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Played on 11/15 with a 11am tee time. Check in was smooth and first tee very organized. Course is recovering from on going maintenance around the tee boxes and the tee boxes themselves. Fairways had good coverage, rough was not too penal and could recover in most cases. Traps were very wet in the low spots. Greens had very good coverage and have never seen them this soft. Greens speed was on the medium side with a lot of breaks around the hole.
A fun layout and usually great views. Staff is always excellent and very friendly.
Played BG on Friday afternoon. Check in and first tee went with no issues. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Tee boxes were disappointing with heavy divot damage and lack of grass in the teeing areas that the markers were set at. Greens were lush and held shots, very little divot damage and rolling smooth. Greens were a little on the slow side but were consistent.
POP was at 4.5 hours. Fun course if you play the appropriate tees.
Had a 12:15pm tee time on Saturday on the Champions course. They had two tournaments going on but the staff handled it with no problem. Check in was easy and first tee organized and well on point. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage, fairways and rough also had good coverage. Sand traps were very compacted and inconsistent. Green complexes are guarded with some deep bunkers and it was a guessing game on how the ball would come out. Greens were receptive to good shots, were smooth but a little on the slow side.
Usually don't play in the afternoon on weekends and was worried about POP. Took 4.5 hours to get around which I thought was very good with how many golfers were on the course. Got a very good rate on their website.
Walked on as a single on Friday morning and went right to the first tee. The course is very green and lush. Heavy mist throughout the round and the ball got no roll in the fairway. The rough was thick and wet and was harder than usual to advance the ball. Tee boxes were level and in very good shape. Traps had compacted sand and with the drizzle were pretty hard. Greens were soft with little divot damage. Ball was rolling true at medium speed.
POP was under four hours. Good basic test with the rough the main defense.
Played LM on Friday morning. Walked on at 8am with no issues. Check in was smooth and first tee was well organized. The course is getting a little rough around the edges. Tee boxes had good coverage, fairways were hard and fast if you had any side spin on the ball you were in the rough. The rough was a mixed bag. Traps were very inconsistent with hard pack sand, wet sand and good sand coverage. Greens were healthy with good coverage, they were bumpy and had quite a few unfixed divots.
POP was 4.5 hours, there was a marshall on the course moving people along. Pack your patience and you will have a good day.
Walked on as a single on Friday morning. Joined by another single. Course was very crowded and waited on every shot. Course is very green and soft. Tee boxes were level and filled in. Fairways were very soft and probably should have been cart path only. 14 was CPO and 15 is normally a par 5 was shortened into a par four because the landing area was too muddy. Had to be careful when walking through the rough because grass was very tall and mostly very wet. Balls plugged a couple times. Greens were in very good shape with little divot damage. POP was over five hours. Love the layout but POP makes for a long day and hard to get into a rhythm.
Played Friday morning El Prado Butterfield on 1/11/19. Easy check in and right to the first tee, played as a single. Tee boxes are level and in good shape, getting to the fairways as a walker are little tricky. Quite a bit of mud and sand that you have to walk in. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Sand traps were pretty bad. More than one had grass growing in them and were compacted sand. Greens were the best part of the course. Smooth with little divot damage.
Last three holes came up on a group of frat boys playing 9 in their group. POP was a little over three hours so did not bother me too much
Little late with this review. Played The Journey on 1/9/19 with a morning tee time. Not much to add to the previous reviews. Course really makes think your way around the course. Handed out yardage books at the starter and along with the GPS really helped.
Really is the definition of a high end course.
Played in a family tourney on 12/30. Chamber of Commerce day. Service is top notch. Not much to add from the previous reviews as far as course conditions go. They set up an area behind the first tee for a post round reception which was perfect for all the little ones to run around.
Early morning tee time Tuesday at Glen Ivy. Check in and first tee well organized. More than a couple tee boxes were not level and pretty beat up. Fairways and rough were a little on the thin side, probably because it gets pretty cold out. Aprons around the greens were wet and muddy. Greens were lush and smooth, very few unfixed divots and rolled medium fast. Bunkers have a mixture of dirt, rocks and beach type sand in them.
Lake on 18 has water again. POP was a little over three hours since we were the second group out. Great layout and always a fun day at Glen Ivy.
Morning tee time at Eagle Glen. Check in and first tee were organized and smooth. Tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways were a little thin and the ball would really run out. Rough had good coverage. Traps had good sand and were well maintained. Greens were in excellent shape, they held quality shots and had very few unfixed divots. Greens were smooth and fast, had three three putt greens. Lots of subtle breaks and undulations in the green complexes.
Wind was about 15 mph and was enough to make club selection a little tricky. POP was a little over four hours. Good Seniors rates.
Morning tee time on Tuesday on Brookside #1. Check in and first tee were well organized. Course is very green and in good shape. Fairways and rough had good coverage and tee boxes were level and filled in. Bunkers were a little crusty and difficult to judge how much sand was under the ball. Greens were in very good shape with very few unfixed divots. Surfaces were smooth and medium fast. If you are above the hole or have a putt with any break really have to watch your speed (had my share of three putts).
Played as a fivesome in between two speedy foursomes which kept us on our toes trying to keep up. Too bad they use some of the fairways for parking for the Rose Bowl. POP was around 4.5 hours. Very nice area
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