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Played Wed 3/28, 10:10 tee time; Teed off on time. Nice sunny day, 10-15 mph winds. Teed off the back nine today. Course is almost immaculate. It's a wonderful layout, in great shape. Beautiful backdrop. Challenging holes, elevation changes. The rough was one of the most wiry grasses I've ever played. I lost 3-5 shots because I let the grass grab my hosel and ruin my shot, both greenside and full approaches. It's not deep rough, you just need to have velocity and firm hands, which is hard to do on delicate chip shots. Greens smooth and running about a fast 10. Bunkers were perfect. Cart girl came around a couple of times. Carts had nicer seats than my car, with GPS. Had a great time. Wish it weren't so far.
Played Sat 1/27, full field shotgun. Beautiful sunny day. Scramble. Course in pretty good shape. Greens fast and mostly true, maybe a slow 11 on the stimp. Fairways mostly lush... some thin areas. Overall a good day. The layout is interesting. A few water features. Fairway bunkering is fair and beautiful, with some interesting mounding. Greens are big, and many multilevel greens where you have to get on the right tier. It's a bit steep of a rack rate, but commiserate with the rest of OC.
Played Sat Dec 30. 9:50 tee time. 2 hr front, 2 1/2 back. 3some. Very visually stunning course. Hilly. I thought 4 or 5 of the holes were poorly designed... either too penalizing or options didn't make sense. I also loved 3 or 4 of the holes.. 15 is fun. Course in decent shape. Greens good enough, consistent. Fairways and rough typical for a public course. Had a good time, cuz hey, it's golf. Worth a play one time. You might like it more than me.
Played Wed 8/16, 10am tee time; 4 hr rd as 2some. Course in pretty good shape. A bit weather beaten, but not as bad as you'd think. Fairways were pretty good, with moderate divot damage. Greens in great shape. soft, and true, rolling a slow 10. Bunkers were the weak spot. many not raked, and some baked out. Tee boxes were hit or miss, but not unplayable. Customer service excellent. Drink cart came around once. Course is rolling and somewhat forgiving off the tee. Big greens. had a great time.
Played Sunday 7/16 7:10 am (3rd off). 4 hrs as a 4some.. a little slow as the first group set a slow pace. A very pretty course. Tree lined, rolling course, mammoth mountain as your backdrop. Course in good shape. Fairways were mostly lush, with quite a few healing areas, but all playable. Greens in great shape: running 10 on stimp average, as grain affected speed significantly. Very undulating, and many holes need to be on the right tier. Many holes where position is premium over distance. With the elevation factor, I only used driver on maybe 6 holes. About a 15% longer carry with the elevation. Kind of fun hitting 15 -20 yds longer than normal. There is a normally 1/2 club downhill par 3, 180, and i hit a 9 iron pin high. No driving range, hitting nets instead. Staff friendly. Great morning of golf after a morning of skiing the day before, and biking in the afternoon. Would play again.
Played Wed 4/19, 7:50 tee time; 3:30 round as a 2some. Course in fantastic shape. Fairways and rough are lush. Well maintained. Greens are true... punched 4 weeks ago and fully healed. A bit slow; don't know if that's normal or due to punch. A slow 10 on the stimp. This course usually drains well, and all of the rain we've been getting has helped the course. A challenging layout with doglegs and bunkers; seems like many of the approaches were slightly uphill. and no mosquitos today.
Played Sunday Aug 28, 7:35 tee time, 4 some, 4:30 round. Slow going the front 9 (for early time, felt like a lot of waiting, 2:30). Course in good shape. Greens a little slow, but mostly smooth and true(slow 10); usual fairway divots for a public course. A few ball marks unrepaired. Enjoyable round. A hilly track with lots of elevation changes.. don't need driver on more than 5 holes i think.
Played Mon 8/1, 10:15, 3some, 4:15 rd. Nice, warm day with slight breeze. Course looks like it's taking a small beating in the valley heat. Fairways are not as lush as 4 months ago and greens are definitely slower (fast 9). Didn't really affect play or enjoyment. For $39 with cart, will never complain. I had fun, and I still love the track. They are remodeling the clubhouse, making it bigger, so trailers for proshop and food. Hotdogs were the food offering, along with packaged snacks. No tap, but still have bottled beer. didn't ask how long they expect the construction to go. Had a good time overall.
Played Sunday 7/17, 7am tee time; I saw online they had an "aerification special" for $85 incl cart, and a free future round. It wasn't on GK, so I took a chance. I knew they had some big amateur championship, so maybe it was an error. Alas, the greens were punched Monday. big holes, rolled ok, but it made determining speed with grain a challenge. The practice green was very grainy. Was first off, put with a couple, but they insisted I go ahead of them. So a quick 2 1/2 hr round.

The course is a good track. challenging, rolling through hills. Plenty of strategically placed bunkers and trees. Not as foresty as Bayonet. More wide open. Lots of elevation changes, both dramatic and subtle. My main complaint is it looks like they are struggling with the fairways. There seem to be many areas of bad disrepair. Some places looked like they were watering more on purpose,, but the whole course is wet... and moisture in the air is heavy, so why water all morning? Many areas were very wet. Many areas around the greens were very thin (and wet). And there are a ton of unfilled divots. An amazing amount. I guess they get a lot of walkers, and I guess they don't have sand. For the rack rate, you would expect a nicer kept course. (I'm not even complaining about the greens, btw) It's a nice track, but needs to be in better shape. Maybe they are working on it. And maybe the Bayonet is in better shape. But I had fun either way.
Played thurs 7/14, 1:50pm, 4:10 round walking as a 3 some. Nice cool day with some sun. wind mild most of round. I last played here before the reno, and my recollection after last time was "nice course, but every hole started to look the same". I think the renovation fixed that problem. It seems like a completely different course, even the holes that didn't change much. Between how they dressed the bunkers, and slight changes to green locations, it's a much more inviting course, with some interesting holes. I think they added bunkers throughout, in addition to the waste areas.. i know they moved tees and greens here and there. i don't remember the old course, but I enjoyed this course. It's cart path only, so I walked. It's a semi challenging walk, but totally doable.

As for the conditions: Greens are rock hard, and moderate speed. They are in great shape, but they will not hold a shot. Play shots to bounce on and roll... if green is in the back, play the front. Try to see the contour of the green, so you can play a break. I had one shot where I short sided my approach (par 5)... so I had 100 yds over a bunker and about 7 yds pin from the edge. Impossible to get close. People complain about this, but I say, adjust and play the course. Certainly makes you think. My main complaint is the number of unfilled divots in EVERY fairway. I guess this is due to lots of walkers who don't carry sand. We saw many deer as well, which is always cool.

A nice course, in a great setting, and if you catch the right times, it's quick, and if you are ncga, the price is a bargain. Restaurant was good. Overall a good day.
Played Wed 7/6, 11am tee time, teed off right at 11. 2some, playing behind a 3some in 3:50. $29 Wild Wed green fee, incl cart. The course is in decent shape. Aside from some water starved areas, which did not affect play, it's a very playable course. The greens, however, were very slow, and inconsistent in speed. They were mostly soft and spongy. I was never able to feel comfortable with the speeds. the greens are mostly huge with a bit of undulations. The course itself is a wonderful track with a variety of shots, elevation changes, and forced carries. The practice facility is vast and nice... nice putting green and a great chipping/bunker area. Cart girl came around twice and was very pleasant. For $29, I will never let the conditions affect my enjoyment.. but the greens were inconsistent. It is a 50 min drive for me, so not somewhere I'd play regularly. But if I was within a 20 min drive, it would be somewhere in my rotation.
Played both courses Sat June 18. After a 3 hr round on the north, teed off the South about 2:30 for $69 replay rate. Played by myself in 3:15. Hot day, mild to moderate wind.

Course in much better shape, but still evidence of punching about 4-6 weeks ago. Greens true but SLOW (8-9). 4 holes on the ocean, including a par 3 #7, 206 downhill, downwind. 6 iron to 8 ft. Less use of the lava rock than the north, but still tastefully and stratgically used. Fun and scenic course, but a bit steep rack rate of $225. Cart girl came around a couple of times. Overall a fun golf day. Mango towel to end the round is perfect.
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