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Enjoyed the opportunity to play with Johnny, Dconnally and Andrew1. Great bunch of guys to play with, all good sticks and fine company. Most impressed by how well Johnny bombed the ball off the tee.

I can say without reservation that the course was I the best condition I have ever seen it. The fairways were simply excellent, some of the nicest I've played on recently. A couple of the tee boxes had the markers set on a slope, but otherwise they were in good shape. Just the overall attention and improvement to the course and facilities are most impressive. Staff was friendly and very accommodating.

Always enjoy playing Glen Ivy. I find the holes to be interesting without being penal. The "flow" of the course is very appealing and while not walkable under any circumstance, this is a course I could play all the time, despite my preference to walk. Fun morning spent on a very nice course, in good condition with great company
As part of the promotion for playing St Mark, we were entitled to a free replay. The staff allowed us to us it on the executive course, so immediately after finishing the "big" course we drove over to the "little" course and were on the tee within minutes. Great customer service from both courses.

I had never played this course. I found it to be absolutely charming. The course is pretty, the holes, while short are interesting, and the routing is excellent. The greens were even better than at St Mark. They were faster, and rolled true. The only negative was the tee boxes, which as you might imagine were badly chewed up. Given all the wedges used, not surprised by this.

If you have not played this course, I highly recommend it. It's fun, attractive setting, and does not take long to play. There should be more of these courses available.
Second off at 7:08am. The first group claimed they would finish in 2 1/2 hours, and true to their word, they did ! Staff was great, allowed us to play as a twosome, which was appreciated.

I rarely play this course, so not sure what to expect as my recollection was not to keen as to details. The course was in very good overall condition. Greens smooth, but not as quick as I prefer. Fairways were lush and provided very little roll, so the course played longer than its yardage. Tee boxes, bunkers, all in nice shape.

I am not a huge fan of this course. Nothing wrong with it, just is not particularly exciting. Despite a misty overcast morning, in part due to the excellent pace of play and the willingness and friendly staff, it was an enjoyable round of golf.
Sadly this will be the last round I play on the North course for at least 6-7 weeks due to the fairway renovation which begins 6/14/19. (I think the fairways are just fine, really disagree with their decision to spend the $$ and interrupt the membership for this unneeded project)

Course is actually in very good shape right now, greens rolling at 12.5 and true. Good fairways, great bunkers, decent rough. Oh well, let's se what the course looks like when they reopen it in August ?
Having just played here last month I would normally not return so quickly, but received an invite from a friend and because I enjoy the course so much, Why Not ! Not a lot to add to my prior review. Course has held up well to the recent mini heat wave, Everything green and lush. Greens rolling much faster now than previously.

The staff here is always so friendly and the setting is just beautiful. The course just presents as a private club, very relaxing, tranquil. Well priced, at last for seniors. If you have not played here, I highly recommend it.
Our early to try to beat the heat. Good thing because it was pretty warm by the time I finished. Course is in good condition right now, particularly the greens. The course is never in great shape, but considering the price, provided you temper your expectations, it is good value.

Staff is always friendly and accommodating. Not really a lot to add to the prior review. Just basic golf at a reasonable price.
Third group off at 6:20am, but no issue as to pace of play. Our walking foursome finished in 3 hours 15 minutes. A cool morning turned into a 90 degree day by our finish, so it's going to be a bit toasty out there today.

I just enjoy this course! Due to being 90+ miles from home fighting LA traffic each way causes me to play here only rarely now. If it were closer, I'd be here all the time and for $23, what a bargain.

Course is in great shape. Greens smooth and reasonably quick. Fairways green with plenty of grass and in places the rough was really thick. Lots of sand in the greenside bunkers I found. All and all, perhaps the best condition I have seen Simi, bearing in mind I play here very in frequently. I great day on a wonderful course. Now if I could just move it to Orange county and maintain the green fee. (No chance there)
There are certain things about living in Southern California which you can rely upon. The freeways will be crowded, gas prices higher than the rest of the country, and Goose Creek will be in great condition. All those things remained a constant.

The Goose is always in fine condition, nothing to complain about, Fairways, greens, green surrounds very tight, and well maintained bunkers. I am impressed just how consistent and nice they maintain this course. Add that to the general layout, which is a joy to play, and the friendly and accommodating staff, it's no wonder this course I always busy, yet they are able to keep pace of play very reasonable. Simply put, it is just a very well run facility.

I can never remember playing here where I walked off disappointed. (except for my lack of golfing ability) Fun course, enough of a challenge without beating you up (Except for #18) and walker friendly. What more could I ask for?
Simply the best value in Southern California golf ! I am blown away that for $16.50 you can play a wonderful course with ocean views in good condition. The holes are interesting, a challenge without being overly penal. The greens today were the highlight of the course.

Great customer service as always and provided you tee off within the first few groups, pace of play is not an issue. (later in the day, pace can be horrible)

I thought overall the course was in some of the better condition I'd seen it. I never get tired of playing here, and for the $$, it's a no brainer
First out as a twosome, which today was not a good thing, because we had to wait for the sprinklers on the first 7 holes, and then the greens were so flooded, with puddles, it made judging speed impossible. The greens were really nice, you just can't putt very well thru puddles ! The back nine was much better, at least no visible water.

Many of the greenside bunkers were also flooded, but those areas not affected were excellent. Plenty of well raked sand. Fairways green and well groomed.

Silly, but I actually enjoy this little course. There are a handful of boring short under 100yd holes, but otherwise there are some fun little holes which provide interesting approach shots. I would not want to make a steady diet of Birch Hills, but it was nice change of pace.
It's been almost a month since I last played the South Course, because I had been playing the North due to the fact that course will close effective 6/12/19 for 6-8 weeks for fairway renovation. It was nice to get get out even on this drizzly morning. (Hey, it's June in Southern California, it is not supposed to rain)

Course is in very nice shape, green, lush, greens rolled well, still fairly quick even though I was ahead of the mowers. Fairways tight, but good. Bunkers excellent.

Not much play this morning? I guess the drizzle kept all the golfers away! Works for me.
Recreation Park is probably my favorite of the Long Beach golf courses. It always felt like a "walk in the park". The course is fun, yet enough of a challenge to keep your interest.

Course was in reasonably good condition. I am impressed how good the greens roll given the amount of play they receive. Fairways nice and green and generally provided good lies. Bunkers appeared OK, although I was able to avoid them.

My complaint with Recreation is it is just too expensive. If you play early you can avoid the slow pace of play typically encountered here, but when you consider it cost just $16.50 to play Los Verdes (Senior rate) causes me to limit my play of all the Long Beach Courses. (Lakewood excluded)
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