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This is one of the most impressive golf courses I have ever played. Craved out of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountain lay a masterpiece of a golf course that provided a fun place to play. Standing at the tee boxes, you will see a pretty intimidating holes with very little margin of error but in reality, the course is quite forgiving if you know where to aim and where you can miss and not be penalized. Luckily, we had a caddy that gave outstanding guidance to our group that saved us a lot of strokes. Made the afternoon such more enjoyable.

Everywhere you look, everything looks so perfect. Greens were immaculate and rolled so well. Hard to read the breaks and without guidance, would have been impossible to make the putts go in. Fairways were green and lush and lots of rolling hills and moguls that make it quite a challenge at times to find a flat lie. No divots that were not filled. Bunkers were ok.

Staff was excellent on all aspects. Check-in was easy and friendly. Proshop was a bit small but cozy. The main facility, including driving range and restaurant was another 5 min drive accessible only with the golf carts.

There is a nice half way house that served drinks and snacks. Bottled water was available in numerous locations.

After the round, we had some grub at the restaurant overlooking the course. Food was great and so was their service. What a day it was. Can't wait to go back.
Played on Sunday after the rain so conditions were not ideal. The course was soggy and lots of areas muddy and roped off. We were warned at the proshop beforehand so we appreciate the warning.

Greens were in decent condition. Surprising that it was firm and still rolled pretty decent speed.

Bunkers were decent but wet and sand heavy and packed.

Pace of play was pretty good due to a lot of people staying away due to the wet conditions. Finished under 4 hours with a start time of 9am on a Sunday.

Probably would wait a few days before playing and hoping no more rain :)
Named after the greatest king of the islands of Hawaii, King K is a Ted Robinson design course and is the only private regulation course in Maui. As such, it is a must to come out if you get a chance to go. They offer member for a day promotion so I was able to access their golf course.

Service was friendly. There were minimal staff due to my early arrival so I carried my bag to the staging area. Snack bar was still closed. Pro shop was very helpful and got me off and out the door in no time.

As expected, there was very minimal play during my visit and I was allowed to tee off before the regulars came in. I finished in a little over 2 hours in a relaxed pace. I can see the first group after me was like 6 holes behind so there was no hurry.

As for the course, I would consider this a mountain course with very little flat ground. As you drive your cart thru the fairway, it feels like you are 4wheeling. On hole 8, I thought I hit my drive on the middle of the fairway and could not find it when I reached my landing area. As I was ready drop another ball ready to concede lost ball, I noticed my drop ball roll to the right and sure enough my original ball rolled past the fairway due to terrain slope.

Course condition is great with lush growth everywhere you look. Fairways lush with full coverage. Lots of elevation changes and some pretty tight fairways. Way ward tee shots might end up in the adjacent fairways so you don't lose a lot of balls. Bunkers have decent amount of sand although the sand is of the heavier coarser type which I do not like.

Greens are firm and balls don't stop so make sure to keep that in mind when figuring where to land the ball. Smooth surface to putt which is also tricky as I missed a lot of 3 footers due to subtle breaks.

No GPS on carts but there are yardage markers at 50 yard increments on the course.
There is no water or trash can on course so make sure to bring enough supplies with you and make sure to store your trash in the bin on the cart.

There is a driving range and warm up area but was closed when I got there so I was not able to use to review them.

Overall a great experience and definitely recommend it.
Located less than a mile from the nearest beach, you can imagine how nice the view would be from the course. The property boast of 2 of the best courses in Maui. Unfortunately, the Gold was just aerated so didn't get a chance to play and review it.

The Emerald is the easier of the 2 being shorter but also tighter as per told by starter.

As previously reviewed by roarksown, it was a very nice course with pristine conditions. Everything was lush and green, service excellent. There is a bag drop and someone comes to pick up your clubs. Teebox, fairway in excellent condition. Bunkers with fine white sand. Greens were still healing from maintenance but very playable. Firm and semi-fast. Temps was in the mid 80s but the ocean breeze keeps the playing conditions comfortable.

There were a few blind shots but they have GPS on the carts to let you know if you need to wait. We started on the back 9 which was a bit of a let down since #1 is the perfect opening hole with great view to start the round. Petty detail but it throws the flow of the course in my opinion.

The $200 price tag might be a bit much but there are deals to be had if you look. There are also package deals that bring down the price tag per round to more reasonable range.

At the end of the round, they offer you a nice cold towel and cart you to your car.

Highly recommended.
ditto what Keith said. It was a fun day with fellow Gkers Keith and Lee. Definitely great folks to play with.

Overall course condition was better a few years back when I first played but still decent and playable. Course plays pretty tight for the most part. Best part was the greens. Receptive, smooth and immaculate. The maintenance seem to be watering them every few hours maybe due to the warm weather on Sunday but they were always doing it without interrupting play.

They had bottled water available on the range, on the course and the marshal offered free Gatorade. Carts have GPS and cooler filled with bottle water as well.

Despite having to wait on most holes, we finished a little over 4 hours which was great considering the course was quite busy.

Practice facility included limited distance all grass driving range, a couple of short game chipping area and 2 putting surfaces for practice.
What a difference a year made.

Greens still shows signs from maintenance so recommend another few weeks before coming. Certain putts would not hold the line even though the speed was actually acceptable. Lots of bare spots around the green so chipping is a challenge hitting off dirt instead of grass compared to perfect conditions last year when we last visited.

While the conditions are not ideal, I still enjoyed the course as I find the design quite fun (except hole18). Staff were all exceptional. Water available on every other hole and beverage cart was around a few times so was the marshal.

Grass range available for warm up and practice. They also have a full fledge golf academy onsite for lessons.

Finished in under 4 hours.
Mostly reserved for hotel guest and members, this is the only Fazio course in San Diego so when the opportunity came, we grabbed it and booked a tee time for last Sunday.

Passing thru the security and through the massive grand gate that guards the complex, we were in awe at the grandeur of luxurious living. We arrived at the golf club and the valet called for our golf bags to be picked up. We were directed to the proshop and went thru check-in. There was a mix up in the booking and we were told if we wanted to wait while they call for a forecaddie. We decided to just go play on our own, which I think we regret that decision after we hit the first green.

Anyway, we went to warm up at their practice facility. They had different types of apparatus and equipment to warm up and practice. The cart coolers also had some bottle water in them and water was also readily available if you needed more.
The driving range looked spectacular with bunkers and green complexes that looked like a real course. They had practice ProV1s as well as laser range finders for guest to use. There were 2 chipping areas with balls stacked in triangles ready to be deployed. After hitting a few balls, we headed to the 1st tee.

Over looking the generous green fairway, our round was on the way. Everything was spectacular to the sight. Tee box, fairway - everything was fresh and lush. Bunker were a bit lacking as the one I got in was thin and reminded us of the RBC Open 18th greenside bunker. Once on the green, we realized what we needed most... the caddie! Green complexes are so hard to read and what looked like a big break rolled straight and vice versa and this happened in more holes than one. No birdies to be had as putts were not falling at all. Greens were also a bit slower than what we prefer but i cant really blame the putting woes on that.

Course was well designed and none of the holes look anything like the preceding hole. It was a fun day despite the horrors of the putting. Pace was under 4 hours. We were told the tee sheet was packed but with the 10 min intervals, we hardly saw any other group on the course.

While I do find the cost to play a bit high, it is recommended to try at least once. Service was top notched all the way thru. Definitely recommend a forecaddie if you do go play. Will save you at least half a dozen strokes (maybe more).

We ended the round with nice cold towel handed to us by the cart staff. They also offered bottled water for our trip back home.

thank you for a fantastic experience.

ps. I usually purchase the yardage books when available and when I asked how much...the guy said I can have it for free! wowie!
Having watched a collegiate event here a few years ago, I've always dreamt of getting a chance to play here. Well, the day has come and my friends and I got our chance to do so.
Driving up the parking lot, the club is less opulent compared to some other exclusive clubs. There was no grand clubhouse that towers over the course. But what they had was a well maintained traditional golf course that was quite a thrill to play.

Course lay in a flat terrain out in San Gabriel which was quite walkable. We were assigned a caddie who was quite helpful in reading the greens, without his help, there was no way we can figure out the complexity of the greens. Surface was smooth and fast, no blemish whatsoever. Ball marks are fixed right away.

First tee was quite intimidating as it is a stone throw away from the proshop and clubhouse so you can imagine plenty of spectators when you are teeing off. Tee boxes were manicured and perfect. They also had a tarp laid out to protect certain sections of the tee box for an upcoming tournament they were having.

Most of the greens are protected by intricate set of bunkers as well as subtle breaks that will take some time to figure out. Bunkers are well stock with fine sand and raked properly each time as you hardly will know anyone was in there but believe me, those bunkers seen a lot of action.

Most of the holes are quite memorable but the most fun and challenging was 18, where your tee shot is hit from across the street with cars whizzing by. Talk about pressure and focus.

Other notables: Snack bar served up hotdogs that are unbelievable. they warm it up as you order them and service with a smile. They did have a driving range with limited distance of 190 yards. They do have limited flight balls available should you want to warm up with woods and driver. Carts are very comfortable. no gps.

Overall a fun, unique and unforgettable experience.
Second time out at Ram Hills and it never amazes me how gorgeous this place is.
We arrived early morning and there were already so many people on the course. Turns out there was an event going on.

Went to grab some breakfast items and was greeted by such a sweet lady who took really good care of us. Staff both from golf and food side was excellent. After breakfast, we checked in for our slot and was on time teeing off.

Knowing where to hit the ball and where to miss made such a big difference in playing this course. I was worried about the conditions as there was a big downpour early in the morning but looks like the course drains really well as there was no issues 2 hours after the rain stopped. At first I was thinking they will impose CPO but they did not and course was just perfect. Greens was medium fast and Smooth! bunkers were a bit wet but well stocked. Conditions overall was great. POP was about 4:35 due to the group event but with the view and the nice weather, can't really complain much. Saw 2 different marshals which was reassuring, bev cart once.

Maybe only point of improvement would be to build a regular restroom between 9 and 18. the portapotty on 12 just does not cut it for a course of this caliber.

After the round, we stayed to grab some lunch. Food was great, prices decent, service prompt. Lady from morning came by to say hi which was nice. Everyone had a great time here.

I really like this course and definitely will drive 3 hours to play here again. Such a fun place to play. See you next time.
this was the first leg of our Borrego trip. Given that this is a private track, we figure it would be a good stop for a weekend afternoon practice round before heading to Ram Hills.

Arrived early for our 1pm tee time. Course was pretty much empty after the members' morning round so we got to go off earlier than our slot. No GPS, no yardage books but the layout was pretty conventional course. There was a driving range and a practice green available for us to use but we just went straight to the first tee.

Not too much hazards to deal with so it was a comfortable round. there wasn't really a stand out hole either. Conditions pretty good. Lush fairways. Greens medium fast. Not much different from Keith's review a few years back. There were a few greens with a lot of unrepaired ball marks which is a bit surprising.

I would sum it up as a bland but well maintained course. Not the same level as Ram Hills but ok for a casual round.
I have to agree with dethman. conditions were decent and we actually enjoyed the course. Views are unbelievable and is the main point of going there. Nice breeze, nice course, nice company. Fun day. Greens in good condition although there were a few unrepaired ballmarks. Medium to medium fast greens and depending on location of holes, can be brutal. I think hole#2 where the hole was at the edge of a ridge where if your ball was above the hole, there is no chance for the ball to stay on the green. Bunkers well stocked, tee box in great shape, green lush and level.

What we didn't enjoy was the pace of 5 1/2 hours. That was just ridiculous if you are paying that much to play. I did notice some beginners who were at the range before us so I assume that was a hold up in play. I think they should marshall the course which I didn't see anyone doing. Saw the bev cart a few times.

Customer service was hit and miss depending on the person you are dealing with. It used to be everyone was spot on and eager to help. Not this time around. maybe a lack of training or guy just having a bad day. I just ignored and not let someone spoil my day.

After the round, we ate at one of the onsite restaurant and food was excellent and price was actually decent considering the location and the view.

Will I be back? heck yeah! hopefully this was just an anomaly due to the promotions PH has been sending out. It would be a shame if this has become the norm.
A few weeks before the event, my main concern was that it would be wet and cold. Game day and weather was perfect. Sunshine and cool air, perfect combo for a nice Fazio course...

As soon as we parked our car, our bags were picked from the parking lot (Awesome!). We felt spoiled already and we haven't stepped on the course yet. Service from everyone on the golf team was exceptional. Director of golf, Mike was on hand along with his lovely wife to great all the guests coming. It sure was a great welcome.

Proceeded to the driving range and they had proV1x practice balls with laser range tools. Impressive! Don't see this even at super high end courses. Nice practice green to boot.

On to the course. Standing on the first tee, you can see how gorgeous this place is. All green fairway (where else do you see this?), not a blemish in sight... except for those humongous bunkers (j/k) that my partner and I seem to be getting into so much. Must be a magnet for balls or something but my partner kept on going to be beach all day. The bunkers were well stocked, well raked and not a footprint in sight. Pretty much consistent though out the course. Excellent shape tee to green.

Upon finally reaching the greens, we witnessed the quickness first hand seeing a putt run pass the hole and back into the fairway. Funny to watch although probably not so funny if I was the one having to chip back to the green.

I liked the design and some of the short par4s with very tempting teaser distances. Be disciplined and you will be rewarded. Go crazy and you will see big numbers.

It was a really fun day of golf. And company was not too shabby as well. We had Keith, who I should try to learn more about how to play the course from, Lee -enjoyed his laidback humor and Robert who can sometimes bomb the ball to different locations we normally don't get to see on the course. Lots of laughs and certainly led to a more enjoyable round.

Pace of play was a decent 4 hour round. As expected when you have GKers playing, right? :) Plus having a fun group you don't really notice the time until when you reach the 18th green.

thanks Johnny for "twisting" my arm to play this exceptional course. and for the staff at Ram Hills for taking care of our group.

And finally, at the end of the day, went to the proshop and got myself a VIP card. Planning my next outing here soon.
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