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The original plan was to play somewhere in the LA area, but given the weather report, decided to stay in the OC. Good decision! Weather was great, not a drop of rain and reasonably mild temps. Plus not as busy as expected. (maybe the forecast kept the people away?)

Prior recent review was spot on. Greens not nearly as good as normal. Slower and bumpy than usual. Otherwise conditions are about as expected. I did not find even one bunker, so not fair for me to comment on them, but they did appear thin/hard.

I enjoy playing this short course as it has a lot of character and some interesting green complexes. A little pricey for what you get, but it's Orange County ! Plus for me it's not all that far from home. Better than fighting the rain/traffic playing up in LA.
Back to the Goat on a very cold morning. Although we had a 6:30am tee time, nobody there, so we waited until 6:45 to hit it. I normally walk everywhere I can, but took a cart today because I was playing with a friend. While the cart was nice, it does not allow you to "get loose"

The greens were the best I have ever seen them. We had zero cut greens and they were still pretty quick and difficult. Had they been cut, they would be brutally hard. ( In all fairness, I do not play here all that often) Fairways were green and for the most part, had plenty of grass. I was in one bunker and there was so much sand it was difficult to rake it when finished from my footprints. Tees/rough were just so/so.

This is simply the most difficult 4400 yard course I have ever played- period. If you play from the "tips" on every hole, there are some really tough shots, and give the severity of the greens, makes scoring here a real challenge.

While I would not want to play here every day, each time I do play here I thoroughly enjoy myself. Fun Golf !
After fighting frost delays most of February, now it's the rain. For those of you unfamiliar with Coto - south, even just a little rain causes the cross-overs between some holes flood and the course is forced to close. 40 degrees at tee off today (6:40am) and but for the rain there would again have been frost. Just can't seem to win.

To my surprise, a number of the fairways have become very thin and have bare areas near some of the greens?? The greens however are excellent and most receptive to shots. The bunker project is about 50% complete now, so if the weather co-operates, they could finish in a few more weeks.

On the plus side, with the rains, the dormant fairways are turning green and at least look good, even if they don't play as good as they look.
Had not played here for a while so decided to risk the chance of rain and get out early. No problem, not too crowded ! I had concerns about back nine play, but it wasn't too bad, only had a few players out in front of me, so just played two balls for the finishing holes to slow down.

Agree with previous review by Sammy3. Greens decent but too slow for my taste. Fairways better than expected. Only in one bunkers and it was fine.

While not my favorite course in the area, with the discount on the internet, worth the $$. I would rather play the Goose, but they do not allow singles in the morning, so Paradise Knolls gets my money.
6:30am tee time, which meant it was pitch black outside! I thought we had the first time, but when we checked in, was told we were third off?? We waited on the tee behind a bunch of people, until it was 6:30, then since nobody was willing to hit it, off we went. (If you make the tee time, you have to be willing to tee off regardless of conditions!)

Greens were the highlight of the course. They rolled very nicely, and were reasonably quick.. Bunkers were also excellent. Fairways/rough were iffy, some good, some not so good.

Being first out, great pace for the first 11 holes, then we hit the back nine play. Took 1 1/2 hours to play the first 11 holes, and 2 hours to play the next 7 holes. But it was a beautiful morning, so we didn't mind all that much. Santa Anita is probably my favorite LA County course, and for $16.50, what's not to like!
Noticed that Whittier narrows is scheduled to punch greens next week, so wanted to get a round in prior to then. Had not played here in several years, so felt it was time to return, plus nice to use the senior discount card, which makes playing the LA County courses a real value.

Agree with prior recent review from 24hourgolf. Greens were the best part of the course! However I found the fairways better than expected, given the winter conditions. Both bunkers I found had plenty of well manicured sand.

Always enjoyed playing this course, but I find it difficult to focus off the tee because of the wide fairways, which causes me to just try to "bomb it" , which is silly because I no longer have enough club head speed to bomb anything. Even so, fun round, decent pace, and not as crowded as exected.
For those of you read my reviews, you know me to be a "crack of dawn - first off" type player. After todays round, it only validates this for me.

After a 2 1/2 hour drive from Coto to make my 10:37 tee time, arrived just before 10am. After checking in with the shop who represented they were running a few minutes behind. At 10:25 I asked the group on the tee what their tee time was and the response was "I don't know, I'm in the skins game" I learned there were at least five fivesomes of groups in the skins game. Starter told me they arrived late so they were running behind. Finally after almost 40 minutes past our starting time, we hit off only to be met with four (4) groups waiting on the 2nd hole. It took us 5 1/2 hours plus the delay to begin our round - over 6+ hours !!! That is unacceptable !

Greens were far and away the best only good part of the course. Fairways were thin, rough was horrible, bunkers were hit or miss.

Then I had the 2 1/2 hour drive home. Twelve hours portal to portal to play one round of golf on a crappy course. Never again! I'm already looking forward to my 6:30am (First off)
next Monday at Santa Anita, and my round at Coto tomorrow pre-6 o'clock.
Thanks for the overnight rain or it would have been yet another frost delay! The rain also brought a little green to the otherwise brown dormant conditions.

Greens are now about 90% healed from the recent punching. Another week should do it! The South bunker project is about 20-25% finished. Projection is completion by the end of March (No Chance!) Dormant brown fairways but playable. As many of the bunkers are under construction, not fair to rate them.

First out as usual, but NOBODY there, even at 6am, so it was not necessary to hit off in the dark today, a nice change of pace.
Yet another frost delay called at Coto, so made my way over to Tijeras Creek. No frost there ! Thanks to the director of golf, able to get out first and zipped around quickly.

Many of the fairways still had the plugs left, so made for a somewhat muddy walk, and certainly reduced the roll on the tee shots. I expected the greens to be bad due to the recent punching, but they were actually decent.(Except for #1 and #7 which were being done while I played )

Overall the course was in OK condition, much greener than Coto ? Enjoyed the quick early morning round, and appreciated the staff working with me to get out without having a tee time!
I decided that whatever it took, I was going to play Coto today ! After over a 3 1/2 hour frost delay, was finally able to get out. ( Frost every day since last Friday ) It was "different playing on dry fairways, the ball actually ran out so the course played much shorter than it does at 6am in the dark/cold/wet I am accustomed to playing in.

The greens had just been punched and sanded, but they actually rolled very well and fairly quick. In few a few days when the sand is gone, I know they will be bumpy. Fairways being dormant, provided some extra rollout, but were just fine to play from. Bunkers as always were great, rough was only so/so.

I get tired of paying $1000 a month in dues and getting frosted out so often. But I suppose I could just wait until 9 o'clock and play in the crowds, but that's not why I joined a private club. Ah - feels good to vent a little !
Was excited to play Gc of California as it is one of my favorite courses. However, pulled into the parking lot and it was 33 degrees. However - NO FROST DELAY ! But carts on path until 8:30, which was just about at the finish of my round. 33 is just plain cold, particularly in a cart and with carts on path, makes for a tough day.

Greens were good, not great. Nice to see that #1 green has improved. Fairways being dormant and somewhat frozen allowed for some additional roll, which was nice because the ball does not travel all that far in freezing temperatures. Greenside bunkers all had great sand, lots of it and well maintained.

I just really like this course. Fits my eye! Staff is always wonderful and accommodating. Despite the weather and poor play on my part, had a nice time and enjoyed the round, which is testament to the golf course!
Looking for some place where I would not encounter frost, so what better course than Los Verdes. I had some concerns that it might be too crowded and I would not get out quickly, but turned out not to be a problem.

As prior review states, greens are excellent right now, in fact the entire course is looking very good. Few areas in the rough, but that's always the case here. Staff was great, price ($16.50 for senior) is a steal. Every time I play here, I appreciate living in Southern California !
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