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Played on Saturday 2/9 tee time 12:20pm.
The last time i played here was in November and the previous reviews were spot on. It was the worst shape i have ever seen Los Verdes. But it looks like the rain we've had in January and last couple weeks really helped. Much greener all around. The tee boxes are ok, some uneven, some divots, typical muni. Fairways still have some bare spots but much better coverage than a couple months ago. The rough is still the same, half grass and half bare ground. The bunkers are inconsistent, most are ok but some have too much sand imo. The greens were nice. Smooth for the most part with little unrepaired ball marks and FAST. At least a 10 on the stimp.
Recommend playing. Even if the conditions are not that great, you can't beat the beautiful view of the ocean for these modest rates.
Played on 11/2. The back 9 is closed until 11/16. Some company is testing the soil. I asked the guy in the proshop if they are testing the soil for the golf course but he said they are testing to see if its safe to build on top of it. Its $25 to play the front 9 twice. Same conditions as always but the greens were punched a week ago so the green grass is long and shaggy.
Played Sunday 9/16 8:36 tee time $56 on Golfzing. POP 5:40. Tee boxes are level with good coverage, not too much divot damage. Fairways and the rough are below average. The front 9 is a little more lush than the back 9 but overall many bare spots and extremely thin areas where the drives end up. We played winter rules in the back 9, from the rough also. The greens were above average, not too soft or hard. Well struck balls, even with long irons and woods held the green. Smooth with not too many ball marks. Consistent speed from green to green. 8 on the stimp. Bunkers, I was in a lot of them today and all of them had good amount of sand. I used to play Brookside a lot but haven't played in over a year. It looks like they did a lot of turf reduction. The rough grass between the holes are completely gone, just dirt now, more than i remember. I still recommend playing here because the greens were so nice.
Played on 9/10 12pm teetime $43 on golfnow. POP 4:20 The course is in good condition overall with no particular weak areas. Tee boxes were fine, fairly level with some divot damage. Fairways have good coverage with little bare spots. Rough is same but with a little more bare spots than the fairway. Greens were smooth for the most part with no bare spots, except with some greens having a little more unrepaired ball marks than others. I would say 10 on the stimp. Bunkers had good amount of sand. There are a lot of water hazard/lakes, fairly clean, no smell. 2 of the water hazards were drained 12th hole and between 13th and 14th. I think Navy is one of the best designed golf course around in regards to being fun for all skill levels. Highly recommended.
Listing 1 to 4 of 60,299 Course Reviews
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