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Met an old friend out at Mile Square Classic for a 7:52 tee time, today 10/21. Cool morning but it warmed up nicely and really was a beautiful day. Not very crowded that early and followed a slow 4 some (that had no business teeing off from the blues) but it was fine as I got a chance to catch up with my friend. Sill finished in just under 4 hours.

Check in was easy enough but paid $54($54 seemed a bit steep for this course. $39 to walk and always do but we decided to ride). Wanted to inquire more about the announced closing of one the courses but the guys in the clubhouse were busy to talk with so no news to report there.

The course is in good condition. For the most part, good coverage in the fairways. Some bare spots where they were aerated but not many. Rough was that kikuyu stuff and wasn’t too thick. Bunkers were in nice shape. Good firm sand but c’mon Mile Square players, rake your bunkers after use. Hint: That’s why they leave a couple of rakes by each bunker. Many deep foot prints in all the ones I was in.

Greens were in pretty good shape after being aerated with little holes a couple of weeks ago. They just were not very fast. Not at all as fast as they looked. They should be rolling better in about a week or 2.

I always enjoy playing here even though I usually face freeway traffic to get out there for a morning round. Not the most challenging course but the layout is fun.
Played 3 rounds at Boulder Creek as I played in a tournament the weekend of 10/11. Practice round was played first and they gave us the resident rate which is always appreciated. Very nice folks in the club house. Zach, one of the nice guys there and added to what was to be a lot of fun this weekend. I play in this tournament every year mid-October and so look forward to it. Weather was perfect – high 70’s and no wind. Very dry tough – about 3% humidity making the skin (particularly the hands) dry and chapped.

The course is in great shape however. All of the over seeding has been done and the fairways are great. The Bermuda rough is going dormant and hitting from there means you get a tight lie. Bunkers are filled with heavy sand and are in good shape. No problems getting out of either fairway or green side bunkers.

Greens are still recovering from over seeding and rolled a little bumpy but still held the line. In a couple of weeks, they should be rolling pretty fast. Greens were hard though and weren’t always holding. Had to hit very clean to get it to hold but once you figure that out, you need to make the adjustment.

Love playing here. A great, desert style golf course with some great views. Generous fairways but some shots you need to think through. Highly recommend. If in the area, make it a point to stop and play.
Was out playing #2 on 9/29 as part of a tournament. On a rather cool morning, off at 7:30 shotgun start and unfortunately, about a 5 hour round. Not sure why so long but what are you gonna do?

Fairways were pretty good considering there was some thin spots out there. Fairways were wet and damp which meant no roll out and the course played much longer than the 6025 listed on the card from the blue tees. Was hitting it pretty well off of the tee and still had long irons into the green. The rough was that dang, thick kikuyu. Ugh! Really thick. Wasn’t in any bunkers but they looked wet.

The greens rolled pretty nicely even though they were aerated about a month ago. A couple of holes like 11, 12 haven’t recovered fully from aeration but the others have. So not bad all things considered.

If ever playing Brookside on a weekend, you’ll see a lot of activity around the course. Joggers, walkers, bicycles and of course once month, the swap meet at the Rose Bowl. Fun actually to see all this activity so it is a fun course to play. They lowered their rates which is something you never see so give it a go.
Played OQ on 9/25 with fellow GK’er cthuyen and a couple other close friends getting an online rate of $45. Wasn’t going to review this course as it was recently reviewed just a couple of days ago but it has been about 5 years since I last played here and I just had to comment on such nice conditions. On a warm but very pleasant day of we went with a 10:00 tee time finishing in just about 4 hours.

Fairways were excellent and with that good Bermuda grass, got lots of roll out. Didn’t find any brown areas out there. The rough was not super thick and very playable. Bunkers were a mix – green side bunkers were in good shape however, the fairway bunkers were pretty damp and hard.

Greens were rolling really nicely. Not fast but true. In great condition also as there were very few un-repaired ball marks.

I had forgotten how nice this course was. The layout is fantastic. Not tricky but there are some elevation changes so you do have to think through most of your shots. Love the challenge. Had a great time and looking forward to getting out here again.
On the way back to the SAC airport, we usually stop to play Teal as we enjoy the layout here. Played 8/18, had a 10:50 time with two other friends. Couldn’t find any online deals so $68 was our fee which is a bit steep for this course but we definitely wanted to play. Very nice guys in the club house and they got us out a few minutes early following a ladies 4 some.

I think this course is in really good condition right now. Bermuda fairways were good. Some brown/dead spots but not many. For the most part green with lots of roll out. Bunkers were in good shape with soft sand and could have easily plugged. The tee boxes were a bit shaggy but no big deal. The rough was also shaggy in a lot of areas.

Greens were in good shape and rolling nice and smooth however there were many un-repaired ball marks. I repaired at least 2-3 fresh divots in addition to my own on just about every green. Clearly still an ongoing problem as they have a basket of divot tools on the #10 green encouraging golfers to take and use them.

Pace of play was a bit slower than usual, about 4:30. The ladies in front us kept up but the group ahead of them did not. I thoroughly enjoy playing here. Nice layout completely enclosed and bordered by large trees through the greens. Pretty scenic really. Right next to the SAC airport, we usually hear the jets but not on this day. Peaceful on this day. They’re scheduled to aerate the greens at the end of this month but definitely recommend and worth a stop.
Played Bidwell with a group of college friends on 8/16 and noticed I played/reviewed it about 2 years ago. Not much to add from my last review except for a couple of surprises. The fairways were really nice – bermuda lush. Bunkers were great with good, firm sand.

The greens however were just aerated and sanded beginning on 8/12. They made no mention of this when we made the time which was pretty disappointing. As such, they were in repair and not puttable and had we known, we would have played elsewhere. There were still a lot of players which was surprising.

Secondly, the marshall they had out there was a bit weird. When we got to the 3rd tee box, she drove up to us and asked if we were as bad as the group in front of us. What? I mentioned to her that the group in front of us were very good friends of ours and they were not playing slow at all. She backed off her comments. Then when we got to the 16th hole par 3, she reminded us that the green was open. Yes, we see that. She was bizarre and later found she was just hired. Well, good luck.

Despite it all, we had fun but a lot crap going on here on this day. Get it together Bidwell.
Up visiting some old friends in No. Calif and played River Oaks on 8/14. We last played RO about 4 year ago and liked it so wanted to give it another try. Took advantage of Golf Moose, 2 for $49 getting an 11:15 tee time and it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year. We were prepared though with plenty of water and energy food and as the day progressed, we were literally the only ones on the course.

I was impressed with the conditions. The fairways were in really nice condition and despite all of the heat, very few brown spots. The rough was cut just right. Bunkers were a mix of sand and dirt but playing just fine.

The greens were really nice and smooth but rolling on the slow side for some reason. They were damp and therefore holding shots but they still rolled true.

I enjoyed playing here. Relatively flat, I like the layout although we had to figure out where the next box was on some of the holes. The map on the back of the scorecard helped. Check in was easy enough but the folks in the restaurant weren’t very friendly. Peaceful and serene, still very much worth the fee and recommend if you’re ever passing through East Nicolaus, CA, it’s worth the stop.
Once again, up visiting family in the East Bay and as always, stopping in to play Boundary. Out early on 8/1, playing solo finishing in about 3 hours. Noticed that Boundary was hosting the Walnut Creek Open for the Golden State Tour. This day was the final round with 18 players and it was a real treat to watch these young professionals smack it. The leader’s scores were in the mid 60’s. Talented.

As such, you might expect the course was in great condition. It was! Fairways were cut down allowing for some really nice lies. The rough was not real thick but was green and lush. Bunkers were as good as I have ever seen at any course.

The greens were very fast which made them very tricky, particularly on the greens that had some undulations. Noticed that the maintenance crews were rolling the greens and their work was paying off. Amazing! Some greens were browning out in some areas and there were many ball marks but it did not affect the roll.

This course is usually in good condition most times but clearly, I caught it at a great time. Truly exceptional. The only down side was the goose droppings which was more prominent on holes/greens where there was water. Regardless, definitely recommend. The course is somewhat hilly with a few doglegs but is a fun and challenging layout for sure.
Got out early on 7/30 at MM with a good friend trying to beat the heat. Out as 2, we followed a very slow 4 some that let us play through on hole #5. Pretty much clear sailing from that point and finished in about 3.5 hours.

The course remains in good shape from the last time I played it a few months ago. Fairways are all pretty much kikuyu but cut down so we got really nice lies. Although lush and green, the rough was way too thick. We spent a lot of time looking for balls just off the fairway. They were cutting it down as we were playing but the mowers were following us, not ahead of us. Bunkers are still hit and miss. One I was in was rock hard and another one I was in was great with firm sand.

The greens still are the hit here as they are in great shape. Not many undulations but most greens seem to break from front to back. Holding shots and rolling very nicely and true. You hit it there, it went there.

A bit hilly particularly on the back but the course offers a good challenge. The folks inside the clubhouse and the restaurant are always great and on a clear day, you can get some real nice views of the San Gabriel mountains. Definitely recommend playing.
I also played with GK Cup Final outing held at Oak Creek. On a rather warm and humid day, teed it up with cthuyen, caligolfer1031 and nicksquire. Have never played Oak Creek and was really looking forward to it. I wasn’t disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the course. This is one of the nicest courses I have played in some time. I kept asking my playing partner, are we really in Irvine? Didn’t feel like it. It looked more like the desert. Great layout.

The fairways were great. Not super, lush Bermuda but firm and good enough to get great lies. I thought most of the fairways were generous. Some fairways were tricky. Best to hit it in the center of the fairway as the terrain roles to the side and could find its way bouncing into the rough or fairway bunker. I hit a drive down the middle but could not find my ball. It must have rolled into thick rough but I never found it. The rough was thick but that’s the way Bermuda rough is. Bunkers were in good shape but am not used to hitting out of soft, fluffy sand. I am used to firm sand or even hard pan – lol!

Greens were great. Not super quick but rolled true and held good shots.

Check in was easy enough. Nice young man checking us in and the starter out on the course called us to the tee right on time. And the guys in the restaurant were great. I was left with the impression that they stayed to wait on us. Very nice. Can’t say enough good things about Oak Creek and would love to play it again but $185 to play is a hefty price tag. Will look for the deals.
Decided to drive over to Prado and walk out as a single. Got to the course and it was pretty much empty. I am sure the heat had something to do with this as it was pretty warm. Got right out playing solo around 11:00 am. Caught up with a pretty slow 3 some at #9 tee and was able to play through them so pace of play was just about 3 hours.

Pretty much agree with Stickboy’s previous review. The course is in good shape. Although heavy kikuyu fairways, they were cut down so the lies were excellent. The rough was thick but playable. Going further through the rough though you’re on dried old weeds and hardpan not to mention large trees. Bunkers are really not very good. Not much sand in them, just hard dirt.

The greens are excellent however. Not fast and a little bumpy in spots but for the most part, they rolled very true.

I enjoy playing here even though the course is rough around the edges. I don’t expect a whole lot when I play here but I do get to play a course that has a nice layout and walking for $23 just ain’t bad! It is also challenging from the blues, playing at a about 6800 yards. Real nice folks in the clubhouse and in the snack shop as well. I am up for playing here again.
Played Wilson earlier this week with our regular group and was excited about playing even though the commute might be over an hour. Had a 7:36 tee time and as it turned out, only took about 45 minutes to get there.

The last time I was here, I was pretty disappointed with the course conditions, particularly the rough which was pretty bad. This round was totally different and I was impressed. Got out right on time and finished just over 4 hours. The course however is in great shape. What a difference. The fairways were lush and cut down. Tee boxes weren’t great but that’s ok. The rough was cut down and in great shape. No more large, uncut weeds. The bunkers were in good shape as well.

The greens were rolling very nicely. Looks like some had some small aeration holes but it didn’t affect performance.

Wilson is now as nice as any muni or public facility I have played which is something I could never say before. The only downside was the restaurant. Apparently, it is going through refurbishment. They have a temporary restaurant area which is not air conditioned so it wasn’t pleasant to sit in there on a rather warm day.

Regardless, highly recommend and kudos to LA City for getting it together.
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