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Took a chance to try Los Verdes without a tee time. I thought that the threat of rain would keep the people away, and I guessed correctly. No problem getting out. I was concerned about back nine play, but not an issue today. The staff here is always great. Very friendly and accommodating.

Course is in nice shape right now, particularly the greens. Rolled true, reasonably quick, and receptive. Good coverage in the fairways. Found a few bunkers, most had well maintained sand.

Still the best value in golf ! As long as you get out early and avoid the 5+ hour rounds, this is the most bang for your buck you can get in Southern California.
Played on Friday afternoon and the pace was excellent because I think we finished at 4 hours which was a pleasant surprise for a Friday afternoon. I had played Legends a few years ago but never the Champions course. The greens were not very good and still need a few more weeks of healing. They were wobbly, a little too sandy and a little long for my liking.

Fairways were good when I found them. Didn't remember any bad lies here but given the vast property this is it is certainly hard to maintain everything. So I'm sure there were some areas out there I just can't remember anything significant. I don't know who designed this one but I thought some of the visuals off the tee was a little deceptive. Bunkers that I thought were in play aren't and vice versa.

Rough is not bad. It didn't affect my club selection at all but off the fairways you do have some hillsides, water, native areas, etc.

Sand traps were bad too. I was in 2 bunkers and there was no sand in the 2 I was in. I was hitting off clay. I know another guy in our group encountered the same thing on another hole so I don't know how wide spread this issue is.

Tee boxes were good. There are some holes where there are some options on the tee but all had good grass coverage.

I did like the layout of the Champions course compared to the Legends course but I think condition wise I'd wait until getting out here. I'd certainly like to get back out here to see how it plays when the conditions are better.
Played Friday 10/22 with friends. Pace of play was pretty slow, greens were nice, rough was really inconsistent, fairways were thin but very playable. Biggest problem is the bunkers. From 1-18 the bunkers need a lot of work. Standing water, mud, rocks, and no material at all in the bottom. There are a lot of good things about this course (including the bar), but the bunkers are a mess.
Played Riverwalk today in the morning. Went out as a single behind a three-some. No waiting and no one behind me, finished in about 3:15. Course was in good shape. Some tee boxes were beat up but still playable. Fairways were ok. Looked like they were getting ready to overseed. Most played ok, a few times I had to move my ball to find a green spot. Sand was very nice. In a couple of bunkers and looked like new white sand. Pretty soft and thick. Greens were very good. They played fast, probably the fastest I have seen at Riverwalk.

Course is very walkable and has some fun holes. If you get the chance you should play it.
Played 10-21-21 with John, Mike, and Nick, on a nice San Diego afternoon, finishing in around 4 hours and 45 minutes. Tee boxes were level and mostly lush with some minor divot damage on some of the par threes. Fairways were in good condition with nice lies and decent roll out. Rough was in good shape, not to long but the ball would sit down a little. Was in a couple of fairway bunkers that were nice to hit from and one greenside bunker that was well groomed with a nice layer of sand. Greens were rolling mostly smooth at medium/fast pace and semi-soft. All around fun course in pretty nice shape.
Sr714/Steve and I played Upland sight unseen for our GK match on 10/24. It's a shorter course topping out a touch over 5500 yds from the blue/back tees, but the yardage is offset by being built into a development with mostly narrow, tree-lined fairways bordered by residences, making directional control more of a premium. Overall conditions were pretty decent. I don't recall any tee box issues as to level and covered, so all good there. The fairways overall had pretty complete but tight coverage. Good rollout and good enough lies, but frequently a little more cushion under the ball would have been nice. The rough was in place and varied from hacking and potential lost ball depth in a few spots to more frequently moderate and playable, but usually green with not a lot of bare areas. Similarly, the run-ups around the green were going to be on the tight side while the surrounding areas were fuller, occasionally to where the ball went deeper and needed to be chopped out. The greens still had light visual indications of last month's aeration but no impact on the roll. Stray marks not withstanding, the greens were nice and rolled somewhere around medium to medium quick. I avoided the bunkers and have no intel on them although most looked OK.

As mentioned, it is a tighter layout, generally straightforward with a handful of water features tucked in. As a matter of fact, by the time you reach 18, there is a feeling of deja vu when it came to par-4s with a pond on the left, three quarters down the fairway. There is a bit of sameness to the holes that can make them less memorable, but pleasant nonetheless. There are four par-5s and I think the par-3 were fun with some variety to them. While there is some soft contour around the course, it is generally more level and very walkable. There is a putting green that you can do a little chipping on but no range currently, so that is definitely something to allow for. Per the pro shop, plans for a warm-up hitting net is in the works. Bottom line, it is basic but pleasant golf. For the drive I have to make to get there, I wouldn't go out of my way. But if circumstances dictated it, I would enjoy playing the course again. If it is reasonably convenient to you, it's worth a look.
This was my 3rd time playing Los Verdes and it was by far the best conditions I've seen. We teed off at 140pm and the sun was shining (I played in the morning the previous two times and it was overcast the whole round). One of the best public tracks in LA County hands down. You really can't beat the price of $48 to walk. After I scored a twilight tee time, I saw the aerification warning on the GK site. I called the shop and they said that they decided to skip this season's punching :) After playing, I can see why. The greens were almost perfect. Rolled fast and true. Fairways had excellent coverage with tee boxes not being an issue at all. I was in a couple bunkers and there was plenty of decent sand. It's not an easy course but not the most difficult either. Highly recommended if you can get on. See photos for the epic views.
Found a 12:50 deal for $70 on Sat. I had never played Ojai Valley in so I decided to pull the trigger. I arrived around 12:15 and parking is a little bit of an issue at the resort. I found a spot near the valet but had to walk quite a bit to the golf shop. There were shuttles around but I missed them. When I arrived at the starter he said that he wanted to send me out right away and I obliged. The range was open but off mats so I didn't mind not warming up. We started on hole 10 becauase of a tournament and I was not impressed for the first 4 holes. I thought it was just a basic course and nothing special. Then the rest of the course got into the trees, valleys, and canyons. Man were those holes spectacular.

Course was in good shape I would say its a 7/10. Greens were very nice and ran quick, there was a lot of unrepaired ball marks which is typical on a resort course. Dang rich people too lazy to fix their marks. Fairways were lush and cut short, mostly green with just a few browning patches here and there. Tee boxes were adequate but I noticed the blue and white tees were in the same area almost every hole. Sand was a dark brown color but very good. I had 3 plugged shots that really make you think when planning your approach to the greens. Fairways bunkers were a little firmer so no issues there. The there is the Rough and I can only think of one work for it Kikuyu!! Looks like they gave up fighting the kikuyu grass in the rough as a majority of the rough is nasty kikuyu. However it was all cut to normal length so as long as you knew what you were doing its a non issue.

Overall this is a wonderful resort and I would play here again if 1. I was in the area and 2. There was a deal. POP was around 4:45 waiting on almost every tee shot including 2 groups on each par 3. Carts are new with shar experience gps although both battery lights in our group started flashing on hole 16 so they barely make two rounds in a day. I recommend playing here if you have the chance but remember its a 3 hour drive back to OC.
Played on Sunday, two day out of overseeding, so, it was definitely playable and still really fun, but I would wait a few weeks for the greens to completely heal and the overseed to finish taking and the course to dry out.

Great track and love the layout. All the customer service was top notch and from parking to leaving, not many courses around do what the Journey does. I loved the day, weather was perfect, but course was very wet and greens still not healed and overseeding still affecting the fairways, rough, and tee boxes. Well worth what we paid, but it was not rack rate, so all good for our group.
Played here yesterday, 8:40 tee time. Good weather and the course is playing nicely. It seemed like the tee sheets were open because there was ample parking and I did not see a lot of people milling about: range, practice putting green, food area all wide open. Pace of play was right around 4 hours with no waiting. Check in was quick. The carts have gps and bluetooth if that's your thing.

Fairways and rough: A nice mix of kikuyu and Bermuda grass, mostly kikuyu though, and it was all mowed nicely. Rarely was there a bad lie, except maybe in the occasional fairway divot as there was no sand bottles on the carts.

Tees: We played the white tees, but one in our group played the blues. All seemed level and had decent coverage of grass. Hole 13 tees were under some GUR/topdressing with the blues moved back and the whites moved forward.

Bunkers: I was in one and it was basically a thin layer of nice, light colored sand over hard pan. They all looked good, though.

Greens: Medium fast and soft. No bad areas observed. It looked like the hole locations had not been moved because they were mostly shaggy around the edges; budget cutbacks? IDK. I fixed a few ball marks here and there as I encountered them. Most were fresh and easy to fix.

Overall experience is good and the area is classic LA muni golf. The grounds crew must be working hard because all of the large trees on the course could create a lot of litter, but none was seen. Good work there. Other than that I had no real expectations of exceptional customer service; just municipal employees doing their job and little else. There is some covered outdoor seating near the food truck/snack bar. I did not order anything, but it smelled good. Lots of beer selections as well as the typical soft drinks and waters.
Played here today with a 1:20 tee time for $45 direct from the course website. Check in was smooth but getting slotted into the lineup could’ve been handled better. There wasn’t a starter but they said just talk to some of the staff, who told me things were running mostly on time. But around 1:15 I still hadn’t been paired with anyone and there were clearly two groups lined up to tee off on the first tee, so it looked like I was going to get a late start. Then I noticed the group waiting to tee off next only had two players, so I asked the staff if I could join them. The guy working there said yes – if the people on the tee agreed to it, which seemed weird to me. The staff should be making these decisions, not allowing golfers to play any size group they wish. Anyway, those guys were cool and said yes, so I joined them and ended up teeing off right on time. Good thing, too, because the pace was pretty slow (4:40 total) and if I’d teed off two or three groups later, would’ve probably finished in the dark.

Conditions were decent and very much a mixed bag. Greens are definitely the highlight; they were medium-fast to fast, a little bumpy, and accepted full shots well. Lots of spots around today’s pin positions just kept rolling out, and it's very difficult to get the ball to stop on any downslopes. (The practice green is currently half all dried out and half lush, but both rolling pretty good. The on-course greens were more like the lush side.) A couple greens had some problem areas with small bare spots here and there. Fairways had mostly good coverage but were quite thin, leaving tight lies. Rough had lots of bare/hardpan spots and was otherwise thin. Bunkers were mostly terrible, completely hard packed and seemingly neglected, but then on around the 15th hole, a few were really nice. Hopefully that’s a sign that they’re working on them or better yet, refilling them entirely. Luckily most of the bunkers I was in were fairway bunkers, so the hard pack didn’t hinder my play as much. The greenside bunker I was in I just chipped like I was hitting off hardpan; seemed impossible to try to hit a normal bunker shot hoping to get under the ball. Blue tee boxes were decent but lumpy.

I had only played here once many years ago (around '92, I wanna say) when this was still a 27-hole facility. Now it’s 36, and I don’t really remember if I had played any of the holes I played today. It’s one of those very generic looking Ted Robinson designs, but it was more interesting than I remembered. It also seems more difficult than the rating, with tons of water coming into play and firm/fast conditions meaning balls can easily run into those penalty areas. If it was in better condition, it would definitely be more enjoyable. Thankfully the heavily contoured greens are in pretty good shape, making things fun and interesting when putting. You definitely don’t want to be on the wrong tier of some of these greens. Considering the Palms course is currently closed for overseeding, hopefully the current conditions on Lake are “end of summer” conditions and this course will get the same treatment next. I only played here today because it was convenient to something else I was doing in the area, but now the completist in me wants to come back and play Palms when it re-opens from overseeding (definitely didn’t look lush yet, though). If anyone is interested in joining me for a GK Cup match, let me know.
Played this AM. They had the black tees out today for a men's club tournament (which we played in front of). It was a nice change playing from these tees which are never out. Course is in really nice shape at present. Tee boxes clean/level. Fairways have good coverage, lies and roll out. Bunkers are all playable and rakes available. Greens are running about 8/9 in speed and hold, release shots and chip/putt very well. Excellent customer service at all levels. Restaurant open at 6 AM on Sundays with a full menu.
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