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7/19 using tee off $23 with POP at 3 1/2 on a nice coolish morning. Fairways had good cover but most had not been mowed yet today so they tended to be on the shaggy side with very little roll out. Rough 1-2 inches retarding the ball and often providing a challenge to escape.
Tees have ok cover but depending on the marker placement the lack of level can come into play. Some bunkers have good sand and some are thin with hardpan.
Greens were softer slower and more bumpy than usual.
Good customer service as always friendly and easy going.
played 6/29 but had some internet issues so very late with this--used teeoff deal time for $46. Course is more up country in the hills and jungle very lush with pretty constant elevation changes. Par 3s downhill nice visual with the entire green and hazards easy to see. Fairways mostly with good cover firm enough to give a little extra roll but really soft and cushiony providing good lies overall except that there are not many that are level being on all types of slopes. Primary rough was mercifully cut to 2-3 inches and left about 10 yards in width--beyond that 2 feet of Hawaiian gorse--but even the short rough could be penal depending on where the ball settled.
Traps looked ok by observation. tees level and in good shape. Greens smooth at medium speed with overall topography a major factor--holes with a lot of down hill slope leading to the green tended to continue the trend on the green.
Due to the hills gas carts are in use. Staff is very friendly easy gong and honest--someone from the group ahead of us had dropped a $100 bill at the starter who tracked down the careless and clumsy golfer to return his booty--no I am not talking about my self.
A very interesting layout scenic and cooler with less humidity and a real good value and test of skills.
6/21 using GSC $40 2some from the blacks--tees level with good cover some par 3s with the small boxes are pretty chewed up but most of the divots are filled. Bunkers are groomed but due to the watering most are pretty wet by observation--managed to stay out today, thankfully.
Fairways somewhat mixed there is really good grass for the most part, tightly mowed green and lush--some patches of thin or bare which again did not come into play so I had good lies everywhere in the fairway--also quite a few unfilled divots--a shame really considering how much water and effort is being put into upgrading the conditions.
There is ROUGH thick and deep 2-4 inches along the fairways and around the greens--punitive and demanding--beyond the rough and often between the tee and the fairway is the decomposed granite--best advise ever--stay in the fairway!!
Greens have gotten really good much smoother firm but receptive medium to medium fast and fairly consistent--often more slope than I was able to determine so getting the speed and recognizing the subtle breaks at the hole kept me confused most of the day.
Friendly staff--golfer oriented--under 3 1/2 POP even with a couple of searches involved and the kindness of a 4some who waited after finishing #5 to let us through(that was the 1st time we had to wait while they were on the green-so they were very thoughtful)
Scenic layout with some nice vistas--generally a good variety of holes though many of the par 3s are about the same yardage 160-170 but pin placement can definitely factor into shot election.
This course has adventure written into it--somewhat off the beaten path--plays a lot harder than the yardage indicates and can be downright frustrating with the blind shots and the need to locate and hit your intended target if you can see it(as if that would help)--keep it in play =fun-- don't=anguish. Some good deals available so worth trying.
6/20 with the gurus Johnny, Larry, Alex, and Vince on a hot afternoon--not busy so sent off as a 5some--fun grouping and very enjoyable golfing partners.
Fairways are still pretty green closely cropped but very tight blades giving good lies and ample cushion. Some areas of GUR conditions and re-sodding in process--does not affect play Rough is fairly short not very penal but more of an issue around the greens being longer and thicker.
Did not play out of any bunkers but by observation they looked ok. Tees level with good cover.
Greens looked slower than they played(but were slower than the practice green)still medium to medium fast--some being a little bumpy and on the softer side--caught a lot of edges just slight mis-reads and some early trouble judging speed mostly because of the slope. These greens are huge with some contours and irregular shape that allows for very interesting pin placements.
Grass driving range in fairly good condition but not as smooth as the fairways.
A very interesting layout with elevation changes, a good variety of holes, quite scenic and with the traps being visible the holes are nicely framed and the white sand provides a good contrast to the green colors.
Friendly easy going staff.
6/19 using GSC $79 2some-- with range balls-- from the blues on a warmish but pleasant am under 4 POP with a little waiting on the back 9 Fairways are still green with good cover--mostly firm for extra roll but still nice cushion providing good lies. Rough is mostly lush not long but thick enough to quickly stop the ball and in the thickest areas quite challenging to escape.
Tees level with good cover.
Bunkers were the weakest part of the course due to their inconsistency about half were groomed and dry the rest needed a good churn and a couple were quite damp and appeared not to have been groomed as the sand was flat where the water pooled. Sand quality was good just needed more attention.
Greens are in good shape smooth medium fast(a little slower than the practice green) but pretty consistent through the round--back 9 greens seem to have more slope and speed.
Drink cart came around twice. Grass driving range with fairway like conditions. Large practice green with separate chipping area and a bunker where I should have spent more practice time.
Friendly staff easy check in and helpful attentive starter.
Par 5s are on the short side but require accuracy--the 4s have good variety in shape and length--the 3s seem to be rather similar about the same distances and look. Still a good layout set in natural surroundings except for 10-13 overlooking the freeway--A good quality course and with the promotions a really good value for anything under $40.
6/14 using teeoff deal time $38 after 20% discount--had 1100 tee time but arrived early and Brent worked his magic and had us on the tee 20 min after arrival for a 4hr POP even following a slow 3some and a 2some with frequent waiting mainly because we did not scatter any shots--not that they were all pure but were easy to find and hit again.
Tees lush and level. Bunkers had ample sand but a couple were wet with heavy sand.
Greens had a splotchy look but were firm smooth rolled medium fast and consistently through the round.
Fairways are firm closely cut greenish fading to brownish--some had been punched a week or so ago and some are currently being de-thatched leaving small grooves--did not affect any of my lies but looked like it could have. Rough 1-2 inches playable but challenging.
Really friendly golfer oriented staff.
Course has a decent layout with an adequate mix of holes par 3s are all about the same length but pin placements keep them from being repetitious.
Currently they are offering a "Palm Card" promotion 6 rounds for $199 good for 12 months weekdays and $249 anytime--very good value.
6/9 $28 teeoff deal time with 20% discount on a sunny am from the blues 6500 71,9/133--right at 330 POP could have been faster if we did not need to look for those pesky off tract shots. Pro shop let us go right away as there was NO one playing--did have the option of using the range for $5(this is new)--decided to just go play. Found out on the 1st green that they had recently small hole punched and sanded--greens rolled pretty smoothly at a little under medium fast speed. Receptive and for the most part tended to keep chips from rolling out excessively.
Fairways had good cover for about 95%--a few areas looked to be a little thin and dry. Rough 1-2 inches enough to put a stop to forward momentum but not too penal to play from--longer and thicker near the greens.
Tees level but a little thin as far as coverage. Bunkers consistent with ample well maintained moderately coarse grained sand a little on the heavy side--able to get out but not get the necessary distance--it was not the sand it was me.
Friendly proshop staff. Course is a traditional design--front 9 mostly level with greens just slightly elevated--back is hilly and more scenic.
6/8 guru outing with Johnny and Larry from the blues and Lee and myself from the whites o a sunny(finally) afternoon--good company and good weather. Talk about 50 shades of green--everywhere you look--fairways are fully covered with !/2 inch Kikuyu providing good lies--rough is made up of longer Kikuyu and the lies are difficult to judge and execute--very thick and grabby.
Tees are ok some a little thin but quite playable.
Bunkers are filled with heavy white sand nicely compacted appearing to have been recently groomed and maintained--found the occasional un-raked areas but fortunately found the sand without the footprints. Bunkers are deep often 8-10 feet below the green surface and with the large greens bunker shots were usually 30-60 feet to the pin--sand made for fairly easy outs but for me not able to get close to the pin.
Greens rolled smoothly about medium fast and pretty consistent trough the course. Topography is as much an influence as is the contour making judging speed a priority--there are some wicked breaks to contend with as well.
Friendly staff-- challenging scenic course with elevation changes and good variety of holes--a good test of golf and a good destination.
6/7 using teeoff $20 deal time rate on a cool am initially with some drizzle then just comfortable overcast conditions following a small group of mens club players leisurely with some waiting POP just over 4 hours. Fairways are in good condition mostly lush but with a few thin areas and the occasional bare spot--had really good lies nicely mowed thick grass with good cushion. Rough at 1-2 inches and a bit of a challenge depending on whether the ball sat up or sank. Tees ok but some a little thin and depending on marker placement some had slope issues. Bunker on #5(formerly #7--a par 3 had well groomed good quality ample sand--#12 left greenside bunker upper area was thin with hard pan base.
Greens were medium fast got a little quicker as they dried--look healthy with with tight grass that barely shows a ball mark but is quite receptive.
Friendly staff providing a nice welcome.
6/5 using groupon $80 2some after 20% discount(range balls included) smooth easy check in warmed up and off right on time at 840 on an overcast but comfortable am--following asome with just occasional waiting for a POP of 415.
Tees level and in good shape. All 6 of the greenside bunkers I encountered were freshly groomed having deep generally heavy sand which should have been quite playable if I could handle the longish bunker shot.
Fairways were lush closely mowed firm yet having really good cushion--the rye has died off allowing the bemuda to really flourish providing excellent lies. Rough is cut to about 1-2 inches and playable. Some longer/juicier areas around the greens.
Greens were firm but receptive did not appear to have been mowed today as evidenced by the poa "bloom"--none the less they rolled smoothly at medium speed becoming quicker as the day progressed.
Tranquil scenic serene setting that has a well maintained golf course with a good variety of challenging holes--#5 par 3 with the hidden green(assured by staff after the round that the crew was tasked with cutting the reeds this very day)--#6 a long grinding UP hill par5--#7 par 3 with sand trap in the middle and today pin in the back right--just to name a few.
Good course for the value especially if you can get a deal for $50 or below. Bring a GPS or range finder--the 150 is consistently marked but other distances are often hard to locate.
6/2 using GroupGolfer $24 with range balls voucher POP 3 3/4(played the blues listed at 6700 but in reality not much over 6300) moving leisurely sometimes walking between shots and occasionally having to hunt down the errant ball--never really saw anyone until we got to the 18th and then only waited a minute for them to clear the green.
Nice welcome from Jeff at the desk and chatted some with the grounds crew--everyone friendly and giving assurances that serious effort is being put into making improvements.
At this time however I have to report that it is a work in progress--the major issue continues to be the fairways--there are some areas that are really nice--unfortunately that is the exception. According to Jeff they are drilling in a different variety of bermuda but in the mean time there are lots of bare areas that can be rather muddy. The areas along the fairways have been converted to bare sand/dirt and there is no rough.
I think that it would be best to play preferred lies within the boundary of the fairways and agree that the drilled areas are GUR--which we did not do--so I played from quite a few sketchy lies.
Fairway bunkers are firm to hard--greenside were well groomed with a rather course/heavy sand. Due to not having liners quite a few rocks have been pulled to the surface.
Tees level most with good cover.
Greens look really good rolling at medium speed with a a little grain to contend with--more on the softer side and pretty receptive. Large practice green consistent with on course conditions. Grass driving range and a large chip/pitch/bunker green is also available
Newer carts now with GPS that gives distance to trouble as well as to the greens.
The links layout provides a scenic alternative and the variety of holes keeps your attention.
Even with the fairway issues the quality of the greens balances out the value. Right now The golf moose $49 2 some deal is a fair price for the course as it is.
5/31 from the blacks using clickit $40 2some with $3 fee on a cool overcast am 845 tee time off a little early with POP 345 playing leisurely with no waiting a little looking for wayward balls and letting a single and 2 some play through. Very friendly staff especially the starter and greens superintendent showing their investment in providing a good golfing experience.
Fairways have good cover overall a few bare spots that never came into play firm for roll with good cushion for the shot--looks like either the golfers are trained or the grounds crew spends time using the excellent divot mix thats provided.
Rough is present along the fairways cut to about 2 inches and can be a real factor--longer and thicker around the greens for a real challenge. Beyond the rough is decomposed granite or hard packed dirt--try not to go there and be thankful for the stopping factor provided by the rough.
Tees level mostly in good shape--some par 3s were a little chewed up as the boxes were a little small and limited marker placement. Found 1 fairway bunker firm and nicely packed. Greenside traps looked ok but fortunately never had to test them out.
Greens on the softer side mostly medium speed a little on the bumpy side--some have discoloration that detract from the appearance and a few thin areas that for us did not come into play. Some dips**t on an atv ran over a couple of the greens but they look to be healing with out permanent damage. Greens look flatter than they are and with some of the pin placements the break at the hole makes for a lot of muttering and we had a couple of cross green putts that broke a good 8-10 feet.
Scorecard now reflects the new routing but is not fully accurate as they are converting the par 4 12th into a par 5(a monster according to the card) Layout is quite interesting to say the least and way more challenging than the length indicates. Rating and slope seem way low for the amount of problems that lurk waiting to punish even a marginally wayward shot. The course is scenic with some elevation changes in a serene country setting--a good bargain at $20.
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