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Got a 10/20 Sunday morning tee time a bit after 10:00 AM, grouped with a father/son twosome and a lady single to make up a foursome. First time using the new pro shop to check in and it's certainly nice enough. Driving out from Altadena where it was very calm this morning (and still is this evening), I was quite surprised to see how windy is was out in the north valley, and it made for a pretty tough scoring day.

Wind conditions and my poor play not withstanding, the course conditions overall were pretty nice. With some minor exceptions the teeing grounds were generally flat enough with good coverage. The blues and blacks were put together and the whites were often moved forward. Fairways had good, green coverage on the tight side, so decent rollout but good lies. Rough could be mixed, but was more often grassed and not particularly punishing. I was in way too many bunkers, which were on the firm side with a light sand topcoat, and mostly devoid of significant footprints. I had good results playing out of them. The greens were in good shape, minimum ball marks and, with all the dry wind, running about as quick as I've seen them here, which would be the brisk side of medium fast — increasing as the day progressed. Where there was any crowning or slope, the putting could get tricky. The small punch holes mentioned in the prior review of almost a month ago, are long gone.

The wind probably impacted the pace which was sluggish but steady at around five hours. Front nine was slower overall than the back nine, which seemed to pick up after the 11th. It's a muni in good shape and I'd definitely recommend it.
Went out twilight yesterday, 10/12 as a twosome around 3:30. Turns out the greens had been punched, probably no more than a week previously and, while not a lot of residual sanding, were in waffle-iron mode. Personally, I was in no-warm-up-casual-nine-mode, so it wasn't a huge deal to me. It seems they are combining greens with some other maintenance as the tee boxes were generally shaggy. I noticed seed on some of them as well as some dampness indicating extra watering and assume they're giving them some growing-in time before the next cut,. So, for general purposes, the average golfer would probably stay away for a couple more weeks. Otherwise, the fairways have the occasional substandard patch but are in good, playable shape in the main. Rough varies and includes bare sections, but is otherwise good and more often not overly punitive in the greened up parts. I avoided all bunkers.

We got out a little ahead of the late Friday wave and so had no pace issues. Perhaps because I had no expectations on the waffle greens and didn't overthink the putting, I probably only missed one putt I felt should have been made, and drained a curving 12-footer and a 30-footer from just off the green, both to save pars. Go figure. One of my better rounds here in a while. Not a destination course, but nice to see them putting some work into it. I often don't even bother to write up my rounds here, but I'll report back in a few weeks.
Went out as a single around 2:15 today, playing behind a speedy threesome, getting around in something over 3.5 hours. I saw the GK alert and was prepared to accept partially healed greens, but none of them were suffering any aeration hangover. Some had light indications of the recent work but it didn't affect anything. There seemed to be more pitch marks than usual, the occasional, small, rough patch, and they were a little slower than usual, but I didn't have any problem with the way the greens performed. Otherwise the course is in generally good shape and I see no reason to avoid it. I enjoyed my round.
Returning to LA from San Luis Obispo yesterday, 9/3, around 4:00 pm, I stopped by Buenaventura to catch a round based on Kviser's recent reviews. The lady in the shop had just sent out three high school groups and suggested I head down to Olives for better pace and even called to confirm it was wide open. I appreciated her heads up and service. Check in was friendly and I paid $22 to walk on as a single at Olivas. The starter said it should be open and he hadn't sent anyone out in a while, but two guys in a cart were teeing off as I walked to the first tee. They didn't wait and were a non-issue, staying just ahead of me through the front nine and then leaving.

I have only played here a few times and not recently, so I opted to play the whites. Conditions overall were excellent. The teeing grounds were as consistently level and covered as any I've seen in a long time — really nice to just pick your spot and plant a tee. Fairways had nice, consistent coverage and I don't recall any exceptions. With natural areas in the mix, the off-the-fairway experience could vary, but where there was true rough it was very good — sometimes recoverable and sometimes more punitive, so very fair. I hit no bunkers so I have no input there. Greens were in nice shape running a medium quick that I tended to underestimate and run my putts further past the flag than intended. Actually a really nice speed, appropriate to the green contours without getting too fast. There was about a 1.5 club wind starting out that died off to almost still by the end of the round. Got around in a little under 3.5 hours — perfect timing for the time of day and all I could hope for.

A really enjoyable layout in really nice shape, I definitely recommend it, but I did have one issue. It was warm to start, I was walking and carrying, and I never saw a water station on the front nine. Maybe because I was walking and not tracing the cart paths (cutting from green to tee), or otherwise somehow missed them, but the first water jug I saw was by the office trailer after nine holes, so detoured over to refill my bottle. The first water jug I saw on the course proper wasn't until around the 12th hole. Sea breezes or not, and assuming I observed correctly, in a place like SoCal there should be more out there. Otherwise, no complaints and really enjoyed the round.
I was invited by a friend to join regular playing group for Saturday, 8/10, morning tee times starting at 10:00. Apparently this group attendance varies anywhere from about five to 15 on a given outing, and in this case we had six, starting out as a couple of threesomes. The course was in good shape overall. Teeing grounds nice and level with enough coverage, fairways were generally well covered, a little tight and correspondingly, with better than average rollout. Rough usually had coverage and could play anywhere from an easy out to thicker and costly. I was in the bunkers too much and found them particularly challenging. The surface tended towards clumpy and a little crusty over a softer base. I can't remember playing conditions quite like it and had trouble figuring them out. The greens were in pretty nice condition as to surface, running right around medium speed that felt slower because they were clean and looked like they should have rolled a little quicker.

So conditions-wise, so far so good. The big negative was the pace. Slow from the get go and throughout. So much so that for about six holes in the middle of the round, the two groups decided to combine as a six-some until the marshals eventually caught on and had has us revert to two groups. It really made no difference. After a lot of waiting and, having an early evening engagement to get to, I had to quit after 17 which I never would have anticipated with our start time. It would have been at least 5.75 heading towards 6.0 hours to finish out 18 and it was the longest round I've played in years. There were marshals patrolling, but there was nowhere to speed things up and it makes me wonder what happened earlier to set things up this way. Cart service came around regularly and the staff was otherwise pleasant. Nice as conditions were, the thought of playing this course on a weekend again now leaves me a little twitchy.
Welcome to my semi-private thread reviewing the conditions at Altadena. Ran over late yesterday, 6/24, and got out for super twilight around 6:30 as a single. Short story is that I've probably never seen the conditions at Altadena as nice as they were yesterday. The Winter and Spring weather we've had have been extremely kind to our local courses. With the exception of a couple of tee boxes that have some less level sections to them, most teeing grounds were nicely level and all had good grass coverage of appropriate length. Fairways were green, well grown in, and consistently groomed — generally nice lies and they looked good. Rough was also generally well groomed and consistent — usually playable but lush enough to have a little grab to it, occasionally a little deeper. I avoided the bunkers but they are usually OK here, a little on the firm side, sometimes with some pebbles. Greens had a nice, healthy covering that ran at a medium pace. There were occasional, small, peripheral blemishes, but nothing significant. The greens especially looked as healthy as I can recall. For a course that typically is a mixed bag of verdant and burnt out areas, it is the overall impression of consistent green that struck me. I got around briskly with no waiting and enjoyed it very much. As always, probably not a course that merits any kind of pilgrimage, but if you are in the area, it will currently put its best face forward for you and it's worth a look for a casual, local vibe. Natural forces notwithstanding, the current management should get some props for the current state of affairs.
Not having been out there for a good while and inspired by more positive trending reviews, I ran over to Harding Sunday afternoon, 6/16, somewhat spur of the moment. Arrived as single sometime after 2:00 and was teeing off with another single and a twosome around 2:30 at $25 to walk. I only get over the Griffith Park occasionally, but enjoy the classic, muni vibe, and I was quite pleased with the conditions I found there. Tee boxes were in good shape, with grass and level. As has been noted, a few on the back nine have a bit harder ground for inserting your tee, but I really didn't find it a serious issue. Fairways were nice — good coverage/lies/and rollout. With some areas of exception, the rough was mostly not punitive and being a little bit off the fairway wasn't going to cost you much. This was something of a relief after getting beat up by the rough at Brookside a couple days earlier. Bunkers seemed on the firm side with the ball sitting on top, but upon striking, I found them softer than they appeared. One in our group complained about a bunker he was in as being like concrete, but I think that was an outlier. They were generally pretty playable. Greens were in nice shape — generally clean with a minimum of pitch marks and running a good medium quick speed.

Burying the lead here, it turns out they were wrapping up an LA City tournament that day (13th thru 16th), so we were following on tournament-ready conditions. Safe to say, it was about as nice as one could expect at Harding. As a bonus, the guys I was paired up were all enjoyable company. If you ever have had Harding in your rotation, now would be a good time to revisit it.
Got out reasonably promptly for a 2:30-ish tee time Friday, 6/14, with a buddy and another twosome. The course was fairly busy, but not jammed, and I was surprised how many open Friday spots had showed up on the website the previous night. We got a $20 per person special that included cart. Teeing grounds here are generally in good shape — level with good coverage — although the par 3 15th was a bit worse for wear. As for the rest, it sounds a bit inflated, but in many ways the course condition parallels the current US Open, albeit on a minor scale. Shorter and tighter than the sister course, fairways were well covered with reasonable rollout, but I found the rough was particularly, consistently challenging. You could get lucky and have the ball sitting up, but more often it was punishing — sometimes to hack-it-out depth and occasionally I-thought-it was-right-here-but-can't-find-it depth. Definitely a score multiplier when you got off line. In the same vein, the greens here tend to be small targets, usually with slope and crowns, and they were pretty quick on the day. Throw in the green side rough for chipping and it had everyone in the group tentative at times. Greens are a bit thin skinned so they produced pitchmarks easily and could appear blemished, although the surface was actually in good shape overall. Bunkers were clean, firm and the ball tended to sit up.

I'm typically not a huge fan of Brookside, but it has its charms, and in the interest of variety and curiosity I was overdue to play here and I enjoyed it. The conditions overall are pretty good and the rough definitely bumped up the challenge. We got around in just under 4.5 hours, so the pace was steady. Recommended.
Brief update since little change from the previous report. Played Saturday, 6/1, around 1:00 pm with two other singles — one in a cart, me and the other guy walking. Overall good conditions but the greens were a bit bumpy at times, especially on the front nine. The greens were also well on the slow side of medium, but they did seem to gain some pace into the back nine. Ya gotta adjust and putt what they are on the day and they were still enjoyable. If you are not a stickler for quick greens, I'd recommend the course overall right now. If you are a stickler, then keep an eye out for a report indicating an improvement. Got around at a decent pace of something under 4.5 hours and enjoyed the other two guys as company. With an LA County Senior card, paid $23 to walk which I thought a great bargain.
Returning from Santa Barbara on Saturday, 5/25, I decided to take advantage of the Memorial weekend $22-to-walk rate RR was offering. I lived in Ventura for a while back in the early '80s and had not been back to play RR until relatively recently — a few years back and long after the completion of the Lakes course. I took this opportunity to play the reconfigured Vineyard course for the first time, getting out early afternoon as a single with no one in front of me. I'd say the overall conditions were pretty good, and actually comparable to the conditions at Sandpiper a couple of days before. Good teeing grounds, playable rough, similar fairways that were green, leaning towards tight with good rollout. Bunkers were good, clean and playable while the greens were firm and pretty quick. I noticed the first green had a bit of a cauliflower looking texture to it but it didn't seem to affect the roll. I don't recall seeing it on the other greens.

The holes that had not been reconfigured since the old days elicited a bit of nostalgia in me and I appreciated the familiarity. But while I enjoyed it in general, now that I can compare it to the Lakes course, I definitely prefer the Lakes. I think one reason is that the Lake course is at least as challenging but more out in front of you as to what you need to do while Vineyard has more blind shots. That's all personal opinion and not a comment on the conditions, which were fine. Based on conditions, I'd definitely recommend it.
Got out as a walking single last Thursday, 5/23 at around 1:45. I hadn't been out on Sandpiper in several years and, spurred by recent positive reviews and Johnny's dog picture, decided I was overdue to revisit it. Check in and service was smooth and included having to be issued a loaner putter when I realized I had left mine at home. A warmup bag of balls, some putting and chipping and off I went, playing from the silver tees. All around conditions were very good. Clean, flat teeing grounds, good green coverage on the fairways, rough that was groomed to a pretty consistent length, and quick greens. One area I feel the need to clarify relative to previous reviewers is the term "lush" as it refers to the fairways. To me lush implies thick with a some length to it. The kind of thickness that would tee the ball up a touch. I considered these fairways nicely covered and green with no brown or dry areas, but also on the tight side — good for rollout. I enjoyed the fairways and thought they were very nice, but in the interest of accuracy, would not comport with my definition of lush. I thought the rough was worth extra mention in it's general consistency — not overly punitive but you weren't going to get off clean. I never hit into a bunker all day, so they looked pretty good from my perspective. The greens were firm and fast, not giving up ball marks easily. There must have been some light top dressing of sand recently. It was slightly visible and didn't affect the roll, but when an incoming ball struck the green, a light explosion of sand particles was evident. And while fast and tricky from above the hole, I don't think any of the greens out on the course were quite as scary fast as the practice green.

Generally grey weather lightened up to some sun as the breeze and the round wound down. I finished in about 3.25 hrs. on an only moderately populated course. There is enough up and down over the 18 that I was pleasantly worn out by the end. It is a beautiful course with some special holes in very nice condition right now. Fortunately for me, it was enhanced by a decent round of ball striking. Definitely enjoyed getting back to play here, definitely recommend it.
I got out Friday, 5/10 as part of a threesome with single joining us. I hadn't been out to SA since last June according to my score tracker. I think this was mainly because it had gotten bit dried out last summer and then seemed to be suffering a bit through the winter — at least according to reviews. In fact, the latest review from a little less than a month ago was pretty negative. For whatever reason, I had stayed away more than usual, so I was curious and game to take a look after all the course-improving weather we've had. Basically, I was not disappointed and pleasantly surprised. If I was to focus on the weak point first, I would say there are some scattered thin / scruffy patches to be found on many fairways. I mention it but it factored little into my round. They are scattered and not a dominant feature. The great majority of fairway is filled in with green and good lies to be had. I missed the bunkers but they looked OK. Otherwise, good stuff. Playing from the whites, tees here are pretty level with good coverage and I don't recall any distracing issues about any aspect of teeing it up. Of particular note were the greens, which have been slagged in reviews for their condition and speed. I found them as good as I've seen them in a while — clean with a medium quick speed that was very nice and probably about as speedy as they get there. There were a lot of pin locations conspicuously near the edges of the greens and I don't know why. That did not particularly bother me but I found it interesting. You have to put them somewhere, and sometimes that made it more challenging, but other times not so much.

As someone who comes here regularly if not overly frequently, I thought it was about as good as can be expected and really enjoyed getting back to it. One of our threesome had never played SA and came a away enthusiastic to return to it again soon. On top of everything, I got out walking (1:50-ish tee time) for $22 which was excellent value for this course right now. Recommended.
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