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Love playing here!
Beautiful views and a big variety of golf holes, -no two the same. Course is in excellent condition with the exception of a few of the bunkers needing a little work (very firm).
Staff is awesome, as is the warm up area. (Wish they had a practice chipping/bunker green and it would be even better.)
Challenging and extremely fun to play... An absolute hidden jewel!
I play here very often. Right now the course is in pretty good condition with just a few rough/thin areas in the fairways. The greens are just about perfect running fast and smooth. The sand is on the firm side but playable. Tee boxes are great. The rough is not very long at all and playable, but there are definitely some areas in need of attention. Customer service is always good with a marshal always around.

Beware of the springtime afternoon winds that are usually 10-20 mph and carry through mid-summer. Someone that isn't used to it might get torn up, but those that don't mind them will love the challenge. I do!
Played 4/15/13 in a tournament.

This old, once great track is now a terrific layout with just 'OK' conditions.
Greens: Super slow with a few rough spots. Aerating this week, 4/16 & 4/17.
Fairways: Best part of course. Pretty lush with only a few dry spots. The wash area that comes into play on holes 1, 2, 3 and 9 is as always, VERY spotty.
Rough: Playable but definitely not consistent in any way.
Traps: For the most part firm but playable.
Tees: Very good.
Customer service: Acceptable, but no marshals.

Overall it's still worth an occasional round, but don't expect the Ritz.
Played 4/10/13 with our group of 18.

Let's make this short and sweet. I couldn't find a single thing this wrong with this place, so... Go play it! Tees, fairways, rough, greens and bunkers were all just about perfect. Customer service was also immaculate.

That's it!
Played 3-6-13 with our group of 16.

A few of our guys like it here but I have very mixed feelings, but for $27, what the heck?

My reasons:
1. Fairways are always very poor. We play here about 3-4 times a year and I would honestly say we have not had good lies in the fairways for over two, (2), years! Very thin or non-existent grass. When it is in a lush state, (mainly around early summer), they are cut too long and still have far too many bare spots.
2. Greens are usually OK but a little bumpy. Yesterday they were as good as I've seen them, but uphill putts had to be pounded to reach the hole do to some pretty severe slopes and grain that always seems to run downhill. Downhill putts can be very fast though.
3. Rough was very patchy and almost indiscernible from the fairways. The main difference from the fairways though was that you could be on dirt between clumps of grass, like the fairways, but the clumps are taller in the rough. Yuck.
4. Bunkers are always the best part of the course. Excellent sand to play out of and very consistent.
5. Tee boxes are always an issue here as they are seldom level with lots of thin areas. Yesterday was no different.
6. The layout is very interesting with no two holes alike. Water comes into play big time on five holes and the very subtle elevation changes can fool you on a few shots.
7. Customer service is very good here and is probably why I keep going back, plus the price appeals to more than a few of us.

If they could ever (properly) grow grass here, I would change my opinion, but I'm still waiting for that day. Lift, clean and place is highly recommended!
Played 1-23-13 with our group of 19.

Customer service is always good here. Starter does a great job and is super friendly.

Overall the course is in very good shape for this time of year. Yes, the fairways are browning, but they are more than playable. Greens were super smooth and fast. Rough is down but still present and mostly level. Bunkers are fluffy and well-groomed. Tees are perfect.

Great place to play as always.
Played 11-28-12 with our group of 12.

Overall in very good shape. Customer service was also very good.

1. Fairways were lush with the exception of many un-repaired divots that were very deep (2"-3"). Definitely the players fault since divots come out nicely when hitting your ball (so easy to replace) and the course provides a very nice sand/seed mixture for you to use.
2. Greens ran fast and true. There are some spots being patched by the course, but none that were near the hole placements. Good job SL!
3. Rough was about 2-1/2" tall and lush, but if you hit it wide of that (which is a pretty big miss), you can have a hard time finding and then playing your next shot... very deep!
4. Tee boxes and bunkers were all in excellent shape.
5. Excellent clubhouse with good food and drink.

Hard to find better conditions than this place most times of the year, but right now, it's definitely on a better level than most others.

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Played 11-25-12 in LAGA Tourney.

Have played Green Treen off and on for 20 years, but have never seen it in this bad of shape. :-(

Customer service: Bad. -There was one girl working her butt off to check in about 100 golfers for a 9am shotgun! The course knew ahead of time there were two large groups scheduled for play and they have one desk clerk(?) Wow. The bar/dining area was being well-taken care of by a very nice young lady. No cart girl on the course. (Usually isn't.)

Fairways: Thin-to-uncut and wet. (Check the previous reviews.) Very hard to get a decent lie.

Greens: Terrible! They let a weed (not poa annua) take over and what was one of the best courses in SoCal for greens are now a bumpy mess. The back left corner of #16 is completely dirt!

Rough: Anywhere from wet and lush to absolute dirt hard pan.

Tee boxes: Tons of unfixed divots, but pretty much level and lush. (#3's 'white' tee box has turned into a dirt/weed area and the whites are now up with the reds.)

Bunkers: By far the best part of the course right now! They were fluffy and well-groomed.

Yes, it's November right now and most courses are hurting some, and GT is a nice layout and fun to play when in good shape, but I would wait until spring time to even think about playing here again.

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Victorville California Golf Course Reviews
Played 11-7-12 with our group of 15.

Customer service is always friendly and prompt. There's no cart girl, but there's a very nice restaurant/bar you can fuel-up on at the turn. (Great good tuna melts!)

The greens were very nice and smooth rolling medium speed. Fairways were very thin for the first 3-4 holes and then got decent the rest of the way. The rough is spotty at best, being non-existent in most areas, but plenty thick around the greens. Bunkers are ok and playable while the tee boxes here are notoriously uneven but fairly lush.

What you get here is a good old fashioned layout with plenty of doglegs and mostly small greens. A ball strikers dream course with few thrills. Worth the trip just for the views of the military aircraft that take off at March AFB and fly over the course!
Played last Wednesday 10-24-12.

Fifth time playing OQ this year and it never disappoints.

Quick note: Don't put a course down for its fairways just because it is getting ready to over-seed or has just done so. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT by the golf course (this time of year) to get it into lush conditions for the winter and early spring months!

Fairways: Still green in most parts and very playable, but see my note above. They are over-seeding now and should be back to prime conditions within five to six weeks.

Greens: Lush and playing medium speed and rolled very true.

Bunkers: Not the fluffiest sand, but very playable. Fairway traps are slightly firmer than green side. (A good thing.)

Rough: Thinning out because of the time of year. Some very tall stuff around some of the fairway bunkers.

Tee boxes were all level, but a little on the thin side.

Customer service: Very good and accommodating. Saw cart girl three times and she was very friendly.

Overall: Whenever you get a chance to play here, don't pass it up! The views and green settings are some of the best anywhere!
Played 10-10-12 with our group of 14.

There's lots of reasons this course is at the top of my list for SoCal. One of them is the layout which is fun, fair and yet very challenging. The first two holes are similar to each other, but after that no two holes are anywhere close to being alike. Fades off the tee, draws into greens, and vice-verse throughout. Straight shots work here, but if you can work the ball it's a BIG advantage. PGA Tour Qualifying is here for a reason.

Greens: Just verti-cut, but rolled medium fast and beautifully.

Fairways: Re-seeding has taken hold and gave us great lies all day.

Tee boxes: Near perfect.

Bunkers: Excellent.

Rough: 3"-6" of very lush pain! (Fairways and greens here boys and girls!)

The $45-$55 weekday rate is also awesome!

Treat yourself and play here now.

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Played 9-5-12 with our group of 14.

Customer service: Top notch all the way with the exception of the fellow who grabbed our clubs in the parking lot who decided to ignore our requests on where to place our clubs on specific carts. Not a big thing, but it took time out of our warm-ups. (Not a good way to get tipped.) The pro shop and restaurant people are all awesome!

Greens: Rolled nicely, but there were lots of unrepaired ball marks. Not the course's fault. I think I fixed (on average) four marks per green!

Fairways: Beautiful with very few brown spots.

Rough: Mostly consistent 2-3 inches with some really tall and nasty stuff around some bunkering.

Tee boxes: All were in excellent shape.

Bunkers: Very playable around the greens and firm in the fairways, which I prefer.

Overall: The play-ability of this place coupled with the setting is unmatched in SoCal.

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