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Decided to stay local this gorgeous Friday morning and trekked up to Los Verdes, teeing off at 8:30 and finishing a bit past 1PM ... slow play is the norm here unless you play at dawn like Weber or 24hour. I'd rant but it'd be preaching to the choir.

Anyway, course conditions have not changed since the last time I was here about a year ago. Wire grass in some areas has worsened, multiple grasses in fairways (somewhat shaggy), and great Poa greens sums it up. Errant tee shots (even 5 yards off the fairway) can be rewarded with a hardpan lie. Bunkers hit and miss but the maintenance crew were working on some so that was good to see.

Beautiful vistas, semi-challenging layout, good greens will keep LV in the rotation. Slow play, crappy fairways, and non-existent rough will mean it'll be another year or so before I return.
Played my annual b'day round at Tustin Ranch last Friday as I find the green fees here way over the top for a daily fee but it is what it is. My bud paid $124 so we split it ... comes with balls and lunch (we split that, too. Good grub here, for sure). Anyway, the greens were just punched last week so I won't say much other than they need a couple more weeks to mend. I rated them a 6 just cuz they're usually in good shape. PoP not a factor as the potential for rain must of scared everyone away ... we never saw a drop.

The fairways are dormant, mostly, bare and patchy sum it up. Lots of tight lies and balls rolling to a low point or stopping against a clump of green, longer stuff. Rough is also inconsistent. Green complexes were spotty at best. Lots of GUR. Bunkers good, the best you'll find anywhere with great rakes (no kidding). Nice GPS and nice carts. Unfortunately, the course is not nearly in the shape it should be for the money they charge, well, that's why I only play here once a year. The bones are intact so it will probably be in better shape come springtime, but for now I'll pass.
On the Ike with the clubbers Sunday morning with a surprising 4.5 hr PoP. Gorgeous day on the Hill: they overseed here at IH and what a difference compared to other courses I've played recently ... very green everywhere. While not perfect due to some landing and shady areas that have thin cover, the Ike is in about as good as shape as you'll find anywhere in LA right now, public or private. Not cheap to play on the w/e (C-note) but visually stunning and what a test this course can give ... hard to score if you're not on your game, especially reading and executing approach shots and greens.

Putts rolled really nice today, medium speed but when they can cut them tight you better watch out. Only complaint was a few GS bunkers were very firm and difficult to play from (#12 left bunker comes to mind). Rough cut to 1-2" so no issues there.

Pricey but still very much recommended for a true test of golf.
$37 GolfZing early tee time at El Slo-rado on a Friday morning where they put out 5-somes galore (thanks, AmGolf) leading to slow play. Gonna rant here, so skip to the next paragraph if you just want to read about course conditions. Golfers: if you want to play early you absolutely MUST be able to get around in a minimum of 4 hours ... 3.5 hr round if you're using carts. The 6:30 and 6:40 tee times today were absolutely clueless on PoP which causes the slow play El Do is known for. If you play early, play fast ... or just get a later tee time! Rant off.

Greens are the best part of the course, quick and slick right now, even when it's cool and damp like it was this morning. Aprons and grass near the greens was green and in better shape than the fairways which have thinned a bit (Kikuyu in the winter) but still very playable. Rough can be penal or non-existent depending on where you miss. Bunkers looked good and maintained.

Always a challenge to play early in the winter even here in So Cal. Just would expect a decent pace, not a 4:30 round when you're scheduled to tee off at 6:50AM.
Booked a 9:40am time at Diamond Bar for a Saturday ($40 walking). After reading the previous post, I had my worst fears realized when they said they're running 30 minutes late (was more like 40 due to overbooking). Golf carts were lined up all the way to the driving range, it looked like a line to get on a ride at Disneyland. When we finally teed off it was hit and wait on every shot which led to a 3 hr front nine ... brutal, dude! Fortunately, the back nine played much faster but it was still a 5.5 hr round which set a new record for me (add: back-to-back eagles on 14 & 15 eased the pain ... I don't think that will happen again, ever).

Anyway, the layout here is full of traditional, full length par 4's mixed with some dog legs, a couple of reachable par 5's, and long-ish par 3's. A couple of good hills (like #9) to climb if your walking but otherwise fairly flat with some scenic views when away from the very loud nearby freeway which is the reason I believe I've not played here in over a decade.

Greens were in good muni-shape, rolling medium speed but you had to be careful on side-hill chips/putts which could easily run 3-5 feet past the hole ... not flat by any means. Bunkers decent sand, mostly raked (some not), and playable. Lot's of trees line the fairways, rough mostly cut short enough not to be an issue.

I'd really like to recommend this course (bring earplugs if the constant buzz of traffic upsets your Chi) but the overbooking (see previous review) is ridiculous. My suggestion would be to play early and then maybe it'd be a worthwhile round.
Out at Rio Hondo early Friday AM, matched with a retired threesome of nice guys, $39 walking green fee and a PoP at just over 4 hrs. (thanks to the marshal who kept the old guys on their toes). First two fairways were somewhat muddy, matted Bermuda so decided to play LC&P. Greens were very dewy but as the course dried out it became much more playable albeit some very thin lies. Rough not long but difficult to find balls due to the many fallen leaves ... poor older gents couldn't find their ball if their lives depended on it, lucky they had me with them or PoP would've been 5 hrs and they'd still lose a dozen balls. No biggie, was glad to help ... I'll be old someday, too :-)

Anyway, the greens, even with the recent rain, were very firm and everything would release so you must take that into account. They rolled semi-quick as they dried out.

Nice course to visit once in a while. Very flat, walkable, busy, many parallel fairways, usually well maintained (bunkers were good sand). I'll be back.
IH Men's Club on Sunday, 1/7, on the Babe. PoP around 5 hrs. The last two reviews were posted last October prior to overseed (bad timing) so I thought I'd bring it up to date as the course is green and nice to play on right now ... the Mon/Tue rains will make this a wet and soggy mess so it could be CPO for a couple days until things dry out.

The fairway grass is mostly full but can be thin in shady areas, same with the rough which can be long and challenging. Narrow and a bear of a course if you're not straight off the tee.

Greens were great: true and semi-quick. GS & FW bunkers have nice sand with a few rocks (okay to remove) but can be thin at the base so be careful.

Always enjoy the challenge the Babe offers ... easy to score pars if in the fairway or doubles if you're in the rough behind the trees.

Still running the mega-Monday deal. Cheaper then the Ike. Recommended.
Senior special at Coyote Hills (see previous review) was honored on Friday, 12/29, and there were many golfers taking advantage. PoP very slow at 5 hrs and if you played here you'd know that anyone not getting off the tee in the fairway will be looking for and losing a lot of balls.

The conditions are mostly semi-dormant Bermuda but we had good lies although you had to get ball first. Was in a couple GS bunkers which looked nice but had a firm bottom, meaning lots of bounce. Greens were the highlight for sure, quick and mostly true minus a few unrepaired marks.

Overall, C-Hills tends to be a tight track and not walkable unless your part Sherpa, requiring your 'A' game to score well. Putting is difficult due to undulations and variable green speed, you had to be really careful as some rolls are firm and uber-quick. Still recommended for the Senior Special (60+).
This time, on Wednesday I got a 12:08PM GolfNow Hotdeal at Candlewood for $40 plus their 'convenience fee' ... comes with cart but I chose to walk. Played with a friendly Taiwanese member and his nephew who were great company. He suggested we jump to #13 after finishing the front side which we played in 2.5 hrs. What a smart idea as we got ahead of the foursome that was holding everyone up ... played the back in well under 2 hrs.

Course is a bit of a mixed bag in the fairways and rough with may dormant areas, but mostly had decent Kikuyu lies. Move off the fairway and it's a crapshoot. In GS bunkers 3 of the first 5 holes and found them firm packed and playable, well maintained. FW bunkers were much firmer. Lots of Pine needles from the Pine trees ... overall, the course is in decent winter condition.

Greens soft but quick, cut low and somewhat difficult to read.

Really enjoyed the day, especially for the price. Recommended if you can get the HotDeal.
Played the Destroyer on 12/26, twilight (12:08PM tee time and got off at 12:20) rate around $26 walking w/buds and we barely finished in a 4.5 hr PoP. Found in the course in very good winter condition. Kikuyu fairways are green and mostly full, unlike other (ie. Long Beach) courses that have moved to more matted, dormant conditions. Gets a bit thin the farther you move away from the middle, but still playable.

Greens good for an afternoon round, soft enough to hold most approach shots and rolling fairly true minus a few bumps at medium speed but you must stay on the same level of the pin or say bye-bye. Only in one GS bunker, sand a bit thin at the bottom unfortunately.

Lot's of golfers today but the ranger did a good job of herding the cats, so a big thanks cuz I didn't think we'd have any chance to finish. Recommended.
Morning round at El Do today with a terrible PoP of 5hrs. I'd rant but it'd do me no good. Course is dry due to the low humidity and warm weather, so we got some good rollout on tee shots and lots of release around the greens which were firm (but holding most shots) and fast. Many thin but playable lies.

Was in a couple GS bunkers, well maintained very playable with some rocks. Made the tee time on the SCGA website and got double zing points so a freebie is coming soon. Recommended, but play early.
Back to back rounds on the Ike this past weekend (12/9 & 10). Course in very good condition, tee to green. Rough has been cut, fairways open to cart traffic on most all holes but 4, 6, & 17 plus the par 3's. Greens are semi-soft in the AM but firm up quick, still holding a decently struck shot. Tricky on the speed, especially downhill chips which can run out if you're not uber precise.

Ventured into a couple FW bunkers which were well maintained as were the GS bunkers. Some thin areas were found in the shady side of the fairways, so you had to pick 'em clean. Overall, a great challenge on the Ike if you want to test your game. Recommended, but pricey. PoP was around 5 hrs or less each day.
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