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Walked on and played as a single this morning. Tee boxes, fairways and rough had good coverage. Sand traps had good sand and were well groomed. Greens were lush and held well struck shots, very few unfixed divots. Greens were bumpy and more than a few putts were knocked offline. They have a great email special. POP was a little under four hours.
8:30am tee time on a nice Tuesday morning. Check in was smooth and first tee went with no issues. Tees were level with good coverage, fairways were still in winter condition and rolled out on drives. Bunkers had good sand and were well groomed. Greens are lush and soft with few unfixed divots. Greens rolled smooth but were very slow, could not get used to the speed even on downhill putts.
POP was 4.5 hours with no marshals. Good muni and variety of holes that will keep your interest.
Early Sunday morning tee time with my brother and a local single that joined us. Check in and first tee was very good, the gentleman who was handling the carts and the first tee understands customer service he was on point. Tees were in good shape, fairways were a little thin in spots and the rough was up a bit. Traps were damp and compacted but had plenty of sand. Greens were in great shape and held well struck shots. Green surfaces were smooth and running medium speed.
POP was 3.5 hours and never felt rushed. Course layout is not too exciting but the conditions and customer service are pretty good.
8:30 tee time this morning at LS South. Course was very busy. Check in was quick and first tee was on time and organized. Tees, fairways and rough had good coverage. Traps had inconsistent conditions, some had small rocks, others had a thin layer of sand and bladed my share of shots and some were in good condition. They have not started to aerate the greens yet. Greens were firm, held well struck shots and were smooth with medium speed.
POP was at 4.5 hours. Weather was in the mid 70's with little to no wind. Can't beat the senior rate best deal around.
Morning tee time today on a cold morning. Course was busy and staff had it well under control. Quite a few torn up tee boxes and unlevel. Fairways and rough were on the thin side with many unfixed divots. Hard hats required on holes 4-7, they squeezed holes on a small piece of land. Greens were in great shape, holding shots and rolling smoothly. Lots of undulations in the surfaces and tough putting downhill. They were starting to aerate the front nine as we finished. POP was 5 1/2 hours
Walked on as a single Monday morning at 9am. Used the GK coupon and check in was smooth, pro shop put me out with a 9:30 tee time behind a mini tournament. Checked in with starter and he paired me up with another single and sent us to the first tee before the tournament. Nice!
They seem to have trouble growing grass in the first 75 yards of the fairways, pretty much painted green dirt. Rough was pretty much the same way. Tees and bunkers are in good shape. Greens were excellent. Firm, smooth and rolling fast with some subtle breaks that made three footers interesting. POP was a little under four hours. Place was busy but operating smoothly.
GK coupon was a great deal, did see a few walkers but could not find the rate and when I went to check with starter he was swamped. Layout is what you see is what you get.
Morning tee time at Westridge. They have many different tee boxes and are able to utilize to keep in good shape. Fairways are a little on the thin side and really need to plan on the ball running out. Rough had good coverage. Greens are lush and accepts shots, lots of unfixed ball marks and unraked traps. Greens were on the bumpy side and were medium fast. Pin placement on hole 14 is darn near impossible to get the ball close.
POP was close to five hours. Course is a good test and requires every club in your bag.
8am tee time this morning. Check in and first tee were efficient and organized. Fairways and rough had good coverage for this time of the year, more than a couple tees were not level and a little on the long side. Traps had good sand and well groomed. Greens were smooth and on the firm side running at medium speed.
Really enjoy the layout of the course and POP was a little over four hours.
10am tee time this morning on the Navy Destroyer. Have not played here in a number of years and was wondering why. Check in and first tee were well organized. Fairways and rough had good coverage with the fairways a little soggy in places. More than a couple tee boxes were not level. Traps had good sand and were well groomed. Greens are huge with many different levels. Depending on pin placements it could be a two club difference. Greens were smooth and medium speed.
Course is well maintained and keep your head on a swivel with all the aircraft using the runways next door. Running a nice special called twilight Tuesday's with twilight rates all day long. POP was a tick over four hours.
Walked on to Dad Miller this morning and was sent right out. Tees and rough had good coverage, fairways were thin in spots with tree roots popping up near the edges. Traps were well kept with good sand. The greens were in the best condition I have ever seen here. Greens were smooth and fast, everyone in our group were surprised on the speed. POP was a tick over four hours.
Had an 8:30 tee time this morning at SJH. Couple tee boxes were not level, fairways and rough have good coverage and are nice and green. Greens are huge with lots of undulations, couple times was above the hole and had no chance of stopping the ball. For whatever reason holes 4-7 play very slow, rest of the day course played fine.
Really need to think your way around to score well. Good eats afterward at the 19th hole.
Early tee time at TP North with ideal conditions. Couple from Detroit joined us and felt bad that they were heading home on Wednesday to a high of 22 degrees. Not much to add to the previous reviews. Good test of golf
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