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Played Fri Feb 16th at 730 with our OFG group, check in fast and friendly, got out 10 min early. Cold and damp first few holes but the greens rolled faster than expected. Tee boxes were level but a little hard, must be saving water on them, fairways good condition, the bunkers I was in had good sand, after 4th holes weather warmed up and greens got a little quicker. Wind picked up on back nine which made 18 allot longer, POP was 425, we play here allot alternating between north and south as for $35 senior there is not a better value around and we like both courses. Really like the restaurant also.
Played Thurs February 15th as a spur of the moment with my wife. Got there at 8 and noticed it was very busy. Counter guy was really nice and got us out by 830 in the middle of the mens club, even though we were walk ons. I must say that this course surprises me with the condition, really was not that bad for only $25 senior riding, a few fairways had some spots, but the greens were really nice and rolled well. A santa ana wind came up on hole 7 and by the time we got to 16 it was really blowing hard where it moved the ball on the green. When you pay for 2 people this is not a bad choice.
Played Fri Feb 9th at 730. Good breakfast and they open at 6, not like Sierra lakes that opened at 8am for breakfast I mean really. .... check in fast, got out on time, but the course was very busy and they were doing tree maintenance which blocked access to south tee box, had to push thru north side to get to the south tee box. POP was not good at 440, we were a 4 some following 2 3 somes and waited every hole. Got done with hole 6 up at the snack bar and talked to the marshall and service girl, marshall said at that time they were on a 4 hour pace, service girl said she sold them 2 six packs, we laughed and said don't sell beer to slow players lol. Course was in good shape, tee boxes level but real hard, I use plastic tees and even broke one of those, fairways good and good sand in bunkers, greens were good but I was fixing allot of ball marks. I was using a new putter and just had problems adjusting to speed, well back to the old one, lol
Played Super Bowl Sunday in a best ball tourny with my wife and son in law. I used to play here alot in the late 80s and early 90s with my bowling buddies but haven't played here since 1992. I remembered all the holes but what i didn't remember was the course is allot narrower than I remembered, also allot more elevation change than I remembered. I thought the greens were in real good shape. For the most part the tee boxes were ok but 14 was nothing but dirt. Some of the fairways were ok and a few were very bad. We had a group of 6 playing and one guy went through 3 carts, kept dying. POP was horrible at 545, I really don't know why I play these things, but that POP was the tourny, not the course. The course has some short holes but with the elevation changes some holes play longer. If you are a long hitter you probably will hit 3 wood most of the day. This is not a course for beginners as the houses come in play on most holes and it is way too much elevation changes for beginners. This is a no thrill course so don't expect much.
Played Fri Feb 2nd at 730. Check in quick and easy. POP was 423 was stuck behind a two some that held up our 4 some. This was my first time playing this course and had no clue what to expect. Knew it was in a housing track and expected tight holes with the houses in play, was very surprised at how wide the fairways were and really no houses were ever in play. Course was in good shape tee boxes level, fairways good grass, was not in any bunkers so no comment there, greens were firm and did not hold shots, but still had plenty of ball marks to repair, probably from the day before. The rough was very penal as the ball sat down every time and the rough was not cut the same length, had high spots and low spots. Since this was my first time here I had no clue about the greens and breaks, all of us were reading breaks and the ball didn't break, all of us missed just outside the cup many times, the greens rolled very nice. Many of the holes looked just like the one we finished, over all I liked the course but at $49 I think ther are better values out there for us, and it is 65 minutes away for my OC friends. Another issue is the restaurant does not open until 8am, really, nit good.
Played Fri Jan 26th at 730, breakfast at 615 as usual was great. Got out on time, POP was fair at 423. It was very cold and wet first 4 holes. Tee boxes were level but a little hard, fairways very wet, but no muddy soggy spots. I was in 4 green side bumkers and sand was good, on 14 my playing partner was in a bunker that was mostly dirt, and then on 16 in those links pot bunkers it was all dirt. IMHO those "pot" bunkers do not fit this course and should be removed or replaced, since they are so poorly maintained. Greens were very, very fast and hard, even on #1 that was very wet it was fast, took 3 or 4 holes to adjust.
Played Fri Jan 19th at 730, good breakfast, got out on time. POP was 351. Played the blues and they were all the way back on the tee boxes. Was very wet this morning so not much roll out on the fairways. Tee boxes were good shape and flat, fairway nice and green, bunkers hit and miss, the one I was in had good sand, the one right next to it my partner was in was dirt, greens very soft and extremely slow, I played here last week with my wife and could not adjust to the speed, but this week I was ready for them and adjusted better than my partners did. I really like Jurupa and think it is a little under rated with some of the narrow fairways and the number of trees the course has. Had a good time.
Played Fri Jan 12th at 7:23 check in fast and friendly. Breakfast service great as usual. Got out on time, course was very wet, told 90 degree rule by starter, but fairways were drying out by the sun and seemed ok. One or two tee boxes actually need leveling as they were crowned, fairways wet not much roll out and winter grass, yellowish but always had a decent lie, was not in any traps, greens were real nice, receptive and rolled nice. I fixed many ball marks. POP was ok at 4:07. We still like this place as north and south are really different courses and you can't beet the price.
Played Fri Jan 5th at 7:08 check in was fast and friendly. Some confusion at the starter as there were two tourny groups trying to get out, and then we heard 911 was called for a guy in the early group at the club house, then the starter just got us out. Course was in winter mode, it looked like palm Springs with the fairways partly green and the rough nothing but brown. Tee boxes fine traps hit and miss, greens very green and receptive. There were 2 fairways that were ridiculously hard and low cut around the water, when you hit the ball 20 yards in the fairway and it just rolls into the water, just not right. I mean on 18 3 of us drive the fairway and felt good about the shot only to find all 3 of us were in the water, not right. Hole 4 (par 5) had construction and they changed it to a par 4 and the club house never said anything. POP was good at 3:42
Played Wed Jan 3rd at 8:18. Check in quick and friendly. Got out 10 minutes late. POP was 4.11. We were following a 4 some and waited almost every shot. They even commented to us on a tee box that we played fast. The club house told us about the hard and fast greens. It only took us 2 holes to realize that you had to play short and let the ball roll on the green. I actually adjusted to the greens in about 2 or 3 holes. The area around the greens was also very fast. I don't have a problem with this as you just need to adjust. I shot my best round even here at Goose 84 with a 7 and a 6 on two par 3's, so that means I was only 5 over for the other 16 holes, and no birdies. I agree the fairways are typical winter condition but had good lies. I was not in any bunkers but playing here a few weeks ago it was hit and miss.
Played Fri Dec 29th at 7:23 check in fast and easy, course was crowded, got to the starter and one 4 some on tee box, one waiting, and then us, and of course the 2 foursomes in front of us had to play the blues, one guy in the group in front of us hit it to the tennis net on the right side and then teed up another ball.... ooookay, playing the blues....... got out 10 minutes late. POP was not good at 4:45, but then again watching the 4 some in front of us tee off they obviously thought they hit the ball allot farther than they did after all they were playing the blues (you know the "mans" tee) it just grips me seeing guys trying to be maucho on the course and slowing down play... ... oh well. ... back to the course, it was typical winter condition, no issue with tee boxes, fairways, traps or greens. Greens were slower than expected, i left several putts short. Service at breakfast and lunch in the club house was great as usual.
Played Christmas day as a walk on with my wife. There were more cars in the parking lot than I thought there would be. Still got right out at about 8:30. No one in front of us for the first 6 holes, then caught a 3 some on 7. They were real nice and let us play through at the turn. We caught a slow 4 some on 12 and it was waiting from there on out. I thought the course was real busy for Christmas and it appeared people kept showing up. Don't get me wrong POP was still good at 3:17. It was very interesting seeing who was out there, my guess is many who haven't golfed much all year LOL. Course was same condition as last time we played except with so many "new" golfers there were allot of ball marks on the green. I was fixing a half dozen or more every hole, I mean why not it was backed up and we weren't going anywhere. LOL The price was really low at $29 to ride on a holiday, was very surprised.
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