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5/10 teed off at 830 as a 3some with no waiting and no one following leisurely 350 POP with some delays for wayward golf balls. Nice morning overcast for front 9 and sunny for back but with a little breeze to stay comfortable. Like weber said interesting layout and a work in progress. Found the fairways to be about 50/50 with some really good lies but then could have really thin area 3 feet away. Rough was generally clumpy so the ball could be down in front of a thick patch or buried in the juicy stuff--better to avoid it but wasn't always that straight.
Tees need work often sloped and either needing a good mow or really thin and sanded.
Bunkers newly groomed but many wet even to the point of standing water. Sand is a pretty decent consistency and is playable--found 8 greenside traps made 2 saves and took 3 to get out of 1. Can't blame the sand for lack of execution overall.
Greens are about 80% of where they were when we played the week before punching. Rolled about medium speed somewhat bumpy at times and seemed to be more influenced by the grain as putts often had a late break and of course away from the hole.
Basic carts no GPS, driving range3 with mats and a large practice green that was more healed than those on the course.
Friendly staff. Taro Thomas the GM was the GM at Shorecliffs and after we played last time he met with us and shred about the changes and the plans as the course is now managed by a Troon affiliate and while he was at it offered a comp round which we used today.
While we were there also looked at the senior special $2F and was also told about a punch card $159 for 7 plays with the ability to share the card with multiple players.
Looking forward to playing here more often and even with the hour plus drive it will be acourse that will be in our rotation.
Played 5/10 at 12:30 with Sal, Jon and the one and only DCon! Course was in good muni shape. All around decent and playable. No padding in the cups or any other Covid contraption, but a sign in the pro shop said to not pull any pins. There were rakes in the bunkers which was a first in California for me since the epidemic started.
Tees: level mostly decent
Fairways: mostly covered with good lies running out some
Rough: none really
Greens: mostly smooth running a bit slow except the downhill down grain puts that could get away from you. Some of the green surrounds had patches and splices and inlaid sod of what looked like differing grass varieties?
POP: good at just over 4 hours
Customer service: good all around, bathrooms on front and back 9’s. Snack bar by clubhouse and a place to sit down and have a snack and a good drink.
Views are nice, course is flat and walkable. Recommended, IF, and that’s a big IF, you can secure a tee time on course that was always full and even more so now.
We played Simi Hills last Tuesday 5/4/21 and were able to have 2 matches in the GK Cup.

The course is shaping up nicely after recently punching the greens and in anticipation of the City Championship the first week of June. Tees are flat and lush with a few bare spots on edge, but typical;;y not in play. The fairways are much the same with nice grass and occasional bare spots along edges but not normally in play.

The greens are firm, receive shots well, and are running medium fast but true. There are a few difficult multi-tiered greens but for the most part, although challenging with minor undulations and a few false fronts are nice sized and well manicured.

Customer service is great. We saw the cart girl all day long, orders food on the turn and it was ready when we got there, and the desk guys were welcoming and friendly.

for a muni that gets a lot of play, I don't think you can do much better for the price. The marshals do a fair job of keeping the pace moving and although it is my home course, I highly recommend this to anyone coming out to Ventura County. You won't be disappointed.
Walked the silver tees on Monday, 5/10/21 in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Simi Hills GC overall is thoroughly enjoyable and in great shape. The fairways are semi-lush to lush. Although there are a few thin and brown spots, if you are in the fairway you'll have a very nice lie. There is a good cushion under your ball. It made ball striking easy. The rough is a bit mixed. Some areas are lush and 1-2 inches. Other areas are thinner; easy to hit out of. I was in two greenside bunkers. They had very adequate firm sand; easy to hit from. The greens are in very good condition. They are running medium-fast and smooth. The greens are firm. I hit several approach shots that came in very high, yet did not leave much of a ball mark. The course is a blast to play right now. It should get even better over the next month, as it prepares to course for the upcoming city tournament. Go play this gem.
Had a nice time riding the Blues (6687/72.2/127) with Marvin for our GK Cup match. We had a nice couple with us on the front, then played as a 2some of the back. I played 18 more as a replay on an UP voucher. 7H total POP, slightly over 4H first 18 as a group, then slightly under 3H the second 18 as a single. Sunny weather, breezy and in the mid 90's.

Fun links layout set among rolling hills. Fairly open course even with a decent amount of trees, water, high native grass and OB to keep you focused.

Tees mostly lush and well maintained for divots.

Fairways were firm and semi lush. Very playable.

Rough mowed a little higher and less uniformly lush than the fairways. Native rough is calf deep and almost a sure lost ball.

Green side traps have decent sand and were well maintained. Fairway traps much rougher around the edges and play firm.

Greens putted medium fast speed and were smooth/firm. Hardly any ball marks because of the firmness.

No GPS on the basic carts and the course is not well marked for yardage. Very friendly pro shop and cart staff. All grass range included in your fee. Bath rooms on course open, divot mix back on the carts, rakes in the traps. Restaurant closed, no ball washers or water stations available, but they put ice in the ice chest.
Played Desert Falls today Monday May 10th with Nick in a GK Cup Match. We played the blues while the other 2 played white and forward tees. I gave Nick a match for the first 5 holes, after that it was all Nick. I thought the course was in very nice shape from tee to green. I thought tee boxes were mostly level; with little to no damage or divots. Fairways were wide and green and firm as well. Not much rough to speak of. Rakes were in bunkers and were maintained as well. The greens were firm and difficult to make a ball mark. It was a great day playing with Nick and my hat is off to you Nick, well played..
Played Shadow Ridge on Sunday May 9th Mother's Day. Check in was simple and cart was loaded up and off to the range. We played with a couple from the Bay Area named Ray and Ann who were very pleasant to play with. I played the green tee's while Ray played the golds and the 2 ladies played the whites. From the first hole driver was off which would make for a long day. All the tee boxes were in excellent shape as were the fairways. The greens rolled true but I thought they were a little slow. There are a few rolling fairways and some short par 4's and there are many, many sand traps. Overall it is a very nice course and highly recommended.
I know that when I play Eagle Crest that conditions will be less than ideal. However, I really enjoy the "bones" of this course and the staff is fantastic about getting us out early, so I tolerate the conditions. Generally the greens are good here, but they have not yet healed from the recent aeration, so they were slow and bumpy. I can say that as bad as the fairways were, they are better than the last time I played. Much more coverage and less bare areas. The greenside bunkers had plenty of sand, but it was not raked and in most cases, totally soaked.

The tee boxes were in desperate need of mowing. It was like teeing your ball in the rough. Despite the conditions, I enjoyed the round and nice to get out and around quickly, although we did have a lot of maintenance to contend with this morning.
Played here on a Sunday morning. Mothers day ftw. Was able to book 9am the day before with multiple times available.

The last time I was out here it was close to 6 hours to finish. Talked to the Ambassador and he said those days are gone. With the Covid protocols, 10 minutes between tee times and no more 5 somes I was able to finish in 3:40. Definitely a welcome change.

Tee boxes are green but only 1 of 4 or 5 are flat. Fairways look great. Rough is very penal, can often be hard to find the ball. Sand was good. They replaced 5,6 or 7 years ago and still in great shape. They definitely need to put more upkeep into it though as it looks like it hasn't been touched in a week. With no rakes it can look like the beach in some bunkers. Greens were ok. They looked good but rolled very slow. Most were still showing signs of aerefication a few weeks ago. Definitely need to be rolled and cut.

Course is very tight. Trees lining most Fairways, few bail out areas. If you're not hitting straight it could be a long day. Choose also played long. Drives that were going 270 were going 245 out here. Irrigation doesn't seem the best. Many very damp areas and some puddles. Ball can end up muddy even on the fairway.

Will definitely try to get out more often if the pace of play is always like today. Under $45 walking. $16 for the cart. New carts with GPS. GPS only to the front back and center not to the pin.
Played at Chester Washington yesterday with an 11:40 tee time. I got a cart and we played from the blue tees for a pricey $60 for what you're getting here. Surprisingly there were plenty of carts available and POP actually moved pretty decently for most of the day, with a few pile-ups here and there.

The layout at CW is fine enough - it's not going to wow you at any point, but it's still a decent challenge with small greens, some elevations at the end of the front nine, and tough shots from non-perfect lies. Get used to it.

The greens however are the biggest issue. Ever walked on one of those pool covers when the pool was full underneath? That's what the greens at CW feel like when you walk on them. Spongy barely begins to describe it. So while they are quite receptive to shots in this shape, they also are pocked with tons of ball marks, have amazingly inconsistent speeds (mostly slow), and your ball can turn on a dime en route to the hole with so many lumps and bumps. Really poor.

Fairways are okay but you're going to be battling with thin lies almost as often as you find good ones. The rough is quite thick and grabby in most areas of importance, while there were also plenty of bunkers that were muddied or even had standing water. The dry ones were about a layer short of being good. Tee boxes were mostly okay, being flat and had decent enough coverage. The least of my worries here.

No cart service all day and a very inconvenient snack shop at the turn. Carts are also as basic as you can get. I've seen this course in much better shape and hope that it can return there soon.
Invited to play this AM. I was only charged $28 to walk and POP was 3.5. Glad I accepted. They just punched May 3/4 but the greens are cleaned and healing nicely. While the greens were slow they were not all that bad like they are sometimes after punching. Should be great in another week? Great check in (thanks Mathew) and quick check in with starter (thanks Anna). No tee box issues. Was in one bunker and they need work and rakes. Fairways all had good coverage and decent roll. Very little rough and what is there is playable. Nice Sunday round of golf. As I have said before. This course is way better since new management. First Billy Casper. Now Troon golf. Hope the rates stay competitive.
Played 5-8-21. Had an 8:30 tee time but it was backed up and got off around 8:45. Round took 5 plus hours. Waiting on every tee box and often in the fairway. Course is coming along with mostly green fairways. Greens are healing from being punched and were very slow. Usually downhill putts can easily run by the hole. Today you could hit them solid and come up short. Also they were not breaking as the would normally. Sand is more dirt than sand but playable. There are 2 lake areas that are dry and have been for about 3 years. They have the smallest putting green I have ever seen. If there are 4 people warming up you pretty much have to work at 1 hole. I keep hoping this course will come back to it's potetial but there is still a long way to go!
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