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Tee time at 10:55 this morning and was off 15 minutes late. POP front 9 of 3 hours and a total POP of 5.5 hours. On a Monday. Ouch.

Tee boxes on #5, #11, #14 and #15 were either temporary or moved to a forward box due to the new grass on the back box. Temporary green on #11 about 60 yards short of the actual green.

Not much to add to ringworld's review of conditions other than the greens were playing quite firm (with lots of ballmarks) and be sure to bring a hammer for the tee boxes.
Played Monday 2/13 at 10:50 walking from the black tees.

Unsurprisingly there is still a lot of standing water and/or mud in the low lying areas, but other than that I thought the course was in more than passable shape. This place has a bit of a reputation for being A) not all that well maintained and B) playing slower than a snail travelling up-hill. POP was solid at just over 4 hours. Greens were receptive, but not wet with more than a few patches of flowering Poa. Can't cut them too tight right now so it makes sense. Fairways were either wet and boggy or realllllly nice lush and green. Rough was thick juicy and can't wait to see a mower blade once things dry up a bit. Bunkers had the consistency of powdered sugar. Lots of apparently new sand and might actually have too much. Tee boxes were overall pretty good with some divot damage on the 3s and a few being too wet for a recent mow. Overall it beat expectations and wasn't bad for a holiday round under $35.
Played 1/4 at 10:30 with fellow GKer dconnally from the blue tees.

The recent rains have not done the course many favors. Lots of soft areas underfoot and more than a few sloppy tire tracks. Surprising drainage issues for a course built on a hillside.

Current overall conditioning reminds me of Black Gold back when they were undergoing their turf change to kikuyu. Most fairways where a mosaic of different grass-types/mud in average to poor shape but the few that were all or most kikuyu (#12 comes to mind the most) were in quite good shape. Rough was much the same with a hodgepodge of thin, muddy rye, lush rye, and spots of kikuyu. It was really a coin flip on what kind of lie you were going to receive.
I was in one bunker and it was fine. Unsurprisingly damp and dense underneath with about a 1/4 of finer stuff on top. It looked like all bunkers were raked by the crews and they were probably the best part about the course (not high praise unfortunately).
Greens had recently been lightly sanded, were receptive, but were very bumpy and inconsistent. Tee boxes were... to put it lightly... horrible. Tiny, wet, unlevel, HEAVY divot damage. They have many tee boxes per hole so they really should do a better job at moving them around to keep the playing surfaces reasonable. POP was 4:40 and we were on the 4-some in front of us the entire time. Saw the beverage cart on hole 2 then never saw it again. All the water stations on the course were missing the "water" portion of the station. The $35 rate we paid via the course website felt like an overpay.
Played 12/29 at 7:30 from the blue tees.

Like Brookside two days before, CM had many of the same SoCal muni characteristics. Good greens with some divot damage (and running about a foot slower than Brookside) but still consistent. Fairways were overall quite good with a few patches of bare kikuyu. Rough was much the same as the fairways, just an inch longer. Tee markers were set wide on the gigantic tee boxes giving PLENTY of area to tee up. They were charging their holiday rates all week ($47 to walk) which is more than I'd really want to pay but still not bad for what you're getting (Also, Orange County... grumble). It's in better shape than Mile Square Players right now so it's likely the best muni option in the immediate area. POP was just over 4 hours that early in the morning and the bev cart came around a few times.
Played 12/27 with my club at 9:20 in the morning off the blue tees.

Brookside is in peak SoCal muni condition. Fairways, rough, and tee boxes run the gamut from "Hey, that's pretty good" to "Yikes, I wish my ball were 2 feet in any direction so I could be on grass". The recent rains have made the course damp but overall the fairways are thin making for a strange combination. The fairways will be a parking lot on Monday so hopefully the maintenance crews are up and ready to go to deal with tire tracks on wet turf. I'd stay clear for a couple of weeks after the Rose Bowl for that very reason.
The greens are very good and VERY quick, especially downhill. Stay below the hole if you want to score, otherwise have fun with your 3 putts. The price is right for $50-$55 or so with the greens being so good. It's a fun track and worth my yearly visit.
Another day at the Goose with the GK Gurus.

Really, not much to add to the previous reviews. Tee boxes, fairways, rough, and sand remain very good as usual. Greens were trending towards the bumpy side and can be inconsistent although our windy conditions had more to do with that than anything else. The only trouble spot was the front of the green on #5 and that green is so big that I'm surprised they haven't decided to convert that section to more chipping area. This is always a fun place to play and it can show some teeth when the breeze kicks up. Big thanks to Goose for having us out and the staff is always top notch.
Always recommended.
Played Friday 11/18 @ 9:15 in a club tourney.

What a difference a week and a mow makes. For as bad as it looked last week, the change was quite dramatic. Fairways looked much better just due to mowing them. #13 and part of #10 are still CPO as they are still working on the turf there and have been for a while. A handful of bare patches remain but most are not in landing areas. No change in rough conditions from last week. Tee boxes also got a haircut so many looked quite a bit better. Several back tee boxes are un-level so finding a good spot can be troublesome (#8, 10, 12 and 16 come to mind). Greens were also cut and rolled so they were night and day compared to last week. Quite quick and difficult to hold. All of this begs the question: What happened last Saturday??
Played this morning with an 11:37 tee time, walking the blues.

Everything was looking pretty rough. Tee boxes were pretty chewed and/or needed a mow. #12 tee box continues to be a disaster with longish kikuyu combined with being unlevel. Fairways are still a work in progress in many areas. #3, #5, #10 and #13 really stick out with much of the area <150 yards being in rough shape. Patchy with some long grass and sandy spots. Rough may have been the best part of the course but that's not saying much. Mostly consistent kikuyu abounds but still beware of some thin patches. Bunkers looked pretty hit and miss. The fairway bunker I was in on #5 was partially washed out(why, I have no idea) and many others looked very wet. Greens were a bumpy with LOTS of ball marks. I've never felt the greens have rolled well here and today didn't change my opinion.
POP was 4:40, which is pretty normal. No beverage cart and didn't see a marshal all day. Rack rate on weekends is really pushing it and I'd say Costa Mesa is better value at this point if you're looking in the area.
Played my GK Cup match with mpisarski01 here on 9/3 @ 9:24. We were off about 20 minutes late.
Overall El Do was in very solid shape. Fairways and rough both had solid coverage with a few patches in the rough that needed some work. You're never going to get a lot of rollout here due to the kikuyu fairways, but lies were consistently good. Most bunkers were in very nice shape. Those that had been renovated had new, white sand. Some still had the regular, crusty brown stuff but there was enough of it to get good lies. Greens were rolling pretty well with a few bobbles by the time the afternoon rolled around. These were probably the firmest I've seen them which took some getting used too. POP was a robust 5:15.
Will continue to come back because it's my favorite muni in the area.
Played with Rat-Patrol for our GK Cup match on Sunday with a 3:04 tee time. We got there early and ended up heading out an hour ahead of schedule(!)
Greens were very solid outside of #2 which showed some definite heat stress on the front of the putting surface. The rest were fine with a few ball barks and running slower than they looked, especially into the grain.
Bunkers had excellent sand that people should learn to rake. Footprints aren't fun to hit out of people!
Rough was a mish-mash of everything. Most common was shaved down kikuyu that was basically like hitting out of a disintegrated wicker chair. There was some browned bermuda in spots, thin green bermuda, whispy rye, thick lush rye... the list goes on. Bring your bingo card and you'll fill it out by hole 6.
Fairways were the star of the show. Absolutely fantastic. Not a lot of roll out but every lie was perfect. Best I've played this year and it's not really close.
POP was a nice 3:30 and the service was very good.
Obviously not worth the rack rate (few courses would be at their prices) but GN does have deals available at a much more reasonable rate.
Played 7/30 with a 7:36 tee time getting paired with another single and a twosome.

The course was in overall decent shape. Fairways and rough had solid kikuyu coverage with some areas around the greens being very... Kikuyu-y (Anyone playing from this grass knows what I'm talking about). Tee boxes were hit an miss, most being solid and some being unlevel with some divot damage. This was usually for the smaller tee boxes that had been shoehorned in. Bunkers were playable though several had standing water. Greens were okay. Many were good but several had burned out patches that had recently been re-turfed (Or not re-turfed at all). Hole 12 had the worst damage but I also remember it the most as I had to putt through it. I'll probably give the course another go at some point as it's in good enough shape if you find a deal. Not worth their rack rates. (I paid $35 with cart through group golfer, definitely worth that.)
Played Saturday 7/23 at 10:08 for my buddy's birthday. I'll just get this out of the way right now, the conditions aren't good and I would look elsewhere for the time being.

Good stuff: Tee boxes and fairways are in typical canyon/arroyo course shape. The bermuda is dry and a bit thin but very consistent. I rarely saw burned out patches in the fairways. A couple tee boxes were a bit un-level and there was some divot damage on the par 3s. A couple more needed a mow, but I'd say that they were pretty good overall.

Not good stuff: Rough was a little bit of everything. Plenty of sparse bermuda that was slightly longer than fairway height. Wouldn't stop the ball at all, but at least it was grass. There was thick, lush grass around sprinklers (mostly Poa and a little bit of rye) that would swallow your ball and played completely different than anything else on the course. Finally, there were wide swaths that were mostly dirt with some sprigs of grass still holding on. Lots of new turf had been recently laid early on the front nine on some of these spots and those played as GUR.

Worrisome stuff: Greens were burning out along the edges and many were showing brown spots on the main portion of the putting surface along with lots of unfixed ball marks. Most burned out patches were small (golf ball size) but I had to putt through a couple that were shoebox sized. Holes 1 and 18 come to mind as the worst shape right now, but there were others. Not good when the greens are burning out to this extent. It seemed like the grounds crew had put some water on them that morning so hopefully that will help. It's going to take some work to get them back however.

Awful stuff: Bunkers are atrocious. Some of the worst sand I've played all year. You could be in 1/4 inch of dried powder over hardpan or in 3 inches of wet concrete. Really bad.

As usual, the staff was very good and accommodating. There were no groups in front of our foursome for 30 minutes (or so said the starter), but we caught them by hole 5 and the course bogged down a bit. Overall POP was a little over 4.5 hours despite being almost 30 minutes under pace through 6 holes. I doubt I'll be back considering the drive and typical south OC overpricing, especially with current conditions. Keep an eye out for more reviews and hopefully they get it back in passable shape.
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