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I was very fortunate to be invited to play in a tournament here Monday by GK'er allan_grant. Thanks again Allan! Although I grew up literally 5 minutes from Hacienda, Monday was the first time I had ever played it and wow what a treat it was! I've always heard great things about the course and driving by so many times, I was always envious of those that have played it. There's not much to add to previous reviews regarding the conditions. They are what you would imagine for a country club. Fantastic throughout! Tees were like greens. Fairways like carpets. Rough was lush although since we were playing a scramble, we only encountered it once or twice all day. Greens were posted at 10.5 on the sign and I'd say that was accurate. They were pretty firm though. Often taking one big hop before the ball would dig in. They were smooth and a pleasure to putt on. Just ask Allan, he didn't miss a putt all day lol! Only encounters with the bunkers was fishing a couple of wayward shots out but they seemed perfect as well.

The layout of the course is really nice. A lot of variety of holes from long to short, risk-reward, uphill, downhill, dog legs, generous landing zones and a couple that will make you think about where to place the ball. It really had it all. If you have the chance to play Hacienda Country Club do yourself a favor and DO IT!!!
After finishing my round on the Old Course I decided to take advantage of the $10 replay for the Challenge Course. Nothing much to report as the course is in it's usual good to very good condition all the way around. Only complaint is a minor one. Since they added the second larger hole on every green a couple years ago for newcomers, I find that the standard holes are always in the same spot on the greens now. While the course is super fun and challenging for a Par 3 course, I wish they would move the holes around a little more to add some variety.
Late review. Played last Thursday while spending the weekend on the Central Coast. Monarch Dunes aerated their greens for the first time ever last month and while the majority of greens have recovered nicely, there were a couple on the back 9 that still needed some time. They were noticeably slower and bumpier than usual as well as compared to other greens on the course that have recovered quicker. The good news is that the problem childs (#15 & #17) seem to have taken nicely to the punching and are better than I've seen them in a couple years. Fairways had some small areas of distress but they were being tended to by maintenance and should be back to 100% in short manner. Tees, rough, and bunkers are very good as always and the customer service here is always great. No snack cart today but that's ok. Weather was perfect but my game was not. Always recommended when in the area even in it's less than lofty current state. It's still better than the majority of courses around.
Short Version: AVOID

Longer version- I really hate to kick someone when they're down but what in hell happened to this place?? It's not like it was ever great but it was at least your basic muni with a nice layout and tree lined holes. At least the trees are still standing and the layout hasn't changed, but those are the only good points from my round a couple days ago. I'd agree with everything the previous review stated. Tees were ok with decent coverage. Rough was lush near greens but off the fairways was thin and/or bare. Fairways themselves had some decent areas but quite a few burned out and thin areas too. Greens were atrocious! Many were diseased and so bumpy and slow that you're better off putting with a hybrid just to avoid the plinko boards they call "greens". At least the bunkers provided the highlight of the day. One of my playing partners short sided himself and he hit a high flop that came up short...only to BOUNCE out of the bunker and onto the green to about 5 feet! Can honestly say I've never seen a flop shot bounce out of a bunker and onto a green before!

GK consider this your PSA, don't play MCC until it's been verified that conditions have improved. Just know that I won't be the guinea pig!
Something happened today at San Dimas that only be described as a miracle of epic proportions. Tee time of noon as single on a GN hot deal of $25, got there a little early and was paired up with another single and twosome and we were on the 1st tee, balls in the air by 11:45am, shaking hands and walking back to my car at 3:00pm! Yes you read that right! A 3:15 round at San Dimas (home of the 5+ hour round), on an American Golf managed course (home of the fivesomes and 4 min spacing). Someone wake me up because I must be dreaming...

BTW, the golf was fine and conditions were same ol same ol. Greens are outstanding with minimal ball marks & rolling medium fast and true and holding well. Fairways mostly good with a few dry patches. Rough is a grab bag of lush, patchy, bare, penal, not so get the point. Bunkers fair with mostly good sand but they need a raking. Tees (blues) were poor. They had decent coverage but too many unlevel lies to contend with all day.

To recap: A 3hr 15min round at San Dimas with some waiting on the front 9! That's a typical time for 9 holes on the weekends here. Well I can say it happened once in my lifetime. Never to happen again...
Decided to hop in on the Guru fun at the last minute today and boy am I glad I did! The Goose is simply awesome right now, minus a couple of bunkers. There was a SCGA qualifier finishing up before we got started and the course was in fantastic overall shape.

Tees- Lush and level with minimal damage.
Fairways- Green, lush, cut tight and rolling out well while still providing ample cushion underneath. Great lies all day long.
Rough- Lush and thick but mostly manageable and not too penal.
Bunkers- Only downside today. Greenside #3 had great soft sand. Was in 3 others, all fairway and 2 out of the 3 had many dime sized rocks in them. Not to Goose's standards
Greens- Slightly firm but held well struck shots. Rolling at med/fast speeds. Mostly smooth with some later afternoon Poa wobbles. But nothing major. Really good overall.

Customer service was spot on in the shop. Sign near starter shack said pin position 3 but we soon found out that wasn't the case today due to the SCGA qualifier. I called the pro shop on 5 tee asking if they had pin sheets available and by the time we were putting out on 5 green, we had the sheets in our cart. Awesome! Speaking of which, some of those pins were brutal today. A couple paces from the edges or tucked in corners or right behind a trap!

POP was 3:50 and the only other people we saw on the course was the first group of gurus in front of us. Highly recommended as always! Thanks Johnny!
Played in the GK Event yesterday and it was another spectacular day of fun and hacking with fellow GK'ers even with Hurricane John pouring on us for a few holes. Ok, so maybe it was a light sprinkle but still, it's the desert in May!

Once again, not enough thanks can be expressed to Johnny and all that you do! Shotgun start at 2pm and our group Johnny, Ron, Ben, & myself were the lead group starting on #7. We basically had the course to ourselves as nobody was in front and we were never pushed from behind so we cruised around in a little under 4.5 hours taking our time to take some pics along the way.

I'll be brief with the course conditions since it's about to be covered another 40+ times in the near future ;)

Tees- Blues were flat with good coverage and minimal divot damage.
Fairways- Firm and fast but still very lush that provided a great padding underneath to hit from.
Rough- Lush and cut low along the fairways. Some longer areas in the mounded areas surrounding the greens but overall not very penal and easy to play from.
Bunkers- So. Many. Bunkers. And they were all great to play from. Even the ones that had been compacted due to some moisture were still soft and fluffy once your club broke the surface.
Greens- Even with the transition from Rye to Bermuda they were really rolling smoothly at consistent at medium speeds. No crazy undulations like some Nicklaus designs, but there are plenty of subtle breaks to keep you on your toes.

Customer service was a hit and a miss today. Valet and bag attendants both before and after the round were spot on and friendly.

Unfortunately there was an issue with the service at the restaurant during the prize ceremony after the round. We were sitting at a table for 4 and 2 of us ordered food. Long story short, when we tried to pay at the end, the server said that the entire group of 40+ people were all on the same bill and there was no way at all to split the bill. I might understand if this was communicated before we ordered or if everyone was sitting at one large table, but we were all broken up into several tables/sections on the patio. And what restaurant can't split a bill nowadays?? Our server brought us the (entire) bill and said to mark which items we ordered and we would have to pay cash. We gave her the cash and after she brought the change, she comes back and says "you guys calculated the gratuity and tax right?"...Oy Vey! Epic fail and I hope the F&B director address this because that's just terrible.

Thankfully the golf and all other aspects were incredible and I didn't knock off any ratings because of that but I hope to see it addressed so it'll go smoother for the next group.
Round 2 was on the Mountain View Course and I dare say it was in better overall condition than Firecliff. Tees, fairways, bunkers, and rough were identical on both courses. The greens, as Sixpez mentioned, haven't been punched yet here and that was the differentiating factor as they were smoother and quicker, although didn't hold as well as Firecliff.

Fun times as always with the Guru crew and big thanks to Johnny once again!
Round 1 of the Desert Willow GK Guru double dip and not much to add to the previous reviews other than the bunkers are A++ and I know because I visited so many of them that I almost went to HR after the round to ask for a job on the maintenance crew since I basically raked them all personally for them! Oh and the pins were just NASTY today. Either on top of a ridge, turtle's back, or tucked away in a corner like a Sunday pin on tour. Yikes! Just about everything else I want to say is covered by my fellow Gurus.
Enjoyed a really fun round with some legendary GK'ers today as part of the Guru outing. The pace was fantastic clocking in at 4 hrs and the weather couldn't be any better with a nice breeze to keep it cool all day.

As Evil mentioned, the course was in mostly good shape with highlights being the fairways and rough which were lush and very full. Tees were mostly level with minor damage on the expected holes. Bunkers were a mixed bag of fluffy and thin and unfortunately the pot bunkers on 16 were not in good shape which is too bad since they're the focal point of that hole. Greens still need some time to recover from aeration. They were medium pace at best but were still bumpy. Another week or two and a good cut/roll will have them back in tip top shape.

Always a blast to tee it up in the guru outings and thanks Johnny for everything!
Played the Goose yesterday with a 2:04pm tee time but they got us out at 1:30pm which was nice. POP was a smooth 4:20. Simply put the course is spectacular right now, even by Goose's high standards.

Tees- Flat, level, lush, minimal divots
Fairways- Highlight of the day. Looks great and plays just as well. Reminds me of most Palm Springs courses in the winter. Not too many unfilled divots. Perfect proportion of roll out on drives while still providing great lies with nice padding underneath.
Bunkers- Was in 1 fairway bunker and it was firm but playable enough.
Rough- Lush and healthy but not overly penal
Greens- Really nice right now. Holding well & putting pretty quick. Smoother early in the round and but got bumpier in the late afternoon which is normal from the foot traffic. Didn't see many unrepaired ball marks.

As usual the Goose lived up to is billing as one of the finest courses around. Best practice facilities anywhere within 50 miles in any direction. Only minor quibble was the lack of a beverage cart on this hot day and if you play here regularly, you'll know that the food in the clubhouse is about average at best. But I come for the golf not the food! Have fun everyone!
Been hearing a lot of good things about Eagle Glen lately and I've always loved the course so I snatched a GN hot deal for $27 and was out there at 11am today paired with another single and a twosome all great guys to play with. It was really crowded for a mid-week round so POP was not ideal at just a tick under 5 hours.

Disclaimer, I LOVE firm and fast courses so Eagle Glen has always been right in my wheelhouse. Perhaps the course has really greened up since last week but I found the fairways to be mostly green and pretty good cushion underneath. Perhaps around 85/15 green vs bare/hardpan areas. The rain has really brought the course back to life. Rough was not much of an issue and trending toward hardpan the further away you got from the fairways. Eagle Glen is in the process of adding new sand to the bunkers so the one I was in greeted me with a nice fried egg. Soft and fluffy in the bunkers with new sand. The older ones looked to be pretty firm and compacted. Tees are really lush and frankly, could use a mow. We started on #10 today as they had verticut the greens earlier in the morning but other than the visual effect, you would never know. As others have mentioned they are so nice right now! Fast, firm, lush, and basically perfect! If you hit a good putt, it's going in. Now the one and only downside to all this rain...all the ESA areas on the hillsides would spit your ball out easily during the drought years. Not anymore! If your ball goes into one of these areas, it's as good as gone!

Gurus, y'all will have a great time tomorrow and hopefully the POP will be better for you folks!

PSA for all GK'ers and especially the gurus tomorrow. DO NOT ENTER THE ESA AREAS! Saw a marshall today with 2 dead rattlesnakes in his cart. One was from #1 and the other I'm not sure. But apparently it's wakey wakey time already for those bad boys so be careful!
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