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Tee Boxes are lush and level. Fairways are spotty. A lot of what Robbie said previously is true. It's a mix of grass, thin lies, bare lies... you name it.

Bunkers have a thin layer of sand with clay underneath. Greens are spongy. They don't hold a line well and get particularly bumpy in the afternoon sun. You can literally see the unevenness of the greens.

Pace of play extremely fast. Under two hours for 9 holes. Loads of light.
$25.50 to ride Sunday. Course in pretty good shape overall.

Greens rolled predictably with med/fast speed and very consistent. Pick a line and stick with it and reap the rewards. Bunkers well stocked with sand. Fairways had good coverage. Rough was thick. Balls would sit down in rough so you really had to be on top of the ball to see it. Very difficult if you were not predictably straight on your drives. Anything in the junk and you would spend a while looking for your ball. Tee boxes were flat and well maintained.

Overall decent bang for your buck. Saw a bunch of carts abandoned along the course. Figure it was due to power issues. They were running short handed so when I arrived at the starter the store was locked and had to wait for the starter to reappear. He did after around 5 minutes. For Father's day I thought they would have been staffed a little better but it was acceptable given the situation.

No beverage carts. Bathrooms are shut after 8PM so be sure to do your business beforehand.

Pace of Play was a little over 4 hours.
Greens recently top dressed with remnants of a light coating of sand on every green. Greens rolled predictably. They were a lot firmer with medium fast speed. Hard to shake off what you saw though. I would see patterns on the greens from what appeared to be tire marks. Figure a couple of weeks before they disappear entirely.

Overall course is GREEN. I mean perfect coverage with some bald spots here and there. Rough is THICK and penalizing. First 4 holes were a bit long in the fairway so not a lot of roll out. Bunkers are in good shape with well stocked sand. Overall conditions here are better aside from the top dressing but very playable. Pace of play was around 4.5 hours as a single playing behind a five-some. Caught them after the third hole so I took my time which was fun in it's own guilty pleasure.
Played Monday. Greens in decent shape. They held their line and received shots well. Green complexes are lush. Bunkers are a mix of fluffy sand and even fluffier sand with some burrowing animals thrown in for good measure (hole 9 comes to mind). They fixed the bunkers around the green on Hole 6. Tee boxes are crowned but playable.

Overall best kept greens I have seen as of late. Pace of play was decently quick. Also groups have presence of mind to allow fast groups to play through - at least in my experience.
Played Sunday afternoon.

Greens are OK. They were bumpy but once I figured how to hit through the business it was relatively easy to predict what a put would do. Green speeds were inconsistent but receptive to decent shots at the pin. Putts did hold a line if you putted with a little speed. Fairways were a mix of thin to decent coverage. It's a mixed bag really. It became a joke after a fashion because I found myself aiming for decent looking patches of grass along the fairway. Rough cut to same height as fairway. Sand in bunkers is hard packed. Tee boxes are flat with decent coverage. Tee box on 12 they bumped forward to help that tee box heal.

Pace of play decent at 4 hours. It picked up after 9 holes.
Played last week Friday. Just catching up on writing my reviews.

Greens have healed well this season. From green to green they were somewhat consistent with speed so fairly easy to predict distance. They rolled medium-fast to medium slow. You could tell the fast greens by the color of the green (more yellowish were firmer greens).

Fairways had good coverage. Rough was very thick and sticky. Bunkers had sand but hard packed. Tees were relatively flat.

Pace of play was terrible for 9 holes but it was a Friday at 2.5 hours for 9 holes.
Played today ... finally.

Greens are a little bumpy. The back 9 greens appear in better shape compared to the front 9. Front 9 greens were running medium/slow and bumpy. Back 9 greens were running med/fast and held their line well.

Fairways are in good shape; decent coverage with no bare spots. Rough is cut to the same height as the fairways so not really an issue. Grass around greens is fairly thick and sticky. Sand in bunkers is hard packed and very playable.

Pace of play was... slow. Played with two beginners and another single. 4+ hours for the round which could have easily been 3 hours had they simply picked up the pace. Blame long pre-shot routines. No worries though. Weather cooperated and there was no one before or after us, except for the 3-some that skipped around us.

Figure the greens should be in fine shape in another week with the cooler weather.
Confirming Steve's assessment. Played here yesterday. The clay soil really is getting a work out as it appears difficult for water to be retained by soil. You can see loads of drainage ditches with water but not on the grass where it needs it. Fairways YELLOW with no cushion underneath. It was even difficult for me to walk after a while because it felt like I was walking on concrete. This was magnified with shoes with cleats. Tee boxes are level and good. Bunkers (played in a few) have little or no sand. Play it like a shot off of hard-pan and worked like a charm. Greens were a mix of med-fast to super slow greens. Finally realized the more yellow the greens the faster they ran which helped. Green complexes are green from the first cut and in. Outside that area it was just as yellow and hard-pan as the rest of the course. Rough cut to same height as fairways so you get the same hard-pan to bare spot to mix of grass. Funny enough I felt like I was playing at Victoria without the dirt and the better greens.
This is a tough course. Played with Greenskeeper.Org's GK Plays with Mattias, Rob and Roman. Big shout out to you guys, it was a great time playing with you! Roman, you got game!

Greens were rolling med/fast for me and very firm. Hard to hold shots. You had to run them up there and expect a lot of release. Fairways were lush with great padding underneath and VERY green. Rough was thick, sticky and tough to hit from. Loads of bunkers on this course and I found more than my fair share. They were firm with decent sand. Only one I hit from was very hard packed. The rest were packed but very playable. Tee Boxes were flat with good coverage.

Loads of dips and valleys in addition to waste areas. One drive in particular towards the end of our round I found myself facing a HUGE grass wall. Play smart and you get rewarded. Play to be the hero and get into trouble, it's that simple. Course plays pretty fast and had loads of fun. Very few courses come to mind when I say hard but fun in the same sentence but this course rate high in both.

This course was fun to play even if it did kick my when I was down and certainly a challenge to play. I would highly recommend playing here while their conditions last.
I am really disappointed. How can a course turn yellow in a matter of two weeks? The weather is warm shouldn't the grass like the warmth or if the grass is the cooler variety perhaps it doesn't like it so much.

Fairways alarmingly yellow; almost looks dormant. If that is the case the warm weather must be wreaking havoc on their staff. Tee boxes ok, flat with decent lies. Fairways, yellowish with varying thin lies to decent lies with sufficient padding. Rough is non-existent; cut to the same length as fairway. Bunkers are hard packed. How a bunker can be flooded with several weeks of no rain is beyond me (hole 6 the handicap 1 hole comes to mind). Sand in bunkers are hard packed. Expect loads of bounce. May as well treat it as a fairway lie and use a regular wedge shot to get out of bunker. Greens are bumpy, slow and inconsistent.

Highlight of the round was a sub 4 hour round walking (3 1/2 hrs to be specific.) Time to start playing other local courses where the grass is at least growing like Chester W.
Played as part of the GK Plays Sunday.

First time playing this course. To be fair I would need to play here again.

Greens were decent. They rolled relatively true with a few bounces here and there -- not great but a little too inconsistent. Add the greens were difficult for me to read even with the terrain being predictable and I was unfamiliar with the layout it was.... tough to say the least. Loads of win blowing will hinder or help your ball flight.
Thinking back I could do a lot better with respect to putting. There are some areas on 3-4 greens where it was patched or bare. Looks like they are on it and it should be some time until they return.

You do not need to be long just very accurate. The fairways have good coverage, the thinish strips of rough are designed to hold your ball and it's quite thick and sticky. Further beyond the rough is literally hard pan and will give your ball a load of roll and distance; oftentimes to your detriment. Bottom-line thinking about this course I would really stick to irons and hybrids and occasionally putting out my driver.

Sand in bunkers well stocked. Not white sandy beaches but not bad and well stocked. Pace of play was tournament -- slow but finished in 4 1/2 hours.

Course is a little quirky but I like the fact you really do use all your clubs. Would have liked to have passed by the clubhouse at the turn for some refreshments but they redirect you so you don't even see the clubhouse. Also restock your water jugs.
Greens were hard to figure out. They ran slow with inconsistent speeds. Bunkers around greens had decent sand but also inconsistent.

Fairways had bare spots but for the most part coverage was decent. Tee boxes were mostly flatish.

POP was decent 4 1/2 hour round. Would have been nice if starter was a bit organized and called out groups teeing off instead of us muddling through it. Saw a twosome tee off then disappear while we were a fivesome. Would have been nice to know if some of our group would have been paired with the twosome.
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