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Played today, 12/3 at 8:30AM. No one was out on the course or range which was surprising. There was a ton of wind so the course was challenging.
POP: We finished just around 3 1/2 hours which is great by my standards.
Range: Range was decent; you are limited if you are a big hitter because the range is short; essentially you have to aim into one corner or its over the n... » More
A little bit late, played on Friday, 11/30. Was a little skeptical after reading the archived reviews from a couple of years ago but wow was I impressed. The course used to have 3 nines but is now only 2: the Vista and the Oceana. Every single hole has ocean views and the Oceana has the most spectacular views on a course I've ever played. The conditions were great with above av... » More
met up with a friend here late morning wednesday. this course is probably the cheapest in the south corona corridor so it gets pretty packed. by late morning there was already a wait for carts and they were running about 10-15 minutes behind the tee schedule. check in was generally friendly though when i showed up 10 minutes before my tee time at the counter they asked me to... » More

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