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Always enjoy playing this course because the staff is generally very accommodating, senior rate makes it very affordable, and there are a number of really fun and interesting holes. The setting is so peaceful and tranquil.

Agree with the prior review by Sammy3, greens rolled fairly well, but there were a few which had some residual signs of the recent punching. Fairways were a mix of green grass, brown areas and some bare spots. Same with the greenside bunkers; some had lots of sand, some were very thin? But I like the course, so I suspect that clouds my judgment. Enjoyed the round, with great weather and no pace of play issues
Taking advantage of a GK groupon, secured the first time off at 6:10am. Rather brisk out with temperatures in the high 40"s. No issue with pace of play obviously. Staff was great as usual and check in was fast and efficient.

Course was in good shape, with the greens being the best part. They were reasonably quick and rolled true. We caught the mowers on #11, so the last 7 holes were not cut, much slower, but still rolled well. Fairways were fine, but the rough was very "clumpy" where the ball would settle in between tuffs of grass. Bunkers were very wet in places, to the point where it was like playing from mud. Tee boxes were very shaggy and need to be mowed.

Enjoy this course, in large part because of the setting. Very tranquil and peaceful, without roads, homes, or adjacent holes. Lots of coyotes this morning. I enjoy the wildlife which is a reason I prefer early morning golf. ( That plus the pace of play factor )
Out early as usual, expected the course to be crowded because it was closed yesterday for a ladies event, but to my surprise and delight, nobody arrived until about 5:40, so only had a couple holes in the dark. The plus side of waiting until 5:40 was that it allowed maintenance to keep ahead of me and therefore I had a majority of mowed greens.

Course in nice shape, having fully recovered from the fall aeration. Still could use some additional care in a few of the greenside bunkers, but overall, not too bad. Pleasant morning, nice way to begin Sunday
Out very early this morning as only the North Course was open due to a ladies event on the South. Even at 5:20am, there were people there preparing to play. Rather nippy (48 degrees) I'm remembering now how short the ball travels in the colder temperatures.

Course is in nice shape right now. Greens running fairly quick and true. Fairways green and plenty of grass. Bunkers rather compacted, but lots of sand. Overall, no issues.
A friend of mine wanted to play here, and although I'd played here not all that long ago, I was more than willing to return. I really enjoy this short course! I find some of the holes interesting and rather charming. Overall the course is in nice condition, except for some of the tees. Greens/fairways were the best part.

Generally this place is super busy in the morning, but it wasn't too bad. We were out early so no issues with pace of play. Staff is always very pleasant. Beautiful morning to play golf.
I've not played here recently, so was looking forward to my return, as I've always enjoyed this course. Arrived at 5:30am and there were already people getting ready to play. I went off first in the dark at 5:40 to beat the "crowds". Check in was quick and staff was pleasant.

The greens are certainly the best part of the course right now. They were smooth and true, receptive, but a bit to slow for my taste. Fairways were hit or miss. Some areas need attention, but they do have many spots roped off, so they're trying. I was in several greenside bunkers, and they were all very thin, almost zero sand beyond the top coat. Tee boxes were shaggy and many were not level.

I really enjoy the back side here, with the vistas and all. However it appears they are putting homes up along holes 11 - 13, which is too bad. he tee boxes on holes 11 and 12 were shortened, on what were already short holes. Still is was great to get out early and enjoy a beautiful autumn morning.
I don't play here all that often, but decided to take advantage of an internet special. Agree with the prior review, that the greens, while not all that great are the best part of this course. Fairways were hit or miss, kinda depended upon where the ball ended up? Tee boxes need serious attention.

There are a couple holes I enjoy on this course, but overall it does not excite me to play here. Out early so no issues with pace of play, except for some back nine play which is typical here. Generally when I travel to this part of town, I try to play either the Goose or Indian Hills, but thought it would be a change to return here. Enjoyed the round and using the special made it cost effective
We had the first tee time which was 7:00am. (Wow, I sure hate this time of year, can't wait unit the time change next week) I arrived at 6:20 and there were people already mulling about. Teed off at 6:30 (In the dark) but we could see by #3. The foursomes behind us never got close so we took our time and strolled through in a little under 2 1/2 hours.

I was concerned about the greens based upon the prior review, but that was the best part of the course. Very soft, too slow for my taste, but reasonably true. Fairways had many bare areas, plus places where the grass was a foot thick ? Bunkers were all raked and both that I found had sufficient sand. Tee boxes were "iffy"

It was like being up in Washington state. The overcast, cool conditions, with the fog settling around the mountains. Love the trees and lots and lots of deer, to the point where you needed to "shue" them away so you could hit your shot. Loved it !

Using the senior discount, it's a deal to play here. Staff was great and enjoyed every moment. Fun short course with challenging greens, even with their slow speed
Looking for a place where the heat might be a bit less brutal, but even in Costa Mesa, it was hot! Very busy in the morning, more so than normal. Able to slip out early, but had to skip #1 to insure I was off first. One of the things I like about this course is that the front nine does not "come in" so you do not have to deal with back nine play.

Agree with the prior review, the greens are best part of the course right now, having healed fairly well from the recent punching. Fairways were very shaggy, and the tees were a mess. I was two bunkers and both had sand and were raked.

Despite it's modest length, I enjoy this course as I find it interesting and the greens offer some fun approaches. A little pricey for what you get, but Hey, it's Orange County.
The more I play here, the more I appreciate this course. Playing from the "tips", this course offers some rather challenging holes. The first couple times I played here, I walked, but with a $22 cart included deal for a senior, it's difficult to pass on it.

The course was in overall good condition. A few of the greens have not yet fully healed from the punching, but for the most part, while slower than I prefer, they were just fine. If these greens were ever fast, they would be unplayable in certain situations. These small greens with all the undulations are really tough to get the ball up and down if you miss them, and today I missed a lot of greens.

Staff was as always great. Had the first time off at 7am, so no issue with pace of play. We finished in about 2:25, which is a nice pace for this course.
I have been holding playing the South because I knew how bad the greens would be after punching with 5/8th holes and heavy sanding. I was at the course this morning at 5:45am, and there were already people out on the North. (Crazy because it's pitch black out, and you really can even begin to see until about 6:20am)

Teed off at 6:12am. (still very dark) To my surprise, the greens were not as bad as I anticipated. They must have rolled them because they were reasonably true and fairly quick, all things considered. Certainly not good, but puttable. The rest of the course was fine, except for several greenside bunkers which were rather thin.

Since EVERYONE went North, no problems with pace of play or singles in carts.
Played the North on Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sat, in part because the South was closed for maintenance, but more because the greens are really nice right now. Very Fast & Pure. Overall the course is in good shape, so it has been a pleasure to play. The only downside is it gets light so darn late and more and more people are out trying to get a round in before work, so being a walker, I have to deal with a lot of singles in carts rushing to finish quickly.

Can't wait for the time change !
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