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I played here yesterday on President's Day. I saw the review 7.2, I thought outstanding! I was pretty disappointed by the review rating after I played the course, played 36, the re-play rate was good ($15). It did not meet the 7.2 rating, that I saw. My review goes as , the tee boxes where level but has a lot of divots and bare spots on most of the holes. The fairways are firm and fast, and with a lot of bare spots. I funny how quite a number of holes have the course lay out favorable to bad shots, that turn out great. The are several hole where the course funnels to the middle of the fairway, since the rough is cut down so low, the ball just rolls back into the fairway. I did get some awesome long drives, because of the extra firm fairways, but to get a club on the ball is a different result. Your club head will bounce, when hitting down on your approach shots. The course does have a lot of angulation, which keeps it challenging. The bunkers where concrete hard, but not many throughout the course. The greens are the best asset. The are firm and fast. The putts will roll smooth and true. I know it sounds over critical, but after seeing the review rating, I was hope for better conditions. I will play here again, but please don't over rate this course, if the conditions don't match.
I played here on a super rate $10 (2 PM TT). If you have never played here, word of advise, bring a lot of golf balls. The course look is very unappealing. The rough and surrounding landscape is brown. The fairways are green, but hard as concrete. Club selection is tough, because the landscape all slope, either which way on different holes. The course layout is kind of quirky too. Shots will fly out and bounce OUT?? The rough is as hard as the fairways, so shots either roll back into the fairway, because of the slopes, or they can roll out into??? take a drop...The course hole are surrounded with bunkers (Greg Norman design). The greens are hard and non receptive on approach shots, it's best to roll it up like links style. If you want to go there to enjoy the landscape views, which is its best asset, great. But for golf, it is not a Must Play...
I started my New Year's Day here. I had a 8 A.M. tee time, but had a frost freeze for about 30 min., after the freeze was lifted, we where given the opportunity to go to the range and practice area. They have one of the best short game and practice area, that I've used. Now to the game. The tee boxes have been one of the best I have played on in a long time. They are large firm and flat, with minimal, to not damage. The fairways are large and spacious, not too many trees to hit into. But there are so gorgeous and majestic views from some of the back 9 tee locations, so there are forced carry to reach the fairways. It is a must to play the proper tee locations, I played white, which was good for me. The fairways are firm flat and have some lushness to it. The rough was cut down, so it was easy to play through those lies.
The bunkers are placed on many of the holes, which adds to the beauty of this course. The sand was a bit firm, not fluffy, but playable. The greens rolled really fast, I mean really fast, but true. the greens also have some angulation, you need to read before striking your putt. If you are above the hole, be careful, because a miss 1st put may give you and additional 2 or 3 putts to finish. I saw more putts, barely tapped, run 8-10 feet passed, because of the angulation. A couple of hole had pin placements right on the edge of the slope. Overall the course is in super condition, it has great views and character throughout the layout of the track. It should be a must play for your Bucket List for 2018.
I used my final Players Advantage card yesterday (exp 12-31-17), and they are not having this promotion card anymore. It was a beautiful day for golf, the course had some brown spots throughout the course, but all playable lies.
The tee boxes are firm, flat, and level. But the occasional hacker tee up, have "hacked" the divots into the area. The fairways are firm and fast, you can get a lot of additional yardage with a solid trajectory shot. The rough is low, so the play is easy to get out, and advance your shot.
The bunkers are firm and packed down. A flyer will happen, if you skull it or aditional shots when you dig and don't hit the ball solid. Greens are fast and furious. They rolled smooth, with angulation. The putts are tricky, and challenging.
I always enjoy playing here because of the scenery and majestic views. A must play track.
Using my Player Advantage card, I played yesterday at 9 AM. The weather was perfect for golf.
The course is in very good condition. The tee boxes are level and firm. Some did have some bad divots, because of bad golf swings! The fairways are firm and fast. A good drive into the fairway will roll out an additional 15-20 yards. The rough seem low and very playable, some had 1 1/2 - 2 " but not throughout the course. The bunkers where a bit firm and wet, but diffidently playable. The greens are rolling fast and true. The angulation on the greens will keep it a challenge. Speed control is a must! Stay below the cup, and it is easier to convert.

This is a must play track!
I played here on Saturday 12-9-17, with GK Events. I want to say thanks Johnny for setting up this event, it was a good experience to play here...Now let me start from arriving there. The customer service is top notch, from FREE valet (haha those that didn't realize and walked to the Club House), bag service is spot on. The walk through the complex is nice. You can tell this is a $$$$$ nice place. The free range and practice area is nice. I played with Dave, Ron, and Joel. Started on #5, so it was okay by me to be away from a crowd with the 1st swing for the day. The fairways are firm, flat, and fast (extra bounces/roll) though it did not look green and beautiful, the fairways where alright. The rough was short and playable, easy to spot your ball, and hit out of. The course had bunkers located in locations, right where I hit...bunkers throughout the course where strategically placed, but avoidable if play smart. The greens where fast and bumpy and sandy. The course layout is Resort designed, a bit simple for my liking, but it was fun to have played it. I'm glad I did not pay rack rate, because it would not be worth the $95-$175 they charge. I probably would not play here again, I don't even recommend it to golfers that like a challenging layout, because it was a bit boring. But thanks Johnny for the opportunity to play it.
I played here on Black Friday from the Blue...The course has been over seeded and has come back nicely. The tee boxes are level and firm. The fairways are in great condition, they are firm and lush, with a good swing, you'll get some extra roll. the rough was cut down to a reasonable playing condition. It was about about 1 1/2" - 2", which is playable, and easy to spot your ball. The bunkers has good quality sand, I just pray that every player rakes after walking through them. The greens where medium speed, and rolled smooth. Overall the course is in top notch condition.
I played here, last Friday, on Pre-Veterans Day weekend.
After the aerating the course was in really great condition. The tee boxes are flat, but did have some divots from previous hackers, but overall they where fine. The fairways are firm and fast, I didn't see any brown or bare spots. The rough was a bit long, probably 3-4 inches, I did lose a couple of balls in the long rough. The greens rolled smooth and true, you just have to adjust your putt and speed. They rolled med-fast. Bunkers are in good condition, good quality of sand.
This is one of my favorite course to play, so I'll be back!
I played here on Friday the 13th...The course, you can tell is being prepped for over-seeding. The fairways and rough are getting dormant (low watering), but playable and maintained. The greens are still rolling good. The bunkers have been kept up nicely with good quality sand in them.
The course is always fun and challenging to play. They will re-open Oct 30th. So I expect it to be back to top Quality again!
I played here on Friday, Oct 6th, on a free birthday round.
The course in very good shape.
The tee boxes are flat and level, with minimum divots. The fairways where cut tight and the conditions where excellent, with minimal brown spots. They did have the course well watered. The rough was very low. I could find my ball and it was easy to advance any shots in the rough.
The bunker sand is really fine and and easy to swing through, no pebbles or stones to scar your clubs. The greens seemed to have been aerated within a week or so, the ball rolled a little slow, but not too bad. The ball does hold its line, and you will get a true roll, if you give the putt a good firm stroke.
Like always I do recommend this course, because of the 2 course options, you can usually get on , but sometimes POP can be long. I did finish in about 4 hours, but that was a Friday morning.
I played here last Friday, 9-22-17. The service and accommodations here are very good. We had 16 players, so we got a group rate of $35, plus they gave us a $10 food voucher. It also included range balls. The conditions where really good , we had so perfect golf weather too (68* at 8 AM.) The tee boxes are flat and level, with minimal to no divot damage.
The fairways are firm and well groomed. You will have good lies throughout the course.
The rough was a bit long, about 3" along the banks of the water channel, so balls will not roll into the channel, the caveat is, if you don't see your ball land, it is VERY difficult to find. The rough opposite the water channel was at a good playable length, 1 1/2" -2". The bunkers are well placed throughout the course, if you hit too long, you may be in a bunker, if you hit too wide , left or right of the green, you may be in a bunker. The greens roll true, but a bit slow to what I am us to, but after a couple of holes, I adjusted. This is a links style course, so a few of the players where commenting, "where are the trees" LoL, I enjoyed this course. It is a strategic course, because of the design.
For a private course, this place is way below par. conditions are so bad. greens are good, but course is always dry and dead spots throughout the course. You do get extra bounce, from the hard fairways. Short course for good pitch and putt. Don't expect a real golf experience here. Locally, play Brookside .
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