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Played yesterday for my weekly golf fix.

Greens have improved to the point those splotchy, bouncy greens are a thing of the past even with the afternoon sun. They run pretty true with medium speed. They run a lot faster than they look.

Fairways with decent coverage.

Bunkers still a mixed bag of grainy sand, no sand, and hard pan. The worst is a thin layer of sand with hard pan/clay underneath.

Tee Boxes are flat for the most part but very playable.

I have only seen the course improve with their ground staff's latest replacements. They are working on obvious improvements (like a hitting cage which should be up soon) as well as much needed tree thinning and grounds maintenance. It's little wonder this course is getting busier because the local word is getting around. Loads of new faces.

Pace of play for 9 holes is an OK 2 hours.


P.S. Met Warren there, a lurking GKer that noticed my bag tag. LOL. Great playing with you guy and I look forward to playing with you again soon. For the record, it's nice to know the work we do here is appreciated. Spread the GK Word my brothers and sisters! So sayeth the gospel according to GK!
Played yesterday Sunday Afternoon Twilight. Played 18 in under 3 1/2 hours. Course was EMPTY!!

That was the highlight, although much of the conditions on the course is sketchy there were some definite pluses.

Greens were OK. Poa is in full bloom from water and warmer weather. They were a little firm with medium/slow speed. You really had to strike your putt well to keep it online but definitely easy to putt once you had the pace down. Greens were firm, and there is work around each of the greens so you really cannot run a ball up. From what I saw they punched the collars. Aside from Hole 16 (Handicap 2 par 4) which was punched a few weeks ago that is the only maintenance.

Fairways were OK. Mostly thinish lies. Rough cut to the same height as fairway so not a problem. Bunkers in fairways were hard packed and easy to play through; not a lot of sand so if you hit a thin shot at a fairway bunker good chance it may bounce out. Bunkers around green are a mixed bag of hard packed, not sand and decent sand.

Happy with pace of play. I can see greens being a problem for most folks but for me it was decent once I figured out what to do to get the pace. And 18 holes in under 3 1/2 hours on a Sunday at Twilight, who is going to complain?
Played yesterday. $34 Twilight with cart. Nice deal for this type of course.

Greens were quick and firm. Characterize them as a little too firm but with rains conditions will improve. Debris on green will literally knock ball off line. Putts for most part however held their line, just had to make sure little or no debris on path. Greens were quicker than they appear.

Fairways had good coverage considering it's winter conditions. Rough was thickish in places with varying height. Bunkers around greens beware. They have a thick layer of sand around sides with hold the ball in place. Expect cock-eyed lies. Folks fix your mess in the bunkers. If I was to criticize the bunkers it would be the lack of rakes per bunker and the sand along the sides but hey don't hit your ball into the bunker.

Pace of play was OK. We were a riding threesome following another threesome and they were slow. The twosome behind us never caught up to us except for a few holes.

Conditions overall are OK and with the rain I suspect it will only improve from there. Expect tricky greens that will not hold shots, however you can take advantage of the undulations on the green to stop the ball so there is a way to play the greens. Put enough spin on your ball and you can halt it quickly.
Played yesterday.

Course is in decent shape for time of year. POP terrible (almost 3 hours for 9 holes). Greens ran fast and do not hold shots. To use a phrase from Tocho, they are a bit "crusty" due to lack of water and the cold weather as of late. The shot is to run the ball onto the green.

Fairways had good coverage. Rough is mixed bag of bare ground, grass cut to the same level as the fairway and just plain thick penal grass. Where you land is what you get. Bunkers have little or no sand and hard-packed. Tee boxes were flat for the most part and playable.

It's my goto course when time is a factor and really satisfy the golf itch that needs constant scratching. The nice thing about the course is it does offer a variety of golf holes you find at most courses so it's a good way to keep the game sharp and not drive all over the place.
I have mixed feelings about this place. POP was longer since it was President's Day (holiday) so I am thinking that really played a lot to my lowered expectations. Played my GK Match Play today with Tocho.

Greens were FAST. Faster than El Dorado. I have never seen a ball pick up speed uphill with a stiff wind behind it. Today, well I saw a ball pick up speed with the wind behind it. The putts held their line for the most part but any debris or imperfection and you could see the ball skip and jump around. With the greens this fast you really had to dial in your speed to even have a chance for a second putt. No way to stop the ball even with high shots. Greens were firm so you had to run the ball onto the greens.

Bunkers were for the most part filled with decent sand. The par 5 on the back 9 however one of the bunkers had a thin layer.

Fairways had good coverage.

Rough was varied. Some locations were thick and penal others were the same height as the fairways. It was a mixed bag and whatever you landed on you did the best you could.

Tee boxes were flat and playable.

Overall conditions are decent to above average for time of year. Compared to the greens at El Dorado with the heavy foot prints, I think I prefer these greens to El Dorados. Mileage (hence, preference) will vary.

Green fee included Cart. Problem was I had a flat tire Hole 9. The tire literally popped on the cart path around the green at hole 9. Rather than destroy the tire I abandoned the cart. Asked the gal at the snack shop if I could get a replacement cart and she was either unable or unwilling to assist so I just gave her the keys and walked the rest of the 9 holes. Got a wonderful sarcastic remark to call AAA. I hope when she gets a flat tire and she has to ask for assistance the next guy she asks is as nice.

Oh despite the setback, I won my match 3&2. Great playing with you Tom!
Played yesterday. El Dorado has always been a love/hate relationship for me. I love the course but the greens HATE me. Today was no exception.

Greens were FAST. Very difficult to stick a ball even with high shots. Tried to run the ball up but the fringes around the greens were recently punched so not a lot of release. Figure a few weeks and all should be good for that. Greens were as I said lightening fast. Very hard to keep your line from footprints though. More than my fair share of putts would skip and jump along these depressions. Took a while to adjust but finally settled with lagging my putts to get the most desired results.

Fairways had good coverage. But as my luck would have it I land in some old divot. Not the course's fault, just saying. Overall though nice coverage with decent cushion underneath. Rough is thick but not penal. Bunkers and I was in a few had nice coverage with decent sand -- very playable. Tee boxes were flat and lush.

Overall experience is very positive.

Pace of play was another thing entirely. This being President's Day weekend the course was packed. Front nine took a little more than 3 hours (30 mins delay on tee off included). Back 9 went a little faster at 2.5 hours. Still course was expected to play with delay so we made the appropriate concessions. The only problem I have is playing that long typically makes you tired -- more so than if you play quickly and finish quickly.

Bottom line, conditions are pretty nice here at El Dorado. If you can get out and play quickly and finish quickly then definitely worth the price of admission ($48 to walk/weekends.) The loads of play the course gets will limit your enjoyment.
Played yesterday; trying to get in a few more rounds before the new year.

Conditions are OK. Tee boxes were flat for the most part. Two of them were closed or at least pushed forward which shows signs they are trying to improve their tee boxes. Fairways are hit and miss. I always aim for the greener spots. It's a mix between thin and relatively thin lies. Loads of mud line the fairways. It appears they really need to fix their sprinklers from the amount of mud that line their fairways and rough. Rough cut to the same height as the fairways so not very penal. Bunkers are hard packed. Greens look to be the best I have seen in a while. They run a little faster than normal for this place (Which says a lot) but with the afternoon sun the greens tend to get a bit more bumpier. Overall the greens held their line well with a well struck putt but for the most part were inconsistent from green to green.

Pace of play was slow considering it was after the holidays but bearable. Almost didn't finish and we were a threesome behind a really slow foursome.
Played today at twilight. $20 to walk.

Greens in good shape. They rolled true and were consistent. I think the greens are the best part about this place. Greens looked healthy and with high enough shots you could stick the ball with decent accuracy and not a lot of roll out.

Fairways were lush. Rough was thick and very penal. It was fun. You had to get creative with your shots. Bunkers were all well stocked. They looked good with a nice layer on top. Tee boxes were only problem. All tees were pushed forward to allow the tee boxes to get healthy. The tee boxes all look great and flat. The forward tee position was hit and miss with flatness.

Pace of play 3 hours for 18 holes. Recommended.
Tried to play 9 at Super Twilight and very disappointed. $16.75 and still feel like I was ripped off.

Greens are shameful. They really have to look at their mower. Their cut is uneven causing high/low spots on the green. It appears to have been punched with smaller tines as indicated by the look of the greens and the HUGE amount of mud around the front of the greens and the noticeable tire marks in the front of the greens. The greens are slow, don't hold their line and if you should happen to be lucky enough to get the ball to go on line it's easily knocked off because of some high/low spot from the mower. Short answer, bring your 4x4 ball.

Notwithstanding twilight affecting the bumpiness of the greens, I honestly think it was even worse earlier in the day. Some of the holes were really rough cut, I would strongly suggest sharpening the darn hole puncher or better still doing it right the first time.

Sound frustrated? You betcha? Nitpicking? Perhaps, but you tell me if you would enjoy your short putts getting knocked off line by some spot on the green you forgot to flatten or didn't see. I would hazard to say that even Harbor Park's greens are even better than here currently. And that is saying volumes.

Fairways are thinning with bare spots. I try to aim for the green areas. Rough is cut to same height as fairways. Bunkers appear to be hard-packed and playable. Tee boxes are uneven but get flatter further away from the stones.

It's disappointing about the conditions of this course. It's fun with not a lot of trouble but honestly when you create such a sub-standard product no wonder you don't get a lot of play.

I would avoid until better conditions appear. (I would hazard to say not sooner and a lot later.)No sense in beating yourself over poor greens. There are better places to play at better prices.
Quick 9 yesterday.

Greens healing nicely after smaller tine aeration. They are still a little bumpy but I think it's more to do with the sunlight and afternoon sun than anything else. Started just before Twilight groups. Finished on an EMPTY course in under 2 hours (9 holes). Literally no waiting on the tee boxes for us.

Greens in decent shape but slow. Firm putts are necessary. Fairways had good coverage (still). Rough is thick and penal in spots; thin in others. Tee boxes are uneven but to find a spot is easy enough (remember you have two club lengths behind to play with.) Bunkers are still hard packed sand. They are very easy to hit from just have to take sand like any bunker.

Harbor is not pretty but the structure is there. It gets the job done and with the aeration completed the greens should improve tremendously. Still wait and see. Good place to get your golf on and finish your day on a golf budget.
Played here Monday. 9 at twilight is a great deal especially if you can finish before it gets dark.

Greens have healed and look healthy. Also appears they are trying to get them to run faster as greens show a little more firmness. Well struck putts will hold their line but bounce a lot on their way near the hole. My advice, bring your 4x4 ball. Greens however are very receptive. Fairways have good coverage. Rough is mixed bag of thin to hard-pan to deep rough. Bunkers is also a mixed bag but firm -- even green-side bunkers. Tee Boxes are uneven but playable.

Pace of play at this course is normally 2 hours for 9 holes but you get these sweet spot times where you can literally finish in an hour. That also is a mixed bag. It's a regulation course with only 9 holes; a great way to satisfy your golf urges and still be home for hot, cooked meal.
Played Twilight today. $20.50 to walk versus their 11-3 deal of $27 to ride + 2 drinks.

Greens rolled well and have healed. Some of the holes are still healing but rolling well with medium to fast speed. They hold their lines well but afternoon sun does affect bumpiness of the greens. Fairways all had good coverage. Rough is mix of thick to sparse, but hey, it's rough and it can be penal at times. Some of the tee boxes are flatish and some are not, but certainly playable.

Pace of play for 18 was 3 1/2 hours, not bad for a consistently crowded course. Since the greens are rolling true ... expect them to get better. Recommended.
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