a little less tricky than Black Horse. Also, there are some incredibly long par 4s which force you to battle your way uphill to blind greens. With that said, keep it in the fairway and there's not too many tricks here. Some condition updates: fairways were fantastic, some divots in popular landing/layup areas, but overall in fantastic shape. Greens were also super fast, not soft for winter conditions, but still more receptive than I've seen during the summer. Overall they were fast and true, excellent condition. Sand was also fantastic, very fluffy and pretty easy to consistently judge shots.

A final note, if you book as NCGA member on their site, this doesn't include a cart and is a little tricky on their part. You can book a regular rate or golfnow rate (which both include cart) for less than the price it cost me to add a cart to the walking NCGA rate.
For winter conditions this course is doing great. There were some soft spots and we had to stay on cart paths, but the course appears to have held up well through the December storms. The fairways are in great shape, and the rough is very punishing. I was most impressed with the greens. They were nice and consistent, quick, but receptive. Best greens I have played in the area so far this winter.
First time playing in Arizona so wasn't sure what to expect. Overall, similar to Palm Springs, but better. When you arrive, bags are taken, carts are setup, and off you go to the range. The place is a zoo, people everywhere, yet somehow it works. When it's time to go, someone will announce your group and off you follow to the tee box. I have played a lot of expensive courses now, the service here was at the top of the list. Now onto the round...

The raptor course is tough. Ever missed a putt by inches and watched it roll off the green before? You probably will here. The way the course is setup, every drive is a piece of cake, and every approach is hell. Most of the fairways are rather wide, we didn't have any issues with OB. The greens are also pretty large for the most part, but the pins were often placed 1-2 yards off the fringe, with a severe drop off the green. Most of the greens are elevated a little, so if you miss a green you will have to chip back up the hill get on the green. Although the greens are huge, hitting the green in regulation was no guarantee of a 2 putt. The greens are quick and tricky. Not too much undulation, just enough to cause misreads that fly past the hole.
Besides the greens, the fairways are perfect. For as much play as the course is getting this time of year, you can't tell. Not a single divot was seen on the fairways. Definitely nice to see for the price this course charges. Also, there's a lot of well placed bunkers here, which reminded me of Desert Willow in Palm Springs. If you miss a green and end up in a bunker, it's probably going to be very deep. Usually I don't mind bunkers, but these were borderline unfair.
Overall, this course is fantastic, but you must bring your iron game as shot placement is crucial on the approach. Overall I loved this course despite some trickery with the greens.
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