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Played 5/26/18 2:45 $40 POP 3:45
Course has greened up even more. Fairway's were in really nice shape with just a slight olive green color. Full and really nice to hit from.
Greens in great shape. The poana was blooming a little which caused an occasional wobble, but over all in really good shape. Course is in really good shape over all. Get out there !
Played 5/20/18 in the GK plays. Really enjoy playing this track. A nice mixture of hole designs. Mostly on the short side. There are plenty of somewhat daunting tee shots with trouble lurking.
Holes along the mountain are some of the best in the valley. Small greens with some having strong undulations. Course was in really good shape. Fairway's great. Green & lush. Summer bermuda was about half grown in on the greens. They didn't look all that great. But, they ran true and smooth at a little over medium speed. Firm, balls would check if you got enough spin on them. As mentioned, there were a few Tee boxes that were pretty chewed up. Over all in great shape.
Played 4/30/18 2:30 POP 4:20 $40
The bermuda fairway's have grown in and greened up. Mostly complete coverage and played great. Good roll and decent cushion under ball.
Greens were great. Rolled mostly true and had good pace to them at medium fast. Held shots well.
They have been replacing sand in some traps. The new sand ones are very good. The older are hard pan.
Typical Mt. Woodson T boxes. Some good some bad.
Over all in very good shape and definitely recommend to all Woodson fans.
Played 4/2/18. 9 am $89 POP 4:10
Course was in fantastic shape. The best I have seen it or played.
Greens perfect. Very receptive and smooth with a pace at about medium maybe a touch above.
Noticed one green had remnants of a recent punching, but the rest were perfect.
Fairway's perfect. Lush with good roll. Except for the first fairway. That drop causes the ball to stop after hitting so your approach can be a looong one. They were in the process of cutting out some infiltrated grasses that have contaminated some fairway's. But it was hard to pick out the "grass weeds" they were replacing? They are starting a policy of asking you to clean your shoes before going out on the course to minimize the issue. Traps & tees were great. With the green rolling hills and many flowering trees on them, it was beautiful. My favorite course in the Sacramento area without a doubt.
Played 3/30/18 8 am Pop 4
Course was in overall good condition. It was springtime green. Fairways mostly lush with dormant and dry areas mixed in. Greens in very good shape. Receptive, mostly smooth. Poana blooms caused an occasional bump. Speed around medium. Traps poor. Mostly hardpan. Fun lay out with a nice mixture of hole designs.
Played 3/25/18 11 am $ 33 POP 4:10
For $33 w/ cart, it's a good deal right now. Fairways have greened up and are mostly in good shape with a few dry areas mixed in.
Greens were very good to great. Blooming poana, caused a putt here and there to wonder, but ran mostly true with a medium pace. Receptive to very well struck shots, but mostly ran a little.
Bunkers are horrible. Hardpan & full of rocks. Very much hazards that you want to avoid. Over all in decent shape and worth any deals you can find. No cart girl.
Played 3/20/18 11 am $40 POP 4:45
Course is in pretty decent shape. Many fairway areas brown or thin with a few small dirt patches, But mostly in decent shape and very playable.
Greens were in good shape. A little firm. Decent roll and running around medium. There was a little bit of sand still visible.
Found two traps and they were in very good shape. Some tees a little beaten up.
Over all in decent shape and worth playing
Played 3/4/18 1 pm $40 POP 3.30
The deep frost a couple of weeks ago have really sent the course into winter conditions. There are some slight green rough areas and the fairway's still have a slight greenish color left from when they colored it a few weeks ago, but other then that, everything is dormant. Fairway's are tight with lots of run. The Tee shot of #13 is a tough one. You have to aim at the large trap all along the left and hope the ball kicks right a little. If you aim for the fairway the ball will run all the way into the junk on the right. Greens were in very good to great shape. They have been renovating some of the bunkers of the front 9 with new shapes & new sand. They are planning on Aerating the greens on the 12th & 13th of next week.
Played 2/25/18 9:40 30 min. frost delay. $95
Course was in over all fantastic shape.
Fairway's perfect. Green, lush and really fun to hit from and still had good roll.
Greens were on the firm side and were smooth with a medium roll. Maybe a touch above.
Rough was a little on the thick side and really made a difference shooting to the firm greens. Was in two traps and they were in very good shape. Many of the tees were crowned or uneven.
Just another great day at a really good course. The two hour drive is completely worth it. This track continues to be my favorite in the valley.
Played 2/11/18 Previous reviews are still good, but it did seem the fairway's were cut tighter with less cushion? Maybe mowing schedule? Greens seemed smoother and are still in very good shape. Group found a few bunkers and some where very firm to rock hard and others in decent shape. Still a good deal and course is in very good shape overall.
Played 2/6/18 10 am $165 POP 4:20
WOW.. Just F... in wow. Second time playing this course and it is just a fun course to play. I found my self laughing out loud more then once from the T shots and the scenic beauty. Emerald green against the tan mudstone hills. It's amazing the imagination of designing & then building this course. Fairway's were almost Rams Hill quality. Good roll and ball sat perfectly.
Greens were receptive, smooth and fairly quick. Down hill putts easily got away if you were not respectful. A couple of pin placements were right below a tier and if you were above, you'd have no chance of keeping the ball anywhere near the hole and risked the ball running all the way off the green. You HAD to keep the ball below the hole at all times to have any good putting chances. The traps were the best I've seen & played in a long time. They had a firm base and about two inches of softer fairly course sand that made getting out very predictable. No cart service, but good customer service before & after the round. The halfway house has a drive through lane & window for food & refreshments. Awesome ! Small iron only driving range which really sucks because the T shots require very good driver play. Would recommend stopping at one of the other courses to warm up if you can? Price is a little steep, but worth every penny IMOP. Highly recommended bucket list course !
Played 2/7/18 9am shot gun $100 4.5 hrs
Fairway's were a mixture of perfect lush grass, very thin grass or a criss cross mixture of both.
If you found the good grass it was great. When you found the other... sucky.
Greens were VERY firm. Almost impossible to stop the ball without 'tour type' spin. You had to play way short of the pin or green if pin was up front. Rolled about a notch or two above medium. Mostly good rolls except when your ball hit a rock from the traps which were a mixture of small rock & firm sand. Every green had a sprinkling of tiny to large rocks on them from the traps. Some greens were very dried out in appearance and a couple of par 3 greens were pretty chewed up from old ball marks. Oddly, I hit some quality high soft shots into them and they didn't leave a mark at all?? Decent layout with a mixture of hole designs mostly on the shorter side even from the blues. Course runs though a housing track and around the private course with some very long travels from one hole to the next. Some very nice views of the Red Rock mountains nearby. If you can find a great deal there is fun to be had ?
Listing 1 to 12 of 56,875 Course Reviews
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