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StarPro Greens 4 x 12 (5-Hole) Practice Putting Green : Can be used indoors or outdoors. Putting realism is all about the turf. StarPro s 90 oz. nylon turf is engineered for one thing and one thing only, putting realism. Their 3/4 nylon filaments are twisted and heat set to 1/2 to play and feel like real bent grass, and sheared for true roll and perfect country club speed. StarPro turf is: non directional, five-layer backed with a closed cell hex rubber coating, UV stabilized, outdoor/indoor, and a natural custom tweed color. The backing bridges subsurface irregularities so you can create realistic breaks as you see fit. For even more challenging indoor or patio play, put 1 1/2 cups of sand in 12 x12 zip-lock bags and place them under the putting green. The patented indoor/patio StarPro cups work exactly like a real golf hole, so you don t have to deal with coring a hole in your floor, ramps or the unnatural feel of stepping onto an elevated platform. The Starpro cup s center target enables a correctly hit ball to remain in the hole, and a poorly hit ball to roll out, like a true hole on a golf green. The placement of the holes on these practice greens is designed to create play patterns utilizing the entire green with lots of long challenging putts, and with the five layer hex rubber backing, the putting greens don t slip. Play indoors, on the patio, in the basement, garage, conference room, trade show, indoor training complex, carpet or anywhere that has a flat surface. With their superior turf, multiple targets and unrestricted access on the green, Starpro delivers a life time of putting practice that is as real as it gets. If you want the best, this is it.
Price: $299.99

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