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Rode the Blues (6348/71.3/130) with 24hourgolf in 4H early morning using UP. Calm, overcast and chilly made for a long course. Matched up with Sebastian and Diego, 7th and 5th graders respectively. Coming from a family of golf professionals, they both had beautiful swings. The 5th grader had not hit his growth spurt yet and played the red tees. I honestly would have thought the... » More
Rode the Blues (6394/71.0/127) mid day with 24hourgolf using UP. 3H, 45M POP in overcast, breezy sometimes drizzling conditions in the 50's.

Schmidt/Curley design that has a good mixture of shorter. risk reward holes and longer holes. Overall this is a challenging layout that is a fun course to play. I slightly prefer Legends over the sister Champions layout. The large ... » More
I just copied the same review from Champions. Other than the greens being bigger on the Legends course and some great Par 3's. The conditions were the same, IMO. POP was better, as no one was on the course, due to weather conditions. 3.5 H POP.
Played today on the Undepar $50 All Day Special, with Nickesquire. POP was 3h 50 under cold, cloudy skies (what is going on? It was ... » More

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