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Played here for first time on a Thursday morning, 11/16/17.

As with all new courses, I usually play a set of tees up, from where I would normally play. Played Gold at 6204, 69.2 / 125, which turned out to be plenty of challenge for me.

Weather was near perfect, mid 70's and course did not disappoint. Just out of typical October maintenance, carts are now allowed back on fairways.

Overall, exceptional conditions, knowing they will be even better in another few weeks.

Tee boxes level, and clean.

Fairways were just a hair on thin side in spots, but mostly very good, and very green. (The entire course was a stunning bright, green throughout). I can imagine fairways will soften up a bit as they fill in a bit more, and will provide a nicer cushion as winter approaches.

Greens (as judged by a couple of locals who play here often) were slightly slow, but still rolled nicely. A few old ball marks here and there, but again very little to complain about. Lots of undulation in these large greens, with sideboards, false fronts and collection areas to catch stray approach shots.

Bunkers greenside were excellent. Lots of bunkers throughout provides visually demanding tee shots in many case, with options. Decent GPS on board, but I relied on the yardage book I purchased to help with sight lines a to decide which angle I'd like to approach green.

Bunkers in fairway were a bit confusing. A mix of dirt, sand and spotty grass / weed overgrowth. Unsure if they usually in this shape or if there is near future clean up due. Either way, ok top play from if you got in them. Most bunkers are steep faced, but most have flat bottom to play from.

Very interesting Faldo design and layout, which I enjoyed immensely. Very different from most desert / waste area / cactus lined courses I've played in PS or AZ. Back nine plays along the Marriott time share buildings so not as secluded and quiet as the front nine.

Great service inside and out. Huge practice are with grass driving range, grass wedge area, and chipping greens. I could have spent much more time than I had in the practice area.

Enjoyed the first 18 so much, I jumped back out for a replay and got thru 14 holes the second trip, before sunset.

Pretty hefty price tag, but I'm glad I made the trip and played this course. Might be my favorite in the PS area along with Classic Club and Desert Willow.

Played here, first time, on Sunday November 5th, 1100am, at a So Cal Senior rate of $79.

Perfect weather conditions ( sunny 70, slight breeze ) except for the constant thunder from private jets taking off from Palomar Airport. I'm guessing the jet traffic was higher than normal, with The Breeders Cup Championships in town (Del Mar). Racing wrapped up Saturday, so just a hunch a lot of the billionaire owners were heading home around noon on Sunday. Entertaining, for a little while, to see jets come roaring off the runway right above the 6th tee box, but after 30-40 jets, very few minutes, it made for a very distracting front 9. Nothing to do with the golf course, but I'm certain it was the noisiest couple of hours on any golf course I've ever played.

On to conditions:

Overall, excellent, from fairway to green, but a few tees (as mentioned in previous review) had all colors on the same spot, which made for a few chewed up tees, and the same distance
in some cases, regardless of the tees you decided to play.

Fairways were very good, well covered on most holes, firm and lush.

Greens were the challenge on this course, with some crazy tiers and undulations. My group (3 of 4 were first timers here) found speed and tilt very difficult to judge, but condition was excellent. Fast, mostly smooth and good roll, but still held nicely.

The layout is interesting to say the least. Front 9 a little more traditional, but overall, just a crazy mix of designs. Semi blind tee shots on 2, 3 and 5, sharp dogleg on 7, elevation changes on most, very short par 4 8th, and par 3 9th. Back 9 , while spectacular at times with extreme elevation changes, mixes in a couple of nice traditional flat straight, well bunkered holes (12-13). But routing to get to 12 was crazy. Over a bridge, behind the 12 green then drive the length of the fairway to the tee box, and play back down to the green. If you don't mind a wild ride and mix of holes, you'll love this place.

Service was very good, but I had to scramble to make tee time and then made a quick exit after round, so did not see what the rest of the facility (range, bar / restaurant, Pro Shop was like. A very nice clubhouse, for sure. No cart service on the course on this day (disappointing) so only chance for aiming fluid was at the turn. Use the touch screen GPS on board for shot placement, and hope to have a Crossings veteran in the cart if playing first time, to help with sight lines.

Give it a try, a wide variety of challenges from 1-18.
Played here Sunday 10/29/17, 10:00am tee time, kind of a cool breezy day, at $130. (At the end of the day, my opinion is that course is a bit overpriced, but if deal can be found, would be palatable).

Conditions overall were very good.

Good grass driving range with large chipping area adjacent, which was representative of what was on course.

Friendly check-in and staff.

Nice touch having a large cooler filled with ice on first tee, but when I discovered on board cooler was empty, just kind of felt like I was being asked to pick up a piece of the staff's work, albeit a very small piece.

Anyway, on to conditions:

Tee Boxes were good, a few a had large punches throughout, but did not affect play. Level and well covered.

Fairways are mostly dormant Bermuda, so very tight, thin, fast and firm. If you can pick the ball with irons, you'll be fine. As a bit of a digger, these were tough fairways for me.

Bunkers has plenty of sand, but as I have noticed on other courses in the area, fairway bunkers have too much sand. I found a couple and was impossible to advance very far with heavy brown sand. Greenside were very good.

Bentgrass Greens were very well covered, and again, quite firm and fast. My entire group has difficulty reading, less break on most putts that what appeared. Holding shots quite well.
Consistent, medium fast. Some tiered greens, most were quite large.

Layout is fairly straightforward and mostly flat, with only slight elevation changes. A handful of tee shots require study of the on-board GPS as water, not visible from tee came into play. Seemed with routing, you'd be into wind and then had wind at back, every other hole. Prevailing wind made the those into, very tough, but shortened a couple of par 5's

No beverage cart on course, but otherwise, good service.
Played here Saturday 10/21/17, on Oaks / Stonehouse.

Overall, excellent conditions on these (2) 9's. TCI has (3) 9's (Creek is the third). When calling for a single tee time, Pro Shop was accomodating and suggested I play Oaks / Stonehouse, as Creek was still recovering from aeration.

Good service in Pro Shop. Cost for my Saturday 830am round was $100. A little more than I would have been comfortable with, but at the end of the day, was very happy with the overall experience.

First green on Oaks was slow and bumpy and I was a little concerned. However, the next 17 greens were almost perfect. (One of the local guys I was playing with indicated green on #1 Oaks has always been a bit of a problem). Rest of greens were smooth, rolling nicely at medium pace, and were receptive.

Fairways were good to very good. Wet or bare spots were appropriately marked as GUR. Rough was fair, not overly penal, and well maintained where ever I was able to inspect.

Bunkers were very good. Plenty of sand in all greenside traps I was in. Not the nice white, light sand you'd like to have, but very playable.

Layout on Oaks is challenging, but mostly straightforward, with a few slight bends which required well placed tee shots for proper angles to green. (#4 was tricky, with large oak, not visble from tee, guarding the left side. Got to try and play that one along right side)

Stonehouse 9 was more challenging (toughest of the 3 nines according to the locals and ProShop) with more blind shots, and elevation changes, but also in excellent condition. Enjoyed both 9's. Not two holes alike. Par 3's were a little redundant, but nothing to complain about.

Played here Thursday 10/5/17. Overall, excellent condition.

Greens are 98% recovered from aeration of 9/5-6. Only a few square feet here and there around edges show any evidence. Rolling perfect, smooth as glass, with good speed. This is my home course and I've been playing here since it opened, and I can't recall greens in better condition. I did play early (700am) so did benefit from limited traffic, but in any case, greens are awesome right now.

I sprayed the ball off tee all day and found only a handful of fairways, but are excellent as well. A few spots either a little soft or a bit thin, but again, overall excellent.

Bunkers are very good. Found two, and both were perfectly raked / dragged, with good weight of sand.

There are a few tee boxes closed for minor maintenance, but all tees open are flat and level.

Fringe around green cut close makes for a great green complexes. If you miss, however, the kikuyu is tough to play from.

Beautiful day, great conditions. Take advantage and play now while most other course are aerating.

Always top shelf service inside and out.

Played here Sunday morning, 10/1/17, as part of on ongoing effort to check out local course which I've not played before. I can't imagine I'll ever play here again....

To start, greens have been punched, on or about 9/26, so not a good start. Pro Shop mentioned to me when I checked in and gave me 10% discount...Should have been a 90% discount.

I should have read further on the recent reviews here, but made decision to play here based primarily on the most recent one. I wasn't expecting much, and as mentioned at the top, like to explore different courses.

I did not know this is really only a 16 hole course. Not sure how long its been since they 'lost' holes 5 & 6, but that's about where the experience got so bad I found it kind of entertaining. It went something like this:

From the 4 green, you turn around and drive backwards to 4 tee, past 3 green and 3 tee, out onto the street and re-enter at original # 7 green, which you have to drive past to get to the tee.
Keep in mind that original 7 is now #5. From there you play original # 8, which is temporary #8. Then onto original # 9, which now plays as # 7 AND # 8. (7 is now a short par 4, and 8 is short par 3). From here I had to ask for directions to # 9. A couple of guys just finishing 8, told me to follow them, and they would let me (single) to play through. So off we went through the sewer / drainage tunnels toward the back 9. Teed of on original 10, which is temporary 9. Then off on original 11, which (like original 9) is now two holes, 10 & 11. Again a short par 4 with temp green in the middle of original 11 fairway, then a par 3 to original # 11 green. I think it was here that I saw a golf cart abandoned in the hazard right of the fairway, and a couple of chickens poking around near the green. Cool ! Wildlife!

From here, all holes played to what I believe is original design of 12-18, including the narrowest par 5 (#16) I've ever played. Maybe the narrowest hole, period, I've ever played. Can't be sure but could not have been more than 20-25 yards wide, with trees and OB on right, and a drainage ditch and trees on the left. Downhill tee shot I hit a hybrid which I thought would have been in some part of the fairway, just to be safe. I didn't realize fairway actually got narrower on the left side and saw my ball ricochet OB over the drainage ditch.

At this point, just glad to be almost done, I chopped it around for 2 more holes and then toured the sewer tunnels again back to home.

Wow....I don't really like to hammer any course on a review, but this one, unfortunately gets one. Perhaps the worst course I've ever played. Not going to even comment on conditions around the course. All bad, from tee thru fairway to bunkers, to greens.

Avoid as you would the 91 freeway on Friday rush hour.
Played here Tuesday twilight, 9/26, on an email special $32, which included green fee, small bucket and 2 domestic beers. Good deal from my perspective.

Always a little wary of course which allow you to choose 5 players on their on-line booking system, and turns our 3 ball was behind a 5 ball, so made for some occasional backup.

I have not played here for probably 20 years, and did not recall much about the course or layout, but found it to be quite a fun trip. Granted there are not a lot of holes with flat lies in the fairway, or at least fairways with hills to carry or to navigate with sideways rollout, but for the most part, nothing extremely mysterious here. A couple of semi blind tee shots over hills with parts unknown beyond, but for those that play here regularly, probably not an issue.

Conditions were good to very good. Some tee boxes were uneven, and chewed up. Fairways when a little spotty. Mostly old kikuyu throughout, with some unidentifiable other 'grasses' mixed in, but very playable.

Greens were very good. Very good dense coverage, nicely cut and very smooth, if not a little slow. Better than a lot of other local munis I've played recently.

Nice, bunkers with the right amount of weight to the sand.

Very interesting layout and some good elevation changes with excellent vistas. A couple of crazy dogleg, side hill par 5's (8 and 11 come to mind), but some really well designed holes too. Narrow in spots, not overly long from white tees (about 6200), and driver isn't always the best play unless you are Fred Funk straight.

I will return and give it another go, as this one falls squarely into the 'need to place more than once' category. Excellent service from Proshop, however, no beverage cart / ambulance on the course.

Played here, 1st time, on Sunday 9/24/17.

Have been exploring more courses in the area lately, and decided to given RSJ a try.

Paid $67 online for 830am Sunday. Smallest bucket of balls was $10, hit from mats to a field of dirt, with a couple of flags for targets. On scale of 1-10, rate the practice area a 3. One large putting green near 9 and 18 greens. Did not see a chipping area.

Friendly starter and staff inside Proshop. Started as a single but joined 3 others on 6th hole when pace bogged down.

Course is near a few busy streets in Irvine so, don't expect a quiet and peaceful round, although not noticeable on every hole.

Fairways were average, very wet in spots, but playable. Spotty in areas as well. Not a great deal of definition from fairway to rough. One of the trickiest aspects of this layout, especially first time around, were the sight lines from tee. I recall at least 8 tee shots which were difficult to pick a line. Unsure about which way the hole moved when there was any bend at all. The guys I played with said the same thing. (Also playing for first time). # 14 in particular is poorly designed hole which puts players in fairway in jeopardy from shots from group behind. No way to know players are in fairway below, when teeing off of 14th.

Greens average to good. A few crazy designed greens, with big bowls and sideboards, which with course knowledge and pin placement, could really change your aim point from fairway. Rolled pretty consistently slow / medium pace, and a bit on bumpy side.

Bunkers had a lot of sand in them...So much that if you took half the volume out and added to the bunkers at Oak Quarry, you'd have good bunkers at both courses. However, rather have a little too much sand than not enough.

As mentioned at the top, so many tee shots with confusing site lines make for a frustrating day, if first time there, but won't be an issue the next time, if you choose to tackle again.

Although reasonably priced for OC, green fees didn't quite match up to playing experience and course conditions, but still had a good time out there.
Played here (first time...I think) on Sunday 8/27.

I say first time, but I may have been here many, many years ago. Some of the holes looked familiar, but very unusual for me to forget a golf course I've played.

Anyway, wanted to try something different and recent reviews were good, especially in relation to the greens.

There is a driving range with lots of fun targets to shoot at (goal posts, giant dartboard, and an old van) but only, somewhat unforgiving mats on this day. $8 small bucket (not included in green fee).

Very good service from Pro Shop and starter. They call your name to on PA to the tee, which I like, to avoid confusion there.

I found tee boxes to be in good to excellent condition. Played back (Blue) tees at 6317 yards, which is the longest this course will play. I noticed most players on this particular day were playing from White, so maybe due to play on that set, tee conditions may vary.

Fairways were spotty. Found a few bad, thin lies within fairway, and off fairway was kind of mixed bag as well. Some rough (kikuyu) was quite thick and juicy, and tough to play from. Little better chances than a coin flip on quality of lie in fairway, but nothing to be overly critical about.

Greens were very green, lush, smooth and had great coverage. The highlight of the course. As nice as they looked, they were quite soft and a little on the slow side. Needed to take a pretty good swat at the ball if outside of 20 feet or so. Subtle breaks which are sometimes tough to see. Mostly large greens and fairly flat.

Layout is not incredibly interesting, but some local knowledge is helpful. Blind, dogleg left, downhill par 5, 6th, comes to mind. Even a decent tee shot over the left elbow can go a long ways down hill, where a well struck tee shot down the middle could run into OB. (5) par 3's and (4) par 5's, for a par 71. Kind of weird 3,4,3,5,3 finish, but overall, a fun course. Will try again some time.

Kind of a cool, casual vibe here. Easy to get to from 5 freeway, but aside from a little traffic noise on a few holes, felt like I was away from the noise and crowds you get at times in OC. Very nice open air bar and restaurant. Something like 25 50" flat screens, good drinks and food. Enjoy.
Played here, for first time, Friday 7/21, as part of my back to back with the GK group on Saturday, at Yocha Dehe.

Appropriately priced, I played for 80$ for noon Friday tee time.

Nice grass driving range, large practice green and a decent short game area as well. Very nice property in the town of Copperopolis, a long way from any significant towns, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre range. Homes around the course, but not in play anywhere, on large lots. The resort offers stay and play packages in bungalow / cottages near the clubhouse and first fairway. Looks like a great place for a long weekend with a few couples or buddy trip.

Nice clubhouse, small-ish proshop, and a very cool patio / bar overlooking the 9th green.

Very scenic course, through rolling hills and oak trees, a good amount of elevation change (especially on the back nine).

Conditions were excellent and while I wouldn't normally compare one course to another course, since I played Yocha Dehe the very next day, I can say that Saddle Creek was in a little better condition. A little more lush, well covered and healthy fairways, and greens were almost perfect. Medium firmness and very clean. Rolled very well although were only medium fast. Bunkers well maintained and good fill.

A couple a soft areas in fairways, due to excess watering I assumed, but prefer the lush green over little thin and dry.

Very nice layout, I preferred the front a little better. More trees and interesting holes 1-9, than 10-18, but very challenging throughout. Water in play on 3 holes on front 9, only one with water in play on back. The elevation changes on back nine, made for a tougher half. More subtle elevation changes on front.

Customer service was excellent throughout. Even though the property has a local, retirement community feel to it (lots of members and residents out on this day), I received the same top shelf service, all day, as if I were a member or resident. Very good food in the restaurant as well.

Marshalls out on the course kept a good pace going and beverage cart came around 4 times, even with a 40 player shotgun event out in front of us.

Perhaps my favorite customer service feature was having a staff member offer ice cold towels to all players, on the course. They drove around in the same way a beverage cart would, against traffic and offered the cold towels and water. Course also had water stations on every other hole, to ensure you kept hydrated.

Highly recommend, and would consider the stay and play option given the location. Course has plenty of challenge and interest to play a couple of times in consecutive days.
First time here, played Saturday morning 6/10/17.

59$ rate for 830 Saturday with cart. good start.

Very nice grass driving range, another plus.

Surprisingly, virtually no traffic on the course, so I had to go at it alone, no an issue. Played behind a 3 ball and took my time, as no one following me. Given first time here, allowed me to hit a few extra shots and explore. Plus # 3.

Fairways were decent. I found a good number of fairways, and all were a little on the firm / thin side. Very little cushion under the ball, but didn't run out much either. Cool, and a little light rain may have affected.

Greens were nearly perfect. Smooth, firm but holding pretty well, and rolled very nicely. Plus # 4. The greens themselves have a lot of subtle (and some not so subtle) wrinkles. Seemed to move much more than expected when ball slowed down. But overall, excellent.

Bunkers I found were good, but a little hard in spots, especially close to the edges, but very playable.

I enjoyed the layout. A few holes near the 10 freeway are a bit distracting, but nothing too serious. Routing is such that a few holes run adjacent to others but not so close that you run into another, and most are nicely confined, stand alone holes.

The most memorable aspect of the course, was the many bunkers, mounds, and collection areas around the greens. All greens are very well protected. Slight misses can leave you with a challenging side, up, or downhill chip. A lot of pins are hidden by the mounding, making for tough approach shots when only 1/2 to 2/3 of flag is visible.

As noted in previous reviews: No GPS or yardage books, so first time out can be challenging. I used the VPAR app on my phone which worked quite well. No ambulance on the card (aka beer cart), and snack shop at turn closed. These were the only negatives.

I will be back to take another run at this enjoyable track.
Played here for first time, Saturday 5/27/17.

Landed here after finding a $45 Saturday 745am tee time online. Called Pro Shop to be sure everything was in order as I was surprised to find such a reasonable price. They assured me course conditions were great, and they were right.

Conditions were excellent. Tee boxes level with very good coverage.

Fairways, while just a bit firm and thin, were also very good. Good coverage and green throughout.

Greens were also excellent. Very smooth, rolling beautifully. Minimal ball mark damage, and a well defined fringe / first cut, surrounded by a very nicely manicured and lush 2nd cut. Most greens are receptive and relatively flat. There are a couple tiered greens, #12 has a huge bowl on lower right which made for a very gettable pin location.

Layout is unspectacular but well done and great views of mountains throughout. Very wide fairways (widest landing areas, in some cases, that I can recall of any course in the area.) Greens are well protected with bunkers, and the last 3, a par 4, 3, and then a good risk / reward par 5, are perhaps the toughest on the course. Challenging finish.

Not a lot of traffic on the course. Very nice and large restaurant with a lot of outdoor seating, which was pretty full when we arrived. Appears to be a popular spot with the locals. Has a classic '50's vibe throughout.

One negative was lack of driving range. Only a handful of hitting stations, off of a very hard surface, into a net. However, nice chipping a putting areas.

Enjoyed the round, feels like a course which can yield a good score.
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