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Thanks to Johnny, La Costa, Linksoul, Cleveland, etc. for another fun year-end GK Plays! It seemed like everyone had a good time. The staff was great and the facilities are nice, though spread out (self-parking/valet and driving range especially). Good service all around, though.

I'll echo what some other reviewers are saying about the conditions. Feelings a bit mixed when considering the high-end reputation of this course, but also knowing it's winter season. Tee boxes were nice. Fairways were lush and green. I enjoyed hitting approaches off this turf, with the exception of some spots that were a little too soft. Low drives would get adequate rollout, but anything high would stick and stop pretty quickly in the soft turf. No way to play run-up shots to these greens with the softness and just-elevated-enough green complexes. Good news is the greens were fairly receptive and would hold good shots. Putting surfaces were a bit inconsistent. Some greens looked a little rough around the edges with thin/brown spots. Others mentioned the light topdressing of sand. Then, the grainy grass was really pulling up spike marks late in the afternoon, so there were a few bumpy rolls. I wasn't in any bunkers, so no comments there.

I love any excuse to get together with GK'ers and the prize table was awesome. La Costa is not normally somewhere I would choose to play for various reasons (mainly $$), but it was a good time with our good people of GK! And, I am happy to say that the Great Carlsbad Mustard Shortage of 2017 is officially over thanks to dconnally's hilarious prize table donation. And there was much rejoicing!!!
It's been awhile since I last played, but I felt the itch to get out today and a short, inexpensive course sounded more fun. Took advantage of a 12:00 hot deal time here for $26. It's hard to justify full price for a par-3 course, but for this price (cart included) it was well worth it today. The staff was wonderful and the starter was nice letting me know they didn't have anyone to pair with me (even though there was only one spot available on the hot deal booking). He gave me a few options to wait or just go by myself despite the course being busy. I just played by myself behind other groups, so I waited awhile on every tee box. Other groups were behind me eventually, so I couldn't even slow play if I wanted to. Still, the whole round only took 2.5 hours, though it felt slower than that.

With the exception of the bunkers, the course was in excellent shape. The overseed has this place lush and beautiful from edge to edge. The tee boxes had the divot damage you would expect after a full morning of play, but I never had too much trouble finding a decent spot. There really aren't fairways here, just different cuts of rough. Nothing too deep, though, so always pretty fluffy chip shot lies if you miss a green. The greens were receptive and rolling pretty smooth at medium speeds. I fixed up a few errant ball marks, but nothing too egregious. I was only in one bunker and I was glad because it sucked. Just kind of muddy/hard-packed sand. Most I looked at elsewhere on the course didn't appear too much better. Too bad the bunkers are weak when the rest of the course is so darn nice.

I've only played here once before (almost 6 years ago). I loved it then and I've been wanting to go back ever since I moved out to the desert. In my opinion, this is easily one of the best public par-3 courses in all of California with 18 good holes. It's a legit layout with a wide variety of hole lengths and just enough challenge (water hazards, desert waste areas, big bunkers and undulating greens) to make even the best players work for a good score. At the same time, it's plenty forgiving enough for the average and novice players to play without getting too beat up. Beautiful desert scenery throughout and good visual contours on the course. There aren't too many must-play short courses in SoCal, but this is definitely one of them, especially during peak season conditions/weather and a good hot deal price.
I was able to arrange a round here on Tuesday after Oakmont, so it worked out perfectly for a mid-afternoon round. It wasn't crowded at all, so I zipped around the course. I ran into one member on the course who told me a few things about the 9-hole (technically 10) layout. The one tricky part is the 6th/15th. Here, they actually have two separate criss-crossing par-3s, one you play for the 6th and the other you play as the 15th. On that same note, don't be fooled by the "practice" green straight ahead of you on the 2nd/11th hole. The actual green for both holes is to the right across a little canyon.

Conditions were decent, but somewhat of a letdown after super plush conditions at Oakmont earlier. Little more dry and thin over here. Tee boxes and fairways mostly a bit dried out, but played fine enough. The rough was thin in some areas and thicker in others, especially around greens. Bunkers were nice. The greens were also in very good shape, rolling smooth at medium speeds.

It's kind of unfair to compare Chevy Chase to Oakmont because I played them back-to-back and they are near one another. Oakmont is obviously a higher-end club. Chevy Chase just redid their entire clubhouse this year, so the facilities have been very much upgraded as they're looking to attract new members. The layout is fun and quite challenging. It's not long, but it is hilly and very narrow in places, with slopes that can sometimes be helpful and sometimes be not-so-helpful. It's one of those old courses where the quirks add some character. I enjoyed the course for what it is and everyone at the club was super nice.
Played here on 11/6 as part of an NCGA member outing. This is their big outing at the end of every year, and in the past few years they've scheduled two Lake Merced visits that always sell out immediately. Finally got in on one and it was worth it. The clubhouse and facilities are nice with a traditional feel and the staff was very friendly with a big outside group. Continental breakfast and boxed lunches were provided. Pace of play was slow at just under 5 hours, but this a place you don't mind taking your time to play.

Conditions were stellar. Everything was super lush and green. Tee boxes and fairways were nicely kept and the rough was thick. It wasn't super duper deep, but certainly more than we're used to in SoCal these days. It was more than enough to make you work hard for a good recovery. Bunkers were fantastic and the greens were excellent. They were firm and rolling very fast. The natural slopes here are very hard to read.

Though originally built in the 1920s, this course has been through several major renovations. Several holes had to be removed at one point to make way for the 280 freeway, so the routing has been changed around. They were redoing one of the par-4 greens when we played, so there was a temporary par-3 set up on that hole. Still, this place has a very classic feel with the Bay Area setting (lots of hills and trees like Harding or Presidio). It's got some modern touches, as well. However the course has taken shape, it is a fun, challenging and beautiful layout. Highly recommended if you ever get a chance to play here.
Johnny recently added some courses I've played in the past couple months that weren't in the GK database. Thanks! I played here on 9/18 while in Sacramento. It wasn't too crowded out there. I played around one group and came back to replay the hole I skipped. Otherwise, I was done with 9 holes in a little over an hour. The price was around $22 for 9 holes with a cart.

The conditions were pretty decent. They had a bunch of small marker flags throughout the fairway that seemed to signify some kind of upcoming maintenance. I am not sure, but the fairways were fine otherwise. The greens were also in very good shape for a course of this caliber. I was in one bunker. It was firm and crusty, but manageable.

This is a solid little 9-hole par-34 course set in a public park. Pretty flat and straightforward with tree-lined fairways. Not much else to note, though better than I would have expected.
Had the pleasure of playing here yesterday. A friend of mine was celebrating his 1000th course played and the SCGA helped arrange a special round at Oakmont. I was lucky enough to be invited as part of his foursome, which was treated to a round and lunch at the club. We teed off a little after 8:00, just ahead of a ladies member tournament. We never caught up to anyone ahead and never had anyone behind, so we enjoyed our own relaxed yet brisk pace of around 3 hours.

The course was in excellent condition, highlighted by perfect greens. They were rolling super pure and very fast. The tee boxes were great. The fairways were also really nice. The grass here is some sort of bermuda hybrid (I think), so it's not deep green color in the fairways but plays really well with plenty of rollout and a fluffy pad of turf under every shot. The rough is super lush and deep green. It is thick and nasty. Balls were sometimes hard to find and it was just punitive enough. It seems so rare to see deeper rough in SoCal these days, so it was fun to have some real rough for once. The bunkers were beautifully maintained, as well. They did some massive turf reduction here in recent years, so there are also a lot of coarse desert sand waste areas here. It's not too hard to play from unless you find a bush, but adds a different look that what I imagine used to be wall-to-wall grass throughout the property.

The facilities are nice and traditional as you might expect at an old club like this. The staff was wonderful and treated our group so well all day. We definitely felt like members for the day. The course layout is fun and challenging. Parts of it feel a bit shoehorned into the property that has obviously been encroached upon by civilization in the past 100 years. There is a big cement canal that runs through the middle of the property a la Brookside and also a number of power towers/lines in play. These take away a little from the otherwise great aesthetic presentation. The layout is fairly tight with plenty of trees in play and some tricky doglegs. It's just a nice classic SoCal course that has a few old school quirks, but still holds up well in the modern game. Highly recommended if you ever have a chance to play!!!
Our last stop of the trip was Concord as we made our way home from Mesquite on Sunday. Mark had found a killer hot deal here for $20 (again, booked way in advance when NV prices seem to be much cheaper than closer to the date). The course was busy, but the twosome that was supposed to be paired with us never showed. We just played as a twosome, teeing off on time and finishing in just under 4.5 hours.

The course was in decent shape. Again, about what I've come to expect from mid-level Southern Nevada this time of year. Many of the gold tee boxes (especially the par-3s) were very chewed up. The fairways were a deep green in color with the overseed, but not always consistent up close. Some super fluffy lies and a few that were a bit tight. The rough is semi-dormant bermuda that is left just long enough to be a challenge. The ball really sits down and it's so clumpy that you really have to strike the ball well to get out cleanly. The bunkers were firm and had the coarse/rocky sand that I can't imagine anyone likes, but is so prevalent throughout NV and AZ. The greens were in decent shape. They were pretty soft and a number of them showed small needle-tine aerations that didn't affect play much. Overall, they were running at medium speeds and at times a bit bumpy.

The conditions weren't particularly that impressive and the cloudy skies all day didn't help the appearance. It wasn't bad out there. Again, just kind of what I've come to expect from NV courses in this shoulder season, even though their prices go way up after the overseed. Fortunately, we had a killer deal that helped make this visit much more enjoyable.
With some daylight to spare after Oasis, we headed over to Coyote Willows for a quick nine and to check one more off my list. The people working there are very friendly. Apparently, new owners just took over the course in September and it sounds like they'll be doing some more renovation work to improve the course in the near future. We paid $25 with cart, which is a bit steep for 9 holes anywhere, but not too terrible considering how expensive Mesquite golf is this time of year. I don't know if they have a walking rate, but this course is very, very spread out and walking would be a pain despite it all being very flat. It wasn't too busy, though we caught up to several groups and enjoyed a relaxed pace on a nice afternoon. We finished in under 2 hours I believe.

Coyote Willows was in okay shape for a course of this caliber. The tee boxes were a bit beat up, but okay enough. The fairways had been overseeded, but were still quite firm and thin. Some holes were nicer than others. The rough was more of a hodge podge with mostly dormant, shaved-down rough, some dead hardpan spots and some more decent grass around the greens. I wasn't in any bunkers. The greens were in good shape, though rolling at pretty slow speeds.

Though nothing that exciting, this course was better than I expected for a low-end 9-holer. It's a par-35 and it seems like the routing/layout has been going through some changes in recent years. Some scorecards online show it as a par-32 and some of the signage around the course is way off, so I guess things have been shifted around and may continue to do so under the new management. The highlight here is the 9th hole, which is a really unique and interesting par-3 that has a curvy creek winding from tee to green. The shot is semi-blind as you hit over some reeds to a two-tiered green. It was a fun finisher and looked cool in the setting sun.
Itslikeimsayin and I played here on Saturday. Mark had found a great deal awhile ago (booked way in advance) that ended up being around $40 rather than the $100+ rates normally here and every other Mesquite course this time of year. The price went way up after we booked, so it seemed like a steal for us. We had a 9:30 time and teed off a few minutes early as a twosome. It really wasn't too busy on The Canyons side and they had an afternoon tourney on The Palmer side. We still pushed the groups ahead and waited on most shots, but finished in right about 4 hours.

The course was in solid condition for this time of year, about what I've come to expect in Southern Nevada on all but some of the more high-end courses (what we could see of Wolf Creek from Oasis looked super lush and made us deep green with envy). The tee boxes were fine. The fairways looked better from a distance than up close as the overseed didn't completely fill in. Kinda thin in some areas and fluffy in others, but mostly decent enough. The rough is semi-dormant bermuda. It was cut way down and easy to hit from. I was in one bunker and it was prototypical NV coarse desert sand with some pebbles. The greens were in good shape. They were firm, yet receptive on well-struck shots, rolling smooth at medium/slow speeds. Wish they were a bit faster, though.

First time for either of us here and it's a pretty good facility. The front nine is definitely more interesting than the back, though both sides have a few memorable holes in the neat canyon setting. It's a good course, but I'm sure glad we had a great deal because I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much at full price. I would put Canyons as a clear fourth behind Wolf, Conestoga and Falcon Ridge if ranking Mesquite courses I've played. I haven't played Palmer yet, but I believe that is considered better than Canyons by most. Hopefully I'll get back there next year and can find a similarly awesome deal.
This was our second stop yesterday. We used a GolfMoose voucher minus a gift card cert won at GK Plays, so it was a great deal. We teed off around 10:30 at the tail end of the morning rush. They really don't use a three-nine rotation here anymore. Creekside/Hillside is considered the main 18 and then Diablo is basically just a separate 9-hole course. We played the Creekside nine first and it was packed. It only took 2 hours to complete the nine, but it felt slower. We ended up going over to play the Diablo nine second (paying a $10 replay) because it was more wide open. Then, we came back to finish the Hillside nine last and things had opened up a lot by then. It was a lot of driving around because of the spread-out routing, but it worked well and we finished all 27 in about 5 hours.

The course conditions were probably just a slight notch above what we got at Rio Vista. They were overseeding most of the white tees, so most of them were moved up to play with the reds or set up in awkward temporary places. A few played back with the blues and some used their normal boxes. If you play the whites right now, you'll be treated to a super short and easy course!

The fairways were inconsistent with a lot of spotty sections, though I mostly ended up with good lies. The rough was best avoided. There were some areas with a lot of gopher mounds, some hardpan/bare spots, some super thick and chunky spots where the rough was 6 inches tall, and everything in between. It was the wild west once you stepped off the fairways, so it paid to keep it in the short stuff. The bunkers were super firm without much sand to work with. The greens, however, were the best part. They were in really good shape and rolling well at medium speeds.

If Rio Vista was 90s-era Ted Robinson residential template #5, then Brentwood was #6. I would say RV was a more interesting layout than Brentwood, but the slightly better conditions and 27 holes to play made it more appealing on this day. Brentwood is more forgiving and has some character with plenty of water hazards and elevated greens to provide some challenge, especially on the Hillside 9 (easily the best of the three), but also has a familiar kind of feel. Solid course and worth playing with the right deal, but nothing worth going too far out of your way for.
This was our morning round yesterday, using a Groupon voucher (2 for $41). They had a shotgun going off at 9:30, which will be their normal winter schedule on weekdays. However, we were able to call ahead and arrange to go off earlier as long as we were off the course before then. We teed off a little before 7:00 and were finished a little after 9:00, so it worked out perfectly and we had the course to ourselves minus a few maintenance encounters.

The course conditions were disappointing, even for fall/winter season. The tee boxes were okay enough. The fairways and rough were very beat up with a lot of dead spots. It looked pretty ugly. I will say, the back nine fairways/rough had much better coverage than the front nine for whatever reason. Still spotty in places, but much better where it mattered. Not sure why the front nine is so beat up. The bunkers were also inconsistent to say the least. Some were decently maintained and we saw the guy going around and dragging them. However, I'd say about a third of the bunkers throughout the course are completely neglected and being reclaimed by nature (weeds, etc.). There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to which bunkers were let go and which were still maintained. It's too bad because most bunkers are integral to the course design.

The greens were the lone bright spot in terms of conditions. They were soft, fairly well-kept and rolling relatively smooth at medium speeds. It's clear this is where they are putting any significant maintenance effort right now.

The course at Rio Vista has a feel like it's struggling a lot. It looks run-down and deals are easy to find. It's a pretty isolated location, so you have to go out of your way to find it unless you live very close by in the Delta region. The layout is decent, but feels like 90s-era Ted Robinson residential template #5. Very familiar style without many distinctive traits. Lots of water hazards (except on the par-3s, which is very strange for a Robinson course). Would be a solid enough course if well-maintained, but that's not the case at the moment.
Played here with ppark81 using the GolfMoose Voucher. We were paired with a single and teed off a little after 11:00. Steady groups ahead, so the pace was fairly slow. Another single caught up and joined us, as well. In the end, we finished in about 4 hours, 30 minutes.

Conditions were okay. Some tee boxes a bit chewed up, but mostly fine enough. Fairways decent overall, a tad spotty and inconsistent in places. Rough hit or miss, but mostly cut down and not too much of a factor. The bunkers had really nice, soft sand. However, they were not that well maintained. The greens were receptive. Rolling at medium/slow speeds and bumpy at times in the afternoon. 18th green was absolutely covered by goose turds.

This was an okay course. Nothing too exciting other than the 9th and 18th holes, which are fun and challenging finishers on each side.
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