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3/27 for GK cup match with Itslikeimsayin an enjoyable golf partner and a tough no quit player who generously shared his GK winnings to use a golf moose voucher for the outstanding net rate of $22 on a coolish and somewhat breezy am--1030 start with 415 POP being paired with visitor and member nice enough guys and decent golfers but seemed in a hurry and often were hitting out of turn and not aware of what was going on with the rest of the group.
Overall course is in good shape--most fairways have good cover and good cushion with 8 and 9 being the exception as there are at least 4 different varieties of grass some of which is in clumpy tufts leaving awkward lies. Some thin and bare areas marked GUR. Rough on front 9 quite thick and wirery quickly stopping the ball and being fairly penal. Back 9 less thick rough a little more whispy and easier to hit from. Patches of deeper longer rough around the greens with an especially nasty juicy patch to the left front of #7. Wide of the rough beyond the cart path you are likely to find hard pan.
Tees lush and level.
Bunkers have deep heavy sand that looks to be frequently groomed but is of the consistency that is difficult to properly rake as just giving it the once over leaves mounds and ridges--found 1 trap with aforesaid mound and 1 with a groomed area just missing the foot prints of at least 4 inconsiderate hackers. Both fairway bunkers I found #10 while playing 18 and #1 in sudden death had a more compacted base.
Greens smooth rolled medium fast with a fair amount of slope but not a lot of undulations. In my view the front 9s are flatter and the back are carved into the hill sides where you definitely do not want to be above the hole or carry too much speed even across the green as putts extend their roll out past the hole.
Staff members are friendly and easy going-
Special thanks to the 3 some on #1 who let us jump in to finish our match.
Grass driving range and putting green that represents the speed on the course.
There are usually voucher deals for about $70 a 2 some which is a very good value for the quality of this course or check out some of the stay and play packages.
3/24 guru outing with Steve Mike and Johnny good company and good golfers who are big hitters unlike me--had the common sense to play from the whites still listed at 6300 but a lot of the yardage is in a couple of longer par 4s and 5s. Shorter holes tended to be uphill however. Nice to not have to hit 3 wood 2nd shots all day.
Layout is really scenic with good variety and lot of character. Course is extremely well maintained keeping with the reputation of Troon golf.
Fairways are lush, firm enough to generate some roll but providing good cushion and good lies. Found only a couple of collection areas that had a lot of divots most of which were filled. Most fairways are ample but well place bunkers can come into play and some holes are quite penal if drive is missed on the wrong side. Minimal rough not much of an issue but hazards lurk beyond that.
Tees level and lush with only a couple of the par 3s showing wear. Tee boxes are large so there is plenty of room to rotate marker placement.
Found the greenside bunker on 18 which like all the others I observed is filled with consistently good rather fine grained sand that was nicely compacted allowing for an aggressive swing which was needed for a long bunker shot coming out nicely but then skittering sideways on the green leaving an unmade 20 foot putt.
Greens provided an entertaining challenge as they are large amoeba shaped providing a variety of pin placements to take advantage of the contours and slopes testing reading skills. Very helpful to be the last to putt on similar lines. Greens rolled pretty true mostly smooth at medium fast speeds consistent overall.
Nice grass driving range with balls provided. Practice green was a little faster than on the course.
Very good customer service top class amenities and a very aesthetically pleasing well designed course.
POP 420 with no waiting just delays related to wayward shots and taking time to judge distance and read greens. No GPS on carts but all sprinklers have yardage. I would expect normal POP to be at 41/2 or longer but hey enjoy where you are--every hole is a picture hole.
3/23 using GK $32 coupon on a cool breezy (1-2 club worth) day playing with GKr David(Broomy) with a POP of right at 4 hours including looping back to replay 3-4 holes to minimize just waiting on the tee for the groups ahead.
Fairways have good cover with good cushion and yet enough firmness to give decent roll. Rough is present adjacent to fairways generally cut to about 1 1/2 inches and can be thickish and wirery making good contact a challenge. Some areas around greens are even deeper presenting the option to chunk or fly depending on the execution or lack there of.
Found 3 green side bunkers containing a fine but nicely compacted sand that had been recently groomed--played very fairly even if I couldn't convert.
Tees level but recently punched and a couple of marker placements were in areas that were massively sanded to repair damage.
Greens smooth, fast and firm(hard) not receptive leaving a lot of recovery shots from the back of the green. Tough pin placements often near slopes resulting in putts that slid a little past the hole finished well past. Very challenging but fun.
Staff members are friendly and cheerful.
Great remote tract out in nature--tough at times and demands full attention-but very worth the 1 hr 15 min drive.
3/19 with gurus Matt Greg and Rob-- fun group great setting--good weather. State of the art GPS--grass driving range rather chewed up --putting green an exact replica of what is in store on the course.
Fairways have good cover had good lies with nice cushion and often nicely mowed thick grass that didnt leave a divot. Fairways are some what tight due to slope so ball can run into trouble--also lot of un-even stances. Rough is heavy and thick not overly long but depending on the lie can be really grabby or if sitting more on top the flyer comes into play. Shot making around the green out of the rough is even more challenging mainly due to the hardness of the greens.
Tees were level but many were pretty thin.
Bunkers have nice sand very consistent--fairway traps are a little more firm allowing for better contact. Greenside traps have a fine white sand that is compacted just enough to provide right amount of bounce.
The greens played like some one was pissed off--really firm and fast with often times significant break. They were smooth with the ball rolling true but the tendency was to keep rolling. Marginally receptive to short irons--mostly impossible to hold chips and pitches especially out of the rough and so many times from the back of the green.
Prevailing topography has everything breaking toward the valley which is known as Disneyland.
Good customer service --easy check in even threw in range balls --drink cart around 3 times.
This is a challenging tract and plays tougher than the yardage--I now admit I am too old and too short to play this course from the blues--but still I survived and had a good time--POP about 420 with more waiting on the back 9.
Rob and I played a pretend GK match which he won on 18(with his stroke)
3/16 with gurus Broomy and grantar2--good company on an ideal day--course is in nice shape overall--fairways are being punched but the plugs have been removed so the roll and most of the lies were not affected. Rough along fairways was short and not penal--much heavier around and behind most greens. Tees level lush also have been punched but no issue really.
Found 2 green side bunkers with a fine grained but heavy sand--got out ok but still missed the putts to reward decent shot. Sand quantity and quality appears consistent through out the course. Found 2 fairway bunkers filled with the same soft sand and did not make the required good contact.
Greens were smooth medium fast receptive for many full shots but chips and pitches were subject to more roll out. Course provides pin placement card so there is good variety for the holes--some were quite challenging to say the least what the tiers and slopes that are available. Specifically have to comment on #7 the one with the bunker in the middle--the pin was dead behind it at the top part of the green--holy crap--what a visual!!
Staff is friendly cheerful--starter Jill a wealth of information and a real ambassador for the course.
Limited drinking water on the course so remember to fill up by the club house where there is ice and big cups. Also a little quirky--no ball washers on the course--a throw back to being a private club with washers on member carts.
150 yard markers in the fairways and a few sprinkler heads have info--make sure to have a GPS.
Had a good outing scenic nature infused setting--4 hr POP with no waiting--just a few struggles inherent in the wild shot. Thank you for hosting us and thank you Johnny for setting it up.
3/15 using groupon $45 2some with range balls and lunch--off at 8am and done before 1130. Most fairways ok to a little thin with the ones close to the river still not recovered from the flood as there is quite a bit of residual sand covering the ground with some grass starting to peek thru. Rough is patchy thin to non-existent or deep and thick. 2 bunkers I found 1 and 6 were nicely groomed had good sand rather course and granular but very playable. Tees level for the most part and varied from lush to having a lot of divots on some par 3s.
Greens had a lot of dew and were quite a bit slower and occasionally a little bumpy. Had to play them more firmly and with less break--had a lot of lip outs so was almost there. Greens here vary from rather small for some of the par 3s to more on the large size with some contours and tiers and since there are a lot of uphill blind shots it can be hard to get the right distance.
Staff is friendly easy going and golfer friendly. This is a good community course providing some challenging target golf and with the discounts generally available is a very good value--not high end but fun.
3/14 with gurus weber2323, allan_grant amd SBogey played the whites with Steve and let the youngsters bang away from the blues. Fairways are firm giving additional roll but have good cover and cushion for excellent lies. Rough is generally present but cut on the short side so the ball tends to sit up--pretty much the same around the greens.
Found 1 green side bunker on 15 had about 1-2 inches of fine but firm sand over more compacted mix of sandy soil. Got out ok just misjudged the distance so was short.
Tees are lush and level.
Greens were firm but receptive for full shots but tended to roll out for chips and pitches.
Speed medium fast and consistent through out the course--a little slower than the practice green--and seemed to have some grain to deal with. We played after a SCGA event so were given a pin placement sheet and needless to say some pins were well guarded and generally toward the edges of the greens--had a higher than usual for me GIRs but 0 birdies and 3 3putts--had some good scrambling 1 putt pars and some good looks that I did not convert.
Overall the course is in very good shape--layout is enjoyable--nice country setting fairways are wide with a few well positioned traps--greens have the size and shape to provide a lot of variety and potential for very challenging placements.
Staff is very friendly and helpful--got us out 15 minutes early for a POP of 340.
3/13 using a groupon $62 2some+range balls--foggy start 1st 3 greens wet and slower then with the sun speed up to medium fast to fast. Mostly smooth with quite a few unrepaired ball marks on many holes. Greens have some varying levels and undulations with some challenging pin placements having to read the green and the prevailing topography--#15 from the front right ball location to a mid-green pin--I swear breaks UPhill.
Fairways which are ample and wide have firmed up over the last 4 weeks providing extra roll and still good lies and cushion. Currently in the process of plugging the fairways starting on the back 9. Rough is present but not penal. Tees level but also being plugged.
5 bunkers today 3 green side 2 fairway--sand is consistent comprised of a fine grain but heavy prone to semi-bury if not rolled in. My preference is to have firmer sand from the fairway as this makes it hard to advance the ball.
Friendly staff easy check in--starter and marshal are helpful and cheerful.
Scenic park land setting--enjoyable outing--courteous 4some let us through almost as soon as we caught up POP 3 1/2 hours.
3/9 with gurus allan_grant zgolfinman and leef2020 on a warm sunny pleasant day enjoying the setting and the company. Fairways tended to be on the dry and thin side with some bare areas marked GUR--lies were tight but acceptable--got a lot of extra roll which rewarded drives down the middle but punished those on the margins when on the hazard side. Some areas like #1 had many divots mostly not filled(bottles on the cart were nearly empty) No rough to speak of along fairways but some present closer to the greens.
Bunkers were mixed --fairway bunker on #3 was appropriately firm made for a good out--right green side bunker #8--new sand mostly a fried egg lie which I hit heavy to give me a flat 2nd attempt out to 3 feet -1 putt bogey-and green side #15 about 25 yds from the back pin laying on a light dusting of sand over HARD sandy dirt--used PW and tried to punch it--did ok just a little long caught it clean just a little long over the back fringe.
Tees pretty good overall adequate cover and mostly level,
Greens quite smooth rolled well at medium fast to fast speeds--large greens with a fair mount of slope which was not always easy to read as the contour and the prevailing topography had to be considered--undulations here are less pronounced but are also a factor.
The course is scenic set back in the canyons so there is a wild and remote feel--front 9 especially has a lot of up/down elevation changes with quite a few shots that have to carry the barrancas like #5 twice and the diabolical #16.
Staff was very friendly and welcoming-saw the beverage cart 5 times and marshals 3 times.
POP tad over 4 1/2--there's enough trouble available for a least 1 member of the group to struggle--not us of course but the 4somes ahead. Had a good time with the guys today.
3/8 happily played with gurus allan_grant and larryq2001 on a beautiful spring am with conditions being quite ideal. The course has some of the best aesthetics around very scenic and idyllic. Fairways generally have excellent cover--with good lies and cushion while also being firm enough to give extra roll. #1 had a cluster of divots(about 1/2 filled) around the 150 pole which is a favored landing area--only noticeable damage and #7 was unusually thin in places with different types of grasses creating a kind of clumpy condition where the ball sat down between the small clumps--did not encounter anything similar elsewhere.
Rough about 1-1 1/2 inches along fairways with a light consistency that was quite playable allowing for pretty good contact with the proper swing. Rough around greens a little longer and much thicker and way more of a challenge both to judge the lie and effect on the club and proper force required. I tended to get it right about 70% of the time but did not reward myself with a descent shot followed by a good 1 putt.
Tees mostly had good cover with#12 being the exception having been completely sanded.
Found greenside bunker on 10 which was packed sand with about 1/2 inch of sand over wet dirt. From observation most bunkers looked to have much better conditions. According to Chuck the friendly and very informative starter the course had 4 inches of rain from the last storm and had advised that even though the bunkers are being refurbished some had suffered from the heavy rain. He was really upbeat about current owners commitment to keep pushing improvements.
Greens were fast smooth FIRM with subtle breaks.. Could not blame the greens for my misses--oh so close so often--Larry by the way putted lights out. Greens were not fully receptive as many shots seemed to carry long and chips and pitches had to be played to account for the roll out.
Thanks to Cross Creek for their welcoming and friendly staff.
The course is located off the beaten path but is well worth the extra drive time and with the GK voucher it is a real bargain while providing a good test for your game.
3/5 on short notice after finding out that the 15south toward Escondido and the Vineyard was virtually closed with a 2 hour delay--so stayed local using GSC $22 voucher with range balls.
Fairways have been mowed have good cover providing good lies. There is still a marsh-like area to the right of #2 fairway between 75-30 yards in. Rough is a factor along most fairways impeding the ball and depending on the lie making for a rather difficult shot. Approaches to the greens have a nicely mowed area but they are framed by deeper rough and areas along sides of the greens have even deeper grass requiring a well planned shot and definitive execution.
Tees still the same generally ok for cover but markers can be located on un-level ground. Found left greenside bunker on 13 which has the newer sand nicely compacted and quite playable.
Greens in good shape smooth medium fast--the best feature of the course.
There will be times during construction on 5 and 6 that staff will escort golfers from #4 out on the street to what was #7--now #5. Good customer service. This is a friendly local community/muni layout that will test your skills--not a premium high end course but provides a reasonable alternative with some good rates available.
3/3 using Golf Moose $49 2some with range balls on a warm pleasant am teeing off at 815 with No one ahead nor behind for a POP of 315 with about 15 min lost looking for a couple of wayward shots. Course is fully open as of 3/2. Fairways are ok with the exception of areas of 12, 13 and a little on 5 and 16 where the river over flowed leaving lots of sand which has been drug smooth but with just a little grass poking through. Most of the grass areas provided decent lies--very few thin areas were observed just didn't have to play from any. Not much rough along fairways but there are areas where it is abundant and thick like between 11 and 8 left of that big tree--more areas of deeper rough closer to most green as well. Tees were mixed 2 and 3 were quite chewed up--most others had ok cover and marker placement was generally level.
Played out of bunkers on 6 10 and 13--sand is course rather firm but deep enough to avoid bottoming out-- sand was consistent in these 3 bunkers and getting out was not the issue--making the 4-6 foot putt was elusive. On 10 in the right green side bunker where evidently 3=4 hacks had been before me judging from the different foot prints--now I know its a lot to ask to walk around to get the rake-- but this time the rake is RIGHT there--its such a joy to be able to leave the world a little better than I found it--hey this should also be a new rule to allow to rake then drop from 1/2 inch.
Greens are really nice to look at deep green and smooth rolling at medium fast speed with a little more grain influence and pins generally were positioned to add to the intrigue--did not seem to have that many dead straight putts. Mostly on the firm side as chips and pitches tended to roll out. # 9(100 yard par 3) had a lot of un-repaired ball marks(which was the exception) due to being the most reachable of the par 3s and hence the most neglected.
Staff is friendly and relaxed. Course is a decent muni-type with a quirky character that makes for a fun affordable outing--the greens are among the best around.
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