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Played here 9/1/19 with a 7:07am tee time. Course was fairly busy so my friend and I asked starter if we could start on #10. He allowed us to and we were able to finish all 18 in 3.5 hours. Tee boxes, fairways and greens all are in great shape 8/10. Sand was a little firm on the course 6/10 Rough wasnt very good. Way too long and you had to look forever to find a white, green or red ball. It took us forever sometimes to find a ball 2 feet off the fairway. They need to cut it down. Staff was friendly and saw the cart girl once. Price was $50 but apparently they raised their prices $2 starting in September.
Played the Koiner Course #1 Saturday 8/17 with a friend and a 5:56am tee time. Pace of play wasnt bad at 4 hours. We got paired with a 3some for a group of 5. After hole 9 the three some broke off and played ahead of us since they were playing super fast and gimmies on the green..... Staff was friendly and courteous. Never saw a cart girl but it was 10 am when we finished.
Greens- Great shape held balls well and rolled true
Fairways- green and 90% coverage on them.
Sand Traps- Great coverage and sand must have been new. Great fluff. I was in 1 trap and my friend was in 4.
Tee Boxes- for the most part were level and had coverage on them. A couple of the par 3's showed some damage but not too bad
Rough- This was the worst part of the course- spotty grass and weeds and uneven. Definitely dont want to be in the rough on this course.
Water- 2 holes with water and water was clean and clear and did not smell.
Played here 8/10/19 with a 1:00Pm tee time. Played with a friend from the blues and the two of us finished in 3.5 hours. Green fee was $27.00. Now that price is about right for this course but morning prime time is $40 which is way over priced for the conditions here.

Greens- were real slow but rolled true, very to little ball marks and are the best part of the course 7/10

Fairways- Were way too thin, 50% of the time you're hitting off hard pack dirt. Lots of weeds and on some fairways good coverage 6/10

Rough- Terrible- non existent on this course. You're either on a fairway or you're hitting in between trees with pine needles and rocks. 3/10

Tee Boxes- Not too good. very few were level, a lot of damage. Front 9 was much better than back. On hole #14 i was hitting off pure dirt there was zero grass on the tee box. 3/10

Sand- Fluffy and not bad, I was in 1 trap and able to get my club under the ball and out. 8/10

No water on this course and no cart girl. Check in was convenient and starter was nice.
Played here 7/28/19 with other GK gurus and the GK Cup. Congratulations to the winners of the cup!! I want to personally thank Johnny GK for the gracious invite. I had a wonderful time and look forward to more events in the future! I wish I cold have stayed after the round but had a family emergency I had to attend to.

As for the conditions of the round- Greens were in excellent condition, they held all the balls were smooth and I didn't see any ball marks on any of them 10/10

Fairways- Showed a few dry spots but 95% of them were green and lush, cut evenly and players were able to catch the ball perfectly out of it. 9/10

Rough- Good thick cut, green and challenging but not impossible, about 2 inches longer than fairway cut. 8/10

Sandtraps- White beach sand fluffed and easily able to get out of but definitely penalty worthy. Hole #16 left side was hard packed like concrete. 8/10

Tee Boxes- Even and green and level. My personal favorite part of the course. I always felt confident and comfortable on every tee box allowing me to send my drives and tee shots into the fairways. 9/10

Staff- Friendly, efficient and informed. I asked a few questions which were all answered politely and all staff was courteous and kind. Saw the cart girl 2 times and both times she was very friendly. 10/10

Amenities- clean, stocked and comfortable. 10/10

Water- A little dirty and not clear but didn't smell. 7/10- I seemed to find the water plenty of times on #18.
Played here for part 2 of our day. Let me start off by saying playing 36 holes in 100 degree heat is a little hard. Anyways we had a 12:00pm tee time on 7/23/19 but staff let us out at 11! We got there early and had lunch. Staff and kitchen staff were all very friendly. Food was delicious and course conditions were great!
Greens- 6/10 most were excellent. There were a few on the front 9 with some dark lines across them looked like some type of chemical which made the greens very hard to read the breaks
Fairways- 9/10 - Green and very little divot damage. A few dry spots on the non shaded holes.
Rough- 8/10- A little challenging but not impossible. Rough was not as green as the fairways and was starting to show signs of summer heat.
Sand- Fluff and raked i will give it an 8/10
Tee Boxes- Level and green, a little spongy in some spots which I actually like. 9/10
Water- Some holes had dry lakes which I really dont like. Hole 1 and I think 15 both were dried up. I love hitting over hazards such as water so when its a dry pond its kinda disappointing. 6/10

Great day but weather was extremely humid. Temperatures were 95-100 and we even got rain!!! Crazy!! But love playing glen Ivy. Always a good round and just challenging enough to humble the honest golfer.
Played here 7/23/19 with a 5:43 am tee time. Pace of play was amazing at 3.5 hours. My friend and I were second group off the tee behind a single. Greens are great here, rolled true and held approach shots. Fairways are green with only one noticeable dead spot on #13. Rough is easily able to get out of. Tee boxes were level and green with the exception of hole 8. Sand is a little compact but any decent golfer can get out of it. Staff was very friendly and kind. I always love coming here and the staff and conditions are well worth the price!! Great course!
Played here 7/19/19 with a 2:30pm tee time. Let me start off by saying my last review was accurate of this course. I said I wouldn't be returning and I ended up giving them a second chance. This time I brought 2 friends with me. Pace of play was once again ridiculous at over 5 hours! Staff was not friendly and I can tell you that the only reason this course is still in business is because the conditions are amazing. Pace of play and staff ruin this course though. They overbook the course no matter what time you play. I can finally say with confidence my friends and I will not be back. We have tried this place 2 times now in the last 5 weeks and both times it was the worst experience ever!

Course conditions are awesome however. Greens roll true and are in great shape, fairways are green and lush, sand traps need a little work, rough is thick but you're able to get out of it. Tee boxes are in good shape and level. Water did smell pretty bad on the course and it needs to be cleaned. Some trees definitely need to be trimmed as they are now impeding tee shots on the par 3 #5 hole and #9 hole.

Staff was rude, pace of play was terrible. We most likely wont be back for at least a year because of this. It is a great course and a fun track but when the staff continues to be rude and the pace of play is well over 5 hours every time, it's very hard to enjoy yourself.
Played here 7/21/19 with a 6:50 am tee time. Pace of play was awesome at 4.5 hours for our foursome. Cost was $77 pr player. Staff was very friendly and kind. Starter did a great job pacing groups and not putting twosomes behind 4 somes etc.

Course conditions:
Greens- Perfect! downhill speeds were fast but greens held balls and rolled true.
Fairways- lush green and trim. A few ground under repairs on hole 12 par 5 which hopefully they will get fixed.
Rough- Not too long, able to get out of pretty easily.
Sand- fluffed and able to get out of, no rocks visible. (i was in 4 traps)
Tee boxes- level and green and good with the exception of hole 15.
Water- clean and clear.
cart girl- saw her twice on hole 8 and hole 14.
Played here 7/5/19 with a 6:10 am tee time for $59.00. My friend and I were able to get out early at about 6. Pace of play was wonderful at 3 hr 45 min. We had 2 groups in front of us and 2 in back of us. We never saw any of them!

Greens- Good shape started slow but sped up as the weather heated up- they didnt hold any approach shots at all, ball was bouncing all over the place

Fairways- mostly green with a little brown in parts. Typical summer conditions. Cut short and able to catch the ball perfectly.

Rough- Long and thick, definitely penalty worthy for not hitting a good tee shot.

Sand- I was in 1 one sand trap and it was compact and hard. Not much fluff to it.

Staff- Friendly, courteous and kind.

Water- Smelled and looked a little dirty- needs improvement

Saw the cart girl twice on holes 7 and 15.
Played here 6/30/19 with a 7:00am tee time. My friend and I were paired with another 2 some which eventually broke from us on hole 12. Pace of play was 4.5 hours. Saw the cart girl 3 times. Staff was extremely friendly. Dave in the pro-shop was very kind and welcoming.

Now for course conditions:
Greens- 10/10 PERFECT! They started off slow but sped up tremendously as the sun dried them out. Everything rolled true and all ball marks looked to be fixed when walking up to green.
Fairways- 9/10 GREAT!- Trim, Green with perfect amount of roll after the flight. Hole #13 and #18 had some dead spots and Ground under repair roped of but still amazing fairways.
Rough- 7/10 GOOD! Definitely penalty worthy. A little too long to play out of. Felt like I was playing bethpage black anytime I wasn't in the fairway.
Sand- Believe it or not our entire foursome never went in a sand trap the entire course! I can't review because of this. However the sand traps looked well manicured and didnt look to have any growth in them.
Water- Water on holes 8 and 9 seemed to be clean and clear.
Tee Boxes- 10/10 PERFECT! If you come to this course the best part of it is the greens, fairways and tee boxes.

Beautiful course! We played from the Blue tees and I shot an even 100 playing PGA rules. Tough course! I am a 16 handicap. Love the challenge though and heads up #18 has a blind approach shot to the green.
Played here 6/23/19 with a 6:27am tee time. Let me start off by saying if you're planning on playing in the desert from june-september bring tons of water and enjoy the heat. It was 87 degrees at 9 am with zero wind and I mean ZERO wind. Now as far as the course is concerned. Greens were amazing, rolled true and held balls well. However the speed was a bit too slow for my liking. Fairways green and beautiful cut short and very few dead spots. Sand- I was in 8, YES 8 sand traps. 7 of the 8 were fluffy with perfect sand the other trap had some rocks in it but I was still able to get out of it and get the club through the sand. Rough was good and green and just long enough to make it challenging but not impossible. Water was clean and clear on the course and tee boxes were level with very little to no damage on them. Pace of play for my friend and I was 3:45 min. We were second group off the tee and paired with one other single who ended up leaving us after 12 holes. He couldnt take the heat and I dont blame him. The heat is rough out here. $39 to play but sometimes money can't buy happiness ha! If you love sweating play Palm springs. Otherwise you might want to stick to the coast courses.
Played here 6/15/19 with a 6:51 am tee time. Check in was fast and easy. Staff in the pro-shop and starter were all very kind and pleasant. Pace of play for my threesome was 4 hours 15 minutes. Now let's go to conditions.....

Greens- Amazing! Held all the balls very well, 90% of ball marks were fixed by people and everything rolled true and speeds were semi-fast probably about a 9 speed

Fairways- Green, lush and full coverage, couldn't find any dead spots. I was in a few divots but all had sand in them.

Rough- Green and playable not too difficult

Sand Traps- Some were a bit muddy and wet but as the day went on they dried out and were fluffy and I was able to get out of the 3 I was in. No rocks in them.

Tee Boxes- Only part of the course that needed a bit of work. All the par 3's showed some damage and were not level. Hole #17 had moved their tee box so it was level with no damage but it was a completely blind shot from the white's. I would have rather had an uneven tee box with a view for this hole than a level tee box with absolutely no view of the hole considering you're shooting off an elevated tee box way below.

Love this course and highly recommend it! It has some challenging holes but if you play consistently it's a course you can score pretty well on. Conditions were green and amazing and staff was very friendly. Saw the cart girl twice and she was pretty darn good looking I'll add lol.
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