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While visiting Pleasanton, CA, I got a chance to play here with local fellow GKers Big O and S_Smith. Big thanks to Octavio for hooking us up with his GN discount, saving us $25. Great vistas from many tee boxes and nearly perfect conditions throughout the course. I was having some difficulty with some of my bunker shots, but I think it was me. The sand was pristine, sparkly, and white; just like you would see at Pebble Beach. Nice lies throughout the course, whether you were in the fairway or in the rough. Sometimes you could find some deep stuff, but mostly the ball just sat up nicely. The greens rolled great. They were fast; probably around 10.5. I am sure they could speed it up if they wanted. POP was around 4:15; very leisurely with no one pushing us as we played within a shot of the group ahead. I was impressed with the customer service. A cart attendant came out to the parking lot to pick me up. He loaded my clubs and gave me the cart. Good times seeing my old buddy, Scott and his pal, Octavio.
I played this course on Friday, May 19, 2017 with my pal from Camarillo. Good to great course conditions in general. I would say they are 99.9% healed from greens aeration they did about 6 weeks ago. Lush grass from tee to green. Only the area of the fairway in front of hole 6 had thin lies and some bare ground. I found out that they have had a problem with that zone since a major flood hit there many years ago. Rough was lush, but not too penal. All the bunkers were groomed and had nice, soft sand. The greens rolled great: fast, but not too fast. I would say they rolled around 10.5. Pace of play was about 4 to 4.5 hours. Great food and atmosphere in the pub. Not cheap, but we got a good deal on Groupon paying $89, which included range, cart, and a beer.
Played today with fellow GKer, DrinkSmokeGolf, and a couple of pals, one of whom is a member. We started out in sunny, cool, and breezy conditions teeing off about 8:30 a.m. behind a few of the regulars. Great pace of play, although we were slow enough to let a group of ladies pass us at the turn. The greens were aerated recently and are still recovering; however, they rolled great with a lot of speed-mostly firm and fast all day long. I would say in about two weeks of good weather these greens will be perfect. They must have good water here because it was like a green carpet everywhere (except the few pesky desert waste areas inside the course). The fairways were nicely cut and the rough was very consistent and not in the least penal. Tees level. Sand raked nicely; a little on the thin side but good enough. Almost all the lakes were full with nice, clear water. Later in the morning, the wind subsided and the sunshine warmed the course nicely. Great prices in the bar!
Played here yesterday with fellow GKer, DKnight. The greens were very recently punched and sanded. Despite the sandy, bumpy greens we had a decent time. The tees, fairways, and rough were all in good condition. I was in a couple of bunkers and there were ample amounts of light brown sand which was well-groomed and soft. Overall, the LA City courses are not a good value on weekends before twilight. We paid $54 to ride at 11:20 a.m. Pace of play was good at just over 4 hours. It could have been faster, but two groups went out onto an empty course right in front of us. Their pace was not bad, though. Give the greens at least two weeks before they get their good rolling conditions back.
I played a scramble here Friday with a company outing. The course is as nice as it's been for a long time. Tree debris has been raked up and most of the turf is green and lush. The biggest negative is a couple of wet swales running diagonally across four and ten fairways. Four is really wet with standing water about three inches deep in spots. The tees were nice except for 16, which had an uneven surface around the whites. Bunker sand was nicely raked and there was adequate amounts of it. The greens were good. No bare areas or too many ball marks. They ran fast and smooth; too bad they are scheduled for aeration Monday and Tuesday. They did feed us. Our choice was a really mediocre hamburger or hot dog. We also got hassled for a small ice chest that one of the guys brought; oh well.
I played yesterday with the GK Guru tee times that Johnny and Rancho San Marcos set up for us. I was super stoked to see the course back to a lush, green condition. The greens were fast and firm, but very receptive to good shots. Putts rolled nicely and there were some subtle breaks that would keep the average golfer guessing. The fairways and rough were in very good condition overall, with only a couple of areas near some of the greens that needed some over seeding; however, those areas were not really in play. The golf shop did say as the weather warms up those areas will be over seeded with Bermuda. I never had a bad lie if I found rough or fairway. The few bunkers that I was in were a mix of great sand on top of a hard pan; sometimes I had a good lie with ample amount of crisp, white, sparkly sand and other times it was a challenge to make the right contact. We played the white tees and I did not see any issues. The other reviews are spot on and I had a blast playing with fellow GKers sixpez, abbacat, and roarksown. Big thanks to RSM and JohnnyGK! I will be back as there is a CA resident rate that makes this one of the better bargains for a premium course.
Played this afternoon, using a free birthday round, riding for $16. The starter shack had a sign stating the green speed at 11'-6". The greens were fast and firm. I like that, but in the windy conditions only good shots were rewarded and others ran off. They did roll great; true and fast. We played the white tees and they were all in good condition without a lot of divots and nice and level. Good grass coverage from tee to green. The rough was mowed to a consistent height, approximately just over an inch. I was in a few bunkers and found them to be just okay as there seemed only to be a shallow layer of sand over some hard pan in on or two, with better coverage in another. Good pace of play at just over 4 hours.
Played yesterday (Sunday), 1:00 tee time, $45 riding. We had a foursome of Tony, Charles, and George, all from the Los Angeles Golf Group. Not too much to add to TBD's review. In fact, they have yet to run a mower over the fairways. All that new sod? It needs water. I just saw thousands of dollars of new sod that was just laid down poorly, then dried to the bone because of the lack of water. No reason for cart path only because of the total lack of maintenance from tee to green. The changes are nice, though. I cannot give the course a rating at this time because of this. I hope the course gets some water, because it will not be course without it. I can't recommend this course at this time.
Played today, Friday, 1:04 tee time, $29 riding. The course is as green and lush as ever. Tees were level without a lot of divots. The fairways were cut tight and most shots would roll out a ways. The rough was very lush, but not deep. I was in the greenside bunker on hole 3 and I found it to be a thin layer of soft sand over hard pan. The greens were all very nice; a mix of bent grass and poa annua. They were on the firm side but high shots would leave a ball mark; shots hot with spin would stop as expected. I would guess the speed around 9'-9.5'. No beverage cart, so plan accordingly. I totally recommend this course.
Upon hitting the practice green, I noticed that they had just verticut (two directions). I spoke to the greenskeeper who told me they just hit both the Creekside and Ridgeline nines and were moving on to the Canyon tomorrow. All greens were to receive a very light sand top dressing and were getting rolled. The greens were in great shape and the light maintenance did not affect the roll in any negative way. Overall, the course is bright green and looks absolutely fantastic. Too bad I seem to have trouble at times making good ball-first contact on those spongy fairways. That's not the fault of the course, though. Mike and I golfed the whites and they were in great shape for the most part with only a couple that seemed to be just a little uneven, but not a problem in any way. The rough was super lush and wayward shots had a chance to stop before going into a hazard. Great customer service and fantastic conditions throughout will keep me coming back.
Played today with the GK Meetup. Fairly soggy conditions overall as it was raining overnight and into the morning hours just before teeing off. There were a couple of sprinkles as the latest storm was clearing out. This is a well-maintained course and I would like to come back with better weather. I thought the greens were a good speed: medium-fast and mostly rolling true. There were some subtle breaks and it was challenging to read the speed and break just right. Tees were mostly good: level and not too beat up. The fairways were good overall; however, it was a mix of wet and wetter areas. It looks like it was draining okay for the most part without a lot of deep standing water. Of course some areas were roped off and we played it as cart path only although I don't remember seeing any signs or any course personnel telling us. Good times with fellow GKers.
Played today, using a discount tee time on $32 riding; paid another $5 for a small range bucket, almost not worth it (30 balls, worn balls, mats, and tees). Maybe a larger bucket split between a couple of golfer would be fine. The practice green down by #1 Lakes is a good representation of the greens on that course; however, the practice green up by the range tends to be a bit slower. The course in general was in great shape. No bare ground, with somewhat dormant Bermuda grass and perennial rye mixed in. Some areas of rough could be deep enough to hide your ball, where fairway lies were very nice. The course seems to ride out the rain nicely. The last rains came through here on Monday (four days ago), and there were no overly wet areas. Greens ran true and medium fast. Good times! I recommend this course.
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