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Not worth the price, but solid for sonoma county.

Tee boxes were brutal on some holes, bumpy, sandy, squishy, some fairly sloped.… footing is an issue with driver in hand…rolled an ankle on the 2nd tee box. Needless to say in that condition it definitely has the potential to affect scoring.

Holes seem to have been cut in the same 6ft circle for months, and old pin locactions are noticeable and affect the roll of putts. Fine for lag putts as the majority of the putting surface is beautifully maintained, but those putts you really need to drop are definitely affected and led to a couple tough missed birdie putts.

Houses seem to be the main visual feature of the course on all but a few holes. The payoff on 16,17,18 is really the only reason to play this course. Beautiful finish.
My brother and I played today using a GolfMoose voucher, about $58 for both of us to ride. We knew in advance that the course is undergoing maintenance. All the turf has been scalped in advance of overseeding. Starting tomorrow they will be closed for two weeks. On the bright side if you can hit a straight shot it will run forever.

I most likely will not rate the course.

There was a beverage cart out today and we saw it twice. Maintenance personnel pulled the tee markers by the time we hit the back nine. Everything was closed when we finished at 3:30 pm.

I’m not going to rate the course. The greens were pretty fast and really firm. We had a decent time.

I guess it’s going to be nice once they open back up.
Haven't played here in a couple years. Was invited and played in the men's invitational Saturday 11am tee time. Staff is great friendly check-in and practice green and driving range right out the back door near the first tee.
Range has many targets and mats are used. Limited to 200 yards or less so the driver out of play for most. I couldn't recall that last time and found out the fence at the end of the range has falled down exposing the 8th tee box to the long balls. The city has not put a plan or funding in place to rectify this, nor have they repaired or replace the beverage cart instead using a gas powered maintenance gator? Not what the members like and they feel slighted that the sister course nearby (Woodcreek) is getting the $$ and things are neglected here.
The greens are nice and smooth rolling muni-medium speed. The 10th had some damage in front. The fairways ok some thin spots and the rough variable. About what I'd expect. Maintained but not high level. Bunkers no report looked ok, not machined and not a factor in our format.
Enjoy the routing and Theodore Robinson (1963) classic design. First-Flights review describes the rest. Fun for the value and great company with our opponent playing partners Ken and Al. Burger was good from the busy snack shop after round. $12 with fries. Nice beer selections.
The reason for my trip. I was farting around on GolfNow and this course popped up. I called and they said they recently opened the course to limited public play in the afternoon. I found
a Hot Deal for $40 at 12:30 on 9/28.
If I were a hype man, I would say run don't walk to play this course. Old school tree lined golf course in almost immaculate condition. White tees were 6400 yards and it played much longer. Lots of dog legs including a boomerang one on each nine. Not sure what kind of grass was in the fairway but not a lot of roll out, however the ball sat up perfectly on every shot.
The greens were all on the small side, smooth and like buttah. Some of the best I've ever putted on. I must have made 10 one putts over six feet, which helped since I didn't hit a single green in regulation. The fairways were all tree lined but not too tight, the rough didn't look very long but it was no bargain. I was in one trap that was short of the green and it was dark and had wet sand but played fine, all the other greenside traps had light white sand and looked perfect. It seems like all the courses on the eastside of the valley have some elevation change that adds to the challenge. All staff were welcoming and accommodating. I called and asked if I could get out early and was told no problem. Chatted and played a few holes with some very friendly members, so the place is not stuffy at all. Only one water hazard and not a lot of fairway bunkers but still a good test of your skills. I had to hit way too many fairway woods. They have a combo set of tees that play 5900 which seemed too short, they could use a 6,200 combo, but that is a personal nitpick. It looked to me that some fairway bunkers were off the fairway or an afterthought, maybe to be grassed over in the future. The members said they put a lot of money into improving course conditions and it shows. I can't say enough good things about the place. Considering the prices I paid to play in the area this course is an absolute steal at $40. Highly recommend. I would check GK for aeration updates for the courses in the area, greens this good with weather this good usually get punched.
Course was slow and damp. Probably a good sign in general. Slow greens and pretty flat. Lots of ball marks. fairways were short and pretty well maintained. Luckily hit the ball pretty straight so not really in the rough or sand. Not low end of the muni circuit, as the course is covered in grass with few bare spots. Pretty easy to get on, on a weekday afternoon and time to finish the 9 holes. They rebuilt 2 of the tee boxes in the past year or two, and have already lost one to spotty coverage. Couldn't find a flat space to stand on one of them as two different types of grass basically made little hills. A little disappointing for all the work they did. Will I go back? Yes. Would I drive far to play? No.
Played Thursday 9/28. Wide open links style course in very good running shape. Played the 6400-yard white tees which is the maximum I like to play. Course had a lot of roll to it, and all greens are open up front. So even though I had to hit a lot of fairway woods on approaches they would either run on the green or end up where you could easily putt from the smooth grass. Which helped because the back nine has several stout par 4's from the white tees. (422,395,430,385,421) Then for some reason the last hole plays 420 to an island green (no water in the hazard, but not likely to find the ball in the scrub) that lists as a par 5. It is 456 from the tips if I had known I would have played it from back there as a pretty easy par 5. Greens were on the large side and med fast; tees fairways and traps were all in good shape. Course plays thru a housing development and the routing is a little confusing but nothing mind-bending, just have to pay attention. No real cart paths so it's a little dusty. Got there at 3:30 and had the entire course to myself. I Paid $41 that had to be booked online or its $51. I think the online specials start at 11, so $40 midweek for prime time is more than fair, at 3:30 it could have been less.
Good Muni course in very good muni condition. I had very low expectations for this course but if I lived in the area, I would play it again. Greens all rolled well at med/fast speed. (lots of goose poop) Tee boxes, fairways, and sand traps all decent. I was amazed at the course conditioning at all 4 courses I played. I figured after a hot summer all these courses would be trashed. Holes 10-12 are fun and scenic, and the rest of the course is solid enough, nothing spectacular but what you would want out of your local muni. Got there at 4:40 after calling and hearing it wasn't crowded at it was $34. The gal in the pro shop actually made me wait to tee off at 5 or it would have been $40. I had to bounce around and come back and play 1-3 with last light, but it worked out. Pretty sure the course is always crowded and slow. $34 was a decent price for the course but in late September I got lucky to finish. 
Drove three hours to play this fun challenging scenic layout, well worth it. Course was in excellent condition with some pretty speedy greens, above the hole was deadly. Set in the foothills of Fresno across from some gleaming casino this is not your typical flat central valley course. Picturesque and challenging with lots of elevation change. I think it was Johnny Millers first course design, at least in CA. I'm not a fan of his courses but this one is more subdued, although the shorter the hole the tougher the green complexes became. I liked the contrast with the green course and the tan colored hills, would like to come back in the spring and see it all green. Teed off at 1:30 and the course was sparsely populated, so no pace issues. Only gripe, $80 green fee, no twilight rate. Worth it but I hate to pay it, it would become a theme on this trip. Highly recommend.
Had a playing lesson observing with a student today 9/30/23. POP riding was 4 hrs 25 minutes. Very friendly staff in the proshop.

There is talk and a big sign by the 11th tee discussing the possibility of putting in homes, a walking dog park and reducing the layout to just 12 holes. Would be sad to see this happen as even though scruffy around the edges[get to that in a sec] the bones/layout is fun and the course with its cooler Camarillo climate and Mountain backdrop views are cool. One of the courses that has alot of memories for me growing up not to far from here.

Will start with the good which were the greens. Not to many ballmarks and like the previous reviewer stated the greens were in very good shape rolling medium to quick as far as pace. Rated 8/10.

The tees have always needed a leveling and today was no different. You can usually hunt for a level spot but here it could be tough to find. Ample coverage with minor divot damage on the par 3s. Rated 5/10

The fairways were a mixed bag. You could have a great lie, thicker crabgrass or a thiiner area all within a couple feet from each other. Rated 5.5/10

The bunkers looked crusty and thin but stepping in them and hitting some practice shots with my student they contained just enough of a sand base underneath to not have the club bounce. Rated 6/10

Rough like the fairways were inconsistent as far as fullness was concerned. There were sometimes nice areas in the rough, weeds, wet ground, etc. Rated 5.5/10

For us today being able to go out as a twosome and me being able to teach and observe it fit the bill perfectly. Not a course I can recommend but the staff is so nice, the greens are in good shape and the layout is fun I would pull the trigger for a twilight or super twilight rate.
Played Ewa Beach this morning since it’s directly across the street from the beach (east side of street) and directly next to Army shooting range always lots of commotion ear the course. Check is simple in a small pro shop with nice size restaurant upstairs, fee was 60 to ride and the theme here was Ewa360 don’t quite get it but whatev’s. Course has a lot of left and right holes and some short par 4 holes around 320 but there’s trouble with water or a dogleg at 260 something for the player to think about when teeing off at one of these holes. It’s also aeriation time here but the greens here are healthy are are very fast and firm one needs to put a fair amount of spin on the ball because they don’t hold shots too well. I had no problem with anything under 125, but any other shot say 150 or more , I would hit it short and let it run up. The course is in fantastic shape fairways are mown so ball sits up, rough is a little brutal at times meaning if you are maulka side (mountain side) no chance of finding your ball , too thick and too many trees, if you are on makai side ( ocean side) just a little thick 2inches but at least you can find it. Certain holes are wider than others and so don’t let my review discourage anyone, it really is a great course. They have the packed type of sand so it’s sometimes a challenge but I didn’t have a problem from the green side bunker. Tee boxes are all level and most divots are filled in, greens as I said are firm and fast. If you’re in the area there are 2 courses one called Ewa Beach more of a daily fee and one called Ewa Villages, which is run by the city. Anyways if you’re looking to play somewhere different than the resorts this is it..
Played 9/28/23 @ 0900. Course was nice and green but like everyone is saying, the green fees are a little steep- $50 to walk... But I must say, the course is in great condition. Tees nice and level. Fairways had great coverage all around, rough was just a little longer than the fairway and would get thicker the closer you got to the trees. Fairway bunkers looked like they had good sand in them, the two greenside bunkers that I was in played nice but there's only a small layer of sand that's fluffy then it's hard packed. Greens rolled great and were hard to figure out with really subtle breaks, I'm not sure but I didn't think they tapped the edges down when they put the holes in this morning. Three puts of my putts were deflected off from going in because of the "mounding" that was left. Hole 7 is going to be temporary for a least a month... someone vandalized it the night before and the damage was severe.
Played this course for the first time ever on Thursday. Despite my all-but-non-existent short game that day, this place has instantly become one of my favorite courses ever. An often challenging but fair layout, beautiful scenery, great staff, good pace of play, serious greens. Local knowledge is definitely worth a stroke or 2 per side as this is not the usual grip it and rip it public course. The greens are quite sloped and are a good ways back from being punched 10 days ago or so, but I never figured them out this first time around. The greens were soft, and I went from full-on plugging a ball on my tee shot into hole 2, to leaving putts 6 feet short, to having it run way past the hole. It may have been my highest 3-putt total on any round in recent memory, but that's mostly familiarity. I'll get it next time, and the deer didn't seem to laugh at me too much as they looked on. All in all, it was a great day at a great course. If it wasn't 130+ mile round trip from me, I'd play here at least once a month.
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