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Early morning tee time out in front of the junior tournament. Check in was smooth and starter was very friendly. Course is very green and well taken care of. Some tee boxes not level and had to move around for a level spot. Fairways, rough and greens were lush and full. All greens had multiple unfixed ball marks tried to fix as many as possible without slowing down play. Greens were smooth and little on the slow side. Traps had good sand. Course is a little on the short side but is fun.
Played Sunday morning in a "tournament", bunch of old high school buddies catching up on things. Course was crowded but the staff kept things moving along. Tee boxes, fairways and rough had good coverage. Greens were holding shots well, were smooth with little divot damage. Traps were a little crusty and had an ok layer of sand on top. POP was close to six hours which our group contributed to by some slow play. Course is in very good shape.
Had an early morning tee time this morning. Course was busy and the guys behind the counter handled it with no problem. Played from the tips, which was a mistake, at 6800 yards made for a long day. Tee boxes were not level and had to hunt for a flat spot to hit from. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Traps are wet dirt. Greens were very soft and bumpy, a little on the slow side. POP was a little over four hours.
Early morning tee time today, check in was smooth and easy. Deep fog layer all day long which made club selection interesting. They have started punching the tee boxes so the markers were all over the place. Fairways, rough and sand traps were in good shape. Greens are still hard and they posted on their website that they would be aerating next week.
Played this morning taking advantage of the reduced rate due to course maintenance. Check in was quick and easy and headed to the first tee. Tee boxes were level and are healing nicely from recently being punched. Fairways had areas that were GUR and filing in nicely. Rough was up and a little over grown, maintenance guys were out trimming it down. Traps had good sand and were in good shape. Greens are healing nicely and should be ready in the next week.
Really enjoy the challenge of the course, you need to pick out landing areas and how far your ball will run out. Need to play here a couple times to figure out yardages. Very relaxing setting.
Played in a charity event on Monday morning 4/17, shotgun start scramble format. This is a top notch facility in customer service and the location of the course. Driving range was mats only and the putting green was on the small side with a putting contest going on, there are putting greens on the first tee but were under maintenance. Played the South from the blue markers and the course played tough.
Tee boxes were a little on the long side, Fairways were still dormant but had good coverage, rough is up a little and need to keep an eye on your ball because it settles down out of sight. Greens were very receptive and rolled true. Lots of subtle breaks and elevation changes on the green complexes. Club selection is tricky due to the change in wind direction and uphill and downhill shots.
Course would be a tough walk. Bring your camera because each hole has great views. POP was 5 1/2 hours due to the tournament.
Early morning tee time on Friday, paired up with two locals and an out of town guest from the Bay Area. Course is very green and held up to all the rain. Tees, fairways and rough have good coverage. Traps were well maintained with plenty of sand. Greens were smooth and quick with little divot damage. POP was right at four hours.
Really like this course and the great views. Very friendly staff.
Played Saturday afternoon with a 1pm tee time. Never played here and it was quite an adventure finding this place. Leave some time and patience to get on the base. Check in and first tee were very smooth. Tee boxes had good coverage and divot mix on each tee box. Fairways and rough had great coverage, traps had a good layer of sand. Greens were very firm and bumpy. Green complexes are big with different levels and breaks. Very few unfixed divots and a little on the slow side.
Really like the layout and feels wide open but hit it in the wrong spot and you can get blocked from the green from overhanging tree branches. Wind comes up in the afternoon and adds to the challenge.
Early morning tee time on Sunday. Check in was smooth and the course looks great. Forecast was for 20 mile an hour winds and we had no wind on the first hole, but when we got to the second hole the wind started up. Some of the tee boxes were not level and were a little chewed up, fairways and rough had good coverage with a couple holes being CPO. Greens were in very good condition with little divot damage and holding shots. Speed was a little on the slow side thank goodness because with the wind it would have made it a rough putting day. Couple bunkers were muddy and the couple I was in were on the crusty side. Staff was friendly and helpful.POP was a little over four hours. Lot of different lies even in the middle of the fairway.
They are running a 20 year promotion that gives two for one green fees. Really good deal.
Early morning tee time on Sunday. Tee boxes were a mixed bag with some with good coverage and some being unlevel. Fairways and rough were in near perfect condition. While not the courses fault the greens had many unfixed ball marks and the ones that were repaired were not repaired properly. The trap I was in had good sand, but saw a lot with puddles and wet sand. Customer service was great. Really like the layout and the wind makes you think your way around the course.
Got in an early round before the Rose Bowl game and played good ole Dad Miller. Place is looking a little rough around the edges. Tee boxes, rough and fairways had good coverage and have benefited from the recent rains. Traps looked like they are in good shape. Greens were very bumpy and slow, not much divot damage or unfixed divots. POP was less than four hours and course is always good for working on your game. You can book as a single on their website.
Played with a couple of young guys, both 94 years young who truly love the game and could still hit the ball and were a pleasure to share the day with.
Early morning tee time. First couple holes it was cold and then the sun came out and it was a Chamber of Commerce day. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage. Fairways were wet and had a couple balls plug, they are trying to grow the rough in some strategic spots. Greens are in near perfect condition. They were holding shots and were smooth and fast. The pin on #2 was brutal today, it was in the back left and has a small landing area to get it on the right level. Really need to think yourself around this course and the new carts and GPS really help out with course management. One of the first groups out and POP was four hours.
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