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June 2008
"Forgive and Forget"

36 years old
Tournament Sales and Marketing

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Steph's Golf Statistics

Index: N/A
Average Score: 0
Available to Play Golf: Weekdays & Weekends
Cart Preference: Likes to Ride
Temperament: Casual Golfer
Smokes (while golfing): No
Plays in Tournaments: Yes

Steph's Favorites

Golfer: ?
Golf Course: Green River

Where Steph Plays Golf

Riverside County; Orange County

What's in Steph's Golf Bag

Nothing to brag about. I am a beginner golfer and just purchased a set of pink Hippos :).

Last Updated: September 11, 2009

More about Steph

I work at Green River Golf Club in tournament sales and marketing. Upon working at Green River I had never played golf. Since I am selling it I thought it would be a good idea to learn a little about it. I genuinly like it, but not in the heat. You guys who play in the heat are nuts. Just sayin. So when the weather returns to a tolerable state I will be out there giving it my best. That's not saying much, but I will give it what I've got.

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