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Good range with helpful staff. Sunshade to allow for practice during high heat. Quality range balls and good targets and areas to putt and chip. Active rangers on the course. Starter explained local rules and desert rules as there are many areas that can get rocky and unplayable on this track. Play was good but not great at 4 hours. Staff was friendly and helpful. The carts have no GPS and has a number of shots that require some knowledge of landing zones and landing areas. Rangefinders can sight most areas and there are a few blind shots. GPS on a phone is recommended as it would help for certain drives or shots. They do have a great flyby visual on the website which I found after which would have been helpful. An interesting layout. A bit short but has one par five on the back and the par threes and the par fours all have lots of variety. I found the greens to be inconsistent on speed and almost crusty but they held shots. The fairways and rough was good for this time of year but had some areas that were exposed and were bare and recovering. Traps were inconsistent with dry and wet sand and seemingly different types of sand depending on the hole. Par threes were really good with challenge and variety of distances. Some of the par fours are really good holes and some fell flat to me with the layout. Good course and good rate and pace of play was better than average and they try to keep it moving.
After not having played this course since 1985, I found myself in awe at the span of time in between rounds at a golf course. The 2groups ahead of me were ignoramouses, but I didn’t care. I was taking the nostalgia in. I played it when the course was called, Winterwood. Back then the greens were awful. Today they were a 10!!!. They are slow but smooth with no blemishes. I found myself wondering if the grass is really real. The rest of the course while nice doesn’t match the caliber of the greens. It is the same pattern...houses(some are shacks)to desert to fairway to wash on almost every hole. The wash is nasty. The banks are steep. The grass on the banks is ugly. I hit a few that I thought were fine only to be swallowed by the wash. On several holes the fairway narrows to a sliver. Hybrids and fairway woods are needed off the tee. The course is harder than the 129 slope rating. I gave my Winterwood scorecard to the pro shop back where it originated. I still can’t believe those greens!!!
After not playing in the Vegas area in 21 years it was good to be back. I played Stallion Mountain due to their 30$ rate at 9:30 and the close proximity to The Club At Sunrise. On other websites this course got not so good reviews. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the conditions were and how enjoyable the course is. The greens are a bit slow. But they are nice as you get a true roll. With the exception of thin fairways due to cart traffic the course overall is in good shape. The back 9 is a little more demanding off the tee than front.
Got the invite to play a new private course for the first time last Friday, so of course there would be no turning the offer to play Woodland Hills CC down. A friend of a friend joined the club recently, and actually got a pretty darn good deal to join - won't go into details but look into it.

Heard some interesting stories about the layout here and did some investigating before the round, and all of it was true. While there are a few really great holes here in the more traditional sense of course design, the layout is chock full of quirky par 3s, crazy narrow driving lanes, and a number of blind shots in both directions of elevation. There are some holes where the tips (6300 yards) play from tee boxes literally right next to opposing greens. On the third hole, you have to wait for the people on the fifth hole to tee off if you want to keep your head attached. This place gets a little wild.

But the conditions are pretty great, so you have to really be forgiving on the weirdness. And speaking of weirdness, did I mention there's no real driving range, but a little triangle tucked between the 10th and 18th holes where you can hit anything up to a pitching wedge? Fabulous. But yes, the conditions. Superb. Some of the fastest greens I've seen in a long time, and they were incredibly difficult to control on any downhill slopes, of which of course there are many. Almost all of them, actually.

Fairways and rough in really great shape. Some super lush, green vistas to see when you're in the heart of the course, but it feels a bit like an obscure Muni when playing the bizarre and isolated holes 6 and 7. But overall it's got country club written all over it. Bunkers were filled with lovely white sand and played perfectly. Tee boxes? A bit weird in terms of design, but conditions were fine enough. Many of the tee boxes are tucked away into tight quarters and require paying attention when turning corners if your friends are hitting away. Stay alert!

The routing can also be a bit confusing I would guess if not playing with a member, but luckily we had that covered. Would I come back? I definitely plan on it. Course knowledge is a must here. You absolutely must be committed to your shot here. There are some crazy tight angles to work here so scores can get away from you very quickly. Then add in those super fast greens and you have your work cut out for you in a big way.

Will definitely head back when I can. Worth a few more visits despite the wackiness. And there were only three pictures of this place so I took some from all 18 to get an idea of its unique nature.
Fun Saturday round at La Mirada today with Kassper7 and another friend. We were paired with a fun twosome and moved pretty well throughout the day despite being a fivesome, and also around a fifteen minute delay before teeing off.

My most recent memories of La Mirada were of dried out fairways on the high ground, and aquatic wastelands in the low-lying areas like holes 6 and 16. This place drains terribly and often the conditions suffer because of it. But today was definitely a much better experience.

If current conditions are not the best I've ever played here, then they're very close to it. Fairways have plenty of lush areas with the occasional thin spot to be found somewhere on just about every hole. Rough is not penal, but the tee boxes are just in okay shape overall. Bunkers fluctuated from hole to hole, but some were quite thin and required a chip out over a sand shot. And yes, the greens were in good shape. Not great, but quite good compared to trips past. Certainly not fast, but pretty well maintained if not just a bit lumpy and requiring a bit of a press.

Always enjoy the up and down layout at La Mirada and find it quite fun and relatively challenging. When the conditions are good and the round doesn't take you six hours (which it did not today), this is a super fun place to play. Glad to have come back.
Played Friday, 6/14, with John_T. Paid $35 with the OB card. Teed off at 7, was loading the clubs into the trunk before 11, paired with 2 other locals.

Course is in great shape heading into summer. Lush conditions tee to green, but grass is longer than normal, so no roll in the fairways and some nasty rough. Greens are phenomenal after aerating a month ago. Smooth but slower than normal, slowest I've seen them. The bunker replacement have held up, sand was wet but still go early in the morning, started to get a little crusty on top as it heated up.

Mountain is where I gauge my game, if I score well, I know I played well, there's no hiding it a bad part of the game.
Played very early this morning in about 4:15. The course is in nice shape. I like the way they have cut aprons around the green and have grown the rough up. The rough was definitely a factor in places. Fairways as nice as I have seen them. Not much roll considering how comparatively lush they are. The greens though are slower than normal. Medium at best. Multiple putts left short in my group and some putts that are usually extremely fast downhill were noticeably much slower. Overall, the course is in nice shape, I just wish the greens were cut or rolled to the speed they have been in the past.
Got out reasonably promptly for a 2:30-ish tee time Friday, 6/14, with a buddy and another twosome. The course was fairly busy, but not jammed, and I was surprised how many open Friday spots had showed up on the website the previous night. We got a $20 per person special that included cart. Teeing grounds here are generally in good shape — level with good coverage — although the par 3 15th was a bit worse for wear. As for the rest, it sounds a bit inflated, but in many ways the course condition parallels the current US Open, albeit on a minor scale. Shorter and tighter than the sister course, fairways were well covered with reasonable rollout, but I found the rough was particularly, consistently challenging. You could get lucky and have the ball sitting up, but more often it was punishing — sometimes to hack-it-out depth and occasionally I-thought-it was-right-here-but-can't-find-it depth. Definitely a score multiplier when you got off line. In the same vein, the greens here tend to be small targets, usually with slope and crowns, and they were pretty quick on the day. Throw in the green side rough for chipping and it had everyone in the group tentative at times. Greens are a bit thin skinned so they produced pitchmarks easily and could appear blemished, although the surface was actually in good shape overall. Bunkers were clean, firm and the ball tended to sit up.

I'm typically not a huge fan of Brookside, but it has its charms, and in the interest of variety and curiosity I was overdue to play here and I enjoyed it. The conditions overall are pretty good and the rough definitely bumped up the challenge. We got around in just under 4.5 hours, so the pace was steady. Recommended.
Played in the GK Plays event on 6/9 and had a great time. Course is probably the best Links style course I've played, especially for being in the middle of California. I loved the option to keep it on the ground on approaches if the path was clear. Fairways ran firm and fast, but were nice to hit from and did not have any bare spots. Unfortunately if you ran off the fairway you ended in the nastiest fescue I've ever seen on a course, and if you didn't see where the ball went in, you had less than a 50/50 chance of finding. The greens surprised me. While not the best looking, they were pretty true and medium-fast. As everyone has mention, the bunkers were not in great shape and a product of the environment. They're totally exposed to the elements and remind me of desert course bunkers in the dead of summer.

Course was fun to play, with a few short par 4s and some very long ones, and a nice variety of short/long par 3s. I did see a snake behind the 15th green, which if I saw earlier would of cut my lost ball search time to zero. Lots of undulation from tee to green.

Outside services was minimum and the drink cart made her last round while we were on 3, but you can swing past the bar after 9. Hydration was important and there's plenty of water coolers around the course. The restaurant, 3 Finger Jack, had incredible food. I had a sandwich before the round and a great sausage ravioli dinner afterwards.
Played on Saturday, 6/8, as part of Matt's birthday bash. I'll start by saying this now my favorite course. Even if you don't do the whole GR experience and stay in the cabins, the course is phenomenal. Throw in the solitude of the cabin experience, along with fishing the ponds and enjoying the rec center area, and it's incredible.

Course was in great shape. Fairways were lush, green, and carpet like. Rough was up enough to cause problems. Greens were superb. While supposedly running at 11 (not early in the morning), they were very receptive, smooth, and a medium pace. A little bit of course knowledge is needed as there is a few doglegs where you can really cut if you know (or run out of fairway if you didn't know). If you go deep into the shadows in the morning, you do come across some ice conditions. Driving range is huge, but into the rising sun so you may need a spotter. Course has a great variety of holes, and no hole is repeated.

Staff was super friendly, from the pro shop, to the bar, to the cart guys. Carts are some higher end gas models, but no GPS. Course has plenty of yardage markers, including a sprinkler in the trees on the right, 71 yards from the 9th green (yeah I found it). No drink cart but you pass the bar/grill between 9 and 10. Plenty of deer running through the property and they get pretty close. Just an awesome course and worth the trip.
Played 6-12-19 with Nick, first out walking on a very foggy morning with limited visibility on the front nine and clearing up for a very nice day on the back. Tee boxes were in good shape, having good coverage but I did have to search for a level stance on quite a few of them, maybe due to where the tee markers were. Fairways were very nice, lush with great lies and decent roll out. Rough along fairways was in good shape, not to long and fairly easy to hit from, outside of that you could get some bad lies in the native dunes areas from long to bare. Was not in any bunkers but they looked in good shape and playing partner said they played nice. Greens were in really good shape, medium soft and nice to putt on rolling medium/fast and true. Fun course on the central coast with a great layout and really good customer service.
First time here in many years. What a fun course! Holes are challenging yet fair, even from the white tees. Greens are great. Great practice facilities with grass driving range. Putting aside a few obnoxious people ahead of us playing a radio while we putted and their driving right next to greens and all over the teeboxes it was a great day. We plan to come back for sure!
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