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Played this AM in a nice 2.5 H POP. Check in was smooth and Daniel in the shop is great with customer service. Found the course to have very good tee boxes all round. Fairways had some bare spots but have overall decent coverage. So the lies were acceptable and the roll out was decent. Was able to avoid the traps but they did not appear to be any better than many of the courses throughout S CA at this time. Rough was not a factor at all. Greens were great. Chipped/putted with speed and you needed high shots to hold the green, given their firmness. I enjoy this old style layout and really like the $39 senior rate. To many this course may be out of their area? But give it a chance and I think you will like playing here very much. IMO it is in better condition than most of the LA county courses.
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Played today, 12/3 at 8:30AM. No one was out on the course or range which was surprising. There was a ton of wind so the course was challenging.
POP: We finished just around 3 1/2 hours which is great by my standards.
Range: Range was decent; you are limited if you are a big hitter because the range is short; essentially you have to aim into one corner or its over the net.
Course: Allowing single riders if you opt for that, my buddy and I just rode together. The course conditions are average, the greens were recovering from being punched it looks like, but they were soft and rolling FAST. I think the only thing here that bothers me is even if you hit a ball down the middle of the fairway you can easily lose it because of the leaves. I try to only play here during the summer but was desperate to play somewhere today. Its so frustrating losing a ball that should be right in the open; not really the courses fault I guess but something that bothers me at this course. It is fairly cheap to get 18 holes with a cart, I think today it was $55 bucks with a medium bucket which isn't terrible. I think I will wait until summer to play here again.
A little bit late, played on Friday, 11/30. Was a little skeptical after reading the archived reviews from a couple of years ago but wow was I impressed. The course used to have 3 nines but is now only 2: the Vista and the Oceana. Every single hole has ocean views and the Oceana has the most spectacular views on a course I've ever played. The conditions were great with above average versus your typical muni. There are definitely some challenging holes but there are some scoring holes as well. The customer service was great and we didn't wait on a single hole. And with my parents now residing in Rosarito, I'll definitely be back. Well worth the $100 green fee.
met up with a friend here late morning wednesday. this course is probably the cheapest in the south corona corridor so it gets pretty packed. by late morning there was already a wait for carts and they were running about 10-15 minutes behind the tee schedule. check in was generally friendly though when i showed up 10 minutes before my tee time at the counter they asked me to come back in 5-10 minutes to check in because they were behind. a minor annoyance. Much worse was the POP. waiting on most every shot and after four hours we were still on hole 14. when we got to 15 tee there was a group on the green and two groups on the tee so we just gave up. would have been on track for a 5+ hour round. fairways are fast and hard but they are all spray painted green, there isn't any actual green grass on the fairway. no rough, that's just brown grass. some tee boxes were ok, some really shaggy and #3 was very wet. greens were the only saving grace and in really good condition. it's not a terrible course, but i won't play here again with that pace of play. personally would prefer it if they just spaced out the tee times and raised the rates if they have to.
Overview: Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia is in the Shea Homes built master planned community of Trilogy at Vistancia. The golf club was designed by Gary Panks and opened for play in February of 2004. The links style course has 70 pronounced and transitional bunker areas. Originally the course had a beautiful golden hued native grass that grew about 10-15 yards off the edge of the fairway and was often almost 1 to 2 feet in length. If a ball was hit into the native grass, it was almost 50/50 you would be able to find it. The contrast between the over seeded rye grass and this native grass was very unique, but there was a lot of complaints about the amount of balls that could and would be lost in the native fescue grass.

COVID-19: All the staff wore face masks and if your group was not from the same household each player could ride alone. No water was on the course, no seed in the carts and no rakes in the bunkers.

Clubhouse/Pro shop: Acclaimed Scottsdale Architect Bing Hu designed the clubhouse that holds V's Taproom and the pro shop. Mr Bing has built many dream homes through out the world and he has also designed clubhouses for Desert Mountain and the Gallery Golf Club in Tucson.
My wife and I spend time at V's Taproom and we enjoy the menu and the outdoor patio area that over looks the 18th hole and the practice facility. We had dinner there the night before Thanksgiving and looking down the 18th fairway I could see that the over seed turned out really well.

Course: While I live only about 15 minutes from the course, I have only played the course once in the past 5 -6 years. From about 2010 to about the last year or so, I have not been really impressed with the condition of the course ... even during the high season. The greens have been spotty at best and for awhile this year they used a temporary green for the 6th hole. The first 200 yards of the 18th fairway have been poor over the years, but this past late spring and summer it looked like they had lost 90% of the grass in that area. I really enjoy the layout ... especially the par 4 3rd hole, the short par 4 6th hole, #10, #11, #13 and #15 - #18, but have stayed away for the most part because of the course conditions.
As we ate dinner last week, I decided that I had to get out and play it again. I was glad that I did ... we had a beautiful 1st day of December to play golf. Not a cloud in the sky, the wind was down (which is very strange at Vistancia) and the temperature peaked at 70 degrees. The course was probably in the best shape I have seen it in since 2010. The overseed came our great ... the greens were smooth and ran at a medium speed, fairways were lush and had good grass coverage, the over seeded rough was in good shape and the native area was cut back significantly. The bunkers were not in great shape because we could not rake them. The 6th green was in great shape and the fairway on the 18th hole was in peak condition.

Final Thoughts: As mentioned earlier, I really like the layout and it seems like the course will be in great shape for the high season. Right now the rates are a great value. We paid $55 and then tax for a 11:40 am tee time ... which I think is super for the time of year. If you are visiting the Valley of the Sun in the next few months, I would definitely suggest that you play the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia. Happy Holidays!!
Always one of my favorite golf courses to play, and with the vast improvement of the greens, it just makes it all the more enjoyable. Staff is always fantastic, friendly and accommodating.

Conditions, even with the recent cold weather have improved since I last played here. Still some issues with the fairways, but nothing too severe. Rough was a mixed bag, but again, not bad. I am a bit biased towards this course because I really enjoy the layout and the friendliness of the staff.
played the rare away round here in early november on a week day through a reciprocal website agreement. had long at the saticoy club on my radar and finally took the long ride up from LA to play it. played the tips (~7k or so in yards, the scorecard for this course on GK is not current, should be updated) which are 74.6/138. i came away very impressed with the saticoy club. if i were looking to join a different club right now, it would be top of my list. they have a great deal for under 40 members where the monthly dues are 600 a month, and the monthly dues are also in that range if you live 65+ miles from the club because you're considered a national member. and no initiation right now. as far as the course goes, you can see it's a billy bell and after 7 holes i turned to one of the members i was playing with and called it soule park on steroids. or it has the feel if you mixed soule park wtih say hacienda GC. very interesting contoured greens with speed. there are some nasty false fronts and other holes where missing to a certain spot around the green is absolutely crucial. had i not been w/ members, i would have been a bit surprised by some of this just by observing the approach shots from yards out. however, every tee shot was out in front of you, nothing too gimmicky or tricked up. routing wise, only odd thing is that both 9 & 10 are par 3s, which is rare and a bit weird... about the par 3s, there are 4 of them and from the tips they are 225, 190, 170 (way downhill) & 205. the 170 hole plays 150-160 with the downhill but into the wind, and it's over water, that's the 10th hole. that's the only quasi-tricked up hole / one i didn't really like. maybe b/c i made double there by not judging yardage right off tee and hitting 1st ball into the pond. still i would say the knock on the par 3 set at the course is that from the back, you're hitting 3 long irons into the greens and one mid-iron, so the course lacks a great short par 3. of the four par 5s, the first one of them (6th hole) is gettable in two, the other 3 are not. and with the 10 par 4s, none are set up where you can drive the green because the few in the sub 360 yard range play uphill. however, this doesn't make the course boring or repetitive. it's a very strong golf course, one where i'd say no single hole would be rated higher than 8 on a scale of 1-10, but also none related lower than a 4. just 18 good, solid, very good holes. in that case i think it's akin to Oakmont CC in glendale in how it lacks weak holes but different than say Hacienda GC which has 1-2 reasonably weak holes but also 3-4 fantastic ones. net net, if you have the chance to play saticoy, take it. and if you're under 40 or regularly drive long distances to play, look into joining. you would not get bored playing saticoy day in day out, not to mention they're part of the "championship collection" meaning you'd probably get some good reciprocity if that amenity is open to all of their members.
Played Tues dec 1st at 624, check in fast, first time I decided to ride here and their carts have some get up and go. It was too dark on the first hole to see the drive but was good by the second hole. I agree with the last few reviews, this place was in good shape a month ago but has gone down hill since, greens rolled nice and I made some long putts, tee boxes were either chewed up, sand , or bare, a few fairways on the back 9 were CPO, not sure why, fairways were not real good, wasn't in any bunkers. POP was good at 340. I like the layout so will probably be back 1 more time before it closes
I was in the area again and payed River Island CC mainly because the staff was so great the last time I was here, I wanted to give them the business. Staff was again super friendly and helpful. Due to other commitments I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to play a full 18 but thankfully all groups (about 4-5) let me play through right away so I zipped around the course in about 2 ¼ hours.

I’m starting to really like the layout of this track. Mainly flat with some minor rolling hills but the course crosses the flowing river/creek a handful of times. There are also a few ponds on the course but they really don’t come into play. At least they didn’t today when I was hitting it decently. The course has a wide variety of holes with dog legs left and right plus sloping fairways on the straight holes. There are also a few straight forward grip it and rip holes with wide landing areas.

Conditions are ok. Nothing special by any means but playable. Greens seemed to be in a bit better shape than the last time I played. Greens were in that nice happy medium range as far as having some undulations to make it a challenge but nothing ridiculous. Greens rolled on a medium-slow pace. They probably weren’t too bad but I just finished playing two days on fast greens so they seemed slow.

airways were part dormant, part dead but playable throughout. Tee boxes weren’t too bad. Easy enough to get a tee in the ground and the par 3’s had enough coverage to find a good hitting surface. You had to look for it, but the grass was there in between all the divots.

I managed to avoid the bunkers all day. I wanted to walk, not only for the exercise as it was perfect weather, but because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sit in a cart for 3 hours on a sore rear end after the @$$ kicking, I received by team So Cal on Sunday! For time, I opted to take the cart which are normal basic carts.

Again, this course is off the radar and map by all definitions, but with the excellent customer service and fun layout, if you find yourself in the area. Definitely play it!
Second time here and while I didn’t play my best on either occasion, this is a beautiful course. Greens were consistent, soft and would hold a shot and the fairways were great. The fringe around the greens were absolutely gorgeous. I guess I’m not that good a golfer when I read reviews re the divots on the tee boxes (using a tee...does it really matter?). Maybe and in all likelihood I am missing something. As long as they’re flat...and these were. And most were in great shape.

The personnel at the clubhouse are great (cart girl could use a smile every now and And there was literally the slowest foursome two groups in front of us. Human rain delays. I don’t wanna play speed golf but five hours is a long round! So that’s really my only complaint. I look forward to playing here again. Beautiful course and facility. And no, I didn’t par the 16th!
11/30 $34 senior rate had 810 tee time but frost delay projected a 45 min delay--however Jim one of the best starters once again demonstrated his exceptional organization skills and somehow got us going by 830 with the course ahead playing like they all meant business so POP was just under 4. Cool morning that quickly became balmy and then down right warm within an hour. Course is fully recovered rom maintenance. Fairways have good cover overall as they enter their more dormant phase so color wise a mix of light green to light brown. Mostly good lies with a few thin areas but at least 90 percent of the time the ball was sitting quite nicely. A few divots building up as no sand bottles provided. Rough cut down so not that difficult to play from but would definitely retard forward progress off the tee.
Bunkers were recently groomed but still show covid prints. Sand was generally ample.
Tees were ok for the most part with some thin areas and occasional slope depending on marker placement.
Greens are very healthy with no evidence of punching rolling smoothly at medium/medium fast speed. Greens have some undulations and slope to factor in. Pin placements are front middle and back with some being moved laterally in the zone to create even more challenge.
Course is scenic with good variety. Grass driving range, large practice green with no cups/bumpers. Comfortable carts no GPS and no sand.
Real friendly staff and as I said Jim the starter is amazing.
Checking my records, I had not played here since 2009, so was excited to return. Normally I play blue tees, (6702), but adding 11 more years on the clock, temperature at tee off at 6:38am was 38 degrees, decided to go for the white tees. (6300) Good decision, because it played very much like I remember it playing from the blues.

Greens were decent, not great, but OK. However they were really firm. Zero chance to stop anything. Fairways were thin, but playable. Bunkers were some of the best I've seem since Covid. Rough was fair at best.

Staff was perfect ! Friendly and accommodating. Not bust at all in the early AM, (I guess due to cold temps) so we took our time and finished in just under 3 hours.
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