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Have been on the disabled list for a couple of weeks and was biting at the bit to get out. Went out with my neighborhood group to play Green River (at my recommendation as I heard it was playing pretty good). Well, not exactly. A thoroughly enjoyable day despite 20-25 mph winds. Was a bit leery to play here particularly after reading Mr. Weber’s previous review but off we went with a 7:22 time playing as a five some.

Pace of play was great, finished in about 3.5 hours despite being pushed by a two-some and the men’s club. The course however is clearly struggling. Not a lot to add from Weber’s review. Some of the fairways are ok but still many bare spots. Thought that since most of the front 9 was closed for several months, there would be some improvements. Didn’t see it. Yeah, it is still winter conditions and a lot of dormant kikuyu, but not the improvements I had hoped for. Rough was very inconsistent. Bunkers were pretty bad. Concrete hard and no way you can hit out of them. Greens were very good however (except #1).

Sad indeed as this used to be our every Saturday go to course for years and always enjoyed it until things started to go downhill. I still love the lay out however. Holes 3 through 12 meander through some Corona hills in a very nice setting. I am hoping this course will come back to the way we all saw it before! I’ll still play here because the layout is challenging but just not as often.
Decided to head out to play YLCC on 1/27 as part of their member for a day outing. Fun outing. Complete access to the club facilities and even got a box lunch. They also provided us with a light snack in the bar after our round. Very nice. On a beautiful day, had a 10:00 am shotgun start.

Have only played YLCC once and don’t get the chance to play a lot of private clubs so this was a treat. The course is in very nice condition. Fairways were in pretty good shape. There are some thin areas but not many so the most part, we had pretty good lies. Tee boxes were also in very nice condition. Unfortunately I found quite a few bunkers so I can attest they are very nice condition.

The greens were not real fast but rolling true. You still had to be cautious about downhill putts as they could roll to the bottom of the green if not judged correctly. They were very hard however. Not holding unless you hit it perfectly so we soon learned the best play was to hit it short of the pin and let it roll out. Front pins were nearly impossible to get it close.

We had a great day at YLCC. Many trees line the fairways which give it a park like setting and are difficult if you miss them. You could get stuck behind a huge tree and worse, sitting in roots. Some elevation changes particularly on the back. If you ever get an invite to play here, I would recommend taking advantage of it.
Met some new guys and was invited to join their group today at Eldo. On a very cool morning, had a 7:44 time and got off right on time. Was surprised to see so few folks out there this early. Got there early and while hitting balls on the range, the tee box was open for about 30 minutes. We went off as a fivesome but still finished under 4 hours.

It had been a while since I had played here and was looking forward to playing. The fairways are in fairly good shape considering winter, rain, etc. Overall good coverage. A lot of thin spots but still playable. Fairways seemed to get thinner as you got closer to the green on some holes. Bunkers were a bit damp but playable. Some bunkers are pretty deep. The rough was cut down so not a factor.

Greens were great. Receptive and rolling pretty fast. Particularly down hill putts.

This is a fun course to play. Park like setting and flat course with some doglegs but has numerous trees (and tree roots). Not overly challenging but but some holes have some length. Quite a few fairway bunkers which are strategically placed and definitely come into play. I don’t get out much this way or would definitely be playing here more often. Had a very nice lunch after in their restaurant. Recommend!!
Was invited out to play Tustin Ranch this week with my neighbor to join his regular group. Had a 7:50 tee time so it was still pretty cold but turned out to be a beautiful day. Not very crowded at this hour so we got out right to the tee a bit early and finished in just under 4 hours. I have only played TR once before and forgot about how tough the greens are. There a lot of geese and coots out there so you need to avoid their droppings on the greens.

This is a great, challenging layout. The fairways are generous so there is room to miss. A lot of fairway bunkers however. We are in winter mode here but I expected that. Fairways were winter thin but still enough grass underneath for the most part to get a good lie. The roll out was incredible. A good drive would roll out seemingly forever. On a short par 4, I hit a 4 iron about 220. Never done that before. Beast!! Lol As you got closer to the green however, it got thinner. Almost hard pan on some. The rough was thin so not a factor. Tee boxes were a bit hard in good shape overall. Bunkers are all filled with soft sand. Very nice.

The greens were rolling very nicely but they some have a lot undulations. Pin placement knowledge is important. Had 3 - three putt greens.

A thoroughly enjoyable day. This is very nice golf course but I remember playing here in the summer when it was in much better condition. The price tag is steep here and it’s not one that I would rush out to play again until the spring/summer.
Played out with my regular Saturday group at LS South. Haven’t been able to play with my group for a while but it was good to get out. Had 7:30 time and we usually walk which as a player’s card member, paid $54. Pretty cold morning but walking helps to warm up quicker and it eventually turned out to be a nice day.

Course surprisingly is in pretty good shape. I say surprisingly because I fully expected more dormant areas. Fairways were in pretty good shape and the lies were great . Some thin areas but not many. The rough was thick but very playable. Further off the fairway and you got hard pan. Not good. I was in a couple of bunkers and the sand was excellent.

The greens were smooth, rolling very nicely and holding. Even long irons or hybrids would easily hold.

Both courses here at Los Serranos get a lot of play its nice to see it remain in good condition as we approach the winter months. Thumbs up! Looking forward to playing the North course soon.
Invited to play Glen Ivy on 11/16 with my son-in-law and his friends. He got a golf moose deal – 2 for $80 teeing off at 11:00. A lot of golfers out there at this time including a tournament which was just about done getting out as we arrived. On a beautiful, warm day, we finished in just over 4.5 hours. Never really waited on any hole until we got to #16, 17, 18. But those are pretty slow holes for some reason.

Can’t really add much more that what the previous reviewer writes. Fairways are getting dormant and the roll out is incredible. Always nice to get a few extra yards. As stated, not hard pan yet but definitely firm lies. Tee boxes are just fine. A little chewed up but the over seeding is taking place. I was in a few bunkers but didn’t find any problems with them. I found them in good shape. The rough, not thick and very playable.

Greens are in good shape and rolling very nicely. Didn’t encounter any bumpy rolls and they rolled true, especially on the back 9.

I enjoy playing here. Not a real fan of crazy high elevations like on holes 15, and 18 (except for nice pictures with the camera) but the rest of the course has some neat holes. A lot of improvements have been made since I was last here. Nice driving range for one. Definitely recommend.
Was invited out to play Oak Valley with an old friend on the morning of 11/15 and had a 7:04 tee time. Paid $45 senior rate. A cool morning and not too many golfers out there so we finished in a little over 3 hours but was really looking forward to playing here. The layout here is so much fun. Real nice guy serving as starter at the #1 tee box who warned us that the bobcats are out there but they don’t bother anyone. He was right. Found a couple hovering on the tee boxes and wasn’t about to get too close.

Winter wear is starting to show. Bermuda is turning brown on the fairways and getting thin. Fairways will continue to play thin I am sure as winter evolves but you have to expect that. The rough was lush and thick but not penal. Bunkers were in great shape. A bit damp but no problems getting out of them.

Greens are rolling well. Many undulations on the greens which make them tricky to read and putt.

Love this course. Very challenging but fair. Some water out there on the back 9 but generous fairways. The challenge comes on the shots to the green. Definitely a shot makers course. Just wish I lived closer as I would be playing here more often.
Met an old friend out at Mile Square Classic for a 7:52 tee time, today 10/21. Cool morning but it warmed up nicely and really was a beautiful day. Not very crowded that early and followed a slow 4 some (that had no business teeing off from the blues) but it was fine as I got a chance to catch up with my friend. Sill finished in just under 4 hours.

Check in was easy enough but paid $54($54 seemed a bit steep for this course. $39 to walk and always do but we decided to ride). Wanted to inquire more about the announced closing of one the courses but the guys in the clubhouse were busy to talk with so no news to report there.

The course is in good condition. For the most part, good coverage in the fairways. Some bare spots where they were aerated but not many. Rough was that kikuyu stuff and wasn’t too thick. Bunkers were in nice shape. Good firm sand but c’mon Mile Square players, rake your bunkers after use. Hint: That’s why they leave a couple of rakes by each bunker. Many deep foot prints in all the ones I was in.

Greens were in pretty good shape after being aerated with little holes a couple of weeks ago. They just were not very fast. Not at all as fast as they looked. They should be rolling better in about a week or 2.

I always enjoy playing here even though I usually face freeway traffic to get out there for a morning round. Not the most challenging course but the layout is fun.
Played 3 rounds at Boulder Creek as I played in a tournament the weekend of 10/11. Practice round was played first and they gave us the resident rate which is always appreciated. Very nice folks in the club house. Zach, one of the nice guys there and added to what was to be a lot of fun this weekend. I play in this tournament every year mid-October and so look forward to it. Weather was perfect – high 70’s and no wind. Very dry tough – about 3% humidity making the skin (particularly the hands) dry and chapped.

The course is in great shape however. All of the over seeding has been done and the fairways are great. The Bermuda rough is going dormant and hitting from there means you get a tight lie. Bunkers are filled with heavy sand and are in good shape. No problems getting out of either fairway or green side bunkers.

Greens are still recovering from over seeding and rolled a little bumpy but still held the line. In a couple of weeks, they should be rolling pretty fast. Greens were hard though and weren’t always holding. Had to hit very clean to get it to hold but once you figure that out, you need to make the adjustment.

Love playing here. A great, desert style golf course with some great views. Generous fairways but some shots you need to think through. Highly recommend. If in the area, make it a point to stop and play.
Was out playing #2 on 9/29 as part of a tournament. On a rather cool morning, off at 7:30 shotgun start and unfortunately, about a 5 hour round. Not sure why so long but what are you gonna do?

Fairways were pretty good considering there was some thin spots out there. Fairways were wet and damp which meant no roll out and the course played much longer than the 6025 listed on the card from the blue tees. Was hitting it pretty well off of the tee and still had long irons into the green. The rough was that dang, thick kikuyu. Ugh! Really thick. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked wet.

The greens rolled pretty nicely even though they were aerated about a month ago. A couple of holes like 11, 12 haven’t recovered fully from aeration but the others have. So not bad all things considered.

If ever playing Brookside on a weekend, you’ll see a lot of activity around the course. Joggers, walkers, bicycles and of course once month, the swap meet at the Rose Bowl. Fun actually to see all this activity so it is a fun course to play. They lowered their rates which is something you never see so give it a go.
Played OQ on 9/25 with fellow GK’er cthuyen and a couple other close friends getting an online rate of $45. Wasn’t going to review this course as it was recently reviewed just a couple of days ago but it has been about 5 years since I last played here and I just had to comment on such nice conditions. On a warm but very pleasant day of we went with a 10:00 tee time finishing in just about 4 hours.

Fairways were excellent and with that good Bermuda grass, got lots of roll out. Didn’t find any brown areas out there. The rough was not super thick and very playable. Bunkers were a mix – green side bunkers were in good shape however, the fairway bunkers were pretty damp and hard.

Greens were rolling really nicely. Not fast but true. In great condition also as there were very few un-repaired ball marks.

I had forgotten how nice this course was. The layout is fantastic. Not tricky but there are some elevation changes so you do have to think through most of your shots. Love the challenge. Had a great time and looking forward to getting out here again.
On the way back to the SAC airport, we usually stop to play Teal as we enjoy the layout here. Played 8/18, had a 10:50 time with two other friends. Couldn’t find any online deals so $68 was our fee which is a bit steep for this course but we definitely wanted to play. Very nice guys in the club house and they got us out a few minutes early following a ladies 4 some.

I think this course is in really good condition right now. Bermuda fairways were good. Some brown/dead spots but not many. For the most part green with lots of roll out. Bunkers were in good shape with soft sand and could have easily plugged. The tee boxes were a bit shaggy but no big deal. The rough was also shaggy in a lot of areas.

Greens were in good shape and rolling nice and smooth however there were many un-repaired ball marks. I repaired at least 2-3 fresh divots in addition to my own on just about every green. Clearly still an ongoing problem as they have a basket of divot tools on the #10 green encouraging golfers to take and use them.

Pace of play was a bit slower than usual, about 4:30. The ladies in front us kept up but the group ahead of them did not. I thoroughly enjoy playing here. Nice layout completely enclosed and bordered by large trees through the greens. Pretty scenic really. Right next to the SAC airport, we usually hear the jets but not on this day. Peaceful on this day. They’re scheduled to aerate the greens at the end of this month but definitely recommend and worth a stop.
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