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GK Cup Rule of Competition Guidelines

TOPIC: GK Cup Rule of Competition Guidelines


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GK Cup Rule of Competition Guidelines
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Saturday October 2, 2021 5:01 PM
GK Cup 18 Rule of Competition Guidelines

Must be a member of Greenskeeper.org to be eligible to compete.

$25 entry fee per player to help defer the expense of Greenskeeper hosting a GK Cup. Entry fee waived for Greenskeeper Golf Club members. Also waived for GK Par/Birdie/Eagle memberships.

Match details:
Individual 18 hole match play using the handicapped net score for each player to determine the winner of each hole. This is a 6 month long individual net match tournament played under the match play rules as determined by the USGA**.

**Recent POP alterations to strict tournament OB/lost balls are acceptable in the GK Cup. Not required to go back to the previous spot and rehit if no provisional was played. Just +2 to score to account for the normal stroke/distance penalty.

To be fair to all participants, it is critical that all matches be played under the same set of guidelines/rules.

All matches are a one on one format.

Any mutually agreed upon course that has a recognized rating/slope as established by a local golf association is an eligible site for a GK Cup match.

All competitors may play any set of tees they choose, with course handicaps for tee differences adjusted accordingly.

All competitors shall figure their COURSE HANDICAP based on the tees they are playing. You can find your course handicap for each tee box using the Handicap Calculator on https://www.usga.org/course-handicap-calculator.html or going to Ghin.com.

The player with the lower course handicap of the match will receive zero handicap strokes in GK Cup matches. The opponent with the higher handicap will have their course handicap reduced by the amount of the lower course handicap in the match.

Player A is playing the Blacks and after all tee and handicap adjustments has a course handicap of 7.
Player B is playing the Whites and after all tee and handicap adjustments has a course handicap of 16.

Player A as the lower course handicap gets 0 handicap strokes in this match.
Player B is 16-7 = 9 handicap strokes in this match. One stroke on the 1-9 handicap holes.

Anyone 19 above after subtractions for the lower course handicap will start receiving 2 strokes on the #1 handicap hole until they have received their allotted amount of handicap strokes.

Participants are eligible to play pool play matches beginning 10/1/21, provided that:

1-Both match participants are listed as eligible opponents, have paid their $25 entry fee or are GK Golf Club members,

2-All participants have established a current, active index (minimum 10 most recent scores). All competitors are expected to post all scores where they play their own ball for 9 or more holes and maintain current handicap indexes through a governing body. (20 most recent rounds played) Need to keep this consistent to be fair to all competitors. So please post all your rounds, using net double bogey as your adjustment guideline. We always use the most current update on all participants indexes, their 8 best of their 20 most current rounds played. GHIN now updates daily, so score posted yesterday show up as current today.

Pool play begins on October 1, 2021 and shall conclude on February 28, 2022. All pool play matches must be reported by midnight, 2/28/22 to count.

Semi Final and Final matches should be held in March, 2022 on courses selected by Greenskeeper.org. @ a date/time TBD.

Each participant sets up their own matches. Maximum of one match v. 6 different opponents. 6 matches maximum in preliminary pool play.

NOTE: Allowance from 8 to 6 matches to account for course maintenance, holidays, the poorer weather and shorter days during Fall/Winter timeframe of this GK Cup compared to the Spring/Summer GK Cup schedule.

It is the responsibility of all competitors to have current and verifiable handicap information for their opponent. It is the responsibility of the match opponents to request and verify current handicap information. Screenshots that include the current index plus the date and place of the competitors most 20 current rounds are recommended. Preferably BEFORE the match so all parties can determine course handicaps and the stroke differences for each set of tees that may be utilized.

Match points awarded on a three point system. 1 point for the front 9 winner, 1 point for the back 9 winner, 1 point for the overall 18 hole winner. No tiebreakers, any ties for any of the available match points result in 1/2 point awarded per player.

Four highest gross point totals after pool play advance to the semi finals for a knock out round to determine the finalists. 1 v. 4 and 2 v. 3 seeds play in the semi finals.

Tie breaker to advance (or for 1-4 seeds) if one or more players are tied after pool play:
1-Head to head total net points won if tied players played each other regardless of how many tied. If inapplicable or still tied,

2-Player that wins the most overall matches, if still tied,

3-Player with the most overall net points, if still tied,

4-Using the winning % (points won compared to points lost) of all opponents played, the person who played the opponents with the higher winning % of their matches played, if still tied,

5-Player who achieved their final point total in the least overall matches played, if still tied,

6-Player that posts their final point first, if still tied,

7-18 hole match to determine who advances.

Other Tie-Breaking Procedures:
Only one player advances to the playoffs in any tie-breaking step. Remaining tied players revert to the first step of the tie-breakers. As an example, if two players remain tied in any tie-breaker step after all other players have been eliminated, the procedure reverts to Step 1 of the two-player format to determine the winner. When one player wins the tiebreaker, all other players revert to Step 1 of the tiebreaking format with just their results counting for the remaining tiebreaker.

This is meant to be a friendly competition. We should never receive complaints from any competitor about an opponent throwing clubs in anger. If this happens, the offender will forfeit match points. Repeated violations will result in removal from the GK Cup.

If the front 9 is already concluded before any incident of this nature occurs, that point stands as is. The front 9 "match" has already concluded. No basis to retroactively change that point result for something that occurred after that part of the match was concluded.

If the front 9 match is still ongoing, participant loses that hole and every remaining hole on the front for the front 9 match result and they also forfeit the overall match point.

They still start the back 9 even and are eligible for that point only.

If the incident occurs on the back 9, they lose every remaining hole from that point forward and forfeit the overall match point.

This is meant to be punitive. Common sense here. I think we all know the difference in flipping a club 5' to your bag and hurling it 50 yards down a fairway. Since in most GK Cup matches it will only be the two competitors present, it is up to the competitor to immediately call a penalty on his opponent if this occurs. It has been forewarned and is being enforced that there is zero tolerance for club throwing in the GK Cup. But it needs to be called when/if it occurs, no waiting until the match is over many holes later.

Not having or maintaining a current, active index results in disqualification to participate in the GK Cup. Point of emphasis added: Going back over a decade, we have had challenges getting a few participants to accurately and fully post their rounds played. We need to ensure that everyone is posting their rounds. Tracking all rounds you play your own ball for 9+ holes is pretty inclusive. We cannot have any participants going many rounds not posting their score(s) and using non current handicaps.

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