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Played here Sunday morning, second out as a single following a single. It was my first time here and I think this course could be in better shape. In order to give that other single some space and to warm up, I played two balls on most holes. The course seems to need some more maintenance than it is receiving currently. The golfer ahead of me was a local who said many of the maintenance people are no longer there. First tee time was at 7:30 a.m., right after the kid on the greens mower. I saw one other maintenance person who was watering a couple of greens by hand. Other than that, there was only the cart barn guy and the starter at check in.

The course:

The greens were fast; maybe around 10 and definitely faster toward the ocean.

Fairways were somewhat inconsistent: some were a bit shaggy and needed mowing. It wasn't terrible, but you could tell. Also, there were several areas that were either too dry or too wet.

Rough was also inconsistent. Some areas of thick grass or really thin and dry. Also, areas that were too dry or too wet. If it was wet, then that did not get mowed and was roped off. The left side of 10 looked like a water hazard, but it was just mucky, wet, and roped off.

Bunkers were also inconsistent and a little crappy. Most had a thin layer of dark, fine sand. Some were wet or had rocks. They had not been raked and some had footprints from a day or two ago. A fairway bunker on the back side of 10 had piles of debris and grass that covered the entire bunker; you could not tell that the bunker was there until you were on top of it. It seemed to be a major part of the design of the hole and now it was totally neglected. Too bad.

Overall, I liked the course. There is a lot of character to it. Many forced carries on the back nine. Maybe a little tight in places, but if you can hit a straight shot you will be okay. You don't even have to be long. As part of a resort, there could be some more love put into the course to attract more people. There are deals out there, so if you are in the area check it out.
I played here this afternoon, teeing off at around 11:30 a.m. I had made a tee time for $21 riding at 11:53. It was wide open (strange) and I got off 20 minutes early after hitting a few range balls and a couple of putts. Fairly nice conditions on this short par 60. Nice coverage in the fairways and rough with only a couple of tight lies and a couple of overly-wet areas due to sprinkler malfunction. All the greens were nice. Not too many ball marks and rolling smooth and medium-fast. All the bunkers seemed to have plentiful light colored sand that was nice to hit from. I caught up to a foursome at hole 6, but then I started playing three balls and they move along nicely until quitting at the turn. Then I caught another twosome at 12, but went back to hitting extra shots and those guys moved along fairly quickly. I finished in about 2 1/2 hours, so that was a good pace. Not a bad afternoon for $21.
I played here on Saturday morning, teeing off at around 10:00. It's a pretty straightforward desert course that winds along the back side of a residential neighborhood. There is a good distance to the houses, so I was not worried about hitting one (which I have done before on other courses). I was a single and was placed into a foursome that included another single and a twosome that was the tail end of a small tournament. Unfortunately, the pace of play was excruciatingly slow and I had to leave at the turn for a family event. Sucks to only play nine holes. It was 2 hrs. and 45 minutes for the front nine and no sign of the pace speeding up. Overall, the course was in good late-summer condition. Good coverage from tee to green; nicely mowed fairways and rough. I don't think I ever had a thin lie anywhere. The sand was medium soft and plentiful in both fairway and greenside bunkers. The greens held most shots and rolled medium fast and true. No ball mark damage. It was about $68 with tax to ride. No GPS on carts. We saw the beverage cart three times in nine holes. It was okay, but with other courses nearby I might consider my options in the future; however, at this time of year options are limited due to major maintenance on many courses.
I played here yesterday morning on a voucher purchased from ($32 riding). It was fairly busy for a Friday morning; maybe it's always like that here (not really knowing since it's been many months since I last played here). The good part: the grass is nice, green, and lush where they are growing it. Outside the fairways and immediate rough, it gets sketchy. Many years ago, there were grassy knolls between the holes. Then they shaved them all down and made large waste areas. Now, if you are off the fairway, you could be in anything from thick rough, grass bunkers, clumpy grass, or just plain dirt. It looks like they conserve water further from the fairways. That being said, the fairways and first cut of rough are lush. In some areas, too lush. There were more than a couple of areas in the fairways that were overly wet and not properly roped off, resulting in damage due to carts or mowers creating deep, muddy ruts. A couple of these were due to leaky sprinklers. Mostly, though, the fairways were very nice. Good coverage, green, and great to hit from. Good sand and mulch in the cart bottles. Bunkers were nicely raked and had good amounts of quality sand. Greens were very good; few ball marks, rolling medium fast and true. Pace of play was slow at about 4.5 hours. It was a nice day with slight breezes that varied in direction and speed from a gentle wind out of the east in the morning, to a somewhat stronger wind out of the northwest around noon, then back to a gentle southwest breeze in the early afternoon. Good times for $32!
I played here last Sunday, late afternoon. I made a last minute tee time with the course for three players and was offered 3:55 p.m., $27 riding. Quite windy all afternoon into the evening, but we enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. Decent pace of play, finishing right a 7:35 after jumping past a slow group on the short par 3 15th hole. The course conditions were very good: greens were medium fast, smooth, and soft enough to accept good shots. Fairways and rough were consistently good with great lies everywhere. I found a couple of bunkers and the sand was plentiful and soft. Highly recommended over most everything else in the area.
I played here yesterday by myself after Cascata and again this morning with fellow GKer, jerry64. The course is a great muni-style course with friendly and helpful course personnel. I was offered a local rate both days, paying $30 late Wednesday afternoon and $60 this morning. Between both rounds, I played all three nines. Greens were medium slow and had quite a few ball marks and unrepaired and poorly repaired marks. Fairways and rough were lush and had few thin or bare areas. Bunkers were good with a consistent amount of coarse sand that was mostly groomed well. POP was 2:15 by myself late Wednesday and 3:15 with Jerry this morning. I would consider playing here again if I did not want to pay the freight of the other Vegas courses.
Played in the GK Review Guru event yesterday and I have to say that the high praise that this course has received on this site is well-earned. I'll say it right now: I'm not a big fan of the steep greens fee and mandatory caddie (plus his fee of $50), but it fits in with the fully pampered private club experience that the course gives you. The facilities are very good as far as the golf is concerned, and extraordinary in regards to the clubhouse, cart barn (LOL), and restaurant. Use the locker room, but just know that there is no lock on the lockers. Maybe you could ask someone to lock yours up, but I trusted all the GKer's near my locker. Plus, I didn't leave anything of value in my locker. For a mid-summer round in the heat of Vegas (Boulder City, actually), the turf was in great shape. Greens were bent grass, medium slow speed, and rolled true. Lots of turf in the fairways and rough, so no issues there. Tees were flat (we played the blues, I think) and in great shape. Our caddie, Dan, was spot on with reads and tips as to where to hit on the occasional blind shot. He really hustled around each hole to give all four of us advice on shots and helped locate errant shots. We were all over the place, so Dan really had to work. Sorry, bud. The only slight negative was the thin sand in the bunkers, but I hear that they will be rebuilt soon (as they apparently were at their sister course, Rio Secco). We had a good breakfast before the round, and although not cheap, the food was good. The practice range had about a dozen mountain goats way up top, so that was kind of cool. The course is very scenic, with lots of elevation changes, water features, and wildlife everywhere. I look forward to playing here again.
We got the opportunity to play this course yesterday afternoon. I'd like to thank the Club at Sunrise and Johnny GK for the round. Aside from a few burned out areas, the course turf was in fantastic condition. I am told that this course is 100% paspallum grass. It provided a great surface to hit from and wonderful lies, except in the case where you ended up in the deep rough or drainage channels lining the course along the right side of every fairway. The favorite saying for us was," The ditch is a (insert word that rhymes with itch). The biggest drawback on this course is that it is lined on the left by houses and on the right by a creek or wash. You really have to hit a straight drive or play a consistent fade or draw, otherwise you could end up in trouble. It's not that tight, but it could be an issue. I'm not that good, but I played OK and there were sufficient landing areas to keep most of my drives in play. The greens were in great condition. They look beautiful, however they did not roll as nice as they looked. That grass was somewhat course and grainy and it was a little bit shaggy and slow. It wasn't bad, but it definitely does not roll like a bent grass green. Good pace of play at just about 3:15. Plenty of ice and water was provided for our comfort.
I played this course this past weekend 3 times. Monday morning rate was $39. Sunday's round was part of a small tournament called #TheOven17. Monsoon weather all week, but the course drains really well. Nicest greens in the area, according to many locals. The first time I have seen bentgrass greens in the desert in summer. Greens were pock-marked with many unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks. That was unfortunate because it really detracted from the appearance, and if there was a mark in your line it might have an effect on the roll. Other than that, the rest of the course was outstanding. Great layout but some tough holes to deal with (I'm looking at you, Hole 10!). I think the devil himself designed Hole 10, because it was a beast! Overall, there was excellent grass coverage in the fairways and rough. Tees were in great shape: level and few divots to deal with. The sand was plentiful and nice to hit from, even if it was wet. Good service by the beverage cart staff. Also they have a good $6 breakfast burrito. I recommend the chorizo. I had a great experience there Saturday afternoon (I paid $21 riding), golfing by myself (dodging monsoon rain) and finishing 18 holes in just under 2 hours! This was my second under 2-hour round this year! Wonderful, scenic views of the nearby mountains and casino as well as the course itself. Many great water features, some of which will sneak up on you, so use the GPS in the cart. I recommend this course if you are in the area!
Played yesterday with DKnight and his cousin. I paid $39 to walk. POP was about 4:45, teeing off around 9:20 a.m. There was some issue with the starter when we arrived as they had placed a sign in their window saying they would be with us in 5 minutes. No worries, but we did tee off a little later than our tee time.

The greens were all splotchy, like there was some fungus or uneven growth in what is usually a very consistent mix of poa annua and bentgrass. It did look poor, but rolled okay with occasional slight bumpiness; however, DKnight will tell you his birdie putt was knocked off line by this bumpiness. :)

The greens were very receptive; firm enough to not show a lot of ball marks, but soft enough to hold most shots. Green speed was probably around 8'-9'.

Great coverage of grass from tee to green without any bare areas.

Tees (we played the whites) were level and without a lot of divots.

Fairways were smooth and ran well without a lot of soggy/wet areas.

Some of the rough was getting thick and you could get unlucky if your ball settled into it. Mostly consistent good lies throughout.

Sand was all groomed nicely, but maybe getting thin in some of the bunkers. I was in one trap with a downhill lie and I thinned/bladed my shot from there. Most likely not the bunker's fault, lol.

I am concerned about the appearance of the greens; I hope it's not some fungus.

Maybe I will call and see what they say about it.
We played Sunday afternoon as part of the GK Cup 9 Championship. It was a great venue for the event as the temps were around 75 degrees and the course was in super shape for the Oxnard City Championship. The only negative was the City Championship allowed golfers to play Hole 18 down the fairway for Hole 1. More than a couple of us thought that was very risky and it did slow down play a little at first. The greens were running 13+ and the rough was shaggier than normal. A couple of areas were quite penal if you were unlucky enough to find them (right behind Hole 13, for instance, was a deep grass bunker). We were a threesome and all walked with push carts. It was a good workout, especially the few big hills. The sand looked good throughout the course. I hit from a fairway bunker on Hole 12 and there was an adequate amount of good quality sand. Overall, I liked the way the course played and the firm, fast greens were very fun to putt on. We used the GK Coupon and saved a few greenbacks! Thanks to JohnnyGK for setting this up!
I played here for the first time last Thursday, going out as a single just before 4 p.m. It was wide open and I finished in just under 2 hours with a cart. I paid $35 (resident rate), so big thanks to the course there. The course is really nice, except for the housing tract which lines it. I was scared I might hit a house, but they are (for the most part) far enough from the landing areas, except for hole 5. I am proud to say I did not hit anyone's property. Greens were very nice; maybe a little on the medium side of speed, but it was not super slow. They rolled smooth and there were very few ball marks as the afternoon winds seem to dry the course down a little. Lots of undulation and chances to play some break here and there, especially hole 18. Good rollout on the fairways, too. The rough was inconsistent; not too penal in some areas and somewhat heavy in others (especially around the greens). I will play the course again when in the area.
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