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Played Sat 1-12 with my monthly mens group. We had a 8:30 shotgun start and everything went off on time. It was cool and raining lightly when we started but by about the 4th hole the rain let up and eventually made way for a sunny day. It did cloud up and rain lightly after we were finished.
The course is in very good condition. Tee boxes are good with just some of the par 3's showing some divot damage.

The fairways were next to perfect! Lush-green and very nice to play from. There was an occasional wet spot due to the overnight rain but nothing serious.

The only knock would be the bunkers. They had ample sand but there are lots of small rocks mixed in. With the new rule change you can now move them so it makes for easier shots out.

The greens are in very good condition with almost no old ball marks to deal with. They rolled medium quick and held shots very well.

No cart on this day but there was not many other players besides our group on the course.
Had lunch after and everyone was pleased with the food and the great service.
Overall a very nice way to start 2019.
I also had the pleasure of playing the GK outing here and as always had a great time.
Really enjoyed the company of my playing partners and as others have detailed, the course is in almost perfect shape.
My only knock would be the greens not being up to the standard we have come to expect at Rams Hill. The biggest problem was that there were way to many poorly repaired ball marks. Come on guys how hard is it to fix your mark and maybe a couple of others.Not much the course can do about this except mention it to players when they tee off.
The staff I encountered were all top notch and very helpful.
Looking forward to the next outing here. As always a big thank you to Johnny for setting this up.
Played 10-20 with my monthly mens group
They set us up with a 7:30 shotgun start and we got off right on time. They included range balls and had shuttle to run us over. The range has just been completly redone and it is really nice. You do hit from mats but as of now they are great.
The staff was great all the way around. We saw the cart 4-5 times and a marshal about the same.
The course in in the best shape I have ever seen except for the tee boxes. The tees were very uneven and most were very beat up.
Fairways are green and you got good roll out. The bermuda rough was not too long but your ball really sat down which made it tough to get out of.
Bunkers had ample sand and were well raked.
The greens were the highlight of the course. Smooth, quick and almost diviot free.
I always enjoy this track and plan on playing again soon.
I also had the pleasure of playing in the GK cup final round. As always great company and a killer rate set up by Johnny.

I'm not going to go into the course conditions as those have been described by many players.
I will say that they were right on and this is a very fun but challenging lay out.

Customer service was spot on. Friendly faces everywhere. What to thank the bartender for all of his work after the round. He was all alone to work the bar and take care of food service and he was great.
Played 9-20 on a warm afternoon. Pace was just a touch under 4 hours even though we waited a few holes. On #16 it took close to 10 minutes to tee off.

The tee boxes and most of the fairways look to be shaved down and getting ready for fall maintenance. The fairways were not the lush lies you expect at Goose.

The greens were medium fast but a little bouncy in spots. A few had some thin spots.They are punching the first part of Oct.

Bunkers are thin as always here but playable.

Saw the cart several times and the staff at check in were friendly and sent me straight to the first tee to join a threesome of very friendly guys from OC.
Played 8/14 with a 7:15 tee time on a overcast cool day. We never saw the sun until the 14th hole and then it was still quite cool. I was paired with two local guys and a friend of theirs from out of town. Really fun threesome. We got out on time and breezed around in 4 hours flat. They were having the mens club championship later that morning so the course was in top shape with some very tough pins.The greens here are relatively small without any big undulations but there are some slopes to deal with and they can be very deceptive.
Tee boxes where level and without too many divots.
The kikuya fairways were cut short and good to hit from. The rough made you work and could grab your club.
There are only two bunkers on the course and of course i found one! The sand was a little heavy and damp but very playable.
The greens were in very good shape with hardly a ball mark to be seen. They rolled medium fast and very smooth. I was told everything breaks towards the bay and yes it does. Some putts that looked like they had to turn ended up straight due to the pull from the bay.
This course is built on the side of the hills which makes for some sidehill lies in the fairways with most holes running either up or down hill. A couple of the par threes are just over 200 yards and when you add it being sea level and damp made for tough shots. Lots of trees along the edges to make you pay for a wayward shot.
The staff at checkin was great. No cart this day. Not sure if this is normal but you came back to the proshop at the turn so you can get anything you need then.
Overall a very enjoyable round and money well spent.
Played 7-31 0n a warm humid morning.
They are in the process of redoing the cart paths and due to that they have turned off some of the irrigation especially on the back nine. This makes for some dry spots in the fairways and a couple of greens had large burned out areas.
Overall the course has held up well in the recent heat we have been experiencing.
Some of the tee boxes were bumpy and you had to search for a level spot.
The fairways were mostly good but there are some dry spots to contend with.
The rough was juicy in most places and the ball sat down and it took some work to get out.
The greens were mostly on the slow side due to not being able to cut them down because of the heat.
I was in two bunkers and the sand was thin but playable. A lot of work going in some of the bunkers. Edges being cut back and cleaned up.
The pace was ok at 3:25 but it could have been better but for a slow threesome I ran into on the last 5 holes.
This is just the third time I've played here and I enjoy the layout. No water to deal with but several tee shots require a carry over dry creek beds/canyons. Couple of sever dog legs that require less than driver and good placement to have an approach shot to the green.Lots of large trees that can block your shots if you get off line.Always nice to see the deer wandering around.
Overall an enjoyable morning round especially with the L.A. county senior card at $28
Played 7-14 with my monthly mens club. We were supposed to start at 9:15 but there was another tournament ahead that was very slow so we started about 20 minutes late and the round ended up being 5 hrs and 20 minutes on a very hot day. We spent way too much time waiting.
Tee boxes were a mixed bag with many tilted which made it difficult to find a level spot.
Fairways were good with very few dry spots but there were quite a few wet soggy areas. Some areas have been severely over watered.
The rough was thick enough to make it tough to find a ball and sometimes tough to get out.
The bunkers are a joke, both fairway and green-side. I was in two and my partners were in several more and none of them had sand! All very hard and some just packed down mud.
Greens were good with medium speed and they held shots well. Very few old ball marks to contend with.
The staff was professional including the ladies in the bar. Good selection of draft beers and very good food service.
Played 5/25 with a 8:41 tee time we got out about 5 minutes late. We waited a bit on the par threes put still finished right at 4 hours.
Course is in its usual prime condition. Fairways,rough, bunkers in great shape. I was not in a bunker but some of them looked to have new white sand.
The greens were smooth and running quick. They held good shots very well.
The staff as usual were friendly and helpfull.
Played 5/16 with the GK guru's and as usual had a great time with great people.
As previous reviews stated the course was set up hard and fast for the qualifier.
I played here about two weeks ago and the fairways were cut shorter and were drier this time.
I really like this track and encourage everyone to give it a try. One of the best conditioned courses in So Cal.
Played 5-8 with GK'er LarryQ. We used the golf Mouse deal $84 for two. Really good deal and Larry is a great guy to play with.
As the previous review noted the range and practice green are closed due to some extensive construction going on at the range.
I have never seen this course in this great of shape. Tee boxes were good,fairways had good coverage with never a bad lie and the greens were close to perfect.
I was in two bunkers and they had good sand but they were a little wet.
The staff was friendly and helpful.
Played 5-4 as a single using the L.A. County senior card. $28.75 w/cart. Teed off around 7:30 and finished in 3 1/2 hours. I played through a couple of groups and waited a little on the last 3 holes.
This course is a little rough around the edges but for the cost I enjoyed the layout and I will return. The cart paths need a lot of TLC. Most were dirt and very bumpy. Where there was asphalt,that was pretty torn up also.
Tee boxes were ok with some damage but acceptable.
The fairways had good coverage but were a mixture of weeds and various different grasses. There were a few thin/brown spots but I never had a bad lie. I was not in any bunkers but they looked firm.
The greens on the front nine were soft and fluffy but when I got to number nine they were being cut and the back nine was much better. They all rolled good but the back was much quicker. Very few old ball marks to deal with.
The guy at check in was quick and friendly. Did not see the cart or a marshal. The maintenance guys were very good about getting out of the way and turning off the machines so not to bother you.
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