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Hadn't played Lakewood for sometime, so taking advantage of the senior discount, decided to brave the potential rain and booked a 6:44 am tee time. We actually got out in the third group out, so pace was decent at a little over three hours.

Green were the best part of the course. Rolled pretty true and had reasonable speed. Fairways were inconsistent. Same with the rough, all depended upon where the ball came to rest. I was in several bunkers and except that they were unraked, plenty of sand and overall fairly good.

Nice change of pace to play here, and because we teed off early, able to avoid the typical slow play frequently encountered here. Today I was smart and did not play the "tips" and found the course much friendlier and playable. (Maybe I'm getting smarter in my old age?)
Nice to get back out on the South course where the greens are fast, but still playable. (Fair) Fairways looking good despite the absence of water, much drier which provides some needed roll out. They are scheduled to begin a total bunker renovation beginning in February which will mirror the North course. It will be interesting to see how many bunkers they either eliminate of reduce in size. (When they did the North, they reduced the total sand by 40%)

Very pleasant morning with no frost threat. Hard to complain golfing early morning in January in shirtsleeves.
I understand from reading recent reviews on various other courses that the greens on a number of courses are firm and fast. Hey it's winter and I get that. But I have played a number of "away" courses over the past few months, and none are as ridiculously unfair as the greens are on Coto north. I checked with the super and learned some are running 15 on the stimp. That's crazy fast. On several holes, it's almost like miniature golf, where the ball comes back to you if it does not go into the hole. Over the past few rounds I can't tell you how many balls I have putted off the green, and I mean from only 10-15 feet away.

Makes no sense because the greens on the south course are also very fast, but at least fair,

The rest of the course is fine, despite the absence of rain, fairways are still fairly green and lush. No issues with the rough, tees, bunkers, etc.
Looking to kill some time while the "boss" was at Brea mall. Not very crowded, so was able to get out without any problem. Course is in winter condition. Very dry and dormant fairways. Greens are the best part. Decent, but certainly not great. Because of the dormant grass, everything just looks "scruffy" but it actually played better than it looked.

Staff was nice. As mentioned not busy so other than one slow group, which I played through, only took an hour to finish. Beautiful weather for early January. Sure glad I no longer reside in Chicago !
Decided to attempt to take advantage of their birthday special. (Within 7 days of your birthday) I had concerns about frost, and when I pulled into the parking lot, my car showed 37 degrees. I was certain they would call frost, but to my surprise, they said no frost!

However, despite the cold, it was very busy, which surprised me given it is New Years Day. I teed off second behind a single, who finally allowed me to play through after #9. Despite the fact that I played the front nine in 52 minutes (In a cart) there was a couple ladies right on my tail. Once I got through the single, I put some distance between us, finishing in 1 hour 45 minutes, which honestly is too fast to enjoy the round. I was kind of hoping to play a couple balls and enjoy a more leisurely pace, something around 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

The greens were the best part of the course. They rolled well and were very receptive to holding shots. Plus their speed was not so fast that you could be a bit more aggressive. (The greens at Coto are so fast now, every putt is played defensively) Fairways are very thin and dormant, which provided lots of roll, but are very "tight". The one bunker I was in was great ! Rough also dormant and thin/patchy.

Played well, which was surprising given the super cold temperatures and the pace I had to play. Temeku, I mean Legends, has never been a favorite of mine, but it does have a number of good holes, so I'm happy I made the decision to make the drive and start the new year with a positive beginning.
Hosting an out of town guest who wanted to play early, so with concerns about possible frost delays, where better to play than San Clemente ! A beautiful morning. Teed off a little before 7am, which was ahead of our tee time. Great pace of play. Our foursome never waited as we walked in about 3 hours 10minutes. I felt badly because the threesome behind us caught us on a couple holes, and felt like we were holding them up? Hope not !

Now I've played here enough times to know the greens, but today I was useless. Could never get the speed or break, so needless to say, did not make anything all day. Greens seemed to really roll out downhill/towards the ocean, but were super slow in the opposite direction. Duh ! Hello, use your head and think when you putt !

Otherwise course was typical condition. Greens were recently verticut, so not as smooth as I'd like, but the way I putted today, nothing would have helped. Fairways were nice, as were the four bunkers I found.

Staff was as usual - excellent. Lovely day to play on the "pride of the pacific".
Taking advantage of my free birthday round today. Because of Christmas, the shop did not open until 6:40am. Was able to get off first alone on a rather cold morning, but thankfully no frost. I was surprised how busy they were given it is Christmas. They advised me they were sold out from 6:53 till they closed at 10:00am. Obviously being first out, pace of play was not an issue.

Staff was very friendly today. (Maybe because it was Christmas?) Course is in "winter condition". However I found the greens to be rather bumpy. Fairways generally decent as was the rough. Only in one bunker and it was very nice. Several of the tee boxes are in need of some attention. Particularly #16.

Always enjoy playing this course, and one of the reasons is all the deer. Just love the back nine ! A great way to start any day, let alone Christmas and the beginning of my 70th year
Looking to avoid frost, decided to give Talega a try. I'd called and was advised they were very busy, but if I was willing to tee off before 6:20am, it would be OK. Hit that first shot right at 6:20 - it was still dark, and rather cold (40 degrees), felt like there was some frost, but I guess not so bad that they would delay play.

Fairways were very thin. Rough was hit/miss depending upon where the ball settled. The greens which were mowed were great. They rolled true and were reasonably quick, but I had only two mowed greens after I passed maintenance on #7, so the remainder were slow, and rather bumpy. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK. Tee boxes were for the most part pretty decent.

I enjoy Talega, plus the staff is ALWAYS accommodating. I never have an issue getting out early here. Senior rates are now lower than either Tijeras Creek and Arroyo Trabucco, so I suspect I will revisit a bit more often in the next year.
A rare appearance at River View. Last played here about 6 years ago. With a 6:22am tee time, it was weird to stand on the first tee, despite a number of people being on site, and nobody coming to the tee? Having the lights on the 1st hole gives a false sense of light, so that when you get to #2, it's dark!

We were actually the second group off, following a twosome in a cart. Our walking threesome played through on #8, then it was clear sailing. Played at a nice easy pace in just under 3 hours. It was cold out so nice to keep moving. Can not imagine how cold it would have felt if we had taken a cart?

Greens are by far the highlight on this course. They were excellent ! The rest of the course was, well River View. Lots of scruffy areas, but in all fairness, the course was the driest I've ever played it and overall probably in the best condition I have seen it. (Remember I rarely play here )

Not my favorite course. I get bored with almost every hole being uphill the last 20+ yards. Being a person who does not hit the ball high, makes for a real challenge. The good thing about the course for me is that it demands many right to left shots off the tee, which is typical of my ball flight. I can see where a slicer would really struggle here.
Actually went here to play the Mesa Linda course, but as it wasn't as crowded as anticipated, was able to get on the "big" course. Overall the course is in nice condition, greens rolled very well, fairways had plenty of coverage. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

Staff was more friendly than usual. (Maybe it's the season? ) A bit chilly at the start, but warmed up nicely. How spoiled we are to live in Southern California. Could be in Buffalo and spend the morning shoveling snow.
One of my favorite golf courses ! Based upon the prior review, expected the greens to be smooth and quick - they were neither. I don't think they cut the greens at all, lots of footprints, some aeration holes, they just did not roll well at all. Medium speed, receptive, but not true. Fairways/bunkers were fine. A couple tee boxes could use some attention.

Staff was fantastic ! Very friendly and accommodating. Due to some car issues, was unable to get out first, rather was third group off. Only took 3:10 to play, but felt much longer. Great weather, wonderful course, poor golf ! Oh Well !
I called courses looking for a first time off and it seemed everywhere I called they were very busy. However El Prado indicated they were wide open in the morning, so off I went.

Decided to play Chino rather than Butterfield. Dennis is shop is wonderful, always a delight to talk with. Always accommodating. No pace of play issue, although I decided to follow another single and hoped he would play quickly (He did) Played two balls and finished in well less than 3 hours walking.

Greens are the best part of the course. Fairways were surprisingly good. Rough was fair to poor, depending upon where the ball ended up. Bunkers had plenty of sand and were decent. Tee boxes also better than expected.

So long as your expectations aren't too high, El Prado does not disappoint. It's inexpensive, quick, basic golf. Much like I grew up playing in the Midwest, minus about a million trees.
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