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Played morning of 7/27 with the Guru's from the blues on the Presidio/Mission combo.

Being my first time here I didn't really know what to expect other than "Flattish and next to a river." Flattish might not do it quite enough justice as the Robinsons, Ted were able to incorporate a bit of undulation on an overall very flat property. The river comes into play on several holes in addition to several water features sprinkled in. All in all it's a more inspired design than I'm used to from a Robinson course (a good thing).

Conditioning-wise, the greens are definitely the star and would even be more so if people learned to fix ball marks. I spent lots of time gardening on the greens, let's leave it at that. Teeing grounds were solid, usually level, and maybe a hair long on those more dominated by kikuyu. Fairways were typically okay despite the patches of different grasses everywhere. Several wet spots did show up from time to time and they are working on re-sodding portions of Mission #3. Rough was pretty decent, especially the kikuyu areas. POP was a solid 4 hr 10 min and the service all around was very good.
The dew-sweeper ahead of a foursome on Sunday 6/11, tee off temp of 48 degrees. Alone on one of the prettiest pieces of golfing property this side of the British Isles. I don't have adequate words to describe this place. I'll just say it was an amazing experience with some of the best greens I've ever played.
Played late morning on 6/6 with my uncle. Got a course layout description and some helpful advice from both guys in the pro shop. The course is very much a links style built into the low lying sandy dunes a couple hundred yards from the NW Oregon coast. Plenty of wispy grass grows between holes ready to make recovery shots difficult. Greens were firm and landing short was usually an option. Fairway grass coverage was very good and rough wasn't very bad until you hit the really long stuff. Greens were solid overall outside the first par 3 that appeared to have been re-sodded recently. The course had lots of character with many interesting angles and cants that will shoot your ball into... undesirable spots. Wind was up and blowing by about hole 6 making the last 12 a real adventure. It's the only 18 hole course in the area so prices are a little more expensive that you might expect but it's still a lot of fun and worth checking out if you're in the area.

Note: They are expanding/redoing the first fairway so a few tractors and graders were out.
Played late morning on 6/4 getting paired with two locals and one member. The course had just opened up from cart path only the previous week (a foot and a half of rain over average will cause those two month delays) talking with the starter. Some fairways had been given a sand topdressing so a few lies were on the beachy side. Other than that maintenance, the course was in very good and lush shape. Greens were pure and FAST. Above the hole lead to some very defensive putting. Tee boxes were in good shape although some back boxes were unplayable due to high grass (2-3 feet) in front of them. Rough was thick though somewhat patchy in spots. A bit of a gamble once you strayed from the short stuff. Bunkers had good coverage and plenty of sand. Very happy with the experience for the first leg of my vacation rounds.
Played 36 on an underpar voucher on 5/21. Overall, the course is in nice shape. Greens were far more receptive than Indian Canyons the day before but still released a bit. They also rolled on the slow side but were consistent. My entire group had a heck of a time getting putts to the hole all day. Fairways and rough were solid with the occasional thin patch. Greenside bunkers were great as were the tee boxes. This layout continues to grow on me the more I play here. Green complexes can be a little crazy, but with the speed of the greens this time around, it was quite fair.
Played early afternoon on 5/20 for a good deal on golfnow.
Everything was in really solid shape. Fairways and rough were both really good with the very occasional thin patch. Tee boxes were overall flat with good coverage. Greens were rolling well with medium speed but were rock hard. My buddy that I played with is a high spin player and the looks of confusion as his wedges were releasing 20 feet were high comedy. Keep that in mind if you head out here soon.
Finally got to play Sandpiper with the fellow Gurus on a breezy 5/15 late morning. Tee boxes were level with very little divot damage (Not too many irons hit from those back tee boxes...). Fairways were straight up impressive. Cut nice and tight, great lies pretty much everywhere. Rough was a good, sticky rye overseed and provided nice lies, especially greenside. I thought the greenside bunkers were great sand-wise. A couple were damp and as mpisarski said earlier, the front trap on 18 had standing water. I'm just so used to awful bunkers that this was leaps and bounds better than the norm even though they weren't perfectly maintained. Greens were firm and quite tricky to read. I was lucky to make a few nice putts but I never felt comfortable at any point during the day. Playing conditions were extremely difficult with the 15-20 mph onshore breeze blowing. Can't wait to be back.
Played morning of 4/8 walking from the blues with my club.
Everything apart from the bunkers was really solid. Greens were rolling true and well. Fairways had really nice kikuyu coverage for the vast majority of the playing surfaces with just some divot damage to report. Rough was hit and miss, which is the norm here. Some good spots and some definite bare dirt and "nesty" spots as well. Tee boxes were all pretty level with some club gouges on the par 3s that needed some filling. Bunkers were thin and crusty, not a great combo.
POP was right around 5 hours, which is pretty normal here.
Very much worth the normal rack rates here and a very flat walking course.
Played twilight on 4/7 walking from the blues. The course has improved quite a bit from late last year. The greens were in really solid shape with just a few ball marks to report. The were rolling quite true and a little on the quick side for the first time I can remember. Fairways also had good kikuyu coverage apart from the normal troublesome areas (150 and in on #3, 100 and in on #10). Rough was barely higher than fairway level in most spots and coverage was pretty good. A couple par 3 boxes remain unlevel (12 and 16) and the re-sodding on #4 is looking better.
Good twilight pricing and a 4 hour round is tough to beat.
Noon on 4/6 with the Gurus on a good day for golf in Chino (ie It wasn't 90 degrees and blowing 20mph). This will be the cliffsnotes version of all the previous reviews:

Tees and fairways: Always the same at Los Serranos, good lies in the kikuyu, the occasional thin patch (pretty sparse this time around, which is good) and tees solid, if a little unlevel at times. I don't think I've seen these conditions change at either course since the first time I played here at least 10 years ago.
Rough: Hodgepodge of really good to "ehhhhhh". You could get really nice kikuyu (usually good around the greens) or you could get the dreaded clover patch (more likely in the fairway rough). Again, very typical.
Greens: Bumpy and not completely healed from punching. Call your bank shots!
Bunkers: DO NOT GO IN THE GREENSIDE TRAPS ON 16!! They need some sand. The rest looked pretty normal (crusty and brown).

POP right at 4 hours.
Played early in the morning on 4/6 for my buddy's birthday round (We split my "guest fee"). The two of us skipped through the two foursomes in front of us (shop would not let us out early) and finished in a little under 3 hours.
The greenside bunker renovation/renewal from the past year is done and the traps look great. My biddy did have to deal with some of the lining coming up in one trap but other than that there were no other issues. Greens were rolling well and true, unfortunately the pins were on slopes all day, which was aggravating. Fairways were in nice shape with a few divot patches that needed some TLC put nothing out of the ordinary. Rough was the typical bingo card of lies and grass types, never quite knowing what you were going to get. Back tees were a little chewed in spots (#18 comes to mind). Worth a birthday visit but not a good value for normal rack rates.
Tee time at 10:55 this morning and was off 15 minutes late. POP front 9 of 3 hours and a total POP of 5.5 hours. On a Monday. Ouch.

Tee boxes on #5, #11, #14 and #15 were either temporary or moved to a forward box due to the new grass on the back box. Temporary green on #11 about 60 yards short of the actual green.

Not much to add to ringworld's review of conditions other than the greens were playing quite firm (with lots of ballmarks) and be sure to bring a hammer for the tee boxes.
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