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Had to cancel Friday's round at Spanish Bay due to taking the dog to the vet Thursday after he ate a rock. I so thought it was one of the dozen TP5's he destroyed. Friday was a typical cold wet foggy day. With the dog healed and other commitments taken care of I headed out to Crazy Horse with the wife today. It was an absolutely beautiful day. One so nice that the afternoon wind on the back nine was welcomed to cool things off a bit.

I don't play here often but the wife loves it. Crazy Horse is more about the social atmosphere than the golf. Where other clubs in the peninsula don't even allow shorts, it's not uncommon to see people wearing jeans at Crazy Horse. It's a very laid back atmosphere. Having said that. Course is fun and is in excellent shape right now.

Greens are small but rolled smooth at a medium slow speed. Greens were firm with pitch shots very hard to stop.

Fairways and tee boxes were in absolute near perfect condition. Both were definitely in the 9 range. I was in two greenside bunkers. One was decent and the other was excellent.

I've never seen a beverage cart here but the restaurant is always open.

If you're looking for a relaxed round after playing a couple of the big peninsula courses then Crazy Horse fits the bill perfect. I don't think I've ever played here on a weekend so I don't know how crowded it gets but my guess is it's still quieter than most peninsula courses.
Rode the Blues (6313/70.6/129) in 4H, 15M twilight with Mark, Janet and Brent. The weather was clear, fairly calm and around 95.

The tees were lush and well maintained. Level with few divots.

The fairways were lush, mowed down close and played firm. Nicely maintained and good to play from.

The rough close to the fairways was overseeded and is very lush. Farther away from the fairways is Bermuda coming out of dormancy.

The sand traps were in excellent condition with a generous amount of fine grain sand. These traps are tough to play from with large lips and potential long carries.

The large greens have a decent amount of contour/slope. They are very firm, putted medium fast and were smooth. Even high, well struck irons would have alot of run out.

SilverRock is a fun & pretty layout. The customer service is always excellent here. Drink cart out making the rounds. All grass range included in your fee and the carts have nice GPS. Good restaurant onsite. Highly recommended.
Round two on Easter Sunday as we ended our weekend of bowling and golf by teeing up at 1:30 with rain drops starting on the first tee box. Facility and Staff were very friendly and helpful in giving us the layout to expect. Great practice facility with nice music playing from rock speakers in and around the driving range and putting green. onto golf, Tee boxes were perfect, no issues on any holes. fairways were in perfect condition with rough surrounding the fairways at 1 to 3 inches. Greens were firm and fast rolling true on some tough pin positions,bunkers were full and sand seemed heavy to hit from. The rain really came down on us on the par 4 4th hole but when we got our bag covers out and protected what we could of our exposed golf gear, it stopped raining and the sun began to peak at us from time to time, a lot of unfilled divots in the fairway, C'mon Man, grab the bottle and shake some sand out ! Little to no wind made the day simply wonderful and it was a great way to close out round 3 for the weekend. I would play this course every week if I could.
Day two of after bowling golf started out at Paiute Snow Mountain. We arrived to a very strong Southerly wind that was like playing in the Inland Empire in November. These courses are so beautiful even with the terrible wind conditions. Tee boxes were flat, groomed and easy to find a nice spot to hit from. Fairways were tight and green everywhere, some minor lazy ass divot damage, rough was a bit penal with 1 to 3 inches in most spots without any bare spots to be found, well except that brown sandy stuff with the prickly trees all over the place. Lots of water comes into play on a few holes, especially the signature par 3 which none of us hit but I escaped with a lucky park due to a nice lag from the fringe. Greens are recovered from the punching in early April so the ball rolled great from all parts of the greens. As we ended one of my buddies said, Hey we gotta stop to buy some balls before we go to TPC, as He left a dozen behind at Snow Mountain.
4/22 216 tee off with invite to join Leef2020, Mike and Ken. I had just completed my review and went to submit but my internet went down and when I went to reconnect I lost it all. So this is going to be brief and to the point. Had a great time with these guys with good weather and excellent scenery making the 445 POP more tolerable. Course is in good shape overall and the $42 fee was worth it. Fairways have good cover firm enough for some roll but with good cushion. Rough not overly long but presented a challenge depending on the lie. Tees level with some a little shaggy but ok. No 1st hand experience with the bunkers but they looked ok.
Green quick enough and consistent for speed, Did notice that with the later start foot traffic was evident especially with front pins leading to some bumpiness.
Played the Canyon/Ranch on a birthday deal (thanks Steele Canyon!). Found the course to be in great shape, greens have fully healed rolling well at medium speed and accepting well struck shots perfectly. Fairways were in good shape with decent roll out, good to hit from. Rough is minimal, bunkers were firm in some and fluffier in others, but all were a pleasure to play out of. Customer service was great, POP was 3.5 hours as the place was pretty empty (I have never seen the parking lot that empty on a beautiful day like today?) Get out there and play it, especially if you can find a deal!
Played Sandpiper for the first time on Friday morning, April 19th. Was one of several single walk-ons looking to get out before everybody else. The staff was very accommodating in getting us out in whatever manner we wished. A single opted to follow us. Round was played in 3:10. I paired up with a local and we were the first off. Definitely an advantage to have a local on a course you have never played! The morning was foggy/drizzly with virtually no wind. My playing partner indicated that this is a whole different course when it is sunny and/or windy. Even with morning mist on the greens, they were running pretty quick, but true. I couldn't blame green conditions for my missed putts! Being above the hole (any hole) on this course will leave you with a very delicate putt. The course in general was in great shape! The views are spectacular, even with the morning fog. There are 5 or 6 holes that run right along the bluffs over the ocean, with the signature Par 3 11th hole playing to a green that essentially sits right above the beach. Overall a very satisfying experience and I can't wait to get back and give it another go!
Played yesterday, early afternoon tee time as single. Joined up with 3some. Hadn't been here for months due to rain, poor conditions. Greens were good, not marked up, rolling quick and smooth. Fairways in good shape. Rough wasn't too high, but ball rolled into some holes. Getting good clubhead contact on buried ball was difficult. Sand in traps uneven - some hardpan, some fluffy (e.g., front left bunker on 14). Pace was very slow: 5:10 hours. Creek Card still a decent deal, esp. for seniors. Hitting off range mats still too hard on hands & arms. Pin positions were tough. Some were right along edges of greens. Will return, hope for faster round next time.
Played on Saturday, 4/20, in the late afternoon with a high school buddy and his co-workers. Pretty empty course, but we caught a slow moving 4some (even after we took a break after 9). Thankfully they picked up the pace when they saw the nasty clouds moving in and we finished in about 3:45.

Course was in really nice shape. Tee boxes did have some divots but relatively flat. Fairways were lush, no thin or dead areas. Rough was thick and gnarly, about 3 inches, and the ball would just sink down. A good chance to lose one if you didn't see where it went in. Bunkers were nice with some decent sand, easy to pop out. The greens were amazing. Flat as glass and almost as fast. Some unfixed ball marks but they were great.

I can't believe this is only the second time I've played here. Such a nice course. It's an old school, flat tree lined course and not a Vegas style desert course. Anything hit inside the perimeter fence is playable (outside of the water hazards). Some course knowledge helps, there's some hidden hazards and lots of dog legs with different lines in play. Afterwards, an Old Vegas bar with tons of memorabilia to look through waits for you. It may not be a "must play" course, but it's worth a look if you can get a good rate.
Played today with a group of friends. The course was in very nice conditions from the rough, fairways and greens. One of my favorite courses. Fairways were nice and green, did roll when hit on the fairway giving you added distance. Greens are fully recovered from aeration. They rolled true but fast.
Unfortunately we had to deal with some windy conditions. POP was slightly over 4 hours as they were really busy.

Staff always great as usual.
I had the opportunity to play Dove Canyon for the first time last week. The driving range is large and you hit off grass with a chipping area on the side. The staff was nice and welcoming as so was several of the members. They offered course tips that were helpful for first timers.
The course is nice with several elevated holes which requires good aim. The fairways were in good condition, but ground was somewhat hard. The rough had patches of different grasses. The greens were extremely fast and lots of shots rolled off, but in nice condition.

No beverage cart service, but several ice and water machines. Overall still a good outing.
Played 4-21-19 early morning on a $22 special they had walking the course in a little under 3 hours. Tee boxes were in okay shape mostly level with descent coverage. Fairways are still healing from being punched but mostly gave descent lies with the ball sitting down sometimes in small bare spots. Rough was uniformly cut to a low length and in good shape. Was not in any bunkers but they looked okay. Greens where soft and a little slow with an occasional bump. Fun walkable course with some minor elevation changes and a few water hazards in play.
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