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5/22 using teeoff deal time with 20% off for net $27. really good rate for this course. Had 1015 tee time -but starter Jim got us off about 945--paired with a nice compatible husband and wife Bob and Thelma--good thing we got along because we were out there together for nearly 5 hours--we noticed a pretty steady line up of golfers but there was a 4some 3some 4some right ahead that seemed to take turns running into issues so basically we waited every shot--good news was that the 4some behind us never caught up so if we were in our original time slot I am sure it would have been over 5 hours.
Fairways were quite good nicely mowed --firm but good cushion and decent lies overall. Rough cut to about 1-2 inches with some longer patches around greens or on slopes--effective at impeding the ball but not too penal for extraction.
Bunkers were groomed but some still exhibited the effect of being overly wet as the sand even having been groomed was packed and firm. Areas with out the moisture were a lot more playable.
Tees level generally with good enough cover-par 3s had divots but most had been filled with a nice mix of seed/sand/compost.
Greens fairly smooth medium fast with good consistency--not quite as fast or as smooth overall as the practice green. Topography does influence the break here--not a lot of undulation or tiers except for 12.
Driving range has mats with nice cushion--large putting green and a chip/pitch green with a practice bunker.
Staff is very friendly and welcoming--service cart making the rounds--marshal out and about chatty but not concerned about POP.
Course has considerable variety with elevation changes-- severe doglegs--mix of wide and tight fairways--short and long holes--all enough to keep you on your toes. Well worth giving it a try.
5/19 on a warm and sunny am becoming a little breezy after a few holes playing with Steve Mark and Kieth fellow gurus and a great group to spend 420 chasing that little ball. Course was primed to host their member/guest tourney. Fairways are mowed tight--still pretty green but areas are somewhat on the thin side--requiring a more precise strike--not my strong suit--lies were ok and the tight cut gave extra roll--so a fair trade off. Rough cut down to 1 to 1 1/2 inches long enough to slow the ball but not too penal for shots. Tees level with good cover. Bunkers well groomed with deep ample sand-- very playable.
Greens were in really good shape smooth rolling medium fast to fast and consistent through the course. I certainly could not blame the conditions for my poor performance today--just could not read the slope resulting in being 3-4 feet long or 1-6 inches short--my best chance to avoid a 3 putt was to chip in which I was only able to do once.
Felt really welcome by the friendly staff--cart service came around quite frequently.
Grass driving range with chipping and bunker area--large putting green with speeds being quite similar to on course conditions.
This is one of my favorite tracks scenic rural setting with good variety of holes offering a challenging and entertaining golf experience.--The next 2 months should be optimal for play--there are some special offers available so check it out.
5/18 for a guru outing on a warm ideal sc spring day. POP a leisurely 420 with only alittle waiting on 10 and 11 and the occasional search for wayward shots. Nice grass driving range and a large practice green the speed of which was some what faster than nt on the course.
Fairways overall have good cover--closely mowed but with good cushion. Yes there are some thin spots and random random bare areas which did not come into play but did detract from the aesthetics. Rough is cut down to about an inch and is very thick close to the fairway perimeter and around the greens slowing the ball but not having much effect on shot execution. Beyond the primary rough is real trouble with some large rocks dirt/sandy areas or wild thick grasses and weeds(where we did spend some time on the search trying to locate that darn scattered shot while collecting plenty of nasty foxtails and stickers) Only snake we saw was a gopher beside the 4th green.
Tees are level with good cover overall. Bunkers provide mixed conditions some are groomed and raked, some were wet and hard packed and some had newer sand that is groomed but heavy requiring extra attention to planing the shot before attempting to execute.
Greens overall were pretty smooth but I felt that the speed was somewhat inconsistent as a few of the greens were predominantly poaanna. Speed was between medium and medium fast--not a lot of undulation or tiers but the breaks were subtle enough to make my life on the green a puzzlement--mostly came close with a lot of lippers.
Staff members are very friendly and golfer oriented.
Though the location is rather remote it is well worth the drive--very scenic with the lakes full, the greenery and clear blue skies and you get a quality golf course to boot. Rates appear to be very fair for the experience provided. Time for a destination road trip!!
I think the rating came out a little lowwould pick more like 7.1/7.2
5/17 from the blues using gk coupon $28 plus additional discount paying with holiday gift certificate--good deal made even better--thanks gk and Champions. Stayed cool and overcast all am--payed 1st 9 in just under 2 hours--then hit an absolute wall waited 20 min on 10 and had to wait on almost every shot from then on 18 with another extra 15 minutes. could not really figure out how a string of 5 2somes could be so darn slow--overall POP 4 1/2+ very unusual in our recent experience.
Fairways still mostly green mowed short and firm for roll while still having ok cushion--some slight browning a few thinner areas and the occasional bare area--some re-sodded--so overall quite playable--never had a bad lie. Rough cut fairly short but still thick and sticky--a ball happens into the rough stays in the rough requiring proper execution to escape. 1 fairway bunker more on the firm side a little easier to play out of and on green side that was adequately groomed and luckily stayed out of the 3 dozen size 14 footprints that even appeared to step over the rake going in and coming out.
Tees level mostly with good cover--some still recovering from punching but not a real issue.
Greens were medium fast mostly smooth--some still looked like they were not quite healed as the grass still showed the outline of the punches giving a polka dot pattern with no real effect on the roll. These are challenging greens-big and undulating and for me difficult to read as the contour and topography enter into the equation--I tended to allow for too much break most of the time. Did fairly well with the 50 foot lag putt to within 3 feet then could not finish. And do not get above the hole especially with front flag pins.
Staff members are friendly--drink cart came by 4-5 times and the maintenance crew is golfer aware and attentive.
Like it love it or hate it--this is a polarizing course--I keep coming back believing I CAN do better.
5/15 great guru outing with the big hitters who played from the tips--me the silver--been at least 25 years since I played here 1 other time--way more scenic than I remember and way more wind--but heck without the wind the course would have no teeth at all. LOL!!
Fairways had good cover nicely mowed giving some roll but also nice cushion--just a few small areas staring to get a little brown but never had a bad lie in the fairway. Rough 1-2 inches and fairly tight so the ball would not bury--but still had some stickiness to it--both in impeding forward momentum and requiring a clean ball first strike. Beyond the rough is either hazard--like off the cliff kind or more native grasses the could be 1-2 feet deep in places.
Tees level with good cover. Found 3 green side bunkers in Goldilocks condition--1 was hard and packed from water and not yet groomed, 1 was very groomed with slightly damp heavy thick sand and 1 was just right groomed and slightly firm.
also in 1 fairway bunker nicely groomed but a little in the soft side so the ball settled down.
Greens were medium fast generally smooth. Tricky for me to read--contrary to the info given by the starter there did seem to be some break toward the ocean and with back pins the ball seemed to pick up some speed after the hole--overall the breaks were subtle requiring the right speed.
Nice grass range and good practice green. Staff members were friendly and helpful.
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5/12 using groupon with discount $64 2some on a cool 830 start which turned into a pleasantly balmy round. Steve the starter was on top of his game giving us an accurate run down of the line up and encouraging us to start early ahead of several 4somes(and watching a couple of the groups rather confused approach to getting their carts loaded) we were thankful for the way Steve looked after us. We teed off behind a 3some that we saw only briefly and were quickly caught by a 2some on 2--then on 5 my playing partner sprayed a drive which we thought we found but after reaching the green discovered it was the wrong ball--so waved the 2 some through went back to the tee and played lost ball--never saw anyone the rest of the day so played a very comfortable POP of 4 hours.
The course is quite scenic what with a lot of green from the rains and the lakes and water features being full.
Fairways are generally lush good cushion and decent roll with some areas however having more than one variety of grass that can be a little clumpy but overall had really good lies with only 1 or 2 being a little sketchy. Rough for the most was not very long but sticky and in some places rather juicy. Some areas beyond the rough had an assortment of vegetation that has now replaced what used to be bare dirt.
Tees level with mostly good cover. Bunkers were freshly groomed --green side #11 deep rather heavy sand but playable and #17 left green side groomed but very wet mix of sand and dirt--a challenge.
Greens played much smoother and faster than they looked still showed the outline of being punched but was way more of a visual issue as they were tightly mowed and did not have any significant bumpiness. Rolled medium fast--were receptive to full shots and were consistent through the round. Back pin placements were tough as they were fully back and on the upper tiers--so a shot the just got to the upslope being about a foot short from getting to within 5-6 feet would roll back finishing 20-30 feet away. the
these are big greens many set at angles so unless you were directly on line there was a feeling of being rather short sided most of the day.
Nice staff with a very golfer oriented frame of mind.
In my opinion the course is nearing peak condition-greens will get firmer and faster and the fairways will retain much of their moisture keeping them green and the temps will stay pleasant--so from now and over the next 6--8 weeks there is an ideal opportunity to play a good layout at its best.
The rating that is posted is lower than I would have anticipated is more like a 7,3-7.5
5/9 using teeoff deal time $20 on a drizzly am with a POP of 305. Fairways have mostly good cover still on the greenish side with a few thin areas but ok lies overall. Rough is cut down but stops forward progress--the thickness tends to keep the ball up so shots are generally less difficult. Found greenside bunker on #4 on slight up slope with plenty of good sand --out to 4 feet and made one of the few shorter putts for the day. Tees rather thin and depending on marker placement had some crowns to deal with.
Green are still in the process of recovery being left longer and softer than usual. Rolled at medium speed bumpy and grainy--short putts were difficult to keep on line. I would estimate about 1-2 more weeks to be back to usual excellent condition.
Friendly staff and very accommodating.
5/5 using clickit voucher $42 plus $3 fee for 2some from the blacks seemed to play harder as I had some near misses that ran out into bad trouble--very important to miss on the correct side as margin for error is compounded and the already narrow landing area becomes almost nil--take time to look at the slope of the fairway and try for the high side.
Fairways are generally in good condition but are showing some wear and had quite a few unfilled divots--just a few bare spots but pretty good overall. Rough is definitely a factor about 2 inches in places a little shorter near the greens but thick leaving some challenge to get out and control distance.
Most tees ok--some thin and a couple had lots of divots--small boxes so not much room to move markers. Found 2 green side bunkers which had ample sand well groomed and playable.
Greens were medium speed a little bumpy due to being on the softer side. Had some interesting pin placements which highlighted the contours which I had not noticed before.
#17 looks to be a newer green and is showing signs of some distress as there are multiple small bare spots that look like ball marks but there are far too many for that to be the case.
Staff is very friendly and the starter got us out early--POP 3 1/2 with some waiting and some searching for those missed shots.
5/3 from the blues(6142 70.7/123) using teeoff deal time with extra discount $29 on a nifty warmish am 950 tee time but starter sent us out quickly after smooth check in(arrived early in case traffic was an issue) so on course by 900 with a POP of just under 4 hours with a little wait on most holes.
Course is host to day one(Saturday) of the city championship so preparations are under way.
Bunkers look to have been consistently groomed--found one greenside felt soft with my stance but at the bottom where my ball was sand was a little thin and base was rather wet dirt.
Tees are mostly level with most having good cover--some areas look rather over-used which is difficult to avoid as many tee boxes are on the smaller side so marker placement is limited.
Fairways have ample cover and good cushion with still a fair amount of roll--there are some thin/bare areas that were not yet marked GUR. Also because the ground is generally on the softer side divots are often of crater size--many left unfilled--there were some areas that appeared to be used for practice shots as there were 3-4 similar divots at that spot. Never landed in an unfilled ones but did end up in 2 that were not fully healed.
Rough is rather inconsistent at times thinner and on the dry side and at others longer and wetter--areas around the greens tended to be the most dense. Definitely impeded forward momentum and depending on the individual lie added several degrees of difficulty to the shot.
Greens are in good shape--generally smooth rolling medium fast--not as quick as the practice green however. Tended to be on the softer side and were very receptive to full shots.
Proshop staff friendly and welcoming--big shout out to Mike the starter who really understands golfer friendly flow management to provide the opportunity to use open tee times to start early if preferred.
4/30 review guru outing--my 1st time on this course--fairways are deep green in color evenly mowed to the point of nearly looking artificial and having a consistent length to provide excellent lies while being firm enough for roll--some of the nicest I've seen recently.
As for the "rough" if the fairway"s appearance is akin to artificial turf the rough is like the short cut shag carpet which along the fairway being about an inch long most often provided a lie where the ball sat up quite nicely. Areas around the greens seemed a little longer with the ball sinking in a bit more.
Bunkers have white rather fine grain sand some what compacted. Found 1 fairway trap which was firmer than the 2 greenside ones--all were playable but I could have used some practice to get better results.
Tees level and almost all were lush.
Greens were medium fast fairly consistent hole to hole firm but receptive for full shots--not a lot of undulation but would take some time to judge better as the prevailing topography seemed as important as the contour of the green(where the heck is the Salton Sea anyway?)
With bright and dark shades of green and multiple well placed white sand bunkers and the bordering desert landscape and some lakes and water features the course is quite pleasing to the eye. The layout provides a good variety of holes and requires proper club selection, thoughtful shot choice for course management(where would my miss do the least harm?) and most of all good execution.
Overall I think Rams Hill is deserving of its reputation as a quality course and even with it being rather hard to access for many golfers it is worth the journey to experience at least once. Find a deal get a carpool together and go!!!
4/28 from the blues using costco voucher $40 playing GK Cup match with AndrewZ28 on a pleasant spring day with POP 0f 415. Lots of green--fairways nicely mowed--cut tight but plenty of cushion and a little extra roll. Had good lies--wish I had been on the fairway more often. Rough long enough to slow the ball and depending on the lie moderately difficult to down right hard. Had to play a couple of shots from beyond the rough in the wild stuff-- able to see the ball but not able to get clean contact.
Bunkers have deep thick softish sand in fairway as well as greenside bunkers so rolling in kept the ball up but flying in tended to plug.
Tees generally good with a couple of the par 3s showing a little wear.
Greens about medium fast with subtle breaks but rolled smoothly even with the rather splotchy appearance--firm but receptive to well struck shots which Andrew demonstrated repeatedly especially in his closing charge.
Good friendly customer service starting with the smooth check in with Nikki to Brent the starter who let us finish out our Sudden Victory on 1 and 2--and everyone in between. Good course golfer oriented staff and best of all getting to play with a super guy and great golf companion.
4/26 using teeoff $32 deal time--1100 tee time got there early because traffic was not horrible so Tim from the pro shop sent us out rather quickly after a quick warm up on the range(included in the fee)--nice mats with good cushion--didn't use the putting green.
went out about 15 min after a 4some--never saw them until 18--POP 345 with time spent hunting down a few wayward blows off trees or in some of the rough.
The course is essentially private but is using the teeoff times(2 4somes a day) as a promotion to inform perspective members and to generate some income.
course is park land setting with mature trees rolling hills and a generally serene country feel even with houses along the course--it was like we had the entire course to ourselves.
Fairways are in really nice condition good cover and cushion--mowed and maintained gives a little roll out but not not like some of the dry thin fairways we see a lot of in sc.
Rough is nearly everywhere but varies in quality and condition with different grasses and thickness depending on the amount of water on the area. From the tee you see lots of green giving the illusion of wide open swing away lots of room for the drive--however there is the fairway and the rough and the rough is penal--some times more so than others--and over the green it gets thick.
Tees level and lush. Bunkers looked to be groomed and maintained--never had the opportunity to test for play ability.
Greens played way better than they looked--have a kind of polka dot pattern from punching--but rolled smooth at medium fast speed consistent through out--generally firm but receptive to well struck shots. Greens for the most part are medium sized and generally elevated from the fairway --so shot shots stay that way--not a lot of undulation but they do have slope and slant--#15 front pin was a little micky mouse as an approach putt that was an inch short rolled back a good 3 feet+.
Staff is friendly and helpful--seemed to appreciate the outside patronage. No cart service but snack bar at the turn and water and ice there as none I saw on the course.
I think the current use of teeoff is a trial run--I for one would welcome the opportunity to play here on occasion--a bit of a trip through the past a well established traditional course with good conditions and good value.
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