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GK Cup18 match
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Sunday November 14, 2021 6:02 PM
November 14th

Bnaso and Sr714 played a match at Hansen Dam on a hot Sunday afternoon deep in the valley. Bnaso had some home cooking at Hansen and started off by going 2 up on the first 2 holes after a couple nice drives and Sr714 hitting a few wayward tee shots. Bnaso went par, par with Sr714 going bogey, bogey.

On the 3rd hole Sr714 crushed the ball deep dpwn the fairway and parred for a come back to bring the match to one down to Bnaso.

On the 4th hole, a deceiving tricky par 3, Sr714 had a great tee shot and parred the hole to even up the match as Bnaso blew up and conceded with a double bogey.

On the 5th hole Bnaso birdied to pull ahead in the match up 1.

Holes 6,7 and 8 were all won by Bnaso with 3 pars in a row and Sr714 bogeying all 3.

On the 9th hole, a long tough par 4, (number 1 handicap) both players bogeyed but Sr714 was getting a stroke and ended up winning the hole but lost the front 9

At the turn Bnaso won the front and was up 3 on the over.

Bnaso 40
Sr714 44

The 10th hole, a short par 4 Sr 714 hit a great drive and Bnaso hit a ball under the trees but was able to get his ball up on the elevated green and both players had pars.

11th hole a drive-able par 4 Sr714 hit a ball a bit to the right and Bnas was 10 yards from the green. Bnaso chipped to 4 feet and birdied the hole for the win to go up 1 on the back and 4 on the over.

On the 12th hole, a 520 yard par 5 both players hit long drives and Bnaso was able to reach the green in 2 with a 20 foot eagle put. Sr714 came up with a clutch second shot and was just off the green. Bnaso missed eagle put and both players birdied the hole

On 13 Bnaso and Sr 714 hit nice drives but Bnaso had approach issues and doubled the hole and Sr714 took the hole with a bogey . All square on the back.

On 14 a short par 5 Bnaso blew up with a variety of awful shots and double bogeyed with Sr714 missing a 12 foot birdie put going up one on Bnaso and only 2 down on the over.

On 15 a benign 150 yard par 3, both players flared their shots dead left. Bnaso duffed his chip and then hit a recovery shot to 6 feet. Sr714 put his ball on the green and 2 putted. Bnaso drains the 6 footer for the push.

16 a funky dog leg left Bnaso takes out driver and hits a good drive but ends up with side hill lie. Sr714 hits the smart shot and has a flat lie. Sr714 hits his approach shot in the trap and ends up with a bogey. Bnaso hits his side hill lie to the fringe and putts to within 6 inches for the win.
Back 9 is all square with Bnaso and Bnaso wins the over up 3 with 2 to go.

17 is 170 yd par 3 into the wind. Bnaso puts one over the back and chips up and hits a 20 footer in for par. Sr714 bogeys and Bnaso goes up 1 on the back.

18 , the number 2 handicap is a long par 4 . This is Sr714 stroke hole and he hits one up under a tree on the right side of the fairway and has to take an unplayable. Bnaso hits his drive down the right side and then flares his approach dead left. Both playes struggle on this hole and end up with a push with Bnaso bogeying the hole and Sr714 double bogeys the hole and pushes but Bnaso wins the back

Bnaso shoots 40 on the back for a total of 80
Sr714 shoots 42 on the back for a total of 86
Bnaso gets 3 points
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