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Played on Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend. Used underpar deal for $50 for twosome, great deal, with a cart. Course is in pretty dang good shape! Teeboxes had good coverage, but some of them were sloped a little bit, no big deal. Fairways were in good shape, nice and green with perfect firmness. Greens were really nice, actually. Held shots very well and putted smooth. Very fast downhill, as usual, I think. Stay below the hole! Bunkers were pretty hard under about an inch of soft sand, beware. They weren't awful, just not very good. Overall, had a great time, this course has lots of challenging par 3s, some long one's. Used just about every club in the bag. The par 4s are all very easy, even though I didn't birdie any of them, ouch. POP was not a factor, not very crowded and we took our time.
Arguably the best $10 in golf that you will ever spend!!! Get out to this 9hole treat. Unreal views and the course is pretty dang fun. Teeboxes were in great shape. Fairways were awesome. Greens are average, slow uphill and fast downhill with quite a bit of break as the course is on the side of a large hill. Rough was not really a problem, it was only about an inch longer than the fairways. Bunkers are playable, course sand with rocks, but at least they were a little fluffy. Only able to play nine, had to get back to the wife, it's her vacation, too. Got set up with 3 locals and they were very friendly and a pleasure to play with. They were going for 45 holes that day, wish I could've stayed. They said the course is extremely green right now. It's $10 all you can play and I rented a pull cart for $3. Power carts are $10 and then I think you pay $5 more if you keep playing after 18. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, it's not top notch by any means, but a very fun time.
Played as a single. POP not a factor, 2.5hrs, no one was out there. It's a fun course in pretty good condition. Back tee boxes were in great shape, they are very small, but flat, so no problem finding a good spot. Greens were above average, putted very smooth, a little on the slow side, but they held shots and were true. Rough was not very tall or penal, easy to hit from, occasional bad lie if you were in the wrong patch of bermuda. fairways were excellent, soft and very playable. No sand bottles on the carts, so there were quite a few unfixed divots, but I didn't find any. Bunkers were just fine, course sand, but it was soft and easy to hit from. Overall a good day and decent value for Kauai, $86 with gps on the cart, so I guess that's a good value for the island, wouldn't be worth it if it was in SoCal. It's nothing like the other spectacular $200 courses on Kauai, but it's a fun course, lots of dog legs and trees.
Played on Sunday, 8/27, I went by the course on Saturday and walked up to the starter and was able to get a 2:22 teetime for Sunday, lucky, I guess. They had a small shotgun in front of us that cleared out so POP was an amazing 4hrs, just great!

Course is in great shape overall. Fairways were near perfect and had some roll. Teeboxes were just fine, a little chewed up on the par 3s, but they were level as usual and always found a good place to put the peg. Greens were receptive and pretty smooth for the most part, they were a little bumpy around the cup after everyone trampled on the greens for the day, but that's to be expected late in the day, we didn't make any putts, at all, but I blame us for that. Found two traps and they were in good shape. Rough wasn't too penal, it was only a couple inches high and it was in good shape, so your ball sat on top for the most part.

Great day on a great course, always enjoy myself out there. Starters are always great, Ken was out there yesterday. Pro shop guys are great, too.
First one's out, Sat morning around 6am. POP was good, 3hrs, me and my buddy. We had to wait the first 5 holes on the grounds crew to mow the greens, so that affected the POP a little.

I've never seen this course in such good shape. We discovered about 4 holes in that they were having the Oceanside City Championship right behind us. That probably had a lot to do with the epic conditions. They put custom flags in, all were yellow with championship logo, so we needed a pin sheet when we made the turn, a little frustrating because they had pins super tucked and we didn't know pin placement, guessing game.

Everything tee to green was pretty awesome. Tee boxes were at the tips and they were great. Fairways were just about perfect. Greens were awesome, very receptive and quick downhill. I didn't find a bunker, but they looked just fine. If you can get out there in the next couple days, do yourself a favor and do it. $42 to ride on saturday was good deal. I've always loved this layout.
Played yesterday, Sunday. Teetime 9:30. POP pretty awful 5.5hrs, this course always plays slow, I just don't get it, but you know to expect a slow day and just prepare for it.

Course is in good overall condition. Teeboxes were nice and level, good coverage. They had the markers stretched out across the whole teebox, kinda interesting. You had like a 20yard wide span to choose from. Fluffy bermuda. Fairways were in pretty good shape, fluffy bermuda as well, not much roll. Had one bad lie in a sandfilled divot, but all other times were good. Rough was not too penal, no problems to hit from the rough. Found one bunker greenside and it sucked, wet hardpan underneath a an inch of good sand, avoid the bunkers right now. Greens were in good shape, ran smooth and held shots very well. They were a little slick downhill. Good course to walk, $47 weekend walk rate, not too bad. I would play there more often if they could speed up play, waited half hour on par3 7th, really sucks.
Rat-patrol had a good info. I played Sunday, teed off around 3:30 and finished at dark, around 7:45ish. POP was ok, we waited on the back nine quite a bit.

Overall, course is in good condition. Fairways were pretty darn nice and I did get a little roll out on most of them. Teeboxes weren't that level, they had ok coverage, but I had to take a moment to find a good level spot. Found one trap and it was just fine, no complaints. To me, the greens were darn near perfect, about as good as I've ever seen them at Balboa. They rolled very true and smooth and held shots very well. I couldn't believe they weren't bumpy that late in the day.

Service was great, lady in the bar was sweet. The starter was nice, he let me go out before he stated at first and my card was expired, he said to take care of it next time. Halfway house girl was super funny and nice, had a nice chat with her.

All things considered, get on out there, it's in great shape right now.
Played July 3rd, pretty much crowded day, most people took the day off for the 4th of July holiday, but it kept moving after the 2nd hole, we had to wait on a few shots, but overall POP was 4.5hrs, which was great for a holiday.

Overall, the course is in good shape. Teeboxes were a little chewed up, but usually found a good spot to put the tee. Fairways were in very good condition, never had a bad lie and they offered some roll on several occasions. Rough was brutal in some spots, stay out of it. Found one bunker and it was just fine, no issues. Greens were good for the most part, but they didn't seem to hold shots very well. If you had more than a 9 iron going into the green, you could expect about 3-5yds of release. They were very fast going downhill and were "grainy" towards the ocean. Stay below the hole.

All things considered, it's in good shape. Thoroughly enjoy the layout, don't play here that often. It was a good workout to walk with my pull cart. $31 walking rate that day.
Played Sunday, 7/25. $45 clickitgolf deal, included lunch and a drink (beer of course). Totally worth it for a Sunday at 11am. POP 4hrs, no problem. I have played this course once before, years ago. I'm not in love with the course layout. It goes through a tract of homes, not my cup of tee. It's a Ted Robinson design, so it's fun, but pretty short, played from the blues cuz I walkd on as a single and the other 3 guys played from the blues, I'm on the fence on this issue, any advice is welcome, do I stick to my guns and play from the tips? it's always an awkward situation, I should start a forum conversation.

Anyway, Conditions were pretty good, overall.

Teeboxes were level, a little chewed up, but you could find a good spot with little effort.

Fairways were nice, had good lies all day. Mown at good height with appropriate roll.

Rough was penalizing, but not unfair. Good coverage, nice and lush.

Found two traps on the same hole, number 14, they were horrible, hard pan and muddy. Give them a pass.

Greens were pretty darn good. Held shots appropriately and putted fairly true. Downhill, forget about it, no chance! Uphill, fire away and sink it.

Overall, had a good time. Must play course? probably not in my opinion, but I'm an idiot and my opinion is pretty much meaningless, at least that's what I hear from my wife.

Good value and I'm not dissapointed I played there, just not my fave.
Went out around 4pm on Sunday 4/2/17. 1st tee was pretty busy and slow groups were heading out. Starter Ken, great guy, always a pleasure, saw a gap over at 8 and 9, so he sent two of us out to 10th teebox. Very good move. We played the back in about 2.25 hrs, so it wasn't too bad, then we decided to go ahead and get in as many holes as possible on the front. My playing partner, Steve, and I turned it on, no one in front of us. We burned it up on the front nine and skipped 7 and 8, so not too bad, got in 16 holes. We played the front in 45 mins, it was great. Good job, Steve.

Conditions are above average, I've seen them better, but I've seen them worse. Teeboxes were fine all around except the par 3's, they were pretty beat up on the par 3's. But otherwise very good condition, they had the blues set way back, and they were good. Greens putted pretty smooth. late in the day with a lot of footprints, but most rolled out well. A few of them were pretty hard and didn't hold the shot, but most were receptive. Fairways were darn near perfect. Nicely mown and all divots had been repaired with sand, nice job people. Didn't find a sand trap, but they looked pretty good. Rough wasn't too penal, at all.

Always a great deal at $23 to walk twilight for a weekend. Almosts finished. Sundays are usually the best day to try and sneak out a walk on. Always enjoy myself out there, views are awesome and it's an easy walk.
Had a fun day at the executive course with some par 4s mixed in. Played with fellow gker Bryjohnhay and some other long time friends, truly a great day playing with guys you've known for almost 30yrs.

Haven't played here in like 25 years and I enjoyed it. Course gives you a chance to hit just about every club in your bag and you need to be hitting good shots to have any chance to score here. Plenty of areas to get in trouble with water and OB, did it a few times myself.

Greens were definitely the highlight. They were very nice, in great shape, soft and receptive, putted smooth, very fast downhill, look out! Tee boxes were a mixed bag, some were bad others were good, always found a decent spot to put the peg in the ground. Found a couple of bunkers, they weren't that great, but with so much rain recently, I'll give them a pass. The fairways that were in play were in decent shape, not perfect, but usually found good lies. Rough around the greens could be penalizing at times. All things considered, had a good time and will be back. Good place to bring the wife. POP was not an issue, moved right along. Cart girl came around twice. Cart guys and proshop guys were all great, great communication and orderly. Go ahead and get out there, you'll enjoy it every once in a while.
Sorry for the late review, got out on Sunday Feb 26th. had a break in the rain and thought it would be a good chance to get out to my local course. Conditions are better than average, especially after all the rain we have been having. Greens were very nice, held shots very well and putted remarkably smooth for being so soft. Tee boxes were just ok, probably the lowlight of the course right now. Little patchy with quite a few divot marks on the par 3s. Fairways were excellent! never a bad lie. They drain well here and were soft with very little roll, but they were lush with not much divot damage. Found one trap and it was surprisingly soft, even after the rains. They should remain in good shape for awhile, recent sand seems to have been added. POP was way above average for this place, the weather scared quite a few people away, it was windy, rainy and cold. POP was at 4 hrs, which is great for Nado.

Overall, always recommend if you can get out. Resident Sunday rate is now $40 to walk and well worth it.
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