Buenaventura Golf Course

5882 Olivas Park Drive
Ventura, CA 93003 • (805) 677-6772

Ventura, CA (93003)
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Humidity: 37%
Wind: W at 9mph

Sunset: 7:10 pm
green Sunrise: 6:52 am


1. t8fish
Posted: 11/21/16 9:07p
Member Since: Jan 31, 2006
From: Altadena
Hit BV on my way up to Santa Barbara on Friday, 11/18 for a 10:00-ish tee time. I was sent out with another single and got around in about 3.5 hours, not waiting or even catching up to anyone until th... Continue »
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2. dsal_13
Posted: 10/17/16 8:46a
Member Since: Jul 26, 2014
From: Rancho Cucamonga
Moved to Oxnard about 3 months ago. Some friends have me advice on which courses I should play when I came out here. Buena was one of them. This is a fairly short course, but it's a lot of fun.. tree ... Continue »
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Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
Pretty cool finishing hole that is a extreme short dogleg right par 5. If you are playing back tees and you cannot hit a fade, you are in trouble. There are 2 big trees just to the middle right of the tee box that you must play a fade around. However do not fade the ball to much as OB is all along the right side of this fairway along with some pretty heavy rough. If you can hit anything over 250-260 , the fairway opens up after clearing trees and you should have between 150-200 yard shot into this green. If you go left on this hole you will be in 16 fairway with trees in front of you, having to probably playa high layup shot over the trees. I find this green impossible to hold if you are hitting anything in over a 180 club. There is a lake right in front of the green as well as a bunker. Smart players that cannot reach in 2 shots will play to the left fairway and leave themselves a 50 yard pitch with a good angle into this green. This green is very small from front to back but very big from left side to right side. Long is OB in the parking lot and as stated before OB is also to the right of this green. I feel that this is the only true birdie hole on the back nine. Birdie is not certain though.
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
Elevated tee box on this par 3, about a 135-145 yard shot to this green from back tees. that is divided into 2 seperate entities. I always feel that this tee shot plays 5-7 yards shorter than it states. If pin is on right side of the green go at it and do not leave your ball on left side of the green- same advice is pin is on left side of the green. There are bunkers short right on this hole. It seems that if you just clear bunkers your ball will kick hard onto the gree. Like I stated know where the pin is and play your yardage correctly and you could be putting for birdie.

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