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Played Sat 8/18 teeing off a little before 1:30 and not much has changed since gary00's review. The de-thatching/verticutting of the fairways is still apparent but doesn't affect play much unless you end up in a small pile of thatch. Fairways should look better in a few weeks I would guess. Tee boxes (black) were differently hit and miss. Most of the larger teeing grounds were fine, but the smaller, tucked boxes (4 and 8 come to mind) had some significant lumps and bumps. Greens were surprisingly receptive but were riddled with unfixed or poorly fixed ballmarks. The sign at the pro shop claimed they were running 10 and that seemed accurate.

Guys in the pro shop were great and we saw the cart girl 4 or 5 times through the round. POP was on the slow side right around 5 hours. Afternoon pricing is quite good in the afternoon and the course is a beast so it's still a recommended visit even if it's a little scruffy in spots right now.
Played Saturday 8/10 with a 10:30 tee time. Got underway about 15 minutes behind schedule. Overall the course is in very good to great shape to what I typically expect here. Fairways were good to great, tee boxes good with some divot damage but the teeing grounds are so large it doesn't matter. Rough, patchy kikuyu and not too penalizing. Greens rolled well but had quite a few divots to take care of. POP was an expected slog at about 5hr 20mins. Saw the beverage cart 3-4 times. POP will always be tragic here during the busiest times but the course is in good shape and worth a visit if you can avoid the crowds.
Played the morning of 7/27 with my club. Side note, an operating/management change at the restaurant means there is no alcohol (THE HORROR!!) at the present time. Their notice is posted however so it should be hashed out pretty soon. They are also renovating the restaurant near the pro shop so a food truck has taken up residence on the premises. Okay, now on to golf.

Pleasantly surprised by the conditions. Most county run courses play pretty much the same at all times of the year in my experience but Harding seemed to be a notch above in most aspects on Saturday. Tee boxes were firm, but level with plenty of good area to tee. Fairways were solid pretty much all day with lots of good lies in the kikuyu. Rough was patchy with quite a few gnarly thick areas that needed to be avoided at all costs. Was in one bunker (greenside #18) and had no issue with that one. Greens were very receptive and running medium to medium fast but you had to be very wary of downhill putts. POP ended up right around 5 hours which seems to be about normal for a weekend at Griffith Park, especially when it's 90 degrees and everyone is moving a bit slower.
Played Monday morning (6/17) as a walk up single off the Woodbridge and Blackrock routing a little after 7:30am. I had checked their online site and saw that it was pretty open in the morning before 8:00. POP ended up being under 3 hours as I was by myself with nary a group in front that I caught.

The courses were undergoing their rye to bermuda transition so a few patches in the fairway were thin, but otherwise coverage all around was excellent. Rough was thick making anything longer than a short iron a bit of a gamble coming from distance. Tee boxes were good and bunkers looked decent with dark red sand. Greens held but were definitely on the slow side, which I had trouble with.

Echoing what sixpez and rgm2525 said in earlier reviews, this is a hidden gem. It doesn't get the pomp and circumstance that Entrada and Sand Hollow receive, but this place is a very good test requiring control of your golf ball. This routing changed between stream woodland to desert scrub, back to stream woodland then finishing up in among black lava fields. I can't think of another course with that much variation in style. Absolutely recommended.
Out second off with the event group with a POP just over 4 hours. Praise from everyone for the fairway and rough conditions, which were excellent all around. Greens were very good for being transitional between rye and bermuda so reactions from shots could be varied depending on the patch you hit. Rolled well at medium pace overall but could be a bit scary on the downhill/downgrain putts. Bunkers had me baffled but coverage was great with heavy sand. Tee boxes all looked very good to my eye. Overall the course is in fantastic condition for the time of year and we managed a picture perfect weather day on top of it.
Played yesterday 12/1 getting off just before 1pm and managed to finish 15 holes in about 4:15 before calling it a day due to darkness. Rat-patrol's previous review is pretty much spot on. Tee boxes were mostly okay with some crowned areas on the Par 3s. Greens were quick and a little bumpy but very playable. Fairways could use a haircut but are filling in nicely. Very little roll out there between the fairway length, kikuyu, and recent rains. Front 9 POP was 2:40 due to it being cart path only and the depth of the rough. Speaking of which... my current review of the rough is as follows: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH DON'T GO THERE! ABANDON HOPE ALL BALLS THAT ENTER THIS DOMAIN!!
Played 10/25 in the SCGA 4-ball qualifier. Conditions were very good to great over most of the course. Greens were receptive, quick, and rolled true. Fairways were in very good shape as was the rough. The only real complaint was that a few of the back tee boxes were mushy and/or had thin grass coverage. Many of those were tucked near taller vegetation so thinning the herd might get a bit more sunlight to them. Excellent championship layout is always a challenge.
Not much to add to the rest of the Gurus. The course was in much better shape than the last time I was here about 2 years ago. Both fairways and rough were in much better shape (In the case of the rough, it actually existed this time). Only problem I had was the upper fairway on 2 that was basically a bog 40 yards short of the green. Really takes all reward away from a risk/reward hole. Greens were pretty good outside of some splotchiness on the front of Hole 1. Had no issues with the tee boxes. It's typical canyon/hillside golf so they are small and will have some damage here and there since they can't be moved around all that much. POP was a robust 5.5(ish) with a group a few ahead of the first Guru group that was apparently the main culprit.
Still not my favorite layout in the area and doubt it ever will be but the conditions have improved greatly in the past years and it's slowly growing on me.
Not much to add to the rest of the 9/9 GK Gurus. The course was in very good summer shape for the desert. The greens were the biggest surprise with them being very receptive with excellent grass coverage. With the high temps they were running medium-slow but consistent. Tee to green the course was in great shape as well; great teeing ground coverage as well as fairways. Can't say much about the bunkers as I was only in one fairway trap but they looked more than acceptable. Saw the beverage cart a few times and the iced towels on Hole 1 were much appreciated!
Not much to add to David's review. Summer kikuyu is always a gamble but I think San Clemente does better than most being near the coast and not dealing with temperature extremes. You'll get some misses in terms of lies but most of those were in the rough and not the fairways. Greens were running medium with a few ball marks but overall pretty well. Tee boxes were hit and miss in terms of being level but coverage was typically good. One of the best, if not the best deal in OC in terms of price on a course with a bit of character.
Played with rudyclub on 7/1 teeing off just before 11.
The course is very playable but definitely has the rough around the edges appearance. I though the fairways were good with solid coverage. Lots of roll but not what I would call thin. Greens were receptive and rolled well, but my goodness the unfixed ball marks were a plague. Not much rough to speak of except around the greens and even then it wasn't very penal. Bunkers were on the thin side and several tee boxes were quite crowned.

I would venture to say that there is an excellent golf course hidden here but it needs a dedicated effort to get to that level. Getting the tees a bit more level and figuring out what to do with the previous waste bunkers would go a long way. Curious to see what will happen in the coming years because as Nick said in a previous review: The bones are there.
Played Thursday 6/14 in the early afternoon. The place was pretty dead. I played through 2 foursomes than didn't hit anyone else until the 18th fairway. I knew going in that the course had punched the previous week but the greens had mostly healed up and looked good so soon after aeration. Much like the other regulation length course in town, Oakcreek, this course puts a premium on accuracy. This course is a bit more "target golf" in comparison to Oakcreek whose main defense is narrow tee-lined fairways. Overall the course is in good shape, especially the fairways. The tee boxes were occasionally a problem, where several were crowned and tough to find a flat spot.
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