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Played today at twilight. $20 to walk.

Greens in good shape. They rolled true and were consistent. I think the greens are the best part about this place. Greens looked healthy and with high enough shots you could stick the ball with decent accuracy and not a lot of roll out.

Fairways were lush. Rough was thick and very penal. It was fun. You had to get creative with your shots. Bunkers were all well stocked. They looked good with a nice layer on top. Tee boxes were only problem. All tees were pushed forward to allow the tee boxes to get healthy. The tee boxes all look great and flat. The forward tee position was hit and miss with flatness.

Pace of play 3 hours for 18 holes. Recommended.
Tried to play 9 at Super Twilight and very disappointed. $16.75 and still feel like I was ripped off.

Greens are shameful. They really have to look at their mower. Their cut is uneven causing high/low spots on the green. It appears to have been punched with smaller tines as indicated by the look of the greens and the HUGE amount of mud around the front of the greens and the noticeable tire marks in the front of the greens. The greens are slow, don't hold their line and if you should happen to be lucky enough to get the ball to go on line it's easily knocked off because of some high/low spot from the mower. Short answer, bring your 4x4 ball.

Notwithstanding twilight affecting the bumpiness of the greens, I honestly think it was even worse earlier in the day. Some of the holes were really rough cut, I would strongly suggest sharpening the darn hole puncher or better still doing it right the first time.

Sound frustrated? You betcha? Nitpicking? Perhaps, but you tell me if you would enjoy your short putts getting knocked off line by some spot on the green you forgot to flatten or didn't see. I would hazard to say that even Harbor Park's greens are even better than here currently. And that is saying volumes.

Fairways are thinning with bare spots. I try to aim for the green areas. Rough is cut to same height as fairways. Bunkers appear to be hard-packed and playable. Tee boxes are uneven but get flatter further away from the stones.

It's disappointing about the conditions of this course. It's fun with not a lot of trouble but honestly when you create such a sub-standard product no wonder you don't get a lot of play.

I would avoid until better conditions appear. (I would hazard to say not sooner and a lot later.)No sense in beating yourself over poor greens. There are better places to play at better prices.
Quick 9 yesterday.

Greens healing nicely after smaller tine aeration. They are still a little bumpy but I think it's more to do with the sunlight and afternoon sun than anything else. Started just before Twilight groups. Finished on an EMPTY course in under 2 hours (9 holes). Literally no waiting on the tee boxes for us.

Greens in decent shape but slow. Firm putts are necessary. Fairways had good coverage (still). Rough is thick and penal in spots; thin in others. Tee boxes are uneven but to find a spot is easy enough (remember you have two club lengths behind to play with.) Bunkers are still hard packed sand. They are very easy to hit from just have to take sand like any bunker.

Harbor is not pretty but the structure is there. It gets the job done and with the aeration completed the greens should improve tremendously. Still wait and see. Good place to get your golf on and finish your day on a golf budget.
Played here Monday. 9 at twilight is a great deal especially if you can finish before it gets dark.

Greens have healed and look healthy. Also appears they are trying to get them to run faster as greens show a little more firmness. Well struck putts will hold their line but bounce a lot on their way near the hole. My advice, bring your 4x4 ball. Greens however are very receptive. Fairways have good coverage. Rough is mixed bag of thin to hard-pan to deep rough. Bunkers is also a mixed bag but firm -- even green-side bunkers. Tee Boxes are uneven but playable.

Pace of play at this course is normally 2 hours for 9 holes but you get these sweet spot times where you can literally finish in an hour. That also is a mixed bag. It's a regulation course with only 9 holes; a great way to satisfy your golf urges and still be home for hot, cooked meal.
Played Twilight today. $20.50 to walk versus their 11-3 deal of $27 to ride + 2 drinks.

Greens rolled well and have healed. Some of the holes are still healing but rolling well with medium to fast speed. They hold their lines well but afternoon sun does affect bumpiness of the greens. Fairways all had good coverage. Rough is mix of thick to sparse, but hey, it's rough and it can be penal at times. Some of the tee boxes are flatish and some are not, but certainly playable.

Pace of play for 18 was 3 1/2 hours, not bad for a consistently crowded course. Since the greens are rolling true ... expect them to get better. Recommended.
Played Monday and Friday last week.

Greens were punched with smaller tines; no sand. Greens were receptive but did not hole their line with putts. You could see your ball bounce all over the place with a decent struck putt. Not fun especially with makeable 6-5 footers. Fairways had good coverage. Rough was thick and very penal. Bunkers (did not hit any of them) were hard packed -- light layer of gravel/sand with hard base underneath. Tee boxes were flat for the most part.

Pace of play slow for Harbor. Finished 9 holes in 2 1/2 hours. Still a great way to nip that golf bug for $17 to play during the day and $11 for twilight.
Played today and took advantage of GK's new Coupon for Los Amigos. Been a while since I played here and conditions are much improved from years bygone.

Facility looks clean. Check in was efficient and friendly. Course was not busy so they sent me out and I told the starter that I would pick up my lunch at the turn which was ready for me when I walked in.

Greens may look OK but did roll predictably. Greens were smooth with medium speed. Green to green consistency was a little different from green to green but still somewhat easy to read putts just had a little difficulty getting the speed down. Fairways were lush. Rough was thick to thin which is par for this course at this time of the year. Tee Boxes flat. Bunkers were well stocked with sand and great for blasting shots out of the bunker -- even in the fairway.

POP was OK. I was a single and caught up to the twosome ahead by the 2/3rd hole. Folks just so that you know or at least how I was taught, groups behind can't ask to play with or through. It's the responsibility of the group ahead to invite the group behind to either play with or through especially if you are playing slow. Played behind the twosome until hole 14 when they finally realized they were dickering on the course a little excessively and asked me to play through. Caught up to another twosome and they asked me to join them; which I did. Finished holes 16-18 as a threesome.

Overall happy with the course conditions. POP was another issue but it's not the fault of the course, just very private golfers. Recommend the course to others? Yes, play it soon and do take advantage of that GK Coupon for Los Amigos!
Played today using my handy dandy GK Coupon for Santa Anita. Tee off after 1:30PM. Finished around 4:30PM with loads of light to spare and before the twilight crowd. Caught the late morning groups after 7 holes.

Greens in pretty decent shape; very receptive. They rolled well with medium/slow speed. Green complexes have that sticky kikuya grass so mind your release. Fairways may look a little yellow-ish but there was sufficient cushion underneath -- No thin lies here. Rough is a mix of thin to thick to bare but it's rough so stay away. Bunkers had compact sand. Difficult to get my club underneath but after a few shots in the bunkers you always figure a way of of those hazards.

Pace of play was brisk. Started as a single, ended up as a 5-some as the groups behind kept coming.

This was first visit here. Heard a lot of positive things about this course so I wanted to check it out for myself. Love the layout. It's fun, challenging and conditions I was say as pretty good for this time of year. Not bad for you folks in the San Gabriel valley. Play here again? You betcha! Recommended.
Played today at Twilight (1st group) not bad for just $11 and 9 holes. Finished in just under 2 hours.

Greens looking decent. Folks FIX your divots. They are a bit bumpier in the afternoon sun and slower but a good firm putt typically keeps your ball on line.

Fairways had good coverage and nice cushioning. Rough is thick or spotty take your pick. Bunkers have this fine dust to thick, grainy sand. Tee boxes were for the most part level and playable. Overall not a bad deal for the price and walking. Excellent way to nip your golf urges in the bud.
Played Friday with the GK Gurus. Thanks to JohnnyGK for setting up this little get together of GK Gurus.

Course is in pretty good shape. Fairways were lush with nice padding underneath. Rough was thick and sticky. Careful to watch you ball though; it will sink to the bottom of the rough. Traps both along the fairway and around the green complexes had plenty of sand with just enough sand to get through the ball. Greens had subtle breaks. For me it was hard to read but the ball rolled relatively true; just had to hit it firm enough to stay online.

Pace of Play (POP) was fine up until hole 6 when it ground to a halt. Not the course's fault just remember it's a resort so you will get hardcore golfers mixed with novices. Service was a step beyond.

My personal thoughts were I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Course was in decent to very good shape. GPS was spot on and the laser friendly flag sticks were great for my little range finder. Recommended for their stay and play deals. There is a little bit of everything for everyone especially families with younger kids. The little water park on site looked fun.

Easily a recommended place to play when down in San Diego.
Love this place. Never played here before but from what they have here it's a definite deal. Brand new everything. From the double deck driving range to the targets and Tee to Green... everything lush.

Greens on this par 3 course rolled well with med/fast speed. Subtle breaks so watch and learn. Great place to practice your short game. Tee boxes are all off mats but VERY NICE ones. Loads of tricky holes for even the short distance and will test your short game.

Loads of friendly folks play here and actually give way to faster groups. Nice touch for a really great facility.
Played my second round GK Cup with MrKich last Monday this week. Let me say first that he played a solid game on his home course. I however found every which way to NOT give him a run for his money. Great to meet and play. Only wish I could have executed some of my shots a tad better.

Greens were on the medium slow side. They rolled true and were amazingly in great shape. Kudos to the staff. Bunkers were a mixed bag of well stocked sand and some with hard-packed. I managed to get both. Knowing what I know now I would have played those shots differently and know what to look for in the bunkers. Fairways were GREEN. Nary a thin lie. Very playable and fun to hit from when I actually did find the fairway. Rough was thick and punishing. The ball would literally sick down and you had to really hunt for your ball along the second cut of the fairway. Green complexes are in tip top shape. Although the greens ran little slower they did run true. Tee boxes were flat and playable.

Pace of play was leisurely. We had a single in front and a single behind us. We kept pace with the single in front. Overall I have to say, if you have the opportunity to play this course get yourself over here fast... Conditions are pretty above what I would consider good conditions for a municipal. That means they are better than average ... more above average.

Side Note: I knew I was in for a match when MrKich managed to chip his ball within inches of the hole for his birdie and my bogey. Great playing with him. Wish him well on the next round of the GK Cup!
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