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Played a 4 hole loop at 5 pm on 5/21/17
The fairways were perfect. Green & lush.
The 4 greens I played were in great shape and typical pace of medium/slow
The course is in fantastic shape. Wish the greens had a little more speed in them.
Played 5/19/17 with the GK guru dudes. Another great day with with the GK group. Played with Johnny & Andrew. Lots of laughs.
I thought the course is in very good shape. Haven't played here in a couple years and really thought the course has improved a lot. Fairways have filled in more then they used to be, and even though many are cut very tight, still presented decent lies. A little dry and firm underneath and they had very good roll. Which was nice on some of the longer holes. Especially that beast of par 5 that is all up hill!
Greens were very good to great. Receptive and ran really smooth at a very good pace of medium fast. Although a couple seemed slower ?
Rough was a mixed bag, but very playable. Traps in very good shape.
I've always loved the layout of this course. No holes alike and are challenging, but still fun to play.
The course is in the best condition that I have every played it.
Played 5/14/17 12 pm $ 44 POP 3:45
Course is a mixture of good and bad. Most of the fairways were in decent to great shape. A little woolly in some areas and thin in others. Mostly green, but dry underneath. Decent lies.
Rough was a mixture of 12" tall meadow grass, 6" thick lush grass (Torrey Pines, US Open)and bare dirt. Some fairways went from wooly mowed to 12" weeds.
Greens were "OK". Most are very spongy and feel like they really need some aeration & sand.
Held shots decent, but ran at a pretty slow pace. Some were very wooly and needed to be cut. There were patches of lush green spots on some of the greens were the grass was 1/2" higher then the surrounding areas. If you had to putt trough them, you had no idea how the ball would roll.
Tees were pretty beat up and you had to look for flat spots to hit from.
The weather was perfect and a silence that you can almost feel is a real pleasure. I really enjoy being out in this area. Turkeys, tree squirrels and ground squirrels everywhere. We pretty much had the course to ourselves. If you don't mind a course that is a little rough on the edges and sometimes in the middle. It is a nice way to spend the day out here. And some good wine tasting places as well.
Played in GK event. 5/7/17
Course was in great shape
Fairways green and lush. A little dry underneath, but good divots were easy and balls ran well after touchdown. Slight yellowish color, but they played great.
Greens mostly receptive. Bermuda starting to grow in, so a little grain starting to take affect. Keeping below the hole helped a lot so you could putt more aggressively.
Ran smooth at about a touch above medium pace.
Traps a mixture, but mostly in fine shape.
Design puts a premium off the T with narrow fairways and rolling hills or traps along sides. Lots of traps and rolling mounds near greens as well. Short siding was extra tough.

I agree on the food service deal. That was weird ! She came back at the end and said she was $20 short, so Vic spotted her the money and I don't think he ordered anything ?
Played in the GK Guru day. One of my Favorite and one of the best courses in SD County.
The course was in great shape. It's easy to get spoiled if you've played here a few times to just expect the grass to be that deep emerald green everywhere and all the time. It was.. mostly. There were a few dryer/ browner areas starting to show in the fairway's, but they still played fantastic. It's such a treat to hit off these fairway's compared to the typical I play in SD.
The greens were in very good to great shape. I thought they held shots well and rolled true. Not as fast as they have been in the past and not as fast as the practice green, but still at a really good pace.
Traps were the low point, But hey they're are hazards right. Many were a little crusty.
Great practice/ warm up area and a fantastic bar area to enjoy refreshments after the round.

Knowing that Rams Hill takes pride in their product is why I chose to invest in advertising with a company providing the yardage books for the course. Understanding honesty and integrity in your product and brand is what separates the weak companies from the strong.
That is why I take pride in being a GK reviewer and will continue to give my most honest opinion.
Played 4/28/17 3 pm $39 POP 4 hrs
Drive by every day and have been wanting get out here since it has been a while.
Course is in very good shape
Fairways green with full coverage. They were cut kind of tight, but very nice to hit off. A little on the firm side, but not bad, and they had pretty good roll.
Greens receptive and in great shape. They can get a little bumpy in the afternoon from the blooming Poana and foot prints, but They still rolled decent at about medium fast.
Rough wasn't bad. Decent shape with mostly full coverage at about 2" of green/brownish grass.
Traps in poor shape. No sand in them and are mostly hard pan.
T boxs which have been horrible for years were actually in decent shape. Mostly full coverage. They are small so they can get get beat up quickly. Many are still crowned or sloped, but at least for now they have good coverage. If you're a fan of Mt. Woodson, you will not be disappointed!
Played 4/16/17 9 am $54 POP 3.5
Fairway's mostly green with good coverage. Good lies all day.
Greens in very good shape. Held shots and ran a little over medium pace.
I really enjoy playing this course. I like the layout. Not a overly long course and with the many doglegs, it can really alter your club selection off the tee. Especially playing from the white tees. You can hit less then driver and try and shape shots or use the driver and try to over power them. But if you miss, your in the trees. I enjoy the choices it gives you.
Played 4/15/17 Got out in the morning to play 9 holes $18 w/ cart
Fairway's green and mostly lush and in very good shape.
Greens were in great shape. Receptive and ran true at about Medium pace.
A fun 9 hole layout through houses. A easy walking course. There are two flags on each hole to add a little different shot valve when playing 18.
Played 3/22/17 10am $107 Pop 3:45
Tried to find a less expensive course, but was still $100 for a morning round. Hoping to get in before the trade winds picked up too much. The front 9 seems to play mostly into the wind with many up hill holes. Course can play longer then stated depending on wind.
Fairways mostly olive green. Reminded me of SoCal fairways. Many browned out or dead patches scattered about but never caused me any issues. They were firm with good role, but still nice to hit from.
Rough in good shape. Fluffy Bermuda.
Greens definitely the low spot of the course conditions. Many sick areas covering most greens. Very firm and dry looking. Ran at a good pace of medium fast. Appeared they had dyed them sometime in the past.
Beautiful course with very nice views of the central valley
Played 3/20/17 1pm $165 POP 4
Absolutely loved this course. Ocean views the entire way around. A fun mix of holes and very scenic. Resort style layout so fairly easy to play. Just plain fun to play.
fairways were in great shape. Cut nice with good roll and very nice to hit from.
Was in a couple of traps and they were consistent and were pretty easy to get out of.
Rough looked benign but was fluffy enough to make good ball contact required.
Greens were receptive and ran true. A little on the slow side for my taste at medium/slow.
All around a great course. I was fortunate to play Kapalua on a windless day a few years back and I enjoyed this course more.
Played 2/25/17 2:30 $45 Did not finish
Fairway's mostly green and in pretty good shape. A little firm, but still nice to hit from
Tees and traps in good shape. Was in a few traps and they were consistent and in good shape.
Greens were in decent shape. Very firm. Very tough to stop shots from rolling past hole. Running at a touch above medium pace with good roll.
Narrow course with tree lined fairway's can make for difficult shots if not near center of fairway or correct side.
Played 2/25/17 8:30 $69 POP 5 hrs +
Played Mission/ Friars.

Mission fairways mostly green, with many browned areas mixed in. Over all not bad.
Tees good, traps ok. mix of good and hard pan
Greens in good to very good shape. Receptive. Ran fairly smooth at a good pace of medium fast. Many poorly or un repaired ball marks.

Friars fairways in mostly poor shape. Since it will be demoed in the near future they are not doing much to keep them in good shape. 10%-20% hard pan dirt areas mixed through out.
Greens were in the same shape as mission.

On the other side of the tunnel of the Friars side. There was a table set up where they had a person selling draft beers for a buck. He said it was a 'thank you' for playing the Friars 9. We hung out for a few minutes !!!
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