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Played 3-23-17 early morning walking as a threesome in 2 hours 40 minutes. Tee boxes were in descent shape with some divot damage on shorter par fours and three pars. Fairways were mostly in good shape semi-lush with some small bare areas here and there. Rough here is still a mix of everything from long and lush to some bare spots. Was in two greenside bunkers both of which had good sand but a lot of small rocks in them. Greens were in great shape holding shots real nice and rolling fast and smooth.
Played 3-18-17 mid morning on a very slow day walking in about 5 hours and 15 minutes waiting on every hole. Tee boxes were in great shape, lush and level. Fairways are a little thin but still provided nice lies. Rough is still a mix of lush, thin and bare along fairways and pretty good around greens. Bunkers looked to be in descent shape. Best part of the course right now are the greens, semi-firm rolling true and fast, closest I have seen them to how they used to be. Overall course is in good shape, would definitely recommend playing.
Played 3-13-17 afternoon for a fun round of golf with Abbacat, Hmtgolfguy, and Sparky14. Not much to add to other reviews, course is in excellent shape from tee to green. Fun challenging course with plenty of different tee options. Would definitely recommend playing this course if you are in the desert.
Played 3-13-17 in about 4 hours with fellow GK Gurus, John,Wendy, and Rob. Tee boxes were close to perfect, level and lush with hardly a blemish on them. Fairways were just great with good rollout and close to perfect lies. Rough was in great shape, about 1-2 inches and pretty easy to hit from. Found a few bunkers all of which had plenty of nice sand a fairly easy to hit from. Greens were very nice rolling medium pace, smooth and holding well struck shots. Very pretty course with close to perfect conditions.
Played 3-12-17 with the GK Guru group in a little over 4 hours with some minor waiting. Tee boxes were in real good shape, level and lush. Fairways were in great shape with minimal roll out and great lies to hit from. Rough was very lush, 2-3 inches and thick. Was in two bunkers that were a little thin and firm. Greens were in very nice shape, a little firm and slow but very smooth. Course is in really nice shape right now and definitely worth playing.
Played 3-11-17 on a golfnow deal using a promo code so only came out to $16.49 including cart. Got paired up with a threesome, teeing off at 10am and a little over 5 hours later we were finally done. Tee boxes were in good shape, mostly level and lush. Fairways for the most part were in descent shape with some small bare areas. Rough was a mix from long and thick to short and thin with some bare spots mixed in. Didn't go into any bunkers but they looked okay. Greens were rolling medium speed with some bumps and a little on the soft side. Overall course is in descent shape.
Played 2-13-17 with GDR23 in a little over 4 hours as a twosome waiting on most holes. Tee boxes were in descent shape, a little thin and damp but okay. Fairways were still a little soggy and thin with a lot of divot damage from it being cart path only and people not bringing a sand bottle with them from the cart. Rough was in good shape about 1-2 inches and lush. Some of the native grass areas are starting to grow back with all the rain and they are getting long and thick. Was in one greenside bunker that was a little thin but still descent to hit from. Greens were in pretty good shape, very soft but still rolling nicely.
Played 2-9-17 second out in a little under three hours walking for $22 joining a twosome in carts.
Tee boxes were in descent shape, a little thin and mostly level.
Fairways have filled in pretty good from all the rain, there are still some small bare spots but mostly good lies.
Rough was a little longer and lusher then normal making it play a little more difficult.
Bunker looked to be in okay shape.
Greens were in really nice shape medium/fast and smooth.
The course has really greened up from all the rain and is worth playing if you don't mind a short quirky course.
Played 1-29-17 early morning walking as a threesome in a little over 3 hours for $53. This course is like playing two different courses, front 9 is a tight tree lined course and the back is wide open in the dunes by the ocean. Tee boxes were mostly in good shape and semi lush. Fairways were very lush with not much roll mostly because of the recent rains. Rough was thick and wet on the front and low and dry on the back. Greens were in good shape on both sides rolling medium speed and semi smooth. Fun short course with some great views especially on the back.
Played 1-28-17. What a great day for golf in Monterey, 65 clear skies and hardly a breath of wind, not bad for a little walk in the park. The course is everything you would expect it to be. Tee boxes level, lush and cut tight. Fairways were in great shape without a blemish. Rough was a little thick and about 2-3 inches and in great shape. Bunkers were close to perfect, just real nice to hit from. Greens were in great shape smooth, semi-soft and rolling true. This course just has great view after great view. I would highly recommend getting a caddy, just makes the day a little more special. If you are going to spend the money go all out.
Played 1-24-17 on a Teeoff deal for $18.49 including cart. It was cart path only and we teed off at 12:20 and finished at 4:35 as a twosome with some waiting on foursomes in front of us. Tee boxes were on the thin side and a little un-level. Fairways had about three different types of grass, all growing at different heights with some small bare spots here and there which most likely is not going to give you a good lie in the fairway.. The rough was in about the same shape as the fairways, mostly cut pretty short with some long areas mixed in. Was in one greenside bunker on the back side that was pretty firm with some minor erosion from the rains.They were working on the bunkers on the front side getting them back into what looked like pretty good shape. Greens were a little soft and showing some foot prints from the groups in front of us but they still rolled pretty good with medium speed. Overall course is in just okay shape but it did seem to hold up pretty well from the rains.
Played 1-17-17 on a Teeoff deal for $15.20 including cart but choose to walk do to cart path only. Was joined by another single and we teed off a little before 7 and finished in around 3 hours with one threesome letting us through on 3 and waiting a little on 17 and 18. Tee boxes were in good shape mostly level and a little thin. Fairways were very saturated, with mostly thin lies and some muddy areas. Rough was cut down very low and not much of a factor but in descent shape. Greens were very soft and rolling medium/slow with a little bumpiness. Overall course is very wet and with more rain coming I don't see it drying out for a while.
Listing 1 to 12 of 52,521 Course Reviews
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