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I always enjoy playing this golf course, as it has a number of very realistic birdie holes, coupled with a couple tough holes. ( I find #6 to play very tough and #14 just plays LONG)
The greens were not as good as they generally are, a few having some bumpy patches. However, they were are receptive to shots as any I've recently played. (Even my bride backed up a few shots)

Overall the course was in nice shape, except a few of the tee boxes were fairly well chewed up. Fairways were green and lush.

Staff was great, as usual. There are always "regulars" who play here on Monday mornings, but they allowed us to play through on #6 and enabled us to finish in just under 2 1/2 hours. Thanks !
Perhaps everyone is staying home to watch the British Open, because there were not a lot of people here early this morning. Even the number of maintenance people seemed less? So it was a quiet beautiful summer morning walk.

Course is in good shape, but showing some signs of the recent heat. Nice to putt again with decent speed. Some areas in the rough also showing stress. Looks like they could use some additional watering in certain spots.
The South course has nearly completely recovered from the recent maintenance, but for whatever reason, maybe as a tribute to the British Open (??) they have the greens running at about 9 on the stimp. Generally the greens run about 11 to 11.5, so I have no idea what the thinking is. The North is running normal speed, so no idea why the difference. Otherwise the course has come back nicely.

Rumor is they will renovate all the bunkers later this year, so maybe that's why some of the bunkers were kind of scruffy?
Early morning round taking advantage of the senior rates. Course is in overall very nice condition. Greens rolled very well, receptive to well struck irons. Most of the fairways had plenty of grass, but a few areas needed some TLC.

Los Serranos - south is a "big" course, particularly from the blue tees. Some of the par fours have become a bit more than I can now handle, so might be time to "play it forward" Like playing here because the staff is always accommodating, price is right, but I sure miss all those trees lost from years ago
What more can you say about the Goose which has not been previously said ? While the course is always in great condition, I thought the condition today exceeded my expectations. The greens were very nice, not great, but nice. They were extremely receptive to all the iron shots Fairways were lush and green and a joy to play. A few of the tee had some bare and thin areas, but otherwise were just fine.

Tee'd off at 6:08 in the third group, which generally would cause me concerns about pace of play, but the two groups in front of us moved along nicely and we finished in about 3 hours 20 min on a beautiful summer morning. The starter, Tim was great and were actually got off a few minutes early.

Funny thing about this course is that when it first opened, it was by far the least expensive course near the 15/91 corridor, but now it is the most expensive. (using senior rates) That's not to say the course is not worth every penny, because it's the best of the bunch. (Plus it's the only course where walking is still viable) Always enjoy the Goose, such a pleasure to play !
Taking advantage of Senior Wednesday special. Although I had just played here last month, since I enjoy this course so much and the staff is always so fantastic and accommodating, decided to return.

Not much change over the past month. The first green appears to have made improvement. Some thin areas in some fairways, but still plenty of coverage. Overall the course is in nice shape and a pleasure to play. I wish all golf courses were run as efficiently as this course
To break up the drive home from Elkins, stopped by Simi Hills. I was able to get up pretty quick, so I decided to go for it. This is another course I used to play frequently, so since moving to Coto, not so much any more. What a deal. $22 to walk as a senior, for such a wonderful course. Wish this course was closer !!

I won't go into great deal because the last two reviews sum up the conditions nicely. I did not find the greens as bumpy as I expected, which was nice. Such a fun course at such a great price. Let me say that I am very jealous of those of you who live near this area. In Southern Orange County, all we have is grossly overpriced courses!
A long drive from the OC, but totally worth it. Used to play here a lot when I lived I Westchester, so it was nice to return and recall so many fond memories.

The course was about as expected. Greens were nice, not as fast as I'd prefer. Fairways had plenty of coverage, but what I did not expect was the heavy rough. (And I was in it a lot) In just one bunker and it was fine.

Always enjoyed playing this course. The views, variety of holes, easy to walk, with some nice birdie holes. Miss playing here. If it were closer, it would be on my regular rotation
Originally had a 6:30am tee time at Champions Club, but after learning it was closed, scrambled for a tee time and was told I could get out at Eagle Glen if I arrived before 6am. Good thing I was there by 5:30am because it was already crowded. We followed a 3-some who kept a nice pace. Played in a touch over 2 1/2 hours.

The course was overall in nice shape. Greens were reasonably quick, rolled decently. Fairways had a few bad areas, but for the most part, pretty good. Bunkers were well groomed and had plenty of sand.

Staff was very good about accommodating us. We had a lot of maintenance on the front nine, but otherwise it was a beautiful serene summer morning in a wonderful settling. Fun course which is a pleasure to play early
Decided to take advantage of the "free" twilight round being a Creek Card Member. I was concerned because the temperature was forecast in the high 90's, but because of some cloud cover and a slight breeze, it wasn't too bad. Pace of play at just a tick over 4 hours also helped.

While I play here a few times a year, it's always at the crack of dawn, so the golf course played very differently than I'm used too. Actually got some roll off the tee, so the course played a lot shorter than I am accustomed too. Fairways were for the most part decent. I was disappointed in the greens. The were not fast, not smooth/true, and just didn't present themselves well. I mean they were OK, just not good. Both bunkers I found had plenty of send, although not well raked. (from a days worth of play)

I like this course, but it is expensive, which everything in South Orange County is. Nice change of pace for me to play when it's dry out. Enjoyed seeing lots of deer on the back nine on a beautiful warm summer evening.
Another early morning round on July 4th. To my surprise, not all at busy. Wanted to play the South today, because it's the last day it will be open before they begin some heavy maintenance on Wednesday. Funny that the courses always seem to be in the best shape just prior to being "destroyed". I understand the need for the maintenance, but tough to see such wonderful conditions transformed into nearly unplayable conditions. But I'll be patient, and within a couple of weeks, everything will return to normal.

Greens rolled very well, fairways green/lush, but still some bunker issues. Word is they will begin a total bunker renovation beginning in September to mimic what was done on the North course. (That took about three months and over 1 millions dollars to complete) Sure glad this is not an equity club !!
On my way home, decided to stop by this course just to give it a try. It did not look too busy, but there were enough "golfers" out there to slow everything down. I must admit that I did not play all the holes. I skipped around to avoid several groups of kids.

The course is about what I expected. The overall condition is just scruffy. The greens are the best part of the course, as they are tiny, and all seem crowned, and firm, it made for little chance to score even on this short little course. Glad I tried it, but once was enough
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