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Mid day three hour round on a newly over seeded course. The staff is always professional and friendly and the carts are very nice. The tee boxes were all level and in fairly good condition. The rough is pretty punishing in most places along the rain soaked fairways. It's not easy to locate balls in and just as difficult to advance your ball very far. The fairways are nicely greened up but not real great coverage on all holes. I would give the course another couple weeks before the seed fills in better. The traps were obviously very damp and wet but most are in very good shape and well groomed. The greens are looking good as well and were quicker than expected. There were very few ball marks and for the most part pretty smooth. The rates and the fact there are two full courses here at Menifee Lakes make a round here pleasant and worth your fees.
Mid morning tee time using the GK "Golf King" Coupon. Finished the round in a little over three hours which is great having had rounds in excess of five hours here before. The staff is always great and welcoming and the facilities are always in good shape. This is one of the more challenging courses in the Temecula Valley. The tee boxes were mostly flat but a few were very thin. The maintenance crew was out trimming and mowing many sections of the course today. The fairways had great coverage on almost every hole. There are a couple holes where the rodents have given the crew and golfers problems but it's limited to small sections on those holes. A few of the fairways had some very tight lies in the landing area one would find off the tee. The rough was just long enough to stop your ball and short enough to hit a decent shot from. The traps looked well groomed but some were thin on sand and damp/wet. The greens are in great shape after the recent rains but still gave me fits with their subtle unseen breaks. There were very few ball marks to be seen on every green. The greens here are very large and don't always hold shots well and can really frustrate even the best of putters. The scenery and location of this course remind me of another place - not your typical So Cal course. I've always enjoyed the course after making the drive up the hill to this out of the way gem. Always recommended!
Early Sunday morning round in three hours. The staff is located in the bar now? The course is still a work in progress. The tee boxes are all very level with a many needing rabbit turd removal. The first twelve fairways have had quite a bit of new sod laid but are covered with rabbit turds. You really notice the difference in conditions from the front to back nines. The front side is in much better condition and the back reminds one of how bad this course can be. There is no rough at all, just numerous burns running throughout the layout and scrub along many holes. The traps are filled with pebbles, rocks, boulders and of course rabbit turds. Most of the traps were maintained in okay shape but all had much more than sand. The greens didn't look real bad but most were bumpy and had sections in need of care. Every green was peppered with ball marks and golfer neglect (sad). The rack rates are out of line with what is offered but any discount bring the fees in line with what one should expect. I've seen this course at its best and worst - right now it's somewhere in between. My advice is to get rid of the rabbit problem. I've never seen so much damage done to a golf course by these pests!!
Early off and finished in under four hours. The staff was great as usual. The pro shop here in very nice for being as small as it is. The carts are very nice as well but no gps. The tee boxes were very shaggy and a few were thin and damp. The rough is fairly short on most holes but is the dreaded kikuyu. The fairways have good coverage but were quite a bit thinner and very damp/muddy in various places front and back today. The bunkers were damp but well groomed and raked to allow for decent lies. Nice to see a course provide enough rakes in the traps to encourage those in them to rake them. The greens were done a couple weeks ago and the front nine was still a bit bumpy and needs another week to recover. The back nine greens were in good shape with the exception of a couple that still needed another week as well. The bar/restaurant here has great food and is reasonably priced. The Sunday morning patio entertainment was excellent as well. Always recommended.
Early four hour round on a dry and damp course. The staff and their website guru need to get their act together. The course now offers a senior rate but the last few times playing here I've had "'issues" being charged the correct fee!!! The course itself continues to improve slightly. The tee boxes were mostly dry, thin and beat to death. The fairways are still hit and miss with good and thin coverage. A few of the fairways were soggy in places and dried out in other areas. The maintenance crew needs to get their sprinkler system set so the course is evenly watered (or maybe they aren't given the budget). The traps lack sand and rakes for the sand. The traps were also very wet and unplayable on many holes. The greens are definitely the best part of the course. They are well groomed and fairly quick but a few had many ball marks. I enjoy the layout and location. The senior rates are reasonable for what is offered.
Early Sunday morning four hour round. Staff always great here and helpful. The tee boxes were in okay shape with some a bit thin and dry. The fairways were in pretty good shape but somewhat drier than my last round here. There are a few fairways that have patches of bare dry sections throughout the course. The rough was also very dry and thin where it existed. Many holes have lateral hazards with long grass and brush. The traps were mostly damp and in better shape than I've seen them. The greens have totally recovered from maintenance and held shots very well. The golfers here REALLY need to fix their marks on the greens! There were so many ball marks in need of repair!! The long drive is forgotten with the reasonable rates and great scenery which surrounds this course.
Early morning four hour round on 'glad to say' an improving course. The senior rates make the course more in line with course conditions. The staff is friendly enough and helpful. The tee boxes were in okay shape with a few being thin and shaggy but acceptable. The rough was thick/thin depending on the hole and location along the holes. The longer rough made it difficult to locate your ball. The fairways have seen more watering lately and are in much better shape but a few have very thin sections and it's hit and miss (more so on the back nine). The traps are in better shape on many holes but those with sand in them had very damp/wet sand. The greens are in great shape and very quick again. The pin placements make some holes more like an amusement park and were frustrating. Overall it's great to see the conditions improve. I know a few members and several home owners in the Temeku community and think that pressure from them has convinced ownership to shape it up. Give it a try and hopefully things continue on the present path!
Early off this morning finishing in four hours. The staff is friendly and professional. The carts have GPS now which is great even if you've played here before. The tee boxes were all a little thin and shaggy. A few of the boxes required a hammer to pound your tee into the ground. The rough varied from thin and short to thick and shaggy depending on the hole. The greenside rough is mostly kikuyu trimmed very short which can be difficult. The traps were also somewhat hit and miss. Most were well groomed but somewhat damp and in need of raking. The greens were extremely slow on the front nine and very bumpy - frustrating to putt on! The greens on the back nine were in much better condition and rolled at medium speed. One good thing with the greens was that there were very few ball marks. The regular weekend rates here are a little steep for what is offered, but golf now offers acceptable pricing. The course is fairly flat but lined with trees that make shot placement very important. There are a few holes that pick up quite a bit of freeway traffic noise also. For the most part here you are separated from any distractions. The course location is good for those in San Diego and Riverside counties and is always recommended.
Early Sunday round in under four hours. The staff always great. The course is showing it's summer time. The tee boxes were a little thin, shaggy and beat up. The rough is pretty much gone with the only thing left is the scrub and bushes that line the fairways. The fairways are very dry and thin, Many of the fairways had dry dirt patches here and there. The sand traps are hit and miss with most having a need for sand and attention. The greens were mostly firm but had very good coverage with numerous ball marks. There were a few greens that were soft and held shots well while most were firm and did not hold anything. The water features are very low on a few holes as the heat continues to stress out the course. The overall conditions are really not too bad for the time of year and the greens were to be punched on Monday. I love the layout and area the course is located in and continue to recommend.
Early morning 4.5 hour round on a well conditioned course. Staff is top notch as well as the facilities and carts. The tee boxes were all very level with great coverage. The fairways were in excellent shape with fantastic coverage. The rough was a few inches in length and was frustrating to hit shots from (I hit many from it). The bunkers were the best I've had to play from that I can ever remember. The greens were a little dry and the holes were dried out pretty badly and not fair to the golfers. There was very few ball marks on them but somebody in front of our group was dragging their feet on every green. The course is in great shape and I definitely recommend a round or two. Great day at Desert Willow.
Beautiful course to play. Staff top notch at every turn. I was out on my own this morning finishing in under three hours. The tee boxes are all great with only one I remember being slightly sloped. The fairways were in excellent shape with complete coverage and not any bad lies. The rough was a few inches long but shots can be made without much of an issue. The traps had great sand but some were a little damp. The greens were all easily read but had many many unrepaired ballmarks ??. The scenery was great and rates reasonable. I was told by the staff that they will be shutting down in a week for overseeing and reopening in a month. Definitely worth the drive and highly recommended!!
Early morning four hour Sunday round. Staff great. They have NEW carts! The carts have windshields and power outlets for your devices!! The tees were all in good shape with a couple being slightly sloped and beat up. The fairways are still green with good coverage and have very few thin spots. Rough was not too long but enough so to reduce yardage on shots to the green. The traps are the weak part of the course still with most being damp and very thin. The greens were in very good shape but damp enough from watering that footprints were noticable. Most greens also had very few hallmarks. Rates are still fair and surely recommended.
Listing 1 to 12 of 61,060 Course Reviews
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