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Played twilight on July 30 on a hot sunny afternoon. POP was around 4 hours to play 18. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. It was rather quiet. We kept up and we didn't have to wait on any tee.

Course conditions were in great shape. The fairways were well covered and quite green and lush. The tee boxes were in good shape. The rough were deep in spots and bare in other spots. Had a few shots on bare ground off the fairway. The greens were in good shape rolling about medium. The only issue we had on the greens were unrepaired ball marks. The sand in the bunkers were decent.

Some holes on this course can be a little tricky with various mounds rolling through the fairways. Still can't figure out how to play the 18th hole. There's some serious mounds or hills rolling in the middle of the 18th fairway. I'm keep on hearing about the buried VWs or railroad cars on the 18th hole. It's a fun course to play.

There's no GPS in the carts. There can be noise from the ambulances that are going to the nearby hospital on the front nine.
Played today with a tee time before 12 noon. Got one of deal from . POP was around 4 1/2 hours to play 18. It got a little slow on the back 9 when all the groups in front of us got caught up as they were letting groups out before their scheduled tee times. Par 3s on the back nine was a little backed up.

Course conditions are the best I've seen for this time of year. The tee boxes had good coverage. The fairways had excellent coverage from tee to green. Fairways were fairly green. The only bare spots on the fairways were divots that were not filled in with sand. I did notice that some of the fairways on the back 9 were punched but it did not interfere with play. Rough can be a little tough. I did encounter some spots on the fairways that were a little mushy. We were told if you ball landed in nature areas that you need to pick the ball up, take a penalty shot and drop outside the nature area. Plus there were signs in the nature areas that no carts were allowed in this area.

Landed in a couple of bunkers. Bunkers were mostly dirt. Couldn't play out of sand like you normally would. Greens were in great shape. I did notice that some of the greens were a little soft as my soft spikes were leaving marks on the greens. Putts on the greens were rolling a little fast.

Love the layout of this course. This is kind of a links style course. Fairways were fairly wide. You just need to keep your shots on the fairways. There is water on this course but it was mostly off to the side and hidden behind tall weeks. There is a driving range here and a chipping and putting areas. I just didn't like that both the bathroom and clubhouse are in a couple big mobile home trailers. Carts don't have GPS in it. You need to bring your own to help you determine yardage to the greens. This is not an easy course to play.
Played today on 5/14, mother's day with a mid-morning tee time. It was very quiet today. Found out after I made my tee time that the greens were aerated about 5 days ago. Probably another reason why it wasn't that busy here. POP was around 2 hours to play 9. We hardly had to wait while we played.

The fairways and rough were fairly lush. There were some yellow spots here and there but you can still play. Tee boxes were well covered. As I had mentioned earlier, the greens were recently punched. Greens were very sandy with rather large punch holes. Probably should wait a few more weeks for the greens to recover. I noticed with all the sand on the greens that it made for a rather slow and bumpy putts. Oh well, it was just a nice day to be out playing and not a good day to putt.
Played on 4/29 as one of the sold spots in shotgun tournament. POP was not good. It took us about 6 hours to play. We were on the 18th hole and had to wait about 1/2 hour for the helicopter drop for their tournament. Will remember next time not to play when a shotgun tournament happens.

As far as course conditions, Elkins has one of the best course conditions I've seen for this time of year. The fairways were so green and there was good grass coverage on fairway. The greens were in excellent condition. Sand was also good here. Like playing here with the variety of layouts here. Water comes into play on 4 or 5 holes here. They're known for the elevated tee box on 17th hole where you hit down to the fairway below.

I don't care for the driving range here as you hit into a hill. Great bar and grill here. Like their burgers here. Will come back here again when there is no tournament play that day.
Played on Sunday April 23 with a tee time around 9 am. It took us around 3 1/2 hours to play 18.

Noticed while practicing on the putting green that it was punched. A lot of greens were punched on the course -- not all. But those that were punched, made your balls roll a little slower. The punched holes were very big and had a lot of sand. Felt like putting in a sand box on some holes. The fairways had a lot of bare spots. Not fun hitting off dirt patch. The lies were getting a little thin on the fairways. A lot of the tee boxes were not level. Love the views on some of the holes on the back 9.

Like playing here to practice your short game. The par 4 holes are not that long.
Played on valentine's day 2/14 with a tee time around 11 am. POP was around 5 hours. Being a weekday, we thought it would play a little faster. It was mostly twosomes and threesomes today. But we had to wait on every hole.

Course conditions were very nice. Course was not muddy at all. It has been a few days since it last rained. Tee boxes had good coverage. Fairways had very good coverage too. There were some bare spots here and there on the fairways but the fairways were fairly green. The bunkers were nice too. The sand was nice and fluffy. The greens were in great shape. Greens were running a little fast.

Water does come into play on a few holes. Some of the water is off to side either on the left or right side of the fairway. There are a couple of holes where you need to carry water. On hole #14 you need to lay up on your tee shot to be short of the water. Then on your next shot, you hit over the water to the green. I find that a lot of players on hole #14 tend to hit their 2nd shot either to the right or left of 14th fairway. So therefore these players are playing on either hole #11 and hole #15 fairways. Not good if you're playing these holes and you have to wait for these players to get off your fairway. The 16th hole is the other hole where you need to carry water. It's a par 3 hole with a feel of island green in front. Course is not flat but it's a fun and challenging course to play.

It's a nice course to play. Driving range here is hitting in a net maybe around 100 yards. More of a warm up area on the driving range. There is a chipping area next to the driving range. There's a nice restaurant and bar here. Will be back again.
Played today, 1/16 with a tee time around 9 am. POP around 5 hours to play 18. We had to wait on every hole to hit. It was very busy today being a holiday. But 5 hours to play 18 is about average POP for Wilson.

Course conditions today was the worse that I have ever seen. I would say course conditions are no more than a 4. You can still play here. It's winter conditions on the golf course here. Granted this is a city golf course and not a private golf course, so this course does take a beating.

I played the yellow tees today and the teeing area was ok. Tee boxes for the yellow had good coverage. I saw most groups were playing from the blues. Can't comment about the blues teeing area up close but it looked like coverage was ok.

Fairways had ok coverage from tee to green. Tho' there were lots of bare dirt patches (and mounds of dirt) on almost every fairway and mud trails from carts driving through the mud on the fairways. A lot of fairway lies were thin but I saw a lot of new growth from the recent rains we had. There were lots of areas roped off to steer you away from these mud patches on the fairways. You can still play and hit from the fairways. Fairways were very bumpy. Rough was deep in spots, muddy in other spots. It was very bumpy driving over the rough. Sand was just so so. I never did like the sand here.

Greens were in good condition. Balls were rolling about average. Not too fast and not too slow. Saw a lot of un-repaired ball marks but that's not the course's fault. I did notice that balls did bounce a little bit on the greens.

Don't care too much for the driving range. It's in bad condition but you're mostly here just to warm up here anyways on the driving range. Food is decent in the clubhouse. I like playing here once in a while. Will probably hold off playing here again until the spring.
Played on Friday 1/13 with a tee time before 10 am. POP was around 4 hours to play 18. Had to wait a little bit on the first few holes on the front nine and then POP picked up.

Played the day after the rainstorm. Therefore the entire course was very wet and muddy. The water on hole number 2 was a little larger than it normally was. Start of water was about 20 yards closer than it normally is. They were pumping out the water around the lake on hole 2. A lot of the course was roped off to steer you around all the mud on the course.

The tee boxes were in terrible shape. It has taken a beating. It was hard to find a spot on the tee boxes that was not a divot or muddy. Fairways were in winter/dormant stage. There was new growth due to the rains but there were lots of dirt/bare patches. Fairways were thin in spots. Fairways were very wet and muddy in spots too. Sand was nice. Tho' being the day after the rains, there were pools of water in a lot of the bunkers. Greens were fairly nice for this time of year. There were lots of balls marks on the greens. With the greens being wet, balls tend to roll a little slow. Course should be fine in a few days.

There were several holes where they moved the tees up such as holes #13 and #15. Was surprised that the front tee on hole #1 was on a mat. All the other tees were on grass. Like playing here to work on your short game. Great rates to play here. Very flat course so you can walk 18 here.
Played on Sunday 12/18/16 as walk on around 12 noon. Saw on social media and in the newspaper that Verdugo was closing December 31, 2016 for proposed housing development. We wanted to play here one last time. I assumed it is now closed, since when I drove by at night last week, none of the night lights were on as it normally is for night golf.

Liked playing here to work on my short game as this was an 18 hole par 3 golf course next to the 210 freeway, which is not flat. Noticed when we played here, there were more disc golf players than golf players. Will miss this course.
Played on Tuesday, 1/3/17 with tee time around 9:30 am on a nice day without wind or rain. (Unusual for Moorpark without wind for this time of year.) We played Canyon and Ridge today. POP was just over 4 hours about 4 1/4 hours to play 18. We were behind mostly groups of 2 or 3 today. We had to wait to hit on every hole but it was not bad.

Course conditions were great today. I was surprised with all the rain we had that the fairways were not muddy. Fairways were covered fairly well. It was lush and green. Greens were in excellent shape. Greens were firm and fast. I hardly had to fix any ball marks on the greens. Tho' I noticed it looked like they were dying the greens green as I had to wipe green water off my balls. Rough was not that deep/thick here. You can use your putter sometimes on the fringe to the greens. Sand was decent.

It's been a while since we last played here. It was enjoyable to play here. Loved the different layouts on the holes. On Canyon layout, there were lots of holes where you are on elevated tees and you hit down to the fairway and green. There were some holes where you hit up to the green. Water comes into play on a couple of holes on Canyon mostly off to the right side of the fairway. Ridge course was fun to play. Water comes into play on hole #9 par 3 over water. There were a couple of holes where you to need to carry the arroyo. Hole #5 was long par 5 hole (longest par 5 in US?) playing downhill.

Will be back to play again. Loved the GPS in the golf carts. Driving range is nice with grass tees. Love the short game area nearby. Very nice clubhouse.
Played on 11/26 with a tee time around 9 am. POP was around 4 1/2 hours. We didn't play the last hole as it started to rain pretty hard just as we're teeing off on the 18 hole.

Course was in excellent shape. Played from the white tees as I didn't care for the front tee areas. White teeing area was fairly flat with good coverage. Course had good coverage from tee to green. I like teeing off on the 1st hole as this hole slopes downward. Saw deer off to the side on the first hole. Fairways had good coverage. Granted there were spots here and there where the lies were thin and spots where it was very muddy. It was good enough to play. Not an easy course to play as water comes into play on a couple of holes. Also this course is not flat. There are some holes with an elevated tee and you hit down to the fairway. And there were a few holes with an elevated green. Some of the par 3 holes are a little long. Bunkers were in decent shape. But I saw a lot of unraked bunkers. Please rake up for the next person who lands in the bunkers.

Greens were in excellent shape. Speed on the greens were running a little fast. I like playing here for the challenge and you have to think about playing your second or third shots. One of my favorite courses to play.
Played on Saturday December 17 with a tee time around 9 am. POP was around 4 1/2 to less than 5 hours to play 18. Only had to wait a few times on the par 3 holes. Otherwise, we didn't have to wait much.

Course conditions were very good for December. LA area got some much needed rain recently. Fairways had good coverage from tee to green. There were spots here and there where the fairway lies were a little thin or bare. Also some fairways spots were a bit muddy. It was good enough to play. Rough was a little deep in spots. It got a little hard to find your ball here if you hit into the rough. Also with it being fall/winter, there were a lot of leaves on the fairways and it can get hard to find your ball. Lots of trees here on the course too.

Played from the front tees. It's nice having the yellow tees but most of the times these tees are just a flat round spot in front of the white tees. Not your usual teeing area. I can't comment on the sand in the bunkers as I didn't land in any this time. Greens were in excellent shape. Speed was about average.

Course is pretty flat to walk. There is a driving range here but you are hitting into a dirt area. There is an area here where you can practice chipping and pitching. Lots of nearby parking next to the course. Pretty big snack bar/restaurant here.
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