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Played here Sunday 3/26.
Overall, excellent conditions and great service, inside and out.

First time here, so moved up a tee box to help with navigation. No GPS, but a good two side color layout card available with starter.

From my experience with Scottsdale / Phx golf, fairly typical layout. Very few holes are adjacent to others and waste areas are more in play than difficult rough conditions.

Fairways were excellent, beautiful emerald green coverage throughout. A good amount of mounding, which can create a few uneven lies, but mostly on the edges of fairways.

Greens were just a touch on firm side, but rolled beautifully. Very few unrepaired ball marks, although I did start early in the day (730am). Pin placements on this day (my only negative) were very difficult. 15 of 18 were on the very edge or corners of the green which made for very difficult shot making. Any slight miss was exacerbated.

Bunkers were very good, full of medium light brown sand. No issues with playability. Some are very deep so avoiding the is key.

While several holes looked similar, there are a couple very fun and interesting. I found back nine much more interesting than front. 13 (drivable par 4) and 17 (island green) a were memorable. Position from the tee important on both sides.

Phil's Grill (as in Mickelson) was a great place to enjoy the 19th hole routine. Spacious clubhouse, lockers, and practice area.

On-line tee times allow for 'last minute' discounts and will provide a significant savings if you can wait until just 2-3 days before booking.

Highly recommend.
Played here on Friday March 3rd. 830am tee time.
Rehabbing from a left shoulder surgery in late November, so thought this would be a good way to start my way back in, slowly and comfortably.

The course is only 4400 yards, par 59, with 13 par 3's (ranging from 70-180 yards). Several 3's on the front 9 are in the 90-100 range so you'll get a good amount of practice with wedges. 3 of the 5 pars 4's are drivable, but still requires a precise shot of 260-275, as fairly well protected green entrances.

Overall, nice conditions. The tee boxes can be chewed up a bit, as so many shots from similar spots, but always found good turf to hit from. Some tee boxes were a little firm and thin, but makes for good practice if hitting off the grass.

Greens were surprisingly medium firm, but held good shots. Rolled quite well, smooth for the most part, but you may find a few unrepaired ball marks. Medium fast and a decent amount of tilt on many of the greens. presents good challenge.

Fairways on the par 4's were fine. Good coverage throughout.

Sand bunkers were excellent. good amount of medium soft sand, very playable.

Nice, cozy bar and restaurant (The Treehouse), with comfortable furniture inside and out. Fire pits and pretty good food, cold beer, and very friendly service.

Probably not a place the low handicap players will find that enjoyable, but very casual and fun track.

Played here Monday 11/14/16. First time on the course and overall was impressed and enjoyed the trip around.

Prompt service at bag drop and in ProShop. All grass practice range in good shape, but grass was a little on the long, lush side. Coming thru maintenance, I'm sure it was just a byproduct of easing into mowing as grass matures. Was good practice for hitting out of the rough on the course. Nice chipping area adjacent.

Friendly and helpful starter at first tee. Paired up with one local who knew the course well, which helped with navigation. No cart path restrictions. GPS on board carts.

Tee boxes were in good shape. All flat, but chewed up on a couple of holes. Not an issue although to find good teeing ground.

Fairways were in good shape as well, not particularly lush, but very playable. I could imagine fairways will be in great shape in another few weeks, when surface fills in and is a little more dense with coverage.

Greens were medium slow and a little bumpy, but again very playable. A little adjustment required as you work your way around. Rolled true, but clearly not quite in peak season condition. Still very little to complain about once you get used to speed.

Bunkers I visited were robust. Very full, and could have used a little care, but again just part of the transition to the winter season.

Decent variety of par 4 & 5's. Solid group of par 3's and highlight of the round was 9 and 18. Two beautiful, tough holes to finish each side. Scenic course, lot of interesting birds in the water features throughout to keep you distracted, just enough, to make for a very enjoyable round.

Highly recommend.
Played Monument on 10/15/16, just 8 days after re-open from fall maintenance. Course was cart path only, I had to leave quickly after completing the round, and that's the end of the negatives. And one of those, the course could not control. (Started at 730am, I had to get out of my hotel room in Scottsdale by noon so had to rush back)

Everything else, from check in to end of the round was superb. Given I played only 8 days after re-open, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, but had this course on the top my got to play list, so ventured out.

I was told by some of the locals the conditions would be much better in a month or two. I'm not sure how much better they could be. Conditions were nearly flawless, so now can't wait to go back to see how much better they can get.

Tee boxes were clean and level. Granted minimal play here since re-open, but clear the course takes care of every inch of the property.

Fairways were the highlight for me. I could see where the surface might be a little denser and firm in spots, but still were amazing. Emerald green and lush.

Greens were excellent. Medium fast, true, and fair. Nothing too elaborate in terms of undulation or size, just very well designed, receptive, and playable. Held shots well.

Only played from one greenside bunker, which was very good. Right amount of sand, dense but not too heavy.

The rock formations, desert flora outcroppings were spectacular and framed each hole beautifully. All of the nature around (birds, cactus, vegetation and even a couple of Javelina) made for a very interesting trip around the course. Homes nearby are not intrusive, tucked back from the playing area and unnoticeable while going around.

Service inside an out was great. Ambulance (aka Beverage Cart) came around 4 times, and always routinely provided additional ice even if you didn't purchase anything. Just a small touch that's noticed, because you normally don't get it. As always, my experience with Troon courses is top shelf. Pay a little more, but get the best conditions and service.

Highly recommend. (If you cant manage or don't want to be restricted to cart path, I believe they will be back on the fairways in a few weeks)
Played here on Sunday 9/26. Given greens were punched on 9/12-9/13, greens are in very good condition. A few looked almost 100% back and others were 75-80. Very playable now. While a little slower and bumpy in spots, nothing to complain about. I like having the aeration out of the way early here. Good to play now, and in 2 weeks, assuming similar maintenance, they will be back to 100% normal and fast.

Fairways continue to improve and areas where kikuyu has filled in are great. Cut to a nice tight, but still lush height, beautiful to play off. GUR areas are appropriately marked and provides for fair relief.

I found (3) greenside bunkers and found them to be hard under a rather thin layer of well groomed sand. Only area that needs a little improvement. I bounced a couple of sand wedges off the firm bottom, expecting to have more cushion / sand underneath.

No issues with tee boxes. The few which were re-done are open again and in great condition.

Service is always friendly and professional, inside and out. Maybe the best 19th hole patio around, overlooking the tricky water guarded 18th.

Enjoy now, highly recommend.
Played here 8/25/16, first time, with SCGA Member outing.

Very good impressions with course and condition. Old school layout, long but fair, tree lined, and very narrow in spots, with large mature trees dictating position off tee, and guarding some greens. Fairly flat, downhill 1 and 10, and plays more left to right (6 holes), than right to left (3). (Unusual opening hole, downhill, right to left 267 yards, which for first timers is just an iron or hybrid down the left side, but would have been more fun to go for it with 3 wood or Driver). Course got much tougher immediately after first hole.

Conditioning very good, given drought conditions. Greens were green, and rolling nicely, were receptive, but quite deceptive. Not a lot of obvious contouring, but all had some tilt, and some much less obvious than others.

Fairways were also very good condition, nicely manicured with good lush coverage and cushion, but also good roll out. Very few bare spots, but I managed to miss my share of fairways, so disappointed not to get the premium second shots more often.

Rough was kind of a coin flip. Quite lush and deep in spots, but bare and sparse in others. I got both during my round. Lush rough was penal, but fair. If you missed in a clumpy area, you could get very poor lies, and incur some difficulty getting near green.

Sand bunkers were good. Only found one, but it was excellent. Bunkers are mostly high faced / firm around edges and flat, well maintained in bottom, so shots usually rolled down to flat area. Very playable.

Very much enjoyed this course, and will consider going back for next SCGA outing in November. Reasonably priced ($70), with access to proshop and snack shop.

Recommend if you get the opportunity.
Played here Monday 7/25, 630am.

I'll defer to the previous and most recent reviews, as they are very accurate.

A couple of notes from my visit on 7/25. As mentioned in other recent reviews, driving range is closed for leveling and re-sod. My understanding from Pro Shop is the grass range will be closed for several weeks (up to 6) so important to understand that before you arrive for next round. Range will be mats only during this time.

IMO, This should not be a significant consideration if heading out to play. There are (2) chipping greens and (1) Putting green available. One behind 18 and one each at #1 tee.

Also, only (2) of the (4) tee boxes were available on #10 (par 3), Black and Gold. Only Gold and Red were available on par 3, 16th. Tee boxes there are also being leveled and re-sodded, but would assume the work would be done sooner than driving range.

Otherwise, very good to excellent conditions throughout.
Played here, first time, 7/22/16. 630am

Overall, very enjoyable course. Very generous for the most part and fits the resort style course bill. Very well manicured and lush throughout, even in dog days of summer (90 degrees at 0630 and about 110 when we finished, at 1015. Very brisk POP) While I believe almost every hole has home on both sides of fairway, they are not noticeable (all one story) and set back far enough where they really shouldn't come into play.

Tee boxes were excellent, level and lush, and many to choose from.

Fairways while a little dry in spots, still were well conditioned and rewarded every on target tee shot with a near perfect lie.

Greens were a little crunchy, baked, and quite firm. Minimal ball marks even on very high approach shots. Greens however, were still rolling very well, medium speed. Most greens are flat, do recall a couple which were tiered. As much as I tried to find break in putts, if you didn't see much, be assured the putt is going to be very straight. Took a while to learn this...

Avoided all bunkers, so cannot comment on sand conditions, but visually looked fine.
Very straightforward layout, mostly flat with some mounding and nice water features on a couple of the par 3's. Played forward (Silver tees, at 6100 yards). Probably a better challenge from gold (6600) but who needs to play 6600 when its 110 degrees.

Enjoyed it, good customer service, minimal 19th hole facilities and pro shop, but very good grass practice tees with lots of targets. Good chipping and putting areas.
Played here Noon on Sunday 7/17.

First time here and have mixed review on conditions and overall impressions.

Very slow, on this day so I played as single and had a chance to get a good look around. While overall, I enjoyed the golf holes which made up the course, I was a little disappointed / confused by the layout. I was unaware most holes were surrounded by homes, although they don't really come in play, as homes mostly sit far enough away or above the course. Not a big deal...but routing was interesting. Many small side trips through the neighborhood streets, crossing several time from hole to hole. Otherwise, I enjopyed the variety of holes throughout.

Conditions were good to average for the most part, and below average in other spots.

Greens were very soft (so soft I could repair ball marks with my fingers) but still rolled medium speed and quite true. The green on the signature 8th (beautiful island green par 3) was a disaster however. Looked like an airplane landed there recently. Damage and repairs throughout, but I can't recall any other significant issues on greens. Some very interesting green complexes (#4, with 4 levels, and #14, with huge drop from back portion to front, come to mind) where approach positioning is key.

Fairways are thin yet rather soft and not as firm as they appeared, so course is getting some water on them. Good coverage, no major issues that I noticed. Very playable.

Bunkers I played from were very good with right amount of sand. Pretty strategic locations for bunkering and a couple of waste areas in front of greens on 6 and 12. Well designed.

Fun risk / reward finishing hole over water. Very reachable par 5 when drive is calculated correctly. Be aware of yardage to the creek (dry on this day) and take a rip at the green over the water.

Service was very good inside and out. Only mats on the range today, did not spend too much time there, did notice a number (3 or 4) practice greens, all in excellent condition.

Enjoyed my time here, will most likely return at some point. Just felt conditions were down a bit, but still recommend.
Played here 7/5/16, first time.

As ESPN does after a memorable game, I'd call this an "Instant Classic"

First off the service here was outstanding. I was there on a slow day, but still very impressed with attention to details. Inside Pro Shop, on first tee, on the course beverage cart, courtesy from maintenance staff (to not interfere, even though they had some work to complete) and at cart return, where attendants there to clean clubs, and to offer you a cold towel and lemonade.

On course. The starter warned me about the slope in the fairways, so I was keen on looking through yardage book for help (No GPS, nice yardage book available for $5, and worth it). I can only recall 2-1 holes that I would consider flat-ish. Many ups and owns here. A couple semi blind tee shots where you must be aware of how fairway tilts. You can really work the sideboards in fairway to your advantage.

Tee boxes were good-very good. No complaints.

Nice Bermuda fairways on this day. A little dry in spots but for the most part, still green and presenting very nice lies everywhere in fairway. A couple fairways with punch holes, but I didn't consider it a showstopper. I would think you could play on ball that landed in a punch hole as GUR.

Greens were excellent. I didn't notice any brown or dry spots. Starter warned about being firm, but I found them very receptive and on soft side. Probably the 800am start time and some early water on the track, so held well, rolled nice, medium speed. Large greens with plenty of subtle to severe undulation.

Many bunkers on the course, which added to the great design and aesthetics. I only found one and it was near perfect. Others looked very good as well.

Superb grass driving range and short game area, and well conditioned putting greens.

Course also offers the golfboards as alternative to regular carts.

Really enjoyed this course. I did have prime mid 70 temp, on a clear sunny day, with only a 3-ball a couple of holes ahead of me, and a 2-ball a couple of holes behind me, so not entirely fair to say POP was good. With no traffic, I moseyed around in 3.5 hours. Took advantage of the peaceful, quiet and perfect conditions.

Highly recommend and even though I had to pay full fare, felt like I got my money back in enjoyment.

The starter did mention to me that veri-cut was scheduled for greens on 7/7 and some additional fairway punching upcoming, so check back here or with Pro Shop before you head out.
Played here 6/26/16.

Overall very good conditions.

Played very early (615a) so greens were very smooth and medium fast. Only a few ball marks, more common on the short par 3 7th, but all other greens in excellent condition. Well defined 3'-4' collar, first cut around most greens. Nicely manicured.

Fairways are good to very good. All marginal areas and clearly marked GUR. Where kikuyu has filled in, perfect lies. Areas just off fairway, much more difficult to play from.

Bunkers I found were a bit on thin side. Quite firm and could use a little more sand. I did notice a little inconsistency in greenside sand.

Great service, as always, inside and out. Excellent time to play this course now. Drought conditions around the region but not here.

Played here Thursday 6/16. First time here. Overall, very enjoyable course, and good-excellent condition.

Most holes offer generous and wide fairways. Strategic bunkering but didn't seem to come in play too much. Fairway conditions were the highlight of the course. A little firm in spots but soft in others. Nice cushion under ball. Some sloping fairways make it important to hit to the correct side to ensure good angles to green. (No rough to speak off on this day, so even missing fairways allowed for opportunity to recover from good lie.

Greens were disappointing. As mentioned in some other recent reviews, greens were slow(ish) and quite bumpy. Difficult to keep putts rolling on a true line. That said, they were otherwise, overall, healthy and receptive.

All bunkers were consistent and filled with good amount of soft sand greenside, and fairway traps were conditioned well. Not as much sand to allow better contact for longer approaches.

Great service inside and out: From bag drop, Pro Shop, Starter and course cart service. Plan for time either before or after round for some excellent food in a very nice bar (O'Neill's) which also offers nice outdoor seating.

It took me a long time to get here and play, and will not wait long to visit again. Can only hope greens will be smoother and faster.

Highly recommend. Enjoy
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