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First time at Goose today. I knew going in that the greens were still going to be bumpy but I did not expect them to be so firm and fast. It was a miracle if you got you ball to check today. Not a whole bunch to add to the previous review except the Tee's were not as hard as Larry encountered 4 days ago.

Course is very fun and the greens are demanding. My irons were off today and will all of the false edges I did not hit very many GIR's luckily my chipping was on point and I scrambled for a good score.

If you have never played goose I highly recommend it. you will not be disappointed. (unless you want to see a goose, we did not)
Not a ton to add from Kevbig's review of our HAIL of a day on the Wolf Course. Thanks to Kevin for getting me the local rate and meeting me out here for some golf.

I knew going in that any wind in Vegas means that its 5-10 mph faster at Paiute which was no exception today, roughly 10-15mph most of the day until the storm cells came over then there were some gusts to 30-40.

Course in good shape and looks to be in very tough tournament condition the fairways were cut super short and were firm and fast leading to many shots to roll into the rough. Rough was cut to 1-3 inches and as Kevin said can mess with you a little. I was in two traps the first one was the size of maybe 4 basketballs. It was horrible and had no sand. The second was a fairway bunker and it was perfect so no complaints other than why have a bunker so small.

Greens were amazing! Very Firm and Fast. I made two ball marks in the 16 holes that I played before all hail broke loose. The only reason I made one ball mark was we played the island green 15th after the first storm cell rolled through and softened it up ever so slightly. I might have wished they stayed firm as my tee shot came up 15 inches short of an ace. Oh well thats golf.

In all this will be a round I will remember for ever as on the 16th hole the entire course turned white with the hail. I even used my chipper to putt a ball on the 16th green that was covered in Hail. Sadly I missed it and the par putt bounced three different ways before dropping in the cup. We left after that because it was 40° and the next storm started dumping and blowing at 40mph.
Made an impromptu trip to Vegas this week to enjoy my last week off. Found a 645 tee time for $83 on and decided to give this course a try. Pulled up to the parking lot in the dark as sunrise was at 650am and the cart guys put me on a cart and directed me to the clubhouse. The proshop guy was very nice he got me checked in quick and I was on my way to the Concord Course.

I beat the starter to the tee but it was still too dark to tee off. Once the starter arrived he had a major attitude problem he let my group know that there is no way we had a 645 tee time and that the tee times start at 715. After realizing that we did in fact have a 645 start he sent us to the tee. The two some i was paired with were locals and we zipped through 8 holes in 1.25 hours then came a major surprise. The had a shotgun tournament that nobody told us about and put two groups on holes 9-18 we even had a group put on hole 8 behind us as we had already tee'd off. POP was 3.5 Hours for 10 HOLES!!!!! At the turn the started didn't care one bit and brushed us off.

Course Conditions are good-great right now Tee's were level and no big issues other than par 3's that needed to be moved. Fairways super lush but the tee shots mostly gather in the low spots and divots were an issue especially on elevation holes. Hole 18 even had a GUR spot where my tee shot landed 375 yards down hill from the tee. There was almost no grass just divots.

The rough is still dormant and if you dont miss too bad will funnel your ball back into the fairway. There are a few areas that have some splotches of bermuda that has awaken from the winter but still 97 percent dormant.

Sand was the worst I have ever played. there was no sand and a lot of rocks which is very disappointing for a course of this caliber and price point

Greens were the highlight of the round they were Semi firm but held approach shots well and even allowed some spin even when not wanted haha. All putts rolled smooth and quick which made it very important to hit the right tiers on the massive greens on this course.

In all this course reminds me a little of glen ivy and champions club in Corona with the elevation changes and fairways the funnel to one spot on most holes. I will definitely go back even though the starter was a rotten apple and the tournament that was put out in front and behind us.
First time playing here after finding a tee time for $69 on a Sat morning. Unfortunately the winds were up and it was a rainy/ drizzle day. The staff here was fantastic with the starter giving us tips about what to do on the windy holes and where to hit on certain greens.

The course is a fun layout with a bunch of elevated fairways that have rough in the pits below. Course conditions were decent with grass coverage everywhere but just not the all the same when in the rough. I had a few clumpy lies and paid the price when I was off the fairways.

The greens where very firm but slow due to the moisture. All the putts did roll well and very few divots as there had only been 2 groups to go out before us. We never saw the groups and finished in about 2hr 45.

The only thing that I can bash about the course is the sand. Very inconsistent while all were wet a few were very hard and had no sand. I did find two green sides that had puddles even though it hadn't rained in a week.

My favorite holes are 10 and 11 because they play in a little Forrest of desert pine trees and it has a cool aesthetic to it as you are in the middle of the desert.

In all I probably wont be back because of the many other options in the Coachella Valley but its not a bad place if you are looking for a deal.
Had a great round at the beautiful Oak Quarry today. Joining my Brother, Gregholla, and Hilary.

We had a 740 tee time this morning and like normal we went out about 15 mins late. The cart guys even said that every thing was going smooth as two groups no showed but I knew better. The starter never addressed anyone and it seemed like if you wanted to tee off you had to go talk to him and he sent you out regardless of you time. He seemed lost up there.

The course is in great shape right now and was playing real tough. I think the UC Riverside golf team had an event either yesterday or some time recently because the rough was long and the greens firm and fast. I had a heck of a time getting out of the rough even though im a strong guy. The rough just grabs your club and adds strokes quickly.

The Fairways were semi dormant but still greenish from the tee/ distance. They provided nice lies and offered decent roll all day. Greens as mentioned before were firm and fast. Pins were put in some diabolical locations today causing many 3 putts from distance.

The only down side which seems to be a common thing at Oak quarry is the Sand. Honestly this is the worst conditioned course when it comes to the bunkers. Simply said there is not enough sand in any trap anywhere on the course. All were very firm and caused a lot of drama in the GK Cup match between Alex and Greg. The traps were very wet like normal and could desperately need a truck load of new sand on every hole. Ill even volunteer to drive a truck load from the beach next time haha.

Even though the sand is such a bummer they will still get my business because nobody beats the scenic value in the area and for a rack rate of $85 at 740 Sat morning I can forgive them for the poor sand conditions.
Used a Gk coupon today to play CrossCreek. Tee'd off a little early with a two some and finished in 4.5 hours waiting at times as the course was fully booked this morning. The cart girl came around a few times and the meal I got from the GK coupon was a tasty Ham Sandwich with Chips. ($10 value)

This is one of my favorite course due to its seclusion from the outside world. As they advertise No homes, No Roads, No Noise. You can also add No CELL service which make the round that much more enjoyable.

Conditions are decent right now. They definitely water this course a bunch as all of the traps were wet as wells as low lying areas and Tee boxes. You could say borderline muddy. The fairways a mix of dormant and lush grass rarely bare ran for days and you could out run the fairways as I did a couple times. Greens were mostly firm and lightning fast but held flops and pitches nicely. The sand was too firm for my liking but I was only in 1 trap so not much a rating.

Over all I love this course and the coupon makes it a much better deal even though rack rate is only about $60.
HOLY SMOKES what a nice course.

Tee'd off about 15 mins late after a slight frost delay as the second group out. The first group left us in the dust and the group behind never really pushed. POP about 4 hrs 20 mins.

This course is in Spectacular condition right now and everything from the tee's to the greens were Amazing. I have played the celebrity a few times and the flower beds have always been turned up for the season. This time all of the flowers were in full bloom and gave the course that extra scenic value.

They over-seeded everything this year and it shows. Most desert courses at this time have dormant rough but not the celebrity. Everything was supper lush and dark green in color. Add that to the water on the course and mountain backdrops it was amazing.

The only thing about the celebrity course that I dont like is only having 2 par 5's and two par 3's. I am always a fan of either going for the flag and trying to get an ace or pulling the 3wd out and going for par 5's in two. Luckily the par 4's dont seem to blend as all of them are quite unique in their own way.

I highly recommend coming out and playing this course ASAP as its in top notch shape.
2nd round of the day was on the players course at IW. Teed up with Johnny, Sixpez, and my father. The course is completely different that the celebrity. The course is relatively flat and easier to manage in many ways although they do have 4 par 5's and 4 par 3's which I like better than the celebrity.

Conditions were very nice but not at nice as the celebrity course because they did not overseed the rough this year which gave this course that typical brown rough and emerald green fairways.

The fairways, greens, and tee boxes were darn near perfect in my book. Everything was cut the perfect length and made for easy ball striking and putting throughout the day. The only down side to me was the bunkers, they need a little TLC, I was in the bunkers quite a few times and noticed they were getting a little low on sand. The top layer was about 1/2 inch and firm and wet under. There was one bunker on the back nine that the liner was coming up in the middle of the bunker.

Overall an amazing day and I highly recommend getting out to Indian wells soon.
Played on Friday the 19th and one word comes to mind WOW!. I had never heard of this course and would have never played here had it not been for Situated in Bullhead AZ/ Laughlin NV its not an area I visit very often. Luckily its on about a 1.5 hour drive from Vegas or 4 hours from OC/LA and now that I know about it I will play again.

The course is designed up and down the hills above the mighty Colorado river and offers amazing views of the river and mountain backdrops. This course can eat you alive if the winds are up and your game is off. Although they offer generous fairways and not a ton of forced carries the elevation change make it very intimidating. You might want to bring a rock club with you as the rough is maybe 10 yards wide on the edges of the fairways and then you have the desert.

The conditions for the day were amazing. Dark emerald green fairways with dormant rough that was still very thick and penal. Tee's that were flat and little divot damage, and greens that you could really spin the ball on. The greens were the highlights for me they were fast but manageable. While trying to fix a divot I noticed there are two types of grass one for the winter and one for the summer and the roots were very healthy. You had to give it a little extra muscle to fix a divot.

We saw the cart girl probably 6 times throughout the round and she was very nice. Every staff member treated us like royalty from the moment we arrived to the afternoon meal at Slate. I highly recommend eating there as the food was top notch. I had the Roaster sandwich and it was very tasty.

The new owners are definitely making a difference and this course with soon be the most amazing facility in the tri-state area if it isn't already.
Out with the Gurus on the 18th to enjoy Coyote Springs. This course is about and hour outside of Vegas in the middle of nowhere, Originally planned to be a full on golf community with 5-7 course's and a bunch of homes. Unfortunately they started building right during the recession and only the Jack Nicklaus course was built.

This Course is one of the craziest designs I have ever played. Riding the cart down the fairways feels like you are on a roller coaster with all of the mounds it is quite fun. The greens are a good mix of large undulating and smaller postage stamp sized greens.

Conditions were good to very good for this mid January day The course rough was dormant which gives you that wonderful desert look. Most everything was in great shape full coverage of grass for the entire course with the greens running medium slow and held shots wonderfully.

The only downside of the day was the sand. Starting on the practice facility the liner was starting to come up and made it tough to cleanly strike bunker shots. The Course was mostly that way until the back nine where the crew was working on the bunkers. This issue should be fixed some time in the next few weeks and the course will be Amazing.

Overall the staff was amazing an the course is amazing and I cant wait to go back.
Joined the Guru's today at La Costa Legends. Having played the Champions course on labor day weekend I had higher hopes for immaculate conditions. The course was in great shape but a little under what I was expecting. I was thinking perfect greens and emerald fairways.

The Greens are showing signs of a needle punch and were not always smooth. They were however quick and firm. With the exception of the major issue on the first two greens, which has some major patch work, The greens were consistent all day.

Fairways were probably the highlight lush and the right thickness and great lies all day. The one down side is not a ton of roll due to the wetness which is a good thing considering the rough.

The rough was a nice mixture of grass the farther from the fairway the thicker and nastier it got. Around the greens were very penal as well there were a few chips where the club was grabbed by the rough and damaging my back nine scores.

The down side of the course I would say is the sand. I was in two traps and both were firm The other guys had better results but for some reason the two traps I was in were just mediocre.

In all the staff is amazing and the practice facilities are nice. I cant wait for the gk event in a couple weeks I only hope that they fix greens 1 and 2.
Went out to take a journey on the golf course at Pechanga today 11/4. Our tee time was at 720 AM and we arrived in the parking lot a little before 7am. Before we could even open the door a representative was there to collect our bags and offer assistance. While we where putting our shoes on at the car he was nice enough to inform us on where to go and what to expect. Check in was a breeze and we where off across the bridge to the starter and the driving range. I was eager to get a few swings in before playing as it has been about 2 months without golf.

The starter gave us a heads up about the course being Cart Path only which the website had informed us of. he also let us know to take our time as there was a three some with the Head Pro, Course Manager, and Head of the Casino. Talk about a high profile group. He did let us know they where aware of our twosome and if they noticed us wait at all that they would wave us through. We never had a problem because we played nice and slow.

Over all condition I would say darn near immaculate on every aspect from tee to green. The tee boxes where lush as could be and plenty of options running 7100+,6700,6300,5400 yards. The fairways where a little long but offered great lies and the starter let us know that this would be the case. The rough here ranged from 3-6 inches and was very penal. I had a few occasions where the rough would grab my wedge and force me to hit a poor shot.

The greens were probably the best part of the course as they where medium firm and running quick once the morning dew was gone. We were informed that because of a tournament going out at 9 that the pins were in some very tough locations and always expect a break away from the hills and towards the Casino/valley.

The best news of the day is when we reached the turn the starter informed us that the back nine was going to lift the cart path restrictions as the Course managers liked what he was seeing in front of us. This made the course a little easier to handle and it showed on my scorecard.

If Had to nit pick anything today it was the bunkers. The first one I was in was lite and fluffy. After that the 3 others were a little firm for my liking causing a few flyers from my playing partner and I.

Over all its a great course and a very nice mixture of holes that keeps you entertained throughout the day. If you can find a deal make sure to go play as rack rate can run from 135-150 depending on the time of the year.
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