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played 2/20,, been 2-3 years, forgot how great this experience is... greens are slippery fast,,fairways are ,, well if you dont hit them you are in trouble,,,carry from tees is fun, played the Gold, 133 slope, shoulda played a little forward, getting old.. a very first class round of golf,, will return to get even , or more of the same...worth the extra $$$.
always a fun course to play, right now a little rough around the edges as usual but get ready for really good changes. Valley View Casino bought the place, expect influx of cash to get ready for highrollers and expect an increase in rates. Cant wait.
Played 1 23 14, one of my favorites from the course layout to the staff ,it a blast to play. Right now it is in perfect shape. Tough but fun. will be back soon..
one of the great tracks anywhere. everything except the greens were almost perfect. Played Jan 24 14 and I thought the greens were a bit on the slow side. Had a great time and will be back...
Havent been here for around a year, nice ,, lots have changed,all for the better. Front desk staff is friendly and helpful, seem to be happy we were there. Course is different, all good, greens were d%mn near perfect, scary in places, thick and held shots. Did I say fast? Never before in my 20 years off and on did ya have to worry about a downhill putt here. Now you do. Fairways and everything else was fine, we will return..Soon
Played 8/7 7am. Desert course was shut down for overseeding and repairs. Lots of water on the course to keep it green. First the bad,, Mosquitos!!! thousands, usually they dont like me much, but not these monsters. Forgot my bug spray, clubhouse did not have any for sale,, weird as they knew of the problem, I have played here often, first time for this problem.
The good is the place is and continues to be in excellent shape. Par 4 Golf Co is the Mgmt, and they are doing a good job. Staff while slim during the hot season was terrific.
I highly recomend Primm,, either course, bug spray in in my bag forever.
been 2 years, did Primm then Wolf Creek. Another fun day for me. The place is and continues to be amazing. Forgot how hard some of the holes are just to get to tee boxes. BUT !!! the course itself is not so hard if you play the correct tees. Some of the vistas are those not found anywhere else. Even Falcon Ridge {which is a great track} does not have the views. Bring a good vibe and a camera. A must play at least once.
Had a discout from the usual $165 and have to say enjoyed all of it. The course is in VERY nice shape, staff was professional and friendly. worth the $$ if only one time. Beautiful mountains always in front of you... good day.....
Had a 3 Course tourny in Laughlin area, El Rio was on the venue. Course is Desert Golf at its best, hard but fair. Staff was excellent. Will return when in the area.
been a few years since we played Hidden Valley. Some changes some good some maybe not so good. Bad, cart # 54 was junk, steering, wireing, gps under the dash, pulled all day to the right, dirty. For a 40 minute drive and $47 ya would think a better ride. Good,, the course is in terrific shape, well worth the $$. Greens are almost perfect, tough and fast. Fairways were very good, tee boxes level and mostly covered with good tight grass. Fast round, lucky groups in front were good as we never waited. A good day except for the junk cart. We will return soon.
played last wednesday, been a couple of years, what a treat! Somehow they keep this place in great shape, have the staff always appearing to be happy to see you and all that makes for an enjoyable day. The course isnt extra tough but it is VERY interesting and LOTS of fun. You can get in trouble but you wont care as the place is just fun to play. We will be back very soon.

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havent been here for awhile, read the recent reviews, went anyway.
The good, course is in great shape in my opinion. Greens were back to normal, super fast, tricky, not easy, but just about perfect.
Fairways are fine, Tee boxes were mostly flat and cut very professionaly.
service was as expected, polite but not like it used to be, no complaint but we know the group that bought SCGA and Trilogy and Royal Vista etc is very cheap and employees are after the course. They fix the course but dont pay much. Thats OK by me as I dont play the people.
The new owners of course encourage their buddies to play,, then we have small footprints in the bunkers not raked, we have unrepaired ball marks on the very nice greens, we have slow play as they all think they are pro's when they are not.
Nothing to do here but clean up after them as they are in their little short world. They actually believe there are employees that follow them around and clean up after them.
I think some signs in Korean would take care of most of the problems.
I had a fun day and whenever possible will return.
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