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10/10 with gurus Larry Lee and Bob good golf companions during the 445 POP on a really nice autumn afternoon with about a 1/2 club breeze. Overall course is in pretty good shape. Fairways have good cover but are starting to add some brown to the green--still had good lies all day and was fortunate to avoid the divots. This is a quality course so I really do not understand the lack of consideration that some people demonstrate by not filling divots :(
#10 was especially bad being narrow and having a limited preferred landing area.
Rough is fairly short but does have some thick patches--just enough to make staying in the fairway better option.
Tees are level with many having recently been cut down leaving currently a tan color--most likely in preparation for winter conditioning. Found 2 green side bunkers well filled with recently groomed sand which however was on the wet side.
Greens are quite large often with tires and levels that dominate separate quadrants providing for very challenging pin placements. Surface conditions were good rolling a little more that medium spreed. Had to fix several ball marks left unattended by the aforementioned inconsiderates.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
10/9 teeing off as a 2 some at 715 to get a round in before a 1230 shotgun and to get on this course before maintenance which starts 10/10--Fast 3 hour POP with really no waiting and being ruthlessly pursued by a very fast and apparently proficient 4 some--we were not goofing off but did encounter the errant shot and it does take time to properly rake the bunkers--I must have hit at least 8 today--so I was the slow one.
Fairways have good cover. Rough cut fairly short with some longer thicker patches near the greens. Tees were shaggy. Bunkers were groomed but extremely wet--so was dealing with heavy sand over and over.
Greens were good smooth medium fast--but after tomorrow probably will take 2 weeks or so to be back to today's condition.
Staff is top notch and very golfer oriented.
Course offers a "Palm Card" 6 rounds for $199(weekdays)--about $34 a round with 10 buckets of range balls as well and valid for a year.
good tract and easy to get to from San Clemente
10/4 using underpar $74 2some on a nice warmish fall morning following a quick 4some for a 4hr POP. Course is preparing for maintenance 10/16 so they are putting on extra water. Most tees were spongy. Fairways have good cover with healthy grass and even with the water roll out was ok. Did have some casual water in the low areas. Rough was cut pretty short and was not really an issue--some areas on the slopes around the greens were a little longer and juicy.
In one green side bunker on #7 rather damp and hard packed--needed a good churn and grooming.
Greens were smooth even with being soft--rolled out at medium fast speeds--treacherous from above the hole. Big greens with opportunities for some tough pin placements. Lot of un-repaired ball mark which were easy to fix and make smooth
Staff friendly and easy going.
Interesting layout with good variety of holes--fairly wide open but not boring.
Aeration alert--greens scheduled to be punched 10/10 and 10/11!!
10/2 using golf moose voucher with a $25 gift certificate from a GK play on a very pleasant autumn am. Fairways have good cover overall but they were recently de-thatched leaving some grooves that are mostly healed. Lies were good but did have the potential for something awkward. Turf provides good cushion while giving a little extra roll--players need to be more attentive to using the sand for the divots.
Rough is present but short along the fairways--longer and juicier around the greens. Course is getting ample water.
Tees are level and have been recently de-thatched as well. Bunkers were well groomed and have deep soft but heavy sand requiring an aggressive committed swing. Some were still wet from overnight watering.
Greens are rather firm rolling at medium fast speed--we went out ahead of a men's club team match play event so the pin placements today were of definite tournament quality on some testy humps and edges of slopes that made for a frustrating round as both speed and line had to be precise. Today the course defended itself quite well thank you.
The type of grass on the greens is cut close and is quite fine bladed requiring careful attention to ball mark repair--many unattended and many marginally fixed.
POP about 345--customer service is SO golfer oriented and Henry the starter facilitated our start to go out head of the tourney.
9/25 using GK $25 coupon--easy 415 POP. Fairways are 95% lush with minimal thin areas. Nice cushion--never had a bad lie from the fairway. Rough about 1 inch along fairways a little longer around the greens. Tees level with good cover where the markers were placed.
Bunkers have fine compacted sand that is well maintained and consistent through out the course.
Greens were almost immaculate smooth and rolling true medium fast to fast with subtle breaks that for me were were hard to see--some pin placements were wicked --greens firm but receptive to well struck approach shots.
Layout is scenic and challenging with premium on accuracy as wayward shots are severely punished by the trees and rocks.
Friendly helpful staff.
9/21 with gurus Lee Vince and David--what an enjoyable group--on a pleasant breezy afternoon with a comfortable 345 POP. Had not been here for a couple of years and am very favorably impressed with the upgrades. New white sand in all the bunkers and the practice area. Fine grains but nicely compacted and consistent through the course and well maintained and generally attended by the players.
Fairways are well watered but were somewhat inconsistent--quite green but thin in areas and some areas were a little shaggy--the other 80% was in good condition.
Tees had good cover and for the most were level.
Greens were very good firm but receptive for full shots--chips tended to run out rather quickly. Smooth rolling nicely at medium fast speeds. Generally large greens often with multi-levels and significant slope--danger lurks if you end up in the wrong quadrant which I discovered especially on the back 9.
This is a quality track that is well worth a road trip to play!!!
Staff is friendly and easy going.
Practice green had the course speed but with out the tiers. Nice grass driving range.
9/18 using teeoff $27 deal time on a busy 5 hour POP with pleasant weather and a gusty breeze for back 9 play. Fairways seemed patchy some really good areas but also lot of thin or variable length/variety of grass so lies were inconsistent. Rough was marginal some ares with enough sparse grass that would allow the ball to sit down to the dirt--some areas a little better. Tee boxes generally had good cover but a few were somewhat crowned.
Bunkers had a lot of deep sand--front 9 was newer and heavier providing a challenge--also requires lot of attention to keep groomed--back 9 had a better quality of sand and was more playable. Many were left with lots of footprints or were poorly raked.
Greens were quite soft and on the slow side. Multiple un-repaired ball marks on every hole.
Staff was friendly.
9/1could 3 off at 730 for POP of 31/2 on a nice morning. Fairways have good cover and cushion somewhat thin in fringe areas. Rough is found along most fairways and could present a bit of a challenge--some pretty thick and juicy areas closer to the greens.
Tees about 60/40 to the good side. Both bunkers I found have the new fine but heavy sand which presents a real challenge for me.
Greens medium fast receptive to full shots but quick with lot of roll out on chips--quite good overall.
9/11 early am rain leaving us with a delightfully humid round as the sun soon replaced the clouds and no refreshing breeze to make it better--still a great setting. Paired with a friendly but quite slow 2some for a nearly 4 1/2 round.
Course is preparing for maintenance. Fairways are getting plenty of water and are lush and healthy but littered with clippings not really affecting play just unsightly. Rough is fairly thick slowing the ball but playable. Tees ok. Sand is deep and heavy for the most part requiring better execution than I was able to perform.
Greens are very soft a little bumpy getting plenty of water before punching(9/18). # 5 has some serious issues with bare spots and damage.
Course should come out of maintenance in superb shape--looking forward to mid October.
9/8 pleasantly warm light breeze 3 3/4 POP--Fairways lush and rather long well watered and soft--rough about 2 inches and juicy. From observation bunkers looked to have good sand--especially the problem ones from the past appeared to have been filled with quality sand.
Greens were much slower than usual and quite soft as they are preparing to aerate 9/18.
7/19 using tee off $23 with POP at 3 1/2 on a nice coolish morning. Fairways had good cover but most had not been mowed yet today so they tended to be on the shaggy side with very little roll out. Rough 1-2 inches retarding the ball and often providing a challenge to escape.
Tees have ok cover but depending on the marker placement the lack of level can come into play. Some bunkers have good sand and some are thin with hardpan.
Greens were softer slower and more bumpy than usual.
Good customer service as always friendly and easy going.
played 6/29 but had some internet issues so very late with this--used teeoff deal time for $46. Course is more up country in the hills and jungle very lush with pretty constant elevation changes. Par 3s downhill nice visual with the entire green and hazards easy to see. Fairways mostly with good cover firm enough to give a little extra roll but really soft and cushiony providing good lies overall except that there are not many that are level being on all types of slopes. Primary rough was mercifully cut to 2-3 inches and left about 10 yards in width--beyond that 2 feet of Hawaiian gorse--but even the short rough could be penal depending on where the ball settled.
Traps looked ok by observation. tees level and in good shape. Greens smooth at medium speed with overall topography a major factor--holes with a lot of down hill slope leading to the green tended to continue the trend on the green.
Due to the hills gas carts are in use. Staff is very friendly easy gong and honest--someone from the group ahead of us had dropped a $100 bill at the starter who tracked down the careless and clumsy golfer to return his booty--no I am not talking about my self.
A very interesting layout scenic and cooler with less humidity and a real good value and test of skills.
Listing 1 to 12 of 54,651 Course Reviews
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