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GK Cup 16 Team match play

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GK Cup 16 Team match play
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Sunday July 19, 2020 11:03 PM
Announcing the second annual two person TEAM GK CUP match play event.

Must be a member of Greenskeeper.org to be eligible to compete.

Additional changes from prior GK Cups on participant eligibility. Expect these moving forward for all future GK Cups:

1-Must have a sanctioned USGA Index.

* If you don't have a USGA GHIN Index and have been exclusively using the GK Score Tracker we can convert your last 10 scores on the Score Tracker into a USGA GHIN Index if you join the SCGA GK Golf Club we set up.

2-$25 entry fee per player to help defer the expense of Greenskeeper hosting a GK Cup. Greenskeeper,org will handle all payments and will advise how this part will be implemented. If you are a member of our SCGA GK Golf Club your $25 entry fee is waived.


Handicapped 2 man team 4 ball (using the handicapped net score for each of the 4 players) to determine the team best ball in match play format.

Play should start in early September and continue through the winter.

Each team sets up their own matches. Maximum of one match v. 4 different teams, 4 matches total in the preliminary round.

Points awarded on a three point system. 1 point for the front, 1 point for the back, 1 point for the overall. No tiebreakers, any ties result in 1/2 point per team.

Four highest team point totals advance to the semi finals for a knock out round to determine the finalists. 1 v. 4 and 2 v. 3 seeds play in the semi finals.

Tie breaker to advance (or for 1-4 seeds) if one or more teams are tied after 4 matches:
1-Head to head results if all tied teams played each other.
2-Which team posted their final point first.

If you have a teammate who is willing to commit, please sign up as a team. However, if anyone is interested who does not have a designated teammate, two singles could match up. Therefore, do not let that deter you!

All competitors are expected to post all rounds played and maintain current handicap indexes. Official USGA handicaps only, the GK Scoretracker will no longer be acceptable. We use the most current update on all participants official indexes to keep all participants on the same playing field, their 20 most current rounds played.

It is the responsibility of all competitors to have current and verifiable handicap information for their opponent. It is the responsibility of the match opponents to request and verify current handicap information. Screenshots that include the current index plus the date and place of the competitors most 20 current rounds are recommended. Preferably BEFORE the match so all parties can determine course handicaps and the stroke differences for each set of tees that may be utilized.

All competitors may play any set of tees they choose, with course handicaps for tee differences adjusted accordingly.

All competitors shall figure their COURSE Handicap based on the tees they are playing. Each player will receive their full course handicap and receive strokes on as many holes as their course handicap indicates. Anyone above an 18 course handicap will start receiving 2 strokes on the #1 handicap hole until they have received their allotted amount of handicap strokes.

The best net score of the two teammates shall count as the team best ball score. This is a team match play event played under team match play rules as determined by the USGA**.

**Recent POP alterations to strict tournament OB/lost balls are acceptable in the GK Cup. Not required to go back to the previous spot and rehit if no provisional was played. Just +2 to score to account for the normal stroke/distance penalty.

Will Andrew and Gary return to defend their team title?

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The goal has always been long and straight! But since I can no longer hit them long, hopefully straighter could be achieved more than occasionally?
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RE: GK Cup 16 Team match play


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Monday July 20, 2020 7:19 AM
With the now significant difference between a GK Score Tracker Index and a USGA GHIN Index GK Cup Match Play has reached a crossroads. In GK Cup 15 we exclusively used a GK Score Tracker Index. However it is going to be easier moving forward to exclusively use a USGA GHIN Index for consistency.

One of the main reasons I created the SCGA GK Golf Club was to create an easy scores transition from GK Score Tracker to an USGA GHIN Index so current regular GK Cup players that only use the GK Score Tracker could easily establish a USGA GHIN Index. Ultimately I'd like all GK Cup players to be members of our SCGA GK Golf Club (and future NCGA GK Golf Club) as this would be the ideal way to run the GK Cup. So even though I could use the money to help with the costs, time and effort putting on the GK Cup I'm glad to waive the $25 entry fee if a GK Cup player is a member of our SCGA GK Golf Club.


Next week we'll be setting up the entry fee page for GK Cup 16 but in the meantime please consider establishing a USGA GHIN Index to participate.

Thank You

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