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Played this morning as a single. When out at 6:30 and finished in 2hr 45 minutes.
The course is in good condition for a muni in winter except for the bunkers.
The last review mentioned the bunkers need sand and it was spot on. I was in one fairway and one greenside bunker and they where just hard dirt.
Tee boxes and fairways had good coverage and very few bare spots in the fairways. The rough was only about an inch longer than the fairway and pretty easy to hit from.
The greens ran true and medium speed with very few ball marks.
Walked on as a single 2/23 and got right out at 9:00 Played with two other guys and we made it around in less than 4 1/2 hours which is a really good pace for this place.
All I can say about the conditions here is pray for rain SOON
The tee boxes were ok but the fairways were thin and that is being very generous. Lots of bare spots and very little grass anywhere. The rough was almost non existent. It was hard to tell where the fairwasy ended and the rough started. The rough was mostly bare dirt.
The two bunkers I was in had decent sand but per usual here lots of footprints. Some of the players here don't think they should rake them!
The best part and only green part of the course were the greens. Very good condition with very few ball marks and running about 10.
No cart here and the snack bar at 10 was closed so you had to go into the resturant if you needed anything.
My advice is to spend your money else where until the conditions get better.
Played 2-17 with my monthly mens club. Pace of play was painfully slow close to 5 1/2 hours.
Tee boxes were only ok not great but you could find a level spot on most.
Fairways are a mixed bag. Mostly thin and a mix of grass and weeds. Not the best surface to hit from. Several had dirt spots.
The rough again was a mixed bag. In some places it was the same depth as the fairway and some ares it was nonexistent. Around the greens it was decent.
Traps had varying levels of sand some had nice fluffy sand and some were very thin which made the club bounce when you tried to het under the ball.
This course has several lakes and around them were lots of coots and geese which made the grass thinner and plenty of droppings to clean off of your shoes and clubs.
Overall the staff was friendly and helpful. We only saw the cart one time on hole four and the snack shack at the turn had a sign in the window saying be back soon.
Played here 1-22 and had a great time. The weather was a mix of sunshine rain and wind at times. Never rained hard or very long and the wind was only an issiue on a couple of holes then it went away.
The staff was great and welcoming. I was paired up with a nice guy from Texas and we played as a twosome. Had an 8:00 am tee time and we got off about 10 minutes early. We played at our own pace and finished in less than 4 hours. Never saw anyone behind us and the guys ahead moved along at a good oace.
The tees were in good shape with no problems finding good level spot to hit from.
Fairways are nice to hit from with good coverage and I never had a bad lie when I found the fairways.
The rough is about 2" deep bermuda and the ball really sits down making it tough to get out of at times.
I was in one greenside bunker and it had plenty of red sand. Not to soft and good to get out of.
If you watched the recent tournament, it was obvious that they had some issues with the greens due to more rain that usual in Dec. Now they have recovered except for a couple that still had some thin spots. On these greens the pins were away from the bad areas and we did not have any problems.These grens are hugh and have lots of slopes to deal with. One of my shots landed short of the green and ran off the back (about 60 feet). long on these is not a good place to be.
This place is pricey but its a bucket list course so I was ok with the cost. The views are amazing and I even saw a whale breach off in the distance from one of the greens.
Played 4-23 with a 7:28 tee time. Was paired up 3 other singles and we played the blue tees.
We got off about 5 minutes late and we waited on every hole but still finished in 4 1/2 hours but it sure seemed way longer.
Tee boxes are level but thin and rock hard. Very tough to get your tee in the ground.
Fairways had decent coverage and the rough was ok. I was in one bunker and it had sand but was not raked and provided a tough lie.
Greens were firm but held shots and rolled well. They are punching soon.
Overall about what I expected for a busy Sunday morning on a city course. I like the old school layout and I will be back.
I had the pleasure of playing here 4-4. it was a picture perfect day for golf. Low70's no wind and bright blue skies.
I had a 9:00 am tee time and was sent out on time with a threesome who where really friendly and fun to play with. One of them had never played here before and time after time he commented how great the layout was and that conditions were next to perfect.
Tee boxes where level and some had been punched but never had a problem finding a spot to tee it up.
The fairways had great coverage and never had a bad lie all day. 1st cut of rough was about 1 1/2" tall made you work a little to get out. after that you have native grass where you might have a tough time finding you ball. Last time I was here none of the native grass was there due to the drought so an errant shot would run off forever.
The greens were smooth ,quick and consistent. Hardly a ball mark to be seen! they held well struck shots and putts held their line.
Bunkers had plenty of sand and were raked correctly.
Pace of play was 4:15 and we never had to rush or wait for the group ahead.
I try to get a round in whenever I am in the area. Really wish it was closer.
I was able to make the GK Guru outing here with a great group of fellow GK'ers.
Check in was smooth with very helpfull guys in the pro shop. Went over to the nice grass range to warm up. The practice green was very close to the greens out on the course at the start of the round. by the end of the round the greens got a little slow and bumpy.Not unexpected on a sunny day after alot of rain.
we started a little early and the starter had some helpful information for us.
Tee boxes were nice and the fairways while a little thin were dry for the most part.
The bunkers both fairway and greenside had lots of very soft sand.
I found tbe course to be challanging but fair. Playing here a couple of times would be helpful to know where to go with your tee shot.
Overall it was a great day on a nice track for a great price. I will try to get back here again.
I was also able to join the GK Guru round at my favorite course, Goose Creek.
I can only echo what everyone else has posted about the conditions, they were next to perfect.
The staff was great getting us set up and out just about on time even with the match play tournament going on that morning.
As always it was a pleasure to play other GK'ers. This was the first Guru outing I could attend as most are on weekdays and I still have a d%mn job.Please do more on weekends if possible Johnny.
Made the trip up to Mammoth Lakes 7/23 to play here due to the rumors that this was the last year it would be open.
We talked to several people at the course and they all believed that the course would be staying open. Seems all of the talk of closing was Rusty's ( Mammoth Mountain CEO) way of leverging some property along the course.
The course was in very good condition and the staff was excellent. They meet you at your car and load your bags and let the pro shop know you are here. Check in was quick and smooth.
No range to warm up but several hitting stalls to take a few swings to loosen up. Nice putting green to get a feel for the speeds.
Tee boxes were quite nice, never had a problem finding a spot to tee it up.
Fairways are next to perfect. Very few dry spots and nice lies all day.
The rough was juicy and really made you work to get out.
The bunkers had plenty of sand but it was a little heavy and had a mixture of small stones.
Loved the greens! Quick,consistant and almost ball make free.
The 8001 foot elevation made you think about club selection. The coures it very tight and you need to hit the ball in the correct spots to score well.
We had not seen the cart so we called in and in less than 10 minutes we had the drinks and a hot dog in our hands.
The rate is a little steep but if you want to treat yourself on a vacation, worth it in my opinion.
If you have never been to the Eastern High Sierra treat youself and make the trip. Its a very special place.
Played here 4-3 on a warm sunny windless day . You couldn't ask for better weather.
Tee time was 8:00 am and got out right on time. Booked on the phone and paid $75 which I think is a very fair price for this course in the high season for St George.
The course has a good mix of holes with par 3's from 110 yards to 190 yards( from the whites)
Some of the holes had tee shots that required a good carry to reach the fairway but nothing extreme.
The fairways were lush and left you with very good lies. The rough was around 2" and made you work to get out. If you strayed too far your ball ended up in desert and rocks.
Bunkers here were red heavy sand but ok to hit from in the one I found.
Greens were excellent and had very few ball marks.
This course while not as scenic as Sand Hollow it was still quite pleasant. There are homes around the course but most are back and really do not detract from the views.
The staff from the very friendly and cute cart girls that meet you at your car to the marshal who was around several times were top notch and very pleasant. There was no cart this day. Not sure if this is the norm here.
I would play here again next time I make the trip to St George.
Played here 4-1 on a picture perfect day until about hole 14 when the wind kicked up a little.
Tee time was 9:54 and went out about 10 minutes early with a twosome. Pace of play was 4:10 and we never felt rushed or pushed.
This is the second time playing here and I really enjoy this course. Challenging but not overly so if you play from the white tees. Good variety of holes and some really stunning holes on the back nine.
Most tee boxes were fine and level. The fairways were a mixed bag. Most were fine with good grass to hit from but several were a little thin which made for some thin lies.
The rough was not overly long so you couldn't find your ball but it made you work to get it out.
Bunkers here are red sand/dirt and several had too many rocks in them. They were all well raked and had good coverage.
The greens were quick and smooth but did have some un-repaired ball marks. d%mn lazy players!!
I really enjoyed my day here would play again when in the area
Played here 1-25. Booked a 7:34 single from their website and paid $49 with a cart.
I was second out behind a walking foursome and I caught them on #3. They waved be through and I never saw them again finishing in right at 3 hours.
The tee boxes were decent with level spots and not much divot damage.
Fairways were green and good to hit from except for some very wet soft areas from the recent rains in the central coast area. I did have a couple of tee shots plug and there was not much roll out in most cases but I'll take the rain any day.
Not much rough to speak of and if you get too far off line it is still bare in places.
The sign at the pro shop said the greens were running at 10 and that seemed about right. Good shots would hold and they ran true. Very few ball marks, really nice to see!
Was in one fairway and one greenside bunker and both had plenty of sand although a bit heavy and damp.
This was my third time playing here and every time I do I am impressed with this track. Great variety of holes, challenging, but fair. No tricked out shots although some local knowledge is helpful.
Guys it the pro shop super nice and friendly. Did not see the cart but I tee'ed off at 7:30 and was driving out at 10:30. A must play if you are in the area.
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