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Played Fri Dec 8th at 7am. Check in quick and friendly. Starter asked if we played there before and they had a policy for POP. We said yes we played here many times and we are fast players. Well, we followed this 4 some and we waited every hole. Yeah POP was 4:25, and that is what the course uses as a guide, but holy cow they were slow. And to boot the "Marshall" on the course told us they were on "schedule" We talked to him 3 or 4 times and the last time he just drove past us because he didn't want to deal with it, they must have been members, LOL, The starter also told us the city tripled the water rates and they are negotiating, but in the meantime the fairways have been allowed to brown out and go dormant, everything runs forever, the greens were hard and fast, bunkers were hit and miss, some good sand and others dirt. Here again you ask yourself $45 for this or $35 at Los Serranos for much better conditions. Just really looking at value.
Played Mon Dec 4th at 8:45. I played my very first round of golf here in 1974, shot 126, bent a club on a tree and didn't play golf again for 14 years, LOL. I live in Norco so it was a 2 hour drive to the course. Finally got there, check in was fast and friendly. Did not remember anything about the course from 1974. Friends told me it would be a slow round so just relax. We walked and POP was ok at 4:17. We played the blues. I thought the course was in good shape, tee boxes and fairways no issue, was in 2 traps and the sand was soft and plentiful. Greens were very nice, receptive and green, rolled very nice at a consistent speed. The course has several funnel fairways where the ball rolls down to the middle of the fairways, and has several fairways that slope one direction, many dogleg holes and a few holes that play much shorter than the yardage. Course knowledge is a must and the guys I played with helped me allot. I liked it so much after the round I bought the LA County senior discount card. BTW I did beat my 1974 126 score, LOL I shot the best score I ever shot 81 with 29 putts.
Played Fri Dec 1st at 758, check was well lets say the gentleman must not be a morning person. The starter was very nice and friendly and told us there were 2 temp. greens about 20 yards in front of the greens, 6 and 9. Well all the greens on the east side of the club house were terrible, various grasses, bare spots, various stages of repair, absolutely not playable. The greens on the west were very, very nice, holes 13 thru 18, good grass rolled true. Tee boxes, and fairways were good , bunkers were a little hard. This course needs some time to heal.
Played Mon Nov 27th. My wife has not played in 5 months so thought this was a good course to take her to. Didn't have a tee time, just walked up at 9am, pro shop guy was very nice and friendly. Got us right out behind a 4 some. POP was so so at 422, but we did wait on every shop. At $25 each senior I was pleased at the price since I was paying for 2, LOL. I must say the course was in very good condition, you could find a level spot on tee boxes, fairways green and nice, very wet as a small shower in the morning. The rough was long and wet and very penal. Greens at this course are very small compared to the courses I usually play now. The greens were allot faster than I thought after the rain and I could not adjust. I also must complement the maintenance crew on the course, they were very courtious and they really stayed out of your way, you hardly noticed that they were there, unlike some courses. With my wife starting to play again (and both of us retired, so paying for 2 gets expensive ) we will be going back.
Played Fri Nov 24th at 7:32 check in easy and friendly. Got out on time. I should know better than to play the day after Thanksgiving, man way too crowded , POP was 5:05. I thought the course was in good shape. A few tee boxes it was difficult to find a level place, fairways were good, what I saw of the bunkers they appeared to have good sand, and the greens were receptive. I (repeat) I putted like crap but that was on me. I shot 90 with 38 putts (missing 4 birdie putts 10 feet or less). Time for a putter change LOL This is the second time I played this course in 2 months and the more you play it you learn how to play it, I only used my driver on 1 hole on the front 9, #4. The others are too narrow or dog leg and you run on of fairway.
Played Fri Nov 17th at 651. There was a mix up as our name was not on that tee time. The gentleman behind the counter was great and got us out right behind 651, he even greeted us at 18 and apoligized again and hope we had a good round. Great service!!!! POP was great at 338 and we walked. I played here Oct 30th and said they needed 3 more weeks, well it was 18 days and I thought the course was in real good shape. Tee boxes and fairways mowed and nice, greens healed, receptive and rolled nice. Traps are still an issue as i still didn't have to rake the dirt on 12 and 14 traps that I was in. Slight rain on the 1st 6 holes, then sun what a great day, even though I played like crap LOL
Played Fri Nov 10th at 8:15 check in easy and friendly, got out on time, POP was good at 4:10, tee boxes, good condition and level, fairways were very wet, multiple tee shots with driver, 3w, and 5w showed plug mark and the ball 3 inches away and very muddy, not sure why so wet, there was no rain. Was in 1 trap and good sand, the 1st green still showed signs of being punched, you could see the holes healing but after that the greens were great. Breakfast and service was great as usual, lunch not sure what happened but they may have been too busy as service took a little long and even had to ask for check.
Played Fri Nov 3rd at 753, got out on time, friendly check in, POP was ok at 420, waited on a 4 some every hole, course is in good shape, tee boxes level, fairways nice, rough long enough to affect your shot, but short enough to find your ball, bunkers ok, just a little wet sand, but we are getting to winter golf so ..... Greens rolled real nice and were receptive. I play here too much but for the price and me NOT having to drive the 91 freeway to play in OC with my mates it is a good central spot. Will play North next Friday lol
Played Mon Oct 30th as a walking walk on, check in was very nice as they put me ahead of a 3 some to catch up with another walking twosome who I caught on the second tee box. I knew the course was cart path only because the fairways were recovering, and was ok with this as I always walk this course anyway. The greens were punched about 3 weeks ago and thought that was enough time to recover. Not... The tee boxes were long as you could see they were also recivering, good flat spots but a little unkept. The fairways were not bad, a little long and thin in some spots. It was the bunkers and greens that was very disappointing. The greens need about 2 to 3 more weeks, very bumpy and the holes are still very noticeable, the ball bounced quit a bit and even turned off line. I was in 5 bunkers and never had to rake them afterwards, meaning the bunkers were nothing but hard dirt. I like goose allot, but the maintenance that is going on right now does not warrant the price. In fact we were going to play there again this Fri but cancelled. I can not see $40 walking until the maintenance is over and goose comes back to the standards we are used to.
Played Fri Oct 27th . Had a 756 tee time and got out early. Check in was quick and friendly. Pop was real good at 344. No one in front of us until we caught a 4 some on hole 7, we then waited a little on them. I was pleasantly surprised with the course, fairways good, greens soft and receptive, was not in any bunkers but my playing partners were and they said sand was decent. The worst part were some of the tee boxes, number 12 needs to be bulldozed and flattened. At $30 senior, it was a good value. Since this course is rather narrow and straightness is very very important, I only used hybrids in the fairways, no fairway woods and it paid off, beat my best score here by 8 strokes, even with an 8 on #1 hole
Played Fri Oct 20th at 730 got out on time. POP was not good at 428. We were a 4 some following 2 3 somes and waited every hole. Breakfast was great and the service was great as usual. Check in quick and friendly. The #1tee box was moved up but all the rest were in normal places. Tees, fairways, rough were all fine. I was in 1 green side bunker and sand was good. On the back 9, 2 of us hit shots into green side bunkers and they bounced out so they seemed hard. Greens were punched about 4 weeks ago or so and were healing nicely, really didn't have an issue with them. Lunch and service great afterwards.
Played Fri Oct at 7am, got out on time. The last time I was here the starter was grouchy to everyone, this time he was very pleasant and that was a good start. Pop was 4:05 walking, waited almost every shot. Was very disappointed with the tee boxes. All the tee boxes were at the very front of the tee box, so "everyone " was basically playing the red tees. They were either punching the tee boxes or getting them ready for some tournament. Fairways were good, rough was long and penal, was not in any traps so can't say, greens were recovering from being punched, long, inconsistent speed, and bumpy at times. Service at breakfast and lunch was slow.
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