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Played here today, along with rgm2525, ppark81 and our friend, Al. We won a foursome in the recent Junior SCGA auction, and cashed it in today. We teed off around 9:30. A member shotgun had gone off at 8:30, so they had us start on the back. We played through one group and eventually caught another, but the overall pace was great at about 3.5 hours.

Course conditions were very nice, though I would say the back nine seemed a little nicer than the front. Overall, there was very lush, green coverage throughout the tee boxes, fairways and rough. Some patches of rough were very deep and difficult. All of the rough was enough to make you work for a good shot. Fairways had a few weak spots, but mostly great. The greens were receptive and rolling very smooth at medium/fast speeds. Very deceptive and we over-read a lot of breaks (flatter than they look). Bunkers were the weakest aspect, with the sand being a bit crusty and thin.

Overall, I really enjoyed the course. Solid track and a major notch above any of the public courses in this part of the high desert. RTJ Jr. and Sr. design with some tricky hole layouts, but not crazy difficult. A few nice changes in elevation. I'm not a fan of finishing on a par-3, but the 18th here is sure a fantastic hole! We did wonder/assume that the nines were probably switched at some point in time. Very much recommended if you ever have a chance to play it.
Another fun visit to the beautiful Cascata with the GK Gurus yesterday. I was in the lead group with mpisarski01, kviser and TubeDude. We thought we were making a mess of the course, but it took awhile for the groups behind to finish. Our caddie, Dan, was excellent. He tailored his service to each player's personality and quickly picked up on our habits, preferences and playing abilities. That's what a good forecaddie does!

As others have noted, the course was in very good condition. Certainly not pristine at this point in the summer, but well above average on every front. The bunkers were not good, so that was the only real complaint. Otherwise, tee boxes, fairways and rough were all nice. The rough did have some spotty areas, but nothing that came into play much. The greens were firm-ish, but receptive and rolling at medium speeds (slower than in years past).

It was interesting to return to Cascata just a day after a bad experience over at Wynn. Here, they really know how to provide a unique and wonderful guest experience even in the off-season. Even at the great discount price we got, we still had great service. The folks at Wynn could definitely learn something from Cascata. This is what a high-end resort golf experience should be. That's all I can say. I look forward to future visits with GK.
I joined up with the GK Gurus for the evening round at Sunrise. We had fun and got around just before dark. Thanks to the course for inviting us out.

As others have noted, the course was in good overall condition. The tee boxes, fairways and rough were all in good condition. The greens were in nice shape, but the grass left a bit shaggy to combat the heat. Putts were very, very slow. I wasn't in any bunkers, so I never had to forget to bring the rake from the cart! : )

Okay course. Layout is very repetitive with the houses left and wash right on pretty much every hole. Wash was a bit nasty with some recent flooding, so do everything you can to avoid hitting down there.
This was my second round on Tuesday. This is the only Vegas course that offers a good birthday deal, so I was finally able to coordinate it. For whatever reason, their e-club system wasn't working properly and I never got an email voucher for the birthday round. However, after some emails back and forth with management they got me on the tee sheet and made a note in the system. They gave me a better deal of $19 for the round (compared to the requisite $25 cart fee with the otherwise free b-day offer). I got out there around 11:30. I caught up to and joined a threesome because there were more groups ahead. Still, an okay pace of 3.5 hours on a really hot afternoon.

The course was in pretty solid mid-summer shape. A little dried out and firm, but good overall playability. The tee boxes were fine. The fairways were mostly good with some thin/brown spots scattered throughout. The rough was more hit and miss, but cut down and not much of a factor. The greens were very firm and rolling at medium speeds. Bunkers firm and crappy sand like so many Vegas courses.

For a cheap round, you could do worse. This is a pretty basic desert design. Nothing too exciting, but the staff was friendly and it is cool they are the only one with any sort of birthday offer. Wish my birthday was in season, though!
It took a perfect storm of situations for me to finally play Wynn. First was the knowledge that the course was likely closing later this year (sometime in December based on what I was told by people there) and I wanted to play it while I still could. Second was it was my birthday, and I was more willing to "splurge" while on this trip. Third was that it was summer and they do have the "discounted" offseason rate of $350 compared to the usual $500. Fourth was I am just about out of public courses to play in Vegas (after this trip, Shadow is the only one left on my list).

So, I went for it and booked a 7:00 tee time for Tuesday morning. They really don't provide much advice or instruction on check-in (as in where to park, where the pro shop is in relation to the casino/hotel, etc.). I went up to the valet first and they didn't really give me a clear answer, so I just ended up self parking. I then carried my clubs from the parking garage through the casino and ultimately to the pro shop. Oh, and they just started charging for parking this week ($12) like most other Strip casinos do now, and there is no validation or credit from the course. For a supposedly really high-end golf club/resort, I would have expected a better arrival process and service in general. I guess I coulda/shoulda used the valet, and maybe I would have if anyone had provided any sort of helpfulness before arrival or when I got there. My caddie was nice enough to put my clubs on a bell cart and take them all the way back to my car at the end of the round.

I was already a bit agitated before I even got to the course and the people there were just kind of dismissive about everything when I questioned the arrival process (or later when I complained about course conditions). I got the sense they are all kind of bitter the place is closing in a few months and they don't give a crap. Everything felt kind of half-hearted compared to a service experience at a similarly priced club such as Cascata. I will say the one bright spot was my forecaddie, Charlie, who has worked at the club since day one and was a pleasure to play with. We got along well from the start and he quickly figured out what I liked and didn't like. He was more of a personal caddie in this case because they didn't have me paired with anyone. In fact, barely anyone was on the tee sheet that day.

I teed off right as the clock struck 7:00. I tried to take my time, taking pictures and enjoying a more relaxed pace than normal for me. For this price, I didn't want to zip around at my usual break-neck speed. I still finished in about 2:45.

I didn't expect pristine conditions in mid-summer. I understand that's partly why they offer a lower rate this time of year. However, I am going to be more nitpicky when paying this much for golf. It was really disappointing. They really overwater this place trying to hold onto the rye as long as possible when it should have transitioned fully to bermuda by now. My caddie mentioned that in about a month, it will have fully transitioned and it will be much nicer. Then, it's good for a few weeks before they close down again for the overseed. Strange practice for sure.

Everything was very soggy. The tee boxes were fine. The fairways were pretty good for the most part. No roll-out on drives and some thin spots scattered throughout. Definitely not the lushness or consistency you'd expect at a course of this caliber. The rough was a mess. There were many big dead/bare patches and coverage was inconsistent to say the least. The good areas were good, and the bad areas were really bad. The greens were soft and pretty well-kept. However, they had just put down some light topdressing of sand/fertilizer that definitely affected putts. Between that and the wetness, each putt would end up with a ring of schmutz around it. The best part of the course was actually the bunkers. They had good sand that was well-maintained. It was not the typical terrible Vegas sand with rocks in it, so I will give them some props on that.

Fortunately, my caddie forced me to play lift clean and place and basically had me play any of the bare rough areas as GUR, so I always had good lies. Still, that shouldn't have to be the practice when you are paying this much for a round of golf. Even if I was comped the round as a high-roller, I would have certain expectations of conditions, service, etc. that were definitely not met at Wynn.

It's a real shame because the course layout is a gem. It has the typical Fazio styling, challenge and charm, with some beautiful landscaping. Then, it has the added cool-factor of being on the strip with the hotels and buildings in view. Fortunately, Trump's building is rarely seen from the course : ). I came in knowing it was going to cost more than it was worth, but I figured the experience would be more enjoyable overall. It was a real let-down on most levels. I got the impression it will be in better shape later this summer and after the overseed, though I am not sure how much effort/money they will put into the conditioning knowing it will likely shut down at the end of the year.
I was actually able to finish Mountain and check back in a few minutes ahead my 11:57 tee time on Palm. I took some time before teeing off, though, because there really was no rush and I wanted to grab a dog from the snack bar first. I booked this time through TeeOff as a deal time for $30. I played through a couple groups on Palm, but it was also pretty wide open and I finished in about 2 hours.

I would say Palm is in slightly better condition than Mountain, primarily because it is fully transitioned to summer bermuda. It's a little lighter in color and there are some more light brown streaks throughout the fairways and rough, but the playability is more consistent. There are still some thin spots scattered throughout, though, so it's far from pristine. Overall, the tee boxes, fairways and rough were all in pretty good mid-summer condition. The greens are a bit firmer on this side, but still pretty receptive and rolling at medium speeds. I was in one bunker and it was typical crappy Vegas sand—a bit thin and rocky.

The first few holes of Palm are kind of boring, and then you cross to the other side of the street where the majority of the course is situated. Everything on this side of Summerlin Parkway is much more interesting. There are some good holes here, though I wish I had some local knowledge on a few of them (most notably tee shot angle/strategy for holes 6 and 9). After you finish on the other side of the street, you finish off with a handful of holes that are just OK with the exception of 17, which is a nice par-3. I found about 2/3 of this layout to be quite enjoyable and the the other third just so/so, which is why I would personally pick Mountain as a more compelling 1-18 layout (Mountain is also much more scenic and visually attractive). I do know a lot of people prefer Palm, though, so to each his own.
I had already booked a pre-paid deal on the Palm Course at 11:57, but I finished at Highland Falls earlier than expected. I was planning to play Mountain after I finished Palm, but the guy in the pro shop was really great and worked with me to get the most efficient 36 in at Angel Park. He recommended I play Mountain first than then I could tee off on Palm whenever I was ready later. He charged the mid-morning rate of $45. I played through a few groups along the way, but it was fairly wide open on Mountain and I finished in about 2 hours, 20 minutes.

Conditions were pretty good for mid-summer. I guess Mountain is different from Palm because they keep the rye grass (or is it actually all poa?) through the summer rather than transitioning to bermuda. That gives Mountain a deeper green overall look, but perhaps somewhat spottier coverage this time of year. The tee boxes were nice. The fairways were good for the most part, with some thin/brown areas scattered throughout. The rough was pretty similar in terms of coverage. The greens were very soft and rolling at medium speeds. Speaking of greens, they were doing some maintenance on the par-3 11th green, so about half of the green is roped off as GUR to make it an extra-small target hole for the time being.

I wanted to come back and play all of Mountain because I was only able to play the front nine a few years ago. It's been eating at me ever since! I enjoyed the front nine then and the back nine continues the trend. To me, Mountain feels like a less-dramatic Badlands or TPC Las Vegas. Same basic setting/terrain as those neighbor courses, but a more toned-down design (which isn't a bad thing). Very enjoyable course with a numerous memorable holes. I personally like Mountain over Palm now that I've played them both.
I played here on Monday morning to kick off my Vegas trip. I had booked a 6:02 directly with the course for $45. Had to play here Monday because they were set to do their second summer aeration beginning Tuesday 8/8. I was paired with another single and we went off on time behind some really early member groups. We played through one on the front and then caught up to others on the back. Still finished in about 3 hours total, so pretty nice morning pace.

The course was in pretty good overall condition for mid-summer. Pretty similar to what I experienced last year at Palm Valley. Tee boxes fine. Fairways mostly pretty good with some inconsistencies (multiple grasses in play, some thin spots, some shaggy spots). Rough pretty similar to fairways with some really thick clumpy bermuda patches where the ball dug in deep and other places where the ball perched up nicely on top. Rough lies were either brutal or very favorable. It's clear they had some flooding throughout the course when the recent rains hit because there was some debris/trash gathered up in some of the low-lying areas. Sure that will get cleaned up soon enough. I wasn't in a bunker here. The greens were soft and rolling pretty well at medium speeds, starting to show some summer wear with browning around the edges. Also, they were barely just healed from the July aeration (still dotted) before getting ready to aerate again the next day.

Highland Falls is a solid course at a fair price. I found it to be very player-friendly, which fits the Sun City clientele. There are a few tricky holes, but most are pretty straightforward and forgiving. Nice setting with slightly better scenery than Palm Valley and a more interesting overall layout (similar vibe, but a bit more design appeal I thought). Very good low/mid-level course option for Vegas, where good golf values can be hard to find.
Played here last week with JohnnyGK and Ringworld. Wow, what a difference from the old Norwalk Golf Center! They really did a nice job with this place to make it a hub for junior/beginner golf. Cool little pro shop/community room, small double-decker driving range that's fully enclosed, short-game practice areas, etc.

They basically leveled the old Norwalk course and built a new one on top. Some of the basic layout/routing has some similarities to the old skeleton. They kept some of the older/big trees and planted a bunch of new saplings to fill the property in more over time. They laid down all bermuda turf from tee to green. The tee boxes are nice quality mats with enough length that they can move the tee markers back and forth to keep the wear even. The greens are pure bent grass and in amazing shape right now. I'll be curious how these greens do after a lot of play from novices and beginners.

The course itself is pretty basic with no holes longer than 100 yards. Greens relatively simple with some friendly mounding around them. Nothing too exciting, but a good little beginner's pitch and putt layout. Good pricing and lots of junior programs. Adult lessons, as well. Cool little place along the lines of the Ely Callaway Center in Oceanside (except open to the public) or what they did with Colina Park down in SD.
A friend reached out to me the other day and suggested we meet up for golf this morning. After looking for last-minute tee times, Morongo was a good meeting spot and the 7:40 tee time on Legends was by far the best option left available for a twosome. By pure coincidence, it turns out that our playing partners ended up being HmtGolfGuy and lotrgolfer48 playing their GK Cup match! Crazy small world I guess. We enjoyed a relaxed pace and were finished right around 4.5 hours.

The course was in pretty good condition all around. The tee boxes were good, though a few of the blues are starting to get kind of lumpy. The fairways were mostly pretty good. Fairly wet and squishy most of the morning with a hodge podge of different grasses in play. Some bare spots here and there, but mostly good coverage and consistent maintenance. The rough was mostly in good shape and just thick enough to make you work. The greens were soft and receptive, rolling at medium speeds. Sign at the pro shop said they were running at 10, which is probably about right. The surfaces were nice without too much ball mark damage, rolling a bit slower than they looked (though speeding up some as they started to dry out). Bunkers were a mixed bag. First one I was in was like wet cement. Another one later was decent.

I usually enjoy my rounds at Morongo. It's a good facility with two fun courses. I personally prefer Legends a bit more than Champions, so it was fun today. Even more enjoyable getting paired up with some GK friends!
Purposely saved this one for last so it would stay on top longer. What a fun day at Yocha Dehe with the first really big Norcal GK Plays event. It was great to meet the folks that BGarcelon was able to wrangle up, along with seeing some familiar SoCal GK'ers who made the trek up. Incredible prize table, thanks largely to a very generous contribution from LinkSoul. Pace was a bit slow with the big group and it was hot out, but we all still had fun!

The course conditions were very nice. Maybe a tad disappointing as they have definitely experienced a hotter-than-normal summer and there is some heat damage. A few big sections of fairways are roped off and played as GUR as they work to repair the damage. I appreciated that they were upfront about this as the starter gives you the info on the first tee. Otherwise, there were a few small burnt spots scattered throughout that you might not normally see here.

That's just being a little nitpicky because we have such high expectations from this course. Overall, everything was very lush and green. Most fairways were great and the rough was beautifully kept. The bunkers were amazing with soft, bright white sand. The greens were firm-ish and rolling at medium-fast speeds, just getting a little bumpy as the day went on and footprints showed late in the afternoon. I'd say 90% excellent with 10% of areas that need a little TLC to get back to the usual high Yocha standards.

The service is excellent here. Truly top-notch, especially considering there are so many moving parts from the bag drop to the pro shop to the staging area to the practice area and first tee. The team was hustling and helping keep us organized as much as they could. Food service excellent afterward, and we had a nice little private room for the prizes. Great overall experience at one of Northern California's best public courses!

It's such a beautiful setting and a fantastic layout that gets better and better as the round goes on, culminating in a spectacular back nine. The only other time I played here was in the winter and it was before they had done any turf reduction. Then, it was lush and green from wall to wall with all the hillsides being green, as well. Saturday was a different look with more contrast between the green fairways and the golden hills. I wish they would do something nicer with the turf-reduced areas, though. Not as pretty with a bunch of big bare dirt patches in between holes.
This was our second round on Sunday morning. We had a 9:29 tee time and used a Costco voucher for a good price, but they ran a little late and it was closer to 9:40 by the time we teed off. They said there was to be a single or another twosome to join us, but they never showed up when we were announced on the first tee. So, we played as a twosome amidst wall-to-wall groups on a super busy Sunday morning. We just jumped from shade to shade, sitting in the cart and watching the end of The Open in between shots. It was brutally slow on such a hot day, as we finished in just under 5 hours.

Conditions were also pretty mediocre here. You can definitely see how the drought took its toll and they haven't quite recovered, as it is very rough around the edges. Tee boxes fine enough. Fairways had okay coverage. Lots of inconsistencies with shaggy sections and plenty of bare spots, too. Rough was a mixed bag, with some decent areas around greens and the rest being very spotty. Greens were firm and rolling pretty well. Definitely the best part of the course condition-wise. I wasn't in any bunkers, and that was probably a good thing based on what I observed.

At first glance from the clubhouse area, this looks like it will be a really plain muni-style course. Those holes closest are kind of plain (9 and 18 are decent finishers with water in play). However, everything in between is fairly interesting as you get into the more wooded areas and lots of natural hazards are brought into play. Some fun/funky short holes for risk-reward opportunities. It's the type of course you probably have to play a few times to figure out. Layout was ultimately better than expected, despite lackluster conditions. Only worth playing if you get the right deal and you have plenty of time to spare.
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