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Played Thursday, teeing off about 15 minutes late, at 12:25pm. Grabbed a $36 Crossings Club rate, and happy about it for my last round of the year here. Joined by a twosome and another single. Was told by the other two Crossings Club members that they paid $34 'senior' rate! They hit from the blues, and the tee boxes looked good there, I teed off from the whites and they were a bit worn, but mostly level. Finished after sunset at 5:05pm, for 4hr40min round, waiting a bit on most holes.

The fairways and rough were generally light green/brown. Fairways were very firm and provided excellent roll and good lies. The extra roll helped out this short-hitter. Rough was inconsistent, with tufts of grass providing some difficult lies.

The greens were fantastic, very green, receptive and held shots well. Ball rolled nicely and managed two birdies on the day, which nearly made up for my double-bogeys.

Wasn't in any bunkers. Did notice that they were re-lining one of the bunkers by #16 green.
Saw the cart girl just on the front side, but did stop at the half-way shack and the guys were happy with their sandwiches and hot dogs and the amount of mustard that was available.
Played the front 9 holes today at the 'super twilight' $16 walking rate. Starts at 3pm these days, and I teed it up at 3:26 as a single. Only a few 2somes riding in carts front of me, otherwise the course was nearly empty. Ended up catching the 2some in front on the 9th hole. 1 1/2 hours for the 9, getting in just past sunset.

Tees were fair, annoyingly chewed up on 5 of the 9 holes at the white markers. Fairways rolled out a good bit today, due to all the winds we've been having. Mostly good lies. Wasn't in any bunkers, or rough, for that matter. Greens were very firm, not allowing for much stick'em with approach shots. But, they did putt fast and were mostly smooth with very little in terms of bumps/foot traffic.

Thought the course was in 'good' condition, but nothing to write home about... just a GK review.
Teed off as a 4some on Monday at 12:20pm and finished in exactly 4hrs. Moderate Santa Ana winds on a sunny afternoon, so 'help' came on opposite holes v. normal prevailing wind direction, making for a different course - with either shorter or longer approaches than normal on each hole. Kinda fun - I actually reached the long par3 #15!

Course is in very good condition overall, ihmo.

Most of the tees were very good (played the whites). Fairways were harder than usual, and got plenty of roll. Rough wasn't too penal. Was in 3 bunkers, and all were nicely groomed, with about 1/2" medium-weight sand over a firm base.

Greens were in great condition, held shots well. About the same in terms of quality as Jurupa Hills, that I just played on Saturday, but indeed with a few more unrepaired ball marks. No signs of the previous punching and very smooth, excepting the softer greens where the newfangled 'spikeless' golf shoes of the day always leave deep indentations...Am I the only one who wishes these types of shoes that leave waffle-marks should be outlawed? Sorry, that's for a forum discussion, I guess!

Cart girl came by twice.

Andrew in the pro shop let us know that in a few weeks they will be getting brand new carts! Wasn't sure if they would have GPS, etc., on them, but probably so. The facility will be operating with a smaller cart fleet, and will likely be more stringent on limiting foursomes to only 2 carts per group.
Found a good deal they posted on for $30 @ 12:38pm for Saturday, 12/2. Very friendly greeting in the pro shop. The gentleman suggested I practice putting on the 'north' putting green, as he thought that one was closest to the greens. It was very helpful, as I got to see some of the hidden breaks that the greens were to provide on the day.

Got out on time, and was joined up with two nice younger lads still learning the game (aren't we all) and it made for an easy-going, relaxed round. They play here regularly, so they were able to help me out as it was my first time. POP was slow on the front, and indeed we waited on all 18 holes. But, after 2hrs 20mins on the front 9, we managed to finish after sunset in just enough light at 5:00pm, so very happy about that!

Really enjoyed the course layout overall. It is fun, not too challenging and the hills/contours and trees make for nice scenery. With the exception of 12 & 13, the fairways aren't really close enough to get cross-traffic from wayward golfers, which was great. Too bad about the placement of a few power/telephone poles on a few holes, but did manage to avoid hitting them. Very quiet setting, except for the trains that came by just twice, and from loud stereos coming from a few houses on the back 9. It's Saturday and it's time to party!!!

Tee boxes were really the only complaint for the course conditions. Majority were good enough and level, but some were soft, limited grass cover, and close to muddy in spots. Fairways were pretty good, closely mowed, but did end up with a few poor lies. The fairways on a few holes slant both sides to the middle (#10 & 15 come to mind), so except for wildly errant tee balls, you're nearly certain to end up near the middle! Was only in the rough once off the tees, and had a decent enough lie. The tree-lined fairways do provide a penalty for those who hit it off-line, and require some 'strategery' on a few tee balls and your 2nd shot on the front-side par5.

Bunkers were near immaculately groomed and trimmed, apparently all were groomed in the morning. Not many rakes, however, and a few golfers didn't bother to cover their tracks. I somehow managed to avoid them, but it looked like firm, medium-heavy sand in all.

Greens are certainly the treasure here. Very smooth, soft and receptive. Putted medium-fast for the most part. Very few old ball marks, but noticed a number of fresh, unrepaired deep ball marks from the day's play. Aaarrrgh! The were fun to putt on, and provided some unexpected breaks. Really needed to pay attention to your surroundings and grain to read them properly. They were just a little fuzzy and not cut as closely as I'd like, but if they were, they'd have been a REAL challenge.

No cart lady nor marshal sighting. But, the lads I played with they've seen marshals before and they do help keep pace on track usually.

Really enjoyed my experience at Jurupa Hills, and hope to be back in the near future. A bargain at $30 twilight rate on a Saturday!
Teed off today as a 3some on Mesa Linda at 12:10pm w/cart for $31.00 on their 'golfer's special' rate (MTW, btwn 11-12:30pm now).

Played behind a pokey 4some for the first 9, but they finally let us play through on #10, with 2 1/2 holes open in front of them - thanks (finally)! They weren't too bad, 2hrs on the front, but we only took 1 1/2 hours on the back, so 3hrs 3mins POP overall.

Conditions are in line with the previous reviewer and my own from two weeks ago. Thought the greens were pretty good other than all the leaf and needle debris from trees caused by the wind, and nothing major to complain about regarding the fairway and rough. Tees weren't cut close, but were fine. No problems with the traps, good conditions today. As they say in England, 'bog standard' conditions for the course mostly. Good enough for this muni.

Water fountains were working again, and the water tasted pretty good. Cart girl came by twice. Marshal was lurking, but didn't urge the group ahead to pick up the pace, even though they were far behind the next group. Doesn't seem to like to talk with people much.

As we finished quickly enough, we snuck in a few extra holes on Los Lagos. Greens there were in better conditions, though they were verticut very recently. A nice day out on the course this afternoon.
Played Lagos on Monday, teeing off about 12:15pm as a 3some. POP was generally good, with the exception of a 4 group(!) back-up and 25 minute wait on the par3 #7. Blue tees were aawwlll the way back, with 229 yards to the pin. Though I played from the whites, lots of players put it either in the water or short, so it played very much like a par4. After that, things were again mostly clear, with the total round adding up to 4hrs 20mins.

Overall, tees were a bit shaggy, but fairways and rough were cut pretty close, providing for good roll and decent lies. It seems that since the punching last month, they've also done some work on the bunkers, as at least a handful have been refined/bolstered and all were trimmed up nicely. The two greenside bunkers I was in had good sand, medium-soft over firm base and well-groomed.

Greens were pretty nice and lush, mostly smooth and medium-fast, with breaks playing a role around the holes. Only noticed a very few minor areas yet to heal 100%, but a number do have the 'rows' of punching holes growing in darker green colour, just a visual thing. Very good shape right now.

Friendly cart girl was around twice.
Friendly greeting by Andrew in the pro shop today. For those who are local, they have a multitude Callaway Chrome Softs, including various colours of Truvis and Xs on sale for $31.99!

Teed off at 12:15pm as a 3some, and after playing through a sixsome(!) on the 2nd hole, we had a fast POP, never waiting again until the 14th green approach shot. POP ended up being 3hrs 30mins total, so very happy about that.

Tees were a bit hairy and soft. Fairways were over-watered in the middle, where I generally hit the ball ;-), so minimal roll, and muddy balls were the norm. Good kikuyu coverage, but grass wasn't freshly cut and minimal roll. Rough wasn't bad to hit from. Was in one greenside bunker on #7, which was soft, thinnish sand over a medium-firm base. Greens were pretty good, a bit bumpy overall, but not as smooth as the practice green.

The friendly Amanda was our cart girl for the day, and she came around multiple times. No pressure on the water fountains on the course today for some reason. A lovely day on the course, with slightly overcast skies and minimal wind made for a very comfortable round.
Teed off today as a foursome, about 10 minutes late at 12:40pm. $43 rate via their website, so happy about that. Sadly, POP was abysmal, 2:45hrs on the front, plus 15 minute wait on #10 tee. There were two outings today, according to the marshal. Played only 14 holes total in 4 hours.

Compounding things, was a 4some husband/wife combo that should not have been playing this course in front of us, along with a father/son twosome who skipped #9 to get from behind us to in front of the aforementioned 4some. Unfortunately, there was no place for them to go, so we were then also waiting on them. We skipped #11, played #12, then gave up on #13 tee and skipped ahead to #16 tee, which was open, as the father was giving his son lessons on #13 tee, which were not helping, as he hit balls wildly out of play. Everyone reading this likely knows... but folks, this is not a place for beginners (sigh)!!!

Too bad, as the course was in very good condition. Greens were awesome, much better than my last time here in October. Other than a small patch here or there, very smooth and super lush, medium-fast today. A few small areas on the fringe around the greens are still in a state of healing/repair.

Tees were good, level and green, but not great. Fairways were generally lush, but did provide for decent roll. Rough was penal and the ball did sit down at times. Was in both a fairway and greenside bunker on #1 - a great start! Sand was medium-weight and nice.

Saw the cheery cart lady twice on the front and marshal multiple times. Course is in great shape now, jump on it - but hopefully not when there are outings holding things up.
Played here Monday for the first time ever. Friendly greeting by staff in the pro shop, who promptly told me about their 'club' to join for about $40/month. One of my playing partners is signed up for it, and loves the free range ball deal. I did not join and paid $35 for the senior rate, including a cart.

Teed off about 12:40pm as a 4some and finished at 5:10pm, just after sunset on a good weather day for golf. Had short waits throughout, and a major bottleneck at the par3 8th that seemed to be the norm. 2.5hrs on the front, and about 2hrs on the back.

Regarding course conditions, very much agree with the previous review by jjrauen from September. As I was fore-warned by my playing partners on what to expect, I did not have high expectations, and they were met. Tees were a bit beat up, but mostly level.

Fairways and rough were a hodge-podge of good, short bermuda, longer kikuyu, plenty of thin areas and bare spots, lush areas, wet spots, weeds, etc. Something for everyone. Roll was sometimes good, but did end up with a muddy ball off the tee a handful of times. Usually had a decent lie. Rough for the most part wasn't too penal, not much longer than the fairways, and similar traits.

The undulating course is pretty wide-open, not that many trees, so people who spray it long off the tee typically weren't penalized too much. Water does come into play on a few holes, which helps makes it interesting. JJ is spot-on regarding sight-lines off the tees. It was helpful to have someone with local knowledge to help point me in the right direction.

Was in a few bunkers, and really liked the medium-weight sand. The base seemed to be about 1 1/2 inches below.

Thought the green complexes were by far the best part of the course. Greens ranged in size from medium to massive, with a few that had very interesting bowl-shape undulations designed into them. Pin placements Monday were near the bottom of the bowls, so long lag-putting offered several options/sides of approach to get the ball within 3 feet of the hole. Interesting. Greens held shots well enough, putted at medium/medium-slow pace, and break on many holes was accentuated due to this slow pace as the ball lost speed. Greens were mostly smooth, with some bumpy spots, as typical for a course getting so much play.

No cart lady, and very few drinking water options on the course, so stock up. Snack bar available at the turn. Marshal was seen a few times, and engaged with golfers.

All-in-all, a fun day on the course. There are just enough attractive, interesting and challenging holes here, to spice up an otherwise mundane tract to justify a return visit.
Played here Friday, taking advantage of a fantastic deal on GolfNow, $15.49 including fees for golf and a cart. Friendly greeting by Sean in the pro shop. Got out on time, as Sean kept up on group tee-pairing announcements. In spite of it being a busy day on the course, with a few 5somes (including ours from holes 6-16) sprinkled in, POP was pretty good, with only minor occasional waiting. Finished just after sunset, POP @ 4hrs 15mins.

Good course conditions overall today, with the greens now completely healed from their recent punching. Was in a handful of greenside bunkers today on hole #s 4,5,10,15, so a good sampling from bad shot-making. Very consistent, with a thinnish medium-layer of sand over a very firm base. Tees, fairways and rough pretty much the same as last week.

Saw the cart girl a few times and saw the marshal doing any number of things unrelated to keeping the pace moving, once again. Very happy to take advantage of the GN deal. Probably saved about $25 over rack twilight rates.
Played here as a 3some on Monday, 10/30, teeing off at 1:50pm. Pleasant greeting at the pro shop, and our group was called about 15 mins prior to tee time. POP was great, 3hrs 35mins with no waiting on the 4some in front. There was a quick, walking lady 2some that seemed to always be lurking behind us, so everyone was moving at a good pace on this cool and comfortable afternoon. They are usually pretty efficient getting people out on time, and golfers here keep POP moving along.

Tees and fairways were fairly long kikuyu, with not a lot of roll-out. Had a wet, muddy ball at least 5 times for a 2nd shot. Did not visit any sandy beaches today, but my playing partners had some good shots and 'sandys' out of them.

Greens seemed to be pretty much healed from their punching over 6 weeks ago and mostly decent. But, there were 3 or so greens that just seemed unhealthy, with large splotchy, uneven and bumpy areas. Otherwise, they were medium to medium-slow most of the day, with an annoying number of bumps and older ball marks in the way of my lines. A bit of a disappointment, to be honest.

I remember playing the 'Classic' course when it was the only course here back in the 80's and early 90's. The new 4 holes (14,15,16,17) are OK, but I've never really thought much of them and today didn't change my opinion. They just seem like an afterthought, squeezed in, or 'oh, btw' and the fairways are still struggling to take hold (as with all of the Players course) 20 years later.

Cart girl was by twice. Never saw a marshal, but they weren't needed on Classic today.

Playing from the whites is 6415 yards. Probably a bit long for my games these days. The gold tees are 5755. Something in-between those two yardages seems in order. I do enjoy the layout on most of the holes on Classic. Fairways are pretty wide, so grip it and rip it.
Played Thursday, 10/26, using my last Crossings Club free round ticket and teeing off from the whites (others played the blues) a few minutes early at 1:15pm as a 4some on a lovely, sunny day. Nice ocean breeze kept everything moderate in terms of temp, but wasn't too much in terms of hurting shots made into the wind, and seemed very helpful when it was at our backs.

Never waited, except on #15 teebox, as the marshal typically holds you up until the group in front has made their 2nd/3rd shots to the green. With only ourselves to blame really (quite a few lost balls by several in the group - 1st time there), POP was 4:40mins. But, a very friendly and fun time, and no one pushing us from behind and still had the group in front within sight the entire round, about 3/4 hole behind them.

Course conditions are mostly the same as 2 weeks ago. Tee boxes were nicely recovered from the scalping. They did have the black/blue/white markers together on 6 holes (1,3,5,13,14,17) and were letting the grass fill in on the most typical teeing areas.

Greens held shots well, were still smooth, and medium/medium-fast speed. As I've seen happen here before, several spots in the greens had a wavy/untightened carpet look. It is odd, but did not seem to affect putts.

Bermuda fairways were lovely as usual, rough was cut a bit shorter, show not as penal and the one greenside bunker I was in (#14) was firm and thin sand, but not hard/crispy.

Saw the cart girl three times, and my playing partner was thrilled with his chicken caesar wrap, ordered via the touch screen on the cart on the 8th hole. Overall, a great day on a great course, and somehow managed to set a new 9-hole best score here, shooting 1-over 37 on the front, coupled with a more normal 43 on the back.
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