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On the drive back from Eastlake, wanted to visit Cabrillo National Park. So after that, decided to stop by The Loma Club as I had never played here. I did not have high expectations, but as it was almost totally empty, made the decision to go for it.

I was pleasantly surprised what nice shape the course was in, particularly the greens, The course was fun to play and provided a nice chance to hit some short irons. #5 was the best hole on the course, if only because of the great view of San Diego. For $13 it was worth the hour it took to play and I'm glad I made the right decision to try it.
I've not played here since 1994, so was very much looking forward to my return. I did not remember the course, only that I recall enjoying it. We had a 5:15 am tee time. (That's right 5:15) and we still had two "members" who started out in front of us. So we actually got out at closer to 5:30) However as they played very quickly, not a problem. However when we were finishing on #9, the pro came out and told us there was a shotgun starting on #14 at 8:00. Since we had been not pushing so not to bother the twosome which went off ahead of us, the time was 7:50.

That meant we needed to finish the back side in 70 minutes - max. That would not have been a problem, except we ran into a group of 4 Asian women on #15, which did not wave us through, so we skipped 15, played 16,17 & 18,then drove back to play #15. So on the way back to the club house, decided to play #17 again, which put us at 7:57

The course was every bit as much fun as I remembered. The course was in very nice condition. Greens rolled well and were receptive to shots. Fairways were good, rough was a bit thick I spots. My only complaint was the greenside bunkers which were soaked and close to hardpan in texture.

Wish this course were closer because I would play here a lot more.
I tend to shy away from playing here because past experience has proven this course to play very slowly, but after reading roaksown1's recent review, decided to give it another try.

Prior review was spot on as to conditioning. Thought the overall condition was some of the better shape I have seen this course. POP wasn't too bad, but I suspect it was because I got out early and beat the crowds? Additionally when using the senior discount card, it really is a great deal.
First time I have played this course. It was pretty much what I expected, an old style traditional layout, which is the type course I prefer. I thought the overall condition was very nice, particularly the greens. There were several holes which had some very interesting and challenging green complexes. The bunkering around the greens were also very well done.

Unfortunately I played possibly the worst golf I have played in, maybe 10 years, but despite that I enjoyed the round. I think that if you can play so poorly and still walk off and say you had a good time, then that speaks volumes.

Gill in the pro shop was very accommodating and friendly. Maybe because of the threat of possible rain, maybe because it was early, maybe because it was Monday, but the place was deserted except for one single. We enjoyed a very easy pace playing behind him and still finished in under three hours.
First off (As usual) at 5:20 on Mother's Day. There was NOBODY around, not even one car in the parking lot? I guess I'm lucky to be married to a golfer, who understands the need to get that "golf fix" everyday. The first people I saw was when I walked off #17, saw a walking foursome on #1. Even at the clubhouse, only a couple people there.

North course, like the south course, is in nice condition as they prepare for the Windmill Classic next week. Green speeds right now are at 11 to 11.5. I hope they don't try to bring them up to 12 or 13, because the North course becomes unplayable at those speeds.
My favorite time of the year as I can get out super early and get out in front of maintenance. Even with no cut greens, they still rolled very well and were reasonably quick. Course in nice condition right now as they prepare for the "windmill classic".

Fairways were surprisingly dry, given the recent drizzle. Allowed for a little roll in the fairways, which is appreciated when you play so early.
Despite the fact my brother is a member here, I rarely make the drive. In part because of the restriction on when the first tee time is available. After making the long drive with my bride, was informed that it was men's guest day, so no ladies allowed until after noon. We were allowed to play the back nine, but prohibited from playing the front nine, so just my brother & I played the front.

Course was in nice shape. Greens were quick and rolled true. Speed was about what I expected, quick, but not too fast. It would have helped had I had a little more "local knowledge", but as I had not played here since 2009, didn't remember all the subtle breaks on the greens. Cost a couple strokes, but I kind of expected to lose a few as the greens are always a challenge here. I found the changes made to the course very positive, particularly the redesign of the bunkers. Played the blue tees, which has creates a few tough holes when you don't have any length. Still, fun day.
It had been a few years since I last played here, so was excited to return. Always a "big" golf course for me. (Because I play the wrong tee boxes, I'm sure) I was surprised and delighted how nice the greens were. They rolled great and were very receptive to my shots. Fairways were just OK. I was in two bunkers, both were fine.

I arrived at 5:15 and there were people already out on the course, but I got out right away as a single and after playing through a walking foursome on #2, it was smooth sailing, until #10. Starter said that they stopped sending people off the back at 6:45, but they were lined up to go as I finished #9. Had to wait until the tee cleared, then waited almost the entire back side. Still able to finish in under 3 hours. Cold at the start (45 degrees) but warmed up nicely by the time I returned the sticks to the trunk
Early morning round in near perfect weather. Wanted to get out before they punch the greens next week. Overall the course is in very nice condition, particularly the fairways. The last few times I've played here the greens have been bumpy, not to the point where they are "bad", just not true.

The staff is always accommodating and work with you to get you out as a single. Love these old style traditional walkable courses. Throw in the weather, views, and easy access, wish there were more of these courses in Orange County !
Wow ! What happened to their greens? The fairways are as nice as I can remember. Lush, green, lots of grass. Gone are the days when the ball when the ball ran forever on the fairways, now the course play to its full yardage. That's the good, now for the greens: On the majority of the greens, their are many areas which are "gone" Some areas on the greens have grass, but even those areas do not roll very true.

I've seen this before at this course, so I am hopeful that they will address the issue and resolve it as the rest of the course is in overall nice shape.

One of the reasons I enjoy coming here is the staff. Simply put, the entire staff is fantastic. Starting with Larry in the pro shop, to the starter Jim, and everyone else. Perfect. I wish all golf courses had people like these on their staff.
Fast round while the boss did some shopping at Brea Mall. (Less than 1 hour) Course is in OK condition, about what you'd expect. Greens actually rolled better than I anticipated. The rest of the course is just so-so.

Fun little track, ,inexpensive and quick to play
Since I had not played here since 1992, I had almost zero recollection of the course! I did not remember it as being all that great, but I must admit I found the course to be better than I expected. Played the Ranch/Vineyard from the blue tees. Enjoyed the course, but as a "walker" it would be a tough hike to try to huff it around this course.

Greens rolled well, not fast, but enough speed to make you think. Did not find the greens all that tough. Fairways were nice as was the rough. Really liked the sand in the greenside bunkers, (when they were raked)

Staff was great, except that we had many holes with no pin. (The mower would finish cutting, then not replace the flag sticks) I called the pro shop and was told they were going to spray. I advised them that was fine, but I was tried to hitting to greens with no flag sticks, and I would be happy to take the pins out and leave them next to the greens if needed, but it was not fair to have no pins. The last 7 holes, that was rectified.

Nice course - pricey and a bit far from home, but it was fun and look forward to returning sooner than another 25 years
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