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We got out before the Ladies club. They play at 8 AM.

Good grass driving range and two putting greens.

Greens: need 7-10 more days to heal.

Fairways: good lies most of the time, a few thin areas.

Rough: hasn't changed; weeds, animal borrows/mounds and many bare areas and the DG which scratches the clubs.

Traps: in excellent condition.

Tees: many are uneven, old animal borrows.

Once the greens "heal" the conditions will be better than average for a Muni if you keep the ball in the fairways!
Had beautiful weather for the GK Outing on Tuesday (teed off at 1:12) Great to play with the guys that you always see their reviews and finally can put a face with the name!

Good customer service at the bag drop, Pro shop and starter.

Let's start with the practice area; nice range (with a view of the ocean) but off mats only, love the short game area (2 greens) and a large putting green.

Greens: "holding", medium speed and very challenging. Most of the greens had 3 tiers.

Fairways: firm with good lies all day.

Rough: very playable.

Traps: the two I was in were firm.

Tees: very thin , they were just over seeded but no real problem.

POP: over 4.5 hours. Also, an excellent GPS system in the carts which was very helpful.

Enjoyed Hamburg Tuesday Happy Hour (for $8 which was very good!) and conversation with Larry and Lee after the round.

Had a San Diego Seniors match Monday AM. Course was quite busy. I haven't played here since last summer.

Friendly Pro shop Staff. Well stocked Pro shop.

Driving range but off mats. Two nice practice putting greens.

Greens: smooth, holding with medium to fast speed. Some of the grass around the greens was 3-4" high, very challenging.

Fairways: a combination of a variety of grasses cut VERY thin; below average condition.

Rough: very punishing, 3-5" high kikuyu.

Traps: raked but firm.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours.

Food in the restaurant; average.

OK to play ONLY if you get a good deal.
Played a Friday AM round. The course has improved in most areas since my last round here.

Greens: the greens are running slow to medium which is VERY unusual (actually had a downhill putt stop short of the hole on #15!), they are smooth and holding. #8 green is in bad condition, lots of bare spots. The greens will be aerated starting Oct 2 so plan accordingly.

Fairways: above average condition, a few bare spots.

Rough: 1 to 3" high.

Traps: firm, raked. Lots of dog or coyote foot prints in many of the traps.

Good grass driving range, large putting green.

POP: just over 4 hours.
Played on Monday AM, first time in 3 years. We had a 2 for $80 coupon.

Very friendly starter and Pro shop staff.

Practice area: good driving range but hitting off mats only today. Good putting green and a chipping green.

Greens: holding, medium to fast speed but lots of old marks.

Fairways: almost recovered from being "punched", I did have a few balls end up in old punch marks but they should be fully healed within a week or so. Forgot how wide the fairway are, quite generous.

Rough: freshly cut, 1-3" high.

Traps: raked but firm.

The course is quite challenging. Lots of shots to elevated greens.

POP: just over 4 hours for our foursome.

They have a 6 rounds for $199 special, Monday thru Friday includes cart, good for one year. Looking forward to coming back soon!
The course is in the best shape that I've seen the past 5 years. I play here once a year in the San Diego Senior's team play, my Pala Mesa team vs El Camino. (we did win the match)

Greens: excellent; smooth, holding with medium fast speed.

Fairway: not a bad lie all day!

Rough: the kikuyu was 1-3" high and quite punishing if you were in the 3" grass.

Traps: firm but playable.

Good short game practice area but no driving range, only driving from mats into a net.

A challenging course, recommend playing here if you get an invite!
Played here on Tuesday AM, first time in a few weeks. The BIG surprise is that they are restocking the traps with SAND, amazing! This is a major addition for a muni!!!!

Greens: smooth, "holding" with medium to fast speed.

Fairways: beautiful, good lies all day!

Tees: many are uneven due to animal burrows, you just got to look around for a flat area.

Traps: now better than the usual hardpan, hope they maintain them. Great addition!

Rough: a zero; hardpan, weeds, and animal burrows.

Except for the rough, this old muni is really shaping up, give it a try!
Played in a Greenskeeper outing mid morning this Sunday. Always enjoyable playing with the GK guys.

This course is a favorite of mine. It's short but very challenging. Don't let the short yardage fool you. Friendly/helpful Staff!

Greens: better than average condition, medium to fast speed, soft greens, smooth except a few too many ball marks that were not repaired.

Fairways: very nice condition considering the excessive heat we have had over the past month, some brown spots but overall better than average.

Rough: 1 - 3 " high.

Traps: like many of the courses I've played recently, hard not a lot of sand.

Tees: Lots of divots but the management is rebuilding some of the T boxes.

No driving range but you can warm up hitting balls into a net, better than no warm up!

POP: around 4 hours.

Worth the drive up from Oceanside.
Played Friday (8/4) AM. Started on the back nine as there was some trees being removed on the front.

Good grass driving range and large practice green.

Greens: Medium to fast speed, holding but lots of old ball marks that were left behind by a private outing (of inconsiderate golfers) earlier in the week.

Fairways: generally in good condition but there are still many bare spots in the fairways.

Rough: 1-3" high with many bare spots.

Traps: good condition.

POP: 4 1/2 hours.
Played in a San Diego Senior match Tuesday AM. We lost but are still in the top spot, only 9 more matches to go.

Friendly staff in the Pro Shop, starter and in the restaurant after the match.

Greens: recently vert-cut and lightly sanded, a little bumpy. Medium to slow and holding.

Fairways: overall better than average.

Rough: 1-3" high.

Traps: raked, better than average.

POP: at 4 hours.

Really enjoyed playing here today. Wish it was closer to Oceanside as I would like to play here more often.
Played in a San Diego Senior team match on Thursday AM. First time here since last summer.

Customer Service: friendly staff at the bag drop, Pro shop and starter. Excellent service in the Gene Littler lounge after the round. We all had the typical sandwiches or salads which were very good.

Great practice area: driving range, two chipping greens and two putting greens.

Now for the course, WOW, best condition I've ever seen this place.

Greens: smooth, medium speed and firm.

Fairways: the best I've played on since Rams Hill, like a carpet.

Rough: 1-3" high with some bare spots

Traps: above average condition compared to most traps in the area.

POP: at 4 hours
I was very pleased to get an invitation to play here on Thursday late morning. Only played here once before, 3-4 years ago.

Customer service: Excellent; a cart pulled up as I parked my car. The young man was helpful getting me pointed in the correct direction. Friendly attendant in the Pro Shop.

Nice driving range and putting areas. Practice green was much faster than the greens on the course.

Fairway: very wide, firm and in good condition.

Greens: smooth, medium to fast, and "holding"

Rough: 2-3" high, very playable.

Traps: firm.

POP: just over 4 hours.

A very enjoyable day, play there if you get the opportunity!
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