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Finally starting to play again after a few medical issues.

Greens: smooth, fast and firm.

Fairways: decent considering all the rain.

Traps: very good condition.

Rough: hasn't been mowed, 3-5" high and lots of bare spots.

POP: 4 hours.

Good practice areas; grass driving range and two practice greens.

Still a lot of standing water in the low areas but overall in decent condition considering the rainy weather.
Played on a beautiful sunny and warm day on Thursday, 12/13 using my weekday Palm Card, great deal if you are a weekday player. Check their web site for details.

Friendly service by all the Staff.

Greens: smooth and very fast (starter said 11.5 on the stimp). A few to many ball marker that were not repaired.

Fairways: FIRM and thin. Again divots not being repaired.

Rough: 1-3" next to the fairways and 4-6" around the greens, very challenging.

Traps: decent raked sand. A few traps were still muddy from the recent rains.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Nice practice areas: chipping and putting greens. Very nice driving range with good practice ball.
Had an 8 AM time under very overcast conditions but the sun finally came out near the end of the round.

Greens have "healed" from the recent aeration. They were smooth, holding and fast.

Fairways - good condition, a few too many unfilled divots.

Rough - 1-3" high, not very penal.

Traps - decent sand and raked.

POP - just over 4 hours.

Friendly customer service. Nice practice area.
An update to my Oct 11th review.

Greens - healed, in good condition.

Fairways - better than average condition!

Traps - plenty of sand and raked.

Good condition for a Muni!
Finally got to play my first round of golf after hip replacement today. Got thru the round without any pain!

Greens-punched last week and were bumpy, should be in good condition within another 7-10 days.

Fairways - very good condition, few too many unfilled divots.

Rough - many bare spots.

Traps - raked.

POP - just over 4 hours.

Excellent driving range and two practice greens.
Used a Golf Moose coupon to play on Thursday, 5/10 in the AM.

Excellent customer service as usual.

Nice practice areas.

Greens: smooth, medium to firm, medium to fast speed.

Fairways: getting a little more body but still firm. Lots of run out with the tee shots.

Rough: not very penal.

Traps: raked but firm.

POP: just over 4 hours.

Very challenging course, RECOMMEND!
Played Monday AM. Course was not very busy.
POP for a twosome was at 3 hours

Excellent practice area; grass driving range, a large putting green and sand trap.

Greens: excellent condition: smooth, holding and fast!

Fairways: green and lush; not a bad lie all day.

Rough: not very penal.


No beverage cart service on the course.

Security has increased so you must sign up at www.MCCSCP.COM/Golf and click on "request base access" . Allow 5 -7 days for approval. It's worth the effort as the course is in great condition. RECOMMEND
Had a morning tee time, not very busy.

This is a report on the course after aeration: the greens are a week away from being in good condition.

Fairway are getting green and have some body to them.

Traps have good sand but a lot are not raked by the golfers.

Good deal $$ if you are a resident of Oside and a senior!

POP: at 4 hours.
Played here on 4/6 at Noon. The course was quite busy.

Follow up to my 3/27 review; the greens have "healed" nicely from the recent aeration with medium firmness and medium speed. POP was over 4 1/2 hours.

Also, recommend the Chicken Caesar wrap at the Snack Bar, very tasty!
Played here on 3/27 just before Noon.

Greens: still bumpy after being punched last week but "healing" nicely. Should be in good condition in 7-10 days.

Fairways: starting to get green but still thin and firm.

Rough: 1-2" high. not very penal.

Traps: raked but firm.

POP: just at 4 hours.

Good practice areas: range but mats only, nice chipping green and putting green.

Friendly and helpful Staff. Recommend in another week.
Had a morning T time under cloudy skies.

Excellent practice areas.

Greens: firm, smooth with medium speed.

Fairways: green and firm. A few too many divots.

Rough: not very penal.

Traps: raked and very playable.

Good GPS in the carts.

Excellent customer service.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.
Played the South course for the first time ever. What a treat! We had the 7:30 T time, overcast on the front with the sun breaking thru on the back nine. It was interesting seeing the course without all the tournament structures, just green fairways and blue sky. What a joy to play! Probably the best conditioned course I've played this winter season.

Greens: smooth and holding with medium speed.

Fairways: best I've played on this winter.

Rough: 1-2" higher than the fairways, very playable.

Traps: good condition.

POP: 4 1/2 hours.

Very friendly Staff.
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