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Was invited out to play Arrowood by leef2020 on July 5. He found a $40 spot on their website with a 1:27 tee time. Got their early and got a small bucket to warm up and paid $6 bucks which seemed like a lot for a small bucket. The range mats were pretty beat up. Very old and hard and actually hurt my wrist on them. Was paired up with a couple of nice guys from Tucson and off we went about 10 minutes late.

First time for us and was a little tentative not knowing where to hit it. Nice course over all however. Fairways are bermuda and have great roll out. The bermuda has not grown in completely on many holes and found many dry and hard areas. Quite a few tight lies. Bunkers were hit and miss. One I was in had soft, white sand while the others I was in were wet and ugly. Rock hard! Rough was not very thick and in nice condition.

The greens were really nice and held most shots, but not all. If you were in the rough and hit to an uphill green, it was difficult to hold. In contrast, hitting downhill to a green was better.

I really enjoyed the course layout. A good mixture of long, short holes with some doglegs. All of the par 5's were pretty long and challenging. Much nicer holes on the back 9 IMO and 3 tough finishing holes. Hole 16 was really nice but very challenging. Long downhill par 4 with a green protected by water. Windy conditions make this course even more challenging.

Had a good time out here and want to give this course another try. Highly recommend!

It’s a trek for me, about 1 hour and 15 minutes but you can make it a full day by playing 36 holes; Arrowood and Marine Memorial which is very close.
Our regular group went out to play Shandin today and was looking forward to it even though the latest reviews and my last experience here were not very good. Had a 9:20 tee time. The club house attendant was a real nice guy and suggested I buy the $31 special which includes golf, range balls, breakfast and lunch. Being that we were on the tee in 10 minutes, I passed on the deal and just got the walking rate of $20. Good thing I passed as there was not any breakfast available. :-(

The last time I was here, the place was not in very good shape. A better story today however and I was impressed with the progress. Fairways were in good shape overall and not with kikuyu. Understand they were not perfect but ok. Still a lot of brown areas and dried out spots but it has definitely improved. The rough was pretty much dried out. Most of the bunkers were very damp and rock hard. Disappointing actually. The tee boxes were in good shape also.

The greens, although green and lush and rolled well, they were a bit slow and a bit grainy. I just think they needed a good mow because all of the greens were in good condition.

I have always enjoyed playing Shandin. Like an old friend, I am always wanting to get out here and visit but was always discouraged by the poor course conditions. Still rough around the edges, I can say it is definitely trying to make a comeback. Summer heat and water restrictions will always hurt this course just like many other courses but but I was impressed with the progress thus far. I am definitely coming back.
Played the Ike today with fellow GK’er cthuyen and had a great day. Had a 9:40 tee time and was paired up with two older women who were Industry Hills members and played pretty well. They kept it in play and kept up with us. We finished in about 4.5 which was ok considering we waited on a number of holes. We had one hiccup which was disappointing. When we made the turn, the marshal came up to us and said the group behind us was complaining about our slow play and told us to pick it up. I told him we were keeping up with the group ahead and he agreed but it kind of pissed me off because we were keeping up. We pretty much ignored it but never had I had a group complain about my group's slow play.

The fairways were in very nice condition but were some were pretty wet. Some fairways had cart path only which was really inconvenient. The tee boxes were a bit beat up but many were aerated so repair is underway. I was in a couple of bunkers and they were in good shape.

The greens were the best today. Smooth, were soft and rolled very true.

I always find The Ike challenging regardless of the tees you play and you need to hit it well and today was no different. A great day out there and a big thanks to Cuong for bringing out the Woodford Reserve! Really loosened up the muscles and joints!! :-)
Was invited out by leef2020 to play The Crossings on 6/28. He got a great price for a guest and I had a great time as I always do. Thanks Lee!

I am beginning to like this course more and more. For one, the weather is always nice. Never warm or hot and sometimes windy but always comfortable. The views are great from just about everywhere. The guys in the clubhouse are great as are the servers in the restaurant/bar. Always enjoy playing here. We got out around 1:40 paired with male/female twosome who were a bit slow. We fell a little behind but still finished in just under 4.5 hours.

I love these Bermuda fairways. They are in great shape and with a good drive, you will get lots of roll out which is nice to see. Bunkers were in great condition. The one I was in had white, fluffy sand. On some of the fairways, the rough was thick and you don’t want to be in there. Tough to get a club on it in the rough.

The greens were in really nice condition. Medium fast and rolled true. Some are tricky to read.

This course is so challenging yet it is fun to play. Hilly course that winds through the hills with some generous fairways but you need to keep it in play. Missing fairways is no fun here.
Decided to give GR a try and played it 6/27. This course used to be our home course as we had a standing morning tee time every Saturday for years. We didn’t renew our tee time this year, largely because things started to go downhill here.

Got to the course around 11:00 and got right out, walking for $21.00. Was stuck behind a rather slow 4 some but was able to jump ahead of them on #3 and from that point had clear sailing.

Although not a lot of new improvements, the course is starting to come back. All of the issues they had with the greens seem to have been resolved particularly #’s 6 and 9. You can see the patchwork done on these greens but they rolled great. The rest of the greens are in good shape as well.

Fairways are in good shape but with heavy kikuyu. Holes 10 an 11 which got hammered by floods some time ago have recovered well. Some thin spots but generally ok. Bunkers are in good shape as well. A little damp but no issues there.

Nothing spectacular here but GR is making a comeback. I have always liked this course because I feel it’s a fun layout. It is also challenging and the wind can make it even more so. Construction still continues as they are widening the river bed next to the course but give it a go. I think you will enjoy it.
My regular group decided to play Diamond Bar on 6/20 and had a 9:00 am time. When we checked in, the starter sent us to the tee box early as the tee box was open. With a couple of minutes, there were 3 groups waiting behind on the tee waiting. We followed a 4 some who left us in the dust. Man, they played fast! The group behind us fell way back so we pretty much had the course on our own. All us walking, we finished in just under 4 hours. I’ll take it.

The last time I was out here, I found the course so, so. I was pleasantly surprised to find the course in much better condition. Fairways were really nice for a change. Some were dry but still overall in nice condition. Especially #12 which was always a bad fairway. The tee boxes were nice as were the bunkers. Sand was a little crusty but ok.

The greens were really impressive. Smooth, rolling faster than I have ever seen them and not many ball marks.

We had a very enjoyable day despite the heat and the constant roar from the Pomona freeway traffic! It’s a muni so you get what you get. It's usually very crowded and not always in good condition but today was different. They have made a number of improvements to the driving so perhaps other improvements are on the way?
Had to take care of some personal business out in San Bernadino and was looking for a place to play after. Decided on OV as it has been a long time. I actually played here not long after it opened in the early 90’s if I remember correctly. That’s how long it’s been and couldn’t remember many holes but do remember there were not any homes out there at that time. In fact nothing was out there. What a change.

Starter sent me out solo and followed a slow 3 some which was fine. I wasn’t in any hurry but was able to bypass the groups ahead on the back 9 and finished in a little over 3 hours. But what a nice golf course!

The layout is not real difficult but is a lot of fun. Fairways are generous and are in great condition. I didn’t have a bad lie. Some dry areas out there but not many . The rough was in great shape and very playable. Bunkers were hard and damp.

The greens are in great shape. Pretty soft, were holding and were rolling true. Some undulations making putts difficult to read.

I was very impressed with this course and cannot say enough good things about it. In addition, they have a real nice driving range and practice area. I just wish I lived closer to this course as I would make it a regular place to play. Definitely recommend!!
Played with Gary00 and Leef2020 in a GK Guru outing on a warm but thoroughly enjoyable day. This was the 2nd time I have played here and enjoyed as much as I did the first time. A fun course to play with elevation changes, nice fairways and really nice greens and we scooted through in just over 3 ½ hours.

Fairways are Bermuda so we got some roll out. Some dry areas out there with some tight lies but overall they were in great condition. Bunkers were firm but found it easy to get out of. Not much heavy rough so missing a fairway didn’t hurt you.

Greens were in great shape. Soft, holding good shots and rolling true. I called them sneaky fast in that it was hard to believe they would roll out as much as they did.

I really enjoy playing here and am looking forward to playing here again. Definitely recommend!! And a huge thank you to Johnny for getting this one for us!! Gracias!!
Had an appointment today with my periodontist out in La Habra who is very near Westridge so I decided to give it a go. Got there around 9:15, $35 riding the blues and the starter got me right out. He said I could join a twosome that he just sent out or I can go it alone. Wanted to join this twosome but they clearly had no interest in me joining them. Fine. So I put on the headphones and went solo.

Pace of play was moving but hit a snag on the back 9. There was a fivesome up ahead that was moving pretty slow (didn’t know they allowed 5??) and passed them up on 12. Finished in 4 hours for a single which is pretty slow.

Last time here was about 8 months ago and the conditions then were great. Different story today. What in the world has happened to this golf course? Very dry, weeds growing in the fairways and in the areas near the greens, many bare spots. Even the kikuyu grass was starting to die out. The tee boxes were better and some were going under repair. The rough was nice and playable where it wasn’t dry. Was in a couple bunkers and they were a bit damp but fine.

The greens were the best thing about this course. Not real fast but rolling true. As the previous reviewer wrote, it would be nice if folks would repair their ball marks. I fixed many ball marks on each green.

Overall and with the exception of the greens, I was disappointed with the conditions. This course needs some work.
Made it up to Bailey Creek for our annual Chico State Alumni tournament. Was so looking forward to it and was not disappointed. Played two days 5/29 & 5/30 with beautiful weather and playing with some very good friends.

Not much to add from my previous reviews because it is in great condition every year. The course just opened from winter on April 19 and the fairways were in excellent shape. Tee boxes also in great shape. Bunkers in great shape. The rough was thick however. Very thick. On two holes you could not see your shoes if you were standing in the rough. That’s not good in my opinion but they are going to address it.

The greens were rolling nicely and about a “10” but were very hard. Held a good shot but it had to be a very good shot. Had to adjust. A couple of the greens were still in recovery from the winter but that should clear up soon.

Cannot say enough good things about this course. Spent two days of golf and I didn’t want it to end. Not a real difficult course but it is a beautiful setting and is never crowded. The guys in the clubhouse were all great as were the folks in the restaurant. Highly recommend!! If you are ever up in this area, you must make it a place to play.
Since given the go to rate private courses, thought I would add Canyon Oaks to the list. You need to be invited to play here by a member as I have been told but I have played here every year for the last several years as a college buddy of mine is a member. On a very warm day, we had an 8:45 tee time.

I have never played here where the course conditions weren’t excellent and today was no exception. Fairways were in great shape overall. Some were a bit dry but not many. Tee boxes were well kept. Wasn’t in any bunkers but my friends who were tell me they were damp and firm. The greens were very nice even though they were aerated about 3 weeks ago. I have played here however when they were very fast.

This course is a challenge. They tell me it’s one of the toughest in No. Calif. I believe it. From the blues, it’s just under 6400 yards but it seems to play much longer rated at 70.5/139. It's hidden in the canyons with many trees and elevation changes and many beautiful homes lining some of the fairways. My only complaint is the golf carts. They’re old and a bit beat up. Very friendly guys in the pro shop. Met the current pro who is very outgoing and is very accommodating.

I know I’ll be back again later in the year as a group of us get together a couple of times a year but if you ever get a chance to play here, do it!!
Up in No. Calif. to play in a tournament but stopped to play a couple of courses on the way. First stop is the Links at Rolling Hills. I see I was the last one to review this course almost 2 years ago? Had a 11:00 tee time with an old friend and was joined by a very nice guy from Seattle. Pace of play was about 4.5 hours but seemed much slower. We waited on many holes and come to find out, three groups ahead of us was a family playing pretty slow but they also had their dogs out there. Really??

The last time I played here, we were told it can get very windy but at that time it was not windy and just very warm. This day however it was a very different story. Very comfortable weather but at least 20-25 mph winds. Really made a difference. Despite it all, this course is in very nice condition. I saw a previous review from sixpez who described it as a beast. Well described! It is!!

Fairways are in nice condition. Lots of roll out. Tee boxes in good condition as well. Bunkers were hard, mainly damp. The rough was thick but playable . The greens were in great shape. Hard but still holding good shots. Tricky though with many breaks/undulations.

This is a links course. No trees and totally exposed to the elements. Fairways are generous but missing a fairway, could mean you end up in native areas which is thick so bring some extra balls. Not a lot of flat lies out there because of the hilly terrain but I think it is a fun course. I enjoyed playing here and want to give it a go again next time up. Nice folks in the clubhouse and there is a casino next door with a nice lodge. Definitely recommend.
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