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We teed off a little after 9am in another gk guru fun fest. The weather was perfect, with blue sky everywhere serving as a backdrop to the tree lined hills. The golf course was lush and green, with smooth, flat tee boxes and good grass coverage from tee to green.
The greens themselves were very good, with decent speed. They held almost any type of approach shots, with many wedge shots backing up significantly. I found the greens very hard to read. There must be a prevailing grain direction, but I couldn't figure it out.
The layout is lots of fun, with the front side being pretty straight forward. The back side is more tricky, and probably requires a couple rounds to figure out club selection off a few of the tees.
All in all, a very good course in a beautiful setting.
One thing always strikes me when I pull into the parking lot at Goose Creek. Unlike other golf courses, Goose Creek is not a golf course that was built to sell houses, and it's not intended to be a pretty backdrop for bridal showers and wedding receptions. Like Spyglass, Bandon Dunes, and (the late) Stevinson Ranch, it is clear that this facility clearly puts golf ahead of everything else ... as it should be.

I played yesterday in a GKReviewGuru group, teeing off at 12:15, with GK legends dconnally, leef2020, and weber2323. First, I would say that the practice areas at Goose Creek are unrivaled by any public course in Southern California. There is a grass driving range, and putting and chipping greens which are actually large enough so that players can find a spot to practice each element of their game before they tee off.

As for the course itself, it is the perfect mix for my game. Forgiving off the tee, but challenging on and around the greens. The tees were lush and green. The fairways and rough had nice coverage. The bunker I was in had the heavier, coarse sand, but it played fine. I loved the firmness and pace of the smooth greens, though I misread a few putts. The pace of play was about 4:30, which was just fine. Every employee with whom I came in contact was positive and professional.

If you've never played here, I strongly recommend making the trip. Goose Creek is a golf course designed for golfers who love the game.
First, kudos to the course for locking the carts in the barn and only letting walkers play today. If they let golf carts out today, with all the mud and slop on the course, one a-hole could have done so much damage that it would have taken months to fix.

Second, (and I'll be brief), if you book your time on GolfNow you will not tee off before your scheduled tee time, even if there is nobody within fifty miles of the golf course. The starter ran some stuff about "time stamps" and invisible people with tee times before ours, but the real poop is ... you may go out an hour AFTER your tee time, but you ain't going out one minute before. (EXCUSE ME, STEWARDESS, I SPEAK STARTER).

As for the course, it was very good considering all the rain.The tee boxes were swell, and I love the fact that they put the markers far apart to accommodate various shot shapes and minimize divot damage on par threes. Fairways had significant standing water, which is understandable after all the rain. And the bunkers were wet, but playable. The greens were tricky, as some ran almost normal speed and some were very slow. Pace of play was really fast, and we finished all 18 holes teeing off at exactly 1:15. The girls in the coffee shop and bar are tops. All in all, it's a nice golf environment and reasonably priced for the OC.
I played in the first gk guru time, teeing off just before 8. It was a great time playing with Kevin, Ron, and the boss (Johnny). Oak Quarry is probably as visually stunning as any course in Southern California, and it remains a tribute to the highest level of golf course architecture. To play golf surrounded by the steep walls of the quarry is always an amazing experience.

Playing conditions were very good. Tee boxes, fairways, and rough were lush. The greens were smooth and rolled at a nice speed, though reading the breaks could be tricky. Pace of play was good, though the wind definitely slowed us down. Customer service was exceptional. Everyone I came in contact with was attentive and professional.
A splendid time is guaranteed for all ...
I played in the "marquee group" of the gk guru outing with Itslikeimsayin, rgm2525, and Tubedude. It was a day I had been looking forward to for weeks.

From the moment I arrived at the property, I was struck with the elite nature of Cascata. The gated entry. The valet parking. The massive waterfall which pours into the clubhouse. When I got to the locker room, my name was on one of the lockers.

Then there was our forecaddie, John. A very experienced and competent looper who has been at Cascata since it opened. He was very helpful with local knowledge, especially with regard to the pace at which putts would roll. If I may say so, he often had a look of stunned disbelief when he saw some of our shots.

As for the course, It was a fun layout, with many interesting holes. There was enough room to hold a slightly crooked tee shot, but once you left the playing field it was rocky horror. Conditions were very good, I suppose. I guess I kind of expected Augusta National. Coverage was good in the fairways and rough, nicely groomed tee boxes and bunkers. The greens were smooth and quick, which was a real treat.

I also suppose I should apologize for the ... er ... club throwing incident. I had a really good round going until my second shot on 16. After that shot I slammed a club down and bounced it ten or fifteen yards up the fairway. While this is totally unacceptable behavior, it was kind of cool when my caddie ran up and got the club for me. Club retrieval is, apparently, part of a professional caddie's job. Who knew?
I went off in the first foursome of the gk guru group with Alex and gk power couple Brian and Tobi. Rio Secco is clearly a quality facility with top notch customer service all around.

The golf course layout was a lot of fun. It wound through the hills, with many twists and elevation changes. The elevation also provided great views of Las Vegas, though it was a smoky day and the views weren't as clear as normal.

Course conditions were good for mid-summer, with mostly full coverage in the fairways and rough. The greenside bunkers were disappointing, having a thin layer of sand on top of hard ground. This was especially troublesome, because some of the greenside bunkers are several feet below the greens.

The greens themselves were lush, but slower than they looked. That led to many putts that stopped in the jaws, short. These greens would be super fun when the weather allowed them to be quicker.

All in all, I found the Rio Secco experience to be very enjoyable. Great company, beautiful weather, and a great golf course. What more could anyone ask for?
I came out the day before the gk guru rounds. I left at the crack of dawn, so I was fortunate to beat the closure of the 15 due to the fire. I had never played The Desert Course at Primm, so I booked a hot deal on Golf Now for $10 (plus booking fee). I was expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The course was in VERY good shape. It was green and soft from tee to green. The bunkers were fine. The greens had good coverage, though they were soft and pretty slow due to being kept pretty wet. I thought the layout was fun and challenging from the blues. Service was friendly and helpful.
The only small complaint was their range ball policy. I just need a warm up bucket. Their only option is $10 for unlimited balls. Not a big deal. I'm just too cheap to pay $10 for 20 range balls. Still, one of the best deals I've ever gotten on a fine golf course.
I played my first gkreviewguru round with gk legends Itslikeimsayin, kevbig, and Nickesquire. We teed off at about 7:15 on a beautiful Thursday morning, (blue skies and very little wind), and didn't wait to hit a single shot all day.

The layout here is a nice mix of short and long holes. Most tee shots have a reasonable amount of usable landing area, though a couple tee shots are tight, and there is quite a bit of thoughtful bunker placement that makes one think about club selection on the tee.

I thought course conditions were very good, all around. Although many of the tee boxes were punched or being re-sodded, the teeing areas we used were still level and had good grass coverage. Fairways and rough were very good, for the most part. I did have one sketchy lie in the fairway, but that's acceptable considering the fact that it's the middle of summer. Bunkers were well groomed with consistent sand.

The greens had lots of ball mark scars, but they putted at a consistent, medium speed with little or no bouncing. There is just enough contouring to make the greens challenging, but not ridiculous.

Customer service was excellent across the board. Every employee I dealt with was efficient, positive and professional. I will definitely be back, and I recommend this course highly to those of you who have never played Black Gold.
I had to play THIS gk plays, because La Purisima is one of my favorite courses anywhere. It's not just the layout, but the unspoiled beauty of the area. This was the easiest the course has ever played when I've played it, with light wind and the greens at a reasonable speed.
Conditions weren't perfect, but they were very good in the parts of the golf course where you should hit the ball. The greens are so challenging that there is an added sense of accomplishment when you two putt from long range.
If you haven't played this course, it's worth it to work a round at La Purisima into a trip up or down the California coast. It is a classic.
Bizarre ... Surreal ... Weird ... Wacky.
My friend and I teed off, as a twosome, with a 7:48 tee time. Didn't wait to hit a single shot all day. Done at 10:45. Under three hours. Nuts.
Course conditions were pretty decent, all around. Greens were a little wet, but it was a pretty hot and humid day, so better safe than sorry.
Lots of juniors and oldsters there. Ladies day started at 8am. A good, short course for all three of those demographics. $25 to walk.
A sneaky, tricky course.
I teed off Monday at around 11:45 for my birthday round. They charged me $40 to ride, but that included range balls and anything I wanted from the restaurant menu. I ordered the prime rib, so it turned out to be a very good deal. As for the course, I really like the friendly layout and the challenging greens. I would play here often if the green fees were lower. Course conditions were good, but not perfect. Good coverage in the fairways and rough, but not nearly as lush as in the past. Teeing areas good. Bunkers great. The greens were fun, as usual, though not lightning fast or smooth as they can be. I had to fix many ball marks throughout the round, and the sixteenth green had been recently punched. Pace of play was about 4 1/2 hours. Service was great, in keeping with a higher-end golf course. I like this place, though it may be a year before I can afford to come back.
I played a second round Thursday, teeing off at around noon with noted gkers rgm2525 and Nickesquire. It was the first time I had walked 36 holes in a day since several years BEFORE the famous dog "Hector" was born. Customer service was great, as always. Sadly, course conditions have gotten significantly worse since my positive review of only three weeks ago. Large sections of grass on several fairways are recently dead or dying. It's like a recurring nightmare that won't go away. The greens were very nice ... that's part of the torture of this place. In a way, I guess it helps to see The Links at Victoria as more than just a golf course. Maybe Victoria's greater purpose is to forever remind us of the permanent damage we humans can do when we are careless and stupid with the only planet we've got.
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