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I do not play here very often, in part because of geography, and in part because of cost. Secured what I thought was the first time off at 6:30am, but turned out two groups teed off in front of us ???? That said, there was no issue with pace of play because while our threesome played in 2 hrs 45 min, we never had to wait

Course is kept in overall excellent condition, you can just see the attention to detail in the areas surrounding the tees and cart paths. Greens were nice, a bit on the slow side and a bit firm, but still very good. Fairways also very nice, a little "tight" for my skill set, but that did provide for some rollout. Tee boxes well maintained. Bunkers were just OK. (Too wet !)

While everyone was nice, the guy who checked us in was a bit gruff, not the most pleasant individual. Not rude, just not friendly, at least to our group anyway. Despite my poor play, enjoyed the course and am glad I made the return trip here. Recommend this course, with the advice that you play from the appropriate tees.
Considering they just punched these greens on Tuesday, 8/13, (small tines) they rolled remarkably well and still maintained good speed. The remainder of the course is in nice condition, fairways were lush but still provide some roll out. Bunkers, tee boxes in good shape.

Very empty this morning, perhaps people fearing the greens would not be good? Works for me!
Taking advantage of the recently received "thirty dollar Thursday" deal, able to secure at the last minute the first time off at 6:30am today. Thanks to Dale in the pro shop, he let us out 20 minutes early, so we could beat a reverse shotgun which started on holes 17 & 18 at 8:30. We were able to finish at 8:20 so it all worked out.
The course was in pretty good condition considering. Greens not very quick, particularly the back nine because we got ahead of the mowers. But they rolled well and held shots nicely. Most of the fairways were good, with a few "iffy" areas. A few tee boxes, #4 in particular were in poor shape. (Blue tees) Bunkers weren't great, but playable.

I have never been a big fan of this course, mostly because I am not crazy about playing uphill greens, and there are plenty of them on this course. Plus many of the greens have tiers and you are unable to determine exactly where on the tier the flag sits. Course has a few very nice holes, but generally kind of redundant.

Enjoyed the round because pace was great, conditions were nice, staff (Dale) was execellent and the price was right.
Since I was already a long way from home and had to drive right past Knollwood, I thought that for $16.50 I'd stop by and try to get out. Even if I did not finish, well worth the price and since I rarely get up this way, why not? I guess because of the heat. (Almost 100 degrees) not all that busy.

Course was in much better condition that I expected. Greens being the best part, but even the fairways, rough, tee boxes were in nice shape. Greens really held the shots well !

I have to admit that I did not play too well, perhaps walking 36 at my age, combined with the heat, that was to be expected. However despite my lack of performance, enjoyed what turned out to be a very long grueling day, on a few courses I seldom have the opportunity to play. Recommend Knollwood right now.
Why is it that many of my favorite golf courses are located so far from home? I really like Simi Hills, because it is a fun track, staff is always great, price for seniors is a real bargain, course in great condition, everything you would want from a golf course, except that it is just such a long way from my home.

As prior review indicates, course is very good overall condition, the greens rolled well, were soft/receptive, fairways green and lush, bunkers, tees, everything was nice. A pleasure to play.
Back out to Dos Lagos as this is one of the best bargains for seniors. $32 including cart for such a fun golf course in good condition is one of the reasons I frequent this course more than others, despite the fact I have to fight traffic home on the 91 freeway.

Just a bunch of birdie holes and a few tough ones ( #6, #13 & #14) Greens rolled well, receptive and reasonably quick. Fairways very nice, although a few bare spots at times. Fairway bunkers could use some trimming around the edges, but, hey their hazards aren't they?

Staff is always great here. Very friendly and accommodating. I could say I wish I lived closer, but instead, I'll say I wish the course was closer to me. (Of course if it were in the OC, it would be $100)
We had the second time off at 6:10am, but thanks to Mark in the pro shop, he allowed us to get out first, so obviously there was no pace of play issues. Nice smooth easy pace of 2 1/2 hours. Thank you Mark !

Course was in better condition than I'd expected. Greens rolled well, albeit too slow for my taste. But they held the shots very well! Most of the fairways were green/lush and pretty nice. Rough was a mixed bag, but for the most part acceptable. The greenside bunkers were so wet and soft, it was really difficult to gage how much sand to take. And of course today I was I lots of greenside bunkers, which totally derailed my score.

I just really like this course, the flow, the mix of easy and hard holes, no homes adjacent to the holes, no street traffic, just a bunch of fun holes, a challenge but not so much to punish you. (Except for #6, which has my number !)

Staff is ALWAYS great and accommodating. A bit pricey, but sometimes you have to pay a few extra $$ to get what you want.
Finally after being closed for almost two months, they have reopened the North course ! Was it worth being closed for all that time? I can say that the overall condition of the course is now excellent, as it should be given nobody has played it since June 12th.

Fairways lush and green. Rough consistent, and not too penal. Tee boxes very good. What surprised me is I walked the course about a week ago and the greens were perfect, but today, they were somewhat bumpy and not at all fast ????? Why ?

I'm confident they will address the greens situation. Otherwise I hope they keep the course in it's present condition.
Every time I play this course I walk off with a smile on my face, even though this course kicks my butt ! Just a really fun course with lots of interesting holes, many of which are a real test, despite their length. Greens make this course very tough to score if you miss them, and trust me, it's easy to miss these greens.

The condition of the course overall has greatly improved since the last time I played here some months ago, and the new addition of the turf gives the course a much more "finished" look.

Great staff, always friendly and accommodating. More courses should be run like the Goat !
Looking for some more reasonably priced golf, so El Prado fits the bill.. Never have any problems getting out here as the staff is always accommodating and friendly.

Course was in better condition than expected, particularly the greens which were fairly quick, and receptive, and rolled well. Fairways for the most part were good, with some areas needing attention. Bunkers were not great - too thin ! Not much sand in them ! Rough was a mixed bag, from bare to thin, to thick, never knew what you were going to get. (Better off keeping it in the fairways, which are pretty generous)

As long as your expectations are not too high, this is a fine place to play. Well priced, easy to access, friendly staff, and just good solid traditional golf.
It was difficult to believe it's been a couple years since I last played here, because I really enjoy playing this course. First off at 5:32am, but was advised that I had to play slowly so as not to interfere with maintenance, so decided to play two balls to slow me down. Finished in 2 hours 40 minutes, catching maintenance on #15.

Course is possibly in the best condition I can remember. Greens rolled really true, moderately quick. Fairways were green and lush. Not in any greenside bunkers, but found two fairway bunkers, the sand was very wet, but well maintained. Most of the rough was fine, with just a few areas needing attention.

Staff was super accommodating. Rest of the staff was friendly as usual. Enjoyed a nice round of golf at a course I should have been visiting more frequently. Plan to return sooner and later this time.
The North course, which has been closed since June 12th, was to have reopened on 8/1/19, but as they decided (As I knew they would) to allow another few weeks and then revisit, I have been relegated to play the South Course. Despite the heavy play it's received, the course has held it's own, and is actually in great condition. Greens rolling true, fairly quick and receptive. Fairways are excellent as are all the bunkers. Rough is good, a few tees need some attention however.

Greens were supposed to have been punched this week, but it appears they will delay until the North opens, if/when that happens.
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