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10/7 teed off about 830 and leisurely cruised POP 320 on a great fall morning. The course is in remarkable condition considering the time of year and recent maintenance. Greens are 90% recovered but not closely mowed yet and are on the softer side so the speed was medium with some grain to factor in. Greens look quite healthy.
Fairways are in the best condition I have seen with good cover and cushion with very few thin areas, some areas more brownish but still good lies. Rough along fairways gives good definition and was cut to about 2 inches which would impede momentum but was not overly difficult to hit from. Areas around greens tended to be longer, thicker and juicier. There are some areas beyond the rough that show evidence of animal activity or had bare spots. Beyond these areas your ball is lost.
Did not play out of any bunkers today--most looked fair with some needing a good grooming.
Tees are the weakest part of the course as some are sloped and the par 3s are often worn.
9/30 800 tee off on a great SC fall am occasional light breeze with abundant sunshine and a nice 355 POP with just occasional waits in the beginning and briefly at the turn. Fairways are closely mowed providing good rolls and good lies with ample cushion as the course is well watered. Rough comes into play around the greens more than along the fairways and can present a challenge especially when hitting over a bunker to a short sided pin.
Tees ok overall and bunkers generally filled with deep heavy sand. Greenside # 3 had not yet recovered from overnight watering and was rather soupy.
Greens are really good smooth with consistent speeds getting appropriately quicker from the warmth of the sun. Soft enough to be receptive for full shots but firm enough for chips. The 6 zones used on the greens for pin placements provide for a good variety of challenges and more so today with some locations strategically tucked near the edges or placed to take full advantage of the contours.
Maintenance is scheduled for 10/15 16 on the greens and the fairways are being over seeded starting 10/3 so if you could get out in the next 2 days go for it or if you dont mind the fairway work and want to enjoy the really good greens get out in the next 3 weeks.
Customer service was great a usual.
9/18 POP just under 4 playing leisurely with no waiting and no pressure from behind. Fairways are on the thin side with some remaining evidence of the furrowing that was performed a while back. Lies were ok enough with the soil being relatively soft to avoid bouncing. A few unfilled divots and the "sand" provided looks to have been harvested from a river bed as it is rather course with small rocks included. Rough is mostly a factor near the greens and could be down right penal. Tees are level with good cover. Bunkers have plenty of deep heavy sand that is becoming more consistent as it settles.
Greens were rated a 10 for speed and were consistent for the round. Rolled smoothly with some subtle break near the hole. Really like the 6 zone feature with the large greens the pin placements can be a real challenge. The course has good variety with the exception of the par 3s that are about the same length and 8 and 10 are of very similar appearance. Still too many unrepaired ball marks even with the course giving out free repair tools.
Good customer service as usual.
9/16 using teeoff deal time $15 on a really pleasant morning. Overall course is pretty lush--cooler temps and plenty of water makes the grass grow plus the mowers were not active yet today. Good lies and tough rough. Greens are soft and receptive with more grain than usual and slower also. Many bunkers have new sand which needs to be churned raked and watered to develop a better consistency and be made more playable. Tees mostly had good cover.
POP 320.
8/30 teeoff dealtime $22 set for 11 but sent out early by the very friendly and efficient staff POP 310 with no waiting and no pressure from behind. Most fairways good to ok with more thin areas on the fringes. Rough could be an issue with some thick areas more so around the greens. Found 1 bunker which had good sand. Tees mostly level but rather beat up.
Greens smallish with slope and grain quick breaks around the hole. Greeens also present quite a target as many are elevated and require a higher trajectory to stay on. Also many are cut into a hill side so misses can be severely punished.
For a short course there is plenty of challenge and intrigue. Overall a fun outing and would definitely come back for revenge.
8/26 using underpar $78 voucher smooth and easy check in with a golfer centered welcome and message to be able to go out when ready as we arrived early(traversing the ORTEGA out of OC) so started at 10 with no one in sight. Overall POP 345 as we caught a 4some on the back.
Overall course is in good condition. Fairways have good cover and cushion while still giving adequate roll. Rough was marginally penal with some thick challenging areas. Tees level with good cover. Bunkers overall had good sand and were well maintained. Saw one that looked to need a good churn but that was the exception. Still do not understand the difficulty of bending over and using a rake especially when it needed to be stepped over or moved to get to the ball. I would have more sympathy if it was left far away like 10 feet.
Greens are quick firm but receptive for full shots. Some really tough pin placements often tucked in places that were barely legal and took full advantage of the slopes. #8 had some repairs as a former employee disregarded a leaking mower and striped the green with oil. Fortunately the repairs were well done and healing well.
Layout is scenic with good variety. Carts have basic GPS. Up graded covered driving range with quality mats.
8/19 using underpar voucher $67 2some for play after 1000 and range balls--arrived at about 9 --quick check in and starter even offered to send us straight out-- but took 15 minutes of warm up was on the tee at 920. Course has a golfer friendly philosophy that is willing to move golfers up when there are open tee times--nice!!
Fairways were varied with some areas rather wet/soggy with good cover, some dry and thin with even some bare areas, and some goldilocks just right. Rough bordered fairways was more a factor in slowing the ball that affecting shots until getting closer to the greens with deeper thicker growths. Tees were mostly on the thin side and some were uneven--3 were off limits and markers were moved up.
Did not have the pleasure of playing out of any bunkers most of which looked to be well maintained and recently groomed.
Greens were well watered generally soft and receptive rolling at about medium speed with some occasional bumpiness but overall of good quality.
Layout is true to its name some nice elevated tee boxes and many up hill approaches as well as stances that have some slope involved. Scenic parkland setting winding through the hills and dales. POP 340 with occassional waiting on the back 9.
Played here 3 times in last 10 days close to where I live and had some very low greens fees from teeoff deal times wit extra % off. Course is getting plenty of water so some fairways have some wet areas--otherwise generally have good cover and good lies--a few thin areas and the occasional bare patch as well as some gopher/ground squirrel action here and there.(Need more raptor/owl coverage for population control).
Rough is responding very well to the extra water and has become more penal.
Tees vary from ok to thin or shaggy with some uneven areas depending on marker placement.
Bunkers--the good news many have new sand--the bad news many have new sand that needs more grooming and attention as the sand is thick and heavy and often uneven.
Greens play better than they look some are multi-colored and have what appears to be different varieties of grass. According to Jose the excellent greenskeeper the re-claimed water is not always consistent as to ph or chemical content.
POP generally uner 4 unless you get behind a ssslow 4 some that is 2+ holes behind and clueless as to how many groups are waiting behind them.
Staff members are friendly and welcoming.
8/12 8am tee off with a 4 hr POP being paired with a slower but enjoyable 2some finished about a hole behind but were not being pushed that much either. Nice weather warmish but with an occasional breeze to stay comfortable.
Currently course is working on the fairways--doing some de-thatching and verti-cutting-resulting in small furrows and tight lies. Rough along the fairways 1-2 inches and mostly playable. Rough around and behind the greens 2-3 inches and difficult. Found myself over a couple of greens by a couple of feet leaving a clumpy downhill lie. Moral being Hit the green dummy.
Bunkers looked to be well filled with deep heavy groomed sand. Tees level with good cover.
Greens medium fast and mostly smooth. Currently more on the softer side resulting in sizable ball marks which were often overlooked or poorly repaired.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
8/9 using golf moose $59 2some on a warmish but overall pleasant a,m. 8300 tee time off a few minutes early at a leisurely pace what with some errant shots and searches with no waiting until 14 when we caught up with the early groups. POP just under 4. Fairways were generally on the thin side with the possibility of the ball finding gaps in the grass to be sitting on dirt. Still about 70% ok to good lies. Did get good rollout however. Rough was about 2 inches along the fairways sometimes whispy and others thick and juicy--in either case definitely impeded forward energy and often made for a difficult extraction. Then around the green was the really thick and long stuff sometimes looking like it was processed by a kitchen aide mixer. Miss the green at your peril.
Tees level but a little thin but not beat up. Bunkers had decent sand and generally were groomed but occasionally still wet from the watering.
Greens mostly good rolling medium speed with a little grain to factor in as they have been cut a little longer to prevent heat damage. Greens are receptive to full shots but firm enough to be able to keep up speed on chips. Way too many un-repaired/poorly repaired ball marks.
Easy friendly check in .
8/1(1st time here) from the "back" tees 6226 69.6/129 using teeoff deal time $28.50 arriving as a single and going through an easy welcoming check in was told I would be paired with a 2some but when we were quickly called to the tee the afore mentioned group seemed to be hanging back--so I started off alone. Caught a 4 some on 3 who quickly invited me to play through and never saw another group until 17--POP 320 with some dawdling. a few extra shots and putts here and there and the adventure of ball hunting(mine) in some areas of the jungle/rough. Was told by the roving player assistant/gunga din water bearer that there is extra watering due to recent reseeding resulting in some areas being off limits for mowing.
Fairways were mostly ok except for the excess water in the low areas--really good lies down the center with less so toward the edges. Lot of unfilled divots--sad since quality mix is provided. Rough more often than not was deep juicy and difficult even a foot off the greenside fringe was often 3-5 deep. Tees lush and level.
Bunkers were well filled with sand that looked like it would be very playable but its heavy nature would take some getting used to.
Greens rolled medium/medium fast generally smooth with more break around the hole than I judged. Was told that 8 greens had been replanted with bent and are in the process of being transformed into bent/poa. I did not notice any real difference. Greens are generally of medium size not a lot of contour or tiers but there is ample opportinity to have some challenging pin placements.
Course layout is interesting and even with being in a housing development there is a park like feeling as the fairways are bordered by shrubs and trees. Water comes into play on several holes and #12 par 3 153 yds some what uphill with water and wood pilings in front set at a fade angle pin in back(playing to 166) tucked behind a bunker was one of the more visually intimidating scenes I have encountered(managed to get it pin high in the fringe and scrambled for my par).
Overall a good 1st experience and worth a return when I am staying in the San Diego area.
7/31 $37 after 11 rate as offered by the course--GK cup match with Rat-Patrol. Fairways are lush good lies overall and very few thin areas. Rough is mean spirited and cranky consisting of broad bladed vegetation that just played tough. Tees level with good cover. Bunkers need work--could use more sand and some deep rototilling as they are currently thin and firm with a solid dirt base.
Greens are excellent rolling smoothly and true(as evidenced by Jim's 23 putts) speed medium fast and consistent through the round.
Easy check in friendly welcoming staff. POP 415.
Listing 1 to 12 of 60,708 Course Reviews
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