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I feel like the gripe reviewer here on GK as I keep rating courses with barren fairways in deep dormancy. Well, I finally feel vindicated after a quick round at MPCC. Credit where credit is due, the course is simply excellent from tee to green (yes there are some issues - read on). Shorter review: It's green throughout! (for instance, #1 Creekside is as pretty a golf hole as you will see while standing on the tee). And, they've stripe-mown the rough so it's visually appealing in the way it frames the lighter colored fairways. It's novel to finally play off green turf these days, but it's amazing how much it does for the quality of the strike you get on the ball when you hit it off a serious pad of grass.

Played Ridge/Creek and there are noticeable differences between each. Ridge greens have been verticut recently and lightly to moderately sanded. That said, the greens were still pretty quick and tracking well! The fairways as mentioned are green and on the fuller side, but there were some areas of turf repair on #2 and GURs here and there on 3 & 5. Tees great except on the par 3's which were a bit crowned.

Over on Creek, no sanding/verticut on their greens. However, pins were placed a couple of paces from the edge implying they were readying the surface for some maintenance? Hard to judge the speed after the sandy greens on Ridge - these were sllllick!
Again, green fairways beautifully framed by stripy rough, but 7, 8 & 9 were still coming out of dormancy and thus thinner, harder and greyer than the others.

Also, tees were great here too, except on 3-pars which were crowned; and the sand on each course - while full - had some crusted areas from recent rains and also lots of small pebbles in them.

Got out for 45 super twilight and finished with time to spare in 2.45. These conditions at this price are a steal. Do it and treat yourself to preferential lies for once.
Skipped across the road to Morongo after Oak Valley (they have remodelled the bar/restaurant - nice! But the pro shop took a hit when they did so and is now kinda pokey - not nice!)

Zipped around in about 2.5 hours as a single. Finally - a more or less green golf course!

There were a few patches here and there of dormancy and a few bare areas too, but overall conditions tee to green were good. Sand traps were still flooded in places and generally firm/crusty with decent sized rocks in them. Just like at Oak, the rough was penal, US Open stuff (but not as severe as at Oak).

Greens were better here, but they contain about 50% poa and that affected the line and speed noticeably at times. Still, I paid 25 bucks on a Sunday afternoon so I am not too fussed. (18 green is trashed at the parts that border the water hazard fyi - no grass, just dirt/mud.)
Winter conditions throughout.The only thing thriving is the rough after the rain (and that's not necessarily a good thing!)

Fariways are dormant gray with many sprouts of poa in them 4/10. Tee boxes generally fine but a few were shaggy and 3 or 4 were noticeably crowned 7/10

Rough was very healthy, US Open stuff with the ball frequently sitting down so you couldn't see it till you were over the top of it. 9/10. Sand was firm to compacted at times (after the rain) and needs some grooming 7/10.

Greens were slow and very bumpy (one had fungus at the back) and did not track well at all 4/10. They were disappointing for such a course and for what otherwise would be memorable, contoured surfaces to putt on.
I have to say it. The course does not look in good condition. Tees, greens and aprons are all green, but the rest is dry dry dry.

Fairways look like gigantic shredded wheats and play about how that would sound. Making it worse from a visual stand point is that there are little tufts of green here and there giving a pretty unsightly spotty appearance - some tufts of what I think looks like the original rye are poking up, but many of those green tufts are just weeds too. As for the straw-like turf, I see little sign of the original, actual dormant turf - just mainly crab grass gone to sleep for winter.

Rough is non-existent except for around the greens. If you are off the edge of a fairway you're hitting off gravel or hard pan.

Tees, greens and fringes are all about typical for Rustic, although the greens were slower than usual after the rain, but very hard, surprisingly. Sand before rain is compacted here, so you can guess how it is after the flood.

Hate to say it, but rack rate at the weekend does not look remotely like a fair price to pay for conditions at present.
Winter conditions overall. Course is generally on the firm and fast side. In fact, the placement of pins on the most severe greens (like #'s 4, 8 & 9) were downright idiotic given the pace and slope. Anything above the hole on 4, for instance, would roll and roll and roll right off the front of the green and back down the approach which was full of funky lies to add to the insult! US Open style putting on your local muni poa anna greens with all the wobbles and bobbles that gets you.

Maintenance-wise, greens #2, 6. 12 & 18 had fairly extensive hex-plugging going on around the margins. Several fringes were under repair too. Not really in play for the most part but there you go. Otherwise, fast is the word-of-the-day for the greens.

Toughest little course you can play. Challenging challenge.
Just a quick FYI. Played Sunday and I spotted 5 greens hat had a medium tine aeration performed on them in the last week or so, but only affecting about 10% of each of those greens. I am pretty sure they are not undertaking a full aeration as the affected areas were small, but are attempting instead to remedy some sort of problem (I couldn't tell what that was as the turf in the affected areas looked fine with the exception of #10 which had a small area of fungus).

Again, to reiterate, they are not aerating! But #'s 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10 each had a small area of medium tine aeration. All were on the margins of the surface. But what made it more obvious (and annoying) was they had then cut the pins in or near the aerated part! No word on this while checking in with the pro shop, which I think is a little off (especially given the much deserved reputation that these greens have)
Just to add to previous review, played Sunday and greens had been recently verti-cut (probably in the last two days). It did not affect putts however, which were generally speedy and true.

Would also add the old buggaboo about OQ bunkers - especially the deep ones where you are 10-12 feet below the green. They are thin and the club tends to bounce off a hard base lurking just below the surface causing a lot of chili-dipped attempts at an explosion shot. Please add mas arena.
Ridgeline/Canyon Crest.
Shorter review: winter conditions with signs of minor maintenance throughout.

Details: Course is largely dormant, save for tees and greens. They are spray-painting the fairways (why bother? Seems like a colossal waste of money?) and the resulting look is worse than dormancy IMO, as the dye dries in different shades. And while they are clearly dormant, there is a healthy pad under the ball and they are generally fine to hit from - 6.5/10

Rough is part-dormant and generally around an inch, although there are some thicker, greener spots here and there that are difficult to hit out of - also 6.5/10

Sand is a mixed bag - a few traps were full, while a few looked full but had a compacted, wet base below the top surface - 7/10 here.

Maintenance issues begin with the tee boxes which looked like they had been overseeded and top-dressed recently. So while you could still find a spot to tee it up from, they looked pretty scruffy (a few were significantly crowned too) - 6/10.

Practice green was stellar and was looking forward to that continuing on the course. And while they speed was similar (around 10.5 my estimate) the greens on the course looked a bit dinged up by comparison with repaired marks and an occasional maintenance issue. 3 on Ridge had lots of hex plug repairs, for instance, while 3 on CC had been punched on the front part to combat a fungus and 6 had a thicker, sandy top dressing. Still, they putted well and true for the most part - 7.5 to 8 here.

Course was empty and playing long at times into the wind. I'd certainly play again for the 79 rate I found on GN but I wouldn't pay more.
Aside from tees and greens, the course is dormant, dry and rock-hard. Rough is non-existent and that's problematic on a design like this, especially with the run-out you get on these billiard table-like fairways.

Those fairways are thin as a rake and hard - it's like hitting off plywood. Remember how the barest, oldest mat at the driving range of your local muni feels like to hit off? These are worse.

Greens are the best part, but they have loads of grain in them making them very difficult to judge (not inconsistent pace-wise, but the nap of them will affect the ball severely at times). Also, moron golfer alert - the nastiest, deep gashed ball marks were pretty prevalent and unrepaired.

Sand full but heavy around the greens and thinner with a fair amount of chunky pebbles in the fairway ones.

Recent fires have burnt out most of the native areas while appearing to have leap-frogged each fairway. So it adds an eerie, other-worldly feel to the framing of the course. And, as you're not supposed to enter these areas, now if you do you'll end up with charcoal shins for your trouble and that marks you pretty clearly as a guilty trespasser. Revealed through the fires, you can now see tons of charred golf balls in them, in a sign of how many shots end up in the junk here. (Don't go trying to retrieve them - see 'shins' above, and most of them are melted anyway)

Played on an ultra special of 46 bucks and wouldn't want to pay a penny more.
Agree with previous reviews. But would be a bit more critical. Coarse is generally dormant and dry - rough, totally so; fairways mainly brown but with about 30% green stuff scattered in. Likely you will be hitting off brown dormant bermuda on your approaches. Hope you like nipping it.

Tees fine but you don't spend much time there. Sand I did not visit but it had been groomed.

Greens were a perplexing mix of fast with 'bumpy'. Not ideal. There is still a visible waffle pattern on most surfaces from recent punching and it shows in the putts which bobble as soon as they leave the blade.

Love the course but it's more than a little ragged around the edges. 5.5 rating overall (says he guessing the outcome of this review as it shapes up to the fiendish gk algorithm) - (close: 5.1)
All-in-all, very good muni conditions!

Greens have come back nicely from maintenance. Only #2 had two areas of hex plug repair and there were some sandy edges elsewhere as they were doing abatement on the encroaching kikuya. Otherwise, they were relatively smooth for poa greens and plenty fast (but not as fiendish as they can be here!)

Fairways get a +1 here as they were lush and as close to carpet as kikuya can get. Well conditioned, there were only one or two bare areas here and there. Otherwise, a joy to hit from.

Tees were not bad considering how on 2/3 of the holes you are playing short to medium irons off them. They were re-seeding some of them too.

Sand was generally favorable for muni course with mostly groomed conditions and the rough was juicy in spots and long enough to be penal.

Tough course for the length and rating. They have, however, softened a few areas up by taking out old and dead trees along the left of #4 (dog leg left uphill) and behind #7 (long par 3) and along the OB left of #8, where a bunch of old pines have bit the dust and a few more look like they are not far behind. I'd like to see some more trimming as some holes you have to hit a tiny spot off the tee to not be blocked out by overhanging limbs but still in the fairway. Otherwise, I say this is the best muni in the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area right now.

Play it if you want to hit all your clubs and get beaten up by a course well shy of 6000 yards. When the easiest hole on the scorecard according to the fine people at the USGA is blind over a mountain then you should know that this is not a typical track....
Course is firm and fast. Greens sound like billiard tables as the ball lands and they took on that 'greyish' tone that you see when greens get fiery. Conditions became more extreme as the sun warmed them up and I would expect, with the forecast for the next 7 days, that this will continue. Fun to putt on, but tough.

Other parts of the course are typical for late season Rustic: fairways generally thin and firm - running for ever. Crab grass predominates. Rough non-existent except around the greens. Sand is generally thin but still playable.

FYI their online booking utility only list prices with cart. So don't be alarmed if you are on foot - when you check in they happily let you play the walking rate which is 15 bucks less.
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