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Played 3/22/17 10am $107 Pop 3:45
Tried to find a less expensive course, but was still $100 for a morning round. Hoping to get in before the trade winds picked up too much. The front 9 seems to play mostly into the wind with many up hill holes. Course can play longer then stated depending on wind.
Fairways mostly olive green. Reminded me of SoCal fairways. Many browned out or dead patches scattered about but never caused me any issues. They were firm with good role, but still nice to hit from.
Rough in good shape. Fluffy Bermuda.
Greens definitely the low spot of the course conditions. Many sick areas covering most greens. Very firm and dry looking. Ran at a good pace of medium fast. Appeared they had dyed them sometime in the past.
Beautiful course with very nice views of the central valley
Played 3/20/17 1pm $165 POP 4
Absolutely loved this course. Ocean views the entire way around. A fun mix of holes and very scenic. Resort style layout so fairly easy to play. Just plain fun to play.
fairways were in great shape. Cut nice with good roll and very nice to hit from.
Was in a couple of traps and they were consistent and were pretty easy to get out of.
Rough looked benign but was fluffy enough to make good ball contact required.
Greens were receptive and ran true. A little on the slow side for my taste at medium/slow.
All around a great course. I was fortunate to play Kapalua on a windless day a few years back and I enjoyed this course more.
Played 2/25/17 2:30 $45 Did not finish
Fairway's mostly green and in pretty good shape. A little firm, but still nice to hit from
Tees and traps in good shape. Was in a few traps and they were consistent and in good shape.
Greens were in decent shape. Very firm. Very tough to stop shots from rolling past hole. Running at a touch above medium pace with good roll.
Narrow course with tree lined fairway's can make for difficult shots if not near center of fairway or correct side.
Played 2/25/17 8:30 $69 POP 5 hrs +
Played Mission/ Friars.

Mission fairways mostly green, with many browned areas mixed in. Over all not bad.
Tees good, traps ok. mix of good and hard pan
Greens in good to very good shape. Receptive. Ran fairly smooth at a good pace of medium fast. Many poorly or un repaired ball marks.

Friars fairways in mostly poor shape. Since it will be demoed in the near future they are not doing much to keep them in good shape. 10%-20% hard pan dirt areas mixed through out.
Greens were in the same shape as mission.

On the other side of the tunnel of the Friars side. There was a table set up where they had a person selling draft beers for a buck. He said it was a 'thank you' for playing the Friars 9. We hung out for a few minutes !!!
Played 1/27/17 10:30 $ 165 POP 4:15
First time playing this course and liked it. A fun mix of hole designs and was in very good to great shape.
Fairway's green and mostly lush with a few brown areas mixed around the edges. Cut nice and great to play from with good roll.
Tees good and traps in great shape.
Greens were fairly receptive. Rolled true and at about med. fast pace. These greens have lots of undulations that can make a big difference on pin placement. We were joking that the Greens Keeper must have gotten in a fight with his wife. Pins right on break overs and 2 paces from a run off edge. Made for a long day on the tough to read greens.
Good customer service and lots of scenery. Lots of homes surrounding the course, but well out of play. Would enjoy playing this course again.
Played 1/29/17 9:50 (10:30 with frost delay) POP 4:15 $236 OUCH.....
First time playing this course. The views and layout of this course are fantastic. A very scenic desert course that is enjoyable to just to be on.
Fairway's were emerald green and perfect. Contrasting against the dormant bermuda and then add in the desert scenery and you have a beautiful course to be on. Fairway's were cut perfect and were lush with good roll. With some of the fairway slopes, the balls easily ran into the rough or desert if you hit into the wrong place. Course knowledge is almost a must on many of the T shots. I hit a couple of seemingly perfect shots, only to find they over ran the fairway's and into the desert!
T's perfect and the new traps looked consistent and in great shape. I found one and it had really good sand.
Greens were the only let down. They were ROCK hard. I doubt any pro could get a ball to stop on them. You have to play them like a links style course. Shoot for the front and hope the ball holds. If the pin is in the front... good luck! The positives were that they ran true and smooth at Med. fast to fast pace. Typical undulations, so not too hard to get a decent read. High soft shots would barely leave a dent and would run off or to the back of the green. Even trying to repair the "dent" felt like it would bend your divot tool !

Even though most of the course was in fantastic shape and I played fairly well. I walked away a little disappointed after paying TOP dollar with those green conditions. Was told they are still growing in and will take some time. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Conditions are what they are and sometimes you have to adapt to them. But, if I put on my "Capt. Hindsight" cape. I would not pay that much to play this course again with the currant conditions of it's greens.
Played 1/14/17 Quest rate $45 POP 4 hr.
Got invited to play and really enjoyed the course. Over all it was in very good shape.
Fairways lush and very nice to hit off
Greens were in great shape. Lots of subtle breaks that were hard to read the for the first time. Receptive and ran at medium quick. Was told they were running slower the normal. Which would make some of them very difficult. Had one with a pin placement on a slope that didn't look that steep. But if you didn't get the ball in the hole, it would roll back to your feet even after stopping a couple inches from going in.
Rough not bad and typical 1-3"
Traps were hard packed sand and very difficult to get out of. Had to play them like hard pan. Probably from all the rain we just had ?
Fun layout with a nice mixture of holes. Not overly long 6,500 from tips. They do have a couple of long 4's 420 & 445.
Fairway's looked narrow with tree lined,but had more room then looked for T shots. Would look forward to getting invited to play here again anytime !
Played 1/8/17 2 pm $35 Did not finish
Typical Sunday slow play. Lots of large groups & family's
Fairway's mostly lush and in great shape. A occasional dry or brown area, but most very nice to hit from and cut at a nice length.
Greens in very good shape, Held shots well and fairly smooth for late in the day. Typical San V. pace. Slowww.
Rough typical 1" -3"
Traps in decent shape.
Slow play can be an issue here, but it is really a fun course to play and in pretty good shape
Played 12/26/16 11:30 POP 4:45 $ 39
The course was in over all pretty good shape for early winter.
Fairway's were mostly green and lush. Brown areas mixed in, but over all in good to very good shape.
Greens were in good shape. A little bumpy, mostly from foot prints and old ball marks. Speed about medium/slow,but consistent. Held shots fairly well.
Traps in good shape and rough minor.
Service was good.
The layout is a fun mix of holes and fairly tight. Not a long course. Mostly shorter holes with long par 3's and a couple long par 4's over 400 to get the printed yardage up

I have to say they are in serious need of new carts. They are some of the worst I have seen in a long time. It took three to get my round in. But they were pretty quick on getting the next cart to us. Noticed others having the same problem. No divot mix on any of them. This surprised me a little. They had a appearance that they didn't really care about the carts or the course ? There are not a lot of courses in the area and I think this is up on the list for the amount of play it gets. It was a Monday and they had a local skins game going. The group in front of us was a fivesome and saw one other fivesome. Not a fan of this custom. Many un repaired divots on the greens as well.
Played 11/29/16 10 am $26 POP 3.5
Got out after the rain stopped. This is a short muni course. Under 5,000 from the tips.
Fairways mostly dormant with a slightly green tinge.
Good coverage and never found a bad lie all day
It drained pretty well but still soggy in a few areas.
Greens a little receptive but also on the slow side at a medium slow pace.
Rough pretty thin. Traps and tees in good shape.
A great course for new golfers. Very forgiving and straight forward with no tricky layouts.
Played 11/25/16 & 11/28 11 am POP 4.5 $102 / $69
What can you say about this course that hasn't already been said?
Just a fun and fantastic course to play. It was in all around great shape.
Fairways lush. Not much roll but great.
greens receptive, ran medium fast to fast and true.
Was in a lot of traps and they were all great.
If you are anywhere near here you have to play this course!
They now have a phone app that has a overhead view& yardage. The carts have gps and seem to be accurate. The app is a nice feature to see the layout for first time players. The carts also have USB charging ports.
Played 11/6/16 12:30 UP deal POP 4:15
Last chance to use UP deal. Knew greens would still be healing, but were much better then expected. Only minor visual signs of the aeration. Most balls bounced along their path that made getting speed right difficult. But oddly seemed to hold a fairly good line ? Were very receptive.
Fairway's & tee boxes very lush but both a little shaggy from over seeding so there was often grass between ball & club.
Traps in poor shape.
Got 18 in with about 10 min. of light left.
In another week or less it should be back to great shape?
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