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Played Torrey yesterday...was about the 4th group off.

Fairways are still in amazing shape. Phenomenal coverage and sponginess allowing you to take divots. Even as they were doing work, they were cleaning to make sure the fairways were phenomenal.

Greens - was not quite as impressed here. Bumpy, sandy, just not super impressed with them. Most rolled alright but for a few of them, it definitely shaped the opinion of the course.

Rough - man this place is hard. Hard to find your ball, hard to tell how hard to swing out of it, just made it tough overall. Add to it - all the clippings from the fairway being blown out to the rough, made it harder to walk and find your ball.

Bunkers - was in 2. 1 geeenside on no. 1 and a fairway on no. 17. Greenside was terrible. Next to no sand in it. Watched my partners play out of several as well, and they had the same though. After the turn though, the bunkers seemed a lot better. Much more sand and easier to play out of.

Pace of play - we walked and were done in about 4.40. At the turn, the guy told us we were behind even though we were on top of the group in front of us and had no one behind us for several holes.

If I was a local, this would be my favorite course. Being that I'm not, I think the north is the only one I'd play here. Not trying to pay 300 for the south when there's other courses with similar views for costs significantly less up the coast.
Got out Thursday 2/29 as single joining another single. Not too much to elaborate on. The course is in overall very clean condition — clean, green and mown with not a bare or brown spot in sight. Bunkers were a little firm but good — raked with no footprints. Rough was consistent and generally playable. The greens were very good and firm, barely giving up any pitch marks and running true at a quick but not touchy speed.

It was coincidence that I was up from Altadena and my playing partner was up from Pasadena. He was good company and our games were similarly frustrating. We got around in something like 4:15 with no pressure. Whenever I review the course I mention it is not my favorite in its generally very straightforward layout, but the conditions and general views of the area give it a bump and it fit my itinerary. I enjoyed it. Hanging out afterwards on their patio and drinking a beer while the late afternoon sun warmed up the mountain views made for a nice finish to the day. One could do a lot worse.
I hadn't seen any recent reviews so I thought I'd provide an update. Near perfect conditions in almost every way. I don't know how it could be any better. The tees are level with good coverage, the fairways are like a carpet and the greens are really nice, rolling medium speed and few if any ball marks. For all the play this course gets it's always in really good condition. The recent rains have just made everything more lush. Enjoy!
Tough to find courses with reasonable rates, but fortunately Brookside still provides great rates for seniors. Wanted to play the #1 course, but ended up on #2, which turned out to be just fine as the "big" course is becoming a little more than this senior can handle. Too many long four pars. Course seems to have dried out since the last review and was in decent condition. Greens rolled well and had decent pace. Good coverage in the fairways. Rough was a bit inconsistent. Always enjoy playing this course as the green complexes are more interesting than the #1 course. Smaller and more difficult to hit. (But at least I can reach most of these holes)
Walked on Tuesday early Tuesday teeing off about 6:45 finishing in 3:45. Aside from a couple of small roped off wet areas the course drained really well from the previous weeks rains. The greens rolled smooth with medium+ speed and held shots. The fairways had good coverage with nice lies to hit from. The rough along the fairways has good coverage. Among the trees there can be some thin/bare spots. The length of rough definitely affected shots (especially in the early morning wet) but was not overly penal. The bunkers appeared to be well groomed and in good playing condition. I was in only one good conditioned fairway bunker but my playing partners had no complaints of the greenside bunkers. The tee boxes had decent coverage and are mildly unlevel.

I wish this course would allow singles to book online when a threesome and/or twosome has booked into a tee time. I would play here more often if I didn't need to show up and get on the wait list. The staff was friendly.
Played today. The course is still drying out. Tee boxes were playable but the fairways in many areas are still wet. No roll out. The traps have dried and were playable. Rough is high and needs cutting when it drys. Greens were in good shape all round. Great customer service at all levels. Look forward to dry days soon.
I flipped a coin to decide between golf and a bike ride. Golf won out and I chose Crazy Horse since I hadn’t been there in probably 9-10 months. This place always has good conditions and great customer service. today was no exception. Greens are on the smaller side here. Not as small as Pacific Grove or Del Monte, but close. Greens are mainly single tier. they rolled smooth at a medium fast pace. Greens were a bit on the firm side.

Like most Nor Cal courses, the fairways were damp but decent enough. No complaints on the fairways. Once they dry out completely they will jump up from a 7 rating to an 8 or 9 with no problem. Tee boxes were a bit thin and damp but not too bad. Sand traps were excellent. Nice white fluffy sand. bunkers aren’t very deep do they are pretty easy to escape from given the nice quality sand. rough is about 3” tall and semi-thick but playable.

Carts were 90 degrees and pop was 3 hours which seemed slow being we zipped around the front 9 in just over an hour and then got backed up on hole 10.

Crazy Horse is a great option to play when in the Peninsula.
Spring update.
Course is playing a bit wet and has various areas of expected soft spots and cart routing away from those places. Overall general conditions as expected. Lift clean and place was worthy for enjoyment of the game.
Greens rolled medium to slow for here. Good condition.
Bunker sand damp. Good to play out of with the sand added last year a positive.
Rough was maintained not many plugged balls and those from places you prefer not to play from anyway.
Sunny delightful day. The grill had a delicious breakfast burrito ($12) we called in and picked up at the turn. $47 to walk $62 to ride
Played in The Moose event on 2.26.24 with fellow gkers Gary, Mark and Mark. The weather was held it together until the end. Tee boxes were outline by the overseed but had numerous divots between the markers. Fairways were in decent shape despite all the rain this season. Rough was playable aside from a few thick spots. Greens were in great shape. Seem to be rolling well. 7/10.
Rode the blues this morning 2/26/24 as part of the GK/Golfmoose joined by awesome guys Marc, Mark and Mark. First time in my golfing career I remembered all 3 names the whole day. Weather was ideal for golf the first 15 holes and then we had a very light rain on 16,17 and 18. Pop moved pretty good considering the shotgun over 100 player start.

I love the layout of the course with 2 long par 4s , 3 challenging par 3s and several shorter strategic par 4s that bend both ways. Most holes favor a slight fade off the tee. Very strategic architect here who places many fairway bunkers in the landing areas anywhere from 260 to 290ish off the tee. Course also has some very severe undulating greens that are a challenge.

Greens were the highlight of the course. Very smooth and quick putting wise. They held irons from the fairways very well but were firmer on chips around the green complexes. Rated solid 8.5/10

Fairways provided a firmer semi lush Bermuda base. Some areas of mud and trouble areas but would say 80% of the fairways were in good shape. Rated 7/10

Tees were level and very firm and in good shape. Rated 7.5/10

Was not in any bunkers but they looked well stocked with nice beach sand. Mark(Itslikeimsayin) showed us all his awesome bunker play today.

Rough was cut low in most spots just off the fairways but there were areas on the course where it looked lusher. Rated 7/10

What the course really needs to work on are the chipping areas in front of many greens which were muddy, thin and tight. Not up to standard for a private course but with all the rain we have been having I can see these areas on this course being really affected by water run off from the raised greens. If I lived in the Valencia area this would be the course I would join. Would never get tired playing this awesome layout.

Played here today in the GK/Golf Moose outing in group 1A with Mark, Marc, and Gary. (Easiest playing partner names to remember ever for Gary today – three Marks!) Pace was good and despite some rain on the last few holes, it was just a bit over 4.5 hours.

Conditions are pretty good for a course that doesn't overseed in winter, but not quite as nice as last July's outing. Greens are very nice, smooth, medium-fast, and quite firm, although full shots and chips with lots of spin would still bite. Fairways are dormant bermuda with green colorant, providing mostly good lies for full shots but tight lies for chips short of the greens. Rough is dormant bermuda a couple inches deep, not too penal and sometimes almost preferred to the tight lies of the fairways. Blue tee boxes were all nice. Bunkers were fantastic and I had my best bunker playing round in years using Johnny's demo set of Vivid wedges. (Gotta get me one of those 56s.)

Dreary skies never really let the course come to life visually today, but we still had a good time. Thanks Johnny and Golf Moose for these awesome opportunities to play some very nice courses!
Out at 11:08 Sunday 2/25 as a single walking joined by a couple riding and another walker. As is usual here, the pace is very very slow. On a mid-day weekend you just have to mentally prepare for a 5.5 hour round. Teed off about 10 minutes past and for the most part had a wait into every hole. The worst bottleneck has to be on hole 3 which is a very tight par 5 tee shot. Someone in our group called the pro shop and someone from the shop did go out to try and find out what the hold up was. Didn't help much. Front 9 POP about 3 hours, though things tend to open up on the back.

POP aside, the course is in decent shape at the moment. Fairways besides being narrow generally have tight lies, some bare spots, but overall didn't have issues. Rough could be very juicy and penal, seems like they're letting it grow out so it's lush and a ball could find itself buried easily. Greens and sand were highlights. Found a number of bunkers and they all had good sand to splash from. Greens were in good shape, rolling at a medium pace, very pure with minimal ball mark damage. Tee boxes were okay, fairly worn with divots, some muddy, but mostly level.

Overall a challenging track that I personally find enjoyable. A good variety of holes with long par 3s, shortish par 5s and par 4s that make you strategize on tee shots. It is hard to stay in rhythm when the POP is slow but other than that would recommend.
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