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Purchased the underpar deal for $49 for twosome, unlimited golf, but I didn't feel like playing any more than 18. Course is trying to make a comeback, but I'd still stay clear for now. The fairways and teeboxes are pretty much green painted dirt. It's really a shame, too, because I really like this layout and the course. They are putting money into the community, so hopefully, they will bring this course back to decent shape. Pretty much everything but the greens is a joke. The greens were the only thing that was playable. They are actually quite nice. They held shots well after the weekend rain and putted pretty true. Only saving grace for this course, right now. POP was not a factor, we played as a twosome and there were twosomes in front of us, so we got around in less than 3 hours. Bunkers were filled with rocks, fairways were dirt painted green and rough was non existent. I'd stay away for awhile even though we got a good deal. Service was good in the proshop, saw the beverage cart on the first tee and then didn't see it again, it was very quiet out there so they probably didn't send it back out. I'm looking forward to them bringing this course back around, the homes are being built and they have a new park facility right next to it now, so I'm sure they will get the course back in playable conditions.
Played on Sunday, 2/25/18. Walked on as a single and to my surprise I got right out, 11:15am. Well done, Ken the starter is always a big help and a pleasure. POP was the usual 5 hours, always a struggle with all the play this course gets. Resident walk rate $40, can't complain. Beautiful views and a great walk.

Course is in pretty good shape overall. Teeboxes were nice, pretty level and not much divot damage. Nice and green. Fairways were really nice, never had a bad lie. Great coverage and had some roll to them. Bunkers were just fine, I found one and had no issues. Rough wasn't too long or penal. The greens putted pretty good, nice roll with no bumps. However, they seemed harder than normal and wouldn't hold shots very well, about half club of roll, I just planned on the rollout after a few holes and it worked out ok. They were extremely fast downhill and some of the cups were cut in diabolical locations, crazy big breakers and lightning speed sometimes.

All together, another great day. Sundays seem to be ok to walk out there if there's not tournament or special event.
Played on a beautiful Sunday with Bryjonhay, his GF and my wife. Checkin was just fine and they were friendly, we used clickitgolf vouchers for $38.50 and it included lunch and a beer, great deal especially for a Sunday.

Course is in decent shape, very playable all around. Teeboxes were in good shape overall, some had a slight tilt to them, so just needed to find the best possible level stance, but can't complain too much. Fairways were nice! plenty of roll and not much divot damage, I always had good lies. Rough was tough! Stay out of that stuff, especially around the greens. Grabbed your club pretty well and I chunked a lot of chips. Bunkers were awful. I found one fairway bunker and it was rock hard. The greenside bunkers were rock hard, too. My playing partners found them greenside and they were awful. Proshop warned us about it, so stay out of them greenside, impossible. Greens were in ok shape. I don't think they mowed them on Sunday morning, so they were very bumpy towards the end of the day and they didn't hold shots very well, expect a half club of roll out.

Enjoyed my round, even though conditions aren't ideal. Still very playable and this track can play tougher than the yardage indicates. I thought it was well worth the money and would recommend.
Played Saturday, walked on as a single and got paired up with 3 great guys from my alma mater, UCSD. POP was about 5hrs, half hour wait on number 6, whatta joke, there's like 3 groups on that tee everytime now. Something needs to be done about that.

Course was in pretty good shape overall. Teeboxes were nice and level with good coverage, never had an issue finding a good spot. Fairways were pretty good in proper landing areas, but apart from the landing areas, they were somewhat bare with some brown spots, they've been in better condition, but I generally had good lies. They had som good roll, too. Greens were in good shape, held shots well and putted pretty true. They weren't perfect, but definitely acceptable. Found one trap and it was just fine, no problem. Rough wasn't too penal.

Can't complain too much about the conditions, very playable and had a good time.
Played today, Saturday. Course is in good overall condition. Walked on as a single, Chris in the pro shop was very helpful. POP was pretty crappy. 5 hrs. 3 groups on 6 teebox was awful. Oh well, what do you expect for a muni on a beautiful Saturday. Other than the wait on 6 and 10, it wasn't too bad. We literally waited on 6 for 30mins, waited on 10 for 15mins and waited on 17 for 15mins. So other than that, it was smooth.

Teeboxes were just fine. Some divot damage, but always level and able to find a good place to tee it up. Fairways were in pretty good shape. The landing areas were in better shape than the short/long/inbetween areas. I never had any problem in the fairway. Rough was pretty brutal, long and lush. stay out of the rough. I was in one bunker and it was just fine. Greens were great, held shots well and putted very true and quick.

Go ahead and get on out there. I think this track is awesome. Great layout and pretty darn challenging. so many killer holes, 10, 14,16 are just killer
Played on Saturday 1/20, used Golfnow Hot deal for $40, definitely worth the price. Course is in pretty good overall condition. Played the Championship tees as this was my first time playing the course and the wind was 20-30 mph, so didn't want to kill myself from the tips.

Teeboxes were nice and level. Not much divot damage and had great coverage.

Fairways were excellent. Divots were kept to a minimum and repaired for the most part. I had great lies all day.

Rough wasn't too penal, it's pretty much all dormant Bermuda or bare ground, not too difficult to hit from.

Sand traps were kind of a joke. Big rocks all over the place and many waste bunkers. Be careful if you get in a bunker right now. They have a little soft sand on top, but the rocks and hardpan about an inch deep will hurt.

Greens were in pretty good shape. They are diabolical fast and I couldn't get a read on them all day. They are firm, but they hold a well struck shot. If you miss hit a shot, it's not going to sit and will roll out with ease. They putt true, but good luck if you're downhill.

POP was 4hrs, never an issue. Saw beverage cart once, but it was on hole 2, I wish it came around again, especially on the back nine because there isn't a convenient snack bar at the turn. Customer service was just fine, no issues.

Overall, I like the layout. It was definitely challenging with the wind. I will go back, for sure. I wouldn't pay $75-$100 for it, but for this time of year, I got a pretty good deal.
Played over the weekend, had a great time!!! Used Underpar deal for stay and play, great deal: 2 days unlimited golf for 2 people and an awesome room for $260. Highly recommend.

Customer service was fantastic. Guys in the proshop were very accommodating from the minute I called to book the tee times to the time we left the facility. Course is in fantastic condition. It's not absolutely perfect, but darn near close.

Greens were some of the nicest I've played on. Very soft and receptive and putted extremely true, not one time did a putt hop or bump offline. They were very fast, as well. Beware after the morning dew. Teeboxes were very nice, very level with absolutely no divot damage. Almost perfect, they had a little mix of grass types running through them, otherwise they would've been perfect. Fairways were darn near flawless. Decent amount of roll and never once did I have a bad lie, absolutely great. Sand traps were also in great shape, perfect amount of sand and it was nice and fluffy. Rough was thick and fairly penal, so be careful and try and stay in the fairway. It wasn't super high, but it definitely influenced your shot.

Beautiful weather and had a blast. Room we had was awesome, too. Nice King bed, very large room with a balcony. I will be back.
Played 12/26, sorry for the late review. Course was in fine shape overall. Fairways were mainly dormant, but had lots of roll and good lies. Teeboxes were all just fine. Acceptable divot damage and nice and level. Bunkers were in great shape, nice and soft, a couple of them looked a little wet, but overall just fine. Greens were fast as heck, be careful, but they held shots very well. They are very undulated, so making putts is tough, hardly any straight putts. Customer service as usual is great. Everyone is real friendly. POP was excellent at 4hrs. Always great to get out there, used Costco voucher for $79 for two players, great deal..
Played on Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend. Used underpar deal for $50 for twosome, great deal, with a cart. Course is in pretty dang good shape! Teeboxes had good coverage, but some of them were sloped a little bit, no big deal. Fairways were in good shape, nice and green with perfect firmness. Greens were really nice, actually. Held shots very well and putted smooth. Very fast downhill, as usual, I think. Stay below the hole! Bunkers were pretty hard under about an inch of soft sand, beware. They weren't awful, just not very good. Overall, had a great time, this course has lots of challenging par 3s, some long one's. Used just about every club in the bag. The par 4s are all very easy, even though I didn't birdie any of them, ouch. POP was not a factor, not very crowded and we took our time.
Arguably the best $10 in golf that you will ever spend!!! Get out to this 9hole treat. Unreal views and the course is pretty dang fun. Teeboxes were in great shape. Fairways were awesome. Greens are average, slow uphill and fast downhill with quite a bit of break as the course is on the side of a large hill. Rough was not really a problem, it was only about an inch longer than the fairways. Bunkers are playable, course sand with rocks, but at least they were a little fluffy. Only able to play nine, had to get back to the wife, it's her vacation, too. Got set up with 3 locals and they were very friendly and a pleasure to play with. They were going for 45 holes that day, wish I could've stayed. They said the course is extremely green right now. It's $10 all you can play and I rented a pull cart for $3. Power carts are $10 and then I think you pay $5 more if you keep playing after 18. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, it's not top notch by any means, but a very fun time.
Played as a single. POP not a factor, 2.5hrs, no one was out there. It's a fun course in pretty good condition. Back tee boxes were in great shape, they are very small, but flat, so no problem finding a good spot. Greens were above average, putted very smooth, a little on the slow side, but they held shots and were true. Rough was not very tall or penal, easy to hit from, occasional bad lie if you were in the wrong patch of bermuda. fairways were excellent, soft and very playable. No sand bottles on the carts, so there were quite a few unfixed divots, but I didn't find any. Bunkers were just fine, course sand, but it was soft and easy to hit from. Overall a good day and decent value for Kauai, $86 with gps on the cart, so I guess that's a good value for the island, wouldn't be worth it if it was in SoCal. It's nothing like the other spectacular $200 courses on Kauai, but it's a fun course, lots of dog legs and trees.
Played on Sunday, 8/27, I went by the course on Saturday and walked up to the starter and was able to get a 2:22 teetime for Sunday, lucky, I guess. They had a small shotgun in front of us that cleared out so POP was an amazing 4hrs, just great!

Course is in great shape overall. Fairways were near perfect and had some roll. Teeboxes were just fine, a little chewed up on the par 3s, but they were level as usual and always found a good place to put the peg. Greens were receptive and pretty smooth for the most part, they were a little bumpy around the cup after everyone trampled on the greens for the day, but that's to be expected late in the day, we didn't make any putts, at all, but I blame us for that. Found two traps and they were in good shape. Rough wasn't too penal, it was only a couple inches high and it was in good shape, so your ball sat on top for the most part.

Great day on a great course, always enjoy myself out there. Starters are always great, Ken was out there yesterday. Pro shop guys are great, too.
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