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Played 6/7/19 at 7 AM
I was really excited to finally play Edgewood after many years of seeing it on TV and playing here on WGT video games. We knew we were early in the season so the conditions would not be 10's across the board, especially after this unusually snowy winter. There is no difference in price that we could find and rack rate was $230! Luckily the casino help that out with a nice jackpot.

Staff here is super friendly and provided exceptional service from the moment we arrived (except valet who we beat to the course). the starter hung out with us on the range as we were scheduled to be first off. He even offered to take a picture with 18 green and lake Tahoe in the background. Knowing a handful of the holes already we were surprised that the non televised holes kinda lacked in comparison. The course is mostly flat with a majority having pine tree's or lakes in play. The holes out in the open were all verti-cut and we though after the first 2 holes the entire course was going to be like that. It would have severely disappointed us especially since there was no mention of this maintenance from the staff.

The rest of the course aside from 5 fairways were in great shape, lush tee's, rough, and firm greens make for a tough course. We also had to fight 20mph gusts coming off the lake so scoring was very tough. I am very happy that I got to play here as it has been on my bucket list but the rack rate will probably keep me from coming back.
Took our annual trip to grizzly ranch this weekend and buy is this course amazing. This year we booked one of the Wolf tree cabins and they are spectacular and also gives you a nice stay and play rate for the golf course. The staff here make you feel welcome as soon as you get to the guard shack. Sam in the pro shop was very informative and the 3 lady’s in the bar were awesome and super friendly.

The course is fantastic shape right now even after the long winter. From tee to green the course is lush. Fairways are generous and provide great roll on well hit shots. Rougher was thick and penal and would punish you for errant shots. If you miss the rough you were severely punished with either fescue or tall pine trees and wild flowers. The greens were firm and running at an 11 on the scale. They did however allow for well struck shots to stick. Sand seemed to be fine but I was not in any traps.

Overall this is my favorite course and I highly recommend the trip to stay in the cabins and play the golf courses.
Enjoyed an Awesome day out at reflection bay 5/31. GK reviews showed that the conditions were awesome lately so we decided to head out and play. We tee’d off early and only a fast foursome was in front of us. We very rarely saw them and nobody behind made for an enjoyable pace of 3:45.

As for course conditions RB is still in amazing shape. From tee to green the course is still in immaculate shape. Tee boxes has full coverage and lots of space to choose from. Fairways very lush with only one brown spot that I could remember. It was cut Nicely and provided decent roll. Greens were firm and glassy, they did hold well struck shots but made you think hard about all putts. Rough is also lush and just long enough to penalize bad contact. Sand is currently being replenished on a few holes bust was mostly good.

Overall this is a wonderful course that has no two holes alike. I can’t wait to come back for GK plays at the end of the month.
Played with Sixpez, Gregholla, and Mike during the GK event on Saturday. Every time I get to play this course I get excited as I love the layout and conditions. This weekend was no exception. From tee to green everything was fantastic. I don't have a ton to add to the rest of the reviews from the weekend other than I wasn't a huge fan of the greens this time around. They were multi colored and Firm. The colors made it tough to judge some breaks but I am also not a great putter so Ill split the blame 50/50. Tee, Rough, and Fairways were fantastic as always. San was good not great I was in 3 and 2 of them were great the other was a little hard.

Overall this is a must play.
Joined GK out at Sandpiper today. Weather was raining on the first hole then partly cloudy the rest of the round. Big thanks to the Man, the Myth, The Legend Johnny GK for setting up the Gurus at this fantastic place. About 15 mins north of Santa Barbara sits this masterpiece of a golf club. Stunning Panoramas and well placed holes along the Pacific Ocean this is definitely a spectacular course.

Conditions today were fantastic. From the moment you drive in you see the dark green rough and light green fairways. From Tee to green the course was in fantastic shape. Greens were firm and fast and had it not rained for 20 minuets before our tee time they would have been lightning fast and very firm. The only thing I could possibly nit pick are the bunkers were 50/50 depending on which one you were in, some having ample sand and some lacking.

Staff here is friendly and the Tri-Tip nachos at the restaurant were fantastic, they can feed 3 people. I highly recommend playing.
Played the Valley course on the second part of our Underpar Voucher yesterday. In my opinion the valley course is the lesser of the two courses at JW Marriott. However it is not a bad course. Valley has more undulation as the palm has more hazards. Conditions were identical to Palm with the greens being much better. They did not have the strange mower marks and were firm with a medium pace. Fairways, tee's, and rough were fantastic just like Palm but the bunkers were bad as well.

Valley is shorter and offers more opportunities to cut corners and score but most greens are surrounded by bunkers and/or water. I do recommend playing the valley but give the choice to only play one I'd choose palm.
Took advantage of an underpar voucher 2 players unlimited golf for $99 yesterday. We were second out at 630AM on the palm course with 68° and no wind to greet us. Greg and I zoomed through the course only catching the 2 some in front of us on the 17th hole. We had nobody behind us and set a nice 2.75 hr pace.

Course is still in great shape all around except the bunkers. Tee's and fairways had full coverage and looked beautiful. Rough was mostly perfect within 10 yards of the fairway. Greens were not the best but not bad. When we were on them they all had mower marks but not level at all. I dont know if the grounds crew had trouble but if you were not putting up or down the direction of the mower your ball would bounce. I think its a easy fix with one more mow and roll of the greens.

The only Major disappointment here are the bunkers. They have almost no sand and what is in the bunker is like a wet clay mixture. I was in three bunkers, 1 fairway 2 greenside, and the fairway bunker had more sand than the green side bunkers. They really need to address this for their next major project.

In all if you can buy the UP voucher it is 100% worth it.

Took advantage of a underpar voucher yesterday at Shadowridge. I had never played here before and after seeing Sals review it made the choice easy. I met up with an old high school friend who was out in the desert this weekend and off we went. We paired up with a father and his 11 year old son who was playing on a big course for the first time. We kept the pace at 4 hours and they were a pleasure to play with.

Conditions right now are spectacular as expected after a wetter than normal winter as well as the heat had only been turned up this week. Everything from tee to green were lush as can be with only a hand full of spots on one fairways looking like GUR from flooding. Greens ran smooth and medium pace as well as being receptive. The only issue I had was a few bunkers need to be turned up as they were a little more firm than some people like.

The UP voucher is a steal for the place right now. I highly recommend!
Date 4/5
Time - 1030
Temp 75° w/ 15-20 mph winds

Decided to play reflection on Friday when we got in town. I knew before hand that the greens were punched but the greens didn't bother me at all. They still rolled true and I only had one or two putts jump on me. The staff did a great job filling the holes with sand and they were out on the course dragging carpets on the greens after us. The grounds crew here does a fantastic job with this challenging layout. They finally got the new carts with GPS and they are very comfortable and the GPS is a nice addition.

Overall the course was in amazing shape fairways were a 9/10 with the exception of one on the back nine where they were relaying grass. Rough 9/10 is mostly out of its dormancy and starting to get very penal I had a few shots get stuck in the rough which normally is a good thing unless you want a bounce towards a green, that was not happening today. Tee 9/10 were great, they have a few sets to choose from and only the par 3's had some divots. Sand 5/10 is the next thing they will need to focus on at RB. I was in about 5 traps and all except one were firm. Personally I like them more firm than most but these were borderline bad. I did find one trap on 8 that my ball absolutely plugged into the face.

Overall this course is a must play.
Decided to play CrossCreek today with Gregholla. We got out at 7:40 joined by Jin & Song to complete the four some. Weather was mostly cloudy becoming partly cloudy over our 3.5 hours round. Staff here is awesome as always even though we showed up with 3 minuets to spare.

Conditions are very nice right now as expected with all of the rain. Fairways were mostly lush and I didn't have a bad lie all day. Rough was penal and once you get past the first cut the native grass is standing about 2 feet tall right now and tightens this course up a ton. Greens were the highlight of the course they were medium fast and mostly firm. Well hit shots would stick but nothing else. Sand seemed to be fine with the exception of the green side bunker on 18 which looks like it was consumed by the creek during the rains. All they need to do is spike it and add a couple scoops of sand and it will be fine. The only real issue they have at cross creek are the tee boxes. Most are small therefore beat up but we had no issues finding a flat stance this morning.

If you have never played CrossCreek I highly recommend playing soon as the creeks are running and it makes for a wonderful soundtrack on this beautiful nature surrounded course. There are no homes on the course and no roads through it. There are multi million dollar homes on top of the hills but never come into play. I highly recommend this course.
Joined Jim, Rob, and Steve yesterday during the guru rounds yesterday. After Reading everyone's review one thing is for sure. Don't make the Superintendent angry because he will put pins in the most diabolical locations you can think of. Course was in Fantastic shape from tee to green as expected this time of the year after all of the rain.

Earlier in the day they had the SCGA qualifier and they stretched the course out to max distance. Pins were all tucked and greens were very firm and fast. Add that to the false edges on all green it made for a tough day for your short game. Tee's and fairways were lush. I can only say one fairway had some Ground Under Repair but even it didn't look bad. Rough was generally good as long as you were within 10-15 yards of the fairway. Ii was not in any sand so I cant judge it but from the look it seemed fine.

Overall this a very fun course and I highly recommend.
Joined a Friend who is a member here and got out 2nd on Sunday 3/10. They are regulars on this course so the pro shop gave me the member rate of $117 which is still steep but not terrible for not having to drive an hour to play a similar course for a better price. Course is in good shape right now and although not deep emerald green in color the grass is very healthy and provided nice lies all day.

Greens were fantastic and show no signs of the needle punch a week ago. They were fast and semi firm. All puts stayed online all day and Pins were in some very tough locations. Fairways had full coverage and were cut short. Rough is a mixed bag for what little rough there is and can be very penal if let grow for a week. I was in a few traps and they were mostly good except hole 17.

The only issue I had with this course today were the collars around the greens they were cut real short but an invasive grass is sprouting up in patches on almost every hole. This caused any attempts to put from off the green difficult to judge on where the ball is going to bounce. Overall its a fun course but price is steep. Its all about Location Location Location if you want to play here.
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