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Sunday round at Los Amigos, walking with a push cart and playing from the back tees. Course is still a little rough around the edges but could easily get back into good playing shape with just a little more precipitation.

Fairways are mostly dry with the occasional lush area, and the rough is essentially the same. Frustrating to land perfect drives and be met with thin, dried out lies. But on the flip side, the greens are in pretty good shape right now. Not overly fast but had good coverage, seem recovered from aeration and hold lines and shots well. And the sand is in great shape. Tee boxes are varied from good to needs a lot of TLC.

Pretty straightforward, parkland style front nine, then things get interesting on the back nine and finish with three very tough holes. Many a great score have been humbled on that treacherous finish. But we keep coming back because Los Amigos is still pretty fun, and even better when the POP on a Sunday is just around four and a half hours. Wasn't expecting that at all and was very pleasantly surprised by that.
Got out to Balboa this week in need of a confidence round and it did the trick. Got out there past noon so it was $21 + $5 for the push cart. Pretty great value if you ask me. We had some initial confusion at the tee box, but then went out after another group and moved well pretty much all day, finishing in just under four hours, which was great and unexpected.

Conditions are currently good enough to justify that greens fee without a doubt. No, the fairways aren't lush and green, but they're grass in most areas and a dull beige. There are some good areas to find, but the fairways could definitely use some more rain. Rough is just slightly longer but not generally a problem to play out of if you find your ball there.

Greens were a little slow and bumpy after recent aeration, but nothing too terrible. They actually looked in better shape than they rolled, but it was at least easy to keep balls on the greens for the most part. Still, any line was an adventure but I imagine they'll be better in the coming weeks. Sand was avoided all day but looked pretty good. Tee boxes fair at best.

No cart service anywhere to be found which is probably a good idea on a course where the ninth hole is pretty far away from the main snack shop by the starter. If there was a snack bar out there, I didn't notice it this time. Played as a single and was paired up with three interesting older gentlemen who were all very unique characters. It was a good time.

Layout at Balboa is of course nothing to write home about, but it's a very serviceable 18 holes of golf which is a great place to get out to when you need to try some new stuff or just let it fly and try to get your groove back. And at $21 walking it's a great deal.
Was out in Laughlin this past weekend for a work-related tournament at Mojave Resort. I was looking forward to playing this course again after having played this same event last year for the first time, and the course did not disappoint.

We started on the back nine for the sake of the tournament, but that routing is plenty fun as well. Both nines have a lot of fun, challenging holes to test your game. There are carries over water, strategic tee shots and grip it & rip it opportunities as well. Not a ton of elevation to worry about, but their bunkers are very prominent with a lot of mounding around them, and also on the greens. But yeah, really fun layout.

Conditions for the middle of the desert are very good. Fairways look great with that in consideration, and the rough is even more dense, but there are a lot of areas to get in trouble and lose balls into the desert waste. But on the fairways, you'll find yourself with plenty of nice lies, with the occasional thin one here or there.

Greens were really great. Ball marks at a very minimum, running fast and very tricky. We had the toughest pin placements set up for the scramble tournament so it was quite challenging to read them, but our team did a pretty good job of it, taking second place overall at 6-under. Pretty tough with their speed and firmness to hold shots on the greens though as I learned a few times. Line drives going to run forever.

Tee boxes were fine, not great but nothing too awful, either. Bunkers seemed to be in good working condition, but we didn't find any as the best shot between the four of us, so that was good. We had cart service as well many times, however I don't know if that's standard or was done extra since this was quite a big tournament.

My only regret, once again, is playing a scramble, which is good fun, but I really want to play this course on my own just to test myself and see how I would do. Maybe if I come back next year, or on another trip out there, going to try and get that done. Recommend it for sure.
Played De Bell on Saturday as some friends offered and I hadn't made any plans yet for that day. It was probably not a wise choice with my handicap faltering throughout March and the beginning of April. This course is just a nightmare if you're not pretty perfect with your target golf game on the day.

Conditions just okay right now at De Bell, although you begin to think it might be pretty good when you're driving up the hill to the entrance and see the lush fairway on #1. Be not fooled - much of the rest of the course is thin and dry, but there are definitely some good areas as well. Still, would have thought the rains would have had more of an impact here.

Tee boxes are in pretty rough shape and need some attention. The bunkers are definitely thin and could also get an upgrade. The greens? Well, there were some signs of the recent aerating on most of the greens - some stronger than others. Bumpy for sure and definitely not a great day for putting on them. Greens at De Bell are already wild enough, but they became almost more manageable with the slower pace, except that everything seemed to go offline pretty easily. Not ideal, but should have known after seeing the recent punch.

POP was not great, but that also had a lot to do with two golfers in our group who were more about having a good time (and teeing off three times in case of bad tee shots) than they were about a good score. But in fairness we did plenty of waiting on lots of holes either way, finishing up in just around five hours overall.

Cart service came around once - no beer, a gal with a golf cart with a tub filled with ice and soft drinks in the back of it. Interesting. And again, if you have never played De Bell before, just know that it's unlike most other courses you'll ever play in LA. You can go from a PW off the tee par 4, to a 3 wood par 3 in no time. It's wacky. And usually not fun if you're just slightly off. Small victory was playing one ball until the 13th hole. Yay.
Met up with Kassper7 on Friday for a 1pm round at Lakewood this past Friday. Plenty of time to finish up a leisurely round of golf, right? One would think, but at Lakewood, that would be incorrect. After going out 15 minutes late at 1:15, we waited three deep on numerous holes throughout the round and ended up coming in on the 18th green at 7:15pm. Six hours on a Friday afternoon! That's just TERRIBLE management. Stagger your tee times or get a few marshalls out there actually doing something. Awful.

Luckily the course was actually in decent shape compared to previous visits, or this review would be really bad. The greens were in pretty nice shape, rolling well and not too bumpy, but the clientele at LCC not famous for fixing ball marks. Still, they were okay.

Fairways had good coverage on some holes, mediocre on others, but nothing too terrible. The rough was definitely thin in a lot of areas so anything hit just off the fairways was a mixed bag of what you might find. Bunkers were just okay. Tee boxes on many of the holes were in poor shape but at least they were even.

I like the layout at Lakewood for sure, but it's really frustrating to find any rhythm whatsoever when you're waiting 10-15 minutes on just about every hole to tee off. Lakewood should contact the guys at Rancho Park to see exactly what they've done to fix their six-hour rounds. They could learn a lot from them and stop turning off guests.
Got in a late twilight round on the way home from a Vegas work trip yesterday and decided to see what Primm Valley GC was all about after driving past it countless times in my life. First off, kudos to the pro shop who told me as a walk-in that it would be far cheaper for me to make a quick booking on ($55) than just through the course ($89) - that's pretty quality and honest service right there. And it was much appreciated.

First thing you notice once you get on the grounds is how you're kind of lost in the woods yet surrounded by desert. It's visually quite cool to be in the middle of this little oasis. For me it was a bit like Classic Club with less teeth. Layout for the Lakes course is super fun with a great variety of holes long and shorter, plenty of water features that are really aesthetically pleasing, elevations that you don't expect to see, and a really fun routing that keeps you interested throughout the round.

Conditions are above average all the way around, but there are some aspects that keep the course from getting an even higher rating. The tee boxes are actually a lot shaggier than one would expect, but they're flat and well placed. The bunkers were in good shape all around the course.

Fairways were generally well covered and pretty green, but there were a few patches of thin lies and dried out areas, which is of course to be expected when you're right next to a massive solar farm that takes advantage of how much hot sun there is there at all times! I was definitely getting some good roll on those fairways that often left me just into the first cut of rough off the tee, and that rough was pretty thick and in good shape. It's just a few inches short of difficult, but currently of moderate resistance.

The greens were in great shape. They rolled very true but it was pretty difficult to keep balls with any speed to them on the greens. A few of the holes had some patchwork areas on the greens which was visually more of a problem than anything else. But on good shots that landed softly, they were pretty fun to play.

I would really like to play the Desert course next time I'm around that area. And if you're ever in that area midweek with some time, stop by. I actually cruised through the entire 18 in just three hours, and that was after being held up the last 3-4 holes by a twosome in front of me. Pretty fun little round all in all.
Finally played one of the two Costa Mesa GC 18s this past weekend and it was quite a fun day out with an old friend and two of his buddies. Paid $61 with a cart to play from the blue tees on the Los Lagos 18. Apparently it's a little bit longer than the other one, but they're both equally challenging.

And I did find the course challenging. There are a lot of water features that come into play, some mounding and funky angles in the fairways, long par 3s to test your accuracy, and a few well-placed bunkers that make you plan ahead before every shot. I enjoyed the layout more than I thought I would having studied it a bit the night before.

Conditions were pretty darn good across the board. I found the greens to be in very nice shape and they were very fun to putt from all day. They were definitely fast and firm though so holding shots wasn't always super easy. But no complaints on the roll.

Fairways are in nice overall shape, with the exception of just a few holes on the back nine. But even where it was a bit thinner, it was mostly playable except for a few of the exposed patches that crept in here and there. The rough was a healthy mix of short and playable to some areas where it was tough to find your ball.

Sand traps were unfortunately either just watered or still soaked a bit from last week's rain, but they were not optimal for the day. They may play just fine now, but on that particular day, they were best avoided altogether. And the tee boxes were all mostly good but I've never seen tee box markers so far apart. Easy to find a flat lie when you've got 20-30 feet of room to work with. That was interesting.

It was a busy Saturday so we certainly did some waiting around on many holes, especially the par 3s. I think we came in a just around five hours even. Cart service showed up once or twice as well. Overall, a very nice day out and I look forward to playing the other 18 there to complete the circle. But if asked to play Los Lagos again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Needed a bit of a reboot round so figured that a pretty straight forward course like Alondra would do the trick to get me out of my funk. I was wrong. I always seem to forget that playing a course that's in relatively poor condition makes golf harder, not easier.

Lies are thinner. Tee boxes are junkier. Putts are funkier.

Right now, Alondra is just slightly below average in all aspects. The fairways are actually a little better than I expected them after the rains, but it's still quite easy to find yourself in some thin grass or dirt altogether. The rough is the same. The greens are bumpy and slow but also not as bad as I've seen them before.

The bunkers are very thin and it's tough to decide whether to simply try and chip out of them or take (non-existent) sand. I opted for the latter and probably added 4-5 strokes throughout the day because of it. Tee boxes are in their general poor shape.

I also had the distinct displeasure of playing with three young dudes and simply no f*!@#s were given. They talked incessantly during putts (using colorful language at all times), drove their carts right to the green aprons and onto the tee boxes, did power slides off the fairways and one of them even hit a horrible tee shot onto the opposite fairway, drove his cart out there paying ZERO attention to the group ahead of us trying to tee off, ate some food, then proceeded to hit his shot 20 yards and do it all over again.

Yeah, it was that kind of a day. I always have a soft spot for Alondra and I'm sure your experience with the clientele would likely be different, but it certainly feeds into the 'you get what you pay for' moniker. By the way, that was $32 to walk. You tell me if it was worth it.
2:45 tee time today at Rio Hondo - $32 to ride is a steal. Fairways are getting into better shape since the last time I played here, but it's still not as lush as some other courses I've recently played after the rains. That's not to say it's in bad shape at all, just that you can and will find some thin lies amongst the good ones. Rough is just not that rough. You'll find a mixed bag.

The greens however are pretty phenomenal - maybe the best they've ever been and private club quality right now. Super fast, very tough to stop a ball on quickly, running very true and very tricky due to the speed. My buddy from CO Golf Club could not stop raving about the greens. They're good as can be.

Tee boxes and bunkers are okay. Definitely some TLC needed on a few of the tee boxes and some quite hard to put the tee into. Bunkers played well with varying depths of sand, but all playable. POP was a little slow on the front nine, but picked up on the back as the sun started going down. Were the last ones off as we putted out on 18 in near dark.

But overall a really good showing right now from Rio Hondo and it's worth your dollar.
Played my GK Cup match today at Santa Anita along with Nodoubles22 and Mattias. We played from the blue tees, paying I think $31 to walk with an 11:30am tee time. We actually got off a few groups later than that and the POP all day did not turn out great. Got to a lot of holes sometimes two groups deep and that got frustrating when trying to find a rhythm.

Aside from that though, the course is in pretty fine shape. Apparently they're not aerating here this spring so you can always be sure for the next few months that the greens won't be punched. Right now those same greens are in very nice shape, running at medium speed and holding their lines pretty well. Receptive to shots in some cases, not in others - see a little bit of both when it comes to that. No crazy breaks but definitely some greens with severe slope. Ball marks seemed to be at a minimum as well.

Fairways looking quite green right now, which is a nice thing to see after some thin months past. And while it's very green, there are of course still some thin lies out there that can be found, or even some poor coverage under some of the many big trees that block out the sun. But good for the most part. There are some areas of deep rough (more flowers (weeds?) than grass actually, but relatively playable.

Tee boxes are in good shape and I was in three bunkers and there always seemed to be ample sand, although I do remember seeing some rocks in the fairway bunker on the third hole. But again, a nice upgrade from the last time here.

Santa Anita is a very fun layout that both playing partners today enjoyed, seeing as it was both their first times playing this course. Despite lying in a flat area, the fairways are often anything but with plenty of mounding and unwanted side lies to be discovered. It's a good course to score well on when you're playing well, but it can ring up big scores if you're off your game. Shocking revelation there ...

Overall the course is in good shape right now and I would recommend a round there with no hesitation whatsoever. Do it.
Finally got back out there today after around two weeks of too much work and no golf whatsoever - that's rough. But today went out to Rancho Park with a buddy after taking the afternoon off and was rewarded with a course in really great shape right now.

The recent rains have really put the green into Rancho and it's great to see. Really nice lies all day in the fairways and rough, a few soggy sections of course after the last few days, but mostly all in really nice condition. Visually it looks superb right now, maybe the best I've ever seen it.

The greens, expected to be quite damp and slow, were anything but. They were moving quite nicely, had great coverage, minimal ball marks and held shots very well. Really fun time on the greens even though I didn't putt particularly well, but the surface is quite good and there's not too much tricked out stuff to put you off your game. Good marks there for sure.

Is it perfect? No, not quite. I think the tee boxes are probably the area most in need of work right now. A lot of dirt or minimal green to work with there and they could use some attention. The bunkers were in good shape overall and I had no problem with the sand in them at all.

POP once again was very good, coming in at around 4:45. That may not sound great for the Country Club set, but if you know Rancho's reputation, then you'll know that's a great time to get in and out of there. We waited a bit on the front but pretty much sailed through the back nine after the usual stop at the 12th hole snack bar and tee box.

Oh yeah, good value too for a Friday afternoon, walking for $35. And thankfully the weather cleared up and was beautiful all day, and for the most part the course drained very nicely. Good to see Rancho back near its best. Go have a round there and enjoy yourself.
Navy course kicked my butt today, but the conditions didn't have anything to do with my awfulness. In fact, outside of the unlevel tee boxes, found the course to be in really good winter shape. And only paying $29 to walk was a real bonus. I walked on around noon and though crowded, the starter Bryce was awesome and got me on quick. Much appreciated!

I found the fairways to be mostly in good shape and actually showing some green, but there are a few dried out spots but nothing to really complain too much about. Rough was fine - manageable. Tee boxes? A bit chewed up on a few holes and on the back nine some really unlevel ones that could use a reboot. Sand traps seemed okay - had no trouble getting out of the two I was in.

Greens? Really nice, and really a lot more tricky than I remember from the last time out there. But they're in nice shape, running medium fast and rolling true. As for holding shots, I didn't hit too many greens but my playing partners I was joined up with seemed to have no complaints.

Cart service came around early which was great and took care of things nicely ... good to also have that very convenient snack shop on the 12th hole. Speaking of the 12th hole, the lake guarding the green is currently drained so there's a funky little smell when you're on the green. But hey, at least you can play it now if you come up short.

Wish I had played better but kudos to the Navy staff for having their course in really good shape. And if you want a really challenging, long track to test you, stop by. You won't regret it.
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