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Played 5/8 had a 12:10p tee time for $26.99. Guy in proshop let me out early around 11:30a. The whole course is very dry. Tee boxes are level, not too many divots and green for the most part. The fairways are very dry. Thin lies all day and when you do find green grass, its "fluffy" so the ball sits down, kinda like your in the first cut of rough. Greens are 95% recovered from recent aerification so nice and green but they are not cutting them short or rolling them yet. Greens very bumpy and soft. Slow to medium speed. The fringe and around the greens are what you would expect with not watering as much as they should, dry and thin lies. Sand traps were ok good. Cant tell where the rough begins and the fairway ends. Chester Washington is usually in a little better shape than this.
Played 10/18. I did not ask the pro shop but strangest green aerification/maintenance i've ever seen. No warning on Golfnow or Golfzing. Holes 1,2,4,8,11 is punched and sanded. Holes 3,14,15,16,17 no maintenance, greens are fine, smooth with medium speed. Holes 5,6,7,9,10,12,13,18 is punched with needle tines, no sand.
Rest of the course is typical fall/winter muni conditions.
Played 10/7. I played last Wednesday too. I don't agree with the rating for this course. 6.7 rating at best in my opinion. Its not in terrible condition but certainly not "great" I think Skylinks in long beach is in much better condition.

Check in always a pleasure here it seems, very friendly. Tee boxes are level but a number of gold and red tees and some blue tees are GUR. Fairways are just ok, decent coverage and looks nice and green from afar but uneven, the ball does not sit up nicely and nestles down a bit. The rough is just ok, thin in some spots and those spots are in play. Greens are good for the most part. 99% recovered from aerification but a lot of ball marks that didn't heal right and a little bumpy, maybe because i played in the afternoon. Bunkers are the best part of the course. That tells you something huh? Good density of sand, easy to play from.

If the course has limited resources and manpower, i think they should focus on maintenance especially around the greens, 50 yards and in. Also fairways and rough that is mostly in play. I dont see that from this superintendent. There is rough and fairway with really nice grass that no one is ever going to play from. And really "crappy" grass just over the green on 1st hole, just over the green on 4th hole, short right of green on 9th, right of green on 11th, over the green on 16th, just to name some spots that are very much in play but almost no grass.
Played Saturday 9/16 at 1:45 pm, got 16 holes in, typical for this course i would say. Usual POP for weekend is about 6 hours or so. Tee boxes are little uneven, good coverage, moderate divot damage. Fairways are good for the most part but have some bare spots. Rough is fifty percent grass fifty percent bare. The grass surrounding the greens are nice. Greens are nice too and fast for Los Verdes. Nice sand in the bunkers. Amazing views of the ocean!
Played on 9/9/17. Pro shop staff was friendly and helpful. Course conditions are nice. The tee boxes are flat. Fairways are a little thin in some spots but overall provide very good lies. Rough is not long but nice coverage. Greenside and fairway bunkers have the right amount of sand in it. Greens are smooth for the most part with medium speed but no one fixes there ball marks here! The layout is decent, you have some options off the tee, not just grip it and rip it. 4 water hazards that come into play.
First time playing here. I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the course. This course should be rated in the 6's in my opinion. Tee boxes were level with minimal digit damage. Fairways have good coverage but because of recent aerification the grass is a little long and little uneven but still playable. Rough
Is the same as the fairway just about a inch longer grass. I was in one fairway bunker and one greenside bunker, both had firm sand witch I prefer rather than being too fluffy. Greens were receptive and medium fast. Not the smoothest greens but rolled ok getting more bumpy as the day went on.
Played 5/29. My first time playing here. Paid $80 for 1pm tee time. The layout is nice but the conditions are not what I expected for the rates they charge. I think prime rate is like $125 and I would not pay that to play here. The entire course has shaggy grass and on the brownish side. The tee boxes are ok, some are level and some are not. The fairways have bare spots on every hole, lots of divot damage and is uneven because the grass is really long for a fairway. The rough is patchy with clumpy grass. Bunkers are too soft in my opinion, had a couple shots bury. The greens are receptive with medium speed, about 9 on the stimp and there are a lot of ball marks, looks like no one fixes ball marks here. I will not return here until the rates drop or the condtions improve.
Played 3/25. This course has all grass driving range and short game area with unlimited balls included with your green fee. Great layout and the conditions are always amazing here. It's completely green from edge to edge, you cannot find a bare spot. Tee boxes are level. The fairways, unless you're in a divot, you get prefect lies. The rough is as should be, your ball will be in 2 inch long grass that will make it difficult to make good contact but not impossible. Great bunkers. Medium firm and smooth greens but slow.
Played on Sunday 1/15 Golfnow special $42. First time playing here. $5 to hit the range with unlimited balls. It's a fairly tight and short course but plays a bit longer than yardage due to many second shots playing uphill. The conditions overall are good. Tee boxes are level for the most part. Fairways are good but not great. The rough is patchy, weakest part of the course. Bunkers are on the thin side but playable. The greens are the best part of the course, on the fast side but very soft and holds all shot very well. I didn't see a cart girl all day. The snack shop next to the proshop doesn't take cash. Pace of play was great. Under 4 hours. Overall it was a enjoyable experience. I recommend playing here.
Played 5/8/16. The course is in good shape right now. Tee boxes a little beat up, some of the hole have the Blue tees next to White due to repairs. Fairways and the rough have good grass coverage, minimal bare spots. Good amount of sand in the bunkers. Greens rolled at medium speed but rolled nice and smooth, any faster than that, some of these greens of Course #2 are un-puttable.
Played 7/5/15. The review for this course is always the same, good layout of holes but conditions are terrible. The new program they have in place to get the conditions back in shape is a work in progress. Still many bare dirt patches but surprisingly getting better. The greens however seem to have been neglected due to a lot of work on the fairway, thats too bad because the greens were the best part of this course, medium speed but rolls pretty smooth. I will be back in a couple months to see if the conditions have improved.
Played on 5/17. POP just under 4:45, not bad for a sunday. The course looks pretty. Very green compared to other courses in the area. Tee boxes nice and flat. Not a lot of divot damage. Some of the widest fairways ever. Fair to poor bunkers had very large pebbles and even rocks in them. Fairways and rough are a little on the thin side but very playable but the greens... Looks nice and green but very slow and sticky and bumpy. I did not have fun on the greens. Your just praying the putts hold its line. Very bumpy. The guys i played with are regulars and said the greens are not this slow. Oh and just like the other reviews, no one fixes there ball marks here.
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