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Early morning Saturday round just under four hours - great! The staff is always good. Tee boxes are almost all fairly level and generally have good coverage throughout the round. Fairways yesterday were in very good condition with some roll if you could keep your drives in the short stuff. If you ventured into the rough you found longer and much thicker grass. The fairway rough was for the most part about the same length as the green side rough. I was in a few traps (always a complaint of mine here) with very different conditions. Green side trap on the uphill par three 4th hole was filled with wet heavy sand covering about an inch of hard mud in the middle of them!! The fairways bunkers were damp around the edges and rock hard in the middle - didn't even need to rake some since no footprints could be made by walking in them. The greens are in very nice shape and most held shots very well. The greens sped up as the morning warmed up but they were are slower than in any other morning round I've played here. The views from a few of the holes make the experience more enjoyable than other local courses. The rack rates are getting closer to what most would say in reasonable - be prepared to give them a [credit card] now to book a tee time - new policy I was told as I had never EVER been asked before in the previous twenty years of play here.
After three hours and only nine holes completed....I remembered why I don't play here very often!! The course itself is in very nice shape - just wish management had a clue. Maybe they need to start groups off every ten or twelve minutes or properly marshal the course? Tee boxes were in very good shape with good coverage, a couple were a little firm. Fairways were nice and green in real good shape but did not have nearly the usual roll with the thick grass. The rough was exactly that - rough! Like most courses after all our rain the rough is very thick, lush and green. Wayward shots became an Easter egg hunt and hitting your ball from it was a challenge. The bunkers were well maintained but very crusty go top? Hitting shots from the bunkers was not difficult but the traps seemed to be crusted over from watering? The greens were great - they held shots well but putted slightly slower than in past rounds. The staff here is always friendly and great to talk with. There were a couple holes on the back nine that have been taken over by the geese - nice to look at but they leave poodle size droppings on the greens which makes putting impossible.
Absolutely love this place - the rains have been very kind. The staff and facility great as usual. Tee boxes in great shape with nice coverage and little to no divot damage. Most all of the fairways are very thick, lush and green!! There are a few holes near the water features that have very tight lies thanks to the coots who have taken them over. The rough is extremely thick and it was hard to find shots that found it. The traps around the greens were damp still but had nice sand in them. The fairway bunkers I found were damp and a mixture of sand and dirt - made it an adventure. The greens are looking nice and holding shots fairly well with some roll out. The green speeds were slower than other visits to the course. The scenery was as good as I've ever seen it - nice to look at between shots!! Rates are very reasonable and pace of play was right at four hours. Definitely worth the drive!!
It has been many years since I've been here - used to play it on a regular basis. After driving by on the freeway and seeing how green it was I decided to give it another chance. The regulars were off before the sun came out with their walkers. It's nice to see that there are still courses that allow walkers on the weekend and that people actually do still walk a course. The tee boxes were in okay shape with a few being slightly thin and others somewhat sloped. The fairways were a mixture of grasses but had pretty good coverage. The rough was pretty thick and lush which was great for stopping wayward balls - finding a ball in the rough was fairly easy though. The traps were mostly hard, rocky and filled with what appeared to be river sand? The greens started out pretty quick and slowed as the round progressed? We finally realized the grounds crew was out watering the greens pretty heavily in front of us? Not good for the paying golfers today! I guess they were trying to soften them for their aeration that is scheduled to start tomorrow. The greens here are much smaller than most courses and today they were very FIRM - even with all the rain these greens did not hold shots at all (they definitely need aerated). The creeks that run through the course were still quite full and filled with brush and logs. The area surrounding the course provides nice views of the hills and homes. About half of the holes have an elevation change while the other half are flat. The first three holes on the back nine might be the most three frustrating holes in a row anywhere. The staff here is great! The facility is really showing its age - the place REALLY needs a face lift. I would give the the course at least a couple weeks before giving it a try if you enjoy smooth quick greens. They are offering some good rates this week after the aeration is done.
Out early this morning with the wind and rain but before the Hurricane Golf Junior tournament. The pace of play was just over three hours. The course is in pretty good condition after the heavy rains earlier. The tee boxes were somewhat damp but provided good footing and were trimmed well. The rough was pretty long for this course and filled with a lot of clover - made finding shots in it an adventure. The fairways were nice and green and provided for roll if your shots were hit on the right trajectory. They are still hit and miss with numerous bare spots and clumps of mixed grasses - but nice to the eye. The traps were for the most part free of any water and looked damp - we didn't play in them today. The greens are in great shape and rolling nicely. Most had very few ball marks but were surprisingly not holding shots well? I guess with the kids out there that they greens had not been watered except by the rains? Still a good local public course to play a quick round on anytime. Staff always friendly. FYI to the local Temecula area golfers - the LEE husband and wife are now members here! HA ha
The original eighteen here at Menifee Lakes continues to improve each time I play it. The tee boxes are very level but the par three holes had many divots that needed attention. The fairways were much improved with an occasional thin lie on several holes - but they seemed to be in better overall shape than the Lakes. If your ball finds the fairway it will get good roll. The rough was scarce and easy to hit from if you found yourself in it. The traps were thin, hard and damp still from the rains. The greens were a little quicker than the Lakes but not in the same shape - a few of them were splotchy with different colored grass(es)? There are many trees that had to be removed after the recent storms. The staff is truly excellent and very helpful at this course - a real asset. The rates are very reasonable and pace of play at four hours!
The rains have softened the course up some but it is still in good shape. Tee boxes in good shape with a few not real level. The fairways were in nice shape with thin spots on many of the water holes making for tight lies. The rough was not too thick where it was present and was easy to hit from. The traps were still pretty damp and in need of sand. Greens were in great shape coverage wise and rolled at medium speed - many had ball marks that were not repaired by THOSE lazy inconsiderate people who should stick to Mulligans! Pace of play was under four hours. The staff is always excellent here. Nicely maintained course with very reasonable rates.
Played early this am with no frost delay - even though the first green was very white and crunchy? The sun did come up quick and thawed out the course by the third hole. The course was in pretty good shape considering the non stop rains we had in the area the week before. The tee boxes were a little thin but in good shape. The rough was very dense from all the rain and fairly thick. Fairways were still thin and soggy in a few places but not bad at all. The traps for the most part were in very good shape - there were several that still needed to be groomed and have the standing water pumped out. The greens were in great shape from the recent rains and probably from having very little or limited play on them. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The pace of play today was a little over four hours. My one suggestion for management would be to consider flipping the front/back nines to speed up the pace of play. The first hole is a difficult par five which really does make for a slow start with groups backing up to tee off. Great views on a very challenging course with reasonable rates if you can find or use a deal.
We were the second group out this a.m. but passed by the first group (thought we paid to watch them play) after the seventh hole - we finished in three hours. I think we were home when the first off finally finished!! The course is still very damp from all the rain, but in pretty good shape. Tee boxes were a little thinner than usual but okay. The fairways were hit and miss with many thin spots on several holes. The bermuda is dormant and the other grasses are coming back nicely. You will find a bare spot here and there with some very soft fairways and greens. The most improved part of the course since my last round here were the sand traps and the sand quality. The traps were free of the usual weeds and grasses - most were raked very well also. The rough was fairly thick when present but playable. The greens are in GREAT shape right now with hardly any ball marks, smooth and rolling pretty quick! The rates are similar to others in the area with great deals available thru Costco. Recommended for most!
We were the first group out this morning and made the turn for our second round in around 4.5 hours as a fivesome. The entire facility is just top shelf from the people to the course. The practice area has everything you need to work on your game with top quality practice balls. The entire course by far has the best coverage of any I can remember playing. Tee boxes maybe could have been cut a little shorter but were nearly perfect. The fairways were fantastic with not one thin or bare spot to be found. The rough was also in great shape but slightly thicker than other courses I've recently played. The traps in the fairways and green side were the best groomed BY FAR of any course I've played. The greens were near perfect with very few marks and rolled nicely - we did notice they slowed as the day went on and the moisture started to fall from above. The area offers great views of the valley and surrounding hills with several holes lined by nice custom homes. The military copters and jets put on a free airshow for us by flying at a low altitude and very high speed over the course. The pro shop is top notch and the restaurant offers excellent food as well. Definitely worth the long winding drive to experience the BEST groomed course I've played in the last several years!!!
Frost held up the start times until 8:30am - bummer! The pace of play suffered from the shotgun start, especially with the twosome we got lucky enough to be paired with!! The tee boxes were a little thin and the grass on them was nearly the length of the rough. The fairways were somewhat thin with a few nearly bare areas - the rain did a job on the course conditions. The rough was not too thick and consisted of much more kikuyu grass than I've remembered? The greens here are always very good and today they were in great shape - they were very smooth, fast and with nearly no ball marks! The traps had not been groomed since the rain on Friday and many had large puddles still. The staff is always very good and did a great job with the shotgun start. The course is fairly narrow with a few blind shots and many of the holes have trees that are in play even off the tees - the leaves from the Sycamore trees will make finding some shots impossible at times. The course is very picturesque winding through the hills with the constant sounds of freeway traffic, sort of like Green River in Corona. There are usually good rates found on the discount sites and they do offer stay and play. The rain last week should also improve the overall conditions for the next couple weeks.
Played here on a nice warm wind free morning Thursday, with the GK group for the first time. Great to finally meet Johnny and a few of the GKer's whose reviews I read on a regular basis. This was the first time up here in about a year for me. The staff is always very friendly and helpful from pro shop to the grounds crew. The first tee was actually dry and firm that day - it was the first time ever I had played here over the years that this was the case! The rest of the tees were also nice and dry with a few being fairly firm, probably in anticipation of the storm that came in that evening. Most of the fairways were a mix of different types of grasses, but were in good enough shape and provided for good lies. The rough was fairly thick on most holes and helped keep off target shots in play. The traps were nicely groomed and trimmed with the usual damp firm sand found in the area. The greens were in great shape and provided for a challenging round of putting as they dried out and sped up! The firmness of most greens made it difficult to stop shots from rolling out and off on a few holes. The serenity of Cross Creek and natural beauty add to the experience to this somewhat remote location. There is a lot of wildlife and great views to offer for those that make the drive up the hill. I definitely recommend that everybody give Cross Creek a try as it is well worth it!!
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