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I want to start by saying we loved the course. The conditions were excellent. That being said, the staff was terrible. You can look at the reviews I have done and you will see I am candid. We could talk about it to the end of the world, but for $200, you would think they would just have been a lot friendlier. Frankly, I was so sour I wont go back... too many other options. Great golf course though.
So every year I make the trek to play RSM to get a feel for what this year's rain brings to the course. I played 36 on Sunday in pouring rain and in sideways wind and I can say that did not affect my rating of the course. They have yet to overseed, so the grass is green everwhere, but not the emerald green color of the putting and chipping areas.
I love this layout. It is one of my favorites. The greens were great, fairways full... only damage of note was on a couple par 3 tee boxes. Once they overseed this place will be a must play as it is almost there now. Course is 85% back to its peak glory of 5 years ago... what a treat. Go play
Played Rustic 2 times in last two weeks and this review will cover both because my comments will apply.
The course is getting close to the best I have ever seen it. The fairways are still dormant but I truly believe this is a grass issue not a course maintenance issue. We played last on Sunday between the rainy days and the rough around the greens is really world class... as are the aprons. The greens were smooth but not fast, only guessing because they were saturated from the rain.
Soft course... really plays differently than the firm fast summer days of last couple years.
TIP: Normally, chips here are rolling out, even if you put spin on the ball. I actually got some shots to check and spin... never happens.
Go play, i have to think in 3 weeks as the grass greens in the sun this will be a must play
63 holes in 1 day for $89...
Well... been a while... but I am posting because I took the plunge with my buddy the other day and knew I owed it to the group and course to review... RSM is one of my favorite layouts and back in 2011 this place was one of the nicest courses around. They had water problems, burned out, tough days, but I can officially say... the course is MORE than playable. What do I mean by this?
Fairways are not perfect. I played Goose Creek the next day and the course is not at that level, but surprisingly it is not too far behind. The tee boxes are generally ok with a couple being downright awful. Highlight... by far... is the greens. These were better than Pebble Beach or Spyglass. Worth the whole trip. Go play... they could use the money and you could use the experience. Hopefully we get a bit more rain and the course will return to old form... Worth every nickle
Tee Time- Saturday 6/6 9:23
Weather-70, sunny, breezy, normal direction
Tees- Blue(GK event match agreement)
Cost- $50, walked so no cart
Pros- Greens are smooth, fast and fair. I made a ton of 8-10 foot putts that rolled very true. Fairways and rough are amazing. Painted fairways are interesting but unnecessary. This is a great ole faithful course to play. Conditions are really good right now
Cons- Very few. Nit picky
This course caused the most discussion both prior to our trip and after. Great track. Underrated step-course to Pebble and Spy. Probably, in my opinion, a better piece of property. There were no complaints here. Exceded expectations
So I played Pasatiempo a week ago. I really enjoyed this course but it didn't live up to my hopes/expectations. It is still an amazing course and I would play it often if it were anywhere but 6 hours from my house. The course is clearly suffering from water issues but they are managing to not water portions of the course that don't need the water... I.e. the first 10 percent of every fairway. The bunkering and layout are a highlight. This course is visually amazing and the layout cannot be questioned. I just didn't much care for the green speeds and it is an amazing course, just not up to the hype.
Played in a charity scramble here on Sunday, 3/23. This course had lost its luster to me only because I play here so often in the scramble format which I am starting to dread. The course conditions were darn near perfect. We liked it so much that we played again for $50 after the event was over. Starter was great he sent us out on the back 9 and we played in 3:30. Firm greens, tight fairways and nearly ideal weather. Too bad my game was bad yesterday. Only complaint was some of the bunkers were a bit inconsistent but I have found new love for CC. Great course
This course is a favorite of mine. Great shape... Wonderful weather. Course is in difficult set up. Firm firm firm all the way around. Amazing test of golf. Like US open challenging. Go get it!
Played RR last Sunday and course was a roughed up. Really wet in the morning and the greens were a tad slower than normal. Very good things to say about the greens and the green complexes in general. I am fan of this place for the general quality of the putting. That being said, rest of the course is roughed up. Some bare spots. Driving in there are clear areas they are having to avoid watering. Love this course, will be back... overall just not a good day for this place.
Played Ram's Hill after all the hype I read. Review system is going to skew the ratings here but that is ok. It is a great course, good layout and conditions are almost ideal. That being said the starter was not the nicest guy in the world, the food at the turn was just ok, and 36 holes was fairly priced. Great layout, great golf course, ratings system is giving a rating a bit too high but close. I loved it for golf's sake, everything else was just ok. Good for a once a year trip at lower than rack rates
Tee Time- 10:30 Friday 1/17
Green Fee- Didn't Pay
Tees- Whites(Scramble)
Weather- Cloudless, 80, no breeze
Pros- Great "big" layout. Long and difficult golf course. Greens are prefect this time of year. Every tee box is lush and well cut. Fairways are nice. No dings... This is a pretty close to perfect golf course this time of year
Cons- Can get EXTREMELY windy.
Overall- Wish this was in LA. As is, play 3 times a year
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