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One of my favorite tracks in the OC and the GK coupon made it affordable. Thanks to the recent rain, grass is great on the tee boxes and fairways. No complaints there. The rough was fair. It was inconsistent with good amounts of thin and balding areas. They could be in better shape. The bunkers were also inconsistent. Unfortunately, I found many during my round. On the nice ones, they were fluffy and filled with plenty of fine white sand. However, there were a few (green side) I was in that were thin and hard. The greens need another week or 2 to recover from recent aeration. Punch holes were clearly visible and delicate downhill putts were definitely affected.

Overall, a pleasant round (just under 4h pace with some waiting on the group in front of us) at a great track.
Course is in great shape right now. Go play!

Went out as the first group on Monday and got done before the wind picked up. Well under 3 hours. Tee boxes were flat and lush. Fairways were fantastic. Green, lush, and no thin spots. Bunkers were a little on the firm side, but very playable and consistent throughout the course. Green were very very nice. Med/fast pace, consistent, no divots, and rolled true. The hills have plenty of yellow flowers blooming thanks to the recent rain and the course is just beautiful right now. Do yourself a favor and get out there.

This is becoming my favorite course in the IE. The track is on the same caliber as Oak Quarry at a much lower rate. Current condition rivals Goose Creek but not nearly as busy. I'm heading out there again soon.
Decided to play here for twilight (12:30pm) on a weekday recently. Pace was deplorable even for twilight. 3hours to play 9 holes.

Tee boxes were fine, some thin and some thick, not very consistent, but mostly level. Fairways had brown spots galore but it was still playable. Rough areas were cut very short but had random growth spots here and there. Bunkers were consistent and had plenty of sand. Lots of foot prints though. The greens were not good. On the slow side for this course and very bumpy. It felt like they haven't cut/rolled it for a while.

Overall, the condition wasn't on par with this premier course and the rate they charge. I've played it in much better shape than this. That along with the ridiculous PoP was a huge disappointment.
Played 2/18. The course has finally recovered from the heavy rain from a couple of weeks ago. The back 9 was closed at one point due to mud slide on the 16th hole. This course does NOT drain well. It was a mess after the rain. Better now.

The course is really 2 different courses. Front and back doesn't look anything alike and are completely separated from each other.

Tee boxes were a bit thin but wasn't much of an issue. Fairways were still soft from all the rain, but at least it was no longer cart-path-only. Tee shots would NOT roll. Green were medium speed and super receptive. Not surprised. It did rolled true for being so soft. Bunkers had plenty of sand and was consistent throughout the course.

If you don't mind the trailer pro shop and the lack of a driving range, this course is a gem. Good rate and never very busy. Will be back.
Extremely tough course for people who aren't familiar with the track. Even if you're familiar with the layout, you'll still need to be quite accurate off the tee due to a lot of sloping fairways. Many multi-tiered greens, so if you're well off on the wrong level, 3-putting might be in store.

Tee boxes were level and lush. No issue finding a good spot on the par3 holes. Fairways were mostly green, but there were numerous thin and brown spots even with the recent rain. Bunkers were great, lots of sand and consistent throughout the course. Greens were firm and medium-fast. Still quite receptive for wedge and iron shots.

Lots of good deals out there for this course. Be prepare to be frustrated for the first couple of outings. After a few trips for me, I'm really starting to enjoy it.
Played on Saturday 8/19 knowing that the greens were recently punched. They were not too bad. Bumpy with some sand, but playable. Tee boxes were fine. No issue finding a clean spot to tee off. Fairways had a few brown spots, but didn't experience any thin spots. Rough areas were good and well kept. Lot of sand in the bunkers and they were consistent throughout the course. Wish people would rake after their shots though.

Second time playing this course after a long time, so it was like a new course to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fairways were tight and the holes didn't have a lot of separations, but I was having a great driving day, so it didn't bother me. Service in the pro shop was professional and timely. Saw the cart girl at least 3 times. Overall a great experience and would recommend.
Didn't see any recent reviews before heading out there, so I was SHOCKED at the horrible playing condition. I'm not sure what is going on here. Tee boxes were decent, with bad damage on a few par3s. Didn't have a problem finding a good lie to tee off though. The fairways were in horrendous shape for a championship level course. Worst I've seen. Tons of bald spots, inconsistent thickness, and ground under repair areas galore. The same problems extend to the rough area. Balding and bad consistency all around the greens as well. The greens were decent. A few still showed recent aeration and were a bit bumpy. It was on the slow side for this course. Bunkers were also decent, with just a few that needed more sand.

I still had a great time. I love the course layout and design. Lots of bunkers and lakes make the course extremely beautiful and I don't mind the challenge. Target your tee shots well or you might end up with the ball below or above your stance.
The Bebe is not in good shape right now. It's no better than a local muni and far from its prime. Tee boxes were unleveled and heavily damaged, especially on Par3s. Fairways were poor, with dry areas and damages galore. Much worse than my local muni (Santa Anita). Rough areas were also not taken care of and had many bald spots. The greens were good. Average in speeds, rolled true, but had some large damaged areas on a few of the holes. Pin placements were set up far from the bad spots. Only got into a bunker once and it had good sand.

With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed the round. Bebe has a great fun layout. While shorter than the Ike, it challenges you with tight tee boxes and fairways. Some say that the course is suffering because of it's $69 weekend rate special drawing more play. I don't buy that. A ton of other courses are busy and they still are able to maintain a good course condition.
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This is as close to immaculate condition as it gets folks. Great track, services, and condition is prime. Go play!

Tee boxes were level and nicely cut. There were divots from previous players of the same day, but that's normal. Fairways were nicely cut, lush, and consistent everywhere. Rough was again nicely mowed, consistent, and just absolutely beautiful. Greens were undamaged, rolled true, and just above average in speed. Bunkers had plenty of sand, which is amazing for an inland course that gets quite windy, and was consistent throughout the course.

Custom service was great from check-in, starter, to the cart girl. We had an early morning tee time and finished in just over 4 hours in a relaxing pace. I believe this was the best condition I've played outside of Pebble.
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First time playing my favorite local (<1 hour) track this year. Tee boxes were lush and in good shape. Could have been cut a bit shorter. Fairways were in great shape as usual. Some felt like carpet. Greens showed no sign of aeration from a few weeks ago, but were a little bumpy for Oak Quarry standard. Bunkers could use a LOT more sand, which is their usual problem. But at least they were consistent through the course and playable for the most part. Weather was perfect and only had light wind. Pace of play was great for a Sunday afternoon at just slightly over 4 hours. Customer service was top notch, and the California Club from the restaurant was fantastic! :)
Got on at 3pm for super twilight and finished 18 in just over 3 hours. Customer service from the staff was superb as usual. The tee boxes needed a cut bad! It was 2-3 inches thick off almost every tee. Fairways were decent for the most part with random damage and GIR here and there. Bunkers had good sand and consistent throughout the course, but foot prints galore. The greens were pretty hard, but still on the slow side. I've NEVER seen a course with more unfixed divot marks on the greens. I counted 30+ on the #2 putting surface. No joke. That's the type of players Alhambra gets. Overall, a very enjoyable round.
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Played 2/15 with a 9:25 tee time. Course was pretty busy. We were on the tail of the 3some in front of us and the round took 5 hours on the dot. Felt sorry for the 2some behind us.

Course condition is fair. Biggest downside were the greens. They were rolling at medium speed but were very bumpy, which really bothered me. Tee boxes were level and had moderate damage. They weren't pretty, but there was always grass to hit off of at the par3s. Fairways were mostly lush with some brown areas that were thin but not hard pan. Bunkers were consistent throughout the course but the green side traps could use more sand.
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