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Played on Friday, 6/8, with a 6:30ish tee time, $35 with OB card. Checked in early and was told we could get out if we were ready. Right to the 1st tee as a 2, following a 2, played through a 4some on 11 and finished in about 3:30. Gorgeous Vegas day and done before the heat.

1st time on Mountain in 3 months, and it was in incredible shape. Course is ready for their annual pro/scratch tourney in a month. Tee boxes were the best I've seen, only complaint was how the stones were set, many pointing away from the hole. Fairways were lush with little amount of thin areas. Rough has been grown out, need to watch where you go in because if it's sitting down, you may not find it, and some trouble getting out. Bunkers were decent, not hard packed. Greens were in great shape, recovering from their recent punching, and running FAST.

Mountain was in that "late October Early November" type of shape. Worth the trip before the heat causes problems.
Played Sunday, 5/27, with a 6:50ish tee time with john_T and his dad. He sent me a text at 6:20 saying they were ready to send us. Luckily I'm minutes away and we teed off about 15 minutes early. Finished in just a shade over 3.5 hours. $55 NV resident rate, probably the most I would pay here, but John made the tee time late last night through their site with no other early morning options around town.

I have a weird relationship with PD. I'm just never comfortable, doesn't "fit my eye," but personal opinion aside, it's a good course. Conditions were pretty good. Tee boxes had a little sloping to them, but flat spots were findable. Fairways were nice, not thin areas, lots of green, and lush. Rough was a mix bag. It's bermuda coming back from dormancy, and it gets very thin the farther away from the fairway. Bunkers were really good. Very few pebbles, and nice white sand. Greens were phenomenal. They felt soft, but ran fast and smooth. Only issue was the many unrepaired ball marks.

PD is a nice course, variety of holes, more open than it looks/feels from the tee (which may be why I'm uncomfortable), and somewhat challenging with some long par 4s and 5s and plenty of bunkers abound. Not a destination course, but a nice resident course.
Played on Thursday, 5/24, thanks to Sixpez for setting it up and joined bigkev and Ppark81 for the round. This course is deep with history, hosting PGA and LPGA events, and a stable of the old school Vegas scene. It was awesome walking through the clubhouse and looking at the many pics from the past.

LVCC was built in 1967 and the clubhouse kept that feel. It's 2 stories, with the bar on the second overlooking the 9th hole (which makes me think they flipped the 9s at one point) and the pro shop down an escalator. Super friendly staff, which was expected of a private club. Amenities included LVCC labeled bottle water at the turn and on the course, fresh made lemonade at the snack bar on course, and free popcorn and homemade chips in the bar/grill area.

Course was in phenomenal shape. It felt like we were riding on carpet as we drove down the fairways. Rough was up a little, which could cause some problems. Bunkers were decent, not loose, not dense, but rock free and better than most in Vegas. I found the greens incredible. Multi-tiered which left you with multiple breaks if on the wrong level. Smooth, medium speed, and difficult to read. As a group, I don't think we got a handle on the dominant breaks.

Definitely not a desert course. It has a feel of a super upgraded LV National, with lots of tree lined fairways keeping the houses out of play. Great views of the Strip and plenty of aim points using hotels and attractions. I would absolutely jump through hoops to play here again.
Played on Thursday, 5/24, with a group of GK gurus at 7:30. From bag drop to lunch in the grill afterwards, it was an excellent experience. Great customer service all around. This was the 2nd time out since the renovation and 1st time I've played it outside of end of summer and dead of winter. The flipping of the 9s has grown on me and I love the variety of the layout, no 2 holes alike, great par 3s, and great Vegas views.

Best condition I've seen the course and that's saying a lot since it was great in December. Lush fairways, short rough, and smooth greens. Course and bunkers were wet from the morning watering, which was my only complaint. Greens look faster than they played but they are coming in nicely.

Definitely worth the trip when in Vegas and easily a top 5 course for me.
Played on Friday, 5/18, with a 11:32 tee time and paid $59 through the course website. A mixed bag of positives and negatives.

POSITIVES: very friendly staff, beautiful all grass range with a small bucket (about 25 balls) included, nice practice putting green and chipping area, excellent course conditions: mostly level tee boxes (par 3s a bit beat up), lush fairways, 1-2 inches of rough, bunkers had some pebbles/stones but green side sand was somewhat fluffy; fun layout

NEGATIVES: weird cart policy*, pace of play (each cart lists your tee time along with what time you should be leaving certain greens with a 4.5 hour pace) front 9 took over 2.5, waiting on every shot (par 3s had 2-3 groups waiting), we bailed at almost 5 hours with 2 left to play (with groups waiting on both tees as we drove past); had a brushback with the cart guy when he asked how it was and I said the pace sucked. His reply, "hate the player not the game," my reply and look was not PC

cart policy: carts are kept locked until your tee time; range and practice greens are really close, but I like to keep an eye on my stuff; at your tee time, the cart guy/starter unlocks your cart and sends you to the 1st tee (this may have caused the pace issues, since no one watches the tee and I saw 2 groups hanging out a few times)

Greens had signs of recent small punches, with sand on some but not all. Seemed to cause a speed issue, as some were slow and other a nice medium/fast pace

Overall, I really liked the conditions and was surprised by the layout. It's not a flat residential course, all fairways have plenty of elevation change and undulations. Awesome par 3s, all over water, but not 100% carry and plenty of bail out areas. I would like to play it again, but only if I find a better price and an early mid week tee time.
Played on Friday, 3/9, with a 10:40a tee time. I had very little interaction with the staff outside of the bag drop/cart barn guys, who were great. Probably the best cleaning my clubs have received at the end of the round (always a little disappointed with other cleaning the clubs). Due to it being the 2nd round of the day, our 3rd took care of paying ($70) and John_T took care of the food and drinks prior. I will say, on a very busy day (thanks for everyone visiting for the 4 basketball tourneys this week), it was incredibly smooth. On the 1st tee a couple of minutes early, and finished a shade under 4.5, waiting on a few with the 4some behind right up on us.

If you haven't read a Paiute review ever, I will paraphrase almost everyone: (1) tee boxes mostly level with some divots on par 3s (2) Fairways like CARPET! Lush but with some run out
(3) Rough was about 1-2 inches, just enough to know you're in it (4) Fantastic bunkers! Semi fluffy and easy to hit out (5) Firm and smooth greens, almost fast Tip: Remember where the highway is from where you are, putts are faster running away from the mountain behind it (6) it's always breezy

Another fantastic day at Paiute. A great recommendation if looking for a great Vegas experience.
Played on 3/9 with the 2nd group out. Free birthday round with the OB card but would of been $42. Even with the sunrise tee time, the range was up and running under the lights. 1st group was a group of employees and we were paired with 2 other employees, who did not seem enthused of the pairing. We graciously told them if the 1st group lets them go ahead, we'll casually trail behind. Never saw the 2 again and the 4some pulled ahead too, absolute morning rabbits. We finished at 3:20 feeling we took our time and enjoyed. 3some behind us was over a hole behind.

Course was in good conditions. Tee boxes were pretty good. We played the blues and they moved them back from their normal areas to grow in the regular areas. Fairways were running firm, with great grass coverage, except for 100y out on #2, which was destroyed by the coots. Rough was cut just a few above the fairways, but thicker around the greens. Greens were in great shape, firm, very little ball marks, and fast, almost scary with the slopes. Bunkers were the worst part, hard packed, pebbles, and hard to hit out of.

Still my go to based on price and conditions with the OB card.
Played on Friday, 3/2, with a 9ish tee time on a blustery day. Joined John_T, his dad, and his cousin, paying $62 resident rate. Started right on time, behind a 4, let a 2some play through but they quit after 9, and just chased the group ahead around in 4:30. Waited on the last few holes but nothing major.

Course was in really good shape as it preps for a SNGA tournament next weekend. Tee boxes were good, but some were on sidehills and just minor divot damage. Fairways were pristine, with no thin areas and green grass all around. Rough is dormant bermuda, which gave you a good or bad lie, depending which way the grass was laying. Bunkers were phenomenal. Both fairway and green side were filled with a fine soft sand, some of the best in Vegas. Greens were in great shape. Very firm, did not see a ball mark all day, but very smooth and a fast pace. The wind caused a few balls to waver or roll away.

I can't believe I waited so long to get back to Highland Falls. Just a great course. From the white tees (6017 yards/68.1/118), a nice mix of short and long par 4s, 3 uphill Par 5s (2 into the prevailing wind) and some short fun Par 3s, including 1 of the most picturesque in the valley, #14, which has you teeing off from an elevated tee with an incredible look at the Strip. I think HF is a very underrated course, may not be a trip-worthy course, but could be a nice addition.
Played Friday, 1/26, with a 8:50 tee time booked through Last Minute Golf for $43 each. Parking lot and club house was packed due to a tourney on Lexington, but they set up a separate bag drop/staging area and everything went smooth. I usually don't buy items in the pro shop due to the mark up, but found they sold Monument Golf's stick it strap for lasers for less than online and snatched 1 up.

The all grass range was closed due to mechanical issues with the picker and the putting green was closed due to a frost delay. Also due to the frost delay, tee times were pushed back about 45 minutes, but they sent the early groups out as a shotgun and we went off on time. Never saw the group in front of us, let a 2some play through on 11, and finished in about 4:30.

Course was in good winter condition, for the most part. Tee boxes on the 4s and 5s were good, but the Par 3s were a little beat up and not level. Fairways were great. Firm, with lots of roll, and almost complete coverage (except for an area of #8). Rough was dormant bermuda, which caused some troubling shots around the greens, but allowed shots in the mounds to roll into the fairway. Bunkers were the low point. Thin, rocky, and some were missing rakes. Greens were firm, smooth, and rolled slower than they looked.

Definitely worth it for the price. Wish it wasn't completely across the valley for me. I love Concord over the Lexington course (as the kids say, don't "at" me). Great mix of short and long holes, big elevation change Par 3s, a couple of tough, almost straight uphill holes (9, 17), and one of the best closing holes in the Vegas area.
Played on Friday, 1/12, with a 10:30 tee time. $65 as a guest of a PACC card holder, which is excellent for Paiute, but the max for me for weekend golf.

We used the bag drop and the bags were set up on the cart after the easy check in. Snack shop at the carts and the one after the 9th was open. For the 1st time ever, the drink cart pulled up to us around the 4th and was OUT OF BEER. Didn't see it the rest of the front but twice on the back. Skipped the bar this time, but definitely worth a stop, great prices and fantastic view.

Parking lot was packed and they were only using 1 of the 2 ranges (Wolf today), which made it seem busy. On the course, never saw anyone in front and we had a 2some stalking us, but every time we would wait for them, they would slow play and not come up. We finished in a shade under 4 hours as a 4some.

Course was in terrific shape. Vegas had rain for 2 days mid-week, and the course took it well. Flat tee boxes, some divots on the Par 3s. Fairways were 100% green and lush. Rough was just 1-2 inches. Bunkers were nice on top, fluffy and loose for the first few inches, still damp below. Greens were firm, minimum amount of ball marks, and rolled smooth at an almost fast pace.
Snuck out for 2 twilight rounds on 12/14 (Thursday) and 12/15 (Friday), paying $27 both days. I was a little worried about chasing daylight with tee times just after Noon on both days, but finished in 4 hours on Thursday, and about 4:20 on a stacked Friday, joining the group ahead us on the 18th tee so we could putt out in the dark.

Conditions are officially winter-like. Tees are a little beat up. Fairways are thinning with brown areas popping up. Rough is manageable, but long and thick in some areas. Bunkers are hard-packed and heavy. Greens are fast, but a bit bumpy in the afternoon and plenty of unfixed ball marks.

I've seen AP better, but it's still very playable. I could not beat the price for twilight.
Played on Wednesday, 12/13, with JohnnyGK and Mrkich (Matt). You could not beat the company and the great Vegas weather. Tee'd off at 9ish and temps in the 60s, no clouds, no wind.

Course re-opened in October after some renovation/restoration work. The first noticeable change (and it's a huge change) was the new driving range. Gone is the long stripe of mat and replaced with a large all grass area so big they could move the hitting area around for weeks before repeating them. They also added a putting green between the range and the #1 tee (old #10).

The major maintenance work went to the greens and bunkers. I decided to try out many of the bunkers (not by choice) and found them to be the best in Vegas. Soft, subtle sand that made it easy to splash out. I've never been confident hitting from sand but after a few bunkers, I was happy I landed in them instead of the rough. They also added/removed a few bunkers, most noticeably on the new #3 (old 12). They took out the back bunkers, added a front left one, and built a backstop behind the green. Most of the other bunkers have been reshaped. All 18 greens have been re-grassed, and 5 were recontoured.

The last change was the flipping of the 9s. Last year, we played the new routing as we teed of #10 and I was not a fan. However, it grew on me as we played through the round on Wednesday. While I loved the old #18, finishing into a great Strip view, you now finish with 3 great holes, the Million Dollar Par 3 over water, a tough risk/reward Par 5, and 18 now takes you into the clubhouse.

Conditions were fantastic and they appeared to have taken advantage of the mild weather. Fairways were mostly spotless, with a few thin/brown areas. Rough is dormant bermuda, so you get a definitive outline between fairway and rough. The new bunkers were incredible. The new greens were firm, but slower than they appear, probably due to how new they are. Overall, a great experience, start to finish.

A must play for a Vegas trip.
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