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Please post ALL GK Cup 15 Match Play Results here

TOPIC: Please post ALL GK Cup 15 Match Play Results here


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RE: Please post ALL GK Cup 15 Match Play Results here

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Friday July 10, 2020 11:35 AM
dconnally (DC) and Rat-Patrol (RP) squared off at Enagic GC in the GK Cup 15 semifinals at 1:45pm on Wednesday, 7/8/2020. We played the Blue tees (6,224/69.6/129) with GKer rudyclub and had a pleasant round. RP was getting 6 strokes based on the differential in our ScoreTracker indexes.

Hole winner/match status (*Stroke hole)

Hole 1 DC/DC +1
RP bounces his tee ball off the cart path and puts his 2nd short right of the green. DC is in the left rough, but hoists a wedge onto the middle right of the green. RP pitches too strong to the front-left pin, and misses coming back. DC rolls a 30-footer down to 3 feet and makes par.

Hole 2 Halve/DC +1 (*)
Both in the fairway, but RP clanks a sh++k into the right rough. DC on the green below the hole. RP hits a good recovery to the front of the green, then lags a nice putt up for bogey. DC’s putt breaks and runs an astounding amount, but he is able to make the comeback for par.

Hole 3 DC/DC +2
DC hits a weak tee ball into the left rough, RP in the fairway. DC then floats a 9-iron 6 feet right of the pin. RP finds that sh++k thing again to the right of the cart path on his 2nd, then pitches over the green. He’s up and down for bogey; DC misses his birdie putt.

Hole 4 RP/DC +1
This uphill 3-tiered par-3 into the wind is intimidating. DC is off the edge of the green at the top of the first tier. RP is on the 2nd tier – the pin is down front. RP feathers a putt down to the break …… and it stops on the upper level on the edge! DC feathers his putt out and …… it stops on the upper level on the edge! What a CF! RP feathers another putt nicely down to 4 feet below the hole; DC’s putt runs 8 feet past and he misses coming back, and RP makes. Ugh!

Hole 5 Halve/DC +1 (*)
More 3 Stooges on this par-5 into the wind! RP’s tee shot gets up in the wind and floats right toward OB, but catches a tree and bounces left into the rough. DC up the middle. RP’s 2nd with a wood is well-hit down the right side. DC’s 2nd is pounded straight into the ground and hops forward about 10 yards. DC’s 3rd is to 80 yards out. RP has more misadventures and winds up over the green in 4 and below the hole in 5. DC has an uphill 20-footer for par that he leaves well short, but makes a bogey. RP also leaves his short, winding up with a double bogey.

Hole 6 RP/Even (*)
RP pushes his tee ball right, but in the fairway. DC takes an aggressive line with a solid drive, but catches the left fairway bunker. Then both are in the fairway a wedge away. RP misses the green left pin high, and DC’s approach is disappointingly short. DC misreads the putt and leaves himself 4 feet, and RP also misjudges and runs his well past, ending with a double. DC can’t make his putt to halve the hole.

Hole 7 RP/RP +1
RP took the match lead despite another of those clanks off the tee. His pitch on his 2nd ended about 10 feet above the hole and he calmly sank the putt for par. DC was just off the green to the right off the tee, a little above the hole, but hit a weak approach and missed a 5-footer.

Hole 8 DC/Even
Both with drives in the fairway. RP pulls out a chili-dip and is well-short of the green. He has an awkward lie and is finally on the green in 4. DC hits a crisp 9-iron to 4 feet left of the pin and makes the putt.

Hole 9 DC/DC +1
A straightaway par-5 with a lake fronting the green. DC in the left rough, RP in the fairway. Both get just past the big swale in the fairway at 135 COG. But RP has a tricky lie in the left rough, and his approach finds the front bunker. We are playing lift and place in the bunkers, so RP doesn’t have to play out of the giant shoeprint hole he was in, but it’s still steeply uphill and soft sand, and he gets his ball just on the front of the green, with a back pin. DC has hit his approach to the right middle of the green. RP rolls a very nice 40-footer up to within 2 feet, and DC also has his slide just past the hole, and he makes coming back for par.

Hole 10 DC/DC +2
DC just into the left rough, RP down the middle. DC overestimates the effect of the rough and flies a short iron to the back of the green – RP just short of the front of the green, to a front pin. DC rolls a putt down to about 4 feet above the hole, and makes the par. RP’s approach is 2+ feet below and right of the hole, and he pulls the shortie just left and misses for bogey.

Hole 11 RP/DC +1 (*)
Long downhill straight par-4. DC in the fairway right but much shorter than he thought off the tee. RP slings it down the left side and gets a happy bounce back into the fairway. DC’s iron is 15 feet short of the green to the middle pin. RP hits a chunky iron, then flies his 3rd to the back of the green. DC chips to 4 feet below the hole, but can’t make the putt. RP’s 2-putt bogey wins the hole with the stroke.

Hole 12 DC/DC +2
Uphill signature par-3 over water. RP with another clanker iron into the right bushes. He re-tees and skies a hybrid left of the green. DC’s poorly hit iron gets a happy bounce off the cart path to the slope right of the green. RP lofts a soft pitch but it lands with a noisy ‘thwock’ on the hard upper tier and runs 15 feet past, and his 2 putts mean a triple. DC chips down and 2-putts for bogey.

Hole 13 Even/DC +2 (*)
Steeply-uphill dogleg right, and the #2-hcp hole. DC pushes his drive into the right rough and has a blind 2nd to the plateau green. RP down the middle. DC’s iron is short left of the green, but RP hits another clanker and chili-dips his third before pitching on. With a front pin, DC is uncommitted to his chip and fails to reach the green, then putts his 4th up to 2 feet. RP 2-putts for a double, and the hole is pushed with DC’s bogey.

Hole 14 RP/DC +1(*)
Dogleg par-5 with the 2nd half of the hole steeply uphill and the final stroke hole of the match. Both in the fairway and up the middle with 2nd shots, so it’s a battle of wedges. DC on the green 8 feet below the hole, RP just long on the right. RP putts past the hole but makes the comeback. DC’s birdie putt slides just past the left side, so RP wins the hole with the stroke.

Hole 15 DC/DC +2
Both in the fairway, DC longer. RP chunks his 2nd but wedges his 3rd to 8 feet left of a back left pin. Into the wind, DC punches a crisp 9-iron to 5 feet below the hole. RP makes his clutch par putt, and DC holes for birdie.

Hole 16 Even/DC +2
Par-4 with the approach along/over water to an angled green. DC down the middle; RP pushes his drive to the right and is on a steep sideslope. RP gets off a solid 2nd just over the back of the green, but it’s a front pin. DC pulls his approach to the left middle. RP’s putt is all downhill and runs 10 feet past the hole; DC’s approach putt stops a foot from the hole for a conceded par. With the match on the line, RP holes his par putt.

Hole 17 RP/DC +1
DC is 2 up with 2 to play – the 17th is another par-3 over water. With the match on the line, DC yanks a thinned iron into the left bunker. RP with a solid iron 15 feet above the hole. DC takes 2 to get out of the bunker. RP leaves his approach putt 3 feet short, but makes par.

Hole 18 Even/DC +1
A zigzag par-5 with probably the narrowest aspect off the tee on the course. Both in the fairway off the tee. RP’s 2nd is left and creeps into the rough; DC down the middle with his 2nd. From a bushy lie and over a bunker with the bottom of the pin obscured by a mound, RP hits a wonderful wedge to 2+ feet below the hole. DC’s wedge is on the back of the green, 10 feet to a back pin. DC’s birdie putt slides by on the left. RP pulls his birdie putt and it wiggles past the left side, so the hole is halved.

Match Result: DC, 1 up.

It was a tight match throughout, coming down to a couple of good iron shots and some missed short putts. Jim’s early swing difficulties cleared up and the match came down to the last putt on the last hole. Thanks to Jim for a lively, competitive round, and to Tim for pleasant company.

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Remember, we could be at work!!
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RE: Please post ALL GK Cup 15 Match Play Results here
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Monday July 20, 2020 7:14 AM
58 total matches were played in GK Cup 15. Over 50 the "traditional" man v. man type match. We had approximately a half dozen three way matches.

15 participants played their maximum of six matches, two more participants played five matches.

Two new formats implemented worked well:

1-Allowing people to schedule v. any available, willing, eligible opponent.

2-The 3 point scoring system.

Congrats to David for winning his second GK Cup and thanks to all who participated. GK Cup 15 finished on schedule with no more waiting on a few people dragging their feet to play their bracketed matches.
The goal has always been long and straight! But since I can no longer hit them long, hopefully straighter could be achieved more than occasionally?
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