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Forgot to submit this from last Wednesday, the 8th, March.

They had a special $33 with cart starts at 12:00pm- slow day so I jumped into it. lots of twosome out so it played without delay. I paired myself with a guy on the tee who said he wasn't good and shot in the mid-high 70s. We kept up with each other's good speed in pace with the front twosome... lots of good holes! fun!

The greens were good. It rolled nice- it's poa mix with bent at mid day so that tells you pretty much about it- some subtle inconsistency, not bad at all.

The teeing grounds were fine- there are many divots, but there are plenty of areas with grass to tee it on.

The fairways are real good- no mud ball, it runs pretty good, but not dried out. It's pretty lush and looks pretty good.

The rough isn't all that consistent in height and thickness so watch out for them- it's hard to find a ball in it at times.

Bunkers have sand- it looks good. 'Wasn't in it.

Overall, I was very pleased with the course's playing conditions.

I'll be ready to clear my desk again at it's moments notice!

This awesome course beat us up pretty good on a gorgeous sunny day, 03/12/17. The course was amazing, we just simply couldn't play that day. Our 12:20 tee time moved up to 11:40, and our round finished 4:10- it was all a good thing, considering it's a mid day on a weekend. Nothing wrong went on this exceptionally perfect day except for our game is all.

The greens were good and well undulated but fair (wicked pins, Mr Greens Keeper- ugh!). Thank goodness it isn't as fast as I would want it. The fairways were a little wet and muddy on the first hole, near front of the green, but that's it. We were on a cart- no carts on the 18th and the par threes. The bunkers seems to be okay with sand, we were only in a couple- fairway and greenside. There's water on hazards- the locals say it had dried out before.

The tall grass along sides are a brut although both times we were off line, we lucked out with a pretty good lie. This course is a lot of fun! The feel and its looks, together with its design in each hole where they strategically place bunkers and iconic trees are just awesome. The front's length and forgiveness contrasts the back's more of a short and tighter fairways (just seems to me). It also played a lot slower, too.

Also, there in its back drop where the breeze comes from, a dramatically thick fog teases to roll in and sometimes making a hazy visibility on the course made me wonder where I was. ...well, it's on this great Olivas Links course experience!

The next time I come and visit, I promise not to come from a great wedding party before a golf round here. #Respect.

The last time I played here was a different course in the late 90's. People here nowadays, the starter, food and bev gal at the mobile building were pretty good with information, and humble about their course and a nice welcome. You just wouldn't expect a good course like this- we were so off guarded. It's far and different from the high desert, but worth every mile a drive.

We loved this course and hope to come back and play it again soon- what a gem of a course!
Guys, audience, I don't normally like to mention a number rating for any of the courses I play, but Griffith Park's Wilson course deserves no better than a 3.5 at best.

No, this is not a rant- this I mean is just a very- very poorly maintained golf course to say the least. Going through each details from tee to green will be a waste of time for both you and me. This, I can confidently say without holding back, let this course be worked on and heal.

It really is very sad to see a good laid out golf course in such a pitiful condition. I'm just all sad about this all together- it's terrible.
We were here the day after Thanksgiving 2016. A cool morning that got up to about high 60s without much breeze on a clear day.

The course conditions were in good shape and the course playability were pretty good. There aren't much rough, and there are some bare spots on this muni course, but it is as good as what we paid for here. In other words, I am satisfied to find it the way it is for the amount they charge- regular without the city card- (sorry, I don't remember what we paid).

I don't remember seeing any beverage cart- but that's okay with me.

We had a 7:38 tee time and finished almost 4 hours after with two of our guys on the cart and two of us walked. I thought that was an okay pace- not fast, but not slow either.

The bunker sand quality is pretty heavy type, but there is sand there. I was only in that one, the #4 hole- west side of the course- the rest of the bunkers appeared to be okay- meaning it had sand and raked smoothly.

The teeing grounds were okay, the fairways were good, but there were some bare spots as I mentioned- not bad. The greens were good and it rolled pretty good- on the average it felt like a 10.5 - 11 in speed.

This is the third time they've changed the front/back start. The current front or the west side 9 of the course generally plays a few strokes more than the back for me, and I like that I could play the west side first.

Hoping to play it again soon.
Thursday, 11/10/16, my guys went out for 18 on another gorgeous day up here in the high desert area. A $30 round to walk.

The conditions here aren't much different from what I posted for the Saturday, 11/05/16 review so I'll get to what's different. The greens continues to get faster than the previous times we've been here, however, my friend and I noticed a slight discoloration on a few spots- it isn't a bad thing although as the ball slows down a slight noticeable wobble on the ball starts to happen. Again, it isn't a negative thing.

Today, I met the Superintendent and he was friendly to speak to and he entertained my question by asking how I liked the current course conditions. As I told him what I recently reported here in , he dug in and asked what I cared for on a course. (Wow!) I was almost speechless, but I knew this was a golden opportunity to share with him some of my input. To make the long story short, he and I pretty much agreed that on the type of course and customer/players that the course have, the greens should be at about 10-11 and no faster nor slower, but smooth as silk as we both describe Hacienda cc's green. The bunkers' sand is in good quality and that it is also conditioned and not just dumped in and then leveled- we both agree with that. The one we don't agree as much are the rough. I wanted less height, he thinks it's okay and also a lot of the better players have voiced that in the committee, but he understands my point.

We then moved on as to why is the ball wobbly as it slow down to stop? His answer was that this week, they've started to cut back on watering after the new grass have rooted nicely and also the amount needed as we approach cooler months. But he assures that his course will be pleasurable to play on in just a few weeks as the grass adjust to the changing temps and as they apply what's needed for the winter play.

Just hope I did a satisfactory job in relaying this tid-bit and hope that you are as excited as I am in with what's ahead for this course in my little Q&A with the supper. I look forward to winter golf there and hopefully, I could report about a fabulous playing condition at this course.


It's rare that I play this course, but I played here two Thursdays in a row now with a few ok guys and the weather couldn't be better both times along with good company.

I'll have to say the greens are nice- a few bumps and ball marks but overall smooth and it has recovered well from its recent maintenance- Like I said, I was here last week and it was good, but yesterday was even better. I think the greens rolled even better and the overall of the course.

I'm also happy to report that there is sand around the greenside bunkers though I did not notice it from any of the few fairway bunkers- another + for the course and I say that because I've been here when there were none or thin if any.

The fairways are mowed nicely and tight this time of year- it's in a satisfactory shape if you ask me.

Teeing grounds from the blues and the forward tees are well used by the majority of the players as its a fairly busy, however, not a crowded course, and you'll find them fairly level and grassy- it just depends where and when they moved the tees around or were you a morning or afternoon tee time. Generally no complaints as there are many good spots to tee it on.

All of these officially good conditioned daily local muni course for $38 to walk on a weekday is really a great deal without having to find an ad deal or knowing anyone- just straight forward get on a good maintained course and enjoy your day of golf. FYI- many locals buy the $99 players card that gives them a free round right off the bat and can be used on holidays and weekends that is worth $65. Not to mention points accumulations in every round, dinners/lunches and pro shop purchases towards more free rounds or use it to purchase anything.

With all that said and more importantly, it looks like the new super is handling and manning with its crew to do well for the course and it shows. Oh and he's strict about the guys who chips and pitches around the practice putting greens- don't be caught. LOL :)

I'll be back sooner than I think!

PS. Shout out to Theb Igdog's birthday round this Saturday 11/05/16. He's bringing in a few GK guys with him. Happy Birthday!!!
A busy family day led to a late afternoon tee time and found myself near Simi Hills so I drove over and asked to book a time for a single. I was paired with a twosome that would turn out to be an awesome but a quiet round- we had some laughs at times but mostly just a grind- loved it!

Our round took exactly 4 hours and 30 minutes. We finished at dark- looks like we were last to finish with the decent light. The course was full. I paid $30 to walk which worked out well as we waitrin jut about every shot.

The course conditions were okay. The greens rolled bumpy at times and still a little untrue. Looks like the greens healed well- but just not cut low for smoothness as of yet. Bunkers were okay and teeing grounds on blue tees are okay compared to what we see from the white tees. The fairways are okay- we saw plenty of marked areas for GUR but it looks playable- the course seems to just proactively want to get ahead of a project.

The bev girl wad only seen once at around the 3rd hole.

In a few more weeks the geens will be good again.

By the way, this course was pretty to look at just before sunset!

Thank you, Simi Hills.
A good day at Sun Mountain course on the 1st of October was had by a friend and me. An early afternoon round 12:32pm took us 4 hours and 15 minutes to get through a windy round with some 30mph gust at time- we knew it will be- so no complaints- we, my buddy and the other paired with us played just fine and had a blast with that gorgeous course. Landing area became tighter and the greens smaller- made it even more satisfying when we hit'em...cheers & first bumps all around .. this is a fun course to get excited about the little things in golf- and oh the risk.. LOL

The course was in good condition all in all... the greens were okay, green side bunker were fine- the fairways were lush and very good, and so as the teeing grounds.

Beverage cart came around a few times- it's just fun here.. can't wait to come back!

It was my first time to play here last Thursday and I don't know where to begin my awe-inspired experience on this course. Ladies and Gents, this here is a heluva course! And from tee to green, with the exception of a few bunkers up front 9, were just in fabulous shape. If you can envision it without any structures, it has a feel of openness links if you will.
General breaks of the greens? I will never ask that question ever again...most especially after the third hole. But if you ever have a chance to get on this course, drop everything and go.

Our foursome, three in a cart and a walker were clocked at 1 hour and 28 minutes in front nine, but came off the 18th at 3 hours and 35 minutes. We could have been in earlier, but a graeat pace overall, I thought.

Also, a 7.1 is about correct, however, I'd like to bump it up to an 8 or an 8.5 without going overboard in my opinion. I just loved their greens and running fairways- its quality is in such good playing condition, but I have a feeling that it isn't the courses' best and most probably had and would be much better (just a haunch). Besides that, it is a huge-huge course covered in grass. For them to have all 18 holes in a consistent good playing conditions is overwhelming. ... I could only dream of coming back so I'll be on my best behavior wit my guys. :)

What an awesome time we had here a couple weeks ago!

I might've been the only one walking this course on Father's Day 2016 10:20 starting time, but it was hot that day. Thank goodness the bevcart girl came by a few times who provided me Gatorade the whole day- I had four all together.

The greens condition here at Simi hills had always been consistently good, it's true, and rolled nicely- not so fast, but good.

The fairways are all pretty good too. There were some spotty area that has dried out, but what other Muni or public access average golf course out there does not (in SoCal)? Most did not come and play anyway and they are mostly on the sideways on the rough area- no, btw, not much of a rough actually.

The bunkers were fine. I got in one by #6 fairway and another greenside in the back- it's okay.

The teeing grounds were nice and not so beat up- you can sure find a level and closely mowed grassy spot.

Service was very normal- the guys at pro shop who check us in were nice and simple.

I guess I could whine about the temps- or I could come back again and play it on a cooler day.

Thanks Simi Hills !!
Just like our morning round of the day, this afternoon, 2nd round is also my first time to play it. I understand that this is a Nicklaus course, but I have a feeling that Mr. Pete Dye may have whispered to Jack when he was designing this course- just a guess, but I see some of its style or demand for the player in order to score spells D-Y-E in its subtlety.
It's no Stadium course at all, but in my opinion, this is a type of course that I could play each day and never tired of it- bomb and wedge it, it's good- lay it up and get up & down, it's cool. Any which way you cut and dice any of its hole for your style of play, whether you play here regularly or if it's your first time like mine today, you'll enjoy this course for sure!
The greens are out of rye, and I'm not a fan of it, but it was still okay and playable- enough to say I was satisfied with it for the day.
The rest of the course was awesome from fairways, bunkers, teeing grounds and even its water reservoir content (even though I am terrified with how large they are in sight. ugh!) were all in good shape.
Thank you PGA West for this course.
I don't know why I've always played the Dunes at the La Quinta Resort, but today was my first time here at the Mountain course, and I love it!

We caught a great day to play two rounds and this course was our first of two 18. What a course to start on. As the sun touches the fairways on this course for the first few minutes, it was hair-raising experience. The beauty of this course design and looks can truly make an unforgettable impression to a person who loves golf, and I believe this course can deliver it to anyone.

The greens are my favorite part of any golf course, and I love that this course has many small, but undulated greens, making it tough for the long hitters- great design, Mr. Pete Dye (I will have to have a WORD with you, if I ever get to, but thank you! The greens aren't in its good condition, I don't think. The rye are gone so early- I just wished I could have had that smooth silky experience, but it is summerlike weather early on this year- so it's to be expected.

All other parts of the course like its fairways, bunkers, teeing grounds and roughs are A-Okay!

It's almost 10:00pm now and my eyes are still wide open and my brain can't stop thinking about the beauty of this course- so good to play it... both the front and it!!!

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