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Played El Prado Chino Creek Friday June 23rd at 7:10, Very friendly staff. good breakfast. Got out on time. POP was 4:15 It was just a little overcast when we teed off and they really had the fairways and the greens wet because of the expected heat. Not much roll out at first and the greens were very receptive. They changed the slope rating so our group played the white tee this time and that did mean the course played different than I remember it. The condition of the course was good, with the exception of the bunkers, but I am finding that most courses in the I.E. in the summer, the bunkers are leaving allot to be desired. so the option is "not" to get in the bunkers ROFL. Had the special of fish and chip for lunch and it was quite good. I like Chino creek allot. it has allot of "driver" tee shots, but then throws in a few holes that you have to think about the tee shot, and I like that. I wish we played it more than once a year.
Played Indian Hills Blue on Friday June 9th, Had a 7:00 tee time, teed off 2 groups late. Not the way to start the day. POP was 4:10 which was ok. I was pleased with the price $30 senior but I was disappointed with the conditions. This course plays difficult from the blues, especially the back nine very up and down and tight on many shots. The par 3's on the front are very long. It was difficult to find a level spot on many tee boxes and it was very hard to get your tee into the ground. The fairways were green, a few brown spots and ground under repair but did not play a factor in your shot for the most part. The rough was very long and you really had to look for your ball, and I play yellow and it is good I did because it made it easier to find. The bunkers were a joke. there was "no" sand in them and everyone in our group either took 2 to 3 shots to get out or skulled the ball off the other side of the green. I think for me it ruins a round and a course when the traps are in this bad of a condition. You hit an "ok" shot to a green side bunker and with sand it is an easy out and 1 or 2 putt for par or boggie, but when it takes 2 to 3 to get out of a bad trap or you skull it over the green and possibly into the trap on the other side, a 4 or 5 becomes a big number real quick and then you get pi$$ed off. I think every bunker needed to be played as ground under repair. :o) I will say the greens were nice, soft enough to repair balls makers on every shot, rolled consistent.. They are building houses aside of #12 and when the houses do get up it is going to make this hole tighter as the windows will definitely be in play on a right miss.
Played Los Serranos South on Friday May 26th. at 7:33 POP was 4:11 which is pretty good but seemed slow because we waited on the 4some in front of us on every shot. They reduced the price of the South course and it was nice to see that they did NOT charge Holiday rates on the Friday before the holiday. Check in was great and got out on time. Course was in really good shape. Tee boxes, fairways, greens all real nice. I was extremely impressed with the bunkers, and yes I was in allot of them, LOL they were in the best shape I think I have ever seen them. We had breakfast before we went out and then had lunch afterward and the service was great as usual. I do like this place.
Played Goose Creek on Tuesday May 16th with fellow GK Gurus Mark, Matthew, and Kevin. I met Mark once before and did not know Matthew and Kevin and they were absolutely great to play with. They all made me feel relaxed and I had allot of fun. Thank you!!! We were following a SCGA qualifier and we played from the blues. WOW was this course set up long.... All the blue boxes were as far back as possible and on several holes we used tee boxes I didn't even know existed. There is not even a course rating on the score card from where we played from. I play this course allot as I live only 3 miles away and this was really interesting to see this course from this length and perspective. I would never have had the opportunity to play these tees without this Guru deal.

That being said, this was a clear example of someone (me) playing from the wrong tees as discussed many times here. LOL While I hit some good shots, I tripled both 17 and 18 to shoot 96, and I must say I was very happy with that score from these tees. I want to thank Mark, Matthew, and Kevin for a great time and since the POP was 3:50 I don't feel I messed up their game much.

As for the course, I agree with Kevin's review, great shape, tees, fairway, greens, and I also did find a few stones in the bunkers. The wind kicked up a little towards the last few holes and made it even longer which was even worse for me. LOL Service was great, got our balls and the carts were placed aside for us to use.

I am really glad I took off work for this. Thanks Johnny for setting this up.
Played Classic Club in Palm Desert Saturday May 13th. it was a charity event where we got 2 rounds of golf (36 holes) lunch and dinner for $130. I have never play there before and man is that a nice golf course. Their driving range in better that most of the golf courses I play at in the I.E. and O.C. We played the whites and started on 14 a par 5 hitting directly into the wind, and it was windy. My driver only went 185 yards into the wind. Next hole 15 down wind my driver went 275 yards. The wind lasted the entire 1st round and then went away at the start of the 2nd round, then picked up again for the last 2 holes of the 2nd round. The fairways were so perfect you were almost afraid to drive the cart on them, not a divot anything. I don't take much of a divot but the guys I was playing with did and it was like this hugh chunk of grass we had to go and get and put back. There is allot of water on this course and it is in play on most all the holes. This is not just standing water like a lake, this is small brooks running along side the fairways with rocks and you see little white rapids and can hear the running water. Man just gorgeous. I really enjoyed this course and would love to go back.
Played Anaheim Hills Friday May 12th Blues, Had a 7:35 tee time, left my house in Norco at 5:30 for breakfast at the course by 6am, Got to the course at 7:12 thanks to the idiot drivers on the 91 freeway. 1 hour and 42 minute drive. Well needless to say, no breakfast and I was so ampted up from the drive I golfed the worse I have it 15 months. As for the course, $41 senior was good, we got out on time and the course was in good shape, tee boxes good, fairways green and lush, was not in any bunkers. The greens were slower than they looked and I was short on all my putts all day. I only hit about 4 good shots all day. My attitude from that drive really ruined my day. I really do not like it when my OFG group decides to play in O.C. and I have to do that 91 freeway. Oh well....
Played Goose Creek Whites Sunday May 7th, tee time 7:33. Got out on time behind a riding 4 some, who was behind another riding 4 some, so we did wait on holes most of the day. One of our guys did not show up because of the so called rain, I guess he was afraid he was going to shrink, so we had only 3 walking. LOL Great course to walk..... POP was 4:25, ok for a Sunday but long for us walking this course. Course was in great shape, very green. Tee boxes, fairways, and greens were really nice. I was in one bunker on #9 and the sand was wet from a small shower at 7:15, right before we teed off and I don't like hard wet sand, LOL other than that I was able to stay away from the bunkers. Course was a little wet so there was next to no roll out, so shots played a little longer. I played well except for 2 holes, was 13 over (85) and 6 of that was on 2 holes (triples) so was very happy. I am getting to go back this coming Tuesday with the GK Gurus so I am excited to play Goose again
Played Mile Square Players Blue Sunday April 23rd, tee time 7:45 but got out 8 minutes ahead of time. Course was in good shape. Was told they aerated on the 11th and 12th, but they must have used smaller holes because the greens were pretty much healed. The grass on the greens was a little longer so it slowed the putts down a little, that and the early holes still had moisture on them. A few of them did have some bumps when the ball was rolling, but nothing that another week will not take care of. Tee boxes good and level, fairways were green and I was in 2 bunkers and sand was good. All the lakes had full water in them, POP was 4:23 for walking, not bad but not our best. Good day, just the drive back to the I.E.(91 FRWY) stunk LOL
Played River Course at the Alisal in Solvang on Friday April 14th. It was our anniversary so we wanted to play this course again, we played it 2 years ago with 3 other couples but just my wife and me this time. Had a 9am tee time and the course was empty so we got out at 8am. POP was 3:35 for my wife and I. We like this course allot, and being this empty was just really relaxing. There are interesting holes, dog legs, and such that make it interesting, and the scenery is great. The course was in good shape and the greens were fast and smooth. The wind picked up after about 4 holes and there were allot of holes that you teed off into the wind, so it played longer that the score card said. We live in Norco CA so this course is 188 miles from home, really too bad because we really like it. If you are looking for a "Pebble Beach" type course this is not for you, but it is soooo relaxing and beautiful out there it was worth the drive for us.
Played Fri March 31 7:38 tee time course was crowded as several 4 somes were ahead of us. Hidden valley can be a difficult course especially for beginner golfers so IMHO the beginner that was in the group in front of us would probably enjoyed her time at an easier course. POP was 5 hours, not great... The course is very green and plays completely different than in the summer when the fairways are dry snd there is allot of run out. Tee boxes were all good, fairways good shape, rough not too long, greens reseptive and not quite as fast as other times I have been here. Bunkers left allot to be desired, reaaly need many truck loads to fill them up. I do like this course for the variety of shots you have to play, but that first hole is always a killer for me.
Played Green River on Friday Mar 24th. Had a 7:02 tee time and got out about 10 minutes early. Played from the blues. POP was good at 4:15. The fairways were very wet, no roll out, so the course played allot longer because of the wetness until the back nine after the sun dried everything out. I was not in any bunkers either fairway or green side so no comment on those. We were told all holes were open and no temporary greens. They were working on the fairway on hole 10 so the entire fairway could have been considered ground under repair LOL Most of the greens rolled really nice, then got to 17 and 18 and you could tell they were punched, really needs another week. For $37 riding for a Senior this was a good deal. This is a course where if you are a little shorter off the tee, you will be hitting fairway woods for your 2nd shot or into the green on most of the holes. Number 10 was playing 460 yards par 4 and #16 (par 3) was playing 208 yards. Like I say course plays long and if you come here your long game will be tested. Had lunch in the snack bar and service was great as usual.
Played Eagle Glen Friday 17 March. Had a 7:20 tee time and went out on time. The course is very green, tee boxes were good, fairways good, a little wet that early so we did not have much roll out, fairway bunker on #3 had really nice sand, the bunkers on the back none were terrible, luckily I was not in any bunkers on the back nine. Rough was non existant, Greens were hard and fast, did not have to fix many ball marks. POP was 4:21 and that is because of the 2 other groups in our 6 group tourny that we were behind and waited on every hole. I like this course because it makes you think on some holes instead of just taking driver and slamming it. I have stated before and I will state again, I HATE hole #2, they need to turn that into a par 3 and go 71 on the course. if not, they need to re slope the lower section and or remove one of the upper bunkers. $6 for a warm up bucket of balls was too expensive. IMHO. Service in the restaurant was great as usual.
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