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Played out at Coyote Hills today. Teeing it up at 8:30 trying to beat the heat today and for the rest of the week. Have always stayed away from this course based on feedback the it was a target golf and quite tight. Wow found those reports to be wrong for the most part. I only found 3 holes to be what I consider tight. Most of the course gives you plenty of landing area options for the type of drive you are looking to play.
Some nice elevation changes though out the course. Plenty of good views somewhat clouded today by the smoke plum from the Big Bear fire. Course is in good condition, some dry spots and GUR but for the most part lush. Rough can be somewhat penal in nature here, going from thick dense lies to shaggy jumpers.
Found a few bunkers by accident and a few others by choice, dropping the ball in for comparison results. Sand was almost perfect for my liking. Fluffy with good coverage providing a consistent play ability for all shots. Greens were soft and held shots well, yet released shots at a uniform rate if played correctly. I did note that several of the greens had ball marks left not repaired. For me it seemed to be a higher number than one would expect at this type of price range.
Pace of play was great coming in at just over 4 hrs. Staff is helpful and courteous, good food a great hot dog and good food shack at the turn.
Played in a GK GURU here on Monday. Course is in excellent condition. Arrived to a temp of 36 degrees, but no frost delay. Greens were in excellent condition. Running medium to fast and held well struck shots well. I did notice a few ball marks that were left unattended or repaired poorly. Some minor Koot damage on a few greens as well but it was marked and line of site was granted.
Fairways were lush and without any problems that i noticed. Rough is lush and approx 2-4 inches. Do not stray any further than that as the native grass takes over and its a lost ball almost certainly.
I enjoy playing from the sand so I kept a close eye on the bunkers. Most had very good sand although wet and making blast shot nearly impossible.
The property sits on a beautiful rolling terrain with a few forced carries. Nothing that cannot be manage however as they other distances that most would find playable. On this day I played the combo tees that run out to just over 6300 yards. It was well worth the time 3.5 hours for me to get there from Brea but i will surely return for another go at this one.
Out in AZ for my annual News Years weekend golf trip. Buddies from the area recommended that we play the newly redesigned course.
It was taken into work by Tom Lehman course designs. The setting is serene,with terrific views of nearby mountains, and several deer and possibly I guess a few wild deer.

The course is still raw and in developement, but the outcome of the hopeful design is shown through photos on various holes. Fairways on most holes are in great condition, a few may need more attention. The long term plan here is to go private, and considering the high aspirations of the course I can see that happening. There isn't a boring hole on the course. Many provide great angles to approach the green, with strategically placed washes that force concentration in every shot. Shorter hitters can comfortably get around the course, and longer hitters can keep the driver in the bag if they choose this approach. Th greens are in great shape, with challengs pres noted by shelving, and undulations that make every putt interesting. Bunkering is fabulous both in the fairways and especially near the green, several requiring high soft shots to exit.
Practice area is well removed from the playing area so range balls in or near the fairways does not exist. I say practice area because it is one of the nicest I've seen. Staff is extremely friendly and top notch. The club house is still under construction so your currently looking basically at a small apartment in size. Furture designs show a Marvolous 30,000 square foot gem.
It's well worth the drive and price, at 80.00 dollars on this day. North and East of Scottsdale, but an easy drive.
Played in the last GK Event today at Rams here. Playing partners today Al wow is a show of consistency, playing along with John and Sal who are both young 30 something BOMBERS, that really it a hurting on the ball.
Now for the course. I've come out here now 12 times over the last 4 years. It remains the same. Not a blad of grass out of place. You'll be reading many superlatives about this course in the coming days so just know that I agree with you very thing said. Having said that, I did find a 8 inch square of dirt on the way back f I'm the 12th tee just before re the gravel began. If you missed ss d this outing so sorry for you.
Had the chance to play this course today on a mem for a day outing. Staff is friendly and helpful. Practice range was closed for mowing but pro-shop guy called head of facilities management and they agreed to open the range for 1 hour to accommodate the 20 or so people that had signed up.

Conditions were quite good considering the course received 1.5 inches of rain in the last two days. Tee boxes were flat and moved closely. Fairways are well marked with yardage indicators, defined very well by the cut. Lush with good hitting conditions. Some minor areas of GUR but nothing that came into play from the tee for average or above average distance. Rough was painful very fluffy Kikuyu grass combined with the previous mentioned moisture made distance control difficult. Rough was on average 3 inches deep.
Greens were immaculately maintained, held shots well and lighting quick. Several required 10-12 inches of break. Greens also contain several barely visible ridges and spines that influence putts dramaticly. Although bunkers are well maintained with a variety of long slopping fronts and quick raising, steep faces, I found the sand coverage to be slightly lacking in depth maybe 2-3 inches in most green side and slightly less in fairway.
Overall it's a nice course. A bit far for me from Northern OC so going back for that reason would be a challenge when 65.00 bucks can get several IE courses.
Played Rancho Solano on 10/19 as the second round in A GK Guru outing. Course presents some nice elevation changes. Conditions were lush in the fairways but tees were recently punched and sanded yet still provided sound locations to tee the ball up. Rough was 2-3 inches with good coverage and provided some thought in recovery. Bunkers were good with quality sand. Greens here are the highlight of the course. Large does not do them justice, maybe huge, enormous, are better discriptions here. Running medium in speed our group did manage to avoid the dreaded 4 putt. Did notice several greens with unrepaired ball marks. Customer service was good. Definitely a play when in the area.
Played Paradise Valley on 10/19/16 as part of a GK Guru Deal. Course is nicely maintained and lush. Early morning 7:40 tee time so plenty of dew on the ground early. Fairways are rather wide so hitting them should not be a problem, not a gimmie but fair. Rough was probably 2-3 inches and thick, causing some difficulty in recovery shots. Bunker coverage was good around the green. Found a few fairway bunkers and my first thought was possibly just a bit much sand in hen I like to see. Greens were good. Medium speed and held most shots well.
Customer service was outstanding, friendly knowledgeable and willing to help with all your needs. Fun course to play and definitely worth the price, recommend playing if you have the chance.
Played the course on 10/18/16 as part of a GK Guru event. Temps were pleasant with little wind. Mike from the club treated us like royality, even joining our group for several holes to class she out the round. Top notch club. Range was moved up in distance on this day so max 245 carry on the day.
Fairways were as lush as you could ever ask for. Possibly a tad damp from early large amounts of rain over the weekend but played terrific. Rough was lush, thick and penal if you stayed, which I did several times. Coverage was full and 2-4 inches. Bunkers were terrific. Pebble Beach White Sand, fluffy and great depth with solid base. Tee boxes in top notch form and level with little to no divot damage noted. Greens here were a 10. Held shots well, med/fast with little to know ball marks noted Terrific scenery and a real tranquil feel, a must play if in the area.
Haven't played this course in several years as my last experience here was rather a major disappointment. Offered a free round from one of my buddies on Sunday morning so jumped at the chance. Things here at this course are DEPLORABLE!!!!

Fairways were a mix of dead green, burnt, tight lies that included many bare areas, or ground cover weeds, and hard as CEMENT. Rough, bare or overgrown weeds was the normal to find. If you do come across grass its crisp and contains the previously mentioned ground cover weeds that seem to go on forever.
Bunkers in theory only because of the look and non-playable rock hard, little to no sand and fairly large pebbles that resemble half in inch rocks.
Greens, forget it, rough, bouncy dry, dead in several areas not just on the fringe. Made our own rule to move the ball for a clear line after the first couple of holes. Finally, customer service was eager to take your money without a mention or warning about the poor conditions.
Never thought i would be happy to see a course go but in my opinion this is a good choice. Don't waste your time or money here.
Played the course today. Crystal clear morning with temps in the high 60s. Course is more than just straight forward. Many tee shots are tricky if you haven't played hear. Working the ball left or right is a good way to navigate here. They supply a reasonable yardage book for free to first time players, but even with that it's somewhat of a guess on several holes because of blind tee shots or second shots.

Customer service was outstanding, helpful, and courtigous. Driving range was adaqute, although somewhat dry and incorrectly marked. Also they are in desperate need of a line rotation outside of where they currently place the ropes. Most of the current locations and previous locations are severely chewed up.

Course conditions are better than expected. Fairly lush in most locations, although some areas are dry with little grass suitable proper lies, these areas are generally brown and present very tight lies. Rough is a mixed bag. Within the sprinkler range it's quite good 2-4 inches with nested lies. However move outside of these areas and you receive a bag of mixed appearences dry, clumpy, bare, or over grown.
Greens were in good shape overall. Medium speed, rewarding well stuck shots. Not bad on unrepaired ball marks. Greens do show some roughness or bare areas around fringes. Not sure how the greens normally break here, but today what your eyes were reading seemed to be miles off for our entire foursome, with inconsistency from front and back nine. Bunkers, probably the worst part of this course. You get that heavy brown sand, with some bunkers quite thick, while others were rock hard even with sand. Most green side bunkers here are fairly deep faced, so it's not a gimme getting out and saving par.
Overall course is interesting and would have no problems returning.
CASCATA - Where does one begin in adding to the reviews of such a tremendous club. Everything here from the opening of the private gate to the time you leave is superior to any course I've played, and that includes heavy weights in OR, BC, WA, CA, AL. Special thanks to Mike our caddy for his great reads on some very slick and tricky greens. Nothing bad here to even think of picking at in my thoughts about the course.
Grizzly Ranch, really WOW!!!
The course was in excellent shape, fairways were clean and immaculate, very few if ant unprepared divots. Some course are really damag d because of this but not here. Golfing is hard, spent several minutes on each hole looking around at fabulous scenery taking in the views, especially looking up the fairways to the tees.
Greens were rolling medium to fast, undulating but in no means to an unfair advantage. Being able to read greens would definitely help you here, or taking in the advice of willing staff members. The layout here is tough but it is fair, maybe a bit tight if your a left or right side off the tee. Holes hold a very interesting take on you with each one bringing something different.
Practice facilities are top of the line, no annoying mats here.
Staff was friendly and courteous as well as the club pro who gives you some great advice. Lucky to play with a few members because course knowledge here really helps, especially with carry yardages. Definitely a most play on any golfers list, would enjoy playing this track again with a few gkers. Maybe a guru type outing Johnny?
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