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Played Canyon Lakes as part of an SCGA event. Wasn’t sure we were going to play because of the rain but I called the course and he said it was still on. So got in the car and just made it for the scheduled 10:00 am tee time. Went to the range and while warming up, the head pro Pat Kemball came and introduced himself. He said most of the group went out much earlier and many others didn’t bother to come out because of the possibility of rain. He said my only option was to go solo. The course was pretty open so I wouldn't have to wait much if at all. Regardless, it was very nice of Mr. Kemball to come out and say hello. Very classy.

So, out I went not knowing where to hit as this was my first time. There are quite a few blind shots out there but with me and my sky caddie, we did well. The course is in really good shape. Fairways had excellent coverage. There were some wet spots out there because of the recent rain but there was still good roll out. Tee boxes were equally as nice. The rough was thick; rye grass and a bit sticky. Bunkers were in excellent condition. Clearly someone had raked them to look nice.

Greens were excellent. Mr. Kemball mentioned they would be around a 10 or 11. He was right. They rolled great.

I really had fun out there and found the course thoroughly enjoyable. It’s not a long course. Even from blacks it’s only around 6000 yards (Mr. Kemball said it will play like 6300 yards). It is a hilly course, tricky and is really tight!!! Homes come right up to the fairway and on some holes and I felt like I was playing in their backyards. Target golf and you can keep the driver in the bag on many holes.

A lot of doglegs with blind shots make it challenging. As the previous reviewer sixpez mentions, you need to play this course a couple of times to get the lay of the land. Also, #17 par 3 is really neat. From the blacks it plays about 185 but it has to be about 150 foot drop straight down. Really cool!

I guess it is now open to the public on certain days/times. Give it a go.
Was invited out to play The Crossings at the invitation of leef2020. Got a great deal and a big thanks to Lee for the invitation. We were joined by a single who happened to be another GK’er, dubwiser (Zach). This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that I unexpectedly met up with another GK’er. Clearly, there are a lot of GK members out there. Great to hook up with dubwiser. nice guy!

This course is so challenging yet it is so much fun to play. Some of the fairways are generous but you need to keep it in play. Hilly course that winds through the hills but hitting fairways is a must. Fairways were winter hard but still in ok shape all things considered. We got lots of roll out. The rough was ragged but not terrible. I was only in one bunker and it was in great shape.

Greens were really nice. About as good as any course I have played on in some time. Medium fast but always held the line. Too bad there are scheduled for an early aeration because I love these greens right now.

Got a bite to eat and a couple of beers after the round. Really good food and service is exceptional. Despite the cool weather and long round (5 hours), I had a great day.
Played BG on 2/8 with a 12:10 tee time. Love playing here and was really looking forward to playing as I don’t play here a lot. Beautiful day however and got out pretty much on time. POP was just short of 5 hours. That was on us and not because of the crowd. Spent some time looking for balls which was is always a problem here because of some blind shots and a lot of brush off of the fairways. Got to play faster however and fortunately, no one waited on us.

Regardless, the course is very good condition right now. Fairways are nice with great lies. The rough is a bit thick but not too difficult to get out of. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they appeared to be soft and in good condition.

Greens were in great shape. Rolled very nicely. They slowed as the sun went down and got cooler but they are still very nice

I always have a good time playing here and this day was no exception. Great customer service with very nice course conditions. What’s not to like?? Looking forward to getting out there again.
Played Santa Anita with SR129 on 2/6 on a beautiful February day. This has always been one of my favorite muni’s so I wanted to see if there were any improvements since the last time I was here about 3 months ago. As a twosome we were joined by 2 singles. Nice guys and made the long day enjoyable. I say long day because it was. We teed off around 10:15 and finished after 3:00. Just about 5 hours which is crazy for a weekday. Then again, we followed the slowest 4 some known to mankind!

Regardless, I was impressed. Fairways were in good shape. Some bare spots out there but I feel that’s part of winter. I really didn’t have a bad lie. There really isn’t much rough to speak of so there was either grass or hard pan. Bunkers were in great condition as I was in a few. Sadly though, many of the bunkers were left unraked. Ugh!

The greens were bumpy but rolled much better than the last time I was here. Pretty nice actually.

Except for the long round, it was a very enjoyable day. Construction still happening in the club house and in the restaurant. Had to use the port a potty outside but fully expect SA will have a very nice look when complete. Also, the course is coming back nicely. Giving SA a thumbs up on their improvements and looking forward to coming back.
Was looking forward to playing Boundary Oaks while visiting up here in the Bay Area but noticed there wasn’t an early tee time available on line so took a chance and drove out to play as a single. Interesting coincidence but while I was on the putting green, got to meet another GK’er, BGarcelon who noticed my GK bag tag. Since I was a single, Brandon offered me to join his 7:40 group if someone from his foursome didn’t show. His 4 some was intact so I wasn’t able to join them but it was still very nice of Brandon to offer. Still was able to get out as a single thanks to the nice work of the guys in the club house. Always great customer service here.

BO is in pretty good condition. The fairways had great coverage. The rough was thick and green. Bunkers are in great shape. Soft, fluffy sand that could easily become a fired egg because they real soft.

Greens were disappointing however as they just put a thin layer of sand on them. Didn’t affect the roll much but was a bit messy. Needed the towel to clean off the sand on everything after each hole. I asked a maintenance guy why the sand and he said it was a top dressing needed as they just verticut the greens. The sand is used to fill in all of the holes. Learned something new today about greens.

Always enjoy playing Boundary. A challenging course, particularly from the blues and is a must play if you’re in the area.
Came up to visit the in laws in No. Cal and was able to squeeze in a couple of rounds. On a very cool morning, hooked up with a very good friend and as a twosome and played Deer Ridge on Tuesday 1/30. Had a 7:38 tee time using Golf Now $24. Second off for the day following a 5 some who got off much earlier. Caught the 5 some on the back nine but the wait wasn’t too bad. They offered to let us play through which was nice but we were just fine. Pace of play, about 3.5 hours. Can’t remember playing here before and as I drove up, the course looked really nice. Check in was simple enough. Paid and went right to the tee.

Overall, the course is in real nice shape. Over seeding has taken hold and the fairways had great coverage. The only exception was hole #10 which is not good shape at all. My friend says it’s been that way for a long time, something having to do with drainage and the environmentally sensitive areas. Some of the tee boxes are a bit ragged but the rough was thick, lush and wasn’t difficult to get out of. Bunkers were wet and hard. Disappointing actually as they looked great from a distance.

Greens rolled very nicely. Some were a bit hard but they still held a good shot. A lot of undulations, were tricky and challenging. I found some very hard to read.

DR is not a long course. We played from the blues at about 5800, par 71. The front nine fairways are fairly wide winding through some nice homes. Back nine a bit tighter.

We enjoyed playing here and would recommend.
Almost forgot to review this course. Stopped off to play G.O. on 1/23 while on the way driving to meet up with GK Guru’s at Indian Wells. Had checked and noticed it had been over 10 years since I last played here. This course was part of our rotation at one time but times have changed. Walked up at noon and got right out as a single, $20 walking rate and finished in about 2.5 hours.

The course is very average. I remember this course with very lush fairways, thick rough and fantastic greens. Fairways were in ok condition knowing this is winter time. A lot of bare spots out there but overall good. The rough is pretty beat up with dormant grass, dirt and hard pan. Bunkers were in very nice condition, good, fluffy sand. The greens were in great shape. Rolled true and a bit fast actually.

I forgot how long it played from the blues – over 6800. Then again, I am older as well. I have never played well here and for some reason it has always kicked my rear. Some narrow fairways with small greens make it challenging. Nice layout though and is a fun course to play and for the price, its worth coming out here. Hoping one day we see the General of previous years!
Second round of the day with the GK Guru’s at Indian Wells and now on the Player’s Course. Didn’t have the eye appeal like the Celebrity course did when standing on the 1st tee as the rough was dormant brown. More folks playing on this course and pace of play slowed down a bit on the back. Still under 4.5 hours and finished just before dark.

Fairways still in great shape. Same with the tee boxes. Greens were not real fast but rolled very true and held good shots. A couple of greens were near water and you had to clear out a putting path through the duck poop but overall fantastic. The one bunker I was in was hard pan under a thin soft layer on top. Learned that the hard way as I skulled a bunker shot across the green.

Regardless, this is a wonderful golf course and IMO, more challenging than the Celebrity. Great layout with some blind shots, dog legs and water coming into play on a couple of holes . Also some great desert views worth taking pictures of. Great customer service – we were individually thanked for playing by I believe Michael Tebbett (forgot his name as he introduced himself) on hole #3. Very classy! Also, a big thank you to Johnny GK for setting up this great day.
A must play if you’re in the Palm Springs area.
Played The Celebrity course as part of a GK Guru outing with The Boss, Johnny, Sixpez and kg1791. 7:30 tee time was pushed back a bit because of frost so we got off about 15-20 minutes late. First group off however, on pretty cold morning but it eventually turned out to be a beautiful day.

I share the words of previous reviewer mpisarski01 who wrote “HOLY SMOKES, what a nice course.” Let’s be clear, I don’t play courses like this every day and to be able to play a course like this is awesome. You go to the first tee and all you see is a sea of perfect, green fairway surrounded by beautiful flowers, stunning, huge palm trees and beautiful plants. From that point going forward, it was the same scene on pretty much every hole!

Fairways were in perfect shape. I felt guilty taking a divot! Rough was lush and just right. I was only in one bunker and it was a bit hard underneath the inch of soft sand (the course’s only blemish IMO). Tee boxes were very nice. Greens were in great shape. Not fast but rolled very true and held good shots.

I had a great time out here. Beautiful facility, great staff both in the clubhouse and in the restaurant. Make it a point to get our here and play if you’re in the area. You will thoroughly enjoy the day.
On a beautiful winter day, played The Ridge on Saturday 1/20 with some old college friends. Having two tee times starting at 11:00, we got off pretty much on time. It had rained a couple of days before we played so it was cart path only. Ugh! That was a shame because one guy in our group has bad knees which made it tough for him. It was tough on all of us particularly since we have not played here before. Should have asked for an exception but we didn’t. Regardless, played with a $59 for 2 Golf Moose voucher. Good price for a weekend. No GPS on the carts but no big deal as we all had our own.

This course is in excellent condition. The over seeding has taken hold leaving the fairways lush and green. No bad lies out there. The rough was thick and lush as well and was not hard to get out of. Bunkers were in great shape. Some were a bit damp but still had a soft under lay. Greens were fantastic but tricky. Hard to read and pretty fast, particularly downhill. Breaks were difficult to read and there are false fronts on some of the greens. Pace of play was almost 5 hours but largely attributed to cart path only.

The course sits in the Auburn hills and is very scenic. Beautiful trees, hills and large boulders line the fairways. It is challenging however with some holes having carry over a ravine, stream or rocks. Also there are some elevation changes on your drive off the tee or on your approach to the green. Not a lot of water but it does come into play on #9, a long and difficult par 5 and #10. I loved The Ridge and is on my get back to play soon list!
Got together with some No Cal friends on a Friday morning 10:30 and 10:37 tee times. When we arrived at the course, the sun was out and thought it was going to be beautiful but the fog rolled in and made it pretty cold. Used a $49 for 2 Golf Moose voucher. Check in was easy enough and we loaded the carts and off we went. Having never played here, the starter drove us to the tee and gave us a brief overview. This really helped so nice job. 90 degree rules which was great

Fairways were generous and surprisingly in pretty good shape despite the winter weather. Wide fairways with good lies helped with some of my friends who don’t play a lot. Was only one bunker and it was fine and I heard of no complaints from the others. The rough was lush green but not difficult to get out of. Greens were pretty nice. Not real fast but rolled nicely.

I really enjoyed playing here. The fairways wind through Sun City homes, through some marsh areas and there are a couple of neat holes. Even though the fairways are generous, there are some bunkers strategically placed in the middle so some thought off of the tee is needed. I wouldn’t call this course easy as my friend did but it is a fun layout. The only drawback on this day was the cold weather but want to come back and play again. Really nice folks in the restaurant and the food was good as well as we stopped in after to have a bite.
Just got back from a long weekend of golf and good college friends in the Sacramento/Auburn area. Cool weather temperature in the 50's but no rain which was great so no umbrellas needed.

First start was Whitney Oaks. Played on a $49 for 2 Golf Moose deal. Very nice club house and check in was great. Walter, the local pro was great. Sent us to the tee on time and off we went. Cart path only which was a drag particularly since we have never played here before and some of my friends aren’t great golfers.

The course was in winter condition which was expected; thin, dormant brown. Bunkers were wet and hard but the greens were real nice. A little hard but they rolled true but some had crazy undulations. I struggled with the layout. It is a challenging course for sure with a lot of target golf, particularly on the back. Some holes I had no clue where to hit it. Didn’t like that. Plus driver is not always necessary which would have helped to know (I hit a few drives through the fairway where a 5 or 4 iron would do just fine.

It is a pretty course as it winds through an upscale neighborhood, with beautiful trees and huge boulders that line many of the fairway but it’s a course that’s not for everyone.
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