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Aerated the practice green recently.

Course is in decent playing condition. Not as visually appealing as a month after the last GK plays but still very playable.

Greens are firm but slower than usual.

Customer service great as usual. Bev cart went around a few times.

LaCosta had the golfboards now available and those who did use them seem to be really happy with them.
Weekend round for the junior championships. Greens are better than when we came beginning of the week.

Still lots of bare spots on teeing ground.

For the price and the view, it is not a bad spot to go play. Will be back soon.
Played here in preparation with my son's junior championship. While we enjoyed playing here, conditions are less than ideal.

Tee boxes are bare and no grass coverage. And greens look weird with some other plant growth all over. Bunkers could use more sand in them as well.

POP was decent except for the bottleneck on #6.

Fun to play as all the holes vary in looks and design. Just dont expect prestine conditions on the course.

Side note. Dont go this weekend as they have city junior championships so the place will be packed.
After the last GK event, we had to go back. Weather was very nice (mid 70s) and just perfect day for golf.

As usual, staff was outstanding in taking care of us. Bags were taken from our vehicle and promptly loaded to our golf carts.

Teed off on time. Course was packed due to the Legends being closed for over seeding. Still, the pace was decent at 4 1/2 hours. Saw the bev cart a few times.

Conditions were a bit better than last outing. Greens were medium fast and decent roll. Certainly less damage than last time. Still had some unrepaired ball marks but not as many as last time. Fairways were much greener and lush. Rough were a bit more penal also. Some areas on the the fairways were over watered and quite saturated.

We totally enjoyed the layout and had a great time. Definitely a 'must play' course and will certainly return.
It was a fun day indeed. Thanks Johnny.

Agree with a lot of the reviews.

A lot of the greens have too many potholes and it is something not expected from a highly regarded course such as La Costa. While receptive and still fun to roll, it is quite annoying to see that much damage to the nice green complex.

Fairway is lush and quite enjoyable to hit from.

Bunkers were a hit or miss. Was in some with lots of sand to blast out of, and then there were also some with absolutely nothing and it is like hitting from a hard pan. This was such a disappointment given the reputation of this course.

Enjoyed the layout and quite fun to play.

Customer service was excellent. And despite the large number of golfers, staff handled it professionally. Beverage carts rolled thru a few times. Drinks were quite expensive ($4 for gatorade). Plenty of water stations and halfway house also provided some relief from the heat with beverage and ice.

Carts have a nice GPS. Could have used a cooler though.

Pace was pretty good for a shotgun and not having to wait too much. Finished in about 4 1/2.

Certainly, worthy course to play when in the area as long as you can get a discount from the regular rate.
played last Sunday in a warm 105 degree weather with no breeze.

Check-in was smooth and easy. using Underpar deal for $40 per person. We headed to the driving range and hit some balls while we waited to be called. Place was full but the members kept a good pace and we did not have to wait on any hole. Finish under 4 hours for our 4some.

Conditions on the course was good. Good coverage on fairways. Greens were a bit slower. Lots of shuttle breaks and hard to pinpoint most of them. Bunkers well stocked and easy to get out.

Halfway house was closed but they did leave a water jug and restrooms available to use. I think they were understaffed and probably cut back on personnel so there was no marshalls nor beverage cart either.

Course had some interesting holes. Pretty easy to walk as a few members were seen walking but with the heat, we welcomed the carts. No GPS on the carts but they have yardage markers along the fairway.

Fun course and will try to return in cooler weather.
Played on a weekday afternoon and the place was packed. Granted it is located in a area where there were at least 4 hotels within a 5 minute drive, it was not a surprise to see so many people here.

Check in was smooth and easy. Proshop was well stocked.

Starter set us up with small bucket of range balls. Driving range mats only, practice green. Snack bar. CArts come with GPS and quite comfortable ride. Plus they gave some Ko Olina swag including a plastic water cup.

Afternoon winds were a factor in playing. Was told early morning is more calm. Teeing ground was lush and so was the fairways. Bunkers had no sand at all which was a bummer considering this is a top course to play and ranked one of the best in Oahu.
Greens seems to have had some minor maintenance done but did not affect the roll although a bit slower than what I would expect.

Pace was moving but had to wait on every shot. We did not mind as the course was really beautiful to look at. There were some holes that ran parallel to roads and can be a distraction at times.

Overall, we had fun playing and will return when we get a chance.
Went to play un-'Friendly Hills' last week. :)

Overall condition of the course is really good. Tee to green is lush and great. Greens were slow as the course is protecting it from the heat and therefore they are not mowed as much as they normally would.

Local knowledge is a must to play well. Our host pointed out a few items that normally would be unnoticed and would have caused havoc on our shots had we not known. The course did not play as tough as it normally does due to the slower greens. The greens did provide a decent roll and had only a few putts that should have gone in but didn't.

Kikuyu grass is a tough place to hit from and certainly added to the difficulty when missing fairways and greens.

Teed off early morning so no issues with POP. No one in front. There was a single who was behind us but circled back and we didn't get a chance to let him play through.

Certainly hope to go back with normal conditions and when greens will be more of a challenge.
I'm glad this course is on the GK list. As mentioned, newly renovated 9 hole course. Much, much better condition and definitely kid friendly as this a designated junior golf site for SCGA.

Chaperoned at one of the junior events and greens are immaculate (hope they stay that way). Greens are smooth and rolled really nice. Soft enough to leave ball marks and did see a few unrepaired ones.

Course is short and ranging from 50 y to 100 y.

Driving range with mats to warm up and practice.

Recommended for short game practice and junior golfers.
Was at a junior event on Saturday.

Be advised that part of the greens are sanded. Flag is placed on the good side with greens rolling quite nicely. Greens pretty soft and receptive.

Course conditions are not so nice though with fairways having bare spots. Also, there's a lot of overhead electric cables passing thru the course.

Staff was friendly and they also seem to have a nice dining area. Website can be deceiving though as it says 9 holes of magnificent golf... not really in my opinion.

They have a decent practice area with lots of stalls (mat), a chipping area and practice green.
It was a damp foggy morning with a slight drizzle in July. 54 degrees.

Driving range and practice facility is off the premise. Only a large putting green onsite for your preparation to play here.

No GPS in carts. Yardage books available for purchase. For 1st timer, definitely suggest to get a caddie. Cart paths only as usual. As they always joke, if you want to walk Pebble beach, get a golf cart!

As we got to the first tee, we were given the lay of the land, pin placement, pace of play, etc. and off we go. Greens in good condition despite being having minor maintenance done a week prior to our play. Except for being a little bit slower than i can remember, it was hardly noticeable. Also, listen to your caddie. Dont trust your eyes on the putting surface as what looks like an uphill putt could very well run past the holes and then some.

Fairways lush and very green all through out the course and definitely much better condition compared to Spanish Bay.

Bunkers are well stocked and depending on which one you enter, it might be an ordeal to get out. Some of the bunkers even have steps just to get in and out.

Pace of play was affected by group in front as we were waiting on every hole. Finished in a little over 4:30 which is what is acceptable for PB. No bev cart seen and there was a snack bar on the 10th hole.

As you complete your round walking the 18th hole, you can picture in your mind the different settings you have seen on history books and the golf channel. And with your family waiting at the 18th green... it was quite an experience. Fun and memorable day at PB and definitely will be planning for a return trip.
Played last weekend. Upon checking in, proshop notified us there were a few holes that had construction going on. Not sure why they did not mention when we booked the tee time nor that conditions are less than ideal.

Tee box and greens were ok. Greens are slower than what i would expect and i usually enjoy faster greens when possible. Fairways had a lot of bare spots and dirt showing. Lot of patches where there is no turf at all. Quite disappointed in the condition to be honest. And the course was cart paths only... hmmmm..

Staff was great. Left our bags at the drop. Parking lot right across the bag drop. Our clubs were promptly brought to the staging area and loaded to our carts. There is no driving range, only a chipping and putting area for practice/warm up.

Carts have no GPS and yardage books are available for purchase. Bev cart are not available til 9am so make sure to load up supplies if you have an early tee time.

Keep the ball in the fairways as the rough were deep, thick and punishing.

Most of the holes run thru the coastline with amazing views from most areas. Still, i feel lacking in enjoyment from the condition of the course. Good thing we saved the best for the following day.

At the end of the round, drop by Sticks where you can enjoy the views and the food.

Hope they give this course some TLC as it can be an enjoyable course if well taken cared of.
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