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Course is in great shape. Greens are firm, but still soft enough to hold well-struck shots. They have a new guy in the pro shop (and who occasionally serves as the starter) who always seems bent out of shape, but the course is so much fun and is reliably in good-to-great condition, that it's easy to overlook the one bad apple in the bunch.
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Play here often.... Amazing track. Great design, fairways, bunkers, greens all are in very nice shape! Old growth oaks, streams, families of racoons and no homes on the course. Ocean breezes from the coast don't hurt. If you haven't been here.....get out and enjoy... There's really nothing like it in southern California.
Played here a few days ago. Fantastic people in the pro shop and the cart guy. We showed up without a tee time and were advise that there were no carts available. The current attendant encouraged us to walk and gave us pull carts and advised that at the turn he would have a cart for us. Fantastic that that he was looking out! We were about ready to leave and he changed our mind....
The course.... Pretty back and forth. Not too inspiring. Greens SLOW and not that receptive. Some greens were really diseased and burnt out with areas that need help badly. Bunkers were great. Definitely a nice track..... However I'm looking for something a little different to fit the eye. I won't be back. If you'd like something different give it a go....
$35 each on a clickitgolf.
Played 7/4/20 white tees 69.1/129 Read my other reviews for more details. Just the facts here.
Course is in good shape. Since last visit (6/20) the greens have been small tine punched, almost completely healed. Running a little slow but downhill putts still running out. A couple had some brown spots.
Another week and all conditions should be terrific.
Bunkers are machine worked and have been watered to settle the sand. When they dry out should be ideal.
Rough 3" average you can advance ok in most cases. Through the green the course is well watered and well kept.
Back to "normal" golf carts with divot mix, rakes in bunkers, Holes and pins like they should be pre-CV19.
One of my favorite venues in this area. Most always great conditions and excellent service.
They are celebrating 20 year anniversary this year and I have been playing it for 18.
Happy 4th!
Played here on 7/3. Weather was great 5 to 10 wind. Was looking forward to this outing as had never played here before. Found out that there is a major project underway in renovating the first 4 holes’ tee boxes. So they played very short, 6&7 irons of the tees. One thing I noticed right away was how weedy and rock hard the fairways are. I was only in one bunker and it had very little sand and the grass and weeds had encroached a good 12-14 inches into the bunker. The speed on the greens was inconsistent from slow to very slow. The people I played with assured me that the north course is the premier course it’s in much better condition. Based on what I saw I will most likely not return here.
Played Fri july 3rd at 6:40, got out on time, played the white tees
Tees - it was difficult to find a level spot on many holes
Fairways - some green tight lies but many browned out dead grass, many bare spots
Rough - just weeds that grow and bare spots
Traps - hard pan dirt with a dusting of sand
Greens - receptive , had ball marks to repair, little on the slow side, but no bare spots
POP 3:53
Played here today (7/3) with GK legend Matt "LOTR" Schliebe on a 9:20AM tee time under very pleasant weather. First time out here and I must say this course is the definition of quirky. Lots of blind shot, fairways that bend and snake everywhere, and short par 4's with tricks at every turn. Conditions today were about what I expected after no rain and some warming weather, but I was still pleasantly surprised with the greens. A great time had even if the score didn't reflect it.

Tee boxes: Nothing noteworthy either way; a few boxes had unlevel ground under them (playing the green frog tees today) but nothing so egregious it caused a bad shot.

Fairways: Decent to good shape. Visually they were browning and the turf condition was nothing special, but no bad lies and roll was fair (in most cases).

Rough: Not much to speak of that I remember, though just about every other type of penal areas exist; ESA, OB, canyons, lateral, water, etc. and all of those were of far greater worry than the medium length rough.

Bunkers: Another average to below average feature, the bunkers here are brown dirt-like sand that is lacking in consistency and quantity. I hit out of one and landed it 6 feet from the hole from 75 yards out, so how bad it can it really be?

Greens: The highlight of the round; visually pop with good solid and true roll. They had some tricky contours and a few of the breaks were a bit surprising, however I thought they played very fair and any missed putts were simply bad reads of speed.

ETC: Course is target golf all the way. Packed out there, exacerbated more so by the fact that Sandpiper and RSM have STILL not opened! No clubhouse, rather a booth to check-in/pay. Cart attendant (wonderfully friendly) was out and saw here twice; drinks only. Carts available as this course is hilly and probably quite a workout to walk. Saw people outside the course restaurant, so assuming that is open. All staff were very nice and COVID-19 precautions were present everywhere here.
Last time I was here they were shutting down for new ownership to take over. Now up and running again and you can tell a difference in a mostly good way. First, the clubhouse is gone. There literally is no building anymore. You walk up to an exterior alcove with a computer kiosk and pay, very bare bones but it works. Don’t come here expecting food and drink either- your choice is a bag of chips, bottle of water, or a soda. Go play golf instead, this isn’t a place to snack. Also, bare bones carts, no gps anymore.

On to the course review: the first thing you’ll notice if you’ve been before is that all the bunkers are now actually bunkers, with sand! Apparently expensive sand at that, from the same place that supplies sand for Pebble Beach. I was only in the sand once, but it was excellent. Fluffy, light, crisp is how I’d describe it. The bright white sand also makes the course and fairways look so much better. Fairways were wet, but not overly soggy, just enough to limit that nice summer roll. Lush, nicely manicured, all good. Greens looked great, felt a little spongy, and rolled slow. If they could firm them up they will be fantastic. Because they were way too slow for a course of this caliber I have to deduct some points. Maybe they were trying to protect them from the heat, but the greens were the slowest I’ve played in the entire Central Valley this year so far. No ball marks, just nice looking slow greens.

Overall, the course is much improved with new ownership. Hopefully he (the single guy running the whole thing?) can keep up the business and continue to improve on the work done so far, the course layout and condition are both excellent. Just remember to bring everything you need to survive the heat without any food or beverage service and you’ll love this place.
7/2 pleasant day with enough breeze to keep it pleasant. Used underpar voucher $66 2some easy friendly check in with a "you are good to go" got the cart loaded and on the way to the range saw that 1st tee was open with no starter and no one apparently waiting so off we went with another single that had the same idea. About 20 minutes out did see another single behind us who had no interest in joining up and further back there was a womens outing of maybe 10 4somes.
Fairways and rough kick-you as the word of the day--good lies for the most part but not much roll and anywhere in the rough was dead stop with some challenge going forward. Even areas in front of the green prevented bounce ups and short stayed short.
Tees had ok cover some a little thin and many had some slope/slant or uneven footing.
Bunkers were freshly groomed and had fine but compacted sand--no rakes but not a lot of foot prints.
Greens have a really healthy look medium to medium fast speed with subtleties that overall made for a long putting day. With many green constructed into the hillsides topography is always an issue as well as the general slope. Most do not have a lot of contour with the exception of #12 that beast of a par 5 that bends left at 90 degrees and climbs steadily upward to plateau with a sloped green and a dime sized area top left that is further elevated another 3 feet--where the flag was today--miss a little short and you have a 40 foot putt and the possible opportunity to try the putt again if you only hit the 1st one 36 feet.
Course layout has some quirks many doglegs and uneven lies along with lots of elevation changes. Players who can hit long and straight hit with amplitude and can flight their shots to specific yardage miss out on struggles we encountered. Still fun every once in a while and course conditions made for a worthwhile outing. POP front about 2 with brief waits and 220 for the back with waiting on every shot as the field caught up to the early starters.
Played Thurs. 07/02 The course is in very good shape. The fairways are lush with very little divot damage. Sand traps excellent. The greens had been sanded a couple of days earlier. Some showed no signs of sand and some had visible signs of sand on them. They are in excellent shape. The only drawback were the tee boxes. I believe they are in the process of redoing them all. Some had brand new sod, some had been punched, some were dried out. There are some that had the sod completely removed. They were closed. Course was crowded but still finished in 4 and half hours. Customer service was excellent
Played Wed.07/01 Had initially planned on playing The Golf Club at Dove Mountain, but received a message from Nicksquire that Ventana Canyon would be a better choice. The course is in great shape. Tee boxes are very good . Fairways are semi generous in size and in excellent shape. The rough is still dormant and not penal at all. The sand traps had plenty of sand. The highlight are the greens. They are in the top 5 of all the golf courses i have ever played.
Played yesterday,
Incredibly good time.
Weather was great.
Greens in excellent shape.
Fairways in good shape.
Cost was 64$ with casino club card.
For $64 dollars it was an incredible value. It included cart and range balls. I had not played there in a very long time because of their normal rates which are out my range. The customer service was very good. They offer shuttle to and from your car. These are covid rates which are going away. I thought the greens were great because the balls rolled great. No bumps. For my putting level, they were true. The fairways are a bit dry but helped in extra distance. The roughs are thick but easy to strike through. All in all I had a great round. I would play there more often at $64 but alas all good things must end.
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