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I have not played here for a while, so was excited to return. I generally prefer old style traditional courses, so this courses certainly qualified. Maybe it was me, but the course just seemed to play exceptionally long this morning. Not much roll in the fairways !

Greens were the best part of the course. They rolled well and seemed to "roll out" further than I had adjusted for. Not that they were all that fast, they just rolled true. Both bunkers I was in resulted in plugged lies, so it was a struggle from the sand today.

We were the third group off, but never waited. Played in under three hours at a nice easy pace on a beautiful overcast morning. Enjoyed the course, but did not play very well, but that was on me. $35 to walk is a bit steep, but all in all, a fun days on the links.
Made certain I'd played the North a few times over the past week, because it will be closed all next week to punch/sand the greens. Fortunately they no longer over seed the fairways as they had for the first 25 years I was a member. It cuts the "down" time in half for the course to recover, and the only downside is the grass is dormant during the winter months.

Of course the greens are excellent right now, but that will all change. Necessary, but frustrating because it seems that when the greens are at their best, then comes the punching. Fairways looking very nice, so pleased they are not overseeding.
Early morning round at Coyote. I rarely have any difficulty getting out early here, as the staff as always terrific and accommodating. Every time I play here, I have a great time, as the course is just a fun layout which offers great views, several interesting holes and numerous birdie opportunities, coupled with great senior rates, makes it well worth playing.

Course itself is in decent shape. A few greens were a bit bumpy, and there are some spots in the fairways which were thin, but generally course is in nice condition. Not in any bunkers, but they looked OK.
To "piggy-back" on 24hourgolf's review from 9/6/17, played on 9/8/17 and agree with his comments. Greens were very nice, rolled true and seemed faster than they looked. Plenty of grass in the fairways, and as long as you don't hit it crooked, the bare areas in the rough do not come into play.

Staff is always great here, and providing you get out early, the pace of play is just fine. Very much enjoy this course, just wish I did not have to arrive so early to insure getting out before the crowds, but once out on the course, it's all worth it !!
First off Monday morning at 6:32am. Threat of rain, but only has an occasional sprinkle, so not a problem. Staff was as always - great ! Needless to say, pace of play not an issue, as we just coasted around in about 2 hours 40 minutes, a nice easy pace.

Disappointed in the condition of the greens, not nearly as good as when I played here a few moths ago. They were all bumpy, appeared like they had been punched, but never healed? Fairways were for the most part good, the rough had some areas which was like U S Open rough, plus it was very "gnarly" in spots. Tough to even advance the ball from it. Bunker I was in had no sand - very thin.

Enjoy this course and the wonderful vistas. I finally got smart and played from the blue tees, rather than the black tees. There are a couple holes from the black which are just too much for this 70 year old to handle. ( #3, #9, #17 ) However, even from the blue tees, the course offers plenty of challenge.
Played the Ridge/Creek nines on Tuesday. 6:40am tee time, so no issues with pace of play. Bob, the starter actually allowed us to get out a few minutes early, which was appreciated. Greens were good, but not as quick as I'd prefer. Fairways were nice, as were the tee boxes.

This course is a bit of a drive from South Orange County, but worth it. Always enjoy playing here and the staff was great. Last time I played here it was so foggy, did not see any holes until #12, so at least this time, we got to enjoy the scenery and actually have some idea where to hit it. Great time at a great course
Due to time constraints, only able to play the back nine. (Which happens to be the nine I prefer) Off early so pace of play not an issue. Despite the recent heat, fairways were very wet, but I'm sure by mid-day, they would be fine. Greens the best part of the course. Some issues in the fairways on a few holes, but nothing too terrible. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

Staff was very accommodating. A bit pricey for just 9 holes, but I knew that going in. But 9 holes is better than 0 holes.
Staying close to the coast because of the extreme heat, so Goat Hill fit the bill. Enjoy this course a great deal. Despite it's length, it certainly presents a challenge. No problem getting out and with the great senior rate, it's a good deal.

Greens were the best part of the course, as usual. Rough, (dirt) needs to be avoided. Now that I have played here a few times, the confusing routing is no longer as issue. Fun layout, great customer service and well priced.
After a couple weeks of East Coast golfing, nice to get back to Southern California and no humidity. Tired of driving, so Tijeras Creek being so close appealed to me.

Course is in overall decent condition, with the greens being the best part. Although a few had some rough areas, for the most part they were nice. Some of the rough had considerable bare spots, but not so bad that it was unplayable. (Except #13) Both bunkers I found were well raked and had plenty of sand.

Every time I play here, I enjoy the experience. Lots of deer on the back side, which only made it that much more enjoyable.
Out early again, in an effort to keep in front of maintenance. Arrived a couple minutes after 5am, and there were already groups waiting on the tee. They allowed me to tee off in front of them, but let me tell you that at 5:15 it's really dark !! Didn't actually see my first shot until #5.

Course is in nice shape right now, greens rolling true and fairly quick. Still some issues with the greenside bunkers, but rumor is they are doing a complete bunker renovation within a few months.
Out super early to finish before an 8:30 shotgun for the Men's Golf Assoc. championship. Finished prior to 8am, so no issues. (Walking of course) Course is in lovely condition right, as they cut/rolled the greens, so they were fast and true. Fairways very lush and green.

Losing so much daylight in the mornings is now beginning to cause things to get busy on the weekends, which will only get worse. I guess I should be grateful that I'm allowed to tee off in the dark, unlike other private clubs which have tight restrictions as to get play may begin.
Returning from an appointment in LA, based upon the recent positive reviews, decided to stop by and check this place out. Very nice facility. Everything is new and fresh and the staff is very friendly. Nice addition for the area, providing a much needed practice alternative to the local courses.

The course itself is nothing all that special. It's not difficult but enjoyable to play and not expensive, so worth the effort to stop here.
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