Monarch Beach Golf Links

50 Monarch Beach Resort North
Dana Point, CA 92629 • (949) 240-8247

Dana Point, CA (92629)
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1. gymflake
Posted: 07/08/15 9:01p
Member Since: Jan 24, 2010
From: Los Angeles
Got back out here on 7-6. Got on as a guest playing with a crown club card member. Worth the $80 bucks but I could not afford much more than that. I have to say that the course is in perfect condition... Continue »
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2. gymflake
Posted: 04/13/15 5:48p
Member Since: Jan 24, 2010
From: Los Angeles
Played here last week on the 7th. Got a good deal because of the aeration. Tee boxes, fairways, rough are all in great shape here as you would expect! Greens were a bit bumpy even thought they said t... Continue »
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Topic: Monarch Beach Golf Links - Media Day Review
Posted: Nov 16, 2012
[b]Media Day – Monarch Beach Golf Links (Dana Point)[/b] I had the pleasure of attending Media Day at Monarch Beach Golf Links in Dana Point Tuesday, 11/13. It was an unveiling of the new management company OB Sports and some of the new guest features they are providing. It started off with us...
Topic: Thanks to the staff at Mondarch Beach!
Posted: Oct 18, 2012
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to play this course. It was great to meet you Junior and wish you good luck with your marketing endeavors at MB. Just wanted to make mention that your course conditions are opportune. That is to say magnificent. I have played every level of golf course at e...
Member Since: May 12, 2004
If you aim for the center of the fairway you could end up in the water because the last 75-100 yards is downhill, so you'll get a lot of roll. And if you are short of the water you'll have a downhill lie for your approach shot over water, which is a tricky shot. If you hit an iron or wood to stay at the top of the slope you have a longer shot over water, with a green that slants away from you. Aiming over the left trap could work, but if you miss a little left you could be in the trees, and a little right and you're in the water. I prefer the unconventional approach: aim for the center of #10 fairway, which runs parallel to 18. That takes the trees, water and bunker out of play. The main advantage, though, is that you have a flat lie on good grass, and the water on the approach shot doesn't come into play. The downside is that you may have to wait for the golfers on #10 to hit your shot, and the GPS or sprinkler heads won't give the distance.
Member Since: Jul 27, 2009
Short but mighty. Play a club off the tee that puts your most accurate iron in your hands for the approach shot. Be on the right level to putt on this treacherous green, I have witnessed a 6 putt for an 8 on this hole.

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