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Love this place. Never played here before but from what they have here it's a definite deal. Brand new everything. From the double deck driving range to the targets and Tee to Green... everything lush.

Greens on this par 3 course rolled well with med/fast speed. Subtle breaks so watch and learn. Great place to practice your short game. Tee boxes are all off mats but VERY NICE ones. Loads of tricky holes for even the short distance and will test your short game.

Loads of friendly folks play here and actually give way to faster groups. Nice touch for a really great facility.
Played my second round GK Cup with MrKich last Monday this week. Let me say first that he played a solid game on his home course. I however found every which way to NOT give him a run for his money. Great to meet and play. Only wish I could have executed some of my shots a tad better.

Greens were on the medium slow side. They rolled true and were amazingly in great shape. Kudos to the staff. Bunkers were a mixed bag of well stocked sand and some with hard-packed. I managed to get both. Knowing what I know now I would have played those shots differently and know what to look for in the bunkers. Fairways were GREEN. Nary a thin lie. Very playable and fun to hit from when I actually did find the fairway. Rough was thick and punishing. The ball would literally sick down and you had to really hunt for your ball along the second cut of the fairway. Green complexes are in tip top shape. Although the greens ran little slower they did run true. Tee boxes were flat and playable.

Pace of play was leisurely. We had a single in front and a single behind us. We kept pace with the single in front. Overall I have to say, if you have the opportunity to play this course get yourself over here fast... Conditions are pretty above what I would consider good conditions for a municipal. That means they are better than average ... more above average.

Side Note: I knew I was in for a match when MrKich managed to chip his ball within inches of the hole for his birdie and my bogey. Great playing with him. Wish him well on the next round of the GK Cup!
Thanks for the endorsement Nick.

Greens in fine shape. Perhaps best I have seen them in a LONG while. They are keeping the course moist with the heat so don't expect a lot of roll out. Greens rolled fairly true with medium slow speed. Not a lot of bumps but you will get that with the setting sun -- it's only natural. During the morning and mid day hours expect your ball to roll fairly true. Fairways are thick and spongy. Definitely what I would call well padded fairways. Not a lot of thin lies like you would expect at Alondra. Still there are some thinning spots but from the watering you could tell they are trying to remedy the situation. Bunkers are OK. They have sand -- compacted with loads of foot traffic just to add that challenge to your shot out of a hazard. Tee Boxes are mostly bowl shaped but use your two club lengths to find yourself a flat spot so quite frankly deal with it.

Pace of play in the morning is slow. Expect a long-ish round.
Played my GK Cup 10 match today at Chester against Cobra1788.

Greens were in pretty decent shape. They looked really splotchy but actually rolled pretty well. They held their line with a well struck putt with medium/slow speed. Truthfully the greens felt spongy but very playable. One green 17 I believe (hdcp 2) front of the green was a little chewed up but the rest of the greens were in decent shape. First cut around the greens a little high so you could not lay your club next to the a ball resting or near the fringe. Fairways in decent shape. It had good coverage. Rough was thick and very penal.
The ball would literally sink down so you had to be close enough to see your ball peeking through the thick rough or just loose it altogether. Bunkers well stocked with sand. Tee boxes would be my only complaint. I like to tee my ball low. The grass on the tee boxes were a little high so my ball would literally sit just about the grass. It was just visually strange but certainly playable.

Pace of play 4 hours with a threesome behind us and a slow foursome in front.

Overall course was in playable condition. Good pace of play with receptive greens and consistent putting surfaces.
Played yesterday. The short of it, the course is in good condition.

Greens rolling well with medium speed. They held their line with a well-struck putt. Loads of divots though so folks please clean up your mess so others may enjoy the greens as well. Bunkers also not well kept. I swear Bigfoot lives near there because those footprints are EVERYWHERE. Folks please clean up your mess. The worse case and it will happen often because literally no one rakes their mess if you will find yourself in a footprint in the bunker.

Good coverage in both fairways and rough. Rough is THICK. Ball will tend to sink into rough so try to keep your ball in play or suffer a sticky, penal mess that will shorten your shot.

Tee boxes are flat for the most part. If they aren't flat by the tee markers remember you have two club lengths to find a nice flat spot so totally playable.

Pace of play could have been faster but paired with two newbies that played a lot of army golf (left/right/left).
Tee Boxes are lush and level. Fairways are spotty. A lot of what Robbie said previously is true. It's a mix of grass, thin lies, bare lies... you name it.

Bunkers have a thin layer of sand with clay underneath. Greens are spongy. They don't hold a line well and get particularly bumpy in the afternoon sun. You can literally see the unevenness of the greens.

Pace of play extremely fast. Under two hours for 9 holes. Loads of light.
$25.50 to ride Sunday. Course in pretty good shape overall.

Greens rolled predictably with med/fast speed and very consistent. Pick a line and stick with it and reap the rewards. Bunkers well stocked with sand. Fairways had good coverage. Rough was thick. Balls would sit down in rough so you really had to be on top of the ball to see it. Very difficult if you were not predictably straight on your drives. Anything in the junk and you would spend a while looking for your ball. Tee boxes were flat and well maintained.

Overall decent bang for your buck. Saw a bunch of carts abandoned along the course. Figure it was due to power issues. They were running short handed so when I arrived at the starter the store was locked and had to wait for the starter to reappear. He did after around 5 minutes. For Father's day I thought they would have been staffed a little better but it was acceptable given the situation.

No beverage carts. Bathrooms are shut after 8PM so be sure to do your business beforehand.

Pace of Play was a little over 4 hours.
Greens recently top dressed with remnants of a light coating of sand on every green. Greens rolled predictably. They were a lot firmer with medium fast speed. Hard to shake off what you saw though. I would see patterns on the greens from what appeared to be tire marks. Figure a couple of weeks before they disappear entirely.

Overall course is GREEN. I mean perfect coverage with some bald spots here and there. Rough is THICK and penalizing. First 4 holes were a bit long in the fairway so not a lot of roll out. Bunkers are in good shape with well stocked sand. Overall conditions here are better aside from the top dressing but very playable. Pace of play was around 4.5 hours as a single playing behind a five-some. Caught them after the third hole so I took my time which was fun in it's own guilty pleasure.
Played Monday. Greens in decent shape. They held their line and received shots well. Green complexes are lush. Bunkers are a mix of fluffy sand and even fluffier sand with some burrowing animals thrown in for good measure (hole 9 comes to mind). They fixed the bunkers around the green on Hole 6. Tee boxes are crowned but playable.

Overall best kept greens I have seen as of late. Pace of play was decently quick. Also groups have presence of mind to allow fast groups to play through - at least in my experience.
Played Sunday afternoon.

Greens are OK. They were bumpy but once I figured how to hit through the business it was relatively easy to predict what a put would do. Green speeds were inconsistent but receptive to decent shots at the pin. Putts did hold a line if you putted with a little speed. Fairways were a mix of thin to decent coverage. It's a mixed bag really. It became a joke after a fashion because I found myself aiming for decent looking patches of grass along the fairway. Rough cut to same height as fairway. Sand in bunkers is hard packed. Tee boxes are flat with decent coverage. Tee box on 12 they bumped forward to help that tee box heal.

Pace of play decent at 4 hours. It picked up after 9 holes.
Played last week Friday. Just catching up on writing my reviews.

Greens have healed well this season. From green to green they were somewhat consistent with speed so fairly easy to predict distance. They rolled medium-fast to medium slow. You could tell the fast greens by the color of the green (more yellowish were firmer greens).

Fairways had good coverage. Rough was very thick and sticky. Bunkers had sand but hard packed. Tees were relatively flat.

Pace of play was terrible for 9 holes but it was a Friday at 2.5 hours for 9 holes.
Played today ... finally.

Greens are a little bumpy. The back 9 greens appear in better shape compared to the front 9. Front 9 greens were running medium/slow and bumpy. Back 9 greens were running med/fast and held their line well.

Fairways are in good shape; decent coverage with no bare spots. Rough is cut to the same height as the fairways so not really an issue. Grass around greens is fairly thick and sticky. Sand in bunkers is hard packed and very playable.

Pace of play was... slow. Played with two beginners and another single. 4+ hours for the round which could have easily been 3 hours had they simply picked up the pace. Blame long pre-shot routines. No worries though. Weather cooperated and there was no one before or after us, except for the 3-some that skipped around us.

Figure the greens should be in fine shape in another week with the cooler weather.
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